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Planning Your Life’s Footprint


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our mission statement and vision Living the Aloha Lifestyle is a way to attain optimum health, peace, love and compassion in yourself so you can spread it to your world. Living Aloha Magazine incorporates all aspects of aloha into our daily lives and features Hawaii as a learning center for how to live aloha. We support the aloha lifestyle through honoring and advocating for all life by elevating consciousness toward healthful living practices that sustain the individual, the community, all animals, and the planet. Our vision is to reflect and promote a compelling aloha culture through this publication creating an outwardly rippling vortex of energy bringing aloha to the wider global community.

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july - AUGUST 2015

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Planning Your Life’s Footprint

Living Aloha

Local Maui photographer Tiana Cook captures a beautiful moment at Sugar Beach with Ellen Fisher’s growing raw/vegan family. Her specialty is “Capturing moments of happiness and love through Creative Photography.” To schedule a session she can be reached at (808) 280-7164 Also find her on Facebook at Photography by Tiana.


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in this issue: In Holding Space, Denise LaBarre shows us that whether it’s holding space for growing, healing, or dying, the gesture and dynamics are the same: open arms, invitation, non-judgment, safe boundaries, and Love. [page 6]

photo: Leilani Farm Sanctuary

In Breadfruit Is Making A Comeback, John Cadman shows us that Ulu (Breadfruit) is the latest new food crop garnering lots of attention in the trend to promote sustainability and develop food security. Not only here in Hawaii Nei, but in many other tropical regions of the world as well. [page 8}

In Pure and Healthy Families, Sabrina Harmony Sims shares how people are coming to terms with poignant facts about food and where it comes from. Families in large numbers now, are making the shift toward more compassionate and sustainable sources of nutrition. With the knowledge we’re gaining in nutrition, many families are starting their kids off vegan and even as raw-foodists right from the start and showing amazing results. [page 11] In You Are The Captain of Your Life, Home Le’amohala shows how our consumer choices steer not only our own behavior but also that of countless others. Individually, our consumer choices seem like a small drop in the ocean, but collectively, they are humongous impacts that splash intense demands upon our world. As we grow in our awareness that each and every one of our choices matter, we step forward in our opportunity to choose thoughtfully and make a positive difference. [page 17] In Upcountry Farmer’s Market, Carlos Garcia talks about the mostly organic food available there and how much of it is vegan. This writeup includes a short review of some of the healthier vegan products and vegan food vendors. [page 26] In Living & Dying Aloha, Alex Leikermoser writes about how to cultivate a new way of appreciation for life and living so that death and dying are natural and peaceful no matter when the time comes so that we are as ready as we can be. And while we’re at it using our time alive as productive and loving as possible. [page 28] Be sure to use our Green Pages, Wellness & Healthy Living Directory. The best source of health care providers, fitness centers and clean healthy food on Maui. Let them know you read about them in Living Aloha Magazine. [page 20]

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Holding Space for Ourselves, for Our Kids, and for Our Parents by Denise LaBarre When I demonstrate holding space, I hold my arms out as if a child is going to run and jump into them, and I smile. I invite and contain this fun explosion of energy as a gift to both of us. I allow for many possibilities – maybe the child jumps high, maybe to the left – and I hold my arms firmly enough to catch him safely even if there’s some impact. Whether it’s holding space for growing, healing, or dying, the gesture and dynamics are the same: open arms, invitation, non-judgment, safe boundaries, and Love. (joyfulness or serious tone is optional)

It’s easy to hold space for a baby learning to walk. We understand that this is a natural phase of growing up; that falls are part of the learning process; and that we simply have to provide a guiding hand to keep the baby out of danger while he figures out the details. Most of us came through that particular process pretty well and can easily hold space for other new beings as they go through it. But what happens when space isn’t held well? Imagine a girl learning to climb a tree. If her mother hovers

closely out of fear that she’ll fall and hurt herself, she will absorb that fear and self-doubt. Similarly, if her dad pushes her faster than she’s ready to learn, or shouts down her trepidation, she won’t get the chance to experience and enjoy her own mastery. In either case, the arms weren’t held open well so she could find her own way and she is less likely to hold space appropriately for someone learning a similar skill. In the case of a teenager going through a difficult phase, you probably


Salad Bar • Hot Bar • Fresh Produce


Fresh Baked Goods • Vegetarian & Vegan Options Bulk Foods • Gluten Free Products Supplements & Herbs • Body Care Open Every Day 8:00am to 9:00pm 2411 S. Kihei Road, Kihei 808.875.4356 6

Living Aloha



have some experience that can help you open your arms and your heart. Even if you didn’t go through that exact thing, you probably went through something challenging as a teenager and your Inner Teenager may have perspective that your Adult self doesn’t. Empathy opens your arms and compassion throws them wide. Judgment makes you narrow your arms. Fear may make you throw them up altogether. Ask yourself if there was a time you went through a tough time and someone was able to hold space for you and your situation. If you can recall how supportive and satisfying that felt, you can extend that to the teenager. Remember the open arms, held firmly, with love. If you didn’t get a lot of safe space held for you growing up, you can still learn from the great space-holders out there: Gandhi, the Dalai Lama - or even your kind next-door neighbor can show you how to pay forward the gift of holding space for another. Out shopping, you can see a mother who is patient with her son, even when they are both tired and hungry; or in a park, the dad who takes the time to teach his daughter how to throw a ball, even when the motion doesn’t come easily to her. What about holding space for someone who sits on the opposite side of the creationist/evolution debate? Or people with completely opposing political views? You hold space for them the same way, by expanding your perspective to encompass a higher, larger view and opening your heart. I had to do this when I was massaging a cattle rancher from Texas who insisted on telling

