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Welcome to the first edition of Liverpool Fitness Magazine. Each edition of our magazine will bring you interesting and relevant health and fitness features and an insight into what is happening within the industry in Liverpool and its surrounding areas. Our aim is to promote the best of the best businesses and individuals in the region across all aspects of health and fitness and to enlighten our readers on subjects such as the best places to eat or train or even to go for relaxation. Whether you are a beginner or an established fitness professional, we hope there will be something in Liverpool Fitness Magazine for everyone and it is our mission to bring you the most up to date and interesting articles. It would be remiss of me to not mention the current period that we are all living through with the Covid 19 pandemic making life difficult for all of us. We urge all of our readers to stay safe in such uncertain times and urge that if we all do our bit to help the front line workers and particularly those working for the NHS, I am certain we will beat this virus and get life back to normal soon.



Fitness Fashion Francesca Couture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Adanola Activewear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Favourite Activewear Brands For Women . . . . . . . . . 22

Fitness News Body and Mind Reboot Bootcamp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 New Supplement Store Opens Inside Dedicated Fitness Xl Gym . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Reviewing the Popular Rise Fitness Studio . . . . . . . . 34

Health & Fitness Best Places to Go Running in Liverpool . . . . . . . . . . . 16 5 Popular Alternative Wellbeing Trends . . . . . . . . . . 20 The Importance of Self Love . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 What is Corona Virus? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44

HEALTHY FOOD & DRINK Delifonseca s New Breakfast Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Liverpool . . . . . 38 A Vegan Safari Around The Royal Albert Dock . . . . . 42

WELLBEING How to Lose Weight on a Budget . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 The Role of Moisturisers in Skincare . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Health . . . . . . . . . . . 70




PERSONAL TRAINERS Top Rated Male Personal Trainers in Merseyside . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Top Rated Female Personal Trainers in Merseyside . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62

HEALTH What is a Cough? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72

TRAVEL Raffles Praslin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Avalon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Taj Exotica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 Fairmont Miramar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88

SPA GUIDE Guide to the Best Spas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94

HEALTH & FITNESS DIRECTORY Local Gym Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100

BODYBUILDING Merseyside s Most Popular Male Bodybuilders . . . 108

YOGA STUDIOS The Best Yoga Studios in Liverpool . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116

FITNESS GOALS The Best Apps to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 120




Francesca Cout ure B Y LO R R A I NE MC C ULLOC H


iverpool fashion guru Francesca Kearns decided to produce a range of fitness wear while training at a ladies’ only gym trying to lose the weight from her second baby. She was inspired by trainer Holly Braithwaite and the gorgeous girls attending classes. These girls were seriously into fitness and their gym clothes. Francesca felt there was a gap in the market, her aim was




to create a fabulous range of gym wear, with the fashion conscious in mind. The brand is for the active girl who still wants to show her fashionable side. The range has lovely feminine details such as subtle frills and pretty pastels but most importantly the fit is perfect and delivers everything needed whilst working out. The prices start from £35 for a vest top, £55 for leggings, and the all-weather jackets are £110. Full range can be seen on the website or in store at ‘Francesca Couture’ based in Metquarter, Liverpool




Adanola Act ivewear B Y LO R R A I NE MC C ULLOC H

A 10


danola is the facilitator of the every day supportive, sleek and stylish for your workout. It’s also the streetwear go-to for trend setters across the globe.


With fans such as Kourtney Kardashian and hundreds of high-level influencers alike, this Manchester-born performance wear champions minimalist design with a muted colour palette, and has won a dedicated fan base since it launched in 2015. Think bra top and tape legging co-ords, sling-on jackets and the most comfortable hoodies around, Adanola is what activewear dreams are made of. Go!




Bo dy and Mind Reboot Boot camp B Y J O R D F LEET


e all know how hard life is at times. It can ruin our routines and stop us from seeing friends and family. It just takes that little bit of motivation to get us going. Taking time out to recharge, reboot and reset is essential for your future health and well-being. Body holidays are the new trend so to learn more we recently caught up with the team behind the popular ‘Body and Mind Reboot’, otherwise known as “BMR”. BMR is a non military style bootcamp based in Bedford and Tatton Park. All staff at BMR pride themselves on devoting to helping people achieve their goals with the confidence boost from the experienced team. A time to switch off from the outside world, enjoy activities, eat well and sleep well.



About Body and Mind Reboot Bootcamp The residential retreat is managed by ex-Brookside actress Ann Marie Davies (Katrina Evans) who has regular visitors from her hometown of Liverpool. A combination between a retreat and bootcamp, BMR offer a unique service where their main focus is you. A desire to help you achieve your goals are the building blocks of this retreat. After check-in, you will have a personal tour around the facilities where you will be staying. You will then meet the team and fellow campers, followed by a welcome session. A personal trainer will be provided for those 1-2-1 sessions tailored to your desirable goals. The day itself is split into different parts, check in, 1-2-1 with your PT, HITT session, followed by a break, yoga and pilates and to finish, dinner.


Sessions are mixed up every day to ensure your body is guessing and able to maximise performance. The main focus The main emphasis of this programme is mental health, a considerably big topic across the world but surprisingly many people still prefer not to talk about it. Ensuring our psychological well-being is healthy is essential for physical health. Performing at our best is only possible if our mind is in a good place as many factors can occur from low mood and motivation. We forget goals we’ve set, make silly errors and ultimately don’t feel like there is an end goal. Food is another downfall when we’re feeling down. BMR have combined all the essential platforms needed for you to achieve your goals. It is all about taking the next steps now. Nutrition, a tailored exercise programme and the professional guidance are provided to take your training and motivation to the next level. Besides the main focus which is the bootcamp, BMR also provide motivational talks and workshops covering nutrition, body confidence and mindset. Guest numbers are

kept low due to the main focus on you as an individual. This feature provides you with the time and guidance from the professionals at BMR. Open to both male and females of all shapes and abilities. You might be wondering what people have had to say about Body and Mind Reboot? As one client Sarah said, “Thank you for giving me that Friday feeling on a Monday morning”. Another client Dan stated, “They’ve created something very special”. BMR were also rewarded as The Winner of the LTG Spa and Wellness Awards 2019/2020. “The judges were really impressed with your team’s personal nature, consistency or reviews and overall attractiveness. It’s extra rewarding to know you are making a positive difference to people’s physical/mental health & wellbeing”. A fantastic achievement to date with a real focus on providing the best possible service they can offer. Check out their social media and website below for further information on next available dates and venue location. For further queries, feel free to drop them an email.




Best Places to Go Running in Liverpool B Y A DA M LO UGH R AN

W 16


hether you’re a seasoned runner, go for the occasional jog or plan on getting fit in the future, there’s a plethora of great outdoor locations in Liverpool for you to get in shape.


Liverpool Waterfront

Otterspool Promenade

Otterspool Promenade

Liverpool Waterfront An amazing spot to catch the sunset on an evening, the Liverpool Waterfront offers runners a route in the shadow of the Albert Dock and past the M&S Bank Arena.

If you’re a little further south of the city centre, Otterspool Promenade is a wonderful location to take a jog any time of the day.

Watch out for all the tourists and concert-goers.

Sefton Park

Sefton Park

Crosby Marina

Crosby Marina

As seasons change, runners can expect to see leaves fall, greens turn an autumnal brown or spring flowers bursting into life.

Likewise, if you’re from further north, Crosby Marina takes you from the gardens in Waterloo, past the marine lake and to the beach.

With the lake, the palm house and the mass of acres available, Sefton Park offers a beautiful location to work up a sweat.

If you’re sprinting here, you can take in the delights of Anthony Gormleys Another Place.




Walton Hall Park

Croxteth Park

Walton Hall Park Not too far from Waterloo you can find Walton Hall Park. Boasting 130 acres, this is a great place to work up a sweat if you’re in the area.

Every Saturday, runners can take part in a free 5km timed Park Run. There is no minimum speed requirement, at Croxteth Park, you can run for your own enjoyment.

Formby Beach


Formby Beach Formby Beach offers more seasoned runners an amazing, sandy terrain through the dunes and onto the beach. Television fans will recognise scenes from BBCs Peaky Blinders featuring Tom Hardy were shot here – another great place to see the sun set.


Croxteth Park


Freshfield If you’re in the Formby area but don’t fancy the struggle of sand running, a jog through the woods in Freshfield is a great alternative. The path takes you from Freshfield Train Station, through the golf club and through the woods all the way up to Ainsdale.


Liverpool Loop Line

Liverpool Loop Line In 1986, work started to convert the derelict Loop Line into a cycling and running route. Today, joggers can indulge in their chosen fitness activity away from the city but take in the views from afar.

Maghull Trail

Maghull Trail The Maghull trail measures in at 6.5km and takes 2 hours to complete on average. If you’re located around Maghull Train Station, this is a great place to start and finish the circular route.




5 Popular Alternat ive Wellbeing Trends B Y DA I SY SP EED


rom relaxing yoga classes to Hollywood ‘Penis Facials’, there is an endless list of wellbeing trends. New data shows that since 2015, the global wellness industry has grown 12.8 percent, from $3.7 trillion to $4.2 trillion! We’re sharing some of the most popular wellbeing trends.



1.CBD OIL. It’s said to have a wide range of benefits including reducing anxiety, promoting relaxation, ensuring a good night’s sleep, reducing pain perception and improving general feelings of wellbeing.




You may have heard IV Drips being used as a speedy antidote to hangovers, but more recently they are used to take in nutrients. They’re reported to be able to thoroughly hydrate you, add vitamins, minerals and amino acids to your bloodstream in levels that would be impossible to absorb orally. The market for IV solutions is expected to reach about $13.79 billion by 2024!

Many people have taken to living an alcohol-free life, and a tide of booze-less social gatherings are on the rise in response to this trend. In New York, a pop-up party called The Softer Image combined herbal tonics, dancing and energy healing, whilst in LA, dry dinner parties and yoga-fulled DJ events are providing social alternatives to the bar scene.



Crystals are increasingly celebrated as having life-enhancing properties, whether as jewellery or in home design. Laurey Simmons, crystal guru and author of The Inner Beauty Bible, says “crystals heal because, through their highly consistent molecular structure, they bring inconsistent energies back into harmony.”

Sound healing has been used in Tibetan, Chinese and Indian cultures for centuries, and the West is now starting to incorporate sound medicine into yoga sessions, spa treatments and workshops. It works by using particular frequencies played on bowls or as pieces of music that have been found to have healing qualities, relaxing the body and mind.




Favourite Act ivewear Brands For Women B Y C E R I SED GW IC K



Do You Even


ctivewear has become increasingly popular over the years. The gym is no longer a place to wear scruffy t-shirts and your old trainers, it is a place to wear clothes you feel confident in, that compliment your figure and is suitable for all shapes




Women’s Best



and sizes. Many brands have adapted styles and trends to empower women in the gym and on the high street. Therefore, we have shortlisted our favourite gym wear brands for women that have taken over the internet for making women feel empowered in their own bodies. Gymshark It is no surprise that Gymshark are a brand that have become a favourite in the sports industry. The quality and styles make gym wear both fashionable, comfortable and flattering. Famous for their seamless fits and influencer marketing, Gymshark have gone from printing t-shirts in a spare room to becoming the fastest growing retailer in the UK in 2016, selling millions of garments per year.

Lulu Lemon

Tala Tala was launched in 2019 by instagram influencer Grace Beverley and has quickly become a hugely popular activewear brand on the market. It is known for it’s sustainability, with packaging made from recycled materials, tags being plantable, and clothing being 92% up cycled. With the fashion industry having a huge affect on the environment, Tala is popular for those wanting to be more conscious about the environment when they shop. Do You Even Australian brand Do You Even launched in 2012 and took instagram by storm with their impact seamless leggings with





Bombshell Sportswear contour detail. Their activewear is functional yet fashionable and aims to make women and men feel motivated to push forward to reach their goals whilst looking good. Alphalete Owned by influencer and business owner Christian Guzman, Alphalete is known for its impressive range of activewear and lifestyle attire. With their use of high quality garments, and social media marketing with influencers, Alphalete has become one of the most popular brands in the US and worldwide for gym goers. Women’s Best

flattering pieces suitable for yoga, sports, or for comfortable loungewear. Since launching in 1998 specialising in yoga wear, Lulu Lemon has since expanded to sell its products online and in 460 stores internationally. Ryderwear Created in 2009, Ryderwear have created activewear for both males and females. They have become increasingly popular for their bold prints to make you stand out whilst working out. With flattering fits and variety of styles, they are a favourite for many instagrammers and gym goers. Bombshell Sportswear

First known for their range of supplements, Women’s Best has expanded into the activewear industry. They have created a range of seamless activewear that is fashionable and flattering for all body shapes and sizes. The seamless design is comfortable, breathable, and is designed to help you reach your fitness goals in the perfect fit.

Based in the US, Bombshell Sportswear are a popular choice within the fitness industry. Their apparel is created for high performance training and their high quality fabrics are designed to flatter your physique to sculpt, shape, and support. Some of their most popular lines include their ‘Thigh high” range, with stripe detailing and high waist support.

Lulu Lemon

Global brand Lulu Lemon is one of the most popular activewear brands and are known for their high quality,


Bombshell Sportswear



The Importance Of Self Love B Y D R JA N E LEONAR D


y mantra based on my experience of working as a GP and cosmetic doctor, has always been “inner health equals outer beauty”. In other words, when it comes to beauty; self love is the place to start.




What you put into your body and how you live your life ultimately shows on the outside. This not only applies to what you eat and drink but also how you feel. Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, not enough water, smoking, alcohol all affect both our physical and mental health. These factors also have a significant effect on our skin; it can trigger flare-ups in skin problems such as eczema, acne and psoriasis and also can cause pre-mature ageing. Effects on the body Skin problems; break outs, dull skin, formation of lines and wrinkles can affect our mood in a negative way, and can lower our self-confidence and self esteem. This pattern can then fuel a vicious cycle of low mood, stress, lack of self love which leads to negative behaviours such as comfort eating, smoking, excess alcohol and poor sleep which in turn fuels the underlying problem with our appearance.

experiences ill health that we appreciate how precious our health is. Looking after your health in terms of diet, exercise, rest and relaxation is mutually beneficial for our general health and appearance. Working as a cosmetic doctor, I see both men and women who are unhappy with their skin and body for a variety of reasons. Working with people on their “treatment journey” I have been fortunate enough to see first hand how enhancing a person’s looks can dramatically improve how they see and think of themselves in a more positive light. It lifts their mood, improves their self-confidence and self esteem. It is this boost in positivity which is often the much needed first step towards self-love. This has to be the most rewarding aspect of my job as a cosmetic doctor.

