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Gift Guide 2013

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Cover: Miniature Christmas stockings made from exotic antique European textiles right here in the United States $95 each See page 50

Give from the hand and the heart! Inevitably, around this time of the year we start to think about “the holidays,” a simple expression incorporating the idea of giving gifts to those whom we love, rely on, or are indebted, including ourselves. This season’s Gift Guide from PRIMITIVE is filled with a wide variety of meaningful, collectible items. They all have a story to tell about why they could be the perfect gift . . . and they all say “I can be given from the hand and the heart!”

Host a private dinner in the

Buddha Room Set the tone and the table for just about any season!

Dinner for up to 25 Guests includes: • Passed hors d’oeuvres on the second floor showroom • Premium cocktail and wine bar for before dinner socializing • Three course seated dinner • Premium wine service with dinner • Tabletop décor including objectoriented centerpieces • Private staff including docents and security • Food and Beverage service provided by J & L Catering. $9750, please reference this Holiday Gift Guide Special offer Can be booked by phone. Must be used within one year of purchase. Date subject to availability. Please call a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to book an event.

Give yourself or someone else an Unforgettable special event!

Table of Contents

Fashionable Gifts Scar ves & Caps............................. 0 6 Jewelr y Ideas................................ 0 8 Purses & handbags....................... 10 Clutches....................................... 14 Plaque Amulets............................ 16

Rare and Collectible Gifts Christo......................................... 2 0 Coptic Crosses............................. 21 Family Altar................................. 22 Kuchi-e Prints.............................. 2 3 Pichvai......................................... 24 Wardrobe Cabinets....................... 2 5 Porcupine Tunics......................... 26 Suit of Armor............................... 27 Pilgrimage Ganeshes.................... 28 A Monumental Ganesh................. 2 9 Mu Gongshi................................. 30

Gifts for the Home Lanterns....................................... 3 4 Candles........................................ 36 Incense.........................................38 Incense Gear.................................40 Lingams........................................46 Rhodipheros Journals................... 48 Holiday Stockings.........................50 Gift Certificates............................52

F ashionable gifts

Wrap yourself or a loved one in a layer of luxury!


PRIMITIVE’s Scarf Collection is composed of Kimono silk from Japan, Guangzhou silk from China, and Kashmir wool and silk from India. Each exotic piece is stitched to perfection. Prices range from $125-$1695

Be festive . . .

Be stylish . . .

Be PRIMITIVE! If you cannot visit in-person, please contact a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to help make a selection. 6

Make the holidays timeless with warmth and high style! Our collection of hats and mufflers features finnish fox, rex rabbit & mink. Fur Caps

Rex Rabbit Cap - $149 All styles available in multiple color ways.

“rose� muffler Rex Rabbit - $139

If you cannot visit in-person, please contact a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to help make a selection. 7

All that glitters is not gold!

Glitter can also mean gleam, sparkle, or shine . . . which is precisely what you can do with our holiday jewelry selection. Some pieces are antique, crafted long ago by tribal peoples; some pieces are new, crafted by PRIMITIVE; and some pieces are worthy of collection simply because they glitter so beautifully. Rock crystal bangles & cuffs, $295

Indian Bronze Jewelry Box, $1295 Click here to see more Boxes

Rough cut semi-precious necklaces, $295 Shown: Aquamarine Tribal silver jewelry; Indian Bracelet, $1595 Omani Spiked Cuff, $395 Ethiopian Coptic Cross necklace with freshwater pearls and sterling beads, $1895 8

If you cannot visit in-person, please call a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to help make a selection.

Above: Cut Mixed Stone Leaf Spray Earrings, $129 Turquoise and Pearl Droplet and Clusters, $295

Above: Pearl Droplet and Sterling Flame Motif Earrings,$149

Below left to right: Birch Motif, $125 Dayak Swirl, $79 Sterling Loop Ring, $99

Above: Sterling Silver Ring Depicting Ganesh, $149 Right: Sterling Ring with Swirling Floral Motif, $149 If you cannot visit in-person, please call a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to help make a selection. 9

Be a traveler, trader and explorer. . . Go on a sojourn. Voyage to anywhere your mind can take you. Let the world know you cannot be confined to one set of borders, one idea or one style. Be a NOMAD!