me about shooting a dozen condors, furious that they were killing her calves. My job in that moment was to touch her with love, so I held space for myself by taking a few breaths and letting my anger and frustration flow through me and then expanded my heart space as I reminded myself that she held her viewpoint just as dearly as I held mine. I was able to hold space for her opinion without specifically agreeing with it – and I came out of the massage feeling bigger than if I had contracted into opposition. Contracting into our own viewpoint locks down the defensive armor; when there’s no space for the other, we feel diminished ourselves. Then there’s the “pay it forward” aspect of caring for our aging parents. We are each a moving-target space holder on the human continuum, in line with our ancestors and our progeny. When several generations live together, young ones watch their elders progress through all the stages of aging and death and they learn how to hold space for this phase. If we go through life largely separated from our elders, we may have difficulty holding space for aging as we see it in ourselves up close for the first time. If we don’t die young or suddenly, there’s a strong chance we will need care as we age and it’s easier to accept that eventual care if we have already cared for another. Because I didn’t get this in my household growing up, I’m consciously hanging out with other elders as they approach death. I’m learning to hold my arms open for my own aging and death by their examples. This is holding space for all of life and that is a sweet space to be in!

Body Whisperer, Denise LaBarre, has a private healing practice on Maui, 808-575-2244. You can learn more body-emotional wisdom in her book Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out or go to her website: Living Aloha


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breadfruit is making a comeback by John Cadman

Just in case you haven’t heard, Breadfruit or ‘Ulu (in Hawaiian), is the latest new food crop garnering lots of attention in the push to promote sustainability and develop food security. Not only here in Hawaii Nei, but in many other tropical regions of the world as well. Cultivated for centuries throughout Polynesia, breadfruit has lost its rightful place in our food supply here on the islands due to a number of factors. But thanks to its innumerable uses and ease of cultivation, it is making a strong comeback, and the timing could not be better for this new superstar to aid in our efforts to regain food sovereignty here in Hawaii. Breadfruit has been cultivated and highly valued as a staple crop throughout Polynesia for over 3000 years. It is believed to have originated in New Guinea and spread across the Pacific on the voyaging canoes. Called ‘Ulu in Hawaii, the plant goes by many different names throughout the world. The name Breadfruit was given to it by the European explorers who thought that the roasting fruit smelled like freshly baked bread. They were amazed by its versatility and abundance, and in 1787 King George III dispatched the ship called “HMS Bounty” on a mission to introduce Breadfruit to the British colonies in the Caribbean. The unfortunate fate of the HMS Bounty 8

Living Aloha



was such that a mutiny resulted in over a thousand young breadfruit trees being tossed into the ocean along with half of the ship’s crew. But, thanks to Captain Bligh’s tenacity and luck, he made the voyage again several years later and this time was successful in his quest. Today, breadfruit is revered as highly in the Caribbean as it once was here in Hawaii. Regrettably, here in Hawaii, breadfruit lost its rightful place as a major food crop. Once the western approach to food was adopted, the importance of sustainability and food security was lost. In Hawaii, we have become dependent upon the importation of an estimated 80­to 90% of our food supply. However, thanks in large part to organizations like The Breadfruit Institute, Global Breadfruit, and the ever-increasing awareness on the importance of food sovereignty, breadfruit is making a much overdue comeback. And the ‘Ulu comeback is happening not only here in the islands, but in over a dozen countries across the globe where breadfruit has never been grown before. Breadfruit’s greatest appeal as a food crop comes from its versatility, abundant production, and ease of cultivation. It grows well in tropical regions throughout the world and requires very little attention. It is relatively disease and pest free. Once

a tree starts producing, which can be in as little as a few years, it can provide food for several generations to come. It is considered one of the highest yielding food crops in existence. A fully producing tree can provide 500­to1000 pounds of fruit each year. Nutritionally, breadfruit is high in carbohydrates and a good source of dietary fiber, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, thiamine, and niacin. Some varieties are also good sources of antioxidants and carotenoids. Another amazing aspect of this fabulous fruit is its culinary diversity. It’s almost like 2 foods in one. In its mature or starchy stage, ‘Ulu is treated like a vegetable. It’s like a Polynesian Potato with at least as many methods of preparation as its South American friend. All the new creations people keep coming up with are amazing. As the fruit begins to ripen, it starts to soften and gradually becomes sweeter. A ripened breadfruit has an amazingly delicious tropical smell, somewhat like a jackfruit crossed with a banana. At this stage, it is great for making all kinds of tasty desserts. It is helpful to know that breadfruit at any degree of ripeness can be steamed and then frozen for use at a later date. I prefer quartering, steaming, and then peeling the fruit. This way you can stock up when it is plentiful and have it year ‘round.

it’s like two foods in one

Not only are there numerous ways to prepare this delicious fruit, there are a multitude of uses for all the other parts of the tree too. The male flower, or inflorescences, can be dried and burned like a mosquito punk with great effectiveness. The leaves, bark and sap all have medicinal properties. Speaking of that white sticky stuff that gets all over your knife and cutting board, it was used with great success to patch leaks in canoes. Amazing right? The inner bark can be made into fine kapa (cloth) and can be used to make rope as well. The leaves can be used as a cooking wrapper much like a ti leaf. The wood has many structural uses and the larger trunks were made into canoes. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, it was also one of the favored woods used to make surfboards by the Hawaiians.

