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Top Items to Consider When Starting a Distillery Each distillery has unique characteristics, resulting in exposure to many unique risks. From converting fermented grains into an alcohol vapor to bottling the final product, the hazards associated with this process are many. Here are some of the major considerations that will need to be addressed when starting a distillery.

prevent it as an ignition source. These areas must have fire sprinkler systems to control and knock down a fire, should one start. The electrical disconnect switch should be located on the outside of the barrel warehousing building. Primary electrical service should be shut off when power is not is not required for operational purposes.

Building Type & Construction One of the first considerations is the building type and construction. The distillery should be built of fire-resistive or non-combustible materials such as masonry or pre-engineered metal. It is preferred that distillery operations are separated from adjacent buildings by at least 100 feet. Adjoining structures should be separated by firewalls and parapets.

Storage Areas Milling and grain storage areas need to be separate from the distilling and bottling. Milling produces fine, flammable grain dust and requires a proper dust collection and venting system to void dust build up.

Ignition Source Controls Ignitable vapors produced during the distilling process need to be controlled with the proper natural or mechanical ventilation system. All areas of production, bottling, and warehousing need to have an alcohol detection system as well as proper explosion-proof electrical and lighting. These areas must also have suitable lightning protection to

Spill Control Spill control, drainage, and containment are extremely important as well. This is done with curbing, diking, and scuppers to prevent the flow of flammable liquid throughout the building. These are some of the major considerations and exposures one faces when starting a distilling operation. If you have specific questions or would like further information, I can be reached at 608-4434716 or Randy Krantz, CIC Vice President Neckerman Insurance Services


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