Self Love and well being

Despite the imagery we see daily on social media of perfect faces and bodies, I don’t believe there is a perfect “template” of beauty that we should aspire too. Beauty is unique to you. It’s not about erasing imperfections; it’s about optimisation of your natural looks rather than changing your face to fit a “standardised model of beauty”.

Self-love is not self indulgent or selfish. Taking care of yourself and being kind to yourself is the foundation of our health and wellbeing. We are all guilty of taking our health for granted. It is only when we, or someone close to us,

In summary when people say happy girls are the prettiest, I have to totally agree. Love yourself; take of care yourself and your natural beauty will shine through, without having to try too hard!




New Supplement Store Opens Inside Dedicated Fitness Xl Gym B Y J O R D F LEET


ost gyms across Liverpool offer their own unique service from training equipment to fitness and yoga classes. Dedicated have not only created a fantastic gym facility providing top Watson Equipment, but have also developed their own supplement store for consumers to look round and delve into the many options available there. What does this mean? This means customers will have the opportunity to browse around the new supplement store, before or after their workouts. A combination of everything all under one roof, offering a unique experience and service for all members. In addition to that, providing all the best brands and supplements to help enhance your training in a number of



ways. This can be to increase strength, boost performance, cognitive support and health supplements. Where is this store located? The new supplement store is located inside of Dedicated fitness XL gym, address is 9A Link at Huyton, Business Park Huyton, Liverpool L36 6BP. This provides customers and gym members with a spacious parking lot to fill up their supplement stacks. In addition, a 1000 square foot store providing all the latest supplement products from around the world. Not to mention a current deal Dedicated have available at the moment, when signing up to the new Wirral gym. Customers have the option to purchase an “Early bird” membership for £28.99 a month. They will


then receive a free creatine powder, whey protein and a shaker as a fantastic bonus for joining. What else does the supplement store offer? Alongside all the protein and strength gaining products, Dedicated’s new supplement store also provides the nice sweet products to keep those cravings at bay. Skinny sauces, syrups, jams and peanut butters are all available for those dieting and looking for fantastic diet hacks. Offering all flavours possible, these can really be the “game changer” you’ve been looking for. They also offer guilt free jams with lower sugar but bringing the best tastes to your palate.

If you are unsure of what to consume before you workout, BCAA’s or protein, then Dedicated have all the advice and guidance needed to help you. The supplement store provides all the tastiest energy drinks available on the market today with each one delivering a different benefit on consumption. Why not give them all a try when you are next at the new supplement store? For further details head over to Dedicated’s website or check out their social media. Website :



Find Your Fit At The Gym, Liverpool ONE Only £14.99 Per Month No Contract, 24/7 Access, Free Classes, Top Quality Equipment

Join Online


Review Of The Popular Rise Fitness Studio B Y J O R D F LEET


ere at Liverpool Fitness Magazine we get very excited about new fitness events and businesses opening up in Liverpool. We recently heard about the very popular Rise fitness studio and had to investigate further. Rise cycling combines work ethic with an energy pumping environment. We can certainly agree with members that this is something we in Liverpool have not seen before.


energy pumping theme, their goal is to bring a uniqueness like no other. A room designed with neon lighting, top of the range cycling equipment and fantastic training instructors. What more could you ask for when trying to reach your fitness goals? In addition to that, instructors provide a friendly face with a passion to help others find their comfortable spot. This has created a passionate driven group of people wanting to achieve their goals together.

What is Rise Fitness Studio?

What makes this cycling studio unique?

Rise fitness studio is a brand new electrifying cycling studio located in Liverpool. Offering a brand new facility with an

The message Rise fitness studio emphasises is to “Immerse yourself in an experience where the world outside will cease to



exist and it’ll just be you, your bike, your goals and at the end, your accomplishments”. Providing innovation with passion, Rise fitness studio have brought something new to the industry. Open to all men and women of different diversities and weight, they offer high quality classes at a competitive rate. Customers have the option to purchase “private hires” which enables them to hire a bike prior to their sessions. But be quick, they may go quicker than you can blink.

WED 0900hrs – 2100hrs

Following on, Rise fitness studio want to make everyone feel welcome to their studio. They strive to change peoples lives for the better, that can be self-confidence, personal look and a social factor. Now has never been a better time to take your fitness to the next level with an exciting working environment with the same drive as everyone else. The studio is open Monday through to Sunday with flexible hours.

In addition to their timetable, Rise fitness studio have an available app consumers can download. This can be used to book classes, check availability and note fitness goals. This is available on both iPhone and android. We highly recommend checking out their social media/ website below for further details. For any enquiries, pop them a message via social media or email them at

THU 0900hrs – 2100hrs FRI 0900hrs – 1200hrs SAT

0900hrs – 1200hrs

SUN 0900hrs – 1200hrs

MON 0900hrs – 2100hrs Website : TUE 0900hrs – 2100hrs




Delifonseca s New Breakfast Menu B Y PAU L K N O W LES


elifonseca is serving up the most important meal of the day with an all-new breakfast menu.

Famed for its fresh, seasonal produce, the awardwinning dockside restaurant will be starting every day off the right way, with a delicious choice of breakfast options that will be available until 11.45am, seven days of the week.



Alongside hot drinks the breakfast menu will be complemented by a range of smoothies and cocktails, perfect for a celebration or a weekend treat to make dining even more special. Proprietor of Delifonseca Candice Fonseca said: “Breakfasts have always been a firm favourite with our customers and with the launch of our new restaurant here at Dockside we


also built a much larger kitchen that has enabled us to expand our breakfast and brunch offering. Breakfast has become incredibly popular in recent years and has evolved into a real social event with many people opting to get together with friends or even celebrate birthdays this way, whether that’s families, larger groups or even couples. For that reason, our team of chefs have extended our menu and come up with new dishes to suit every palate, from healthy smashed avocado on toast to my new personal favourite, huevos rancheros. “Since we’re open from 8am midweek, we also offer some great options for businesspeople who are working or staying nearby, or even hosting a morning meeting. We believe that no one should settle for second best when it comes to breakfast and whether you’re planning to while away a morning with us or grab a quick bite, we’ve got you covered. While our selection of fresh pastries and pastel de nata (Portuguese tarts) are great with a coffee, our classic traditional Delifonseca breakfast will give you the fuel you need to get you through the day.” Delifonseca’s menu includes old favourites like its eggs Florentine and Manx kippers with poached eggs, with new additions such as Boston beans baked with a duck egg topped with crumbled feta, and smashed avocado on

toast with halloumi and poached eggs. The restaurant has introduced a Scandi-inspired deli continental board with plenty of charcuterie, cheese and Rollmop herrings with beetroot sauerkraut, perfect for weekend grazing, whilst vegan diners can enjoy the likes of avocado on toast with warm spicy dahl and chipotle chilli jam and a new maple granola to name a few. With health in mind, Delifonseca has added a range of fresh fruit smoothies and to make the most of its new bar, the team have also designed a selection of brunch cocktails such as ‘The Morning After’ (refreshing cold brew coffee, Fougerat Petit Cigue cognac and tonic) and ‘Marmalade Mule’ (marmalade vodka, Fentimans ginger beer and lime). Candice added: “We’re excited for customers to come in and try our new menu - we’re sure that they will love it just as much as we do. We have recently introduced a brilliant loyalty scheme at Delifonseca so eating out with us will come with its rewards. Customers who dine or purchase from our shop will get points back onto their loyalty card, which is all credit that can be spent back in the restaurant. Breakfast has never looked so good!” For more information visit




The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Liverpool B Y B E N E D WAR D S




iverpool has quickly established itself as a paradise for vegetarians and vegans with a wide range of restaurants serving up delicious meat-free dishes. This is somewhat of a recent phenomenon as many people have taken the plunge and ditched the meat.

HEALTHY FOOD & DR INK Vegetarian cuisine is constantly evolving and in recent years restaurants have answered the calls for more choice when it comes to veggie food. Throughout the city, restaurants can regularly be found serving up thoughtful and creative dishes packed with bold flavours. Gone are the days of one of two meat-free options on the menu, the veggie and vegan revolution has arrived and we absolutely love it.

“flexitarianism”, opting to actively cut down on our meat intake due to the environmental impact of the worldwide meat industry. So whether you’re veggie, vegan or flexitarian and you love eating out, check out some of our favourite spots in the city both new and old.

We guarantee that even the most carnivorous of people will be impressed by what the city has to offer when meat is off the menu. If cutting meat out completely seems like too much of a commitment, many of us are now adopting a life

Liverpool now has its fair share of veggie and vegan friendly restaurants. This is somewhat of a recent phenomenon as many people have taken the plunge and ditched the meat. If you love eating out but struggle to find veggie options, check out some of our favourite spots both new and old.



Nestled underground on the bustling Duke Street, this restaurant is completely meat free and has attracted a lot of attention since opening its doors. Here you can find a range of delicious dishes from Burgers to wings and vegan mac and cheese. The perfect pig out spot for the weekend!

Located on the upper level of Bold Street, Bundobust is an Indian Street food restaurant, which again is completely meat free.

DOWN THE HATCH Basement, 62 Duke Street Liverpool L1 5AA 0151 708 0860

They have quickly established themselves as a fan favourite in Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester amongst veggies and vegans. What’s even better is they have a huge range of beers and ales that they are constantly updating. BUNDOBUST 17/19 Bold Street Liverpool L1 4DN 0151 705 1688






One of Liverpool’s most famous and established veggie spots. Located just off Bold Street, EGG offers a wide range of meat free and vegan options.

Boasting two city centre locations (Bold Street and Williamson Square), this Lebanese restaurant will satisfy everyone.

The quirky decor, open mic nights and poetry readings all add to the charm of this great little restaurant. It’s set menu, which includes vegan cheese options and roast dinners will have you returning time and time again. The Egg Vegetarian Cafe Top Floor, 16-18 Newington Street Liverpool L1 4ED

Whilst not exclusively meat free, their range of vegan and veggie options are bound to get your mouth watering. Locals love their famous homemade hummus dips and veggie mezze platters. Year after year Bakchich continues to grow in popularity and with food like theirs we can see exactly why. Bakchich Bold Street: 54 Bold Street Liverpool L1 4ER Tel: 0151 707 1255 Bakchich Williamson Square: 3 Brythen Street Liverpool L1 1LG Tel: 0151 708 8070




A Ve g an Safari Around The Royal Albert Do ck B Y DA I SY SP EED



t’s no secret that Vegan food is becoming more and more popular. As the number of people eating a plant-based diet rises, restaurants are stepping up to the challenge and are creating a range of delicious vegan dishes.

Smuggler’s Cove

Last night, team Liv Fit were treated to a Vegan Safari around Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock. We got to try out a number of plant-based dishes from a selection of restaurants, and we’ve got to say that we were very impressed!

Next on the agenda was Smuggler’s Cove. The rustic, pirate-themed restaurant/bar is famous for its hearty meals, fabulous cocktails and fantastic ambience. Their vegan offerings certainly did not disappoint. We were treated to a range of delicious dishes which included Crispy Gnocchi with Truffle Mayo, Roast Sweet Potato, Vegetable Ramen and a Sweet and Spicy Pepperpot Stew.

Peaberry Coffeehouse and Kitchen


The first stop of the night was Peaberry. The Independent Artisan Coffee House and Kitchen prepares all food freshly on site and uses only the best quality ingredients. What’s more, they source their food locally to support other independent businesses in the area. For our Vegan evening, we were served a delicious Sweet Potato and Chickpea Burger on Homemade Brioche Bun, with Scrambled Tofu and Avocado on their Homemade Rye Bread. A huge thumbs up from us!

The third stop of the evening was Lunyalita. We were seated in their upstairs area which has amazing views of The Albert Dock. After being greeted with a glass of Sangria on arrival, we tucked into the Vegan food. First up was a huge Vegan Platter which consisted of Marinated Vegetables, Salad, Olives, Homemade Dips and Snacks from their Deli. This was followed by a range of hot dishes including a Spanish Stew, Padron Peppers, Patatas Bravas, Roasted Broccoli and Chickpeas.





Peaberry Coffeehouse and Kitchen

Smuggler’s Cove


Smuggler’s Cove

Peaberry Coffeehouse and Kitchen Maray Finally, our last spot on the agenda was Maray. The popular restaurant has gained national press for its impressive vegetarian options and dedicating a full back menu to all things plant-

Maray based. It’s vegan offerings definitely did not disappoint! We enjoyed a whole host of delicious dishes including King Oyster Mushrooms, Aubergine Shawarma, Torched Broccoli, Disco Cauliflower and Beetroot Bowl to name a few.




What is Corona Virus? B Y D R JA N E LEONAR D


orona viruses are a group of viruses which cause flu like symptoms in humans. The group has been around for many years and it typically affects animals. The recent pandemic has been caused by a new strain of the virus called COVID 19 which is affecting humans.




The virus is a respiratory virus which means it affects our air ways and lungs. How is Corona virus spread? Like cold and flu bugs, the virus is spread via droplets when a person coughs or sneezes. The droplets land on surfaces and are picked up on the hands of others and spread further. People catch the virus when they touch their infected hands to their mouth, nose or eyes. Who is affected? The corona virus can affect anyone; however it is less common in children and more common in the elderly.

• • • •

Shortness of breath Muscle aches Reduced appetite Feeling weak and tired

What to do if you have these symptoms? • Self Isolate – this means at home and avoid contact with other people • Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital • Use the 111 service via phone or online for advice. For most of us self- isolation is new a scary concept. Here is the advice from the 111 service regarding selfisolation rules;

The people most at risk are

• •

The elderly People with a weakened immune system. This included anyone who suffered with a chronic disease, autoimmune diseases, cancer, on chemotherapy or medications which alter your immune system. Pregnant women are also more at risk

What are the symptoms? The key symptoms to look out for are

• •

High temperature. You may feel hot to touch or your temperature changing between hot and cold. Cough

How long to stay at home If you have symptoms If you have symptoms of coronavirus, you’ll need to stay at home for 7 days. After 7 days:

• •

if you do not have a high temperature, you do not need to stay at home if you still have a high temperature, stay at home until your temperature returns to normal

You do not need to stay at home if you just have a cough after 7 days. A cough can last for several weeks after the infection has gone.