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Local Farmers

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Now all this may sound interesting, but I estimate that the majority of the fruit from the trees here on Maui is sadly going to waste. I continually get asked, “How can you tell when it’s ready to harvest?” “How do I pick it?” “What do I do with it?” “Where can you get trees?” “What varieties are there?” “What’s the nutritional value?” “Where does it grow best?” Thanks to the efforts of the Breadfruit Institute and the Ho’oulu ka ‘Ulu project, there are answers to all these questions and more on their respective websites. There is a wealth of information out there and it’s great to see the interest in this ancient food crop.

the tree also has multiple uses

Living Aloha




Breadfruit’s rediscovery here in Hawaii could not have come at a better time. Because of all its attributes, it has an amazing potential to address our food security and sustainability issues. We desperately need to take back our food sovereignty. Developing localized food supply chains is an essential part of this process. Thankfully, the humble breadfruit has been waiting all along for us to finally realize that what’s new is really old.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ULU, GO TO ULU MARKET AND/OR ATTEND THIS EVENT: Saturday, August 15th – 9 am to 12 pm • Revitalizing ‘Ulu (Breadfruit) from Root to Fruit, with Ian Cole Ian Cole, Collection Manager and Curator at National Tropical Botanical Garden’s Breadfruit Institute at Kahanu Gardens, discusses the cultural history of ‘ulu, planting, harvesting, preparing, and eating! An ‘ulu based tasting menu prepared by John Cadman of Pono Pies is included. • Please call 808-249-2798 for reservations. Breadfruit Institute -

cost: $45 Visitors $20 Members location: Maui Nui Botanical Gardens in Kahului

be sure to Visit Ulu market on any given day – Ulu Market always has various ulu based items. It’s the only store on Maui where you get freshly prepared ulu salads, ulu hummus and even ulu soups. On any given day there can be various freshly made dishes for you to try. On one day recently they had a really tasty vegan ulu curry. There are also some pre-packaged desserts you can take for the road. Unless you have Hawaiian friends that are great ulu cooks, Ulu Market is your best bet to stock up on many ulu specialties. Keep an eye out for more educational Ulu events at Ulu Market in the near future.

be sure to visit Ulu Market Ulu Market

1847 S. Kihei Rd. Kihei - 808-633-4990 - • Open 6:30 am to 9:00 pm Every day

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eat real


pure & healthy


by Sabrina Harmony

photo: Tommy Maxon

I am so grateful to have so many vegan friends all over the world, and now—in nearly every restaurant I enter in all my travels (and especially on Maui), I often see an array of healthy, hearty vegan fare. Look how far we’ve come in understanding our health as it relates to our lifestyle choices. A vegan lifestyle also allows for far less stress on the environment and of course, the other animals that inhabit this fragile planet. Every day it becomes increasingly clear that one of the biggest threats to our environment—and one of the worst industries in terms of violence on this planet—is that of the “livestock” industry.

“There is one single industry destroying the planet more than any other. But no one wants to talk about it...” ~ “…The human appetite for animal flesh is a driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental damage now threatening the human future: deforestation, erosion, fresh water scarcity, air and water

pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice, the destabilization of communities, and the spread of disease.” ~ Worldwatch Institute, Is Meat Sustainable? People are coming to terms with these poignant facts, in large numbers now, and making the shift toward more compassionate and sustainable sources of nutrition. And they’re raising their children vegan too, in hopes that there will be a world for their children to live in healthfully and happily, now and in the future. These vegan families and their beautiful vegan kids, some of whom we’re blessed to share such a sweet, tiny island with, are some of the most healthy, happy and gentle people I’ve met in my life. It seems to naturally flow; Living Aloha




gentle towards other animals, gentle toward other humans. These families here on Maui are making important and sustainable food choices for themselves and for their keiki. I got to speak with some of them.

photo: Laurelee Blanchard at Leilani Farm Sanctuary

First, I did a mini interview with Ellen Fisher, who’s been vegan nearly nine years now. When we spoke, she was 9 months pregnant with her second child.

I asked her what brought her to her vibrant vegan lifestyle. Ellen: Well, originally, it was that I was struggling with the eating disorder of anorexia in high school and college and was trying to get better but every time I would eat something, I just felt bad. And that was probably because, at that time, I was only eating unhealthy foods. And someone mentioned to me then about the raw foods diet. And I was so fascinated.

“This was truly one of the highlights of our vacation!” “One of Maui’s best kept secrets!” — see more of our reviews on


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My friend suggested that, maybe if I focused on eating for my health, instead of focusing on being unhealthily skinny, that my mindset might change. And it did and I just jumped right into it and went vegan overnight and started eating lots of raw, wholesome foods. And over time, in addition to health, I learned about all the other reasons to be vegan—so my passion for veganism just broadened immensely and I became vegan for a whole host of other reasons. Now I am an ethical vegan, I’m an environmental vegan, I’m a vegan for world peace—and I’m vegan to promote compassion for our children. It’s just such an amazing way to raise this next generation, in love and non-discrimination. To tell that child, you know, that chicken, just because he looks different than you, [shouldn’t take away the fact that] he has just as much right to live as you do. Sabrina: Okay. That makes complete sense to me. You healed your body and your relationship with food by choosing vegan. And as you did more research, it took on more significance to you, with all that this choice contributes to in our world. Ellen: Yes, while it helps heal the world, the vegan lifestyle has helped to heal a lot of my ailments. In fact, it helped

heal my mental health, my physical health—and both of my pregnancies have been amazing. Ellen’s little boy, Elvis, is a raw vegan 3-year old who innocently and entirely sparkles. And when you look at him and see his energy level and the peace and warmth he shares, you can see he’s happy and healthy. If you ask him why he doesn’t eat animals, you might see him look up at you with joy in his eyes as he proudly proclaims: “because animals are my friends.” Since we spoke, Ellen gave birth to the newest addition of her happy, healthy vegan family. She encourages us to visit her on YouTube (Mango Island Mamma) and instagram, to see just how healthy and radiant you can raise a child with compassionate, vegan nourishment. INSTAGRAM: @ellenfisher YOUTUBE:





the crystal store with a heart RAW FOOD EBOOK:




Another Maui momma, Coreena Neri, has been vegan for the last twenty years and she is raising her 8 year-old son, Rafi, vegan too. Rafi’s passion is surfing and you can usually find him in the water with all of his enthusiastic energy, nearly every day of the week, chasing the waves and good weather. My friends Brook and Home Le’amohala have also been long-time vegans and they raise their 6 year-old boy, Koa, on a vegan lifestyle too. Koa has boundless energy and I know that first hand, because I’m often asked to babysit for him. He loves spending his energy on his many trampolines, after eating his favorite seasonal fruits. When speaking with Koa, you’ll get that he doesn’t understand why anyone would ever eat an animal. To a young, exploring mind, uninfluenced by the meat and dairy industry, it simply makes no sense. And, somewhat new to Maui, Sebastian and his wife Mumi have been raising their girls Munai (7 years old), and Kenai (3 years old) raw vegan their entire lives. They moved to Maui a couple months ago and can be seen with their friendly pet pig around town.

Go Green. Go Prius.

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The hybrid that started it all. Prius changed the world 14 years ago. See why it’s still the benchmark for hybrid vehicles. Living Aloha




On Earth Day, Munai was interviewed by Maui News and she was asked “what is the most important thing we can do to save the planet?” And, this sweet, innocent, bright, little 7 year old said “don’t hurt the animals.” It’s a very special and honest sentiment, which is shared by many of our world’s greatest thinkers.

“My body will not be a tomb of other creatures.” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

“Violence [or peace] begins with the fork.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

It is possible to raise your family in a healthy sustainable way without meat and dairy products or even processed foods. All those “foods” contain many toxins that can accumulate over time in a child’s small, growing body. To never put that stuff into your body can ultimately allow for a full, healthy, happy life, with true aloha­—

for yourself, your keiki, the aina and fellow animals sharing this

beautiful Earth.

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808-281-7815 Raw, organic, always vegan, gluten free, dairy and soy free and paleo! Find us in the refrigerated area of your grocery. Never in the nutrition bar aisle!

60 E. WakEa avEnuE #111 • kahului [available at all of Maui’s finest health food stores, or call us and arrange for pick-up at our kitchen] 14

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Organic, Gluten Free & Vegan Sushi • produce is sourced from maui family farms • our rice is an organic blend of brown rice, quinoa and forbidden rice

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PV Deadline March 22, 2015 On March 22nd, Meco will be ending its Net Electric Meter Agreement program and introducing a new program that will cost you money! Applications in before March 22, 2015 will count as part of the current program. Hawaii Energy Smart will handle all the paperwork, Meco submittals and offer financing on your system with zero money down! Please contact us at: 808-280-9627 or 16

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are the Captain of your Life!

by Home Le’amohala

If you haven’t already, then it’s time to take the wheel. We are captains, all of us. We make decisions

With it, we are aligned to turn the tide of corporate greed and corruption back into the social service that it was always meant to be. As a measure to support our secure arrival to a place of universally practiced Conscious Compassionate Consumerism, it is imperative that we each steer our choices intelligently. To support this we will need to hone our ability to discern between the misinformation that clouds our sensibilities and the truth that sets us free. How do we make such discernments? Simple…

every day. We decide what to wear, what to do, what to say, who to say it to, how to interact, and perhaps most significantly—what to buy. Our consumer choices steer not only our own behavior but also that of countless others. Individually, our consumer choices seem like a small drop in the ocean, but collectively, they are humungous impacts that splash intense demands upon our world. As we grow in our awareness that each and every one of our our choices matter, we step forward in our Seek out others who are exemplifying opportunity to choose thoughtfully and intelligent choices. i.e. they: patronize choices as make a positive difference. Intentionally farmers markets, recycle regularly, shop consumers making choices to shop for locally organic, support community cohesion, provided products and services practice resourcefulness, maintain have HUGE whenever possible is an excellent start. their possessions to last longer, are impacts Assuring that the industries that we organized, bring their own bags, support are conducting their business in a servingware, and utensils to gatherings, manner that is compassionate towards: the buy low or non-phosphate detergents, regions from which they derive their materials, and eat low on the food chain. When you find our Earthmates—those with whom we share our them, commune with them. Find excuses to be in existence, and of course, ourselves—their patrons, is their presence and learn their perspectives. Find out also advisable. what their sources of information are and why they subscribe to such sources. The most fundamental Conscious Consumerism is soon to be one of the learning method for humans is mimicry. Communing most powerful forces that humanity has yet to unveil. Living Aloha