PRIMITIVE Collection Goat Leather with antique brass attachments. Available in multiple color combinations. Each comes with a removable pouch for phone, coins and cards, 18’’ W x 17’’ H (excluding shoulder strap) $795


Find exotic luxury with exclusive alligator handbags

tassle tote 15’’ L x 6’’ D x 18’’ H $3495

small tote 13’’ L x 5’’ D x 17’’ H $2495

Don’t play hide & seek...

Seek & find hide!

Ball bag

9’’ L x 6’’ D x 16’’ H $2495

Alligator handbags available in black only

To order by phone call 312-575-9600 11

Take a step outside your comfort zone Go beyond where you’ve been before. Visualize any place, situation or state of mind you desire or think you desire. See it, feel it, and really be there. Advance your capacity to create and

To order by phone call 312-575-9600 12

relate. Listen and understand. Be heard through your actions. Be conscious and have a conscience. Dare to care. Have a voice, set a tone, and make a difference.

Let the world know you are ready to . . .



Evolution Tote Bag Available in two color ways – off white and silver Bag, 16’’ L x 8’’ D x 12” H Shoulder drop, 12” H $795

The bottom of each bag is embossed with the infinity sybmbol because evolution never stops.


Crystal Clutches . . .

Dress it up, down, or leave it alone. It’s a distinctive object you can also wear!

Each piece is hand crafted from Swarovski crystal over a hard shell case with a hidden shoulder strap. A PRIMITIVE exclusive. Approximately 6.25’ L x 4.5’’ H $1195 Each

To order by phone call 312-575-9600 14

Shown: Buddha’s Feet, Peace Sign, Kuba Cloth, and Tibetan Flame motifs.

Vintage Obis . . .

Beautiful silk belts that wrap around kimonos were repurposed and made into clutches. Each is unique and sure to reveal the secret geisha in whomever hands it’s clutched.


Primitive “Kimono” Collection Vintage Japanese obi sashes with concealed shoulder strap $295 Each

If you cannot visit in-person, please call a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to help make a selection. 15

These collectible charms can make dreams come true this holiday season! Plaque Amulets Rajasthan, India 19th C. or earlier Silver Various sizes $129-$3,495

Chains sold separately

Plaque Amulets

Many years ago, a woman in rural India held a silver amulet to her heart and prayed to have a child. Nine months later she placed the charm around her newborn’s neck, knowing that one day it would answer her child’s prayers too. There are countless stories like this If you cannot visit in-person, please call a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to help make a selection. 16

surrounding silver plaque amulets from India. It’s believed simple body contact with the amulet will possess a divine power to grant a request, pleased by such a show of faith. Click to see other Plaque Amulets


Rare and

c ollectible gifts

A small sampling of one-of-a-kind show stoppers

Can you celebrate

Christmas without Christ? Christo Figure You could celebrate Christmas without Christ, but it might be more meaningful with this 16th Century Christ figure featured here. Originally from France, it survived for centuries, losing its arms along the way, but gaining a patina and feeling making it as relevant today as when it was first created.

Left: Corpus or Christ Figure; France; 16th C.; Lime (linden) wood; 10” W x 7.25” D x 44” H $14,950 _________________ Item #A1300-227 Click to see more images of this Christ Figure Click to see more Christian Art Below: Select Ethiopian “blessing” or hand crosses, $895-$1195


Make a spiritual fashion statement! Ethiopian Coptic Crosses

More than any other symbol in history the cross has become iconic, often transcending its religious significance. These antique crosses were originally collected in Ethiopia. Their designs vary by region and village. Just like long ago, they can be worn around the neck to make a spiritual fashion statement. Left: Coptic Cross Ethiopia, East Africa Late 19th C. Coin silver, $695 _______________ Item # J0700-1604 Click to see more Coptic Crosses

Right: Coptic Neck Crosses Ethiopia Coin silver Left to Right: $149, $249, $295

If you cannot visit in-person, please call a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to help make a selection. 21

Honor the present along with the past! ancestor shrine

Walk into many houses and find a table laden with family photos, including some relatives who may no longer be with us. Does this constitute an ancestor altar? We think so. Now you can honor the present along with the past in a more traditional way with this 18th Century gilded shrine. Place family photos inside and you’ll keep all your relatives near and dear for this and all seasons to come. Shrine with Dragon and Foliate Motif Shan Xi Province, China 18th Century Painted and gilded Elmwood 56” W x 24 ¾” D x 93” H $49,950 _________________ Item #F0910-111 Click to see this and other Shrines


If you think placing family photos in a shrine is a bit far-fetched, contact a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to discover other uses for these wonderful antiques.