If you live with someone who has symptoms

If you live with someone who has symptoms, you’ll need to stay at home for 14 days from the day their symptoms started. This is because it can take 14 days for symptoms to appear.

If more than 1 person at home has symptoms, stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person started having symptoms. If you get symptoms, stay at home for 7 days from when your symptoms start, even if it means you’re at home for longer than 14 days. If you do not get symptoms, you can stop staying at home after 14 days. How to prevent the spread of corona virus

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Final point Everyone agrees it is an extremely scary and unsettling time for us all. People note that although corona virus can be extremely dangerous, most of cases are mild. People support vulnerable people in the community Please please do not stock pile essentials so that others may go without Use the rare time of self-isolation to practice self-care.

Please try not to be overly anxious, this time will pass.


How to Lose Weight on a Budget B Y C E R I SED GW IC K


eeping fit and losing weight may seem expensive, but there are simple ways to keep fit that don’t break the bank. Don’t waste your money on diet pills and ab toners. Instead, follow these simple but effective ways to reach your goal.




Walk more By increasing your steps per day this increases your nonexercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). This is when your body burns calories through activities that aren’t sports. You could do this by cleaning, gardening, shopping (result), or by taking the stairs. Aiming for 10k to 15k steps per day could help the average person burn 400-600 calories extra per day, as well as significantly improving their cardiovascular health. Use youtube and instagram for at home workout ideas Instagram and Youtube have increasingly become popular for people to gain inspiration for workouts at home and at the gym. Many influencers, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts post videos of step by step workouts for both beginners and advanced levels. Use resistance bands If you want to increase the intensity of your home workouts, or want to improve your strength without the cost of a gym membership, resistance bands are a great addition to your

gym bag. They range from £7-£15 and can come in a variety of strengths to suit you. Go for a run Running is not only free, but is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises to increase your stamina and improve your health. Make your own lunches for work You may think eating healthy is expensive, but making your own healthy meals at home, will not only save you money but doesn’t have the hidden calories that most shop bought sandwiches have with added sauces and oils. Track your calories Apps such as ‘My Fitness Pal’ are a great way to track what you’re eating. You simply scan the barcode of your food, or search the item and the app will add up the calories and macronutrients for each item. Whether your goal is to eat more or less calories, hit your protein intake or eat less sugar, apps like this can help you to stick to your fitness goals for no cost.




The Role of Moisturisers in Skincare B Y J OA N N E W ILLC OX


ealth practitioner and aesthetician Joanne Willcox details the importance of understanding the properties of moisturisers when recommending products to patients.

An introduction from The Skin Doctor: As cosmeceutical companies continue to charge a premium for luxury brand moisturisers, how often do the public consider the scientific evidence supporting why moisturisers actually work and which type of moisturiser is appropriate for them? The UK female population is estimated to spend on average £250.00 on cosmetics annually. The reality being that many



individuals will spend more than this on any one single ‘anti-ageing cream’ or serum or facial oil. Moisturisers can be infused with gold, contain almond extracts, or simply demonstrate luxurious packaging and design. Yet moisturiser is defined as a cosmetic preparation to prevent dryness to the skin. In reality what patients are really seeking from moisturiser is, quite simply, water. One study in 2010 by OLAY found that skin hydrated with daily moisturiser aged objectively less over the course of eight years than those who did not maintain adequate methods of skin hydration. The demand from consumers and the experience and results from dermatologists that the


hydrating qualities of moisturisers make them a worthwhile and beneficial product to use on patients for antiaging. Yet despite the population’s readiness to part with significant sums of cash in exchange for this ever so popular daily routine, many admit to knowing little about the mechanisms of their favourite preparation. Do they appreciate the differences when purchasing a daily face oil, as opposed to a thicker, more occlusive night cream? Do they understand what occlusive means to their skin? Should they purchase the same moisturiser as their friend, or should they consider their own skin type? Joanne Willcox now explains how her passion has always been to educate patients to make more sensible, scientific decisions.

lead to increased water content within the skin- essential in maintaining effective skin barrier function and a healthy skin appearance. Definitions: MOISTURISER: according to the Oxford English dictionaries (OED) a moisturiser is a cosmetic preparation used to prevent dryness in the skin. In short, it is a substance that when applied to the skin adds water and/or existing levels of water in the stratum cornermen (SC) HUMECTANTS: again, according to the OED, a humectant is a product retaining or preserving moisture. For example, natural humectants in the SC absorb moisture from the atmosphere, increasing the hydration levels in the outer SC

As practitioner, our patients need us to fully understand the structure and function of the skin to correctly diagnose and recommend pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations. We also need to explain the concept of moisturisation and clearly differentiate between humectants, occlusives and emoluments, as well to explain the difference between, humectants and emollients. Moreover, it is vital that we can know the difference between ‘carrier’ or ‘vehicle’ ingredients and ‘active’ ingredients.

OCCLUSIVE: the OED medical definition of occlusion is the blockage or closing of a blood vessel or hollow organ. The word occlusive is the adjective derivative and is described as ‘of being a bandage or dressing that closes a wound and keeps it from the air’ in cosmetics, it is the covering and keeping it from air that is relevant

In this article Joanne explains and defines these differences and reviews some of the popular topical ingredients that may

Water in the skin: The outer layer of the skin is the statue cornermen; it comprises mature keratinocytes and on average

EMOLLIENT defined as ‘having the quality of softening or soothing the skin” by the OED




is 15 cell layers thick. The structure of the stratum corneum has frequently been described as “bricks and mortar” The keratinocytes being the bricks and lipids and amino acids making up the majority of the mortar. As well as amino acids, other osmolytes in the stratum corneum such as glycerol, lactic acidosis, taurine and urea act as humectants. The stratum corneum sometimes known as the ‘horney’ later contains natural moisturising factor (NMF). NMF is osmotically active with string humectant properties and its precise composition varies between individuals and different environments. The role of NMF is to prevent trans epidermal water loss. The lower layers of the skin including the layers of the stratum compactum, are hydrated by body fluids rather than humectant properties of the SC. Benefits of Facial Oils:

Oils repair the skin barrier… A strong skin barrier is fundamental to a healthy-looking complexion. The barrier locks in moisture, helps nutrients absorb more effectively, and prevents external aggressors like pollution and bacteria from getting into the skin. They’re super versatile... Oils are not just great for the face. Hair, cuticles, rough patches, lips, and hands are just some of the other places you can use them. As I said above, they are also a great way to boost other products in your regime.

They help us age better.

The glow they give is instant…

Our skin produces oil naturally, but as we age, the production significantly decreases. If we don’t replenish the oil content with good products, skin becomes unbalanced and very dry which can lead to breakouts and over time, wrinkles.

Oils give the face an immediate smoothness and leave skin dewy, firm and glowing without looking greasy. They are a perfect solution for refreshing your complexion throughout the day, so try and keep one to hand on your desk and just gently tap some on when you need a boost.

Skin penetration is their specialty…


The natural lipid content of the skin allows oils to be absorbed easily deep down. This also means penetration for other ingredients is enhanced, so that actives and acids can get deeper into the skin.


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Top Rated Male Personal Trainers in Merseyside B Y J O R D F LEET


e researched over 70 Male Personal Trainers in Merseyside looking at all aspects of their work from professionalism, results, client reviews and much more. Our extensive research took over three months as we wanted to fairly report the best all round Personal Trainers who we believe offer the people of Merseyside value for money when it comes to goals from weight loss to general fitness results and much more.



The following list of top rated Male Personal Trainers in Merseyside scored the highest results in our research and we therefore recommend them as the best Male Personal Trainers around. The list is in no particular order.


Sam Gelling

how Sam gets on. We highly recommend getting in touch with Sam for any further enquiries to what he offers clients. Samgellopt

Charlie Blaney

Sam is a personal trainer who trains both male and female clients down in Bodytech gym on the Wirral. Having an extensive background in training various people, whether that be getting clients into shape for a competition or just general health and fitness. Sam provides a professional and detailed service, that caters to all people looking to change their physical appearance and mindset for the better. Sam himself has competed in many bodybuilding competitions in different categories, which has benefitted him from a business and knowledge point of view. In addition to this, Sam provides consistent content daily on his social media platforms allowing people to learn from him. Content consisting of training videos, nutrition guidance and client updates which is a fantastic service that he offers. Sam also provides an online coaching service which has had very positive feedback from current/past clients. This service was created to ensure people could still thrive off the knowledge and guidance Sam offers, if they did indeed struggle to access a gym because of other daily responsibilities. Daily check-ins, nutrition planning and training schedules are all planned through this service, which offers a professional experience for individuals wanting to train under Sam. Furthermore, Sam has been nominated for “Liverpools best male personal trainer award� this year at the Liverpool Fitness Professional Awards, so be sure to check

Charlie is a personal trainer for both male and female clients down in pure gym in Brunswick, Liverpool. Charlie provides a unique service for many of his clients, embracing different methods of training. The use of resistant bands to create different levels of tension depending on the required movement is a speciality of Charlies training which has benefited many clients in recent year. Charlie delivers key information for his clients allowing them to understand the fundamentals of training at a moderate/high intensity, which is what helps sculpture a fantastic physique. Ensuring clients are hitting compound movements in sessions to add different stress’ creating the adaptation the body must go through. Moving on from this, Charlie has an active website allowing new clients or people in general to learn more from their own screens at home. With details on the website outlining various ways of staying fit and healthy, consultation bookins etc. This is a great feature of his creating more exposure online to benefit many around him. If you have any further questions for Charlie or want to get in touch with him, we highly recommend checking out his social media below. Thefitblueprint

George Dixon George trains both male and female clients down in Pure gym in Liverpool city centre. George is a very hardworking personal trainer who has been helping people for many years reach their physical goals. With 8 years of experience helping people all across Liverpool, George has developed a large social media following from many clients he has helped over the years. Furthermore, George offers a competitive personal training price which is brilliant for many students wanting




to get in shape this year. With the correct guidance and monitoring, George will work alongside you to reach those set goals, whether that be changing physical appearance, having someone to push you in all the right areas or just becoming healthy in yourself. Furthermore, George has competed in bodybuilding (mens physique) for many years now which has developed his knowledge to pass on to many clients eager to set themselves the same goals. With his large following, George provides daily content on his social media consisting of intense workouts which will really leave you feeling motivated. One of George’s main focuses is ensuring people/clients are motivated and inspired daily which is why he contributes so much to his social media account. We highly recommend getting in touch with George if you are Liverpool city centre based and wanting a fantastic personal trainer. George_gd_dixon

have their own open space, to provide a quality service for many clients wanting to get in good shape in a comfortable environment. Ashley specialises in body transformations for his clients with different styles of training. Functional fitness is great way of elevating levels of training through resistant and cardiovascular movements creating different stress’ on the body. With an environment created around a high work ethic, Ashley has developed a fantastic facility catering to many different people of all shapes and sizes. Ashley demonstrates ways of staying physically fit and healthy whilst balancing a busy lifestyle. Fantastic motivation to those who may struggle with their jobs and any other responsibilities. With a strong social media following, Ashley has become a very well-known personal trainer in Liverpool, with brilliant knowledge of training and nutrition you can take advantage of. For further questions or enquiries, we highly recommend getting in touch with Ashley. Ashleylucas_1

Ashley Lucas Ashley caters to both male and female clients down in his own gym facility called “Unit 7” in Liverpool. With the addition of his own facility, Ashley alongside a few other personal trainers



Joe Ward Joe provides knowledge and experience, in his role as a personal trainer down in Empowered Fit on the Wirral.


Assisting many female and males wanting to change their physical appearance for the better, Joe has created a large following of clients who respect his commitment and effort in changing people’s lives from various backgrounds of training. Joe focuses on key movements for all clients, ensuring the technique of the training movement is 100% correct before he introduces increased weight/tension for the workouts. Joe demonstrates many movements for resistant training and how they should be professionally performed on a daily basis. This has made Joe a very successful personal trainer on the Wirral for all the right reasons. Joe invests in his clients both in and out the gym. In testament to his commitments he offers his own time to arrange challenges/activities with his clients. This is simply to encourage an active lifestyle and give those the support system who need it. Joe offers an online coaching option to his business that is structurally set up for beginners or current clients. This process is done to ensure he has a tailoring plan to specific individuals with different goals. Joe performs daily checkins with many of his clients, whilst also listening to any feedback off them ensuring they are comfortable with how things are going. This is a great feature to have in an online coaching set up, we highly recommend checking Joe out if you feel he is the personal trainer for you. Joe_wardb.t.c

Mark Grice Mark has developed a strong personal training business over the past couple of years that has reached new heights in the industry. Training both male and female clients down in the Prophecy Performance Centre, Mark has access to very good quality pieces of equipment ensuring clients utilise them efficiently. Mark expresses how training can have a positive impact on the mind and body, which has helped develop many individuals’ characters for the better.

After picking up the achievement of “Liverpool’s best male personal trainer award 2017/18) Mark has indeed been nominated for the same award for this year at the My Fitness Professional Awards. With many accolades to his name from achievements to client transformations, Mark is excelling in the industry for all the right reasons which haven’t gone unnoticed. In addition to this, Mark has a social media following of over 20k followers who seek motivation daily. This is a great platform for Mark to express his knowledge on a bigger scale. Refreshing consistent content daily is what has made Mark a very recommendable personal trainer within the industry itself. This has ultimately urged Mark on to change people’s lives from a vast amount of backgrounds. For any further questions or enquiries, why don’t you check out Marks social media below. Markgricept

Richie Swan Richie was crowned as “Male personal trainer of the year” at 2019 fitness awards. What makes Richie such a consistent



PERSONAL TRAINERS different podcasts relating to key information on training which is another very good service he offers to his business platform. We highly recommend getting in touch with Richie for the real motivation you need. Richie.swan

John Wood

and hardworking personal trainer is his urge to change people’s lives in a short period of time. Introducing many areas of cardiovascular endurance work that he incorporates into his clients training, has earned Richie a lot of respect from many different people. Specialising in spinning classes, these sessions provide the calorie expenditure you need to drop the lb’s in a matter of weeks. Training within Liverpool, Richie operates around many gyms taking classes for different individuals on a daily basis. A fantastic opportunity for different people to experience various classes Richie offers. Richie discusses with many of his clients how not to take food seriously, when trying to lose weight and to not restrict your favourite foods. Portion control is key here to remain in a calorific deficit. Being a life coach, Richie helps many people not just with their training but with their mental approach to daily challenges life throws at them. Overall improving their self-esteem, fitness is all about having fun and being inclusive to all. Aside from this, Richie trains 1-1 clients in many different styles of training suited to their individual needs. A great way of experiencing different methods of training all within reason. Richie believes in a nice balance in life, training hard but enjoying other areas of life with is a brilliant mindset to have and pass on to others. Richie also participates in



John simplifies certain topics in fitness to make it easier for many people looking to gain a better insight. Being a certified personal trainer in Liverpool, John has gained quality experience over the years in the hope to implement that into training a variety of individuals. John has competed in a men’s physique competition and experienced what it takes to change his physique and mindset. Competing in situations where calories are considerably low and training/expenditure intensifies is a very challenging aspect of any type of training. John has a very structured personal training business where he caters to many individuals who want to achieve different set goals. John adapts to different scenarios to ensure clients feel the most confident and motivated. If you have any questions for John, we highly suggest getting in touch with him for a unique experience.


