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FALL / WINTER 2011 12 1

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Elizabeth Watts Carolyn Williams Maddie Zerkel

Advertising and Public Relations Co- Directors: Clark Goss Christina McLeod

Who runs this operation?

Editor-in-Chief Sarah Wormser

Managing Editor Lauren Shuster

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Katelyn Schiavone

Ad/PR Staff: Janai Crudup Caitlin Inwood Jamilla Johnson Channing Jones Jessie Tharrington Brittney Winbush Lucy Woodhead

Photography Fashion Editor

Director of Photography: Devon Baverman


Photographers: Seyi Amosu Christina Cannon Olivia Dorman Peter Maxwell Tabitha Phillips Meghan Russell Maddie Zerkel

Laura Czerepak

Senior Copy Editor: Holly Sweat Digitial Copy Editor: Emily Polk Social Media Director: Robyn Johnson Contributing Writers: Janai Crudup Mary Whit Danielson Khadija Dukes Lauren Foster Samantha Fouche Teryn Keller Paula Merida Tabitha Phillips Emily Rethman Joanna Sullivan Holly Sweat 2

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“Really unique ‘tribal’ friendship type string bracelets.”

Fashion Editor

- Katelyn Schiavone Editor at Large




“I love the "naked" eyeshadow palette by urban decay.“ - Laura Czerepak “A lace mini dress has been the object of my affection all year. I am loving the warmer tones like rust, ivory, and this metallic beauty from Milly, which is available to borrow from Rent the Runway. It's vintage appeal and sparkly finish is ideal for a festive holiday fete this season.”


- Clark Goss Co-Public Relations & Advertising Director “I love my Steve Madden Candence boots. Because of the small heel, they are extremely comfortable but are also really flattering. I love that I can mix and match the cognac color to go with black or brown as well as dresses and jeans. Where can you go wrong?” -

Photo courtesy of Steve Madden

Photo courtesy of Rent the Runway

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Photo courtesy of Nautical Wheelers

Devon Baverman Director of Photography




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Meet the Cover Girl

Our lovely cover girl, Becker Whitney, is a freshman at The University of Georgia. The art major, originally from Rome, Ga., loves spending her time drinking coffee, singing, and watching TV with her best bud. Becker lives by the philosophy that you should never take yourself too seriously, especially when it comes to fashion; she loves to express herself through her personal style and isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. Her individuality and beauty radiates, making her the perfect face for our Fall-Winter 2011 issue.

O v e r s e e n b y f a c u l t y a d v i s o r D r. J o s é B l a n c o, L i t t l e R e d B o o k i s a p r o d u c t o f t h e C o l l e g e o f Fa m i l y a n d C o n s u m e r S c i e n c e s a n d p r o d u c e d e n t i r e l y b y s t u d e n t s o f T h e U n i v e r s i t y o f G e o r g i a . A l l e l e m e n t s, i n c l u d i n g p h o t o g r a p h y, i l l u s t r a t i o n s, g r a p h i c s, a n d w r i t t e n c o p y a r e p r o p e r t y o f L i t t l e R e d B o o k a n d m a y n o t b e r e p r o d u c e d i n a n y w a y. To b e p a r t o f o u r s t a f f, p l e a s e c o n t a c t e d i t o r s. l r b @ g m a i l . c o m . L i t t l e R e d B o o k Wo u l d l i k e t o t h a n k D r. B l a n c o, t h e C o l l e g e o f Fa m i l y and Consumer Sciences and our hardworking staff and contributors for t h e i r s u p p o r t a n d h e l p i n t h e p r o d u c t i o n o f o u r m a g a z i n e. I n a d d i t i o n w e w o u l d l i k e t o t h a n k B u r m a n P r i n t i n g C o m p a n y, F l i r t Fa s h i o n s, C h e e k y Pe a c h , S h o w Po n y, A g o r a , C i l l i e s, P i t a y a , a n d P r i v a t e G a l l e r y. We w o u l d a l s o l i k e t o t h a n k A t h e n s B e n E p p s A i r p o r t, M a x C a n a d a , H o t e l I n d i g o, F l o w e r l a n d , S w e e t Pe p p e r s D e l i , Yo u r P i e, a n d T h e S i l v e r D o l l a r B a r f o r w o r k i n g w i t h u s.

Hello LRBers, First off, let me introduce myself. I’m Sarah Wormser, your new Editor-in-Chief, and I am beyond thrilled to be assuming this position within Little Red Book. I am especially excited about this issue because cold weather brings the most wonderful time of the year. As a Florida native, moving to Georgia has at times been like living on a different planet. Nothing makes me wish I

y r,

were a Georgia Peach more than the actual changing of the seasons. Despite my sunshine state address I always owned a plethora of winter attire; cardigans, boots, and most especially coats. Although cardigans, boots, and coats are always essentials, in this issue our wonderful staff showcases the latest trends for fall and winter.


Retro looks, feminine silhouettes, and bright colors combined with ombre nails and vampy makeup will take your wardrobe from summertime to winter ready. Whether you are in Athens, Ga. or Paris, France, these trends will sweep you away and keep you looking chic in the cool winter air. Travel safe, fashionistas‌

LRB Love,

Sarah g

d I love to hear from you, let me know your thoughts:



Photography by Devon Baverman Styling by Taylor Gadsden All accessories from Private Gallery


'ts e r c e S Out

We’re spilling the best beauty trends to keep you looking


in the





Jewel-toned Nails

Make a royal statement with your nails.


Hair by Taylor Gadsen, Jamilla Johnson, and Ann Elise Coleman

Makeup by Taylor Gadsen and Ann Elise Coleman; Models: Emily Erdelyan, Kait Poncsak, Kela Lester

y p m Va

More is more with fashion that bites back. Bold lips, strong eyes, and oversized jewelry make the look. 9


above Emily Erdelyan, Kait Poncsak, Kela Lester right Emily Erdelyan

Photography by Peter Maxwell

Naked Neutrals

Keep your makeup calm like the winter air to make your beauty strong like a blizzard.