Bring some drama to the holiday season with Kuchi-e Woodblock prints

Kuchi-e Collection These distinctive woodblock prints were only created from 1890-1912 as the frontispieces for Japanese romantic novels, which is why they usually depict a heroine caught in the drama of her daily life. Representing the last moment before traditional Japanese printmaking transformed into something else, Kuchi-e represent a look back at old Japan and a way to bring some drama into daily life!

Several hundred individual Kuchi-e woodblock prints are available. Some are framed; most are not. Prices range from $995-$3495 Click to see more Kuchi-e Prints 23

Find love from the most lavish part of Pichvai painting

Some of the most glorious paintings from India are called Pichvai. All Pichvai depict Krishna – the “God of Love” - and the most famous of these come from a small colorful village called Nathdwara. There, an entire school of painting developed utilizing soft pigments and gold, which perfectly captured the mood and spirit of Krishna, implying abundant love is available to all. Pichvai were only hung on special occasions. Now you can make every day special by hanging an authentic Nathdwara Pichvai on your wall. It will remind you that love is always in the room! Pichvai depicting Krishna with lotus motif Nathdwara, Rajasthan, India, 19th C. Pigment on cotton with gold leaf 54” W x 66” H (Framed) $12,950 ________________ Item #P0607-003 Click to take a closer look at this and other Pichvai

Also Shown: Antique Bolivian crescent-shaped silver devotional ornaments atop a scroll style altar table and painted wedding chest. Click to see more Altar Tables and Chests 24


Red is the color of the holidays!

antique Chinese Wardrobe Cabinets

Celebrate the holidays 24/7/365 with this exceptional pair of lacquered and painted red cabinets from China. Originally created in the middle of the 19th century, their images of flowers, birds and blossoms interlaced with scholar’s symbols, celebrate old China and anything else we associate with the color red. Two Door Wardrobes Shan Xi Province, China Mid 19th C. Lacquered and painted Elm wood 45 ¼” W x 19” D x 81” H Each $19,950 _____________________ Item #s F0910-057, 058 Click here to see other Cabinets in our inventory and below to learn more about Vernacular Chinese Furniture, Lacquering of Chinese Furniture and Provenance of Chinese Furniture

Also Shown: Antique Mongolian pictorial rug, Chinese hand-potted and glazed wine jars, and an early 19th century Taoist scroll painting (framed). Click to see more Mongolian Pictorial Rugs, Vessels and Paintings 25

Get stuck on the edgiest holiday attire! Porcupine tunics They may be actual attire, but don’t show up to a holiday party wearing one of these extraordinary costumes. Instead, embrace them as completely unusual works of art – first rate cultural objects informed by the same artistic qualities as the most collectible modern art and high fashion!

Above: Ceremonial Tunic Kaka People; Cameroon, West Africa 20th C. Porcupine quills on leather 21’’ W x 4’’ W x 33’’ H $8,950 _________________ Item #T1300-020 Click to see more images of this Ceremonial Tunic Right: Ceremonial Tunic Kaka People; Cameroon, West Africa 20th C. Porcupine quills on rattan 38.5’’ W x 3’’ D x 43’’ H $22,950 _________________ Item #T1300-021

Click to see more images of this Ceremonial Tunic 26

This holiday season — take flight or


Right: Lamellar Suit of Armor Tibet 17th C. or earlier Forged iron platelets over leather 42” W x 4” D x 73” H $48,950 _____________________ Item #A020401-187 Click to see more images of this Suit of Armor

Click to see other types of Adornment 27

Open the path to a great holiday season! Miniature Pilgrimage Ganeshes Of all the deities in the world one of the most revered is Ganesh, the elephant headed god. Ganesh has many roles, but the most important is “the remover

of obstacles.” Devotees claim he controls communication and opportunity, and like a stop light can make anything stop or go.