Paul Mciver

Paul is a male and female personal trainer down in Dedicated gym in Huyton. Incorporating functional training and cross-fit into his training regime, has given Paul many opportunities to progress in the industry as a certified personal trainer. Cross-fit training is on the incline and with more and more exposure of that type of training, more people have started participating to help aid in their cardiovascular training. Paul uploads many videos to his social media of different exercises within cross-fit allowing people to understand the techniques more. Paul also provides some refreshing content on his page, promoting a nice balance in life. Being able to travel but stay on track in terms of calories etc. We believe that is a fantastic message to share with people who are a little low on motivation. Paul demonstrates during his sessions with clients how to instigate a higher work rate which displays from his client transformations he posts. We highly recommend getting in touch with Paul if you are looking for a male personal trainer to really push you to the limit. Paul_pt_mc

Offering 1-1 personal training in various gyms across Liverpool, has benefited Phil from an exposure point of view. Phil also provides an online coaching service tailored to each individual, with this comes daily check-ins and client training days so he is able to see the individual in person. This is great from client’s perspective as their coach is able to see where their physique is at and what adjustments need to be made for the complete package. We highly recommend getting in touch with Phil for some mind-blowing results. Phillloydpt

Phil Lloyd

Kieran Flanagan

Phil is very hard-working personal trainer who trains clients from different areas of Liverpool making it more convenient for them. Having a knowledgeable background in physical training and nutrition, Phil has created the platform to share his knowledge with many people looking to get in great shape for their desirable goals. Phil preachers what he speaks, meaning that he likes to stay in shape all year round and simplify ways of staying on track for clients and people in general. Providing daily content from different areas of fitness whether that being news in the industry, diet hacks or stretches to stay nice and mobile.

Kieran offers a different style of training to become more physically fit. Offering boxing 1-1 lessons is a great feature of his business as it is a very intensified style of training elevating levels of cardiovascular endurance and demand for such intense workouts. Kieran runs various fitness classes for both male and females who prefer breaking a sweat in group environments. With this variety of sessions Kieran offers, it is a great option for different people wanting to potentially try something new and leave their comfort zone. These are great environments to complete that process in as everybody who attends are very welcoming and as a newcomer, that is very reassuring.




Kieran also trains various clients in resistant style training with weights etc. He creates a plan suited to your needs and will have different days set for different exercises which is great for putting different types of stress on the body. Furthermore, Kieran delivers high quality nutrition advice to many of his clients who are wanting to be a little more controlling on what they eat on a daily basis. This feature is very important for the understanding of macronutrients and what their calorie amount per gram is. For further information or questions from Kieran, we recommend checking his profile out. Kifit_pt

Connor Willis Connor is a male and female personal trainer situated in DW Fitness First in Liverpool. Connor contributes a positive amount into the industry for helping change people’s holistic views of health and fitness. In relation to this, Connor has developed a very clever client portfolio, where he can take notes week by week allowing him to allocate different features to the programme to suit his



client’s needs. With a very busy lifestyle, Connor balances helping others reach their goals efficiently whilst referring to other daily tasks/responsibilities of his. Connor also contributes in charity events for various organisations which is a fantastic achievement to this date, and is great for overall awareness for the specific organisations. In addition to this, Connor provides daily content on his social media of clients training different exercises and being put through their paces. Connor also records fantastic movements with the correct form and technique for people to learn from. Offering a professional 1-1 coaching experience for all new comers and intermediate trainers. This is a great opportunity for anyone from any age looking to set themselves short and long term goals with the right motivating figure in their lives. Having a detailed background from charity events to client transformations in short periods of time has definitely earned Connor the right as one of top-rated personal trainers in Merseyside. If you have any further questions for Connor or want to get in touch with him, feel free to check his social media out below. – Connorwillispt





Top Rated Female Personal Trainers in Merseyside B Y J O R D F LEET


e researched all Female Personal Trainers in Merseyside looking at all aspects of their work from professionalism, results, client reviews and much more. Our extensive research took over two months as we wanted to fairly report the best all round Female Personal Trainers who we believe offer the people of Merseyside value for money when it comes to goals from weight loss to general fitness results, motivation and much more.



The following list of top rated Female Personal Trainers in Merseyside scored the highest results in our research and we therefore recommend them as the best Female Personal Trainers around. The list is in no particular order. Fitness and health is an ever growing hobby for many people. It is a sense of freedom, relieves stress and a way

PERSONAL TRAINERS of reaching goals. In Merseyside alone we have a handful of fantastic female personal trainers who operate in many different ways to accommodate your set goals. Ranging from nutrition guidance, training, various types of techniques and routines and many more. We have made a list of female personal trainers below that may be suited to your short/ long term goals.

Ashley also provides an online coaching service which has a very detailed format consisting of weekly check-ins, nutrition guidance and meal planning. Ashley is actively seeking to help more and more females across Merseyside. We highly recommend getting in touch with Ashley if you are wanting to achieve your fitness goals on the Wirral.

Ashley Spencer

Robyn Ashcroft

Ashley is a female only personal trainer based in Empowered Fit over on the Wirral. Ashley empowers women to reach their goals daily, whether that be losing weight, gaining muscle or just developing a stronger mindset for a healthier lifestyle. Not only providing a quality service through personal training, Ashley also runs a specialised bootcamp in Liverpool for many females wanting to get fit in a group environment. These are great for individuals seeking a group training atmosphere, increasing confidence and social interaction. Ashley has built up this community for her clients to support one another ensuring her clients feel comfortable and motivated daily. In addition to this, Ashley focuses on mental and emotional wellbeing for individuals for their own self-confidence not just aesthetics.

Robyn provides a unique personal training service for both females and males in Liverpool city centre. As a qualified level 4 personal trainer and influencer she trains various clients to feel good both physically and mentally. Preaching a positive mindset is what has helped Robyn become a well known personal trainer in Liverpool city centre. Robyn trains clients at The Gym Group where she has developed a healthy relationship with many females and males who attend the gym who seek inspiration and motivation.


Robyn trains with a high intensity, and is very welcoming towards beginners who are trying to find their feet accordingly. Robyn has the ability to assess an individual and plan a weekly training schedule to suit her clients needs. This is a great feature for beginners wanting to get into a



PERSONAL TRAINERS consistent routine with the correct professional help. Any further questions or details, feel free to follow Robyn on her social media platform. Robyn_kamira


Nicola Graham

Jodi Wickham

Nicola is a female personal trainer based in JD gyms on Dale Street in Liverpool. Nicola is a mother who balances keeping fit with a busy lifestyle, whilst providing a professional service towards helping many other females with set goals. Nicola focuses on the fundamentals of staying physically active by incorporating a guiding nutrition plan suited to different individuals. In addition to that, assisting clients with training techniques/ stretches etc. As a mum, Nicola understands the daily challenges many mothers face. The daily responsibilities that come first before training, which may restrict your available time to train. Nicola has a desire to improve the quality of lives of many mothers around by introducing structured routines for different people and their desirable goals. We admire Nicola for balancing such a busy lifestyle and helping many others reach their training goals.

Jodi is a personal trainer, catering to both female and male clients down in a strength and conditioning gym in Birkenhead on the Wirral. With a facility that provides a lot of options, Jodi can accommodate to different styles of training including functional, resistant and cardiovascular training. Jodi incorporates a structured plan for her clients allowing the individual to feel at ease and comfortable with different training procedures. Daily check-ins and measurements are taken to ensure their fitness journey is going to plan. Jodi has an active website with information regarding consultations, training advice and details relating to her specialities.

Furthermore, Nicola’s online community is growing by the day. Catering to women who may not find the time for a personal trainer but still need the accountability in keeping up with their fitness and nutrition. Nicola provides a service as part of her online business designing home workout plans helping mums in particular who find it hard to get to a gym. Nicola posts daily content on her social media platforms delivering high quality information that consists of diet hacks, training methods, motivational quotes and


many more. If you are looking for a PT to help balance your lifestyle with keeping fit, and within the Liverpool city centre we would highly recommend getting in touch with Nicola.


Jodi excels in weight gain, weight loss and muscle building for her clients offering different services for individual needs. Jodi also demonstrates methods for staying on track, whether that be diet hacks or how to have a balance between a busy lifestyle and staying physically fit. If you have any further questions or require more details we recommend you checking her profile out below. Jawfitness_

Aimee Ormesher Aimee is a fully qualified personal trainer for females only, and is situated in dedicated gym within Huyton.


A fantastic facility if you are wanting to experience the best quality equipment within a gym. Aimee has a strong social media following resulting from the positive impact she has had on changing peoples lives from a physical point of view. Aimee focuses on ensuring her clients are reaching their goals with a balance of enjoying days out and not worrying too much. Aimee’s social media provides a variety of content ranging from short videos introducing new meals to make, that are potentially lower in calories. Different training techniques and exercises to demonstrate the correct procedures in training, and living life to its fullest. Furthermore, Aimee specialises in weight loss for all females across merseyside struggling to find the motivation. Aimee’s motivation comes from helping many women become the best possible versions of themselves through exercise and nutrition. Aimee also runs her own weight loss challenge called “8WeeksWithAimee” which is a fantastic option for anyone wanting to challenge themselves in period of time. Designed to inspire you to make a physical change for a healthier lifestyle. We would recommend getting in touch with Aimee for any further questions.

this year. With a very strong presence on her social media accounts, Harriet provides a key service online displaying knowledge and information to many of her followers who are looking for some inspiration. Daily content is posted on her account outlining specific features to goal setting for training which motivates many around her to be the best they can be. Harriet also provides a training service for pregnant females and post natal which is a great feature for many people. In addition to that, Harriet trains with special groups helping to fundraise the “Linda McCartney Breast Centre” and train with many females recovering from breast cancer which is fantastic. Combining both experience and knowledge, Harriet has managed to successfully run her own business with confidence in her approach to changing peoples lives for the better. Health and inclusivity are the key components to business, creating a comfortable environment for people to change their life. In addition to that, Harriet has built up a big membership base consisting of both male and female of all different shapes and sizes. We highly recommend getting in touch with Harriet for further informations, tips or general enquiries. Harriet_mcguffie_pt

Aimeeormesher Krisztina Tamba

Harriet McGuffie Harriet is a personal trainer with her very own successful studio called “Harriet Mcguffie Fitness”. With many accolades to her name, Harriet provides heaps of experience when it comes to physical exercise for all people who follow her. Harriet caters to many styles of training, but mainly specialising in functional/bootcamps which to many people is a fantastic environment to train in. Harriet has also been shortlisted for an award for “Liverpool female trainer of the year” award for the Fit Pro Awards later

16 years ago I was underweight, hardly eating and was weak, my passion for fitness was there but my attitude completely changed. Meeting my husband not only was a special moment but he has taught me everything I know about bodybuilding and powerlifting. There are no words to explain how eternally grateful I am for this and we are still the power couple 16 years later! My passion for fitness never involved competing until recently when I thought I would give it a shot just to gain further experience. I knew I had to bring out my confident and sassy




side onstage and show the judges my hard work has paid off. To my surprise I was awarded first place, over 35 Miami Pro, 1st place over 35 fitness model, 2nd place bikini master ukbff and then I finished my year with 1st pca explosive ape bikini trained open age category. 2017 for my fitness career was explosive! Something I’ll always be so proud of. So how do I like to train? I train completely alone 5 days a week and currently I am off season and I swear by my stay lean supplements which I am honoured to be an ambassador for. My next competition is PCA British finals where I hope I gain my pca pro card. My personal training business, Tamba Fitness is very important to me. It’s more than a business to me. The people I train become friends and I love nothing more than knowing I have changed their lives for the better and consistently deliver the results they are expecting. Sticking to my motto of actions and results. I am based at The Warehouse Gym in Southport. Facebook : Krisztina Tamba PT

Deana Mogan Deana is a female personal trainer who trains clients in many different environments consisting of local gyms/studios and



home facilities for different types of training. Deana has been shortlisted for the Fit Pro Awards in Liverpool later this year, for the “Liverpool female personal trainer of the year” award. This is very exciting for Deana who has worked considerably hard for both herself and her daily clients. Deana has a great view of different styles of training for both their physical appearance and mind. Deana states the important of yoga and how this can impact in a positive manor on the mind and self love. This is a great way of ensuring a stronger mindset limiting any weakness’. In addition to all this, Deana keeps herself very busy whilst being a parent and running her own successful business which takes shear determination to help many around her. Another great feature Deana offers is home workouts for many people who struggle to attend a gym, this is great for comfort and confidence. Different styles of gyms can be intimidating places for starters, so having an option to workout from your home is a fantastic attribute to this service. If you are looking for a female personal trainer who caters to both mind and physical health, providing a nice balance on training and daily life, we highly recommend getting in touch with Deana through her social media accounts. Deana_movida


How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Health B Y C E R I SED GW IC K


leep is a hugely important factor of our health and wellbeing that people often think isn’t as important as exercising or eating healthy food. It can have both short and long term impacts on our bodies, however is often neglected due to busy lifestyles and longer working hours. Sleep is divided into many different stages which effect the quality of sleep and how it makes a person feel the next day. The 4 stages are as follows;



