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hello winter top-notch Attractions, Art, entertainment, FOOD, DRINK, history and Outdoor Adventures. It is Just down the Road AND around the bend in Beautiful Southwestern Ontario.

Live it for a day... Live it for a lifetime!

Your FREE Guide to Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk, Brantford, Oxford, The villages of Hamilton + Let’s get social / Retreat & Reconnect / Simply Delicious Dishes / RURAL ROOTS / Arts, culture & Noise Makers GALORE + A mag Chock-a-block full of local lovelies!

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Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 3


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Live Small Town / WINTER 2019 - 2020





Let’s Get Social There is never a shortage of praise for Live Small Town magazine with so many local - loving folks reaching out via social media. Here are just a few of our faves!

Small Town Changemakers Meet some of the people, places and businesses making a difference in your community and learn how you can help.

Let There Be Glow No need to hibernate during the winter wonderland. There is an abundance of indoor and outdoor fun for the whole family.

Small Town Sunday Jay Perry’s Ultimate Insider’s Guide highlights what to eat, buy, explore and indulge in around Ontario Southwest.


Team Magic Every dream begins with a plan, and our current magazine would like to introduce you to the team of talented folks who helped to make Live Small Town possible.

photo BY Nancy Domsic Kings -


Food for Thought Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth, a rich palette, or simply enjoy a night out on the town or quiet afternoon to relax, we’ve got the place for you.


Deep Roots We help bring local history back to life, and tell you where to look for heritage, knowledge and wonderment in your community. Let’s get out and explore!


Arts & Culture From world-class artists and live theatre to intimate concerts, get introduced to local talent and discover the best places to soak up and enjoy the culture.


Nature Calls When the weather is nice and your agenda is open, there’s nothing like exploring the great outdoors and we want to get you pointed in the right direction.


Our Town Yet again, another inspired small town fella tells an up-close and personal story of how he followed his dreams and accomplished goals through the love and support of a small town. Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 5

WINTER VOL. 3 NO. 4 PhotographERS

Tawnya Brant, Nikki Campbell Schram, Tara Carpenter, Chris Chiarcos, Julie Crawford, Nancy Domsic Kings, Marc Douglas, John Gillette, Lauren Hambleton, Spicy Jan, GaĂŤlle Legrand, Natalie Nunn, Jay Perry, Jordan Probst, Paul Smith, Janine Stoll, Erika Strada, Nicole VanQuaethem, Lacie Williamson Writers

Scott Barnim, Nikki Campbell Schram, Tara Carpenter, Donna Ferrawey, Nancy Howden-Cowell, Spicy Jan, Kerri Kelly-Parkinson, Sandy Marincic, Adrianna Michell, Emmalee Nother, Jay Perry, Kari Raymer Bishop, Tara Shannon, Kate Sharrow, Christina Speers, Erika Strada, Svava Thordis Juliusson, Lacie Williamson, Nicole VanQuaethem, Sara Moody Veldhuis, Jennifer Villamere, Tim Zwart

Model HoMe open - 93 Newport LaNe, port Dover every SaturDay aND SuNDay 1pm - 4pm


Jennifer Villamere


Nancy Howden-Cowell, Donna Ferrawey, Sarah Gurney, Patricia Howden, Kerstein Mallon, Kerri Kelly-Parkinson, Tara Shannon, Kate Sharrow, Erika Strada Small town Gal/Owner/ ADVERTISING DIRECTOR

Kerri Kelly-Parkinson SALES TEAM

Sarah Gurney Rhonda Arnott

There are only five condos still available in this award winning condo development located in Waterford’s Yin Subdivision. Our 1475 sq ft bungalow designs offer spacious layouts while enjoying the perks of condo living yet still the luxuries found in a single-family home.

Construction has begun on Newport Lane, but there are still 22 lots available to begin in 2020/2021. Newport Lanes Estates can be found in the Somerset Subdivision - one of the most desired areas of Port Dover. Many of these lots back onto the wooded area of the Black Creek Conservation.

Our Harvest Glen development has continued in this Simcoe Subdivision behind Holy Trinity High School. Prominent has only five lots left of the most opportune locations. Contact us today to design your custom home to be built in 2020 or 2021.

proMinentHoMesont.coM 519-426-9186 6 LIVE SMALL TOWN

Small town Gal/Owner/ Art Director/Editor/ PUBLISHER

Kate Sharrow

Live Small Town Magazine is printed four times a year and distributed throughout Southern Ontario via various tourist associations, related services, retail locations and limited home distribution. Copyright 2020 Live Small Town magazine. All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Opinions and comments reflect those of the writers and are not necessarily those of the editorial and staff. At the time of publication, we have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or corrections you may have.

A Truly Magnificent Setting For Your Special Event.

It’s Where You Really Belong... 60 Ava Road, Brantford, Ontario 519-752-3731 Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 7

Team Magic

Authentic people, engaging stories and a sense of community fellowship are what make small towns what they are, so it should come as no surprise that these are the pillars upon which the Live Small Town concept is built. We’ve started our own “town” within these very pages, and we’d love to introduce ourselves and invite you inside! 8 LIVE SMALL TOWN

KERRI KELLY-PARKINSON Another wonderful year is coming to an end and a new and exciting chapter is about to begin. I can’t believe that Live Small Town magazine is now three years young! I have met the most amazing people that I now have the honour to call my friends and I feel lucky and blessed every day. I hope the holiday season brings everyone in our Live Small Town community happiness, peace, love and laughter. Be sure to play in the snow, embrace this snuggle season and have a wonderful new year! Cheers to 2020 and may all your dreams come true!


Nicole VanQuaethem As a registered holistic nutritionist, culinary nutrition expert and owner of Simply Nic Nutrition, I focus on empowering people to make healthy choices. I have my masters of science in rural planning and development where I focused most of my research on local food systems, agri tourism, culinary tourism and food access. Combining my passion for nutrition and local food, I teach people to eat within the seasons and to become connected to food. In my free time, when not in the kitchen testing recipes, I love getting outside, and cuddling and exploring with my little dog Chloe.

KATE SHARROW It is hard to believe that Kerri and I started Live Small Town magazine three years ago. Even though we have been in the mag biz for over twenty+ years each, I feel like everyday has been a learning curve of some form of struggle or mishap. Oh there has been many proud moments but in our business we are surrounded by small business owners who are just like us, wearing many hats that don’t quite fit their head so I can’t complain too loud. What I have is a strengthened respect and understanding. I also have a profound thankfulness to those who have chosen to support our dream through Live.

I live in a beautiful small village on the shores of Lake Erie and am surrounded by family, friends, art, local beauty, goodness and of my two sweet dogs Bella and Mia. I will explore all the hidden gems that our lovely wee towns offer and share those experiences with you on social media and in the pages of Live Small Town magazine.

J.C. VILLAMERE I live in Hamilton where there’s a guy who has fashioned a dog sled out of a shopping cart and he mushes his team through the GO Station parking lot after dark. This magazine helps people like me get out of Hamilton to encounter nature in a more rural setting. Buy my national best-seller, Is Canada Even Real?

Sarah Gurney

I was born and raised big city, but am now a self-made small townee. I live for weekends wandering shops, parks, and pretty places with my funny husband and son duo. When I have a spare moment not chasing my four-year-old, you can find me picking at my guitar, baking something yummy, or tackling a messy reno project around the house! I am also one of the sales teammates at Live Small Town magazine! If you are in the Brantford/Paris area and have an interest in becoming one of our beloved and valued advertising partners, please give me a call at 226-220-7340 or email me at

Emmalee Nother

I’m a local lady with a love for all things country, hockey and small town. Born and raised in beautiful Haldimand County, my passion for where I grew up runs deep. My adventures have taken me from coast to coast in the entertainment biz but I always return home to my rescue dog, Duke, and my cats on the farm.

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 9

Adrianna Michell

The summers spent on my grandparents’ farm taught me about the importance of maintaining rural economies and supporting local farmers, businesses, and creators. Now as a university student living in a city, I still am connected to these values through my art, scholarship, veganism, and environmentalism. I know that as I grow, I should always remember where I was planted. Sandy Marincic I’m an avid motorcyclist, world traveller, cook, artist, woodworker and thinker, and I am slowly learning that all opinions needn’t be shared. The way we humans mesh with one another (or not), and how we mess with nature (or not) is a fascinating jigsaw puzzle. I am on the floor looking for the missing pieces – they must be somewhere, no? I also own Benefact Benefit Consultants, where I encourage my employer/ employee clients to work as a team; when people enjoy shared goals and work towards them together, success follows. All of the above is based on the ability to care. Kari Raymer Bishop

A born nurturer, I love to help make anything grow and am happiest when I am investing in the growth of my child, garden, students or community. I am a teacher, beekeeper, writer, activist, and general nuisance. After traveling all over the world, I have found my home in Paris, where I live with a kind professor, a wild child and a sweet dog. Tim Zwart I embrace being a round peg in a square hole. A walking contradiction, I am a single dad of two small children, an American void of ignorance, I love poutine but not maple syrup, and love sports but not hockey. I am a publishing veteran, magazine editor and author. My first book, Reload: Changing the Way We View Guns in America, is available on Amazon. 10 LIVE SMALL TOWN

Sara Moody Veldhuis I’m a classically-trained trombonist and singer, a photographer, and in my daily life, I teach music to teenagers-and love it! I’ve been a JUNOS judge, floated an orchestra on a barge, and have secrets about Celine Dion that I will take to my grave. From a young age I’ve lived life on “max”: at 12 I went solo to Japan, toured Europe with a band in high school, and met my husband in an orchestra when we were 17. Together we’ve made a great life with our two kids and a bunch of kitties (want one!?), on our little patch of paradise: a farm in Haldimand County. Rhonda Arnott

Born and raised in Hamilton, I often visited my grandparents in Selkirk. Who knew that Jarvis would one day be my ‘home sweet home’? I live here with my handsome and lovable husband and our sweet dog Kobe. For 20 years, I worked in executive sales and always had an entrepreneurial heart so five years ago I took a leap and opened Ty-Kobee Tea & Coffee Co in Port Dover. I am part of the sales team of Live Small Town magazine. Being in business myself, I know how important the right advertising is. You never want to be a ‘hidden gem’! Message me at Can’t wait to help you shine!! Donna Ferrawey

I’m an excursionist! Since I was young, I loved to explore all of the areas around me. My husband Jim and I go for “Drive Abouts.” That means jumping in the car, set to wander aimlessly. We find some of the most interesting places when we don’t know our destination, sometimes getting lost. Small towns, big towns, country lanes, and everything in between is where we wander. It’s fun finding new and interesting places to share with you. At home on the shore of Lake Erie, I love spending time with my husband, my armload of kids, grandchildren, my cat Lewis, and my BFFs.

Spicy Jan Working in the experiential food tourism space and being part of a community of chefs, farmers, and food creators, is a place I hold with great respect. Growing up in the big city I had no clue about cooking from scratch or shopping local. I realize now that not everyone knows of the beauty of small towns and building community through culinary arts and farming. As an award-winning food tour operator hosting international visitors, it’s interesting to note our success featuring small-town Ontario. The industry is noticing. Recently I spoke with an international food and travel blogger who told me, “You are doing something quite unique by highlighting small towns. Many operators gravitate towards the big cities and known destinations.” “Bravo,” he said. “You are building a place where people belong through exploring rural food, farms, and chefs.” NANCY DOMSIC KINGS I was born with a wild imagination. My mother was naturally very creative, so I grew up painting, planting, sewing, baking and creating so many creative things. The second I picked up my first camera I became obsessed with capturing all the small wonders around me. To date, my permanent creative status allows me to be an art director by trade, photographer by fate and remain imaginative by nature. I spend most days in the middle of a creative mess or treading lightly while adventuring with my husband, two funny kids and our little Westie pup at our side. Erika Strada

Writing and photography has been a hobby that I have enjoyed for years. It is a tool I use to understand the past, connect with my community and explore my creative curiosities. Unlike my name sake, I do not live a star studded life, riding around on a hog in tight pants as a crime fighting, super cop. I am a small town gal, living a simple life and stopping often to eat chips.

Let’s be friends! We are not a registered charity; we are a community of friends working together to restore the magic of Christmas for families in need and over the last eight years we have raised $148,146.22 and provided 2100+ children with positive Christmas memories! Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 11


BRANTFORD I am Marc Douglas a Wedding/Lifestyle photographer. I wouldn’t change a thing about growing up in the small town of Paris where I discovered a love for photography. Photography has always been a labour of love for me. My ultimate goal has always been to show the beauty, strength and enthusiasm in my subjects. As a father of two amazing children, I am a proud supporter of all things involving childhood cancer. I believe in enjoying all the little moments, because you never know what tomorrow brings. Jay Perry

Bell Homestead National Historic Site

Harmony Square

Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts

Whether you want cultural experiences, outdoor adventure, fantastic family fun, sporting events, or culinary delights, you’ll find it all in Brantford - the big city with a small town feel. Visit us in person or online to plan your trip. BRANTFORD VISITOR & TOURISM CENTRE 399 WAYNE GRETZKY PARKWAY • BRANTFORD 1-800-265-6299 12 LIVE SMALL TOWN Over the last eight years, besides working as a photographer, I have been spending my Sundays travelling to small pockets of Ontario and documenting my day trips online. Whether it be stories of unique individuals, delicious food, or historic landmarks, I’ve been detailing every event through photo, video and words. Look for this regular feature in Live Small Town mag but also please like us on our Facebook​ page and my adventures on Instagram. I have some exciting ideas coming up and I can’t wait to show everyone the beauty that resides in our small towns. I also started a charity called Friends With Heart, that has raised $148,146.22 and provided 2100+ children with positive memories in an attempt to restore the magic of Christmas to them and their families. Kerstein Mallon

Growing up, in the magical land of fairies and leprechauns, twixt twilight and morning dew, I learned there’s more to life than meets the eye. Exploring ancient ruins offered an understanding of the past, present and future and how they intertwine. Now living in Ontario’s Garden enables me to meet wonderful people and visit truly remarkable places. It’s my absolute pleasure to be able to share these unique stories with you.

Tara Shannon

I moved from Burlington to small-town life several years ago. When I say small town, I actually mean rural Hagersville. It was a bit of an adjustment. My closest neighbours are cows and buffalo. No longer could I pop out my front door and find all of the latest conveniences at my finger tips. But, you know what!? I love it now. There are so many wonderful businesses out here offering everything I could want. I’m a cook by trade and I love to write too, and out here where the buffalo do in fact roam, I have inspiration galore: from rolling farm landscapes, to Lake Erie, the Grand River, and hiking trails, plus the fresh produce, cheese, honey, grass fed and organic meats. Not to mention the locally produced wine, beer, and cider. Everything is within minutes of my home. I am in heaven.

Stone for the heart of your home

Lacie Williamson Lacie Williamson is a full-time, award-winning artist and mural painter, operating her own studio and gallery, LVW Creative Barracks, in Dunnville, Ontario. Lacie teaches creativity to all ages and offers local artists the opportunity to show and sell their work. When she’s not teaching or writing for us, you can often find her at local cultural events like Hamilton’s Art Crawl. Lacie is also a comedic performer.She performs for audiences as a player of Improv Niagara, and as a stand-up comedian running her monthly show Pints and Punchlines in Jarvis, Ontario, at Concession Road Brewing Co. She is the President of Haldimand Art Works’ Board of Directors and Chair of River Arts Festival which takes place every November in Haldimand County.

If you have ideas for the mag or would like to join our team of creative writers, photographers, or want to become an advertising partner, please feel free to reach out

Brantford Granite & Quartz is a local family-owned and operated business in lovely Paris, Ontario, which carries an impressive array of natural stone in our 5,000-sq.-ft. showroom. We are committed to providing products and services that are competitively priced and of superior quality. Let our experienced staff guide you through designing your dream. From start to finish, we take pride in ensuring that your final product is perfectly crafted and will last the test of time and add value to not only your home but also your life! 535 Paris Rd, Paris 519-442-1400

We would like to thank all of our advertising partners who have made Live Small Town magazine possible! If you would like to join this amazing team, please contact Kerri Kelly-Parkinson at

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 13


Let’s get social too!

There’s no sibling rivalry between Live’s printed & social media pages. They both bask in all the attention each gets! It is easy to get excited about the arrival of the latest and greatest Live Small Town magazine! The paper is shiny, the photography is beautiful and the anticipation of who we shone a light on is thrilling! Many folks tell us they have kept every copy since we started the mag three years ago. The content is evergreen and is a 100 percent local smorgas-

burg of community building! Our team of advertising partners and creative folks are proud of this and we look forward just as much as you do to discovering all that is uniquely fabulous in Ontario’s Southwest! Some readers have questioned if we are afraid of running out of content. Not even possible! There are so many people

doing amazing things here! The biggest problem we find is that most local lovelies are modest and don’t blow their own horns. Good Lord, blow away! People are chomping at the bit to support you, including us at Live Small Town magazine. Additionally, our magazine may be popular but our social media communities are constantly buzzing with readers who just can’t seem to get enough of us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here are just a few posts we thought we would share!

Here we grow again! We get tones of requests from folks in Hamilton, asking when we are going to circulate Live Small Town mag there so they can read about the local lovelies of our Southern Ontario small towns too and today Kerri Kelly Parkinson hit the streets to introduce herself and our mag in Ancaster, Ontario and Dundas. Not only are we going to share our mag with our neighbours in the villages of Hamilton, Ontario, we are also going to start including them in our pages!

