Reflections of Jerusalem

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Temples Andy Proctor This paper was very enjoyable for me to write. I feel like a huge nerd having written more for this paper than I have written for almost any class in my undergraduate career. I hope that this will be enjoyable for you to read and that it will inspire further study of the importance of temples. I know that the majority of the JC-ites have not gone to the temple, but their day will come, and my hope is that this means even more to you then. I love you all.

Where Heaven Meets Earth


remember telling my father about how I was going to miss the temple while in the Holy Land, but I feel like what I have learned about the temple here has been something that will enrich my experience when I return to the temple. Even though the temple has been inaccessible to me here, perhaps the things I have experienced and learned here will have done more good than if I had been able to go to the temple ten or twenty times in Provo. Did Adam have a Temple? Temples are an integral part of all history. There are many critics in the world who say that Mormonism is a cult because of the worship that goes on inside the temple. They cannot see inside and thus assume that we are practicing something satanic or secretive. Without being rude, I would say that these people just do not know their history. Though religious critics disagree, Latter-day Saints are not the ones who have changed. We are not the ones who have gotten it all wrong when it comes to