1) NONREM 1 This is the lightest stage of sleep in the cycle where our bodies make the transition from being awake to being asleep. In this stage it is common to experience ‘twitching’ like symptoms and a person is easily woken up. This stage only accounts for approximately 5% of a sleep cycle. 2) NONREM 2 Although this stage is still “light” sleep, during this stage of sleep a person becomes less aware of their surroundings and


the muscles in the body continue to relax. This stage usually accounts for 55% of a person’s total sleep cycle. 3) NONREM 3 This stage of sleep is most commonly known as deep sleep and a person is unlikely to be woken up during this stage of sleep. It accounts for around 15% of the total sleep cycle, and is necessary for a person to feel well rested the next day. Deep sleep is also important for protein synthesis and muscle growth and repair, as the rate and cell division increases during this stage. Further proving why deep sleep is important for repair and restoration, which suggests why a person feels tired and fatigued after sleeping. Minimising alcohol intake, large meals before sleeping and having a regular bedtime can increase the amount of deep sleep you get. 4) REM REM (Rapid eye movement) is the stage of sleep where dreams occur and happens after all 3 cycles of NonREM sleep. Being woken up during this stage can impact mood and general tiredness. During REM sleep, the areas of the brain used for learning and memory are more active which suggests this stage is important for processing information and restoring mental functions. Infants for example, who are learning and developing at a fast pace, spend 50% of their sleep in REM compared to 20% in adults . You can use or other smart alarms to wake you up at the most perfect time to make you feel more rested.

products that increase in our central nervous system when we are awake. The Glymphatic system is the part of the brain that is responsible for removing waste products from our central nervous system and is more active during stages of sleep. This demonstrates why memory is affected by lack of sleep, as toxins inhibit our ability to recall information. It is also suggested that high levels of waste products in the brain can increase the risk of cognitive problems and disorders such as Alzheimers disease. Increased risk of Obesity and Diabetes. People who get less than seven hours of sleep have higher risk of diabetes and obesity due to hormonal changes in the body. The less sleep we have, the higher levels of cortisol in our bodies, which increases the production of glucose in the blood. The pancreas is sensitive to the level of glucose in the blood, and produces insulin to reduce blood glucose levels. Over time, the more the pancreas has to keep up with the high demand for insulin, the higher level of insulin resistance, increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Also sensitive to hormone changes is Leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin is a hormone made by fat cells that is known as the “appetite suppressant.” Alternatively, Ghrelin is a hormone that increases appetite and is known as the “hunger hormone.” Studies have shown that lack of sleep can cause Leptin levels to be low and Ghrelin levels to be high, causing someone to eat more when they are tired which can, long term, lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Increased risk of Alzheimers and other cognitive diseases. Cognitive research has suggested that sleep is a way of the brain flushing out toxins and potentially neurotoxic waste




What is a Cough? B Y D R JA N E LEONAR D


oughing is an automatic reflex to clear and protect your airways. Many different things can irritate our airways and cause us to cough. This can be from mucus from a cold or chest infection, smoke, chemicals and food getting stuck in our oesophagus or “going down the wrong way”. Cough is also a symptom of chronic chest conditions such as asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Cough is also a symptom of serious conditions including lung cancer. What causes a cough? As the causes are so vast and reflect a variety of causes it is important to know what symptoms are not to be ignored and when you should see your doctor for an assessment. The simplest way to breakdown the causes of cough is related to the duration of symptoms. Acute causes of cough; typically lasting up to three weeks. Upper Respiratory Infections (URTIs) 80-90% of URTIs are caused by viral infections. Cough is associated with the typical symptoms of a cold including; blocked/ runny nose, sore throat, fever, headache and fatigue.



Lower Respiratory Infections LRTI’s are less common than URTI’s and more serious. They can follow URTI’s when “a cold settles on your chest” or they can occur independently. LRTI’s can be caused by viruses, bacteria or fungus. Infective flare-ups (exacerbations) of chronic respiratory conditions like asthma or COPD can also be causes, that is also a feature of asthma and COPD, to become worst. Chronic causes of cough In this category, the cough tends to last over 3 weeks.


• • • • • • • • Asthma and COPD. Both these chronic respiratory conditions have the same three symptoms; cough, wheeze and shortness of the breath. The key difference between them is that asthma is reversible, i.e the symptoms can resolve when the trigger is removed and treatment of the “asthma attack “ is effective. COPD, on the other hand, is a progressive disease and cannot be reversed. COPD is in most cases caused by smoking. Acid Reflux / Reflux This is a common, non-respiratory cause of cough. Gastrooesophageal reflux disease causes acid to reflux up from the stomach into the oesophagus which can also overspill into the airways and cause cough. Post-nasal drip This is another common and non-respiratory cause of cough. It occurs when mucus drips from the nose into the back of your throat and causes you to cough. There are many triggers that cause your nose to produce more mucus, including allergies, infection and nasal polyps. Irritants Chemical irritant of the airways can also lead you to cough on a chronic basis in the absence of infection. Classic causes are; cigarette smoke, chemical fumes. It is especially common in people working in factories or chemicals when they are exposed to airborne chemical irritants on a daily basis. Medications Certain medications can also cause a chronic cough. Blood pressure medications, Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibiting mediations are a classic cause. Red Flags Cough can also be a symptom of more serious respiratory diseases like lung cancer. Here is a list of the red flag symptoms that need a doctor’s assessment. If you or your family have any of these symptoms please see your doctor.

Coughing up blood Chest pain Shortness of breath Weight loss Fever Night sweats Persistent over 3 weeks Not responding to treatment

Treatments The treatment of the cough is dependant on the underlying cause. In most viral infections the cough will clear up by itself. Antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections. As most respiratory infections are caused by viruses, simple treatments can help to support your body to fight it naturally. These treatments include;

• • • • •

Paracetamol Ibuprofen Honey and lemon Sleep Healthy diet

Asthma and COPD need more specialised treatment involving reliever and preventer inhalers to help protect against exacerbations and keep the symptoms stable. If infective exacerbations do occur a combination of antibiotics and oral steroids may be needed. Post-nasal drip may require a steroid nasal spray to be prescribed by your doctor. Reflux cough will be treated by treating the underlying cause of gastro- oesophagal reflux. In all cases of cough, maintaining your general health is key;

• • • • •

Stop smoking Avoid triggers that you are sensitive to for example chemicals or irritants Sleep Rest exercise Healthy diet

In general, cough is a very common symptom that could be part of a wide range of underlying medical problems. If you or your family have a cough persisting over 3 weeks, not responding to treatment or any of the red flag symptoms described above, please see your doctor ASAP.





Raffles Praslin S E YC H E L L ES SE B Y PAU L K N O W LES


any of us have dreamed of visiting the stunning archipelago of the Seychelles, set off East Africa in the Indian Ocean. The island paradise which spans across 115 islands, is a picture perfect setting of white sand beaches famed for its coral reefs where there is excellent diving to be enjoyed. Located on the tranquil island of Praslin, which boasts its




own microclimate, the luxurious Raffles Estate Praslin is a hidden escape where you can truly relax and unwind whilst experiencing a retreat for the senses. Praslin is the second largest island in the Seychelles, full of bays with turquoise waters fringed with palm trees. The famous brand of Raffles hotels and resorts is world renowned and synonymous with an unsurpassable level of guest experience. The location for a truly once in a lifetime getaway, Raffles Praslin is a beachside resort which comprises 86 expansive private villas which come with their own plunge pool and outdoor terrace, affording you sweeping ocean views. Guests can expect glorious sunshine during their stay, indeed the average temperatures are always tropical on the island. There are so many activities on offer at the resort, such as swimming and kayaking across the crystal clear waters. Dining options at Raffles Praslin resort are many and varied with a wide selection of options available overseen by Executive Chef Chris Meredith who developed his impressive culinary expertise working at a host of prestigious hotels and Michelin Starred restaurants.




The elegant and contemporary Losean Restaurant serves a globally inspired breakfast menu and a dinner menu which draws on Seychellois dishes inspired by the local area as well as those with Creole influences. Choose from indoor and outdoor tables with sweeping sea views where you can enjoy an array of the excellent local seafood alongside a wine list which features a choice of classic wines and a dessert menu of patisserie and cakes. Curieuse Restaurant meanwhile serves a selection of sushi and sashimi as well as a pan-Asian inspired fusion menu. When it comes to relaxation the resort is unsurpassable, and The Raffles Spa is the largest in the Seychelles featuring 13 treatment pavilions, an ocean view tea room, steam whirlpools, experience showers and outdoor lounges with soaking pools as well as a choice of beauty treatments on offer. Yoga and meditation can be enjoyed on the outdoor pavilions giving guests the chance to soak up the stunning views whilst exercising, followed by a relaxing massage. In terms of excursions there is plenty on offer to do in the



TRAVEL area and a trip to Mahé Island, home to the capital Victoria and a sightseeing trip to the mountain rainforests of Morne Seychellois National Park and the white sand beaches including Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka is a must. The Seychelles are home to rare wildlife such as giant Aldabra tortoises and sea turtles, so taking the time to organise an excursion to witness some of these amazing creatures is something not to be missed during the course of your stay. A visit to the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve is another trip which it is worthwhile to include on your holiday itinerary, where you can enjoy relaxing walks surrounded by Coco de Mer trees whilst spotting diverse wildlife and hearing about the area from the knowledgeable guides who are always on hand to tell you fascinating stories. For a truly rejuvenating holiday, Raffles Praslin is an out of this world experience, the island is an idyllic paradise and staying here gives guests the chance to switch off from the stress of everyday life and enjoy an unrivalled sense of escapism.


Ask the resort concierge about arranging a private chef for an unforgettable dining experience. Swim in the one of the two infinity pools at night to enjoy the starry skies above. Sip the Seychelles version of a Singapore Sling, the refreshing Praslin Sling, at the poolside bar Relax at Takamaka Terrace, the only shisha lounge in the Seychelles, to enjoy evening cocktails.

Raffles Praslin Seychelles Anse Takamaka, Baie Ste Anne, Seychelles






he desert city of Palm Springs is not necessarily the first choice of many when considering a holiday in California, but the charming area boasts many examples of stunning architecture, which along with the hot springs and the sunny climate make this a destination which is definitely worth visiting.




For old school glamour and echoes of the charm of a bygone era, the Avalon Palm Springs has plenty to offer and it makes the perfect choice for a relaxing getaway. The hotel is something of a hidden gem with plenty of character and a secluded feeling which makes it ideal for a romantic break. The four star boutique hotel has a stunning interior design aesthetic created by Kelly Wearstler, who designed a style and colour scheme which seeks to combine the best of classic and modern elements; think rooms with neutral tones paired with bright splashes of colour, comfortable armchairs and deluxe beds. The hotel lies nestled between the downtown Palm Springs area and the stunning backdrop of the San Jacinto Mountains, which means there are some marvellous views to be enjoyed. The Avalon group discovered the property back in 2003 and the accommodation consists of 67 sumptuous rooms and 13 villas with one or two bedrooms, which are equipped with every convenience. It is easy to imagine stars of the silver screen both past and present checking in to this resort to




enjoy seclusion and tranquillity, and indeed it is always a popular choice of hideaway for those looking for a sense of escapism. The hotel has three pools, a spa and restaurant as well as expansive grounds and it has long been regarded as a desirable place to stay, due to the winning combination of location and facilities. All of the accommodation is bright, spacious and airy with plenty of natural light flooding in. There are plenty of good restaurants to choose from in the area, and The Chi Chi Restaurant within the hotel serves a menu which fuses Latin style cuisine with modern Californian influences, serving dishes prepared using the best of locally sourced fresh produce. Diners can expect hearty fare such as empanadas, tacos and burgers served alongside all day breakfasts, a varied cocktail menu and a selection of juices created to give you everything from glowing skin to mental clarity.



Executive Chef Tara Lazar has developed a menu inspired by many of the dishes she encountered during her travels, which she has put her own spin on using the best ingredients to devise innovative dishes which give a nod to the South of the Border. The rooms and suites at The Avalon all come equipped with every amenity you could desire during your stay and the welcoming feeling makes you feel as though the hotel is a home away from home. Relaxing by the pool is the ideal way to unwind during your stay, with comfortable loungers to recline on beneath the shade of parasols. There are beautiful views to behold everywhere, with lush palm trees and colourful flowers creating a pretty ambience. Poolside dining is available from Chi Chi too, with the emphasis on a relaxed, grazing style of dining of light dishes which can be enjoyed throughout the day. The sprawling manicured gardens are full of picturesque fragrant flowers which create that classic Palm Springs

TRAVEL ambience which the area is so renowned for. This is the place to switch off your phone, soak up the sun and forget about your everyday cares. The peacefulness of the environment is complemented by the hotel’s Estrella Spa which offers a choice of treatments and therapies which are designed to relax mind, body and soul. The focus here is on treatments which concentrate on wellness rather than solely beauty, and the spa is a retreat which centres on relaxation, balance and harmony. For more active pastimes, the surrounding Coachella Valley is renowned for outdoor pursuits and stunning scenery, and there is plenty to choose from when it comes to activities such as hiking on some of the winding trails, horse-riding and cycling which are all available locally. EX CLU S IV E R E C O M M E N DAT I O N S

Ask the hotel concierge about booking a hot air balloon ride (available locally) which is a unique way to get a superb aerial view of the area.

Visit the Palm Springs Art Museum to soak up a little culture during your stay and enjoy collections of work by a mixture of western and contemporary artists. Book a walking tour with the Palm Springs Historical Society to take in the celebrity homes and mid-century architecture the area is famous for. For shopping enthusiasts, the Downtown and the Uptown Design District has a vast selection of stores selling artisan goods, fashion and antiques.

Avalon Palm Springs 415 S Belardo Rd Palm Springs CA 92262 United States






he 5 star Taj Maldives Exotica Resort and Spa is a dream destination, set in lush landscaped grounds on the private island of Emboodhu Finolhu, which is located just a 15 minute boat ride away from the capital MalĂŠ. The Maldives is renowned for its tranquillity and a sense of wilderness abounds as soon as you arrive at the picturesque resort.



TRAVEL The luxurious location makes an ideal place for a romantic getaway, a honeymoon or simply for the holiday of a lifetime. This is a truly stunning escape, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives. The horseshoe shaped resort comprises 64 private villas which overlook the azure waters, each of which come with their own plunge pool and a relaxing and contemporary neutral colour scheme. The white sand beaches are the perfect place to relax with a good book and soak up the sun, before enjoying a bite to eat in one of the many dining options available. The 24 Degrees serves food all day with menus which draw their influences from a Pan Asian and European style of dining. Teppanyaki is available with a selection of seafood, meats and vegetable dishes which cater to all tastes. The Deep End is the more upscale and fine dining choice at the resort, where the team of talented chefs create beautifully plated modern European food which fuses the best of Mediterranean flavours. Ingredients are carefully sourced with a preference for local provenance and sustainable produce. The resort’s Jiva Grande Spa is an authentic Indian style spa which offers an expansive range of beauty and wellness treatments designed to rebalance mind, body and soul.