with those who exemplify healthy habits is synonymous with putting ourselves on the fast track to Global and Progenic Integrity. All integrity captains rely on special posts and scouts. Posts are people who are assigned strategic positions that enable them to see and forewarn their captains about approaching hazards. In a real boat these would be the crow’s nest and the bow. On land, a scout might be a better description for a leader’s consultant. A scout races ahead of the tribe to learn about, return, and report on what lay ahead. An integrity scout reports factually, not exaggerating or diminishing any of the data. This helps the captain/leader to make clear, healthy decisions about where to steer his boat/tribe. You are the Captain of your life and possibly the lives of those who are depending upon you to make good decisions. Being discerning about the posts and scouts that you are entrusting to help you make sound decisions is critical in forging a healthy path for you and your beloveds. Without clear discernment, your sensibilities are in jeopardy of being seduced by the ‘snake oil salesmen’ of corporate manipulation. Again, to support yourself in making sound choices, commune with those who operate independently of corporate influence. Find them, befriend them, and utilize their prowess as your own personal host of personal advisors. Utilizing the prowess of intelligent community members honors them. It also honors your mo’opuna– your progeny, and this honors your community and your elders since you are helping to accomplish what all beings have strived to do—create a healthy heritage. More on this will be shared in an upcoming issue. Meanwhile…

You are already the Captain of your Life.

Seize the day, take the wheel, accept responsibility, and Live Aloha!

Happy Sailing Cap’n!

Home Le’amohala is the curator of Onipa’a Sustainability Center, a Life Coach, and author of The What, Why, and How of Sustainability, and Embracing Sovereignty. For free copies or more information email


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Sulara James Author, Clairaudient, Channel for Healing

In her latest book, Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit, Sulara, an intuitive and channel for healing, shares excerpts from her channeled readings that unveil wisdom from Spirit. These timeless teachings elevate our lives to unimagined heights. Use this book as a daily soul workbook, drawing on it for inspiration and guidance. Private Sessions/Consultation available upon request. To contact Sulara for healing work, e-mail

“For heaven is in your hearts, and if you acknowledge this truth and live this truth, you are creating heaven on Earth.” From Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit

Living Aloha






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Maui Wellness CenterAnanda Sanctuary in Haiku 808-463-5856

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Maya Yoga in Huelo

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Bikram Yoga 845 Waine’e Street #204 Lahaina, HI 96761

Sacred Sounds Music Events Kirtan at Yoga Shala Fridays at 7 PM 381 Baldwin Ave • Paia, HI 96779

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Island Spirit Yoga 840 Wainee St. Lahaina, HI 96761 808-667-2111 •

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Ultimate in Relaxation Carla Morningstar P-808-248-7297 • M-808-268-4007

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Transformational Healing Arts 510-292-5990 •

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VanQuaethem Chiropractic 808-667-7700 •

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Erin L. Elster, DC Chiropractor

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Palms at Wailea 3200 Wailea Alanui Dr. • Kihei, HI 96753 888-901-4521 •

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Heart Intelligence Coaching and Retreats with Tomas and Joan Heartfield, PhD 808-572-1250 •

300 Ohukai, B 202 - Kihei 808-891-8108 •

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Maui Homeopathy

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Dr. Marsha Lowery ND (Upcountry & Central locations) 3681 Baldwin Ave. Ste. A104 Makawao, HI 96768 808-633-8177 •


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470 Kaluanui Rd. • Makawao, HI 808-243-7284 •

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Banyan Tree House B & B


In Home Personal Trainer Functionalty / Core Training Marco 310-367-6002




The Pole Room 142 Kupuohi St, F2 • Lahaina, HI 96761 808.283.2606 •

Valley Isle Fitness Center 41 E. Lipoa St., Kihei, HI 96753 808-874-2844

Reps-Training Center 161 Wailea Ike Pl. • Wailea, HI 96753 808-875-1066 •



Body in Balance

Mana Foods

142 Kupuohi St. - Bldg. # F2 Lahaina, HI 96761 808-661-1116 •

49 Baldwin Ave. – Paia 808-579-8078 •

Crossfit State of Mind

2411 South Kihei Road, Kihei 808-875-4356 •

219 Kupuohi St. • Lahaina, HI 96761 808-446-6007 •

Lahaina Cross Fit Megan Hildebrand 219 Kupuohi St. • Lahaina, HI 96761 808-286-9422 •

Team Beachbody Laura T. Pelayo 808-298-6288 •

Kapalua Spa Thomas Ockerman 808-665-8282 • CENTRAL MAUI

24 Hour Fitness 150 Hana Hwy. – Kahului 808-877-7474 •

Hawaiian Moons

Alive & Well 340 Hana Hwy. – Kahului 808-877-4950

Farmers Market 3636 Lower Honoapiilani Lahaina, HI 96761 808-669-7004

Down To Earth Market 305 Dairy Rd. • Kahului, HI 96732 808-877-2661 •

Whole Foods Market 70 E. Kaahumanu Ave. Kahului, HI 96732 808-872-3310 •

Gold’s Gym-Wailuku 871 Kolu St., # 103 • Wailuku, HI 96793 808-242-5773 •

Maui Sports Conditioning 530 E. Uahi Way • Wailuku, HI 96703 808-357-1303 •

Angel Green - Certified Gourmet & Pastry Raw Vegan Chef & Instructor

Maka By Mana 115 Baldwin Ave. • Paia, HI 96779 808-579-9125 •

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Jessica Qsar - Health Supportive Chef & Wellness Coach

Down To Earth Market 305 Dairy Rd. • Kahului, HI 96732 808-877-2661 •


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810 Kokomo Rd. • Haiku 96708 808-575-5320 •

One Love Cafe 381 Baldwin Ave. • Paia, HI 96779 808-280-9019 •




1790 Mill St. Wailuku, HI 808-298-5604 •

Manju - 808-281-3323

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Kula Fields Produce Delivery

On the road to Hana - mile 27.5 808-248-4876

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Body Temple Gourmet Brook Le’amohala & Ava Raw Vegan Chef & Instructor 808-250-6578

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Organic Farmers

The Original Organic Makawao Farmer’s Market Wednesdays: 9 AM to 1 PM EBT Accepted • 808-419-1570 Pookela Church - 200 Olinda Rd.