Look who we found still reading the Summer Issue of Live Small Town! Well known in the community and with over 40 years of experience, Dr. Murray McCutcheon is newly-located on William Street in downtown Paris! The treatments used at Paris Chiropractic are non-invasive and industry leading. 519-732-2448

2,110 People Reached, 506 Engagements, 35, 6 Comments, 14 Shares

2,745 People Reached, 266 Engagements, 22, 1 Comments, 7 Shares


One of the things I am proud about our country is our multiculturism. Welcoming new Canadians to our country brings with it new cultures to learn about, new friends to enjoy, new flavours to experience, including chocolate. Shola Epkerigin of My Sweet Sweet World imports his cocoa beans from a small town in Nigeria but creates all the chocolate bar magic here in Ontario! He sources his fruit locally and uses the freshest ingredients. I also found his bars at the Port Dover Lions Market at Silver Lake Park but I can’t wait to visit his shop at 14 Main Street North in Hagersville! 8,524 People Reached, 1,458 Engagements, 121, 18 Comments, 63 Shares

This is quite the transformation! The former bank in the bayside town of Port Rowan is now The Port Rowan Inn. It’s a stylish and comfortable place to stay close to Long Point and all the area has to offer. More than just an inn, they provide a place to have your special event, a celebration or a quiet retreat. Enjoy a beautiful view of the bay and a variety of shops, activities and restaurants nearby. 22,388 People Reached, 11,382 Engagements, 267, 37 Comments, 135 Shares

This past issue I visited the City of Brantford and went to Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant. On 16 acres of parkland along the beautiful shore of the Grand River, the Glenhyrst Gardens play host to some of the most magical floral displays reminiscent of a fairytale. The Glenhyrst Art Gallery is housed in a beautiful brick building at the centre of the park and it offers fascinating art exhibits spilling into the gardens. 4,487 People Reached, 811 Engagements, 50, 5 Comments, 18 Shares Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 15

LET’S GET SOCIAL!!! With over 6240+ followers on twitter, 4300+ on Facebook, AND 1700+ On Instagram, there was no shortage of praise for our LAST issue of Live Small Town Magazine. Here are just a few of our Faves!

Comfort & StyLe. CLoSer thAn you CAn ImAGIne!

Hearth & Home has spent the last 40 years plus, specializing in gas fireplaces, heating, cooling, and water treatment products and services. Focusing on the growth of our expertise, we have become Brantford’s home comfort specialists! 24 hour SerVICe 224 Braneida Lane, Brantford 519-756-4374


25 years in business

The way a flooring store should be FIND YOUR STYLE. AND COMFORT LEVEL. WE MAKE IT EASY.

Park Road 41, Simcoe 519-426-2619


@TastyRoadTripsFoodTours Another absolutely outstanding issue celebrating local and chocked full of things to do, learn, eat, embrace, and experience! Wohooo #fall2019 is beautiful with that gorgeous smile on the cover!!! #thankful @RuthPhillips This magazine is a great way to learn about what is in my own backyard. We enjoy the articles and the pictures! @TaraCarpenter Another stunning publication. Thanks for bringing this to our small town communities! @DonnaFerrawey Another beautiful magazine. Well done! It’s full of fun and interesting articles. I love the fall magazine cover. @MichelleDunn Can’t wait to see it!!!! @LacieVictoria I LOVE this fall @LiveSmallTownmag cover so much! @terri_209Where can I get your beautiful mag in Paris or Brantford? @atthegrangebnbI Always look forward to finding a copy of this amazing magazine... well done on promoting our wonderful country hamlets and villages! @rs_accountingReesa was happy to finally meet you as well . Our office enjoys the articles in your magazine!!! @CarrieJoy Absolutely love this magazine! So do our guests at The Grand Corbel B&B @Main88PizzaPub We are glad to support @LiveSmallTownmag! And if you are looking for a mag and some really good food in Haldimand County pop in to visit us in hagersville @SharynSmith Love it! The small town info on living and its residents is amazing @PeterReisiger Can’t wait to get my hands on the fall issue, love your magazine! @JeanetteWalters Best magazine. Interesting read from cover to cover. find out about different eating establishments around and shops... a great job putting it all together... looking forward to the next issue. @DaleVecero I just want to say how much I enjoy your magazine. When my sister brought me your very first issue, we have been lucky enough to get each issue ever since. Your articles are so informative and who knew there

was so much to do in Haldimand-Norfolk. We have discovered new places to eat and places to go. Now that we are retired we are able to check out a lot more. Thanks for a wonderful read. Love living the small town life. @AnnetteSavoie I know I have said this before but I am saying it again. Fabulous! I love @LiveSmallTownmag. I love the layout, the writing, the pictures, the placements, LOCAL! It’s tops in my book. As well, we really appreciate the write up from @JayPerry and note from Spicy Jan. Thanks again. Chat soon. Cheers!! @KristaSchaus Just thrilled to have found this priceless mag. Thank you for bringing your love of local to us. @KellyBulbeck This is a great little magazine that features local businesses. I’ve discovered a few lovely places to visit this summer, that I didn’t know existed until reading about them! Browsing though your Facebook page has led me to more lovely places to visit! Thanks so much! Love it!!! @BrianBuckWinchester Classy people right here! They really know how to support people in their community! @ElaStypaJones Glenhyrst. Stunning photos of this incredible jewel in the heart of Brantford. @HamiltonHealthSciencesFoundation Thanks for sharing and showing your support @LiveSmallTownmag! @theHENHOUSE This is such a great magazine! We had many visitors come that read the article in your magazine. Thank you so much! @CountyofBrantTourism We appreciate all you do and have done to help share the many many #GoodTimesinBrant! Looking forward to another wonderful year of collaborating with our friends at @LiveSmallTownmag. @amy.woodley.5 @fergie81 What a cool cover! @haldimand_business_solutions Amazing Read once again. Thank you @LiveSmallTownmag. @brynbarnesfiveblocksnorth Love your magazine! Very well done. We are new to Port Dover and have opened a bed and breakfast this year in a renovated and restored heritage home and are loving small town living here! @tourismbrantford Thanks for the shoutout, @LiveSmallTownmag. Thx for all you do to make our communities a special place to live and visit! @seventhfire Nya:weh for this. @gonorfolk Awesome!!! Looking forward to seeing print copy!! @tourismoxford Awesome! Congrats guys! @nufloorssimcoe Looking forward to working with you and supporting local! @kitties_and_cab Yay!! MUST READ!!

Documentary Lifestyle Photography

Documentary Lifestyle Photography Documentary Lifestyle Photography Documentary Lifestyle Photography

Documentary Lifestyle Photography

inspired by a wild imagination and documenting the intricacies that define daily life; celebrating the in-betweens, knowing that every moment counts inspired by a wild imagination and documenting Limited availabilitythe for intricacies Documentary Photo in 2017. that Lifestyle define daily life;Sessions celebrating the Email to book your session today! in-betweens, knowing that every moment counts Limited availability for Documentary Lifestyle Photo Sessions in 2017. Email to book your session today!

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Limited LifestylePhoto PhotoSessions Sessionsinin2017. 2017. Limitedavailability availability for for Documentary Documentary Lifestyle

Limited availabilityfor forDocumentary Documentary Lifestyle Lifestyle Photo Limited availability PhotoSessions Sessionsinin2017. 2020. Email to book your your session sessiontoday! today! Email Email info@olliandella.comto to book book your Email your session sessiontoday! today!

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime.

Kindness and caring are contagious! They are the bug we should all hope to catch. I am a huge believer in paying it forward hence my desire to showcase all of these “earth angels” and shine a light on the meaningful ways they help the people in our small-town communities. Talk about it, get excited about it and most of all - act on it! I will be showcasing acts of kindness in each issue of Live Small Town magazine. If you have a special story, person or place that you would like me to showcase, please reach out. Wishing you all smiles, happiness and love.

Frosty Fest - February Winter Carnival Brantford It’s a free February Family Day tradition in Brantford’s downtown Harmony Square. Frosty Fest is celebrating 11 years of ice sculpting competitions, ice mini golf, free skating, a midway and much more cold fun. If you love carnival foods like funnel cakes, poutine and snow taffy, this is the place for you. Thanks Freedom House for giving us more reason to love winter. You are showing us everyday that kindness can transform a city! Thank you.


Change Makers Having an Impact in a Community Near You! Sometimes it’s the little day-to-day things that go unrecognized in our lives which end up having the biggest impact BY Donna Ferrawey

Warm Up Haldimand Search for a group near you With nimble fingers these kind individuals create warm and cozy hats, scarves and mittens for those in need. If you knit or crochet (sadly I cannot) consider contributing to the Warm Up Haldimand campaign. Yearly these crafters donate their cozy handmade items to a variety of local charities in Haldimand/Norfolk. They also teach individuals how to knit or crochet so there may be some hope for me yet.

Wellwood Juravinski House Hamilton This amazing support centre offers no cost support and care programs with plenty of information for anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis. In their words, “Cancer is heavy and Wellwood wants to help lift the weight and empower people to live well with cancer. ” Register for everything from Guy’s Nights, for men of varied ages, to a fun time for Kids in the Kitchen. They offer a program helping you to express your cancer journey through art. You could participate in exercise to stay flexible such as tai chi or yoga, Qi Gong or try a quiet time practicing meditation. Enjoy a retreat or an interesting lecture. If you choose there is one-on-one peer monitoring. Partnered with Hamilton Health Sciences, Wellwood is a community based, non-profit charity and they strive to help you take back some of your power.

Fisherville Hotel & Tavern

Meet the locals, explore our rural landscape and cultural experiences.

Where the waters of the Grand River meet Lake Erie.


Former pastry chef for Peller Estates Winery Restaurant, current baking and pastry instructor at Humber College, 2016 Ontario Hostelry Institute Top 30 under 30 award-winner, lover of all things sourdough, Lauren Hambleton is now offering us all a unique, hands-on baking experience at rustic locations throughout Southern Ontario. She is focused on sourdough based recipes, fermenting foods and decorative pie-making with the workshops aimed at bakers of all skill levels. Group sizes are also kept small to allow for a more personal experience and to allow bakers to have all of their questions answered.

Behind every good person, there has usually been some good food. At Live Small Town, we’d like to celebrate both by highlighting the best local foods and recipes around, while introducing you to the creative and talented people who make them possible. From innovative techniques and ingredients to updated twists on some of our old favorites, this is your one-stop shop for everything food, family, and fellowship related. After all, every food journey starts with a single bite!

Photo by Lauren Hambleton

Home Grown

Canada was first introduced to pizza in the late 1950s, when the first pizza ovens entered the country. It gained popularity throughout the 1960s, with many pizzerias and restaurants opening across the country.

Every month should be National Pizza month, but October gets the honour!

The first pizza wasn’t made in Italy, it was the Greeks who gave birth to Za.

The world loves pizza! Five billion pizzas are sold globally every year!

PIZZA PERFETTO These four local eateries owe their success to their

unique spin on the world’s most popular dish - the pizza pie!

Main 88 Pizza Pub Hagersville After visiting this pilgrimage-worthy establishment, you’ll never want to eat fast food again! Since this place swung open its doors 14 years ago, they have offered one of the best pizzas around with lots of flavourful toppings on an amazing thin crust. Toppings are layered in a magical was so that every bite gives you a satisfying crunch. While pies are a main attraction, Main 88 also serves a dynamic menu with daily specials, they have a well-stocked bar and seven jumbo flat screens, making Main 88 Pizza Pub the perfect place to watch the game!

Maria’s Original Pizza Brantford When a pizza parlor has been around for decades, you know it’s got to be good. Ten years after emigrating to Canada in 1958, Maria and Virgilio Risi went into the pizza biz, creating one of Brantford’s most iconic pizzerias. The family business was passed to Gino and his wife Bobbie-Sue Risi only to be destroyed by a devistating fire in 2017. Following two years of hard work, the restaurant has recently reopened and is reintroducing dishes like spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli and garlic bread. They’re so good that they will live on for many future generations to enjoy.

The Red Door Cucina Dundas It was a bit of an adventure finding this place because of their back alley entrance at 20-1/2 Park St. W. But I just looked for St. Pauls United Church’s parking lot, then crossed the street and followed my nose. There were not many places to sit inside but their pizza was so amazing, I quickly forgot about everything else. Be sure to try their Porta Rossa pizza with pancetta, caramelized onions, asiago, olive oil, thyme, garlic, arugula and balsamic glaze then do yourself a favour and finish off with one of their amazing cannoli. Unforgetable!

Barrel Pizza & Spaghetti House Simcoe If you are looking for a charming, traditional Italian eatery in the heart of Norfolk, look no further than The Barrel Restaurant. For over 30 years, The Barrel has developed and maintained a reputation among local patrons for amazing food, first-class service and giving back to the community. They feature fresh and local produce exclusively as well as several gluten-free options for the health-conscious. Their food and atmosphere quickly turn stoppers-by into regular diners!

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 21

Please let us share our restaurant with its unique coastal cuisine and tropical trend in one of Ontario’s best small towns, Port Dover. 2 Walker St. Port Dover 519-583-0880


Telling a Story With Food

Photo by Tawnya Brant

Six Nations of the Grand River chef Tawnya Brant is offering healthy Indigenous cuisine that preserves culture and wellness. BY Adrianna Michell

Chef Tawnya Brant specializes in pre-colonial Indigenous foods. She wants to not only fill bellies, but fill cultural gaps created by colonialism. A large task, but she starts small with bannock, scones, and other treats that represent Indigenous cuisine across Turtle Island. To her, “these foods tell a story that needs to be heard.” In this way, food offers a pathway to healing. Born and raised in Six Nations of the Grand River territory, Brant cites her Mohawk identity as the source of her understanding of food and culinary techniques. Her mother, a retired teacher, is a gardener and seed-keeper who instilled Mohawk values and techniques in her children.

Brant was first introduced to the culinary field at 12 years old. At a young age she held service jobs, which helped her discover her love of food. Through culinary school and mentors in the industry, she refined her skills to become the chef she is today. She says that “food is always evolving” as ingredients and techniques keep up with restaurant-goers who demand new and exciting flavour experiences. Since Brant became a mother herself, her cooking style had to change. Motherhood helped her get in touch with Indigenous cooking as a cultural-sustaining practice. Focusing more on Indigenous foods, she now sources her recipes from Haudenosaunee tradition pre-contact. Her menus use ingredients native to the region, which excludes processed foods that are often seen as integral to contemporary cooking. But Brant finds a way to use wholesome ingredients and traditional skills to make delicious food that reflects her culture. Looking forward, Brant’s business is on the rise. On a mission to revive Haudenosaunee food practices, she also wants to expand her catering company. Long term, a restaurant and a food and product line might not be far off. Brant hopes to bring healthy Indigenous foods to tables and homes across the region, while promoting cuisine that is good for the culture and the body. Brant hopes to preserve Mohawk recipes for the future generations while introducing youth to their cultural foods, often for the first time. Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 23

Four uniquely unForgettable dining experiences in downtown paris!

59 grand river st n, paris 519-302-3001

Casual Italian Riverside Dining

59 grand river st n, paris 519-302-3001


61 grand river st n, paris 519-302-3000

Casual Dining the way it was meant to be!

Burger Mondays • Kids Eat Free Tuesdays • Wing Night Wednesdays Mill St. Thirsty Thursdays • Fisherman Fridays • Rib Fest Saturdays 10 Perch For 7 Sundays • Half Prices Apps Every Night After 9 pm

111 grand river st n, paris 519-442-1820 Live Live it foritafor day. a day. Live Live it foritafor lifetime. a lifetime. WINTER SUMMER 2019-2020 2019 25


Simply Delicious Dishes Healthy living isn’t as hard as you may think! The region has so much to offer to support healthy living and eating.

Photography by Nicole VanQuaethem

BY Nicole VanQuaethem It can be hard to drag yourself out of bed when you wake up and it’s pitch black, or be motivated to do things after dinner since it feels much later than it really it. Canadian winters can easily drain our energy and our motivation. However, there are simple, low cost things you can do in order to help boost your energy naturally! One of the first things I tell clients is to focus on hydration. Many people are walking around perpetually dehydrated without even knowing it. Drinking water consistently throughout the day can greatly improve energy levels. It’s also important to note that caffeine in the form of energy drinks, coffee and tea can be dehydrating. Caffeinated beverages can also disrupt sleep so I recommend avoiding

them in the afternoon. Next, if you aren’t already, focus on incorporating more nourishing foods into your diet. Processed foods can wreak havoc on our bodies and drain our energy. It’s also important that you focus on balancing your blood sugar levels by incorporating healthy fats, protein and fiber during your meals to help keep you fuller for longer and to balance energy. Movement is also key. Whether it’s getting up from your desk and going for a short walk, hitting the gym, or practicing yoga, exercise can not only help boost your energy levels during the day but help promote restful sleep. Consider incorporating various types of movement into your weekly schedule. Something else

you can do at work for a quick burst of energy is take a few deep breaths. Now you have to ask yourself how many hours a night you are sleeping. You may be exercising and eating well, but if you aren’t sleeping eight hours a night, you may lack energy throughout the day. To promote a restful sleep, consider implementing a nighttime routine where you turn off your phone, prep your to-do list for the next day, and do something to promote relaxation such a meditation or reading a book. It is also important to make sure your room is dark, cool and free from distractions. For me, sleep, hydration, nutrition and movement are where I like to start with clients but there are many other practices you can incorporate to boost energy levels. Consider focusing on stress management as chronic stress can deplete our energy. Another simple practice I encourage is mindful eating to make digestion easier and keep you from feeling sluggish. Lastly, investing in a sun lamp to make waking up in the cold months a little bit easier. Chickpea Mushroom Flatbread Batter (per 1 serving) 1/2 cup chickpea flour

1/2 cup water 1 tbsp avocado oil for frying pan Pesto (makes 1-2 servings): 1 cup fresh basil, tightly packed 1/4 cup oil 1/4 cup water (or more as needed) 2/3 cup pine nuts 1/2 cup nutritional yeast 1 handful spinach 2 garlic cloves Toppings 1/2 cup mushrooms 1 tbsp avocado oil for second frying pan Optional 1-2 fresh basil leaves, ripped Directions Add 1 tbsp of avocado oil to a medium frying pan on medium heat. Mix the chickpea flour and water. Once the frying pan has warmed up, add all the batter to the frying pan. Once the edges begin to brown, carefully flip over the flatbread and cook until lightly browned. In a separate frying pan, saute the mushrooms with the remainder of avocado oil until softened. Remove from heat. Mix all the pesto ingredients together in a food processor until well mixed. Remove flatbread and top with pesto, sauteed mushrooms and more fresh basil. Enjoy! xo nic

Nicole VanQuaethem is a registered holistic nutritionist, culinary nutrition expert and owner of Simply Nic Nutrition, where she focuses on educating and empowering people to make healthy choices for themselves. She also has her masters of science in rural planning and development where she focused most of her research on local food systems, agri tourism, culinary tourism and food access. Nicole grew up on a farm, which inspired her studies and work in rural development in southern Ontario. Combining her passion for nutrition and local food, she teaches people to eat within the seasons and to become connected to the food they eat. In her free time, she likes to spend time in the kitchen testing recipes, getting outside, and cuddling with her little dog Chloe. Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 27

Concession Road Brewing Co. is mixing up a unique business blend and community is the key ingredient! BY Adrianna Michell

Always brewing up something new, Concession Road Brewing Co. is Haldimand County’s first brewery. As the craft brew craze makes its way across Ontario, this local spot does it different than the rest, focusing on community as well as the business. The only craft brewery in Haldimand County, Jeff and Shannon Bunton started Concession Road Brewing Co. with a dream of leaving the 9-5 life for a business of their own.