Aromatherapy massages, yoga, meditation and traditional bathing rituals are sure to leave you feeling completely rejuvenated. For those who prefer slightly more active pursuits, the resort has an extensive range of water sports on offer such as water skiing, banana boat rides, windsurfing, snorkelling and diving. It is even possible to get up close and personal with some of the sea life during the course of your stay, with shark and stingray feeding available as an excursion. Another must during your stay is to visit the National Museum located in Sultan Park MalĂŠ which showcases the fascinating history, culture and society of the island with displays of historical artefacts. Check the opening times before your visit to avoid disappointment however, as they vary dependent upon the season! If you are looking for the type of holiday where you can retreat completely from the world, Taj Exotica is just the place and there is even personal butler service on offer to



TRAVEL make every part of your stay stress free. Your butler can arrange everything from breakfast on your villa terrace to tailor made excursions and romantic private dinners. Every element of your stay can be created to your preference and it is easy to see why this magical paradise is an award winning resort. For an unforgettable holiday experience this is an ideal choice, a true haven in every sense of the word. The privacy and seclusion is second to none and the facilities are such that everything you need is available within the resort. Taj Exotica is often ranked as one of the best resorts in the world, and you simply will not want to leave this oasis of calm.


Ask the concierge about arranging a private dining champagne breakfast for a truly memorable experience. A private sunset cruise is a must for an unforgettable romantic experience. Try the local Maldivian cuisine during your stay which centres on excellent seafood, curries and delicious fresh coconut. Visit The Equator Bar at the resort for music and a lively atmosphere where you can enjoy a superb wine list, cocktails, cigars and shishas. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives P.O. Box 2117 South MalĂŠ Atoll Republic of Maldives




Fairmont Miramar SA N TA M O NIC A B Y PAU L K N O W LES Situated just 8 miles from LAX, Santa Monica is the beachfront destination where you can truly wash away your cares and relax. The area is famous for its easy going vibes and life centres on the beach where even a simple walk is a pleasure. With sweeping views of the glittering Pacific Ocean, palm trees and blue skies there is no better place to spend a relaxing stay in Santa Monica than the luxurious




Fairmont Miramar. The ten storey tower hotel was established in 1921 and it boasts a selection of rooms and suites equipped with every amenity you could possibly need including Wi-Fi, flat screens, and coffee makers. Upgraded rooms also feature balconies or patios, affording guests beautiful panoramas. The restaurant and heated outdoor pool make the Fairmont Miramar the perfect holiday destination where everything you need is on hand and the sun shines throughout most of the year if you want to top up your tan whilst relaxing poolside. The Exhale Mind Body Spa offers a range of relaxing therapies such as massages, whirlpool baths, and restorative treatments. The spa menu is designed around the principles of ancient and contemporary therapies combined and the glow body scrub and Hammam detox therapy are the perfect treatments to get your body beach ready during your stay! The most intriguing aspect of this resort is the option of bungalow accommodation, giving you the chance to enjoy your stay in total seclusion and privacy whilst still taking




advantage of the hotel facilities and central location. The 32 garden bungalows are designed to feel like a home away from home, with a sense of comfort and classic style as well as a private patio. The jewel in the crown of these opulent bungalows is Bungalow One, which was recently renovated by Robb Report Home & Style. The elegant 2500 sq.ft bungalow has a mid-century yet modern aesthetic, with three bedrooms and the feeling of a relaxing retreat where you can truly unwind. The space is light and airy and the colour scheme is neutral with local vintage artwork adorning the walls, soft lighting and a selection of organic textures which convey the ‘surf modern’ ambience created by Los Angeles based Interior Designer Michael Berman who drew inspiration from the beach and the relaxed local vibe to create an easy breezy seaside feel. Bungalow One manages to be plush yet laid back, stylish yet understated, in short everything you would want from holiday accommodation just a short walk from the beach. No element of comfort is overlooked in Bungalow One, with Scandia Linen and 100% Egyptian cotton bedding as well as Michael Berman



TRAVEL custom designed furniture throughout, a La Cava Tub in the wet room and Molton Brown products in the bathrooms. Samsung Smart TV’s are fitted throughout the bungalow and there is a Keurig Coffee Maker and True Beverage Center to provide refreshments. Venturing out in the local area, the beach is of course the first destination to head for during your holiday, with stunning views, a selection of water sports available and plenty of beachside restaurants for a spot of lunch overlooking the sea. The shopping in the area is renowned for an eclectic mix of art shops, homeware stores, small fashion boutiques and famous brands within the locale. Santa Monica Place is the area to visit for designer labels, with renowned fashion houses situated in the downtown area and of course no trip to Santa Monica is complete without paying a visit to Fred Segal which plays host to a range of emerging labels and designers.

After a long day of shopping, you can retire back to the secluded patio of Bungalow One which overlooks Miramar Gardens and this is the ideal place for a pre-dinner cocktail before heading to the hotel’s FIG Restaurant which has a casual dining style and serves a menu developed around the use of locally sourced organic produce selected from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. FIG serves everything from breakfast to dinner and having brunch there is a fun way to start a relaxed day, with a menu including eggs benedict, waffles, sandwiches, salads and burritos. In the evening, the menu centres on sophisticated and contemporary dishes including steamed Manilla clams, Baja seabass and prime rib eye steak with butternut squash and salsa verde. The Fairmont Miramar Bungalows is an impressive resort which has so much to offer and staying in one of the private bungalows is an unforgettable experience. Bungalow One is the ideal choice for a holiday of total relaxation and indulgence, with no attention to detail spared and an attractive beachside design style which makes you feel as though you do not want to leave.


The traditional Lloyd’s Barbershop within the resort offers male grooming with a complimentary drink of Bourbon, Cognac, or Scotch. The Vilebrequin store at the Fairmont Miramar sells a selection of swimwear and resort wear, should you have forgotten to pack anything! Dine at Valentino Santa Monica on Pico Boulevard for delicious Italian food in a stylish setting. Visit the Santa Monica pier for a traditional seaside experience, including restaurants, shops and amusement park.

Fairmont Miramar 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401, United States




Guid e to the Best Spas B Y B E N E D WAR D S


f you love nothing more than relaxing in luxurious pools, getting a massage or just escaping the hustle and bustle of day to day life, then check out this list to discover your new favourite spa.

Taking time for yourself to unwind is vitally important in maintaining mental and physical health. Luckily, Merseyside and Cheshire, characterised by dramatic landscapes and



SPA GUIDE diverse cities, now boasts some of the best spas and retreats in the country. Here’s some of our top picks in no particular order: MAYA BLUE WELLNESS @ THE TITANIC HOTEL, LIVERPOOL

luxury spa offers the perfect combination of beautiful surroundings and extensive award-winning spa facilities. Their team of highly trained therapists offer a variety of treatments including facials, body treatments, and beauty treatments. Facilities include a 20-meter indoor pool, outdoor hydro pools, a thermal zone, and mud therapy suite to name a few. EFOREA SPA AT DOUBLETREE, LIVERPOOL

Tucked away in the underground of Stanley Dock, Maya Blue Wellness is a subterranean sanctuary. Guests can unwind in the hydrotherapy pool or indulge in a range of signature treatments in one of their 10 treatment rooms. This site offers a unique thermal suite, luxury foot baths and health centre. Don’t forget to check out the relaxation area, bean bag area and tea garden after you’re done pampering yourself.

A state-of-the-art spa offering all the luxury features, treatments and facilities that you would expect from this breath-taking hotel. Eforea boasts a world-class relaxation experience. Extensive and indulgent treatments such as facials, massages, wraps and exfoliation are on offer. Visitors can unwind in the aroma steam room, sauna, whirlpool or hydrotherapy pool. CARNATIC SPA, LIVERPOOL


At Thornton Hall you will find the perfect place to relax, indulge and escape from the stresses of everyday life. The

The recently refurbished Carnatic Spa is the perfect place to enjoy some peace and quiet. Guests can recharge in the infrared sauna, warm up in the hot tub or take a dip in the pool which is covered by a retractable roof. They also offer many treatments including massages and facials, plus beauty treatments in the onsite salon.




simply cosy up in the grand relaxation suite, this place has got it all. The award-winning Formby Hall Spa is perfect for relaxing SPA @ RADISSON BLU, LIVERPOOL breaks, weekend getaways or day treatments. Expect steam rooms, ice fountain and experience showers, heated relaxation beds. Some of the more unique features include Himalayan Salt Sauce, Essence Infused Laconium Cabin and much more. THE CLUB & SPA, CHESTER

Situated in the heart of Liverpool, Radisson Blu is a modern four-star hotel. The in-house spa boasts a wide range of beauty treatments including massages, make-up application, waxing and nail care. Guests can chill out in the whirlpool, pool, steam room and sauna. RAINHILL HALL, LIVERPOOL Located in the stunning grounds of the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Chester. This industry leading spa offers a wide range of facilities including a hydrotherapy pool and outdoor thermal pool with an invigorating waterfall. Their relaxation areas bring together fire, earth, water and air to help you reach a state of total harmony. THE SPA @ SUITES HOTEL, KNOWSLEY Luxury and tranquillity go hand in hand at this beautifully designed and spacious spa. Modern design and carefully curated treatments make for a truly unique experience and the perfect place fo those long overdue catch ups. Whether you wish to indulge in their wide range of luxury treatments, experience the colourful heat and ice journey or



Part of the Signature Living family, Rainhill Hall is a Grade II listed country house nestled in the scenic suburbs of Merseyside. At the breath-taking retreat, guests can enjoy

SPA GUIDE a magical break inside the hall or stay in one of the rustic woodland cabins. The site offers a wide range of spa facilities to relax and unwind.

sq ft hydrotherapy pool ideal for relaxing and washing your troubles away. THE PORTLAND HALL SPA, SOUTHPORT


Located in a refurbished Victorian stable coach house, Chill Out is designed to stimulate all the senses. Subtle use of ambient mood lighting, aromatic scents, relaxing music and of course, the finest treatments and therapies are available. Visitors can unwind in the inviting Lagoon Hot Tub or their renowned Tranquility Lounge. MORGAN’S SPA @ 30 JAMES STREET, LIVERPOOL

The Portland Hall Spa is an award-winning Moroccan day spa offering a range of therapeutic treatments. Their highly trained PAYOT therapists offer the very best in face and body treatments for your health and wellness. To ensure true relaxation, it offers private and exclusive use of the candlelit spa pool, soft tub in the Moroccan Suite or the Exotic Mud Rasul. In addition, the Lounge, Bar and Restaurant provide a cosy space to rejuvenate and relax in between or after treatments. ROYAL CLIFTON HOTEL & SPA, SOUTHPORT

A soothing and tranquil space, Morgan’s Spa is located within the stunning 30 James Street Hotel. The site has a team of talented and fully certified body and skin care specialists. Treatments range from couple’s massages to rejuvenating body wraps as well as offering a wide range of beauty treatments and facials. As well as private treatment rooms, sauna and a bar, Morgan’s also features a ‘spa pool’ which is an incredible 40

This seafront Best Western hotel boasts superb health club and spa facilities with a wide range of beauty and health treatments. Guests can enjoy the likes of the indoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, solarium and Turkish bath to name a few.




modern-day sanctuary. A place to escape to for minutes or hours to relax, rejuvenate, re-energise and feel better equipped to deal with the stresses and strains of modern life. GLOSS @ TOTAL FITNESS, AINTREE


The city’s first float centre, Float Planet’s mission is to create the best environment to help reduce stress, recover quicker and live happier. Floatation therapy is a simple way to achieve profound relaxation, meditation & wellness. It involves lying effortlessly on your back in a specially designed floatation tank. You float in 10 inches of water with over 1000lb of Epsom salt dissolved into it. It promotes general wellbeing, good mental health and physical benefits.

Relax at Total Fitness Gym in Aintree with Gloss. Guests can enjoy access to the steam room, sauna, hot tub and pool, followed by a wide range of treatments such as massages, facials, wash and blow-dry, manicures and much more!



With over 13 years of Spa industry knowledge & experience, The North Spa offers a comprehensive range of treatments and therapies in a friendly, relaxing & professional environment. Perfect for a relaxing spa day, the site offers soothing Aromatherapy massage, luxury facials, beauty treatments and more. The North Spa describes itself as a

This 17th Century Manor House is just a short drive from Chester city centre and has undergone an impressive multimillion-pound refurbishment. The Spa at Crabwall Manor offers an 18-meter heated indoor pool, sauna, steam room, massage showers and a whirlpool. In addition, guests have use of the well-equipped gym, aerobics studio and


SPA GUIDE treatment rooms offering a range of spa treatments including aromatherapy massage, facials and hand and feet treatments.



This beautiful Victorian hotel situated on the banks of the Mere offers award-winning spa and health club facilities, perfect for anyone looking to pamper themselves. Located in the idyllic Cheshire countryside, Mottram Hall offers the perfect place to unwind. The award-winning spa features state-of-the-art facilities; including an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. Sink into a cosy day bed or snuggle down in one of the candlelit treatments and relaxation rooms and let their world-class therapists sweep you off your feet.

The spa has been praised for its wide range of imaginative treatments, gorgeous views, friendly staff and great food options. If purifying facials, skincare rituals, deeply relaxing massages and body treatments are your thing, then this is the place for you. HALE COUNTRY CLUB AND SPA, CHESHIRE


Surrounded by 27 acres of beautiful woodland and gardens, this hotel is the perfect place for anyone looking to escape for a few days to focus on relaxing. Whether it’s hot stone massages, holistic therapies, workouts or soothing herbal tea, this place has it all. The hotel also has a state-of-the-art thermal suite, which includes experience showers, a sauna, a steam room, 11 luxury treatment rooms and a gym. What more could you want?

This chic club and spa offer a great selection of facilities and an excellent treatment menu for guests. Expect thermal suites with hemlock wood sauna, a salt cave, zen steam rooms, and a fire and ice room. Take a dip and relax in the main indoor pool, then drift outside to the outdoor wellness pool overlooking gorgeous gardens and Cheshire countryside. When you’re done, make sure to head over to their elegant champagne lounge to perfectly round off your day of pampering.




Lo cal Gym Directory B Y J O R D F LEET

C 100


heck out our comprehensive list of Gyms, Fitness Centres, Studios and Clubs.