Photography by Tabitha Phillips Hair by Taylor Gadsen and models Makeup by Ann Elise Coleman



Cotton Let’s get one thing straight-- you don’t appreciate the simple things in life until they are gone. This was the case earlier in the year for avid fashionfollowers and typical consumers alike when the cotton industry took an unexpected turn. Clothing companies scrambled to keep their prices competitive as the fiber became scarce. Some t-shirt brands were only producing certain colors because they were assembling overstock fabric forgotten in the warehouse. Due to a combination of increased demand, a season of little rainfall, and failed crops in high-production areas, the abundant King Cotton was hard to come by as prices soared. Dr. Ian Hardin, professor of Textile Science and International Textiles Economy, commented that comparing average wardrobes of American society a few decades ago to now is staggering in growth and versatility. Both material-driven societies and the strengthening economies of developing countries such as China and India are gaining more disposable income that creates a rising demand for cotton products. This is not necessarily a bad thing for the cotton industry. The prices of cotton are very volatile, as with many agricultural products that depend on variables such as weather, and constantly fluctuate full-circle based on outstanding circumstances. The United States is a high producer of cotton, with Georgia placing among the top states. Almost 70% of US cotton is exported to be manufactured 12

into various products, but it is highly likely that any cotton product you buy contains at least some percentage of American cotton. Sometimes a label might indicate Pima cotton, which is most likely produced in California or Arizona. Also, the invention of manmade fibers such as polyester took over in the early 2000s as the reigning choice for fiber use. As the world population grows, the prices of cotton will steadily increase. It is nice to knowingly support the cotton industry, but not necessarily pragmatic as there is, and will always be, a need to distribute. Although cotton prices are leveling out from earlier in the year, the industry is thriving and will continue to react to outstanding factors related to it. No need to fret, maxi skirts and comfy oversized oxfords are in no danger. Students can also get involved in Dawson’s “Cotton is Our Everyday” Competition where FACS has paired with the American Farmer’s Association “Cotton, Inc.” to support young designers creating cotton clothing for the chance to produce and sell.

by Mary Whit Danielson

Photography by Meghan Russell Model: Jennifer Daniel

Lovely in in

Dress from Pitaya


Lace has taken over the runways and moved into closets this fall! Designers from Oscar de la Renta, Lela Rose, Marc Jacobs, and Valentino produced numerous designs featuring this trend in their fall 2011 collections. However, most college students cannot afford the high fashion designer’s price tag, which is why stores such as J. Crew, Banana Republic, Forever 21, and Nordstrom are offering affordable alternatives to this feminine trend. Everything from blouses and dresses, to shoes and handbags in every color imaginable are being shown for this season. With all of these options, the shopper can create a variety of unique looks that are sure to be eye-catching.

Although some visualize lace as an airy, lightweight, summer fabric, it can be worn in multiple ways that make it perfect for cooler weather. Layering is key with such delicate pieces in order to keep the romantic look of the design. Sleeveless shells look great under a printed or brightly colored cardigan and jeans as an easy, everyday alternative to a chunky sweater. Women can even incorporate the animal print trend with a leopard print belt or flats. Lace dresses in every color coordinate perfectly with a favorite pair of boots and jacket. Add a scarf and the look is complete and ready for the fall chill. Lace skirts are also out in full force in multiple silhouettes ranging from pencil skirts to Alines and even minis. Each of these can be worn with a silky blouse, a classic oxford, or a sweater on colder days. The patterned tights seen this season are a perfect accessory to complete this ensemble, along with a great pair of riding boots or booties

in a classic neutral or vibrant color. With so many options available, women can incorporate their own style into this new trend and create a fabulous look.

Since lace is a very versatile component to any wardrobe, it can be taken from day to night with a few minor changes. A lace dress worn with boots and a sweater during the day can easily be manipulated to the perfect nighttime attire. By removing the sweater and boots, adding heels and a statement necklace, it is possible to save the trouble of changing from a day in class to a night downtown. A lace blouse with black slacks is perfect for work during the day. Change into a pair of skinny jeans with gold accessories and two fantastic looks are achieved from a single top. The ultra feminine touch of lace adds a bit of romantic flair to every outfit and is suitable for any time of day. Lace is seen everywhere this season from Hollywood to New York City, the pages of Vogue and Lucky, and even here on the UGA campus. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Emma Stone have been photographed at awards ceremonies, as well as the red carpet, sporting the look in fabulous frocks. Lace may have been deemed boring in the past, but in 2011, the versatility makes the options endless and desirable. So head downtown and find the perfect lace piece that will fit your wardrobe and your style!

by Samantha Fouche

Photography by Seyi Amosu 13 Model: Adele Meagher 13

The Perfect Fall Ensemble The weather outside is finally cooler, the air is crisp and you can feel summer quickly fleeting. The first thought on one’s mind is the latest creations of some of the fashion industry’s greatest powerhouses. J. Crew and Rachel Zoe are opening fall collections that will blow any shopper’s mind. By combining the classiest colors with the boldest styles, these looks are sure to turn heads no matter where. J.Crew and Rachel Zoe present their fall collections that combine rich caramels and elegant black with bright colors that pop. Jenna Lyons, president and creative director of J.Crew, describes the collection on their website as “a touch more drama, a touch more luxury, and touch more sophistication-but still totally J. Crew.” Rachel Zoe debuts her first collection with a hint of the 60’s. The designer says on her website, “I’ve been subconsciously building this collection in my mind for a long time. There are a million vintage pieces that have inspired me, and 14