Jeff Bunton worked as a chemical engineer while Shannon ran a photography business before turning their backyard hobby into a full-time career. Deciding it was time for a change, they dove into home brewing with the intention of opening a small batch business once they had mastered the craft. Going from engineer to brew master in about two years was no easy task, but after a few years under their belt, and initial support from the County’s tourism board, the brewery is a thriving part of life in Jarvis. What once was an at-home project for fun, now is a staple for tourists and locals. When asked why they chose Jarvis for their small batch brewery, the Buntons


scale brewery, the firehall also acts as a thriving taproom where you can stay and sip a while. Open weekends, the taproom is a cozy place to try a new pint or flight. Whether a drop-in drink or an event booking, the restored municipal building has a vintage feel that the team loves to reference through their beers and rugged decor. The taproom regularly holds events like monthly comedy shows, live music and open mic nights, along with much-loved painting nights. Collaborating with local musicians, art galleries, other members of the brewing community, and local businesses whenever possible, Concession Road Brewing Co. believes in supporting the small business community. It all began with a vision for a different kind of brewery. Now, the husband and wife duo have grown their business into a driving force for the county’s future. At the heart of the county, Concession Road Brewing Co. is brewing up something new for Haldimand, all that’s left to do is have a taste.

TOP PHOTO BY Jay Perry -

Getting Crafty

say that they wanted to stay in the heart of Haldimand County. The breweries and wineries of Hamilton and Niagara seemed too far from home for the couple, and so the old firehall offered the perfect spot to set up shop. Now the long term tenants of the historic building, the Buntons have relocated to the town to stay surrounded by their friends and customers. As for the brews, the at-home set up may have upgraded, but the passion is still the same. Each batch is a unique experience with a blend of fresh flavours while keeping consistent quality. After expanding their operation, patrons can now expect up to six flavours on tap at any given time. With good ingredients and adventurous techniques, each batch is an innovative experience. But the best part for the Buntons is the people they serve. Their customers are the heart of their brewery. As a small business, they want to share their craft with friends and neighbours. Each visitor is a new connection, and the team is happy to chat or give tours of the brewery. Aside from being a small-



Artfully Designed Cheese and Charcuterie for Large & Small Events






Village with a history by the lake

Simply Nic Nutrition is dedicated to helping empower people to make healthy choices for themselves and create long-term and sustainable goals and changes.

unforgettable food+Drink experiences


Wilson MacDonald Memorial School Museum Cottonwood Mansion Canadian Drilling Rig Museum


Barnwood Wine • Erie Collectables Muirheads Variety (Gas) • Town & Country Foods (LCBO & Beer Store)


Fisherville Tavern • The Hen House Hoover’s Marina • Rainham Centre Dairy Bar Shelly’s Family Dining • Sunflower Cafe


Jan. - Robbie Burns • Feb. - Heritage Day Jun. - Car Show, Super Sat. Aug. - Gas Fest, Fish Fry & Dance Sep. - Drilling Rig Open House Dec. - Illuminated Tractor Parade Selkirk Chamber of Commerce View historical and drone videos... Historical Tour... Read National Magazine Article on Selkirk and Haldimand County

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Escape for the weekend, enjoy an afternoon with friends, celebrate a special occasion while exploring a local, behind the scenes experience in food, drink, farms, art, boutique shops & community with Southwestern Ontario’s leading food tour company!

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Even when the nippy air takes hold, there really is no reason to not enjoy ice cream. In the summer, eating this chilly dairy lusciousness can be a race against the sun. Not so in the winter! Why not prolong the bliss all year long. + According to Russian folklore, eating cold food will warm you up while really smart Japanese scientists say ice cream for breakfast makes you smarter!

Get your chill on this winter 1 3 5 7 9

Hewitt’s Dairy Bar, Hagersville 2 Sweet Retrospect, Dunnville Duey’s Ice Cream, Brantford 4 OMG Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Brantford Jax Sweet Shoppe, Dundas 6 Lil’ Louie’s Eats & Sweets, Brantford Lonnies on Market, Brantford 8 Cocoa Cabana (New Cafe), Port Dover Twisted Lemon, Cayuga 10 Ritzy Cakes & Eatery, Waterford


PHOTO BY Jay Perry -

Our favourite gourmet ice cream parlour Indulge Ice Cream, located in Cambridge and Simcoe, closed for the 2019 season in September. But rest easy, they will be back in the spring!

Jan’s Tasty Road Trips

Our ever-growing food scene just keeps expanding. This has foodies in larger cities pretty envious, making this their choice dining destination! BY Spicy Jan Ah, Canadian winter! Snow topped evergreens, crisp air when you ‘see your breath’ and recipes that warm the soul. Winter is a time when friends and family gather to reconnect. Whether you

relax by the fire or meet at your favourite corner booth, it’s a special time to enjoy comfort foods, simmering soups and authentic cuisine. Winter holds memories of childhood fun in

the snow, staying out too long and coming inside to be halted at the door. Not stopped by the snow in your boots that is starting to melt, but the smells of the kitchen hitting your nose and filling your senses. “What are you cooking, is it ready yet?” I remember this like it was yesterday. I hope your memories of delicious foods, the comforts of the kitchen and the brisk air of winter will inspire your reading of these savoury destination locations, which will create new food memories.

Jan loves curating tour experiences to tempt the senses with local food and beverages. Email info@ or visit

A TASTE DESTINATION Spicy Jan did the gut-busting work for you and distilled

PHOTOs by Spicy Jan

it down to four absolute must-eats locations this issue!

The Raw Carrot Paris Every bowl of soup matters at The Raw Carrot. Smallbatch, hand-crafted soup is prepared weekly and shipped across Ontario to boutique retail locations, as well as bundled with care for home delivery. TRC believes in extending a hand-up by offering meaningful employment by making soup. Their employees love their jobs! A bowl of The Raw Carrot’s Spicy-ish Sausage and Cabbage Soup wafts beside me. It’s full of hearty sausage, cabbage and white beans in a light tomato black pepper broth. TRC offers eight gourmet soups and a guarantee of healthy, tasty and real food in every bowl.

Shy’s Place Dundas A true hidden gem and the locals love it that way. Shy’s is a reservations-recommended dining experience and the menus share perfectly balanced cuisine to stay for a while or enjoy a quick lunch. On my menu was the fried eggplant sandwich. Layers of breaded eggplant, butternut squash puree, melted mozzarella, Shy’s special sauce and all the fixings. The co-mingling of the puree to the special sauce with the crunchy panko on a toasted brioche was a one-bite-after-another superstar. Make time for a full restaurant tour and be sure to order the hand-cut garlic parm fries!

Joy Bakery & Cafe Simcoe Something special is happening at Joy and the coffee is only the half of it. All of Joy’s plates and mugs are exclusively made by a local potter, the teas are Canadian, and in-house baking, is prepared daily. Joy, on Robinson Street is a cafe where quick lineups are endless and the espresso machine works overtime. I dove into a huge bowl of vegan potato soup with a cranberry chutney on the side for optional flavour. One teaspoon took this earthy soup to the next level. Joy is building a community of followers who love sipping and feel the #goodvibes on Robinson at Joy.

Mercasa Little Italy Eatery Brantford This is Brantford’s only fast casual restaurant featuring Italian dining, where casual doesn’t mean a compromise on the cuisine. As you enter, the aromas of simmering marinara and fresh bread pull you up to the counter to begin your taste of Italy. I was ready for Roman Pizza. The bread-based crust was topped with fig jam and a roasted garlic olive oil base, mozzarella cheese, triple cream brie, caramelized onions, thinly sliced prosciutto and arugula topped with a balsamic glaze. On the side was a slice of heaven, the Eggplant Parm Lasagna. Andiamo, let’s go to Mercasa!

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 31

Say Cheese! Local gal and cheese-lover credits her accomplishment to a community who lifts each other up to succeed. BY Tara Shannon Jenny Ball is passionate about what she does. In The Dover Cheese Shop, she has curated a store that caters to the cheese-lovers every need. Providing quality cheeses (many local and Canadian-made), unique products and custom catering for large and small events. This is not your average supermarket cheese section, it’s above and beyond and down to earth too. I feel it when I enter. More so as we chat about how Jenny came to be the owner and on her tips for creating the perfect cheese board. Born in Guelph, Ontario, Jenny and her family moved to North Carolina when she was 13. There, she earned her degree in marketing and met her husband. In 2010, Jenny returned to Ontario to help with the family business, Mitten, in Brantford. Jenny and her husband fell in love with the charm of Port Dover and a certain little cheese shop located across from her current location. Jenny visited often and encouraged the owner to grow his business until one day he said, “You should buy this shop.” So, she did. The Dover Cheese Shop opened its doors in 2013. Six years on it’s hard to imagine Port Dover without it. Jenny equates her success not just to her passion, customers and location but to her fellow business owners: “It’s a real community here. It’s a place where business owners, many of them women, build each other up. We want each other to succeed.” Jenny’s tips for the perfect cheese board are classic. About 20-30g per cheese, per person are needed and she has three *go-to’s* when building a board; a triple cream brie (known locally as “Dovers Crack”!), a firm Merlot BellaVitano (a


parmesan/asiago blend) and Five Brother’s by Gunn’s Hill (a gouda/Swiss blend). They’re all cows milk cheeses but Jenny offers a variety of sheep, goat and vegan cheeses too. Next, look for fruits, herbs, wines, meats and treats that will complement the season and add flavour and colour. And polish your grapes! Every grape that goes to customers is polished by hand. It’s a little thing that makes a difference. Lastly, knives. There are special knives for certain cheeses and it helps to have some on hand. The Dover Cheese Shop, with over 100 cheeses and friendly staff, is a dream come true. Forget a day at the spa, I’m rolling up to the cheese shop. Take my money!

Culinary Arts



345 Argyle St S, Upscale eatery at family-friendly prices. Mainly fresh and local products makes the Argyle a must-try.


Oasis Drive-In

22 Argyle St S, Opened in 1927, Oasis is Canada’s oldest drive-in restaurant. Pop in for their tasty foot-long hot dogs, golden fresh cut fries or a big scoop ice cream cone. While there, visit the Haldimand House.

PRemium eSPReSSo, Single SouRced coffee, dAilY BAked TReATS, lunch & locAllY SouRced ingRedienTS!

DUNNVILLE Julia’s Bistro

217 Niagara St, Julia satisfies anyone’s craving for homemade Italian cooking while adding her unique style!

mE m oR I Es 126 Robinson St. Simcoe 519-420-9999

The Minga

146 Queen St, Serious coffees and sweets, many of their ingredients are organic, and most are sourced locally. You can’t beat their organic, fair-trade coffee for $1.80!


FISHERVILLE Fisherville Hotel & Tavern

2 Erie Ave S, Built as a hotel for travelling salesmen in 1853, the Fisherville Hotel & Tavern remains the destination for tourists and travellers alike. Explore an amazing local craft beer selection and honest food, or stay overnight to experience history and a small-town pace on your country getaway. HAGERSVILLE Main 88 Pizza Pub

88 Main St S, This place offers the best pizza around with lots of flavourful toppings on a thin crust. The bar is well stocked with beer and spirits and with large flat screens it is the perfect place to watch the game.


19 Holiday Drive, Brantford 519-753-8651

Satisfy your cravings for local passion at Kristi’s Market Kitchen! Fruits, veggies, baked goods and much more! Enjoy a fresh coffee or lunch on the run!

226 Middle Townline Rd. Harley Brant County 519-732-9843

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 33

JARVIS Devine’s Country Restaurant

116 Talbot St E, Famous for their all-day breakfast, savoury lunches and homemade desserts that are nothing short of divine. NORFOLK COUNTY Normandale The Normandale Century Inn and Restaurant

2326 Front Rd, Stay for a few nights or a single meal and enjoy their licensed outdoor patio.

cinq á sept Monday to Friday 5-7pM 1/2 price raw oysters, buy one get get one 1/2 price starters & small plates + $5 house wine.

PORT DOVER The Beach House

2 Walker St, Great food, great staff, great prices, and a stunning view right on Lake Erie! Sunday brunch eggs benny is a must! David’s Restaurant

Inspired by French Bistros and Lyonnaise Bouchon cuisine, Juniper Dining Co. is a modern fine dining restaurant with a comfortable and casual environment, located in Paris, Ontario. We marry quality local and seasonal ingredients with inventive cocktails, local beers and carefully chosen wines to create memorable experiences, time and time again.

3 Elm St, PariS 519-302-2200

168 New Lake Shore Rd, This refined Canadian restaurant with lake view offers an upstairs lounge with live weekend music. Knechtel’s

15 Walker St, A Port Dover signature beachfront destination for over 50 years serving Lake Erie Perch and Pickerel, burgers, foot-long hot dogs and ice cream cones. SAINT WILLIAMS Burning Kiln Winery

1709 Front Rd, An amazing winery that honours local agri-heritage and the culinary bounty. SIMCOE Barrel Restaurant

private party Bookings availaBle + 1/2 price prime riB sundays

131 Queensway W, A warm inviting atmosphere with fresh homemade Italian food, gourmet pizza, chicken, veal, seafood and gluten-free items. A casual Italian restaurant at its best. Celebrating 30 years of great food. Dine in, patio, takeout and delivery available. Joy Bakery Café

12 Broadway St w, PariS 519-442-5555


126 Robinson St, What an excellent place to visit with friends to drink good coffee, eat fabulous baked goods and simply relax! Locally sourced deliciousness at its best.


TURKEY POINT The Jetty Bar & Grill

236 Ordnance Dr, The Jetty is a casual eatery with a picturesque view of Lake Erie and a 150seat patio. The restaurant is open yearround with a great weekend breakfast that residents and cottagers love!


WATERFORD Ritzy Cakes & Eatery

20 Alice St, A spectacular small-town bakery also serving coffees, teas, paninis, soups, Belgian waffles, breakfast and so much more. Did I mention their treats? BRANT COUNTY Mount Pleasant Devlin’s Country Bistro & Catering

704 Mt. Pleasant Rd. This former combined general store, post office and residence has been an enduring fixture in the community for over 125 years, adding Devlin’s Country Bistro in 1990. Offering contemporary Italian cuisine with a unique and delicious Californian flair.

Field To Table Country Dining Stop by to watch the game, grab a pint, hunker down and prepare to never want to leave until you’ve eaten your way through our menu. Whether it’s our sinful pizza, our stop-your-heart sandwiches, or our lick-your-figures-clean wings, we take pride in everything we make.

88 Main St S, HaGERSViLLE 905-768-4040

receive 10% off of the manufacturer’s cost for each hearing aid purchased. This offer expires april 1, 2020

St George Abigail’s Tea House

2 Main St, Located in an old bank in a picturesque village, they offer an exquisite dining experience in a calm and beautifully antique-inspired environment. Reservations are always recommended. PARIS Juniper Dining Co.

There are some sounds you wouldn’t miss for the world. So don’t!

3 Elm St, Inspired by French bistros and Lyonnaise bouchon cuisine, this modern restaurant marries quality local and seasonal ingredients with inventive cocktails, local beers and carefully chosen wines to create memorable experiences, time and time again.

If you think you or someone you love could hear better, but you are unsure of how to take that first step toward better hearing, Acoustic Hearing Centre can help. We offer free hearing assessments and prescribe hearing aids that promote improved communication. No referral needed. Call for an appointment.

Midtown Kitchen & Coffee Co.

59 Grand River St N, An artisanal New York deli and coffee house with fresh ingredients, chefinspired soups, sandwiches, pizzas and desserts.

We listen, you hear 525 Colborne ST, branTford, 519-770-3555

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 35

Stillwaters Plate & Pour

At Brantwood Farms, we offer a variety of fruits and vegetables for most of the year but during the chilly winter months we focus on delicious baked goods! Pies, bread, butter tarts and cookies are our favourites alongside our crisp apples and amazing cider. We would like to wish you and your family an amazing holiday, cozy winter and a very happy new year in 2020. Cheers!

61 Grand River St N, A globally-inspired menu created by Chef William Thompson of Food Network’s Top Chef Canada, coupled with a breathtaking rooftop patio leaves nothing to be desired. The perfecT pairing of STyle, relaxaTion, local flavour & aTTainabiliTy in porT Dover!

