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When looking at rigs in the modern carp fishing world you will probably find yourself wanting to try all the weird and wonderful rigs that you see in the magazines and on the DVDs. While this isn’t a bad thing and you can experiment and find what works for you in particular fishing situations. Most people, myself included will find a rig that will suit 90% of their fishing with only needing to change up depending on the situation. I am going to provide a guide on how to make a rig that will suit most situations, isn’t overcomplicated and will catch fish just as well as any fancy looking alternative!

Above you will see all of the tools and components required to make this rig. This includes a curve style hook (Nash Fang X, Korda Kurv etc), some standard size swivels (Nash, Korda etc), a baiting needle, pulling tool, silicone tubing, boilie stops, coated braid, scissors and finally a boilie of the same size as you plan to use with the rig. Fig 1.

Peel around 5 inches of coating off of your chosen braid, once complete tie a knotless knot (Fig 1.) Cut off a small piece of silicon around the length shown (Fig 2.)

Fig 2.

Cut the required length of braid from the spool, we usually aim for rigs around 6 - 8 inches in length. Now you can thread the piece of silicon onto the braid (Fig 3.) You now need to thread the hook through the silicon (Fig 4.) ensuring that the hook point faces the hair you tied earlier, this means when the silicon is moved to the shank of the hook the hair will be on the top.

Fig 3.

Fig 4.

Next you should add your boilie to the hair and attach with the boilie stop, this will allow you to gauge how far the boilie is from the hook, we usually aim for around 5mm (Fig 5.)

Fig 5.

Once decided you need to tie a knotless knot to attach the hook properly (Fig 6.) Finally you need to attach your swivel completing the rig. This rig can also be easily adapted for different baits, for example length depending on boilie and particle, it can also be used for pop ups if required by adding a shot or some putty.

Fig 6.

The finished rig should look something like the below:

It has caught many fish for us, including this 24lb Common. Tight Lines!

Back to Basics: A Simple Rig  
Back to Basics: A Simple Rig  

A guide to creating a simple but effective carp fishing rig.