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It's so good to be back! One.Drop Nashville is fresh from hiatus, wrapping up some imminent business and seeking clarity of creative vision. Not to mention, it takes a minute to get back in a good groove. But we're ready to start rolling again. This year has been an exercise in Consistency and Determination. From finishing a Master's Degree to learning the ropes of a new job, I have learned and re-learned that nothing beats the hard, grinding work of sticking with a task. It's quite satisfying in the end. I want to point out that these are an artist's best friends--Consistency and Determination. Without them, albums sit humming in your head, the best shots never captured, manuscripts never written‌ With all that being said, for most of us, creativity begins wit h Imagination-- t he central and quintessential element of all creativity. It takes us as far as we will allow it. No further. It's great at obeying orders and following rules. But it's even better at freestyling and drawing outside the lines. Let's explore imagination. Kana Kavon

Photo by Joseph Patrick

Nashville in November P o e t r y


P r o s e P o e t r y i n t h e B r e w 11 . 9 L y r i c a l B r e w 11 . 2 1 W r i t i n g s o n t h e W a l l 11 . 1 4 N i g h t o f F r e e S p e e c h 11 . 1 2

M u s i c


D a n c e

L u p e F i a s c o 11 . 3 J a n e l l e M o n a e 11 . 1 7 L a u r a M v u l a 11 . 1 7

Nikki Giovanni @ Salon615

Search for details on these and more happenings!

T h e a t r e Vi s u a l Split & Twisted thru 11.8 First Saturday Art Crawl 11.2 30 Americans Exhibit at the Frist



F i l m International Black Film Festival of Nashville thru 11.3 God Loves Uganda @ Belcourt Theatre 11.1 Basquiat @ the Frist 11.15 Bohemian Circus Playground 11.21

Free admission to The Frist for Free Family Festival Day 11.17

As long as there is blood in your veins and oxygen in your lungs, you have a chance. Life is a continuous process consisting of many hardships, triumphs, obstacles, and challenges, that help to mold who you are and who you will become. The good thing about it all is that everyday you have the chance and the choice to make it. With the right mindset, you can turn any situation into a success. Never consider a situation to be a set back, rather look at it as a set up for what is to come. Whether the experience is good or bad, consider it the grounds

to be a transition in your life. At the time when you feel the most disadvantaged, the advantage you do have lies in your own hands. How you deal, and react to situations can hinder or help you in the long run. Exercise your brain to be mentally fit to climb every physical, emotional, and spiritual mountain and you will always reach the finish line. --Marcus Bennett

S e t b a c k

vs S E T U P

Proverb Breakdown If you think you're too small to make a difference, you haven't spent the night with a mosquito. -Afrikan Proverb.

"My task is not yet complete." -Drea (San Francisco)

Don't let anything but your divine purpose define U. -Iyen (Nashville)

"If you want to do your part in bettering the World...stop dwelling in your own narcissistic insecurities with the regards to your impact. You are part of a bigger plan, play your role and your purpose will be clear to everyone." -Los (D.C.)









He chooses to look up, though they designate his demise Black boy walks, talks, beams with pride They tell him he looks out of place being so hope full so proud so smart Still he looks up toward the unknown that is surely better than the brokenness of what's been h i s t o r y s o f a r Ain't he beautiful being so bold?



Man Gives Birth: Guitar Phenomenon Gary Clark Jr.

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Nov. 18 Nov. 9

See Elizabeth Cotten perform her original song "Freight Train" watch?v=43-UUeCa6Jw



N a s h v i l l e p h o t o g r a p h e r, student, brother, son, & conqueror, Joseph Patrick shares with One.Drop on imagination, location, and idea...ideation...?

"....the law of averages and beautiful people..."

"As progressive a city as Nashville is, it seems that African Americans are still in the backgrounds and underground."

We dance to the music of washing machines & playground songs while lightening bugs catch us in summer fields of low grass and basketball courts.


All textbooks are Octavia Bulter novels.

Andre 3000 is the permanent Poet Laureat (until I say otherwise) My mother's birthday is

In my

the only (imagi)National

Kahlo is

Holiday. Mandarin Orange cake for

the high

everyone. Two slices for mommies, because you


know they'll share..

College Exit Exams = A healthy and successful garden

Passports are the only acceptable form of I.D.

We grow wings and fly. The butterflies, bumblebees & geese are so proud that they offer us guest rooms in their hives, nests, or cocoons for our rest. Whales & dolphins are so impressed with our evolutionary progress they decide to show us where our gills are. And so we soar and dive and teach Enemy" others how to uproot themselves from old places of pain.

(imagi)National Anthem:

Fela Kuti's "Water No Get

What's In your

Collaborate! Getting outside of your own creative space and working with other creators is a great exercise in imagination (or complete frustration if you don't take down your imagination fences!)

Go see the 30 Americans Exhibit at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. Then go see it again.

Spend a night alone. No electronics. Just you and y o u r imagination. Give in.

Turn off your phone during Thanksgiving dinner. Listen to the stories that are passed around with the turkey.

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the wind & creativity (are they the same thing??) & wacky family members & employment & pet cats & Megabus & dark chocolate & the blues & friends (the family you choose) & higher education & stove top popcorn & pen pals & road trips & vintage wedding gowns & thrift s t o r e s & d i r e c t d e p o s i t & fl a n n e l s h e e t s & t h e incredible, slow spiral of falling November leaves & cinnamon tea & new friends & necessar y goodbyes & the hellos that have yet t o h a p p e n & h a r d w o o d fl o o r s & p e a n u t b u t t e r & handmedown clothes & Spirit & connection & birthdays & self-awareness & the path that's always incomplete & pancakes & poems & falling a n d f a l l i n g a n d fi n a l l y l e a r n i n g t o w a l k & f a l l i n g i n l o v e a n d fi n a l l y l e a r n i n g t h a t i t ' s d e e p e r t h a n that & early morning stretching & the discipline that being broke can instill when we let it & letting go & taking hold & forgiveness & the United States Postal System & spare change & mind change & the world wide web & family legacy & race legacy & human legacy & laughter & saltwater on cheeks & you & me &

One.Drop November 2013  

The Imagination Issue

One.Drop November 2013  

The Imagination Issue