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Laying the Foundation for Success

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Ways to Maintain Your Brain

Smart Studying

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discovering the vast complexities of life and exploring your relationship to everything you encounter. Since

t takes an entire lifetime to learn everything

all things exist in a continual state of evolution, your

there is to know about one subject, and only

success literally depends on a life-long ability to

if that subject is simple (cheese graters, rubber bands,

learn and adapt. New laws are introduced that lead

horse-shoes). If you were to tackle a larger subject such

to the introduction of new policies. New ideas and

as organic chemistry or cognitive development, even

approaches emerge. New problems arise and new

multiple lifetimes would barely scratch the surface.

solutions are sought. In order to stay in touch with

Then, consider how many interesting fields exist far

the world, you have to maintain a healthy appetite

beyond traditional academic subjects. It is truly mind-

for knowledge. In fact, without an expanding mental

blowing. No matter who you are or where you come

waist-line, you run the risk of doing things the exact

from, the capacity to learn something new is infinite.

same way every day of your life—and completely



n inquiring mind wants to know, and grow!

wasting it.

From childhood to adulthood you may grow

up, but you spend the rest of your years growing in:


une has arrived! Along with it come thoughts of slurpees, sunshine, sand, and... final exams. It’s a complicated emotion. With so many (valid) reasons to slack off, mustering the discipline required for proper test preparation and termpaper construction can seem impossible. The good news? Study time does not have to be miserable. You can make the grade, and keep your peace of mind. Hit the beach and the books at the same time. There is no law that says studying has to be done in a tiny bedroom with the door closed. Fresh air is good for a working brain. Study cooperatively. Set up a study date with a friend, even if you aren’t in the same class. Not only will it carve a nice block of time into your schedule that will be

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devoted to work, but it will satisfy the need for social interaction while lending moral support. You can motivate and encourage each other. Study creatively. Come up with games to play with yourself or classmates. For example: one person reads questions while the others, who can only take a step forward if they give the first correct answer, have a race to the finish. Make colorful flashcards, pictures, and poems. A fried mind is not productive. A good rule of thumb is to study until your brain feels stuffed or stale, and then take a power break. A power break includes listening to music, going for a walk, or having a healthy snack. Avoid activities such as television, internetsurfing, or games that derail your attention. You want to re-charge, not re-route.




Don’t take an “I’m already bored” approach to your material. If you’ve committed to learning the material, why make it more painful with poor mental posture? Resistance costs precious energy that could otherwise be used for retaining or recalling information. While the teacher’s minimum word count requirement may be out of your control, the

attitude you sit down in front of the keyboard with is completely up to you. Give yourself as many pep-talks as it takes to keep a smile on your face.

TO MAINTAIN YOUR BRAIN: Keep current on local and global affairs. Explore non-biased news resources such as Alternet or The Independent. Subscribe to journals and magazines that pertain to your fields of interest. Attend meetings, workshops, and conferences. Read books. Talk to people. Your mind is a muscle. Keep it strong with regular, vigorous exercise. Feed

your intellectual curiousity, and explore the world at large. You will never run out of surprises, delights, wonders, and joys. Then, as you grow older, you will still be able to remember your children’s names and birthdates along with your address and social security number. It’s a win-win situation!

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The most successful people in the world aren’t necessarily rich, good-looking, or even intelligent - they are resourceful.

LAYING THE FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS: RESOURCES ROCK! UCSD is an institution of learning, however, in a ten-week quarter the classroom environment is not designed to meet your every academic need. An integral part of intellectual wellness involves utilizing the variety of resources on campus. Here are a few highlights: TUTORING The Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services, known as OASIS, is truly a haven. There is no reason to struggle through an essay in a foreign language or chapter of organic chemistry by yourself, when a tutor will sit down with you and provide one-on-one support…for free. It is truly

a beautiful thing. Besides tutoring in science, math, language, and writing, Oasis provides transition programs for first-year and transfer students.

What this means to you? A vast array of books, articles, journals, research, and references at your fingertips.

ADVISING Take advantage of free LIBRARIES advising throughout your The UCSD Libraries conacademic career! Connect sist of: the Arts Library, the online with your college’s Mandeville Special Collecacademic Virtual Advisor, tions Library, the Science or sit down in person with & Engineering Library, and your college advisor to help the Social Sciences and optimize your quarterly Humanities Library (all course schedule, select or housed in the Geisel Library change your major, and building); the Biomedical make sure you complete Library; CLICS: The Center all college GE requirements for Library and Instructional and advance toward graduComputing Services; the ation. In addition, your deMedical Center Library; partment advisor will help the International Relations you with major or minor and Pacific Studies Library; requirements and help you and the Scripps Institution select courses in that deof Oceanography Library. partment. The department

advisor can also help you with prerequisites, petitions, and degree checks, and can refer you to faculty members for research and career advice. It’s incredible to have a team of people working to help you make the most of your time! The most successful people in the world aren’t necessarily rich, goodlooking, or even intelligent—they are resourceful. For anything you want to accomplish, someone or something can lend a hand, provide a stepping stone, or contribute information. Develop a healthy habit of utilizing resources to ensure a lifetime of abundance!

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