Herb Shop

Alternative Education

Gerry Ross

Dragon’s Den Herb Store

Organic Farmer/Consultant kupaafarms.og • 808-876-0678

3681 Baldwin Ave. • Makawao, HI 96768 808-572-2424

Bodhi School - Lindy Shapiro PO Box 791481 • Paia, HI 96779 207-730-1230 Montessori School

Coconut Care

Upcountry Farmers Market

2933 Baldwin Ave. • Makawao, HI 96768 808-573-0374 •

Coconut Harvesting

Ryan Burden Climber, Planter, Educator

Saturdays: 7AM to 11AM Kulamalu Town Center 55 Kiopaa St. in Pukalani

Haleakala Waldorf School 4160 Lower Kula Rd. • Kula, HI 96790 808-878-2511 •

Coconut Care

Kahului Farmers Market

Saturdays: 7 AM to 1 PM 310 W Ka’ahumanu Ave. Kahului 808-244-3100


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Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Hogan - 808-419-8977

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Kihei Farmers Market

John Dillon - 808-419-8998

Saturdays: 8:30 AM to 11 AM 95 Lipoa St.– Kihei 808-357-4564

Eco Dogs & Cats

BooBoo Zoo East Maui Animal Refuge

Makawao Farmers Market Wednesdays: 10 AM to 5 PM 3654 Baldwin Ave. - Makawao

eco-car rentals


25 Maluaina Place in Haiku 808-572-8308 •

Honokowai Farmers Market

55 Amala Place - Kahului, HI 96732 • 808-873-6121

West Maui Animal Clinic

Mon/Wed/Fri 7 AM to 11 AM 3636 Lower Honoapi’ilani Lahaina 808-669-7004

232 Lahainaluna Rd. 808-662-0099

Financial Services Financial Services for Farmers Farm Credit of Hawaii PO Box 31306 • Honolulu, HI 96820 808-836-8009

Hana Fresh Farmers Market Mondays: 3 PM to 6 PM Thursdays: 11 AM to 3 PM 4590 Hana Highway in Hana

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Community Groups

Napili Farmers Market Wednesdays: 8 to 11 AM 4900 Honapiilani Hwy-Napili 808-633-5060


Pacific Primate Sanctuary Conscious Funeral Services

Vegetarian Society of Hawaii

Doorway Into Light

PO Box 23208 • Honolulu, HI 96823-3208 808-944-8344 •

Reverend Bodhi Be PO Box 1268 - Haiku, HI 96708 808-573-8334 • cell-808-283-5950

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CENTRAL LOCATION IN MAUIinLANI - WAILUKU -within 169 your MA’A STREET 23 years of experience resolving the limitations

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Maui BodyMAT Studio 3317 body and offering effective therapies addressing the at cause ofSkin your& pain



MAT 3317

808 938-7084

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Saturdays from 7 to 11am

Upcountry Farmer’s Market 55 Kiopaa Street in Pukalani

At Upcountry Farmer’s Market in Pukalani, I love how much organic food is available! Local vendors work hard to grow their food and it shows in its freshness and flavor. There are fresh macadamia nuts, coconuts, essential oils, natural home cleansers, Kombucha, granola and various paté’s and spreads. Also, I love how much wholesome prepared food there is. There are many vegan and raw pastries, Indian food, Israeli food, Argentinian food, breads, and more.

Lafah Eadah is Organic Mediterranean Food with a twist. They offer several wraps made with Lafah, a kind of Mediterranean bread/wrap that all by itself tastes amazing. Add their amazing falafels, black bean hummus, and/or olive tapenade and you have one amazing breakfast treat. You can reach them at 808-375-3560 or on Facebook at “Lafah Eadah”.

Raw Mode must have the tastiest raw food I’ve ever had. New to Maui, Raw Mode is redefining the potential flavors of raw food. Uniquely blending many veggies and fruit together in a way that it tastes like something else other than its ingredients—they make raw vegan soups, pastas and pies. They even have some pretty delicious donuts. More info at 808-868-9115 or on Facebook at “Raw Mode”

Al & Joanie’s Grass Shack has the cleanest and tastiest organic wheatgrass I’ve ever had. Most wheatgrass I’ve had tastes like it came from my lawnmower bag. Grown with Maui sun in volcanic Haleakala soil makes it quite local and extremely nutritious. More info at 808-876-0213

across from Mana Foods above Café Des Amis

42 baldwin ave • 808-280-4231 26

Living Aloha



Maui Tempeh Co. uses Adzuki beans for their tempeh. You can slice it, crumble it, cube it, mash it or cook it whole. It can be fried, grilled, baked, sautéed, steamed or stewed, and can be used in place of meat in any recipe. More info at You like bread? Look for the solar powered bread warmer for some of the best bread ever. There’s so much more that it’s really very worth your while to wake up early and stock up on the

locally grown,

organic goodness.

eat local


200 hr Maui Yoga Teacher Training Oct 3 - Nov 15, 2015

100 hr Bali Yoga Immersion March 17 - March 26, 2016 Sign up today! (limited space)