every other designer in the world.” Layers are all the rage this fall season, ranging from peacoats and leggings, to ponchos and skirts. Rachel Zoe takes a rich caramel, black lined poncho and pairs it with a classic black mini skirt, sheer leggings, and black booties. A brighter alternative and lighter look is her white, fitted jacket over white linen shorts, sheer leggings, and classic tan booties. J. Crew’s Dolci short sleeve tee combined with the pony cardigan in classic navy is the perfect way to go on a cool Autumn day. The Dolci Raglan tee paired with the No.2 pencil skirt, and the original Icon trench coat are another go-to ensemble, especially for a day at the office. Less expensive alternatives to both of these collections can be found at both Nordstrom and Macy’s. Both collections are eye-catching with colors such as vibrant flame, viridian green, spicy gold, midnight blue, and cherry red. Rachel Zoe designed a fitting, cherry red suit jacket

with a pair of her 60’s inspired bell bottoms with the same color. The look is both elegant and bold. On the runway Zoe brings the same color with a short, ruffled party dress, yet another 60’s inspired piece. For a night out on the town, a one sleeved midnight blue mini dress lights up the stage. J. Crew’s secretary ribbon blouse is a must-have in terracotta red complete with brown ribbon print. A long-sleeved sequin blouse in a bright persimmon orange is the perfect fit for the holiday season. Famous stars including Lady Gaga, seen wearing a beautiful black and white hounds tooth ensemble, are highly endorsing these classical colors this season. Rachel Zoe includes several pieces in this color combination, ranging from a black and white mini dress to a black jumper paired with a black and white fitted suit jacket. She also brings the elegant caramel to the table including a military style suit jacket with matching bell bottoms. J. Crew’s designers pair a caramel turtle neck with skinny jeans and tall boots to create a look that is just right for those days and nights that are chillier than normal. Another must-have from this collection, is a classy yet modern heather gray cape known as “The Great Caper.” Accessories, as always and like never before, make any outfit really stand out in the crowd. Skinny belts are always a chic way to play up any classic outfit. With J. Crew’s skinny patent belt in the rich purple dahlia or warm golden amber, cashmere lined-leather gloves, and Eddie Satin Oxfords, any outfit will be the talk of the town. Rachel Zoe’s favorite accessory of all is definitely seen in the shoes. Booties ranging from black, to tan, to white are a huge asset to her collection. Thigh-high heeled boots laced up the back with satin ribbon are a bold statement when paired with any of her pieces. DSW and Target are two of the most wonderful places to find all of these accessories at a very pleasing price. As Zoe says, “You need to own your look.” Fashion is something to be personalized and both collections offer many way to do so.

by Carolyn Williams

Photography by Olivia Dorman Model: Spenser Bomholt 15 15

Five ll Fa E Blazers

Leg Warmers

Wedge Boots

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you have to cover yourself in muted earth tones that dominate during the fall. Any basic outfit can be spiced up with a blazing blazer! Blazers have become a fall essential; not only do they keep you warm, but there is a style for everyone. For the fearless girls, Zara makes blazers that dazzle, sparkle, and pop. For the more reserved fashionista, Free People has created the perfect blazer for you; calm colors that still have a fashionable fit. From bold colors to prints, blazers have become the statement piece for the fall.

Leg warmers aren’t just for ballerinas anymore! Today’s stylish leg warmers are far from the of the original 80’s leg warmers. Today there’s more variety; they range in length pattern and in color. These leg accessories will spice up any winter outfit plus they will truly keep you warm as the perfect match for the fall season. Sport chunky knit leg warmers perfectly with low cut or lace up boots to take the look from the dance studio to the sidewalks.

Wedge boots will be your best friend during this cold season. If you’re not in the mood to dress up too much this fall but you still want to add some fabulous flare to and outfit, wedge boots are key. These fun boots are just as versatile as your busy college schedule. So feel free to throw on your wedge boots with your favorite pair of cargos, dark washed skinny jeans, or of course boot cut jeans.


s l a i t n e s Es Poncho r


r ,

The poncho has found its way back to the fall fashion scene for the fall season and they are bigger and better than ever before! This seasons hot designers have used the poncho as their blank canvas creating works of art. The vintage wool pique poncho by Max Mara takes the cake. This dramatic poncho embodies the freedom of fashion with its bold layering and floor length cut. Other designers who revealed the poncho for fall 2011 include Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, and Band of Outsiders. The great thing about the poncho for this fall is that you can pair it with almost any of your other fall favorites from shorts and tights to jeans and boots.

Tights Covering up your legs for the cold weather doesn’t have to be such a drag! Pairing your favorite skirt, shorts, or dress with a bold pair of tights can be the perfect match to keep you warm and looking fabulous at the same time. When choosing the right tights, be true to your style. Be fearless and don’t be afraid to make a statement.

by Brittney Winbush Photography by Maddie Zerkel Model: Evan Graham




Big, Bold, Beautiful You know the moment when you are digging through the racks, searching for that one dress that will make him fall hopelessly in love with you? The racks of clothing seem endless until that one glint of glitter catches your eye. It is a beautiful dress that would look perfect with your ankle boots. Then you notice it’s hanging on the sale rack. It was meant to be.

cute while doing it. Plus, let’s be honest, when something fits, you feel your best.