Pilgrimage Ganeshes Dating from the 10th-19th Century Brass and bronze Sizes range from 2-5 inches Prices range from $295-$2495 Click to learn more about Ganesh or to see other Indian Miniatures Shown left: Pilgrimage Ganesh; Maharasthra, India; 2” W x 3” H; $995 Click to see additional images of Ganesh at left If you cannot visit in-person, please call a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to help make a selection. 28


size matter?

A monumental Ganesh If size matters then really open the doors with this monumental Ganesh. Standing over 90 inches tall with a wing span of 79 inches, it was carved in Orissa, India over a hundred years ago and expertly restored at PRIMITIVE. Tantric figure of Ganesh Orissa, India Late 19th C. Mango wood with gilding 75’’ W x 26’’ D x 90’’ H $39,950

Also Shown:Chinese Art Deco six panel screen, six panel screen with frosted glass and burlwood insets, and an antique copper vessel from India.

Click here to see more pictures of this Ganesh

Click here to see more Screens and Metal Vessels and Planters 29

Discover another type of spirit this holiday season!

Mu Gongshi or Wood Spirit Stone with hardwood stand Collected in Yunnan Province, China Indeterminate age 51” W x 23” D x 80” H $125,000 _________________ Item #A0806-005 Click to see other Gongshi

Click to see more Ceramic Artifacts like those shown at left


Mu Gongshi

Gongshi translates from the Chinese as “Spirit Stone.” It’s a reference to naturally formed, highly unusual rocks, which are deeply appreciated and highly collectible. Ironically, some of the rarest and most valuable Gongshi, known as Mu Gongshi, are composed of wood, not stone. This example of Mu Gongshi is monumental, engaging, and compelling. Ancient Chinese

believed pieces like this were alive and often made them the subject of poems, stories and paintings. Modern aficionados collect them because of their abstract, yet formal qualities. No matter how you choose to view this extraordinary piece, it’s certain to captivate long after the price is forgotten – remaining a true star this holiday season and every season hereafter.

Also Shown: Pair of massive, ornately painted 19th century Chinese compound cabinets, bearing rare historical and commemorative inscription of gratitude for service rendered. Click to see more images of this pair of Cabinets or to see more Tall Cabinets in our collection 31

G ifts forthe home

Celebrate the holidays by unveiling the romance of a glowing Moroccan night!

Moroccan Lanterns

The Souks of Morocco are a labyrinth composed of shops, stalls and street sellers hawking every conceivable type of merchandise. By day, the Souk is a cacophonous riot of sights and sounds, a crowded summit accommodating all ages of buyers, sellers, and spectators of humanity. It is not just a place to do business, but to see business in all its guises. However, in the evening the complexion of the Souk changes entirely. Lively public displays give way to other pursuits. The aroma of flowers and spices fill the air like incense. Behind the shutters of closed shops and nearby apartments one can hear kids laughing as well as being scolded in between animated


conversations. As the night wears on, the conversations become softer, even muffled, and eventually most lights go out. Those that remain tender a warm, intimate glow as if they are shimmering behind a thin, silken veil. It is pure romance - right out of a movie set. Enter our Moroccan Wax Lantern! It is a thick, non-scented, reusable wax cylinder, deeply embossed and painted with our own design referencing classical Moroccan motifs. Simply place a scented PRIMITIVE votive inside and instantly you can unveil the sight, scent – and romance of a glowing Moroccan night.

Moroccan Wax Lantern 5” Diameter X 6” High Available in white & pearl, red & gold, and cream & gold, $59 PRIMITIVE Votive Set composed of 6 votives and reusable etched glass holder Available in 3 scents – Sandalwood, Nag Champa & Spiced Vanilla Bean, $32 Lantern and Votive Set together, $79 Wax Lanterns also available in Tibetan Cloud Motif.

To order by phone call 312-575-9600 35

Light up the holidays with Cloud Pillar Candles Cloud Pillar Candles In the Himalayas the moon is a golden disc dominating the night sky, and the clouds are the only thing standing between heaven and earth. Now you can discover heaven on earth with our exclusive Cloud Pillar Candle. Its glow will bring the roof of the world to the comfort of your home. 6� Cloud Pillar Candle Available in 3 scents Spiced Vanilla Bean/Sandalwood/ Night Blooming Melati $69 each

All PRIMITIVE candles feature 100% natural wax and safe, lead-free wicking. Each is a hand cast original design and individually hand painted. Five Elements Gift Set In ancient times, five elements were recognized as bestowing balance in the world. Now, the wisdom of the ancients is available to you with our Five Elements candles, depicting earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Five unique 3� candles Available in three scents: Spiced Vanilla Bean/Sandalwood/Night Blooming Melati $179


So tall they can almost reach heaven by themselves!