Be sure to visit David’s on Tour at The links at Dover coast during the golf season + Dover cab will bring it right to your port Dover doorstep! Check out our website for more details.

The Cobblestone Pub

111 Grand River St N, This laid-back, old-time watering hole features a menu of gourmet versions of pub favourites, and is a mainstay for neighbours and visitors alike. Trattoria at Midtown

59 Grand River St N, Set in a cellar-like atmosphere, Trattoria at Midtown is opened at 4pm, 7 days a week and focuses on casual Italian fare and wines. BRANTFORD Cafe Andreou

104 West St Fine dining in an 1865 home with Italian and continental cuisine. Enjoy exquisite food with hospitality at its finest. Elements Casino Brantford

GET FRESH! Open 7 days a week 251 Powerline Rd, Brantford

40 Icomm Dr, Table games, slots, a poker room and great shows draw people to this venue and the great breakfast, lunch and dinner menu keeps them coming back! Sociable Kitchen & Tavern

AN ARtisAN ColleCtive bRiNgiNg the beAuty of smAll bAtCh to you with A foCus iN NoRfolk CouNty


2619 Cockshutt Rd Norfolk County 905-537-3936


45 King George Rd, A hip hangout with globally-inspired pub fare including brunch and craft beers and cocktails in a funky and fun environment. Oxford County ingersoll The Olde Bakery Cafe

120 Thames St S, Offering healthy breakfast and lunch options with an array of tasty and yummy, not-so-healthy pastries. Just like grandma used to make! Tillsonburg d’Lish Kitchen Cafe

518 Broadway #1 A hearty diner creating tasty food

for health-concious bodies. From chickpeas to kombucha, your belly will thank you. Woodstock Tandoori Knight

511 Dundas St, If you love Indian food this is a muststop place to eat. Everything is flavourful and fresh and the portions are always generous. Hamilton Ancaster Ancaster Mill

548 Old Dundas Rd, Situated beside a creek with a large dining room built out overlooking the falls and boasting menus that highlight the best of the season’s local and organic products. Don’t miss their Champagne Sun brunch. Rousseau House Restaurant & Lounge

375 Wilson St E, This upscale restaurant excels at romancing your taste buds. Enjoy lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch in their elegant dining room or choose the more casual main floor lounge for tapas. Be sure to check out their live music Friday evenings, an amazing summer patio and extensive wine listing.

Woodstock, tillsonburg, ingersoll, norWich, tavistock, drumbo, embro

519-539-9800 1-866-801-7368 x3355

Dundas Detour Roaster’s Cafe

41 King St W, Gourmet roasts from around the world prepared as a pour-over, as well as coffees of the day, espressos, a range of teas and a light, delectable bistro menu. Thirsty Cactus Cantina & Grill

2 King St E, Whet your whistle with one of their amazing 24 beer taps, enjoy an inspired Southwest menu, and of course a super friendly and fun atmosphere!

the freshest food with the friendliest service 131 Queensway W, Simcoe


WATERDOWN The Royal Coachman

1 Main St N, This quaint British pub/restaurant is located in a landmark Victorian building built in 1868. They offer traditional pub food, an extensive draft tap, spacious dining room and small event area and in the summer they have an great patio for relaxing with friends!

Patio • Dine-In • Delivery • Catering • Take-Out Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. FALL 2019 37


It is so easy to spoil yourself with lavish, local goods. Take a day trip down your favourite country road and spend a day just wandering around a few of your favourite small towns. Whether you’re looking for something comfy and cozy or something prim and proper, you’ll never know what treasures you’ll find down the back roads.










1 The Shop at Sweetwater, Boston 2 Kari’s of Ancaster, Ancaster 3 David William Shoes & More Inc., Dundas 4 Trends on Grand, Paris 5 Nina-Brie Enterprises, Brantford 6 Bella & Coop, Home Decor and Lifestyle Boutique, Caledonia and Grimsby 7 Cottage North Soapworks, Port Dover 8 Hanley’s Eyewear Boutique, Ancaster 9 Shear Creations Gift Shoppe, Port Rowan 38 LIVE SMALL TOWN

hygge The Danish Art of Happiness

Denmark is ranked as one of the happiest nations in the world, and hygge is likely the main ingredient in their recipe for joy. Pronounced “hoo-ga,” Hygge is the art form of creating intimacy in any given moment. It is doing things with warmth and pleasure, being present in the moment, and having a feeling of inner contentment when enjoying the simple things in life. It is harnessed to create social occasions with loved ones but it can also be enjoyed alone to calm the nerves and sooth the senses. News of this lifestyle has been spreading quickly over the last few years, crossing international borders and spreading warmth wherever the idea touches down.

Here are a few tips to create your own sense of Hygge. 1 Invest in candles 2 Add soft textures 3 Remember the simple things in life 4 Update your pjs 5 Spend time with friends 6 Take up a new hobby 7 Don’t rush life 8 Never overdo it 9 Enjoy your surroundings 10 Remember that hygge is not just for winter!

LOCAL TASTE MAKERS who inspire 1 The Artisans’ Collective. Candles, decor+. Paris artisanscollectiveparis.caa 2 Candela & Co. Candles, decor+. Brantford 3 Cottage North Soapworks. Soaps and body care, decor+. Port Dover 4 Country Home Candle. Candles. Delhi 5 The Needle Emporium. Knitting and crochet hobby. Ancaster 6 Ty-Kobee Tea & Coffee Co. Gourmet loose leaf teas, freshly roasted coffee beens, specialty treats +. Port Dover 7 Feathering Quilt Shop. Quilting supplies and classes. Dundas 8 Wild Comfort. Natural body care products. Woodstock Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 39

On the Map

Self Care

If you’re going to make one resolution this year, we suggest you give yourself permission to engage in self-care. BY NANCY HOWDEN-COWELL Blue Harvest Hair Design & Spa Simcoe Imagine yourself nestled on a picturesque farm in Norfolk County where you are being swept away from your busy life and immersed into comfort and luxury. In 2016 Lara Sawaya-Norman opened Blue Harvest and mastered the delivery of this unique and memorable experience. Where guests always leave the salon feeling respected, renewed and excited to return.

Spiritual Wellness Brantford We all know we need to pamper our bodies but what about our spirits? There are times when what you need is not available at your local spa and you might have questions that your soul craves answers to. Through her work as a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Dianne Davis of Spiritual Wellness takes you on a journey to find those answers that will help you heal your soul.

H a m i lt o n









Enrapt Boutique + Spa Paris I don’t know about you but I love getting pampered and knowing that all the products that will be used on me are chemical free and completely organic just makes it all the better. When it comes to Enrapt Boutique Spa in Paris Rikki wants to help her customers not only look beautiful but to feel beautiful, to know they are worth pampering and doing it in a totally healthy way.


The Eliminators Caledonia Do you want to lose weight or overcome anxiety or stop those nasty hot flashes? The Eliminators produce three natural flower essence therapy products that work instantly. Flower Therapy is a form of harmonizing medicine that harnesses the emotional and physical healing powers present in carefully selected flowers from around the world to heal not just the body, but also the mind.

Aloha Cosmetic Spa Ancaster From nutrition to lashes this upscale Ancaster spa takes you on a journey that invests in your health, your inner strength and your confidence. From their backgrounds in healthcare the team at Aloha Cosmetic Spa bring you a more medical approach to beauty from the inside out that helps you live your life in harmony and recognize that you do deserve to treat and pamper yourself.

The Cabin Wellness Clinic Fisherville This year young clinic is a one-stop shop for everything wellness! Their focus is helpingtheir clients find wellness, balance, and relief from pain and stress. Registered massage therapy, cupping, medical aesthetics, eyelashes, eyebrows, waxing, nails, facials, Reiki, aromatherapy, yoga. They also offer an impressive array of locally sourced gifts and personal care products.

Pampering Pleasure

Come with us, again and again, as we explore the wonder of being a tourist in our own backyard! BY Sandy Marincic So, by now you know the Experiential Tourist drill - I go do something I haven’t done, stick my neck out, have a cool experience, and then tell all. Part of the fun is that I’m not in charge of what I do - our dear editor Kate Sharrow is. For this issue she found an experience that, as a man, I had zero interest in – a day at the spa. Spa? I’m comfy in my manhood – there’s room for heavy work, motorcycles, tools, music, art, cooking, books and the softer things in life. But the thought of someone fussing and putting goop on me – blech! This was a legit challenge. When one sees life as a high stakes adventure that none survive, one must take the bait as offered. My sweetheart, Michelle, and I were warmly greeted by Elements Day Spa manager Scott Middleton of Port Dover. He assured me that

the spa isn’t like a hair salon; it’s a calm restorative environment. He then led us to the showers, sauna, and the salt water pool. Hmmm. The showers! I have never seen that quantity of justright hot water before. It was fantastic and paved the way for me to relax into a great day, connecting and kibitzing with Michelle. We vacated our respective change rooms showered, nipped into the sauna, then slid into the saltwater infinity pool, a meditative place where we floated and absorbed the view of snow-bound Lake Erie. It was sublime and I felt myself softening – in every sense. Then Scott turned us over to Maighan and Danielle, who put us on side by side massage tables. They oiled us up and treated us to an hour of relaxation massage in the dimly lit, fragrant room. I let go of all my expectations and truly enjoyed the gentle touch. The relaxation massage lived up to its promise. Next was the facial – the 500 lb. gorilla of my day. An endless supply of concoctions were applied, each promising to make me a better man. It was fascinating, felt nice, and in the end my skin felt pretty fine. So, men be warned, it’s nice to be pampered. With our shiny new faces, it was time to look after the other end - my first pedicure. Our feet in warm water, expert hands gently exfoliated our callouses and made our toenails “pretty”. This involved a glass of wine, and more letting go. Is this how aristocrats lived? Can someone get me a lottery ticket? Please. Michelle and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, ending our day in David’s Restaurant with wine and dinner. This was a great way to reconnect – there’s something disarming in the spa experience, and we men can benefit from letting go and “crossing the floor” to be closer to our life partners. And it’s so fun to stick one’s neck out, right?

EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL REVISITED 1 Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese - Affinage 101, Woodstock 2 Grand River Dinner Cruises, Caledonia 3 Red Apple Rides - Foodie Tours+, Port Dover 4 Chocolatea - Truffle Making Camp, Ingersoll 5 Ride the Bine - Wine and Beer Tours 6 Tasty Road Trips Food Tours, Brant, Oxford+ 7 Six Nations Tourism - Educational Tours, Ohsweken 8 Le Chocolat du Savoie - Tasting Excursions, Brantford Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 41

Retreat & Reconnect

Who knew that just an hour down the road and around the bend we would find each other? BY Kate Sharrow

The last five years have been a huge challenge for my sweetheart, Al, and I and our relationship. Renovations coupled with career dis-

ruptions, mixed with multihouse juggling, immersed in teenage drama, sprinkled with me deciding to start this magazine with my

friend Kerri. Then juggling it all not-so-gracefully while never changing out of my flannel pyjamas. Well you get the picture. It has been nothing less than crazy and when Al mentioned that we should get away to a couples retreat and reconnect, I just starred at him blankly, not knowing if I knew how to do that. What would we talk about? We settled on Hide A Way Hills. It is a new luxury glamping experience nestled on the edge of the Long Point World Biosphere in Normandale, Norfolk County. It beautifully backs onto over 100,000 acres of protected Carolinian Forests, was completely secluded and only an hour from our home. Sounds rustic but Hide A Way Hills was pure luxury and peace. French silk linens, a king sized bed, antique china and silverware, a wood fire-pit and a locally inspired gift basket. This was the dream of

Cheryl Mills and Ray Jennings who retired to the area a few plus years ago. They wanted to create a luxury experience akin to a Dubai hotel in the forest meeting Alice in Wonderland. A place where couples could connect and reconnect far away from their own uniquely crazy lives! Before the sun went down we explored the woods and introduced ourself to their pheasants, deer and bunnies then we opened some wine and prepared the fire for a delicious dinner and complimentary dark chocolate s’more. Al and I had a great time together and surprisingly we never ran out of things to talk about. It was so nice to wake up surrounded by nature. We never wanted to leave. As we drank our coffee at the lookout overlooking the valley we were both reminded of how lucky we were to have shared such a lovely experience.

PERKS OF THE PACKAGE. The folks at Hide A Way Hills paid attention to

the many details and most of them were a delicious surprise!

Inasphere Wines St Williams When we arrived we were welcomed with a complimentary bottle of Inasphere Wine and it perfectly paired with relaxing and waiting for the open fire to simmer enough to our start dinner!

Jensen Cheese Simcoe Amongst the goodies left for us was a beautiful smoked cheddar from Jensen. It was so soft and buttery as it melted in our mouths. It was also the perfect addition to help awaken our senses.


Chambers Maple Waterford We came prepared to cook up pancakes on the open fire and drown them rich maple syrup from Chambers Pure Maple Products, also found in our overflowing gift basket. We felt so spoiled!

Kernal Peanuts Vittoria Imagine combining white chocolate covered popcorn and black peanuts in one mouthful. Well, Al spotted them in the basket and lickety-split they were gone.

Hide A Way Hills

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 43

Simcoe Christmas Panorama River of Lights Photos courtesy of

LET there be GLOW

It’s a very Canadian thing to complain about how long our winters truly are. This year, you can make the season fly by as you take adventure after adventure and see what our area has to offer in a Winter Wonderland.

Written by Emmalee Nother Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 45

As an unmistakable chill fills the air and the soft snowflakes start to fall, we tend to grab our coziest sweaters, warmest woolly socks and biggest blankets to hunker down for a cold, long winter. Well not this year! Time to welcome the season with open arms and a cup of hot cocoa, there’s plenty to do, eat, shop and explore around our area. Come join the fun, and warm up! There is always something so magical and beautiful about the first flurries of the season. It fills the air with feelings of romance, comfort and joy. You can’t help but get the bug to bake up some festive cookies, put on a fire and drink a hot toddy or two. Prepping for the holiday season, we start humming familiar tunes and the twinkle of lights fill our homes and streets. It feels like we are living in a whole new world, one where reindeers fly, oil lamps last eight crazy nights and we feast with family, friends and those we love. Then after a while, often around the end of January, winter starts to lose some of its lustre. We begin to begrudgingly shovel our driveways and sidewalks as the frozen air hits our lungs with that oh-so-familiar burn. Our nose hairs freeze together as we start to grumble and grunt, wondering

when the warm weather will return. Living between the Great Lakes, our snow fall often becomes a burden and we all become bah-humbugs. We sit in our homes, binging the latest show on Netflix or mindlessly scrolling through our social feeds as a way to pass the time. It’s a wonder how they made it through these long winter days without modern technology in years not too long ago. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way! We’re more than blessed to live in an area filled with so much to do in any season of the year, whether the weather has you in a tizzy or has you filled with triumph. For those who love the outdoors, the sunny, snow-filled days and everything Jack Frost throws our way, we have boundless outdoor adventures filled with hiking trails, snowshoeing,

Spend Family Day in Brantford with Frosty. A fun filled event for everyone, Frosty Fest is a Family Day tradition that takes place in downtown Brantford’s Harmony Square. With a little bit of everything for everyone, you can ride the midway, watch live ice carving and take a horse drawn trolley around town. With pony rides, skating and plenty of other fun activities, you can make it a special day with some serious excitement.

Dust off your snow shoes and get lost in nature. Ayr Take a weekend walk on the wild side at Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area. With a wonderful 7kms of winding trails to go cross country skiing or snowshoeing at your own leisure, bring your thermos of hot chocolate and explore the rich Carolinian forests that make this area so beautiful. With shoes and skis ready to rent, bundle up and choose your own adventure!

Dare to dive into Port Dover’s New Years Day polar bear dip. A local tradition since 1983 that’s less than toasty, the folks of Port Dover and area voluntarily toss themselves into the freezing waters of Lake Erie on New Year’s Day and lovingly call it a Polar Bear Dip! Starting with only a few spectators, it now pulls in crowds of over 2000 to watch these brave souls bear their bodies to the cold all in the name of community causes.


Begin the new year in Harmony Square. Brantford Ring in the new year, New York City style at Harmony Square in Brantford! With live, local music, fantastic food and fireworks that sparkle as the ball drops at midnight, this party is the perfect way to bid farewell to 2019 and celebrate all the amazing new adventures on the horizon for you in 2020. Lace up your skates for one last loop, and slide right into the New Year.

Carefully-crafted goods from marvellous marketplaces in our quaint small towns make some of the best gifts, whether for a reason, a season or just because. We’re so lucky to have so many of these wonderful hidden gems sprinkled throughout our neighbourhoods. Places like Wincey Mills, nestled in the picturesque town of Paris in Brant County. It houses some of the loveliest local artisans who make everything from scrumptious gourmet popcorn to handmade home dÊcor and unique, natural body care. After you visit Wincey Mills, make sure to take a stroll through the historic, picturesque Paris downtown for more treats and treasures.

The Paris Wincey Mills Co

Enjoy Simcoe Christmas Panorama River of Lights. Simcoe The magic of the holiday season comes alive and lights up hearts both young and young at heart at the Simcoe Panorama. From late November until early January, this spectacle of lights located in Wellington Park features thousands of lights, holiday displays, sights, sounds and snacks that transform the world around you into a winter wonderland. Take a wee wander and enjoy the season!

Take a magical trip into Christmas past with Dundurn Castle. Enjoy the beauty of a mid-19th century family Christmas celebration at the majestic Dundurn Castle. Decorated in full Victorian splendor with cedar boughs, ribbons, dried flowers and dressed up pines, the scene is set for what the Yule season was like long ago. A beautiful holiday tradition, this national historic site in Hamilton is truly a blast from the past.