With the cold weather, nothing feels better than putting on your favorite pair of jeans, but what defines your favorite pair? Is it the look? Or the detail? More often than not it’s the way they feel on you and how they fit. Although many pairs of would-be favorite jeans are Dress in hand, you walk straight to the dressing discarded because they are either too long or room, fantasizing about twirling around in it too short. Many people forget that jeans are and be the envy of others around you. You just average material. Material can be adjusted slowly pull the dress over your head, holding based on your needs. When shopping, don’t your breath. It now becomes the same scenario overlook a pair of cute, comfortable jeans just many girls have faced standing in the dressing because they are too long. Alterations can room. The dress does be made seemingly (pun not fit well over your intended) overnight. Even hips, it’s too short, or here in Athens, the Yellow your chest has no room Pages lists fifteen different to breathe. The true alteration stores ranging shape of your body is from West Broad Street now displayed as you to Baxter Street and even realize that your dream South Milledge. The prices dress is a nightmare. range anywhere from $5 to $12 depending on the This may not be the pants and material. Not a case for everyone, bad deal when you find a but according to the great pair of slacks on the National Center for sale rack that are just a tad Health Statistics, the too long. Even if you find a average twenty-year old American woman is great pair of pants that are too short, they can about 5 feet and 3.8 inches tall and weighs 163 always be let out. The same goes for tightness pounds. No matter what height, short or tall, or looseness of the pants. The turnaround time no matter what weight, slender or robust, there is also very short. It is possible to buy a pair of are clothes for you. The first thing is to identify pants on Monday and have them in time for your body type. Seventeen magazine does a your social on Friday. great job at identifying body shapes and many times this is the perfect way to see just how So whether you are tall or short, round or slim, your body is identified, making it a lot easier there is always a way to come out looking your to look for clothes. Another helpful resource is best. Sometimes it is okay to shy away from Here you can find what your everyday look and try something new. By body shape defines you and learn some tips finding something that flatters your shape and on what type of clothes flatter your figure and build, you will always feel beautiful. show off the best part of you. No matter how your body curves, or doesn’t curve, there are always ways to dress to your figure and look

by Emily Rethman


Photos courtesy of and

H s y H d t i t d J i S i g r o u a t e a h m i a

Photo courtesy of

Street Style

Have you ever spotted somebody in your class that you thought was well dressed? Have you ever spied some one downtown that put together two trends and pulled it off impeccably? Have you ever felt the urge to compliment that girl drinking a latte on the porch of Jittery Joes? If so, you have been inspired by street style. Some may believe that runway is the central focus of such a grand enterprise, but models rarely depict the real woman or man. People do not wake up and have a group of stylists and beauticians waiting eagerly to primp them for the day. Not everyone has a model figure and the means to maintain a high fashion wardrobe. For the majority of people, finding style is a personal process of picking and choosing what inspires


A cute scarf, adorable sunnies, high-waisted shorts and granny styled shoes with socks? A winning combination in my book!

Photography by Maddie Zerkel

them and catches their fancy. Every morning, it’s you who wakes up, browses your closet and puts together an outfit that perfectly embodies your personality and mood. If you feel down, sick or tired, you will dress comfortably in an oversized sweater, scarf, and your favorite jeans. If you feel perky and ready to have fun, you will pick an outfit with a pop of color and flouncy silhouette. Your fashion is entirely dependent on you, and that, my fellow fashionistas, is an incredibly inspiring idea. Street style is the compilation of fashion, culture and attitude. It puts real people on display who are intriguing, have distinct personalities, and pull off their look flawlessly. Although someone might not be sporting the high quality brands or latest

Oh, the hair! This vintage goddess has spunk and beautiful hair. I loved her jumper and patterned blouse. She bought her fabulous oxfords at Minx downtown!

trends, the way in which he or she carries herself or himself is entirely appealing. You may be inspired by “that girl’s” confidence, her easy going smile and chill persona, or you may be inspired by “that guy’s” cropped jeans and artsy appeal. Anything and everything about a person’s outfit and aura can give you inspiration in your daily wear and life. So next time you are out and about, keep your eyes open for snappy dressers. Athens is buzzing with chic, friendly people. Chat them up about how much you love their look; this is one of the greatest compliments. Surrounded by such an amazing city, the inspiration is endless, you just have to go out and find it!

by Maddie Zerkel

A comfy outfit for a Saturday with the family! I loved the rosy colored pleats of her skirt and the dashing chambray jacket. Her sweet nature is coupled perfectly with this sweet look!

This Lea Michele doppelganger looked comfy and chic in her peacock blouse and skinny cargos. She seems like the kind of person that you could be instant friends with!



All Eyes On Me When entering a room full of people,

either you want all eyes on you or you want to blend in. If making a statement is your goal, thinking outside of the box is a must. Today, celebrities take this to an extreme leaving the days of elegant and simple red carpet gowns in the past. Who is making the biggest statement controls the media and audience’s attention. Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry are just some of the celebs who have turned the media and fashion world upside down with their outrageous outfits and hairstyles. These stars have mastered the art of grabbing the public’s attention.

Get the look: Looking to add a little bit Lady Gaga’s style

to your wardrobe? Thigh-high boots can be paired with almost anything! From a chic blazer with leggings to a sexy dress, throwing on a pair of these sexy thigh-high boots will give your outfit a edgy twist. Lady Gaga loves fur coats and adding one to your wardrobe can be simple. Throw it on with jeans and a sweater, a chic dress, or even leggings, a boyfriend button down, and boots. Fur coats make any outfit complete.

Lady Gaga

Some might say Lady Gaga initiated the most recent trend of outrageous get-ups because of her more than out-there appearances on the red carpet. From a dress constructed entirely out of meat to an outfit made of Kermit the Frog stuffed animals, Lady Gaga has never failed to surprise us. Making trends is what Lady Gaga does; big circular sunglasses, thigh-high boots, big gaudy jewelry, and big fur coats are just a few of the styles she has inspired. Not only has Lady Gaga inspired us with her bold fashion sense, she was also designer Alexander McQueen’s muse and inspiration. Lady Gaga and McQueen worked with each other to make big statement in the fashion world and after McQueen’s death Gaga stated that she is “living through him.” Lady Gaga will continue make waves on the red carpet and make McQueen proud. 20

Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj is recognized for her crazy and

unusual hairstyles but without an ensemble to match, her look wouldn’t be complete… right? Her colorful wigs and spandex outfits,

have defined her style. One piece jumpsuits, boots with unique designs, and mixing lots of colors are some of the trends that Nicki rocks when she makes appearances. Nicki describes her style as a Harajuku Barbie, which is a bold and colorful Japanese street style mixed with a girly “Barbie” look. Nicki’s style has no boundaries and she is always willing to push the envelope. She has fun with her style and tries new things most people wouldn’t even think about trying. These unique and fearless approaches to fashion are what make Nicki Minaj an upcoming style icon.