TRANSCENDENT CLOUD PILLARS Available in 3 sizes Each unscented with three wicks 10 in. Dia. X 10 in. H, $695 10 in. Dia. X 20 in. H, $1295 10 in. Dia. X 30 in. H, $1795 Bases sold separately To order by phone call 312-575-9600 37

Incense Give your heart, mind, and nose a treat this holiday season with two types of our PRIMITIVE PURE incense. Their unforgettable scents are all natural and guaranteed to inspire, relax,and captivate. PRIMITIVE PURE contains no artificial ingredients.


Agarwood Incense


Coveted by sovereigns and commoners alike, Agar Wood is said to calm the nervous system, arouse devotion and stir the divine. First used thousands of years ago, the exquisite scent of PRIMITIVE PURE Agar Wood grows more divine with age.


30 sticks in each container

Strength A - $179; B - $129; C -$89


Sandalwood Incense


Century after century the scent of sandalwood has been used to cleanse and clarify as well as enliven courage, purpose, and strength. PRIMITIVE PURE Sandalwood will make time stand still. 30 sticks in each container


Strength A - $89; B - $39; C -$29


To order by phone call 312-575-9600 39

Incense Gear

PRIMITIVE’s exclusive incense gear comes in unique styles and is expertly crafted in exotic hardwoods. Each kit contains one or more holders and incense storage.

You could use these with just about any type of incense, but we highly recommend PRIMITIVE Pure! 40

Money frog incense holder Chan Chu is the Chinese money frog, said to guarantee the arrival of prosperity. Usually depicted with three legs and a coin in its mouth, we made some modern modifications giving him back his missing leg and substituting a stick

of incense in lieu of the coin. Those simple changes give Chan Chu extra potency. Place a stick of PRIMITIVE PURE Agar Wood incense in his mouth and these might turn out to be your most prosperous holiday’s ever!

Chan Chu Incense Holder with Storage Made of African Blackwood with sliding drawer and incense holder. Comes with 5 grams of PRIMITIVE PURE Agar Wood incense. 4 ½” L x 1 ¼” D x ¾” H $179

To order by phone call 312-575-9600 41

Store and burn your incense with PRIMITIVE Incense Gear

Perforated key design African Blackwood & Brass $395

Incense sold separately

Lotus form design Mahogany & Brass $395

To order by phone call 312-575-9600 42

inlaid Key design

African Blackwood & Brass $395

Pagoda tower design Mahogany & Brass $295

lute design

African Blackwood & Brass $395

emperor’s hat tower design

Mahogany, African Blackwood & Brass $295


The perfect gift for the

traveler on-the-go

Incense Travel Kit

Sometimes you know when something is good or bad without smelling a thing, and our nose gets the credit. It’s called the sniff test.

Our exclusive Incense Travel Kit is guaranteed to pass many tests, especially one conducted by your nose. Made of African Blackwood, it comes with 8 grams of PRIMITIVE PURE Agar Wood incense along with a small removable burner. Wherever you take it, whether it’s an exotic location in a faraway land or the comfort of your own home, we believe you will find it useful, usable, and elegant. Why? Because even from a distance, you can smell it! Incense Travel Kit

African Blackwood 4 ½” W x 2 ½” D x ¾” H Hinged lid secured by hidden magnets with removable burner; Includes 8 grams of Agar Wood incense, $279 To order by phone call 312-575-9600 44


The Ultimate Charm!

Baby Lingams

Found in only one place on earth – the bottom of the Narmada River, one of India’s seven holy rivers – these potent charms amplify positive energy. Whether kept in a pocket, a purse, or just about any other place, their benefits extend far beyond the holiday season. Each baby lingam comes in its own small pouch with a story card explaining how it can be used. $14.95 each

If you cannot visit in-person, please call a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to help make a selection. 46

How Big can Lingams grow?

larger Lingams

The largest we’ve ever seen was eleven feet long, so big we couldn’t bring it home. However, we did manage to bring a wonderful collection of other, more manageable sizes like those pictured here.