Get some great ideas at the Ancaster Wedding Show at Night. Friday Feb 28, 2020 4pm - 9pm. For the brides-to-be in your life, the Ancaster Wedding Show at Night offers something a little less traditional and a little more of a statement. The unique event has a more vintage, rustic and glamourous feel where you can enjoy the Parade of Gowns, a cupcake dive and just take in the luxuries the show vendors have to offer.

An daring ice climbing adventure awaits you! For those seeking a little something out of the ordinary in the icy outdoors, why not try ice climbing? When the weather and your adventure level permits, the Hamilton Conservation Authority allows the use of stunning Tiffany Falls for ice climbing. Done at your own risk, you must be a member of the Alpine Club of Canada or you can attend an ice climbing class with OneAxe Pursuits.

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 47

Don’t even think about putting your bike away during the winter chill! Grab a fat bike and head out on the trails in Turkey Point with Elevation Mountain Bike Camps and Coaching. With lessons and tours available, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an advanced rider, you can enjoy a beautiful winter’s day on wheels. Looking to enjoy a ride and festive lights? Try the amazing Yuletide Bike Ride with Freewheel Cycle in Dundas.

Savour southern Ontario’s maple syrup. As Canadians, we’re saps for a good ol’ maple sugar bush! As the first sign that warmer days are getting near, we start to crave something sweet. Chambers Maple Syrup in Waterford is a cozy little shack that’s a one-stop-shop for all things maple. Or venture into the past and learn the history behind the taps at Westfield Heritage Village, complete with a hearty pancake breakfast.


Discover southern Ontario’s amazing music scene. Music will always warm the heart and soul, just what we need when it’s 40 degrees below! The Thirsty Cactus not only has some of the best tacos but also live entertainment. A Dundas staple, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday you can enjoy live music. In Cayuga, stop by the Wildwood Art Gallery and Studio for a variety of musicians sure to make you feel jolly.

Create your own tour by visiting some of our local artists. Many offer classes too! Explore the creativity of those who live in our rural towns by building your own studio tour. Take a day and discover the merry makers that create curated crafts and one-of-a-kind wares for you and all you love. Some of our favourites include a trip through Vittoria in Norfolk County with a quick stop at Loka Studio and the Good Bread Company.

Painting by Local Paris Artist Holly Ounapuu

Do you need to shake off the winter blahs? Taking a rip around the countryside on a snowmobile might just do the trick. If you feel the need for speed and the rush of a sled beneath you, this winter you can join a local snowmobile club. The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is a dedicated group of volunteers with 25 clubs across 3,139 kilometres of trails throughout southwestern Ontario. From events like vintage sled shows and driver training courses, it’s a great way meet new people and explore the outdoors! Try out the Oxford Snowmobile Club or the Burford Area Snowmobile Club to try your skills at the sled!

and skiing for the snow, lovers. As the lakes and rivers begin to harden, we can lace up our skates, or grab a fishing rod and try our hand at ice fishing. The country is our playground and making the best out of winter is as easy as putting on the new set of mitts granny made you for Christmas. Snowmen, snow forts and snow angels are encouraged! Not all of us are as keen about frolicking in the frozen tundra, so for those who would rather stay toasty, warm and in the comfort of the indoors, our country’s teeny, tiny towns have you covered-up and cozy at many markets, museums, libraries and creative studios. These indoor hubs host a variety of glorious gatherings exhibiting our local arts and culture. They make the perfect day trips, road trips or even just a quick few hours to get out of the house and have a change of scenery while discovering new favourite spots that might become part of a regular routine. It’s a whimsical feeling see the snow fly at night while taking in a concert at a local venue with a glass of wine from the vineyard down the street or a cocktail mixed with some of the last harvested goods from the fall. For those who like the best of both worlds, our bustling wee towns are loaded with entertaining events that com-

bine the beauty of our Canadian winters with the solace of going indoors. Many, if not most, showcase our ever-growing and mouth-watering local food and drink scene, so make sure to grab a carefully-crafted warm brew or a freshly baked homemade treat while you take in the sights and sounds that bring cheer to those chilly days. A mulled wine or hot cider is not only a great hand warmer, but they warm the soul as you meander through the town squares, frosty festivals and hometown brouhahas. All of these winter affairs allow us to see the season not as something that we have to suffer through for what feels like eight months of the year by showing gratitude for the snow and ice and the activities we can enjoy only while we have the cold, blustery air. We can embrace the truest Canadian season for all it has to offer and enjoy the company of friends and family while we can. Take a little break from the hustle and bustle, go outside and revel in the beauty of our many green spaces that have turned a crystal white. Take a day, a weekend or just a few hours to get out of the house, put on your toque and play in the snow. Jump on a sled, a snowmobile or even a bike and go somewhere new. Every season has a reason, and winter is here, and for that we should cheer!

Enjoy World Nutella Day If the cold has you feeling a little nutty, you should celebrate World Nutella Day in Brantford. The popular hazelnut and chocolate treat has its own day of celebration with activities at both the Sanderson Centre and Harmony Square. Enjoy s’mores and Nutella hot chocolate but don’t forget to bring a spoon, we like this treat straight outta the jar. Brantford is considered the sweetest place in the world to rejoice over Nutella.

Last minute Christmas extravaganzas. Support the locals this holiday season. From Christmas in Vittoria, to Christmasfest in Port Dover, grab a few friends, some warm bevies and buy some unique, handmade wonders. Make a stop at Hometown for the Holidays at Burning Kiln Winery for a one-stop-shop or head into the Cotton Factory to explore the many makers, movers and shakers that call the fascinating, building home in Hamilton.

Nothing is better than ice fishing. Ice fishing is a popular cold weather activity with prime conditions on the shores of Lake Erie. Learn from the experts at Jimmy Riggin’ Fishing Charters who can take you step-by-step through the process and set you up with everything you need. Once you’ve got a few fish under your belt, try your luck and skills at the Valens Lake Ice Fishing Derby in February. This family affair has lots of prizes to be won!

Women’s Expo - March 8. Ancaster Fairgrounds Spend International Women’s Day with the women you love and those who support you, along with small business owners and wellness activists who make everything just for the ladies. Explore all things tailored to women, discover local gems and connect with the strong boss babes who are there. With workshops, door prizes and a kombucha bar, there’s so much to do celebrating the women in our lives.

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 49

Stuffed at Dundas Legion 50 LIVE SMALL TOWN

Our totally insider, Town-by-town, hidden-gem-by-hidden-gem, guide to what’s new, hot, and legendary in Dundas & Ancaster. All the stuff you absolutely must eat, do, buy and indulge in to make the most of your time off the sofa and loving our county! Written & Photographed by Jay Perry

Welcome to the quaint and charming small towns of Hamilton. For those not familiar with the area, on January 1, 2001, the City of Hamilton amalgamated with its five neighbouring municipalities which included Glanbrook, Flamborough, Ancaster, Dundas, and Stoney Creek. Now it’s a pretty big city. And since I was born and raised in Stoney Creek, this day marked my transformation from “Creeker” to a “Hamiltonian”. So no, we aren’t featuring the big city of Hamilton in this issue, we are shining a light on Dundas and Ancaster. I basically get to be a tourist in my home town. I spent two days exploring these two small villages starting at the

Dundas Legion. I had heard there was a pierogi dinner planned there by the Waterdown-based food truck Stuffed. Stuffed is a “pierogi team,” as they like to be referred to, that specializes in homemade pierogi and various other European cuisine. Unfortunately, they don’t have a winterized food truck but instead of closing up shop for the winter they have been creatively hosting small dinners at various places in and around the city. So, homemade pierogi? Count me in! I made my way to the Legion on the Friday evening dinner and as I walked in, the scent immediately reminded me of my grandparents home. I have a Ukrainian background and our Christmas Eve dinner is traditionally the best meal of the year with a feast of homemade pierogi and cabbage rolls. I ordered my meal which consisted of five cheddar cheese potato pierogi

with caramelized onions and sour cream, one pork and rice cabbage roll, a piece of sausage, sauerkraut, and fresh cucumber salad. I felt like a kid of Christmas Eve again. My game plan was to save the pierogi for last. It was part strategy and part fear of what to tell my grandmother if these were better than hers. The sausage and cabbage roll were incredible. The sauerkraut was like nothing I had ever tasted. I wouldn’t say I’m a sauerkraut connoisseur but I’ve definitely consumed my fair share and this one had quite the unique taste to it. My grandmother makes two kinds of pierogi — a cheddar cheese and potato pierogi and a sauerkraut pierogi which is my favourite. They are pretty amazing, but it only took the first bite of Stuffed’s little cheesy gems and I was hooked! These were hands-down the best cheddar cheese and potato

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 51

Beanermunky Chocolate

pierogi I have ever had. I guess I’ll be hiding this issues from my grandma. The worst part? I only ordered five. If you don’t like cheese and potato pierogi, no problem because they also offer bacon blue cheese, bacon cheddar, dill pickle, herb and garlic, sauerkraut, spinach and artichoke, and even a vegan option. Please check out their website at 52 LIVE SMALL TOWN to find out where their be next pop-up dinner will be, or make the trip to the Dundas Legion on January 17 and February 21, for their next dinner. A few days later I returned to Dundas for a full day of exploring. The main strip is filled with an array of little shops and restaurants and I coincidentally parked right in front of the best kind of shop there is — a chocolate shop! Beanermunky Chocolate is its name and the store name is a combination of the nicknames owner Lori Eisenberger had for her two sons growing up. Jacob – “Beaner” and Mathew – “Munky”. Beanermunky prides itself on making fork-dipped chocolate in small batches using the highest quality of ingredients. They

only use chocolate from suppliers that are members of the World Cocoa Foundation, a group that focuses on sustainability for farmers, human rights and the environment. Lori and I had a wonderful chat and I was insanely impressed with her chocolate knowledge. A former financial planner, Lori made the leap to full-time chocolatier by turning her hobby into a business. Pictured here is her Raspberry Merlot which is from her artisan chocolate collection. It’s is a dark chocolate ganache made with local Malivoire Cabernet Merlot wine, enrobed in Belgian dark chocolate and finished with a cocoa butter design. She sure does make chocolate an art and I could have spent all day with her. It was a bit cold outside so Lori suggested I try her chocolate drink. It is made with dark chocolate, dark cocoa powder, cane sugar, cinnamon and heated to perfection so I urge you to drive directly to Beanermunky Chocolate right after finishing this article and test it for yourself. They also have a location in nearby Waterdown! I left Beanermunky with hot drink in hand to roam the downtown and from a far I noticed a bike store in a really cool historical building and I decided to check it out. Freewheel Cycle has been a staple in Dundas for many years and the store reminded me of the bike shops that I used to frequent

Freewheel Cycle

Shawn & Ed Brewing Company.

as a kid. They have the motto “more than just a bike store” and this is motto is 100 percent correct. Sure, they have bikes for all ages, styles, the hobbyist, and even the professional, but they also offer spin classes, weekly rides, lessons, and even have rentals. If you are coming in for the weekend, this is the perfect spot to rent a bike and take it on all the amazing trails that surround this beautiful area. That said, it was now 2 p.m. and instead of taking a spin, I decided it was the perfect time for a pint. Lucky for me, there was a brewery within walking distance called Shawn & Ed Brewing Company. What started as an idea more than 25 years ago came to be a reality three years ago when longtime friends Shawn Till and Ed Madronich turned their dream into a business and opened a brewery. I was given a tour of the historic landmark building and open concept brewery. Having the brew tanks in the same area as the tasting room creates a unique experience and makes you feel part of their story. After sampling a few of their beers, I decide my favourite was definitely LAGERSHED Original. It’s a bottom fermented pilsner-style lager beer with an elegant taste, brilliant gold in colour, a dry body and a subtle yet distinct hop profile. Their main goal was to make a drinkable craft beer and they have exceeded that goal. Before I knew it, it was 4 p.m. and I decided to leave Dundas to make my way to another local favourite to have an early dinner. The Coach & Lantern is one of the coolest old-style British pubs around. Based in a late 1700’s, historic limestone building in the old Ancaster

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 53

Village, it is actually the third oldest building in Ancaster! To enter you have to walk through a courtyard, which doubles as their summer patio. The ambiance is so authentic you feel like you crossed the pond to England! After looking at the menu, I decided to order their reuben sandwich which features shaved corn beef, Swiss cheese and frizzled onions served with vinaigrette slaw and a dill pickle. I had it as a wrap with a side of onion rings. The sandwich, the decor and the staff made this the perfect place for my dinner. I highly recommend checking out the Coach & Lantern. Plus they even have a pretty sweet upstairs that you can rent out for parties. As I left the restaurant, I noticed a little store called Baskets ’n’ Bundles.

nestled at the end of the patio. I had no idea what it was but I decided to pop in for a quick look. At first it seemed to be quite an eclectic array of items throughout the store but once I talked to owner Heather Hill everything made sense and I loved the idea. The premise of the store is that you can come in and customize your own gift baskets. I’ve sent gift baskets before but they always felt impersonal. With Baskets ’n’ Bundles you pick and choose what you want in your basket and they will wrap it up and make it look beautiful. Items range from gourmet treats, baby gifts, seasonal items, stuffed animals, jewelry, and way more. I don’t have a big enough article to tell you how incredible this store is, so head over to their website to check

them out: My next stop was to walk across the street and book into my accommodations for the night at The Barracks Inn. Funny enough, while I was telling Heather at Baskets ’n’ Bundles about it, she mentioned that she was a part-owner of the inn. That’s another reason why I love small towns so much: everyone seems to be involved in everything and the sense of community is incredible. The Barracks Inn is the only hotel in the area that is not a chain or a bed and breakfast. It is a century stone building that features 18 luxuriouslyappointed suites. Each suites offers a subtle blend of unique period décor and modern in-room technologies. Because I actually felt like I was walking into a castle when I first

The Coach & Lantern

Baskets ’n’ Bundles.


The Barracks Inn

arrived, I found it funny when the front desk told me that my room had a mini fridge, an espresso machine, and cable television with Netflix. The Barracks is also pet friendly. They have two rooms dedicated to host guests with furry friends. I got my key and headed to room 208 and opened the door to a massive suite. For real! It was massive. Three giant windows in one wall, a huge bed, and heated floors in the washroom. Heated floors! The place was spotless and I loved it. Even though the inn had many guests I did not hear anyone in the halls or in the room next to me. It was the silence I needed to sit down and start writing this article and afterwards I had an incredible sleep.

In the morning there was a free breakfast for all guests. It’s a full hot breakfast stocked with scrambled eggs, French toast, pancakes, sausage, bacon, fruit, bread, bagels, cereal, coffee, tea, water, apple juice... you get the idea. This place is perfect for those who want to create a mini stay-cation and spend the weekend shopping in all the boutique shops of Dundas and Ancaster. It’s also great for those on a business trip, or for folks coming into town for a wedding. You will be impressed with every inch of this place. The attention to detail is on another level. I am so happy I had the chance to spend a night here but you should check it out for yourself.

And this concluded my venture into Dundas and Ancaster. Although I was essentially in my hometown, I did feel like a tourist because I was discovering places that I have never been to before. It was actually fun getting to experience some hidden gems that I have driven past so many times without stopping. It makes me wonder what else I am missing just around the corner for me to discover.

If you enjoyed this piece and wish to see live videos while I’m adventuring into these small towns, then follow me on Instagram at @jayperry for a behind-the-scenes look at what is going on. But more importantly, where should I head to next?

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Deep Roots

Colonel Andrew Thorburn Thompson was born in Seneca Township and raised at Ruthven Park Estate, now Ruthven Park National Historic Site in Cayuga.

Rest No more the droning of the plane In place of it I hear again The droning of the bee, As through the clover-scented field I slowly walk, my senses yield To all that’s sweet to me. The beauty of the sun-lit sky The music of the lark on high, The branding brook beside. All this in place of war’s alarm, Instead of fear and deadly harm, What better could betide? The war-worn soldiers fell the peace Of nature’s charm, their sorrows cease, In country scenes so pure. Oh God, doom them no more to strife, Give them for Death, Eternal Life, Thy Peace, that doth endure. Col. Andrew Thorburn Thompson 1870 – 1939

Living History

With the fast pace of our lives seeming to accelerate at every turn, we should all take a moment to reflect on the numerous stories, places, memories and people that have truly made Southwestern Ontario one of the greatest places on Earth. Each of our communities, counties and towns have contributed their own unique piece to the tapestry that can collectively be called Canada and there is no better way to chart a course towards the future than by glancing back to honour the past.

Black History Month Serving as a small reminder of the struggles, tribulations and achievements of black people both past and present. BY Tim Zwart The idea of racial equality and rights for minorities is a bedrock principle of the Canadian experience. We pride ourselves on being a land of tolerance and understanding, a beacon of hope to the hopeless, and a soft place to land for the downtrodden. Never one to judge or hold grudges, we’ve been opening the doors of our nation in the name of humanity since the very beginning, and when help is needed, we have repeatedly answered the call. The month of February is known universally as Black History Month, and perhaps nowhere in the history of our nation are these principles displayed more than in our steadfast support for the black community. From the early days of the slave trade to the civil rights movement and everything in between, Canada has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with African-Canadians in

their pursuit of equality and justice, and the people of southern Ontario have been making an impact in this plight for generations. Though hard to believe now, back in 1793 the United States Congress actually passed legislation making it illegal to aide and abed slaves in search of their freedom, and the pursuit and capture of runaway slaves was quite a lucrative industry. Canadians, recognizing the basic human dignity of any and every human being regardless of race, were instrumental in helping black icons such as Harriet Tubman smuggle thousands of slaves and their families across the southern Ontario border to their deserved freedom. Since those days, the contributions of African-Canadians to the southern Ontario success story has been immeasurable. There was the No. 2 Construction Battalion,

the nation’s first (and still only), all-black military battalion, formed in 1917 to help win WWI; Mary Ann Shadd was the nation’s first black female newspaper publisher, founding The Provincial Freeman in Windsor, Ont. in 1853; Donovan Bailey was an Olympic gold-medalist in 1996, one of the greatest sprinters of all time, and a member of the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame; Elijah McCoy was an Ontario-born inventor and holder of close to 60 US patents, whose inventions were instrumental in the lubrication of steam engines; the great Lincoln Alexander made Canadian history on a multitude of fronts, becoming the first black member of parliament, cabinet minister, and Ontario’s provincial lieutenant-Governor. Their stories, and those of many

others, should be celebrated and taught year round. So this February, do yourself a favor and commit to leaning more about the great African-Canadians who contributed towards your current way of life. Visit some local museums and historic sites (Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Dresden, Ont. is a great place to start), read some new books (perhaps by Josiah Henson or Rosemary Sadlier), and take a moment to appreciate the greatness of those often left out of our history books. To walk a mile in someone’s shoes is to only begin to understand the concept of empathy. But to truly comprehend their history and reality takes education, humbleness, and a willingness to check your privilege at the door. Never forget that their struggle was real, and the fight for equality is still not over.