Get the look: To steal Nicki Minaj’s look all you need is a lot of personality and you have to be prepared to take risks. To accomplish this, leggings are a must; you can pair them with a sexy corset and high-heel pumps. Also try wearing one-piece jumpsuits and high-heel boots, and a leather jacket. Color is also a necessity; bright, “bubble gum” accessories will add a little more of Nicki Minaj’s aura to your wardrobe.

Katy Perry

Standing out has never been hard for Katy Perry ever since her first hit single, I Kissed a Girl, shocked listeners all over the world. To add to her unique music, Katy also has a very unique style,that can also be described as retro meets girly. Katy is inspired by a variety of icons including Betty Paige, Wonder Woman, and Judy

Jetson. She describes her style as “cartoonish, punk-rock, cute, smorgasbord of things.” Katy’s fun, humorous, and quirky personality comes out in every look. Her signature looks include high-waisted pants paired with crop tops and 50’s coiffed hairstyle she has recaptured the essence of the pin-up girl but with a little twist.

Get the look:

To add a little Katy Perry to your look try adding colorful, short, form fitting dresses with heels. You can also wear high-waisted pants with pumps and a cute strapless crop top. Adding a fun hair accessory can also give your outfit a little bit of Katy Perry’s flair. Embodying Katy Perry’s style can be fun, if you are willing to go out of your element and try something new. As you can see these women have one thing in common, they are attention grabbers and trendsetters. Whatever they do has to stand out, make a statement, or differentiate them from the next girl on the red carpet. While their style choices may not be quite “normal” they have still inspired some popular trends today. If you are trying to make waves with your style, take some lesson from Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry; you’ll be guaranteed to have all eyes on you wherever you go!

by Janai Crudup Photography by Meghan Russell Model: Amy Johnson



Chic Travels Birds fly south for the wintertime, but Fashionistas fly all over. Follow LRB as we jet-set around the world from

France to Italy, London to Georgia. hitting the biggest trends with even bigger style.

left dress and jacket from Flirt Fashions; bag from Cillie’s right sweater from Flirt Fashions; dress from Cheeky Peach; bag from stylist

Photography by Devon Baverman Shoot styled by Laura Czerepak, Drew Gaddie, and sta

Hair & Makeup by Kristyn Nucci; Models: Becker Whitney and Lynette Osinubi



Bienvenue en left dress from Flirt Fashions right pants from Pitaya, blouse from Cheeky Peach, fur wrap from Cillies

Feel French in fur w

Photography by Devon Baverman

n France ur wraps and Brigette Bardot-esque makeup.



Photography by Devon Baverman

Towering platforms that won’t leave you leaning like Pisa, balance out colorful combos and plush fur vests.

ITALY above dress from Show Pony right pants from Show Pony vest and shirt stylist

e Show your assertive sid nd through tuxedo styles a details like pin stripes.

Photography by Peter Maxwell 27 27

above dress from Show Pony right pants from Show Pony vest and shirt stylist

Photography by Devon Baverman



Child and Family Development

Family Financial Planning Fashion Merchandising

Consumer Economics Consumer Foods

Furnishing and Interiors


Consumer Journalism

Honors Interdisciplinary Studies



Family and Consumer Education

Nutrition Science Unspecified

Knowledge for Real Life Graduates find employment in business, communications, consumer education, health and service-related professions, as well as be prepared to competitively pursue advanced degrees in law, medicine, and research.


Student Services 112 Dawson Hall

Travel Trendy Get the look with our top 5 trends


Go back in time this season with the retro looks of the 40s and 60s. Return to the days where women took control of their fashions and never looked back, emerging with simple colors, pants, and suits.

Animal Instincts Take a walk on the wild side with fun and crazy animal prints. Show your exotic style with prints such as cheetah, snakeskin, and feathers.

Tuxe Luxe

The luxury and sophistication of a tuxedo combined with the femininity and glamour of a black tie event make the perfect effortlessly chic ensemble.

Feminine Flair

Who runs the world? Girls! Women are showing off their feminine silhouettes and patterns everywhere this season.


So much for a touch of color, bold and bright color blocking are guaranteed to make any trendy outfit a hit! by Elizabeth Watts

Photography by Devon Baverman


skirt and shirt from Cheeky Peach,; sweater stylist’s own


skirt from Flirt Fashions; jacket and sweater stylist’s own


Call upon feminine prints with masculine accessories to look like a true Brit. 33


Some Motherly

Advice Away

from Home

2 3 1 There comes a point in every young girl’s life when her mother gives her “grade A” advice and she simply shrugs it off thinking she is all the wiser. The truth is, whether girls will admit it or not, mothers are always right. In fact, if advice from mothers had always been taken to heart every step of the way, a handful of mistakes could have been prevented. After all, someone who gives constant praise and support is not going to give you advice that isn’t for your best interest. In fact, some of the best qualities come from mothers. Somebody has to be held accountable for instilling all of our fabulous characteristics as seen by celebrity mother and daughter relationships like Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, Ivana Trump and Ivanka Trump, and Tina Knowles and Beyonce. It is clearly not just genetics. Here are a few lessons from someone who has already done it all that anyone can benefit from:


Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit you. The middle school days when skintight jeans, baby doll tops, and short shorts were considered stylish are still haunting and almost unbearable to think about. Mothers everywhere were shaking their heads as girls tried on size 12 (in kids) denim mini skirts in the dressing room. Wearing clothes that fit is the key to looking well dressed and put together. So, if there is an outfit at a store or boutique that is a must have and the right size is no where in sight, order it online or ask the saleswoman to check the back to see if there are any stragglers. Wearing something too small or too big is the easiest way to ruin an outfit.