If you cannot visit in-person, please call a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to help make a selection.

Tantric Lingams Shown: 7” to 12” $695-$2495 Click to see examples of larger Tantric Lingams 47

Imagine proving an ancient law by manifesting all you wish! Rhodipheros Journals

Scholars cannot agree on the origin of the ancient sage Rhodipheros. Some claim he lived in ancient Greece. Others claim he came from the legendary island of Atlantis, which supposedly existed in the 10th millennium BC. Still others claim he lived in Macedonia around the

time of Alexander the Great, at least 300 years before time shifted from BC to AD. Scholars disagree so much about Rhodipheros, they cannot agree if he even existed. Nonetheless, there is agreement on one thing – Rhodipheros’ Law.

Imagine writing down all you wish to manifest and proving Rhodipheros’ Law as all of it comes to pass!

Rhodipheros Journals Composed of handmade cotton wove paper Two sizes available: 5” W X 1 ½” D X 8” H Sold individually or in sets of three $59 each or $149 for set of three. 10” W X 1 ½” D X 13 ½” H $95 each or $249 for set of three.

To order by phone call 312-575-9600 48

Rhodipheros’ Law is a metaphysical principle stating “It is easier to manifest something put into writing than left to thought alone.” In the context of this principle, Rhodipheros defined manifestation as “the materialization of what we think, feel, discuss, desire, or dream.” In short, what Rhodipheros was saying is that something is much more likely to happen if you take the time to write it down than if you simply think about it, talk about it, or imagine it to be, no matter how intense your vision.

Enter Rhodipheros Journals – a PRIMITIVE exclusive. Each is composed of 100 blank pages made from sumptuous, handmade cotton wove paper. Their titles range from the practical to the ethereal, including Ideas, To Do, Travels, and Dreams, among others. Imagine writing down all you can contemplate, picture and envision – in short, whatever you wish to manifest – and proving the validity of Rhodipheros’ ancient law as all of it comes to pass.


A holiday staple . . .

Holiday Stockings No one is quite sure how the tradition of placing gifts in holiday stockings began. Legend has it St. Nicholas placed gold in stockings left to dry on a fireplace mantle. Little did St. Nicholas know he was starting a long lasting holiday tradition, exemplified by our petite, charming, collectible holiday stockings. Each is a one-of-a-kind work of art crafted from exquisite antique textiles such as Italian silk, sacred European vestments, and embroidered throws from Uzbekistan. These fabrics were hand

stitched by rural women in Appalachia, sensitive artists who knew how to recast some of the world’s finest fabrics to honor one of the world’s oldest traditions. No matter what you put inside – large, small or nothing at all – each stocking proudly proclaims JOY FOUND HERE! Ornamental Holiday Stockings Handcrafted from antique fabrics and trim 4” W x 6” H $95 each If ordering by phone, please let us choose

Suitable for use as Christmas tree ornaments, gift card holders, place card holders for your special holiday party, or even as stocking stuffers themselves. Please contact a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 to discover how you can creatively adorn your holidays year after year.


The perfect holiday booty!

Gift Certificate

If your gift choices are too abundant, then let the recipient choose. A PRIMITIVE gift certificate can be used any time of the year, giving the recipient access to thousands of treasures, most not pictured in this guide.

Gift certificates of $250 or more come packaged inside the Holiday stockings pictured opposite and on the cover of the guide. It makes a PRIMITIVE gift certificate the perfect holiday booty!


Wishing you the best this holiday season and for all seasons to come! - from the entire PRIMITIVE staff

You’re Invited! Customer Appreciation Gala Thursday December 12th

Refreshments Auction Special Sale items & Good Cheer !

RSVP required Mark your calendars and stay connected for additonal information!

Li ving + Coll e c ting

For more info please contact a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 or visit


Gift Guide 2013 FOR MORE GIFT IDEAS VISIT US IN-PERSON: 130 N Jefferson St Chicago, IL 60661 312-565-9600 Discover thousands of objects online @

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Holiday Gift Guide 2013  
Holiday Gift Guide 2013  

Give from the hand and the heart! Inevitably, around this time of the year we start to think about “the holidays,” a simple expression inco...