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Aging Gracefully

In this fast-paced age of instant gratification, it’s often easy to overlook and under-appreciate the value of a hard day’s work. Sometimes the best results come from patience, process and purpose. After all, good things come to those who wait. BY Tim Zwart

Please feel free to reach out and let us know about other special folks, businesses, and organizations that are aging gracefully within your community!

History is all around us and sometimes it pops up in some of the most unlikely of places. Have you ever been in your favourite local spot, looked around at the charming atmosphere surrounding you and thought to yourself: I wonder how long they’ve been here? As a writer and history buff, stumbling across a great story can be exhilarating. But sharing that story, conveying the emotions I felt and invoking them in others, is where the real excitement and sense of satisfaction lies. The following are three of my favourite examples for the latest instalment of our Aging Gracefully series. Historic Dundas, ON

If you’ve ever viewed a painting by Grant Wood or read a Michael Peterson poem, you no doubt have an image in your head of a picturesque small town. Charming mom-and-pop shops dot the small lanes and boulevards, strangers say hi to you as you pass, everyone always seems to be smiling, and the traffic is lazy and non-existent. Nobody seems to be in a rush, and the simplicity


of everyday life is almost palpable. Such places fill you with a sense of peace and tranquility, and one of Ontario’s hidden small-town gems in the town of Dundas. Nicknamed the “Valley Town” due to its location at the bottom of the Niagara Escarpment, Dundas has a long and rich history dating back to its founding in 1847. Everything from restaurants to clothing boutiques are available within its quaint boundaries, and a leisurely stroll anywhere in town is sure to relax and slow the mind. Perhaps most well-known for its festivals and community engagement, Dundas has been hosting things such as Buskerfest and its signature Cactus Festival annually for decades. The town also features a list of relatively famous musical acts as well, with everyone from Caribou to Stan Rogers and Ryan van Sickle singing its praises. Even movies such as Man of the Year and The Incredible Hulk were shot there! For a small town feel rich in both history and modernity, Dundas, Ont., is definitely worth the trip.

Brantford Farmer’s Market

Nothing says small town quite like a bustling farmer’s market. These community hubs have been a central part of towns and villages across the province for generations, and before the era of big box stores and convenient online shopping, they were often the one-stop-shop for all your dietary and social needs. History plays a vital role in these charming bazaar’s in many ways, and one of the richest histories around can be found at the Brantford Farmer’s Market. Established in 1848, the market is one of the oldest businesses in the area, and still proudly serves between 1,500 and 3,500 people each week. Since the establishment of a physical market building in 1965, the market has featured a variety of produce, deli meats, flowers, and chocolates for both locals and visitors alike. If you’re planning a trip out to this bustling trading post, the doors are open Fridays from 9am to 5pm, and on Saturday from 7am to 2pm year round. But one of the highlights of the year is their annual Spring Fling event, hosted on May 25th. Stop by to enjoy BBQ, samples, shopping, kid’s activities and more to celebrate the start of another great spring planting season. New products are introduced regularly, and the celebration of diversity in both product and people alike is one of many reasons to take a trip down to the market this coming season.

Home Hardware

If I were to ask you what name and logo is recognized by 4 out of 5 Canadians consistently, a number of options may start going through your head. Perhaps the Toronto Maple Leafs may come to mind, or Tim Horton’s, or Canadian Tire, or a host of other possibilities. And while all these options no doubt fit the bill, the answer to this polling data may just surprise you. We’re talking about Home Hardware here, and they have a recognition and history that has made them a local community icon for generations. Officially established in 1967, Home Hardware stores have been the staple of small town life throughout Ontario ever since. The concept was simple: to form a 100 percent owner-operator enterprise that provides shared purchasing power, expanded advertising and comprehensive inventory and delivery services to smaller, “mom-and-pop” hardware stores (an answer to the big box mentality gaining steam at the time). And it worked! Over the years, over 1,100 stores have popped up in communities across the province, and have been helping people repair, build and improve things each and every day. With four distribution centres and over 8,700 exclusive products to offer, Home Hardware is sure to play an integral role in local communities for many years to come. Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 59
















*Offer only valid when having install completed by January 31, 2020




Heirlooms & Antiques Looking to spend a day antique or vintage hunting? Need to find that perfect period piece to enhance your home or wardrobe? Looking for some retro tunes or previously enjoyed gems? Take a drive down our country roads, stopping at flea markets and local shops to search for treasures, then pop into one of our quaint eateries for some local fare... ANTIQUE SHOPS Antiques at the Sawmill

RR 1, Ayr Antique Chevrolet Parts


1221 Hwy 5 W, Dundas Alfred Street Nostalgia

97 Alfred St, Brantford Anderson Auctions

7 Clonmel Ln, Port Dover

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Artiques Hagersville


Accounting & tAx ServiceS

23 Main St, N, Hagersville Bird & Bee Vintage Rental Co. at Wincey MIlls

31 Mechanic St, Paris Caledonia Furniture Finds

127 Argyle St, S, Unit #5 Caresa Antiques

1182 Windham Rd 9, Windham Centre Local & familyowned since 1997, we specialize in dog and cat nutrition, fish, reptiles, birds and small animals.

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We are a midsized accounting firm offering a wide variety of accounting, tax, and business services.

Cattail Cove Interiors

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1000 ON-5, Dundas

1012 Bay St #4, Port Rowan Cheap Shabby Chic

148 Queen St, Dunnville Christie Antique and Vintage Show

CJ’s Antiques & Refinishing

4080 Hwy. 24, Vanessa Clappison Corners Antiques

845 Highwayno6, Hamilton Classic Vault Emporium

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12 Main St, S, St George 2 cayuga St n, cayuga on 905-772-2005 60 LIVE SMALL TOWN

Collectors Centre

46 Colborne St, Brantford

Colonel Mustard Antiques

7014 Hamilton Rd, Putnam Country Corner Antiques

3067 ON-3, Simcoe Courtland Treasures Antiques and Emporium



682 James St, Delhi


Covey Coin & Supply Centre

92 Simcoe St, Tillsonburg Crossroads Antique Market

1146 Colborne St E, Brantford Deer Creek Antiques & Creations

Future Ready. Together.

1703 Norfolk County Rd 45, Langton Forch’s Record Store

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Connecting employers with students and alumni to build an exceptional workforce.

Franni’s Attic

1011 Bay St, Port Rowan Freelton Antique Market

248 Freelton Rd, Freelton Grand River Antiques

1540 East, Hwy 54, Caledonia Grand River Antique Society

Cayuga grandriverantiquesociety. Haldimand House Marketplace

22 Argyle St, S, Caledonia Henry Dobson Antiques Inc

955781 Gibson Ln, Drumbo Hilltop Furniture & Antiques

88 Dundas St E, Waterdown

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Judiths Antiques

18 Short Rd, Dundas The Kilted Moose

57 Talbot St, W, Aylmer Lancome Antiques

1413 Brock Rd, Dundas Main Station Collectables & Pawn Shop

28 Alice St, Waterford Maus Park Antiques

289 Pinehurst Rd, Paris Miller & Miller Auctions

InspIre Create MotIvate

59 Webster St, New Hamburg Mizener’s Antiques & More Market

367 ON-5, Dundas

Kids & adult Classes Birthday parties Day camps & art supplies

Modern Hipster Antiques

70 Thames St S, Ingersoll Naturally Country Gift Shop & Tea Room

5020 Tyneside Rd, Mount Hope Needful Things Pawn shop

75 Broadway, Tillsonburg

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33 Norfolk St. N. Simcoe

226-567-5500 Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 61

Nice Old Stuff

2037 Main St, N, Jarvis Old Country Store

80 Alice St, Waterford Old Town Hall Auctions

13 Burwell St, Paris One of a Kind Antiques & Collectibles

97 Wilson St, Woodstock Orange Cat Antiques

200 Brant Ave, Brantford Paris Road Antiques

548 Paris Rd, Paris Pickers Antiques Warehouse

Inside C- Squared Menswear 334 Main St, Port Dover & 1049 Bay St, Port Rowan (opening June 1st) + Crossroads Trading Post & Flea Market 1146 Colborne St, E, Brantford Queensway Antiques

88 Queensway W, Simcoe Rock Chapel Antique Market

167 5 Hwy, Hamilton Tattered and Torn

903 Haldibrook Rd, Caledonia Southworks Antiques

73 Water St, N, Cambridge The Back Shed Antiques & Primitive Crafts

2388 Highway 3 E, Jarvis The Fox and Fawn Antiques

93 Broadway, Tillsonburg The Freelton Antique Mall

248 Freelton Rd, Freelton The Henhouse Shoppe

163719 Brownsville Rd, Brownsville The Yellow Farmhouse

697 Stoney Creek Rd, Caledonia Tillsonburg Antiques Plus

6 Old Vienna Rd, Tillsonburg Time Capsule Antiques & Retro Nostalgia

168 Queen St, Dunnville 62 LIVE SMALL TOWN

Towpath On The Grand Antiques & Collectibles

14 Talbot St W, Cayuga Toys ‘n Stock

676888 16 Line, Tavistock Typical Collector Antiques

2125 Amesbury Cres, Burlington Unique Boutique Gifts Antiques

Alice St, Waterford

• Is Everyone Canoeing Without Me? • Why’d they put Drake in a wheelchair? • How do you get #JustinTrudeauHair?

Waterford Antique Market

80 B Alice St, Waterford Webster R Antiques

1146 Colborne St, E, Brantford MUSEUMS (some of our many) Bell Homestead National Historic Site

Available from your favourite bookseller

94 Tutela Heights Rd, Brantford Canadian Drilling Rig Museum

4858 Rainham, Selkirk Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

9280 Airport Rd, Mount Hope Chiefswood Museum

1037 Hwy 54 E, Brantford



Dundas Museum & Archives

139 Park St W, Dundas Westfield Heritage Village

1049 Kirkwall Rd, Rockton Eva Brook Donly Museum

109 Norfolk St S, Simcoe Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum


64 Sulphur Springs Rd, Ancaster Haldimand Museum & Archives

8 Echo St, Cayuga Ingersoll Cheese & Agricultural Museum

290 Harris St, Ingersoll


Myrtleville House Museum

34 Myrtleville Dr, Brantford Personal Computer Museum

13 Alma St, Brantford

tours rs, gift shop, tea & Public & group tou

Port Dover Harbour Museum

44 Harbour St, Port Dover Ruthven Park National Historic Site

243 Haldimand Hwy. #54, Cayuga Walpole Antique Farm Machinery Association

2041 ON-6, Jarvis Thames Valley Museum School

656 Main St N, Burgessville

Public tours of the Thompson mansion decorated in five eras of Christmas, December 4 - 20 Wed to Fri 12:30, 2 & 3:30 pm tours

Winter is the perfect season to resolve to positive changes to your style and Blue Harvest is here to help! Our salon is perfectly located in rural Norfolk County. Surrounded by rolling country fields, you will quickly become nestled in a relaxing and elevated salon experience that promotes quality self-care. 5113 Hwy 3, Simcoe

Scottish Tea & Tour | Candlelight Tours For more information check out our website

243 Haldimand Hwy 54, Cayuga Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 63

Jay Pollmann Cayuga When singer-songwriter Jay Pollmann and his photographer wife Julie Crawford told their families that they were selling their home, buying a travel-trailer and hitting the road with their three boys (all under the age of 7!) there was understandable push-back and trepidation. “Many of our friends and family thought we were crazy,” said Jay. “We were pretty scared, too. But ultimately it came down to living the life we wanted to live, and not waiting until we were retired to travel.” So the 35-year-olds renovated their home and trailer, found a buyer for their house in Haldimand County, and set out for Canada’s east coast with many musical adventures along the way. Raised in Cayuga, this self-proclaimed “foot stompin’, rootsy-Blues” artist has carved out a niche for himself all over Ontario and beyond. “I feel I have come into my own as a solo artist and have developed my sound and style through playing a wide variety of gigs over the years”. Jay released his first solo album in 2017 and he is currently in pre-production for his next release, scheduled for the Summer of 2020. He is also in the thick of planning where he and Julie and their boys will be heading next in their tiny home on wheels. “I am booking a cross-country tour that will take us to the west coast this summer,” he says. And he hopes to book many house concerts along the way! You can check out Jay’s music (and travel adventures) on his website!

Inspiring Minds Arts and culture are an important resource in our path to building stronger connections with the present and the past, serving to document and preserve stories and ensure that history is shared. They beautify public spaces, help forge relationships where there is diversity and become stewards of strength in community. At Live Small Town, we love to promote local participation and bonds. We believe one of the best ways to engage is through the arts.

Jay Pollmann Photo by Julie Crawford Photography


Noise Makers

In Danish, it is Hygge. In German: Gemüchlict. And as my Dutch in-laws have taught me: in Holland they say Gezellig. Loosely translated these words all mean the same thing: cozy, snuggly, welcoming! As the days get shorter

and a chill can be felt in the air, one is inclined to hunker down and brace for winter. But rather than squirreling yourself away, why not make it the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, try out some great food and... best of all...listen to some

The Schotts

Nosey Neighbour

Colour Film

Laura Cole

Norfolk County Alison and Darrin Schott are fixtures in the musical landscape of Norfolk, which itself became the inspiration for their Norfolk County Fiddle Tune Marathon (they wrote a tune a week for a year in homage to the county’s unique hamlets and you can find these on their YouTube!). In the new year, they will embark on their third tour with the acclaimed “Home Routes” organization, this time to the Yukon! Check out their website for audio samples, merch and show dates!

Brantford Modern jazz quartet Nosey Neighbour had their premiere gig at the Brantford International Jazz Festival in the fall of 2018, where they hit the ground running! Comprised of JUNO-nominated guitarist Paul MacDougall, bassist George Ouellette, drummer Costa Chatzis, and trumpeter Ben Bowen, they often add guest artists to their sets, performing contemporary jazz, standards and originals. Find gig listings, videos and more on their website, above.

Dundas With songs that play like home movies rich in imagery and characters, Colour Film is the stage name of Dundas native Matthew de Zoete. Since 2006, de Zoete (pronounced “duhZOO-tuh”) has released four albums and toured throughout North America and Europe, sharing the stage with acts such as Serena Ryder, Great Lake Swimmers, and Whitehorse. Check out his latest video (with Caroline Brooks of Good Lovelies!) on his website, above.

Ancaster Singer-songwriter Laura Cole plans to release 10 albums in her 30s, and she is well on her way to accomplishing this feat! Nomadic by nature, Cole has settled long enough in places like New Orleans (where she has been recording with members of The Neville Brothers), New York and Seattle, and has the first of her upcoming CDs (“Piece of Paradise”) ready to drop in May 2020. Keep an eye on this busy gal on her website and social media!

Bringing community together by weaving stories and emotions in the spirit of sharing and forging bonds. BY Sara Moody Veldhuis

The Schotts Photo by Natalie Nunn, Nosey Neighbour Photo by Janine Stoll, Colour Film photo by Gaëlle Legrand, Laura Cole Photo by Chris Chiarcos

house concerts, and consider themselves fortunate to have such attentive, intimate audiences! Have you got space in your lovely home to welcome professional touring musicians and at least twenty of your friends and family? Check out my website at where you will find a step-by-step guide on presenting your first, cozy House Concert!

fantastic music in the most intimate and cozy of venues: your own home! How is this possible, you say? Why it’s House Concerts! Gatherings of this kind have been around for centuries! In 1800s Europe, the “salons” of the day would have celebrated solo Classical musicians. Nowadays, these soirées are taking place all over the world, with the average person becoming concert presenter to a select group of lucky patrons! In addition to their larger-venue concerts, the musicians featured in this issue have all performed at

Do you know someone who should be featured? Contact musician and concert producer Sara Moody Veldhuis at

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 65

Portrait of an Artist

They help us negotiate connections between ourselves and the world. They make us think more deeply, strive more intently, feel joy more profoundly and bring meaning and purpose to humanity. These are the artists behind the art.

Dundas I have been a potter in Dundas for over 40 years. My work is widely sought out and collected by customers in the region and represented in collections worldwide. I was trained initially as an apprentice in a production studio, but decided to start my own studio when I was 21 years old in the Dundas Valley in a studio I rented from respected Danish potter Bodil Pearson. In my late 20’s I spent two years in Cardiff, Wales, studying for my master’s degree in ceramics and afterwards, in the early 1990’s, I moved to my current Dundas location. A beautiful stone house and stable, where you can find a showroom full of my iconic studio line of stoneware along with some limited series work in porcelain and exquisite Persian lustrewares. My showroom and studio is open to the public year-round but December is a magical time to visit because the selection is perfect for seasonal shopping. My pottery fits easily into anyone’s budget, whether it’s a little something for a friend or a wonderful gift for someone special. 66 LIVE SMALL TOWN

Svava Thordis Juliusson photo by Jordan Probst Photography -

Scott Barnim

Svava Thordis Juliusson during her exhibition OUROBOROS etc., (Bitter as Her Name) at Stratford Gallery, in Stratford, Ontario, in June 2018.