Invest in your belongings and take great care of them. Buying cheap things that are trendy may seem like a good idea at first, but that can soon change when your knit sweater soon turns into a pile of yarn due to a loose thread. Investing in staple pieces results in better quality, taste, and items that will never go out of style. So, instead of buying a cheap top that will only be worn once, invest in a great boyfriend blazer that can be worn with multiple outfits and last for years. You can even invest in a great pair of brown, ankle booties that will actually stay in tact throughout the whole winter season, or even five winter seasons! It’s never too late to be who you are. This is probably the most valuable piece of advice. Especially during the years of young adulthood, being surrounded by change and a quest to find what makes one tick is a common theme .The secret to really becoming an individual is not letting anything or anyone stand in the way. Whatever is not working— let it go. A controlling boyfriend, jealous best friend, or an addiction to reality television. Letting go will give room for growth. Stay surrounded by things and people that are inspiring and motivational. Although it may be hard to know what’s best, it’s important to find out. As Audrey Hepburn would say, “always be a first rate-version of yourself.” Remember; confidence is the best accessory.

by Teryn Keller

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Life of Style, Style of Life Whether we realize it or not, we non-verbally communicate who we are to the masses through our clothing, mannerisms, and way of life. Within a college campus, it is obvious that people are giving little glimpses into their lives, whether they don a well-designed band t-shirt, a series of Greek letters on their computer, or a politically driven bumper sticker on the back of their car. By subtly or loudly revealing to the world who we are, we are reiterating to ourselves those truths (or sometimes falsehoods). With this idea, an interesting question arises: if a person’s outward appearance sheds a little light on the essence of their being, then how much more would their living environment reaffirm something about them? The next few paragraphs will delve into the underlying meaning of a living space and will give a few examples of how expressing your style can lead to exploration of your personality. The home is a place unlike any other, where people can be completely themselves without pressures and expectations from others. People live, breath, eat, work, and sleep in their spaces, so naturally the personality of the person will begin to rub off on the space. The person will display posters on their walls, their music will resonate through the room, and their scent will linger through the air. In a way, home décor expresses multiple dimensions of the personality that clothing cannot. It’s a sanctum for that person’s philosophies and for their ideals. At the same time, personal style and living style naturally seem to coexist and compliment one another. Now more than ever, most clothing lines have home ware counterparts while architecture and furniture have a large influence on the fashion m

world. It’s easier than ever to translate one’s favorite style choices into a way of life. For this particular case, the room under the looking glass has a plethora of contrasts: the sleek with the comfortable, the smooth with the textured, and the unexpected with the familiar. These contrasts in texture and shape provide just as much interest to a room as a pair of rugged boots brings to an otherwise futuristic outfit. These differences could also be a statement on the person’s personality: the need for balance and the need to be the Devil’s advocate in conversation. By observing these little similarities, you can learn a lot about yourself and what is the most important to you. You might notice that you have a lot of things that remind you of a friend or that you love getting in touch with your humorous side. Now that you are done reading, by all means, give it a little thought why you feel compelled to have your 100 favorite movies with you in college or why you needed to bring all 12 of your winter coats.

by Joanna Sullivan

Photography by Peter Maxwell 35 Model: Joanna Sullivan 35

As the men get in

touch with their feminine side―tighter clothes and the incorporation of the color get in pink— touch with their masculine side. Women are no longer expected to wear girly, form fitting clothes. Fashion has taken a step back to the loose, boyish style of the 1920’s. With


l , any gir natives her r e lt a le ear into ffordab these a porate mensw ’t have to be or doesn can inc nd she a e b o r it. era, ward el to do the Victorian n a h C ting Coco ut of oved o constric As we m o longer wore g gowns. n lon women rinoline, and igher c h , s t e e volv d nd cors hion in waistlines, a s a f ’s 0 g gan in 192 e p b p g omen es, dro hemlin ng dresses. W air and wearin h tti fi d ir e e e b s h loo of t , bob d most g short wearin ts that covere masculine e ha cloche g them a mor ear involves in sw iv n g e , m ir arves ha n day r e d ch as sc lors, o u s M s . e k c o lo pie l co neutra minine more fe r heels. More nd softer and he ,a and hig eige and navy rsey b ch as je men a u s s a s h ic c r u s o fab giving w owing more fl n in the ‘20s, oday’s boyish or .T were w amlined look d. Women e r t s s or oli he more ite as p oxford shirts u q ’t n ng a look is ar un-tucked gs, putti ’s in g e g w le today ans or is trend. 1920 with je blazers ay twist on th on a woman’s sis nd moder ad no empha asically nonh n a io w e sb ry fash cleavag ist was not ve boyish o s , s e a y a w d curv e n moder t and th , existen rominent. The neutral colors p s ut e b r , u s t t shir ll fea look sti button-down on a mphasis line nd e r e t a e suits, a u gr re masc ere is a now th curves and mo ’s woman


Boy Girl

s sleeve ith the neck w s r e laz ith ories. B ests w access and fitted v day. Trousers up r to rolled popula ith a higher y r e v e ut w ps ties ar s well b d loafer pum ers, a n r o n w a n e r e d a sp d for ne. Ox long with su ow, li t is a a w L , ckets. o worn are als and tuxedo ja s in an s, ing fedora ls and stock ts became e e r h p nd in nude olors a c f o y arra



popular along with the little black dress, which is still popular in contemporary fashion. Wearing head-to-toe menswear is not the best way to wear this trend and can make women look manly. Mixing and matching the menswear trend with items that accent a woman’s feminine shape can help women avoid looking manly. This trend can be incorporated into a woman’s wardrobe by choosing key pieces, such as blazers, oxford shirts, ties, tuxedo jackets, or men’s sweaters and pairing them with jeans, leggings, or skirts. For daytime, a blazer and skinny jeans or an oxford shirt and boyfriend jeans can be worn with flats. For nighttime, women can dress up the look with heels and a skirt. It all depends on the woman’s personal style and it’s important that her style shine through when wearing this trend. The menswear for women trend includes classic and tailored pieces that make the look timeless and is so versatile that it makes a great a ddition to any woman’s wardrobe.

by Khadija Dukes

Photography by Peter Maxwell Model: Anna LeBer 37


Tuxe Luxe They say accessories are what make an outfit. This year there is no exception to that rule. From outrageous bowties, cinching cummerbunds and even pocket watches, Fall’s most controversial trend is all about making your grandfather’s timeless wardrobe all your own. As dominant roles are reversed, we will teach you how to embrace your femininity in total liberation. We have listed the top masculine accessories that will make you that much more of the power women you already are!

