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1) What is a biomaterial? Why is important to produce them more carefully than others? Bio materials are all the inert materials used for producing a pharmacological object that will be introduced in the body for helping the function or replacing a living organ.

They must be produced with more care than others becausethey are really important for our health. There are materials that sometimes are bad for our organism, becauseit react against them, or becausewe are allergic. Also becausethe material has to support the naturals conditions of the body.

2) Complete this diagram:


Most used

Kinds Intern layout External layout

Inert Biocompatible : are good accepted for the body and can stay for a long time inside it. Biocompatible bioactive : Reabsorble Biocompatible : biomaterials that reactdesigned with thefor fluids of the being reabsorbed and organism for creating substituted a strong linkfor between the natural tissue

- The polymers, as the silicone, Teflon or nylon.

- New materials as the nanocoposits.

- Ceramic materials as the aluminum oxide.