ABS Liverpool

Dedicated Fitness XL

ABS Liverpool City Centre 0151 363 2356 City Centre Lower Ground Floor Silkhouse Court Tithebarn Street Liverpool L2 2QW

Dedicated Fitness XL 0151 721 0111 9A Huyton Business Park Huyton Liverpool L36 6BP Open 24/7 From £22.99 per month

ABS South Liverpool

PureGym Aintree

ABS South Liverpool 0151 363 2356 Churchill House Gaskill Road Speke L24 9PF

Pure Gym Aintree 0345 013 3402 Grand National Avenue Ormskirk Road Liverpool L9 5BD Open 24 hours 7 days From £11.99 per month




PureGym Bidston Moss

PureGym Liverpool Central

Pure Gym Bidston Moss 0344 477 0005 9 Bidston Moss Wallasey CH44 2HE Open 24 hours 7 days From £14.99 per month

Pure Gym Liverpool Central 0345 013 3497 Lewis’s 40 Ranelagh Street Liverpool L1 1QE Open 24 hours 7 days From £12.99 per month

PureGym Liverpool Brunswick

Pure Gym Liverpool Brunswick 0345 013 3547 Sefton Street Liverpool L8 5SN Open 24 hours 7 days From £12.99 per month



Harbour Health & Fitness Club

Harbour Health Fitness Club 0151 243 8243 Crowne Plaza Hotel 2 St Nicholas Pl Liverpool L3 1QW Open 5.30am – 10.00pm


Dedicated Fitness XL

Dedicated Fitness XL

Merseyside Gym Index

Bujinkan Liverpool Oni Ko Dojo Jubilee Dr, Liverpool L7 8SJ

24/7 Fitness Gym 55 Welton Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH62 3PN

China Spirit UK 150 Birkenhead Rd, Wallasey CH44 7JN

24/7 Fitness, Liverpool Gym Speke Rd, Garston, Liverpool L19 2NZ

City Performance Training 435 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 3JL Coliseum Training 39 Strand St, Liverpool L1 3BH

3D Liverpool 3D Hatton Garden, Liverpool L3 2FE

Crossfit Northumberland Terrace, Liverpool L5 3QG

Aspire Combat Sports Academy 818 Queens Dr, Liverpool L13 4BT

CrossFit River Mersey Wareing Rd, Liverpool L9 7AU

A.L Pole Fitness Prescot Rd, Liverpool L13 3AF

CrossFit, Birkenhead 86, Argyle Street Industrial Estate, Appin Rd, Birkenhead CH41 9HH

Abs Gym Tithebarn St, Liverpool L2 2DT

Croxteth Sports Centre Altcross Rd, Liverpool L11 0BS

Activity for All Bootle Stadium, Maguire Avenue, Bootle L20 9PQ

David Lloyd Liverpool Knowsley Arbour Ln, Liverpool L33 7ET

Airborn Academy 3, Liverpool Film Studios, 105 Boundary St, Liverpool L5 9YJ Anfield Sports & Community Centre 132 Lower Breck Rd, Liverpool L6 0AG Anytime Fitness 182 Allerton Rd, Liverpool L18 5HU Anytime Fitness Liverpool 182 Allerton Rd, Liverpool L18 5HU Anytime Fitness Maghull 38-42 Westway, Maghull, Liverpool L31 0AE Ashtanga Yoga Liverpool 39 Rodney St, Liverpool L1 9EN Aspire Combat Sports Academy 818 Queens Dr, Liverpool L13 4BT

David Lloyd Liverpool Speke The Aerodrome, 6, Speke, Liverpool L24 8QD Dedicated Fitness Ltd 9A Link at Huyton Business Park Huyton,, Liverpool L36 6BP Diverse Health & Fitness Station House, Otterspool Rd, Liverpool L17 5AN DW Fitness Club Triumph Way, Liverpool L24 9GQ DW Fitness First Bromborough Croft Retail Park, 23 Welton Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH62 3PN Eagle Ju-jitsu Titans Gym, 3-5 Thomas Street, Birkenhead CH41 5DD

Big You Little You 392 Aigburth Rd, Liverpool L19 3QD

Elite Physique Hilton Hotel, Thomas Steers Way, Liverpool L1 8LW

BodyTorque Gym Wilson Business Centre, Wilson Rd, Liverpool L36 6AN

ES Lifestyle / ES Fitness Studio, Unit, 4 Diary Business Park, Long Lane, Liverpool L9 7BD

Bollyfitness 2 The Hollies, Liverpool L25 7AQ

Europa Pools Leisure Centre Conway St, Birkenhead CH41 6RN

Budokan MMA 3 Wellington Rd, Liverpool L15 4JN




Taylor’s strength gym Everlast Fitness Clubs Aintree 101 Ormskirk Rd, Liverpool L9 5AE

Harbour Health & Fitness Club – Crowne Plaza, 2 St Nicholas Pl, Liverpool L3 1QW

Everlast Fitness Clubs Formby 109-111 Liverpool Rd, Formby, Liverpool L37 6BR

Hardcore Gym Aintree Liverpool L9 7BD

Exercise Your Health 98-100 Allerton Rd, Liverpool L18 2DG F3k Gym Liverpool L15 2HD Fitness 3000 Liverpool L15 2HD Fitness First 12 Dinsdale Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH62 3QP

HC:FIT NinjaTraining Upper Floor, 1 Birchall St, Liverpool L20 8FD Hearts Ladies Health Club 5-11 Little Crosby Rd, Great Crosby, Liverpool L23 2TE Hot Fit Gym Ltd The Oldy Club, Ormskirk Rd, Bootle L30 8RA

FitPower 41A Storrsdale Rd, Liverpool L18 7JY

Hybrid Fit Personal Training Studio 3a Bridgewater St, Liverpool L1 0AR

Foreverfit Personal Training Studio 456 Warrington Rd, Rainhill, Prescot L35 9JE

JD Gyms Liverpool Innovation Park, Edge Ln, Liverpool L7 9NJ

Future Fitness 33-35 Longmoor Ln, Liverpool L9 0EA

JD Gyms 14 Dale St, Liverpool L2 4TH

Gemini Boxing 1 Marton Cl, Speke, Liverpool L24 0TB

JD Gyms Aintree Switch Island Leisure Park, Dunnings Bridge Rd, Liverpool, Bootle L30 6TQ

Gill’s Health & Fitness Merebank Court, Greenbank Ln, Liverpool L17 1AE GJ Fitness 15 Lancelyn Ct, Birkenhead, Bebington, Wirral CH63 9JP Gym 21 Ltd Liverpool L7 0EY

Jubilee Sports Bank Jubilee Dr, Liverpool L7 8SJ Kaobon Alfred St, Liverpool L15 2JJ Kensington Community Sports Centre, Jubilee Drive, Liverpool L7 8SJ

Gym Monkeys 3, Newton Ct, Liverpool L13 1EJ Gym Reb3l The Matchworks, 23, Speke Rd, Liverpool L19 2RF

Kerry’s Fitness Studio 253 Woolton Rd, Liverpool L16 8NA

Gymophobics Liverpool (Maghull) 102 Liverpool Rd S, Liverpool L31 7AG

Kuk Sool Won Of Liverpool 75 Long Ln, Liverpool L9 7BN

Halewood Leisure Centre Baileys Ln, Halewood, Liverpool, Knowsley L26 0TY Happiness Hot Yoga 2 Church Rd, Liverpool L15 9EG Happiness Hot Yoga Gladstone House, 11 Union Ct, Liverpool L15 9EG


Village hotel gym / Wirral


Kirkby Leisure Centre 105 Cherryfield Dr, Liverpool L32 8SA Lifestyle Fitness Bootle Balliol Rd, Liverpool, Bootle L20 7EW Lifestyles – Millennium House, 60 Victoria St, Liverpool L1 6JH Lifestyles 40 Altcross Rd, Liverpool L11 0BS Lifestyles Ellergreen Ellergreen Rd, Liverpool L11 2XY


The Gym Group, Liverpool ONE

JD GYM Dale street

Lifestyles Walton Walton Hall Park, Liverpool L4 9XP

Perform Gym, Hunts Cross 20 Edward’s Ln, Liverpool L24 9HW

Liverpool Aquatics Centre Wavertree Sports Park, Wellington Rd, Liverpool L15 4LE

Peter Lloyd Leisure Centre Bankfield Rd, Liverpool L13 0BQ

Liverpool Boot Camps 142 Speke Rd, Garston, Liverpool L19 2PH

Phoenix Fitness Prescot Rd, Liverpool L13 3AS

Lifestyles Park Road Steble St, Liverpool L8 6QH

Liverpool Chinese Martial Arts 48C Nelson St, Liverpool L1 5DN Liverpool North Taekwondo Tennis Centre, Crescent Road, Walton, Liverpool L9 2AR

Physiolates – Liverpool Pilates 88 Rodney St, Liverpool L1 9AR Pioneer Fitness E7, Kingfisher Business Park, Hawthorne Rd, Bootle L20 6PF Planet Yoga 435 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 3JL

Liverpool Tennis Centre Wavertree Sports Park, Wellington Rd, Liverpool L15 4LE

Power and Fitness Gym 67 Kempston St, Liverpool L3 8HE

Liverpool Yoga Centre 37 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9EA

Primal Fitness and Nutrition 818 Queens Dr, Liverpool L13 4BT

Lskc Liverpool 118 Ash Grove, Liverpool L15 1ET Masda Gym Liverpool 97 Boaler St, Liverpool L6 9DF MSA Liverpool 108 Bridge Rd, Litherland, Bootle, Liverpool L21 6PH Muay Thai Boxing In Liverpool 37 Great Howard St, Liverpool L3 7AN Mushin Combat Academy 2 Utting Ave E, Liverpool L11 1DQ No Limits Strength & Conditioning Centre 2 New Bird St, Liverpool L1 0NB North West Pilates & Yoga Centre 1 Riverside Dr, Liverpool L3 4EN Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym – 1 Riverside Dr, Liverpool L3 4EN Olympic Fitness Coach Cetl Gym Henry Cotton Campus, 15-21 Wester Street, Liverpool L3 2ET Paradigm Martial Arts Centre 100 Sefton Ln, Maghull, Liverpool L31 8BT

Project Me Fitness Unit 62, Compass Industrial Park, Liverpool L24 1YA Pulse Performing Arts Unit 5c The Dairy Business Park, Long Ln, Liverpool L9 7BD PureGym Aintree Grand National Avenue, Ormskirk Rd, Liverpool L9 5BD PureGym Bidston Moss 9 Bidston Moss, Wallasey CH44 2HE PureGym Liverpool Brunswick, Sefton St, Liverpool L8 5SN PureGym Liverpool Central Lewis’s, 40 Ranelagh St, Liverpool L1 1QE Raise The Bar Unit 37 Compass West Industrial Park, Spindus Rd, Speke, Liverpool L24 1YA Red Triangle SKC 57/61 Everton Rd, Liverpool L6 2EH Revive Hot Yoga 2B Trinity St, Birkenhead CH41 4EZ Rotunda Gym 104 Lambeth Rd, Liverpool L4 1SH




24/7 fitness, Speke Rydal Gym 384 Stanley Rd, Liverpool L20 2AG Salisbury Amateur Boxing Club 11A Salisbury St, Liverpool L3 8DR Samma 7 Pleasant Hill St, Liverpool L8 5SL Sky’s The Limit Boot Camp 7 Victoria St, Liverpool L2 5QA Sports Direct Fitness Liverpool 88 Rose Ln, Liverpool L18 8AG Steel Habitat 154 Sandy Rd, Seaforth, Liverpool L21 1AQ Steel Habitat Unit 1, Parliament Business Centre, Commerce Way, Liverpool L8 7BL Taylor’s Strength Training 3-5 Trueman St, Liverpool L3 2BA

Total Fitness Aintree Off Switch Island, Northern Perimeter Rd, Bootle L30 7PT Toxteth Fire Fit Hub 115 Upper Warwick St, Toxteth, Liverpool L8 8HD Training Station 2, 3, Alfred St, Liverpool L15 2JJ Tuebrook Amature Boxing Club 1a Marlborough Rd, Liverpool L13 8AU Two Brothers Muay Thai Unit 7, Brunswick Industrial Park, Summers Rd, Liverpoo L3 4BLl Village Gym Liverpool Fallows Way, Whiston, Prescot L35 1RZ Village Gym Wirral Pool Ln, Birkenhead, Wirral CH62 4UE

The Climbing Hangar 6 Birchall St, Liverpool L20 8PD

Volair The Withens, Stockbridge Village, Liverpool L28 1AB

The Fitness Connection 83 Seaforth Rd, Bootle, Liverpool L21 3TY

Walton A.B.C Unity 4 Building, 15 Heathcote Rd, Liverpool L4 6XB

The Fitness Hangar Heysham Rd, Heysham, Bootle L30 6UZ

Walton Hall Park Outdoor GymWalton Hall Ave, Liverpool L4 9XP

The Gym Group 18/20, Clayton Square Shopping Centre, Great Charlotte St, Liverpool L1

Waterloo Judo Club 21 Bath St, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 5NZ

The Gym Liverpool Great Homer Street – 1A Great Homer St, Liverpool L5 5PH

Workout Liverpool 9 Dunnings Bridge Rd, Liverpool, Bootle L30 6UU

The Gym Liverpool One One Park West, 39 Strand St, Liverpool L1 8LT

Xercise4Less – Belle Vale Shopping Centre, Childwall Valley Rd, Liverpool L25 2RF

The Lab Fat Loss And Fitness Studio 12-14 Stanley St, Liverpool L1 6AF

Xercise4Less D-F, Capital House Hunts Cross Shopping Park, Speke Hall Road, Liverpool L24 9GB

The Momentum Leisure Club 211 London Rd, Liverpool L3 8JD

Yin Yan No.51, 3 St Paul’s Square, Liverpool L3 9RY

The Yoga Hub Liverpool – Hot Yoga 21 Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9BS Titans Gym 3 Thomas St, Birkenhead CH41 5DD


Bodytech gym


White Wolf Yoga 14 Cook St, Liverpool L2 9QU

Yoga for the People 16 Childwall Parade, Childwall Lane Huyton, Liverpool L14 6TT Your Yoga Studio 63 Wood St, Liverpool L1 4AL


Merseyside s Most Popular Male Bo dybuilders B Y J O R D F LEET


odybuilders have the most dedication we have seen putting their bodies through incredible pressure and strain to achieve maximum results.

We researched male bodybuilders ranging from amateur to professionals with different styles and physiques. We wanted to highlight some of the best local Male Bodybuilders in Merseyside. The following list is in no particular order.