Svava Thordis Juliusson I am a visual artist born in Siglufjรถrรฐur, Iceland, and currently, live and work in Haldimand County. This December, my husband and I will raise a glass of something bubbly to our first anniversary living on this windswept and beautiful acre of land. Despite the challenges of gardening in clay and the hours of sweat and tears that have gone into making a home and a dilapidated garage into a working studio, we are grateful each day to wake up to another day in paradise. My studio investigations are purposefully intuitive; the sculptural objects that develop refer to the physical act of drawing a line in space, the substance of a particular colour, or the shape of an abstracted form. The process of attaching one thing to another until a familiar shape emerges coincides, or collides with ideas around landscape, domestic spaces and physical gestures. There is a confluence of ideas and actions within my most recent work, manifesting through the urgency of making that relies on the conceptual premise of the multiple as a way to both accentuate and blur the original source.

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 67

Giving Thanks Amid challenges of growing a small business, my community embraced me & encouraged me to keep going! BY Nikki Campbell Schram

I was raised a certified city girl on the east mountain in Hamilton, but I found my heart in a rural small town on the edge of Lake Erie. It may have been the closeness of family, gorgeous lakeside views and quirky tourist town vibes that drew me here ten years ago, but it was the strong sense of community that I eventually came to fall in love with. As a young mother in Port Dover, I dreamt of starting a kids arts organization, so Art with Heart Studio was born. Much to my surprise, it gained momentum and quickly became a household name. People signed their kids up, told their friends, and business spread like wildfire. Over the next several years I would teach hundreds of classes, and be approached with partnerships and opportunities galore. The business continued to grow rapidly and we opened a studio on Main Street to keep up with increasing demand, 68 LIVE SMALL TOWN

and we incorporated as a not for profit organization. The people of Norfolk County adopted me as their own, and I felt this belonging that I had never felt before in my life. This feeling that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what I was supposed to do. Newly incorporated, we found a beautiful space in Simcoe that we could grow into and serve our students the way we always hoped. But as with all things, it would be worth it, but it wasn’t going to come easy. A seemingly straightforward moving plan became a six-month permit and renovation nightmare. I could go on about all of the unforeseen things that went wrong, but I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about the helpers. The Norfolk Arts Centre invited us to call their beautiful centre home for the entire eight weeks of our summer camp programming. Then, unable to open in time for our after school programs, the incredible neighbouring gift shop Sloths & Molasses offered the use of their back room multiple evenings a week. When we needed yet another space to accommodate our Drama Kidz rehearsals, Trinity Anglican Church and St. Pauls Parish Hall were there with arms wide open. Parents offered to lend a hand with busy work, businesses like Dominos in Simcoe offered to host fundraisers to help offset the tremendous costs associated with such delays. The outpouring of generosity was amazing and I couldn’t begin to find the words to thank them enough. One day, when I reflect upon this season of change and seemingly insurmountable trials and tribulations, I am certain it will all be far overshadowed by the pure goodness I have been privileged to witness. The unwavering show of support from those who believed in us. Because this is Norfolk County, this is what we do; we look out for each other in small town communities. I can’t wait to open our doors and hearts to give back to it in January 2020. Thank you.

All the world’s a stage

Theatre Ancaster Photo by John Gillette, Graham Chittenden photo by Paul Smith -

This small town theatre is playing their role in the well-being of the community. BY Adrianna Michell

Calling the old firehall home, Theatre Ancaster is the heart of the arts and culture scene in the Ancaster community. In 1993, the town’s bicentennial year, the company was established with support from the Ancaster Arts Council and in collaboration with the local highschool and board of education. Starting with staging a few original shows and broadway hits in the late 1990s, the company has since grown. The 2019 season has showcased a variety of shows for

youth and family. In 1997, the theatre became a separate, non-profit organization. The community theatre operates under the tenants of excellent live musical and theatre events and theatre education. With humble beginnings, the company has gone on to show over 50 productions and expanded community programs. Reaching out to the community, the theatre created the Art Smart program for highschool students. In collaboration with schools, the company helps provide students with a full semester of programming in music, acting, dance, and more. With nearly 50 students to date, the impact on the future of community arts is profound.

The company is housed in the Old Firehall Arts Centre in the centre of Old Ancaster. Both a rehearsal and performance space, it hosts performances and productions year round. The Firehall also holds theatre camp programs over the summer for budding performers. Each year, hundreds of volunteers and community members lend their creativity, talents, and support to the theatre. Theatre Ancaster works to recognize the role arts play in the health and well-being of the community. The future of performance arts relies on the support of local communities. A community theatre with a youth and family focus, Theatre Ancaster is the pulse of its lovely town.

Graham Chittenden

Brantford A familiar face on the comedic stage is making waves. Graham Chittenden, a comedian, host, and writer, is a triple threat with exciting new projects. Having appeared in the Just for Laughs Festival and tours throughout North America, Chittenden has brought his unique comedic voice to broad audiences. He has hosted talk shows on The Comedy Network and MTV, and has written for TV shows like Mr. D and the critically acclaimed Still Standing. His familiar voice was also featured on CBC’s radio show The Debaters hosted by Steve Patterson. Chittenden also has an hour-long comedy special with Just for Laughs which can be streamed on Crave. One of his newest endeavors is an amazing comedy album now available on Spotify and Apple Music. “Defeated” is a self-aware exploration of suburban life. Through this newest outlet he brings his voice from the stage to your home. Now The Debaters is going on tour and Chittenden will be helping take the radio show to the stage with 10 stops across Canada this winter. AM

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 69

After almost two decades of supporting emerging artists, Haldimand Art Works looks to the community to help realize a renewed vision. BY Lacie Williamson Haldimand County’s only arts and culture charity is getting an organizational face lift to better serve the creative community and offer more shop local opportunities. Since 2001, Haldimand Art Works (HAW) has been the backbone of arts and culture in Haldimand County, offering master classes and exhibitions for established artists, workshops for emerging artists, and classes, camps and workshops for children and youth. For the last decade, HAW has called Dunnville home, with

a gallery and gift shop featuring work by local artists, authors, potters, musicians and more. After serving the community for almost two decades, and with a fresh new board of executives, its leaders are evolving the organization. It all began with a not-so-big move to a new location: The Minga, a cafe and community centre, right next door. The Minga is owned and operated by a non-profit company called Triple Bottom Line Inc, which puts the importance of the planet and people before profit. Because of this commitment, HAW has a new rent-free home for their gift shop, and an opportunity for expansion. Now located at the rear entrance of The Minga, you can find a beautiful gift shop, complete with woodworking, jewelry, pottery, art cards for all occasions, unique works of art in all shapes and sizes, plus a variety of books and CDs by local writers and musicians. Gift shop volunteers plan to rotate merchandise each month to keep the shop looking fresh. The gift shop is staffed by a team of volunteers, who keep the shop open and occupied more than 30 hours a week. However, if you happen to visit when no volunteer is available, you can call or text their hotline at 905-772-7000 and a volunteer can assist you immediately, by request, to better serve its customers. The organization has plans to expand and renovate the second floor of The Minga to become a fully accessible gallery and performance space complete with big screen projection. Their goal of fundraising $150,000 before HAW’s 20th anniversary in 2021, will take a lot of community support, but by doing so, HAW hopes to create new jobs, new training opportunities and new entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy. Plans for the new cultural hub include gallery walls for art exhibitions, a permanent performance space and seating for concerts, theatrical performances, and presentations. HAW is pleased to see the prolific success of local visual artists throughout the last decade and hopes to foster the growth of other creative art forms in the community such as music, film and theatre. HAW is currently seeking the help of creative people and community members to achieve their fundraising goal and their vision for a new cultural hub for Haldimand County. For more information please visit

Lacie Williamson is a full-time, award-winning artist and mural painter, operating her own studio and gallery, LVW Creative Barracks, in Dunnville, Ontario. Lacie teaches creativity to all ages and offers local artists the opportunity to show and sell their work. When she’s not teaching or writing for us, you can often find her at local cultural events like Hamilton’s Art Crawl. Lacie is also a comedic performer.She performs for audiences as a player of Improv Niagara, and as a stand-up comedian running her monthly show Pints and Punchlines in Jarvis, Ontario, at Concession Road Brewing Co. She is the President of Haldimand Art Works’ Board of Directors and Chair of River Arts Festival which takes place every November in Haldimand County. 70 LIVE SMALL TOWN

Haldimand Art Works Photo by Lacie Williamson

A Cultural Hotspot

Pop by Bains Road Cider Company or The Minga to purchase!

On the Map

Makers Market Our local art scene is bursting with talent. Here are just a few who are sharing resources to enhance community culture. BY NANCY HOWDEN-COWELL

Haldimand Wax Works

Dundas Valley School of Art Stained Glass piece by local artist and Teacher Siobhan Lynch

Dunnville The once-utilitarian candle used just to light up a room now lights up our souls and is one of the most sensory gifts we can give ourselves. By simply lighting a scented candle we can be transported back to a special time in our lives. Each season, Gwen Chowdbury, owner of Haldimand Wax Works, creates six different custom blended soy candles that will invoke memories of times past.

The Woodstock Camera Club Woodstock This group is an evergrowing group of artists passionate about the art of photography. From beginner to accomplished, this club is dedicated to enjoyment and education through the sharing of knowledge. Through organized trips, lectures and their welcoming sense of community, their programs focus on getting out and taking pictures.

H a m i lt o n









Deb Porter Selkirk Deb Porter grew up in a musical family so the love of music has always been a part of her. Having spent the last years playing with her husband Bill Stolba in a British invasion band called The Mushy Peez, the band has decided it is time to recreate themselves. Their loyal followers will be happy to know the new band The Neverlys will still be bringing great music to local pubs.

Quilt Junction Waterford In the lovely old heritage train station on Alice Street in Waterford, you enter through the old doors and are met by a colourful array of patterned material to choose from. The friendly staff and owner Lana Thomson offer classes from beginner to advanced as well as patterns, tools and books. With a nod to the days of quilting bees this old station comes alive with creativity.

@meetthefacesofparis Paris If you live or work in Paris, you just might be lucky enough to run into this mysterious photographer. We don’t know the identity of this clandestine shutterbug. We don’t know if it is a man or a woman wandering our historic streets, looking for the next interesting people to feature in Meet the Faces of Paris on Instagram but be sure to keep a smile on your face just in case you get picked to be next featured!

Dundas Valley School of Art Dundas For over 50 years The Dundas Valley School of Art has evolved and grown quickly from the original vision of two women, Marion Farnan and Emily Dutton. This notfor-profit school is a thriving hub of artists that brings adults and children together under one roof to offer high quality, accessible and affordable visual art education in the form of workshops, classes and lectures.

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 71

Events & Activities THEATRE

As live theatre continues to grow in popularity, lovers of the performing arts across Canada have begun noticing an emerging trend: big cities aren’t the only places to find a good show. Small towns and local theatres are churning out quality performances and their well-known theatre companies and impressive resumes mean a trip to the theatre is even closer than you realize! Backstage Capitol Theatre

“Fleur-tation...” acrylic on canvas - 48”x48”


93 King St, Delhi Open year round, this unique and historic venue plays host to live performances of Celtic, folk, vintage rock & roll, and a host of other genres! Lighthouse Festival Theatre Corp

247 Main St, Port Dover The theatre is open all year long for a variety of events, including concerts, public meetings, community fund raisers, dance recitals, workshops, band rehearsals and classes. The Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts

Grace & Lace Artizan Catherine Lillywhite Parsley & Sage Papillon Jacqueline Kent Ella & Ollie baby line Pinkstix purses

Unwrap your senses as you step inside our little shop. Enjoy hand crafted natural soaps, bath and body care, local artisans wares, gift giving ideas, home & decor.

amazing gifts!!

359 Main St. Port Dover 519-583-3977


Simcoe Little Theatre

33 Talbot St N, Simcoe Open for 71 years, this community theatre offers a grand selection of drama, comedy and classics. Waterford Old Town Hall

GorGEoUS Christmas décor

1407 Hwy 59, Port rowan 519.586.3817

88 Dalhousie St, Brantford A vintage vaudeville and silent movie theatre opened in 1919, this local gem showcases plays, classical music, dance and more. With seating for 1,125 guests, it is also the home to the Brantford Symphony Orchestra.

76 Main St S, Waterford A restored historic building that boasts an 180-seat auditorium, the Waterford Old Town Hall provides us with cultural diversity as a music, artistic and theatrical production venue.


Nothing boosts your own personal creativity more than visiting art galleries. Akin to osmosis, being around art and in the company of creative folks makes you feel more creative! Our small-town communities are rich in this talent, and there is no better way to experience it than to pop into one of these local showcases.

MASTERS IN THE MAKING At Haldimand’s hands-on art studio & gallery with programming for all ages

Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant

20 Ava Rd, Brantford Located in Glenhyrst Gardens, a beautifully landscaped 16-acre park on the banks of the Grand River, the gallery offers contemporary fine art exhibitions, guided tours, classes, lectures, events, and art rentals. Holly.O. Gallery

16 Charlotte St. Paris (one street north of the Arlington Hotel) Paris artist Holly.O. welcomes visitors to her gallery and studio. View Holly’s collection of original artworks and take a behind-the-scenes look at her sunny studio space! Gallery is open by appointment throughout the year.

LVW CreatiVe BarraCks

131 Lock Street eaSt DunnviLLe bARRAcKSbyTHEGRANd.cA

The Oak Gallery

313 Main St, Port Dover This new gallery offers the work of both local artists and those from afar, showcasing metal, wax, acrylic, glass, ceramic, wood, watercolour, oil and ink artistic creations.

WINTER IS FOR THE BIRDS! We are a one-stop shop for Birders! With over 100 feeders and a huge variety of seed mixes to choose from.

Two Turtles Iroquois Fine Art Gallery

649 Colborne St, W, Brantford This modest gallery brings you the best of Iroquois culture and symbolism, celebrating nature in the form of original paintings, soapstone sculptures, limited edition acrylic prints, giclée prints and lithographs. Wildwood Art Gallery & Studio

24 Winnett St, N, Cayuga This new gallery is home to artist Kerry Walford who specializes in oil paintings of rural Ontario. The gallery will also feature the work of local artists, offer art classes for children and adults, and host several art shows throughout the year.

If you can think it, we’ve got it! (or can get it!)

A vibrant gallery that encourages creativity, learning, and enjoyment of the arts. Resident artist Kerry Walford specializes in oil paintings of rural Ontario, while the gallery also features the work of local artists, hosts curated art shows throughout the year and offers a variety of children’s art classes, adult workshops & corporate workshops. 24 Winnett St N, Cayuga 905.929.4902

Doerksen Country Store

1086 Bay St, Port Rowan 519-586-3901

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Out & About

Seasons are ever-changing. The altering weather is a gentle reminder that all things end but can begin anew. Search out the treasure trove of things to see and activities to do in our communities. The sky’s the limit when it comes to natural beauty and outdoor adventure, so grab your fishing rod, pack your sunscreen and dust off your hiking boots - the great outdoors is calling!

PHOTO Courtesy Destination Canada

Snowshoeing the endless trails that wind through and around Southern Ontario’s Carolinian Forest is just one of the activities you can enjoy this winter. Whether you are looking for time alone or a fun-filled day with the kids, bundle up, fill the thermos with hot chocolate and head on out.


take a cue from nature this winter - hunker down, go slow and get cozy in community! BY kari raymer bishop I am not a fan of new year’s resolutions. It seems absurd to be making big changes during the darkest, coldest time of the year. I can get behind ambitious goals in springtime, as all of nature wakes up and jumps enthusiastically into frantic activity. But in January, I prefer to take my cues from my surroundings and do as nature does - and so I hibernate. Winter is the time for slowing down. We rest after the scramble of the harvest and we nurture ourselves in anticipation of spring’s busy awakening. Nature gets it right as the animals and trees ease up and hunker down to get through the winter. And for most of human history, we have done the same as we followed the gentle rhythm of the seasons. Remember, it is natural to slow down during the dark, cold days of winter. As a beekeeper, I’ve just come through the busiest of seasons. And so have the bees. “Busy as a bee” is a

common expression for a reason. My busy girls work hard all spring and summer to collect pollen and nectar to store it up for the winter because if they don’t work hard, they won’t survive. By this time of year, they have gathered all they could and have stored their honey in beautiful honeycomb. They have sealed up their hive to ensure that there are no nasty drafts, even as they account for adequate ventilation to keep the hive’s moisture level to a minimum. Honey bees are unique amongst insects because they don’t really hibernate; rather, they survive by collectively producing two crucial things - warmth and honey. Individual bees cannot survive winter, but together in the hive, they do just fine. They have moved into a cluster, where they will stay huddled together to keep warm. They manage to keep the inside of their hive a toasty 35 degrees Celsius, no matter how cold it gets

outside, by shivering their little bodies to produce heat. It is one of nature’s miracles that they can produce so much heat with relatively few resources. The cluster of bees at the heart of the hive will expand and contract to manage the temperature, depending on the weather outside. Throughout the winter, the cluster moves slowly through the hive, consuming the honey as it goes. Towards the end of winter, the queen, at the centre of the cluster, will begin to lay more eggs in anticipation of spring and a need for many workers. But for these few cold months, the special winter bees that she laid in the fall will keep their activity to a minimum, stick together for warmth and survive on

their sweet rations. Isn’t that the way it should be for us? Except for humans, winter isn’t just about endurance and survival. Winter can be a time of reflection, relaxation, and reconnection with others. I see it as a time to nourish myself and my family with life-giving comfort foods, good books, and cozy cuddles on the couch. I banish the word ‘busy’ from my vocabulary once the Christmas rush has passed. January is one long delicious nap, meant for recovery and rejuvenation. So this year, don’t let anyone convince you to do more during this season of less. Be gentle with yourselves. Rest up. Spring will be here before you know it. You can rise and shine then.