Get the Look MEN’S WATCHES

Don’t be afraid to raid your man’s closet to mix and match men’s wrist watches (or if you’re daring enough) pocket watches, with tailored tuxedo jackets to create a timeless ensemble.

BROOCHES Add an oversized, flashy brooch to a broad shouldered blazer for an exaggerated but pulled together look.

BOWTIES They are so many ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe. For a more casual look, wear it with a scooped neckline or pair a slouchy bow with a cute cardigan. For more of a traditional look, pin it to a crisp white collared shirt.


Accentuate your feminine curves by pairing a satin cummerbund with classic pleated slacks and show them who’s boss.

BOWLER HAT Top it all off with a upscale vintage hat that represents the authority of a man through the means of a woman.

CUFF LINKS Who said cuff links have to be simple? Break the rules this Fall and add some sparkle to your sleeves with gleaming links that will leave a lasting impression to everyone you meet.

With so many accessories to choose from, you’re sure to find a good mix of pieces that work just for you. So don’t be afraid to take some risk s this Fall and indulge in this powerful trend that might just make the guys feel a little inferior to your new found glory. Photography by Peter Maxwell Model: Anna LeBer

by Paula Merida

Wake Up Your Cold Weather Wardrobe Cold weather traditionally gets a bad reputation for forcing the bright, daring clothing of summer to be put away in exchange for the more muted trends of fall/winter. However, there is hope for those who have grown bored with cold weather fashion. This season’s trends are all about innovation. With so many fresh takes on formerly boring cold weather styles, fall’s styles will be considered anything but bland. Take a look at a few ways a fall/winter wardrobe can become a playground for unconventionality using this season’s trends.

Timeless Black and White

The famously eccentric Lady Gaga has been seen recently in this color duo. The classic yet eye catching combination of black and white can add versatility to a wardrobe while still making a fashion statement. By combining this look with other trends such as color blocking or minimalism, black and white outfits can become personalized. Choose a blouse with a feminine black and white print that can be paired with black skinny jeans. Also, black and white accessories are a subtle way to introduce this look into a wardrobe.

Perfect in Python Accessories in animal prints are not a new concept in the fashion world. However, instead of the overdone zebra and cheetah prints, this season is embracing a new species – snake skin. Chloé showed her approval of the snake skin phenomenon in her fall 2011 show by introducing an entire head-to-toe ensemble in snake skin. If this take on the trend seems a little over the top, keep it simple by carrying a purse or wearing a belt in the print. Photography by Christina Cannon Model: Emily Rethman Skirt from Community

Crazy for Camel

A new take on brown this fall/winter is appearing everywhere from New York City to department stores nationwide. Camel tones have captured the hearts of American fashion lovers. To make camel look fresh in the midst of many brown shades of cold weather, many designers have mixed this trend with the newfound love of blazers, capes, and oversized sweaters. Choose your favorite style coat or sweater, and rock it in camel. A camel coat contrasts perfectly over a bright colored dress.

Red Hot

The powerful color of red is a must this season. Whether subtly adding a pop of red to a black and white outfit or simply wearing a bright red blouse, this trend can be worn as subtly or as boldly as the heart desires. Red plaid is especially popular right now due to current British influences in American fashion. Consider wearing a red plaid scarf against a black top for an instant pop of color.

High Shine Metallic

Reflective clothing is a flashy way of adding excitement to an outfit this fall/winter. Fashion icons such as Calvin Klein and Diane Von Furstenberg brightened their fall 2011 runway collections with metallic influences. A little can go a long way when taking the trend from high fashion to everyday wear. Choose one metallic piece such as a tank top and pair it with a sweater in a muted tone. For the more daring trendsetters, wear a metallic dress with a simple shape.

by Holly Sweat



True Americ Jean


It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that everyone has a pair of classic blue jeans in their closets. Jeans are a staple of American fashion and represent the diversity of the American population. Unfortunately, the demand for cheap labor has watered down the reputation of jeans as an American tradition. Consumers grow concerned about the hazardous conditions of overseas factories and the desire for a true American made jean grows as well. Companies that swear to provide made in U.S.A. jeans are growing in prominence and American jeans are actually pretty simple to find – the trick is to find jeans that are not only ethical, but fashionable. To make the search easier, we’ve chosen four brands that really live up to that challenge of ethical fashion.

on-site massages. They sell out of stores in Atlanta, but be sure to check out their online store which sports a huge selection of sales.