Kama‘aina New Students: 30 days of yoga for $30 | 808.359.2252 | Makawao & Haiku Locations

Living Aloha




by Alex Leikermoser

Living & Dying Aloha Planning your footprint right until the end… Be a tree… Re-integrate For a while now, Carlos, the publisher of Living Aloha Magazine has wanted to do an article on dying. Last year when faced with the death of a friend he thought about it… I remember he shared with me how different the celebration he went to was from other funerals and how all the family and friends got to write on the beautiful burial vessel made of recycled materials and decorate it for their friend with words, colors, jewelry, crystals and art. He thought this was something of interest to many and became curious about what the most sustainable options would be. But it also brought up what we can do to enjoy life more while we’re here on this planet as we face our impending death. Then I got asked to write the article a few months ago. All of a sudden while writing this article he got the news of his father passing. We talked on the phone while he was away with his family, face to face with this challenge. He shared with me that now he really recognized the importance of getting this article out there. He admitted “now I really wish I had looked into this sooner; wishing I knew more about what my Dad wanted and being prepared for more environmental ways for a burial, it’s something we don’t think about because it’s too uncomfortable,” Carlos said. He also wished he had had more time and didn’t have to deal with this last minute. He also recognized the importance of valuing life in each moment. Turns out these are all very common and valid points. So that brings us to me, I have to admit I was a bit hesitant about writing this article when the assignment 28

Living Aloha



was handed to me, I mean what do I know about death and why would I want to know more—I’m only in my 40’s. Then as I was researching this article a friend was diagnosed with brain cancer and given 2 years to live and another friend was dealing with the suicide of her husband. I started to see the importance of having more tools and preparation for my own immanent death as well as to empower others with options as well as speaking openly and sharing in community about this “taboo” topic. In ancient times death and burial was celebrated and part of the family rituals. Since a lot of fear has been created around this today we choose to hand it over to large funeral corporations and the humanity and deeper connection is lost. Part of the change must come from us, and from the desire to take back this important family ritual.

Being informed about wiser choices is the key. I also know from my years of meditation and yoga that part of my training was ultimately to awaken in this lifetime and to be ready at any time to welcome my death. I had this in the back of my mind but this research has opened me up in a whole other way of thinking about death. Being informed about wiser choices is the key. Coming into a living relationship with our approaching death

and the death of those around us is key. Death can happen to anyone at any time, researching it now ahead of time is important. “Living with your approaching death should be part of your life,” says Bodhi Be, Founder of the Death Store on Maui. The Death Store is one of the projects of Doorway Into Light, a 501(c)(3) Educational Charitable Organization on Maui. “We live our life waking up every day, assuming we will just keep on going. I get up in the morning and I ask myself ‘is this the day I am going to die? Is this going to be the best day of my life?’ Not knowing when I will die; I want to make each day the best day of my life,” says Bodhi Be, Executive Director of Doorway Into Light, a conscious living and dying advocate and teacher who is a leader in Hawaii as the only certified Green Funeral Home and only non-profit funeral home in Hawaii. They offer ocean body burials as well.

meaning to what has become for many a sterile and uncomfortable commercial process. For increasing numbers of people, in addition to handson participation, that means a natural burial, too. A natural burial cries out for the body’s physical return to the earth, without barriers or inhibitions (in the form of non-degradable vaults or metal and plastic coffins and embalming chemicals) that prevent its transformation back into the elements it’s made of.

A few eco friendly ideas are: 1 - An ocean body burial

It is evident by my research that a new movement has been emerging for about 20 years now with England being on the forefront in offering burials that are more eco friendly and offering a more natural way to go. I think it’s important that wise elders with deep spiritual foundations and a living relationship with their approaching death, who have experience around death and the dying, lead a new way at this time. I also believe that new vocations for end of life care will emerge for younger people who wish to embrace this changing industry. Amanda Standlee, 31 years young works at the Death Store and is a devotee of this work. According to Bodhi Be, their intent is in supporting communities in reclaiming end of life and after death care; in supporting, encouraging and teaching the skills, practices and steps for approaching one’s own dying time; as well as returning sacredness, dignity and

Need help for aN elderly or ailiNg loved oNe? • In home care for Maui’s elderly, disabled, and ailing. • Island wide care for residents and vacationing persons. • Knowledgeable and passionate staff available 24/7. Call or email us today

808-344-1285 Living Aloha




2-B  iodegradable burial containers made from natural papers, silks, bamboo and recycled materials as well as the option of being buried in a cotton shroud or cardboard box 3-B  eing buried in a Nature Preserve or eco cemetary (not currently available in Hawaii) For more ideas and to plan ahead, I encourage you to visit Doorway Into Light’s ‘The Death Store’ A Funeral Home and Resource Center, or attend one of their educational presentations or workshops. An event is mentioned at the end of this article. This is a one-stop shop for end

You may ask yourself the same question I am: What can I do? of life for anyone wishing to educate themselves about their eventual death. A plethora of services await you from a lending library, home funeral supplies as well as many counseling services. Their staff includes end of life and bereavement counselors, funeral directors, interfaith ministers, trained volunteer caregivers and even a bedside notary! They really are out to make things a lot easier and less costly for us. This store is revolutionizing and reinventing the funeral home and transforming the way we live and die. And guess what? It’s in our own backyard! They need your resources and support in order to grow. Support local!

do that if I had to exit stage left today. But I don’t think I represent the status quo. I think it’s because when I was 30 years old I had a health crisis and a few brushes with death. I have been making changes over the last 15 years to live each day as if it were my last and really see how I can make each day even better than the last! The real homework is to find the ‘way’ that works for you. And most importantly to cultivate a new way of appreciation for life and living so that death and dying are natural and peaceful no matter when the time comes so that we are as ready as we can be. As Bodhi pointed out to me: “It’s not the best strategy to be cramming your end of life studies when you are in the process of dying; you might as well do the work now and be ready.” So what’s your legacy? Perhaps your legacy is as simple as having zero impact when you leave your body to leave no trace or contributing back to the earth by lending to the growth of a new tree as you bow out!