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 75


Lead & top Right PHOTO By Tara Carpenter


Connecting with nature offers a wealth of benefits, not to mention the sheer enjoyment of being surrounded by beauty. So go play outside! BY Tara Carpenter Birds: yet another reason we are so truly blessed to be living in Southwestern Ontario. Living directly in a major bird migration flyway zone gives us the opportunity to witness up to 400 different bird species. This also puts the responsibility upon us to be the custodian of their indispensable habitats. Many birds are indicators of ecosystem health because they are sensitive to changes in the environment. We humans always think we have to be manicuring the natural world. It is vital to alter this mind set in hopes to leave more wild

spaces for our fellow creatures. Bird watching is a relaxing and fulfilling activity when getting outdoors. You are always guaranteed you will see or hear a bird. Feeding birds during our harsh Canadian winter can indeed benefit their survival. There is nothing like the majestic calm of watching purple finch, red-Bellied woodpecker, cedar waxwing, American goldfinch, and white-breasted nuthatch eating black oiled sunflower seeds at your bird feeder. Tall grass prairies are an underes-

timated and misunderstood essential ecosystem of our area. There are many successful restoration projects transpiring in southern Ontario. Early successional meadows and tall grass prairies provide habitat and food for birds. These fast-growing grass species provide huge carbon sequestration sink holes which is an immediate result in removing carbon from our atmosphere. Make sure you are tending to those bird feeders, leaving some areas on your property naturalized and don’t bother raking your leaves next year. All our local and migrating birds will thank you. Get out hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing this winter with your binoculars and witness the sheer magic of winter!

Tara Carpenter discovered her love for nature and the outdoors at an early age while growing up on a Norfolk farm. She has always been an avid enthusiast of nature and travel, and for 17 years she roamed all corners of the globe in search of adventure. From sailing Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to hitchhiking across Canada, Tara has made herself at home in nature’s embrace. Grounded by the unique challenges of motherhood, Tara now encourages other parents and their families to get outdoors and foster their own passion for environmental connectedness. For info on programs, connect with Terra Trails or GROWE 76 LIVE SMALL TOWN

Our Ontario southwest offers a copious quantity of wild edibles just waiting to be gobbled up by anyone who knows where and when to forage. Here are just a few of the delights to be had.

Bird Studies Canada

Hamilton Naturalist Club

Port Rowan The BSC head office is right here in Port Rowan, which gives us birders lots of opportunities for education and citizen science involvement. Venture out with the family to their property for a bird watching hike that will give you a breath-taking view of Lake Erie’s inner bay. Get involved with many volunteer opportunities to be a real citizen scientist: Christmas Bird Count, Project Feeder Watch, The Great Canadian Birdathon, and Project Nest Watch are just a few. Protecting nature since 1919, this passionate group can help lead you in the right direction to the excellent birding spots in the Hamilton area. Download a copy of the What’s Alive in Hamilton Bird Checklist. By using this checklist and reporting your observations to the club, you are providing beneficial information that helps ecologists understand our environment.

Spice Bush Lindera benzoin This stunning aromatic native bush can be used as a substitute for allspice. The Indigenous peoples used the branches to brew tea and season meats. The vibrant red fruit can be eaten raw or dried to prepare into a powder for spicing foods. Valued for its ability to induce perspiration, this plant is used to treat colds, flu, fevers, and used as a general tonic.

South Coast Birding Trail Explore the shorelines, skies, treetops and trails of one of North America’s premiere birding destinations. The self-guided birding trail map will take you from one end of stunningly beautiful southwestern Ontario to the other. You can drive, hike or walk your way along the Lake Erie coast amidst awe-inspiring rich habitats for waterfowl, songbirds and raptors.

Canadian Wild Rye Elymus canadensis This hardy and fast growing native tall prairie grass is an important species in restoration sites for both birds and humans alike. Wild foraging of this grain can provide you with a wild seed that can be made into a high protein flour. This low-fat carbohydrate reduces cholesterol and is high in magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorus, antioxidants and fibre.

Haldimand Bird Observatory Want to directly see scientists bird banding or witness a daily bird census? The local Rock Point Banding Station and Ruthven Park are tremendous locations for this unique up-close and personal birding experience. Established in 1996, Haldimand Bird Observatory is in the direct fly way path of more than 400 different migrating, local, and breeding bird species.

Juniper Juniperus communis Love a martini or a gin and tonic on a cold winters’ night? It takes one kilogram of juniper berries to flavour 400 litres of gin. This pungent, sweet and spicy berry can be eaten fresh or dried, on its own or made into a virus-killing medicinal tea. Research has found that mineral-rich juniper strengthens the pancreas and adrenal glands. Do not consume when pregnant! Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 77

Rural Roooots!

Henry and Caroline Richardson of High River, Alberta pose for a family photo in 1909. Twenty years later their youngest child, Cameron Richardson, headed east to Ontario to marry Dinah Rittenhouse and take his place at her Dunnville family farm in 1932.

Rural recreation is the cure-all you’re craving and roots are so cool and underground, they’re like the most indie thing in the planet. Put those two things together and you’ve got (yell it!) Rural Rooooots: Your indispensable, unconventional guide to bucolic wonder and countryside cravings. BY J.C. Villamere

Please feel free to reach out and let us know about other farming folks within the community who are doing it different!

If you attended elementary school in Ontario, there is a 100 percent chance that your March curriculum included a slushy field trip to a sugar shack to see maples tapped for sap to be boiled into syrup. Along with NHL playoffs and Roll Up the Rim, maple syrup season has a become mental landmark on a shared calendar that is just ours. This, is the finest time of year. Sure, all the PSL-lovers are cheerleaders for autumn, but truly spring is the greatest. If you’ve spent your winter locally then you’ll enjoy the spring more deeply. We here have earned this spring with every shovel-load of snow and each dark commute. So embrace the spring you’ve earned, and the summer, too. Even if it means leaving the house. No matter what time of the year, I hate going outside. I hate it so much — until I arrive outside and then I’m, like, Whoa, I should come here more often. It’s so big! Look! There are dogs out here, just like inside on the internet! So join me, no matter what the season, in a shared goal to just get to the other side of the door. You don’t have to make any more of a commitment than that. Once you’re outside, you’ll be off, and you’ll be glad.


Richardson’s Farm and Market

Dunnville This is a must-do family outing. Visit with the family during maple syrup season and enjoy a wagon ride and a pancake breakfast. There is no greater meditation than watching sap boil in a hot outdoor cauldron on winter’s last days. And there is no greater reward on this great Earth than fresh maple taffy. When maple syrup is heated and then pour straight onto the snow, it creates a freshly-made treat that is the Werther’s Original of the Gods. Farmer James is the sixth generation to farm this land south of the Grand River and west of Dunnville. Wear farm-friendly footwear so you can enjoy a stroll on a groomed trail through Carolinian forest. Looking for an Instagram-able winter date? Book ‘The Sweetest Smell on Earth Maple Dining and Experience’. It promises to be an exclusive meal with interactive elements. Mark your calendar to return to Richardson’s in the summer for strawberry picking and in the fall for corn maze fun. Their Farm Market is open yearround selling their own homegrown produce and produce from others farmers they know and trust!

Westfield Heritage Village Photos Courtesy Tourism Hamilton -

The Maple Syrup Festival at Westfield

Rockton Each Sunday in March, plus Wednesday and Thursday on the March Break, you can visit Westfield to learn about the labour-intensive maple syrup production techniques of the past and today’s modern methods (and get a taste, of course). Take a beautiful walk through the sugar bush to visit the sugar shack and learn about Westfield’s syrup, which is produced in a modern evaporator. “The Maple Syrup Festival is a springtime celebration that has become a favourite tradition,” according to Lisa Hunter, coordinator of Westfield’s programs and events. “Westfield is only a few minutes from Hamilton, Brantford and Cambridge, and everyone just loves to be doing something outside after the long, dark winter months. Plus, maple syrup can only be made for a short time each year, so it’s worth celebrating!” Enjoy tractor-drawn wagon rides around the village and explore more than 30 historic buildings staffed by authentically-costumed volunteers. Pick up maple treats at the gift shop or the general store and visit Ironwood Hall for the St. George Lions Club’s all-day pancake breakfast.

Jakeman’s Maple Farm

Beachville Before electric power or automobiles or telephones, the Jakeman family was in the maple business. Since 1876, five generations have created maple syrup and in that time, they’ve built themselves up to be the largest packer of maple syrup in Ontario. Jakeman’s Maple syrup is sourced from Ontario farms from the Mennonite communities of St. Jacobs to the maple orchards of northern Ontario. Jakeman’s Maple is the operation that produces the maple goodies that represent Canada in souvenir shops and airports marts. Jakeman’s syrups, cookies, sugar, shortbread, popcorn, and even pancake mix is available in more than ten countries, but most tellingly, this is the brand of maple syrup that sold at the Trading Post at the Canada Pavilion at Epcot. (It’s like a Royal Warrant, but more magical). The bottom line is this: if this maple syrup is good enough for Elsa and Anna, you should get in on it. Enjoy 4-H pancake breakfasts on March weekends and shop in-person or online for all their products, including their signature product, maple ice wine-syrup.

A FEW ADDITION SWEET SPOTS 1 Hunter’s Maple Bush Maple Syrup, Troy 2 Chambers Pure Maple Products, Waterford 3 Fenwood Farm, Ancaster 4 Maple Syrup Museum of Ontario, St. Jacobs 5 Maple Tree Farm, Ancaster 6 Kinsmen Fanshawe Sugar Bush Maple Festival, Thorndale 7 Paris Lions Maple Syrup Festival April, Paris 8 Maple Tap Farm, New Dundee 9 White Meadows Farms, St. Catharines Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 79

Getting out & about!

Winter, spring, summer and fall, we have no shortage of activities for outdoor enthusiasts come to play at in beautiful southwestern Ontario.

TRAILS Brant County

A HeAling AlternAtive tHAt sootHes tHe soul tHrougH Hypnosis, reiki treAtments.

184 Caithness St. W. Caledonia 289-284-0114

need Help?

Brant, Haldimand & norfolk Community information dataBase

Brant and Brantford has a trail system that is envied the world over, and our network of trails and pathways is used by walkers, hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders alike. Check out some of the most popular trails below, as well as some of the lesser-known gems (our personal favourites). For more information, visit • Apps Mill Trail (GRCA) • Burford Lion’s Way • Grand Valley Trail (GVTA) • Green Lane Park • Hamilton to Brantford Trail (GRCA) • LE & N Rail Trail • Mt.Pleasant Walking Tour • Mt.Pleasant Nature Park • Nith River Trail • Paris to Cambridge • S.C. Johnson Trail (GRCA) • TH & B Rail Trail BRANTFORD

• Apps Mill Trail (GRCA) • D’Aubigny Trail • Hamilton to Brantford Trail (GRCA) • Mohawk Park search for information on • Children & Youth Services • Counselling • Disability Support Programs • Financial & Social Assistance • Food Banks • Government Programs • Health Services • Housing & Home Care • Libraries & Educational Services • Mental Health Services • Newcomer Services • Parenting & Family Programs • Recreation • Service Clubs • Seniors’ Services • Transportation Services and so much more!


Haldimand County

Haldimand is home to some of the most spectacular and scenic hiking trails around, many found along the Grand River and in our local parks and conservation areas. For more information, visit • Blue Heron Way • Chippewa Trail • Kinsmen Park Walkway • Patterson Walkway • Ramsay Walkway • Rotary Riverside Trail • Thistlemoor Park Pathway • Thompson Creek Restoration • Townsend Recreation Trail

Norfolk County

Norfolk has a stunning selection of trails that takes you through an array of wetlands, grasslands, forests and farmers’ fields. Explore landscapes that you have never been to before, while experiencing all the adventures this county has to offer! • Andy and Helen Spriet Trail • Backus Woods • Big Creek National Wildlife Area • Brook Conservation Area • Delhi Rail Trail • Hay Creek Conservation Area • Lynn Valley Trail • Long Point Provincial Park • Port Rowan Wetlands • St Williams Conservation Reserve • Sutton Conservation Area • Turkey Point Provincial Park • Waterford Heritage Trail Hamilton

Known as the “City of Waterfalls”, more than 100 waterfalls have been identified in the Hamilton area along the internationally recognized Niagara Escarpment. So much beauty to discover here.



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Years Young! 199 King Edward St. PariS 519-442-7110

At Pet Valu we understand that your pet is a part of the family, because we’re pet parents too. At both our Paris and Brantford store, you’ll find a great selection of pet food, treats, toys and accessories, all at competitive prices.

• Bruce Trail • Christie Lake Conservation Area • Dundas Valley • Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area • Rockcliffe Waterdown Mountain

We also pride ourselves on being Pet Experts and we want to use our knowledge and experience to help you find the right nutrition and other solutions for your pets!

Bike Trail • Royal Botanical Gardens Loop Trail • Sherman Falls • Spencer Gorge Conservation Area • Spring Valley • Tiffany Falls Conservation Area • Valens Conservation Area OXFORD COUNTY

This small list of trails does not begin to introduce a fraction of the diverse trails in Oxford. Visit to find out more. • Beauty Creek Trail • Chesney Wilderness Area Trail • Lawson Nature Reserve • Oxford Thames River Trail • Pittock Conservation Area • Roth Park • Secord Trails Care Community

Visit our website to learn about our amazing selection of children’s art lessons, adult paint workshops & corporate paint workshops! 24 Winnett St N, Cayuga 905.929.4902

308 Grand River St N, Paris 50 Market St S, Brantford

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Finding Me.

Finding balance in today’s fast-paced world is more difficult than ever but has also never been more important. BY Christina Speers For over twenty years I have worked in a corporate environment as a trustee-elect for a public school board. I am also the mother of two crazy but beautiful children who keep me hopping and in the midst of it all my husband and I are renovating a century home in beautiful Paris, Ontario. I am often running kids in multiple directions and many would see me as very confident and outgoing, but if I am to be truthful with you, if I am to live my best life as an authentic me, I would have to tell you that I have always been affected by mild depression. This is due to various reasons - a poetic mind that tends to drift into over self-analysis, the grind of the endless pursuit of balancing work-life and motherhood, and just suffering from acute loss over the years on a very personal level. Let’s face it: life can be challenging. Luckily as a child, sitting on a toboggan pulled by my father, I discovered a place I could go when I needed to recharge. Not with a sense of urgency, but with a sense of peace and respect: the woods. Here, I can find rivers, creeks, trees, plants and insects to marvel at. 82 LIVE SMALL TOWN

When I am with them, walking stick in hand, I am instantly taken outside of myself, and I can let go. I can breathe deeply, and walk on in silence. I listen for the call of a blue jay and raise my binoculars up to the horizon to search it out. I stand silent for a moment to catch a glimpse of a northern flicker landing to search for insects on the ground, or am surprised by finding a northern water snake dart across the path. The world opens up and I am a child again, and no matter how many times I may have seen a black capped chickadee before, when it crosses my path I am seeing it again as if for the first time, and I am renewed. I have recently decided to open a new business in 2019 called Roots & Wings, to share this with others. It is a bird watching and nature walks venture in Brant County. There are so many of us who are searching for a sense of grounding calm and the answer is so simple in the end. Get outside. With Roots & Wings, I take small groups on a guided walk at various locations in the region, provide them with binoculars and we begin. I begin by thanking the land, then I provide a moment of silence when you can ask yourself what we would like to get out of the walk. We share aloud if we feel comfortable, as it builds trust among strangers, and a sense of connection to the land. This, I have learned, is critical to my own personal happiness. During the walk we play some interactive games that teach you to observe nature and I also include a “walk box” full of items from local business like honey, candles, coffee, meditation rocks, books, soap and more. Please feel free to visit my website for more details. I am a mom, a wife, a worker, a trustee, a renovator, a bird nerd, a nature nut and thanks to nature, I am also a depression survivor and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Get outside. You won’t regret it. Contact Christina Speers and Roots & Wings at 519-532-8276, or visit her website at

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Chiropractic Physiotherapy Massage Therapy Naturopathic Medicine Osteopath Counselling

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Laser Therapy Acupuncture Athletic Therapy Concussion testing Neurotracker Software

Injection Clinic Rehab Gym facility Vision Therapy Vestibular Therapy

it is VeRy iMpoRtant to get into the CliniC as soon as possible afteR a ConCussion.

Our start to finish Concussion management team will get your athlete back to sport and school as soon and as safely as possible! Despite prevention strategies, head injuries will still occur. Regardless of when the injury occurred, and how long you have been dealing with the injury, we can help! Our clinic specializes in all types of Concussion and Post Concussion Care. We focus on the team approach to healthcare and determine precisely where we need to focus with each and every patient that enters the clinic. If you have ANY questions or concerns about your athlete, please call us as soon as possible, we are here to help! We offer COMPLIMENTARY consultations with all healthcare providers!

Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centre 8- 1084 Rest Acres Rd, Paris ON, N3L 0B5 T: (519) 442-2237 F: (519) 442-2098

Live it for a day. Live it for a lifetime. WINTER 2019-2020 83

Eat, Drink, Shop & Be Merry! Winter in the County of Brant is simply magical. Taste, enjoy and embrace the season through our unique shops, restaurants and charming downtowns. Visit to learn more.

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