Ben Stansfield

Craig Morton

Ben Stansfield Ben is a young aspiring bodybuilder eager to learn as much a possible to help apply his knowledge long term to the industry. Previously graduated in Sports science from Liverpool John Moores University, Ben is currently studying a masters degree in Exercise Physiology. With a desire to enhance his knowledge further in training and the mindset, Ben incorporates this into his own style of training to ensure the correct tension is being applied daily. In addition to this, Ben applies his nutrition knowledge very carefully to help adjust his calorific intake based off what his short/longterm goals are. This is a very important feature for bodybuilding as consistency is very key. Ben trains in a variety of gyms across the country, allowing him to experience different equipment, environments and atmospheres. This is a fantastic alternative to limiting yourself to one gym that may only feature basic styles of equipment. Ben believes in applying adequate stress in every session, which enables the body to adapt whether that is a certain weight on a bar or style of training. A perfect feature to keep the body guessing from different angle variations on muscle groups. If you are eager to learn more from Ben and how the body works from an exercise physiology point of view, we highly recommend checking Bens social media platform out below. B.stan97

Craig Morton Craig is a committed bodybuilder who trains out of Body Tech Fitness on the Wirral. A fantastic facility for many bodybuilders who want access to high quality equipment for their training needs. Craig has competed at a high level of bodybuilding in many federations which has helped develop his career from a bodybuilding perspective. A consistent trainer in the gym and out, with a plan to be a successful bodybuilder in the near future. In addition to this, Craig helps apply his knowledge to many gym enthusiasts looking for guidance and advice. A brilliant attribute to have by helping many around him develop their own physique and knowledge. Craig has developed a very well rounded physique from many years of consistent training. From his social media platform he has performed many heavy lifts, delivered daily motivational quotes and lifestyle updates. An ambition to keep growing in all the right areas, it is exciting to see how Craig will develop over the next couple of years, with the right people and team around him. An advocate for staying



BODYBUILDING in good shape all year round whilst applying lean muscle tissue on his bodybuilding journey. We highly recommend checking Craig’s social media platform out below for daily motivation and videos. Craigmortonfitness Bodytechgym

Jonny Mckenna

has helped Jonny develop his physique with the correct people around him. He aims to compete very soon in a bodybuilding competition, whilst currently maintaining very good shape prior to the start of the dieting phase. Jonny provides motivation and inspiration to all trainers around him looking to exceed in certain lifts or develop themselves physically and mentally. Heres a link to Jonny’s social media platform below if you are wanting to check out some of Jonny’s lifts and seeking inspiration. Dedicatedfitnessgymxl

Matt Shippen

Jonny Mckenna Jonny excels out of Dedicated Fitness XL where he combines his training and knowledge to ensure his performances don’t go unnoticed. A fantastic facility providing all Watson Strength Equipment of the highest standard. A heavy lifting bodybuilder who delivers incredible lifts on squats, deadlifts and bench press in the gym. This has developed Jonny as a person, but also his career has benefited a lot from bodybuilding due to his work ethic. Jonny is also sponsored by a supplement company called Protein Bargain that provide him with his monthly supplements to help aid in recovery and muscle growth. Jonny not only trains at high intensity but also in a controlled manor ensuring adequate stress is applied in every session from various forms of training. With a hard-working community in Dedicated Fitness XL, this



Matt Shippen

Matt trains out of Dedicated Fitness XL and is renowned as a very hard trainer within the gym and local area. As a gym athlete for Dedicated Fitness XL, Matt utilises his training methods for video content helping individuals develop their own personal training. Incorporating his knowledge on strength & conditioning into his training regime, Matt

BODYBUILDING has developed a unique style of training in relation to hypertrophy work and tension on the muscle groups. Matt is a sponsored athlete for Applied Nutrition, a popular sports supplement company based in Liverpool, delivering high quality products at a brilliant price. A very big figure in and out of gym, Matt provides consistent content on his own social media from training videos to dietary advice. This caters to many individuals wanting to reach their own desirable goals. Year round, Matt stays in very lean condition allowing him to utilise his calories more efficiently on daily consumption. Combining both knowledge and presence, Matt strives to encourage others around him by helping develop techniques, assisting in weight training and daily guidance within the gym. A brilliant asset to bodybuilding and the industry, we highly recommend checking out Matt’s social media below for daily motivation. Matt_shippen Dedicatedfitnessgymxl Supplement sponsors –

Nathan De Asha Nathan is a professional IFBB bodybuilder who competes in major competitions such as The Olympia. Nathan has developed over the years a fantastic balanced physique through hard work and determination. He has built a unique gym facility called The Prophecy Performance Centre which is situated in Liverpool. This high quality gym caters to many bodybuilding enthusiasts across the country both locally and nationally. With more people wanting to try out the brilliant facility which features Arsenal Strength Equipment. These are equipment leading specialists that have created many types of machinery suited to advanced trainers. In addition to this, Nathan trains with a high intensity all year around ensuring he is in top condition prior to bodybuilding competitions. A big bodybuilding figure in his home city of Liverpool, Nathan Provides his knowledge and experience over the years of training and competing, to help give back to the community. A presence and style of training can help inspire many individuals looking to increase muscle tissue, lose weight or just increase general fitness. Nathan delivers this daily from his social media platforms which have a very popular following, with many taking up bodybuilding and fitness due to his achievements and consistency. We have big hopes for Nathan in the near future to achieve the Mr

Nathan De Asha Olympia title. We highly recommend checking out Nathans profile below for daily motivation, tips and training videos. Nathandeasha Prophecyperformancecentre

Sam Gelling Sam is a very hardworking bodybuilder with the desire to achieve on the the bodybuilding stage. Having competed in many federations and categories in bodybuilding, Sam has had the experience to compete at a competitive level. In addition to that, Sam trains at Body Tech Gym on the Wirral which he believes has everything a bodybuilder needs to grow. Sam has spent the last couple of years working on bringing the best possible physique to the bodybuilding stage, year on year Sam has contributed to muscle growth in all the right areas allowing him to really fill out and perfect his physique. Consistent content is posted daily on his social media account,




Sam Gelling updating his followers on his current physique and training regime. A fantastic feature for both himself and followers for them to stay up to date and also learn from the varied content uploaded. Whilst in the process of growing, Sam has been involved in some heavy lifts which is exciting to see as to how hard there body can be pushed on restricted calories. We highly recommend checking out Sams social media platform below and staying up to date with daily content. Samgellopt Bodytechgym

Sam Johnson An up and coming aspiring bodybuilder, Sam has the training intensity, knowledge and commitment to achieve as a successful bodybuilder. Training out of Body Tech Gym on the Wirral, Sam schedules his training very well to help alongside other commitments. Seeking inspiration from professional bodybuilders, Sam has increased his understanding of training over the years and now implements this into his working routine which fits very well for himself. Sam is in the process of fine tuning his physique to compete this year. With the correct guidance and procedures in place, he plans to enter his first bodybuilding competition with high hopes of succeeding. Sam is a very friendly face down in



Sam Johnson his home gym, helping people fine tune their own training if they are in need. Providing that professional care is a fantastic attribute to have. Sam is looking to share with his followers daily video content in the near future to share with people his own individual journey as he leads into his bodybuilding competition in months to come. To stay up to date with Sam’s journey, check out his social media account below. Samjohnson202


Tyler Cooke Tyler is a renowned bodybuilder from merseyside with high expectations to achieve a great status in the bodybuilding industry. With years of hard work and determination to sculpture a fantastic physique, Tyler has experienced what it takes to train at a high intensity whilst being very disciplined in the process. He provides daily content on his social media platform outlining key information in the industry at present, furthermore discussing with his followers training tips and dietary advice. With a successful Instagram following, many fitness enthusiasts look up to Tyler from an idol perspective.


Tyler Cooke Training in a variety of different gyms across merseyside for the last couple of years. Tyler has not long opened his own gym recently, this is called Elite Strength and Performance. A brilliant facility catering to just 100 members with high quality Arsenal Strength equipment. Having access to this equipment ensures members of the gym, experience how different variations of equipment can impact their training in a positive manor. For any future advice or guidance from Tyler, we highly recommend checking out his social media platform below. In addition to that, check out his brand new gym. Tylercookezilla Elitestrperf

Karl Fleming Karl provides a level of experience when it comes to training and what works best for him. In recent years, working himself up to 21 stone in bodyweight, training twice a day,

Karl Fleming 6 days a week. Karl has developed a very well balanced physique over the years of training, which has benefited him physically and mentally. In addition to that, providing daily content to help motivate many who follow him. Karl trains regularly out of Merseyside’s top rated gyms that vary from, Pure Gym Brunswick, Dedicated Fitness XL Gym and Body-Tech Gym. This has aided in Karls physique development, ensuring he has access to the best possible training equipment. Having recently just competed in the NABBA North West bodybuilding competition and placing 1st place, this has motivated Karl to adapt his physique even further. With the right people around him, Karl is in a very good place to push on from this victory, develop his physique even further and compete professionally one day. We highly recommend checking out Karl’s social media platform out below to stay up to date with his bodybuilding career. karlf1988




The Best Yog a Stud ios in Liverpool B Y C E R I SED GW IC K

L 116


iverpool is home to some amazing yoga studios. We have rounded up some of our favourite yoga studios near to the city centre.


Planet Yoga

Yogacita, The Old Gun Factory, 1st Floor, 20 Watkinson Street, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool. L1 0AF.

Sefton Park Palm House

Planet Yoga Based in Wavertree, Planet Yoga offers a variety of hot yoga classes for all abilities. Their relaxed atmosphere and widest range of teachers in the north west makes this studio a favourite for many people in Liverpool to practice yoga and relaxation. Planet Yoga, 435 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 3JL Sefton Park Palm House


Liverpool’s famous Palm house is home to Wellness Wednesday yoga classes every Wednesday morning 9.3010.30am. The classes are held by Jessica Sawyer from Conscious Calling and welcome all abilities. Relax and take part in their flow class, surrounded by tropical plants, green space, and light pouring in through the roof. This experience is guaranteed to set you up for the day. Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool L17 1AP

Yogacita This converted warehouse space hidden away in the Baltic triangle has been transformed into one of the most popular yoga studios in the city centre. Ambient smells, low lighting, and warm studios help to create the perfect atmosphere to relax and practice yoga. Their timetable includes a wide range of classes for beginners and the experienced, with a mixture of hot and non-hot classes.

White Wolf Yoga This tranquil space in the heart of the city centre is a unique space for Yoga and relaxation. Once a ballroom for property exchange, White Wolf ’s building provides ample space for their classes. They also have a plant based cafe for yogis to enjoy healthy food and drink after their class.




White Wolf Yoga

Liverpool Yoga Studios

White Wolf Yoga, 14 Cook Street, Liverpool L2 9QU

Rise Fitness Studios

improve their fitness. Their city centre studios hosts both hot and cold yoga, spin and pilates. They are also offering online workshops during the coronavirus pandemic so you don’t miss out at home. Focus Building, Great Crosshall Street, Liverpool City Centre L3 2AP

Your Yoga Studios

Rise Fitness Studios

Liverpool’s popular cycle studio has recently opened their newest Fitness Studio near to Penny Lane. They have transformed Happiness into a brand new yoga & reformer pilates studio for their members to relax, work out and enjoy. Rise Fitness Studios holds a range of yoga and pilates classes including hot yoga, vinyasa and pre-natal yoga. Rise Fitness Studios, 2 Church Road Liverpool L15 9EG

Liverpool Yoga Studios Liverpool Yoga studios welcomes beginners to regular yogis to their classes to practice the art of yoga, relax and even



Your Yoga Studios Located on Wood street, in the heart of the city centre, Your Yoga Studios offers a variety of hot yoga classes and workshops for any ability to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Their teachers are highly experienced and have trained all over the world, offering knowledge of yoga and meditation from many cultures. Your Yoga Studio 63 Wood Street Liverpool L1 4A


The Best Apps to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals B Y C E R I SED GW IC K


n a world of technology, we use smart phones and smart watches every day to make every day life easier and more efficient. There is a variety of apps that can help us to improve our health and fitness, and keep us motivated in the process. Don’t get lost in thousands of fitness and health apps the App Store has to offer, instead we have selected some of the best apps to reach your fitness goals.




My fitness pal

wearing your Fitbit whilst you sleep, and log your weight, water intake and food intake to ensure you reach your goals. FitBit – AP

Couch to 5K If you’re new to running, or need some motivation to

My fitness pal is an app that allows you to track calories, steps, exercise and even water intake. you can link it to your iPhone step count and its barcode scanner feature makes it super easy to scan an item for it’s nutritional info. My fitness pal – AP


improve your running, this app has been created by Public health England to make it easier for beginners to reach 5K. The app aims to get you running for 30 minutes per day, 3 days per week for 9 weeks to get you 5K ready. Popular blogger ‘Zoella’ has been using it to improve her fitness! Couch to 5k – AP


If you have a Fitbit, this app links with your watch to track your exercise and step count. You can also set reminders to keep yourself active. You can also track your sleep quality by

Fitness doesn’t just include your physical health, but includes your mental health too. You can’t create a healthy body



FITNESS GOALS without a healthy mind. This app is suitable for anyone from people who want to switch off after a long day in work, people who want to improve their meditation skills, or if you’re feeling particularly stressed or upset about something. It includes meditation, breathing exercises and sleep stories to help you become calmer, more focused and relaxed.

of workouts. In this app you can follow athlete workouts including HIIT workout plans, full body workout plans and more, with your choice of routines from the gym floor to your home. You can also use this app to track your progress to see how you improve over time and hit those PBs. GymShark Conditioning App – AP

Calm – AP

Nike Run Club Meal Prep Pro

This app is like a pocket-sized nutritionist. It includes plenty of healthy recipes and ideas to prepare your meals at home and track your calories. You can alter it to suit your dietary requirements such as Ketogenic (high fat) or vegan. Making healthy eating easy. Meal prep pro – AP

Gym Shark Conditioning

Whether you like to track how far you have run, the speed you run, or need some extra motivation whilst you run, The Nike Run Club app can help you. This app uses GPS to track your runs so you can visually see the speed, distance and location of your run. You can also connect with friends to compare, compete or cheer each other on or share your progress to maximise motivation. This app also offers guided runs where you can have guidance from expert coaches and athletes to give you tips and motivation to improve your running. Nike Run Club app – AP

Whether you are a beginner to fitness or a professional body builder, this app is customised to suit you and your style