Here’s to planning your footprint right until the end… Be a tree…

Give back to the earth!

Doorway Into Light’s The Death Store • (808) 283-5950 Open Saturdays and by appointment. You can call ahead to visit their store, bring groups to the store or have Bodhi come to your location to speak. book recommendation:

The Tibetan Book of the Living & The Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche DOORWAY INTO LIGHT AND THE DEATH STORE

So what can we expect next? Doorway Into Light’s next project is to create a natural burial ground on Maui where native trees, fruit trees, and tropical hardwoods will be planted over graves as well as working on the option to be buried in your own yard.

Will have an Open House Celebration

You may ask yourself the same question I am: What can I do? Firstly, I think is to recognize that life is a gift and realize how fragile it all is. I have decided to be pro-active in my end of life plan now. I plan to inform and educate myself on the options and make my own plan to speak to my family members and friends, and in sharing my plan hopefully inspire them to do the same.

LOCATION: Pauwela Cannery • 375 W. Kuiaha Rd. #5 Haiku

There is no ‘one way’ to live life but the real gift in the end is to be able to smile and say WOW! I lived my purpose— I lived my life giving to my community, my family and friends. I gave back. I got to live my dreams and purpose. I feel happy, I feel complete… I can honestly say I could 30

Living Aloha



Friday Night • August 7th • 6pm – 9pm Blessing w Lei’ohu Ryder • Snacks • Discussion Saturday • August 8th 10am – 4pm Live Musical Entertainment • Food • Speakers • Prizes

FOR MORE INFORMATION: • 808-575-7870

Alex Leikermoser is an Award Winning Eco Designer and Community Builder. She shares her unique knowledge of Wellness as a Consultant and Coach as well as Author and Speaker. Mention Living Aloha Magazine to get your free 30 minute consult today. (808) 868-8729. Whine less. Breathe More.

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Gilbert Keith-Agaran 586-7344 • 586-7348 (fax) MAuI repreSenTATIveS: Speaker Joseph Souiki 586-6100 • 586-6101 (fax) Lynn DeCoite 586-6790 • 586-6779 (fax) Kaniela Ing 586-8525 • 586-8529 (fax)

DepT. of AGrICuLTure Clift Tsuji House District 2 Hawaii State Capitol, Room 402 586-8480 • 586-8484 (fax) richard H.K. onishi House District 3 Hawaii State Capitol, Room 441 586-6120 • 586-6121 (fax) MAuI CounTY CounCIL Mike White 270-5507 • 270-5508 (fax) Residency Area: Makawao, Haiku, Paia Don Guzman 270-5501 • 270-5502 (fax) Residency Area: Kahului

Gladys Baisa 270-7939 • 270-7127 (fax) Residency Area: Pukalani, Kula, Ulupalakua robert Carroll 270-7246 • 270-7247 (fax) Residency Area: East Maui (Hana – Keanae – Kailua) elle Cochran 270-5504 • 270-5505 (fax) Residency Area: West Maui Don Couch 270-7108 • 270-7119 (fax) Residency Area: South Maui

Stacey Cravello 270-7678 • 270-7717 (fax) Residency Area: Molokai

riki Hokama 270-7768 • 270-7848 (fax) Residency Area: Lanai Michael victorino 270-7760 • 270-7639 (fax) Residency Area: Wailuku, Waihee, Waikapu oTHerS: AGrICuLTurAL SpeCIALIST Kenneth Yamamura 270-5767 • 270-5765 (fax)

CLeAn AIr BrAnCH 586-4200 • 586-4359 (fax) Maui- 984-2400 Molokai/Lanai- 800-468-4644 Kauai- 247-3141

STATe of HAWAII offICe of envIronMenTAL QuALITY ConTroL Maui- 984-2400 ext. 64185 Molokai/Lanai- 468-4644

DepT. of AGrICuLTure Scott enright ext.64185 Chair of the Board of Agriculture 973-9560 reporTInG expoSure: HeALTH CAre provIDerS (800) 468-4644 ext. 4249 peSTICIDe BrAnCH DepT. of AGrICuLTure eMerGenCY pLAnnInG AnD 973-9401 CoMMunITY rIGHT u.S. DepT. of HeALTH AnD To KnoW ACT InforMATIon CenTerHuMAn ServICeS 800-424-9346 press option #4 877-696-6775 Information line 586-4400 MAuI DepT. of HeALTH 586-4410 • 586-4368 (fax)

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The Shaka Movement is committed to protecting, preserving and improving the Public Trust Resources for current and future generations. It aims to empower and protect farmers, their children and the people around these farms. The Shaka Movement is a non-profit tax-exempt organization • contact: 844-661-2944

e-mail: To educate yourself and others visit:

Living Aloha Magazine - Maui, Hawaii - July/August 2015 Issue  

Live healthy for your body, all animals and the planet!

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