The first is the vibrant brand known as American Apparel. The company keeps its name honest by producing its clothing in Los Angeles. Bold designs and some funky colorchoices give their jeans a modern, youthful look. Their popularity may be due to the controversial, but effective hyper-sexual ad campaigns, but their success as a company can be measured in their commitment to their workers. According to their website, American Apparel factory workers receive $12 an hour on average and enjoy free

Like American Apparel, Kasil brand jeans are made in Los Angeles, but instead of funky and colorful, Kasil promotes a more understated, muted style. Kasil markets their jeans as classically tailored, a statement that is backed up by an excellent true-to-size fit. Kasil jeans have been worn publicly by celebrities like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. A good place to look for Kasil jeans is in smaller, private-owned clothing stores like Sugar Britches, located in Peachtree City or perhaps Suska, located right here in Athens, a consignment store that lists Kasil as one of

American Apparel jeans will make any girl stand out in a crowd, but thanks to the designs of Todd Shelton, the boys have a fashionable option for American jeans as well. Shelton’s denim jeans have a sleek, sophisticated look to them and the simple design leaves room for a high quality, fairly priced jean that looks and feels expensive. Todd Shelton started out manufacturing in China but felt disconnected from his own business and now his all-American company sells directly from their website at to keep prices as low as possible for their gentlemen customers.

ican ns their preferred brands on their website. Kasil isn’t the only brand that has caught the eye of the rich and famous. Creator Jeffrey Lubell started the company True Religion with an American-made product in mind and has found success through a starstudded clientele. True Religion provides a sophisticated jean with a price range that reflects its own celebrity. Though they market their brand as “bohemian” the look of their jeans can be very high fashion with wide range of detail. True Religion has stores in Atlanta and Dawsonville. Thanks to the success of these fashionforward companies, an American jean is becoming less difficult to find. Perusing the stores of downtown Athens will turn up several choices. The local-minded, upstairs store of Community sells Lips Jeans that work out of Brooklyn, New York. Flirt Fashions is currently selling Rich and Skinny jeans that are all U.S.A.-made and boldly fashionable. A quick look in Cillies may

reveal a number of U.S. based brands like Salt Works and Rich and Skinny - just make sure to dig into that designer rack! The prices and styles of these brands may differ from each other, but their commitment to a truly American jean has given them all a reputation of producing high quality, high fashion products. Their success lies more in the detail of each individual jean and in the respect the companies have for their workers rather than in an empty brand name. Whether one has hunted down a good deal or has saved up for a pair of American hip-huggers, wearing a pair of American-made jeans will not only promote the well-being of the people who made them, but it will promote a truly American fashion.

by Tabitha Phillips

Photography by Tabitha Phillips Model: Casey Bryant Jeans: Kasil Jeans, made in America 41


The New Nerd

GLASSES The bigger the frames the better. Whether you find them at your next optometry appointment or walking through the mall, this look will keep you looking smart and in the know.

OXFORDS Dating back to the 1920’s, Oxfords can give an edgy feel to any outfit. Pair them with a cute, dainty dress, casual or not, and the chic contradiction will turn heads just the same. A classic trend, Oxfords are a “smart” investment- having stood the test of time they can still put some edge into your wardrobe.

Many of us are pulling from styles we’ve ignored for years, some of us even ditching mainstream department stores and boutiques to rummage through the racks of the old vintage shop that we once thought looked kind

of dirty. People are making the switch from street style to bookworm chic, gladiator sandals to oxford shoes. The nerd look is no longer reserved for the classroom, and people are taking advantage, whether they are true nerds or not. So take a hint from grandpa or that nerd you sit next to in class. Be smart and pick pieces with longevity that can keep your wardrobe up to date regardless of the current trends.

Look like Urkel with suspenders, bow ties, oversized graphic sweaters, knee-high socks, men’s vests, and collared shirts . . . the list goes on and on. With so many different styles to choose from, use your noggin to ensure an A+ in nerd style this winter.


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Everyone has smiled for that picture at one time or another. The one from Christmas morning or a birthday party when you swiped grandpa’s huge glasses and said, “cheese!” Grandpa’s glasses from the 80s are coming back and along with it, an entirely new, yet familiar nerd culture. You might have been laughing a couple years back, but as you snap your suspenders to your new vintage trousers, Grandpa is going to have the last laugh at this year’s family reunion.

No nerd is complete without an oversized cardigan or cuffed blazer. These garments look great paired with V-neck or button down shirts.


by Lauren Foster

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Savage Beauty


“Two hour wait,” read the sign at the end of the line for the Alexander McQueen exhibit, Savage Beauty, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Tired, hungry and on a tight schedule, I debated whether or not the wait was worth it. I decided to wait and it was possibly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

y s

There’s no way I could describe the exhibit well enough to do it justice. Everything from the lighting, to the music to, of course, the outfits, were magnificent and uniquely McQueen. Each room had a different theme that corresponded to a collection of McQueen’s, all the way up to his final runway production that took place after his death in 2010. Walking through the exhibit was like taking a trip through time to attend all of McQueen’s fashion shows. The details, colors, craftsmanship, creativity and legacy were captivating.

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Every single outfit displayed was a unique, awe-inspiring show in itself. From his spring/ summer 2001 collection there was an immaculate red dress featuring an asymmetrical bodice constructed with red glass medical slides. The high turtleneck collar and exposed right arm perfectly complemented by a full skirt made of died ostrich feathers that fade from red to black. Equally unique and from the same collection, one dress was made entirely of off-white razor-clam shells. It also featured a high neckline and skirt that extends to the floor.

Turn a few corners in the exhibit and there are pieces from his spring/summer 2007 collection to admire. One of the most breathtaking pieces was a nude silk organza gown covered in green, purple, pink and cream silk and fresh flowers. The dramatic and pointy shoulders combined with a full skirt made this dramatic display beyond memorable. McQueen described his aesthetic at this time as “darkly romantic.” A short dress featuring a bubble skirt and high neckline paired with leggings and “Armadillo” boots was displayed to represent his spring/summer 2010 collection. The entire outfit, from the neck to the shoes, was embroidered with iridescent enamel paillettes. On either side of this mannequin were other mannequins wearing short and whimsical dresses paired with similarly unique and very high heels. From the first display to the last, Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was captivating and inspiring. If you weren’t able to make it to New York to see Savage Beauty, do not fret. The Georgia z Museum here in Athens provides an equally enriching and fun experience and best of all, it’s free. Whether you’re on a college student budget or not, be sure to give the museum a visit and see all of the fantastic art and culture that it has to offer.

by Savanna Sweeney

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