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LONELINESS BY ISA  HARO  8C   Alone. Alone in the darkness and in the shadows, Alone with your tears and your broken heart, Alone with the thoughts that'll drive you insane, We are all alone. Numb. Running away from happiness, Because the fear has won the battle, And you're too scared to be hurt again, And be left alone, With your numbness, in the shadows. A demon. Loneliness is a demon. A ghost that travels through human and soul, Taking with it all that was left, Leaving the soul alone with the demons, And no one there to break its fall.


A song. A bittersweet melody that always leaves you wanting more, A broken-hearted bird laying in the floor, Singing what's left of it's heart out, Crying its eyes out until its tears have run dry, Its soul soaring from its body, leaving it wanting more. A butterfly. A lonely butterfly. Never taking wing, Or learning how to fly. "If I cannot fly let me sing", But its wings are broken far beyond repair, And its voice has been caged. It will never ever sing. A joke. Life is just one big joke. Sarcasm and irony. And we're all alone, laughing if we're able to appreciate Or wasting one good joke,

By worrying too much about all the casualties, When we could be enjoying the one good real joke. Tomb. They're carving me a tomb. And by the time they're done, I won't be able to see it. I'll be looking from the inside, Back inside my mother's womb, Side by side with destiny, Alone again inside my tomb. Alone. And your heart drops into your stomach. And your emotions are drained. And tears fill your eyes. But you're to shy and weak to show, That you've already gone insane. Alone. Alone in your heartache. Alone in the shadows. Alone fighting the demons And warding off ghosts.

Esteban Martin Santa Maria 8A Alone. Waiting for the time to pass. Alone inside the looking glass. Alone in the darkness, In your little white room. Waiting to be found Waiting for the wound To heal on it's own. You are alone. Forever alone.

Lucy’s Book by Alejandra Dueñas 7D The  night  was  as  dark  as  a   bear’s  mouth.  Lucy  was  a  small  girl,   with  short  brown  hair.  She  had  blue   eyes  that  looked  like  diamonds.  She   was  a  quiet  girl  that  loved  to  read   more  than  anything.  Lucy  was  si=ng   on  her  bed,  reading  a  fic?on  book   she  got  on  the  school  library.  She   wished  she  could  be  as  brave  as   Prince  Charming,  the  hero  in  her   story.   “Dinner  is  ready,  dear,”  said   mom.   “Coming  mom!”  said  Lucy.     She  went  out  the  door  and   down  the  stairs.  But  at  that   moment,  something  made  a  noise,   an  odd  noise…   Lucy  finished  ea?ng  her   delicious  meal  and  she  went  to  her   room  to  con?nue  reading.  When   she  entered  the  room,  Lucy  realized   that  the  book  was  gone.  She  looked   all  over  the  house  but  it  did  not   show  up.  She  asked  mom,  but   nothing!  Lucy  went  crying  to  her   bed,  thinking  of  the  mysteriously   lost  book.  AMer  so  much  crying,  she   fell  asleep.   She  dreamed  about  her   book.  That  she  was  in  it.  Lucy  was   the  hero,  who  needed  to  fight  with   the  witch.  There  she  was  standing   tall  with  Spook,  the  unicorn.  The   wicked  witch  wanted  to  steal  the unicorn.     Suddenly,  she  woke  up. Lucy  felt  weird;  she  was  not  in  her   house.  She  knew  this  strange-­‐ looking  forest,  it  was  in  her  book.   Lucy  was  inside  her  book!  It  was   amazing!  But  she  was  scared,  Lucy   was  a  coward  and  she  knew  that  it   was  about  one  o’clock.  She  started   walking  ge=ng  deeper  into  the   forest,  without  knowing.   Later,  Lucy  heard  something   strange;  she  knew  that  sound…it  

was a  unicorn  sound!  She  ran     They  spent  two  hours  there   deeper  un?l  she  found  it!  It  was   and  Lucy  was  hungry.  She  wanted  to   white  as  snow.  On  his  chest,  there   kill  the  witch  but  she  was  too was  a  golden  medal  that  said   cowardly  to  do  it.  Lucy  was   “Spook”. trembling  from  terror.  She  knew  she     Now,  Spook  was  hers.  Lucy   was  going  to  die  and  she  needed  to   felt  something  strange  and  she  saw   do  something.  She  missed  her  mom   it  was  the  witch’s  mind  and  she  was   a  lot,  ?me  was  running  out  and  she   inside  her   needed  a  plan. head.     Everything   She  knew  she  was  going  to  die     Three  hours   went  blank   and  Lucy  kept   and  she  needed  to  do   and   thinking  un?l  she   something.  She  missed  her   suddenly  she   got  an  idea.  She   mom  a  lot,  ?me  was  running   saw  a  ring.   felt  something   out   a nd   s he   n eeded   a   p lan. Lucy  opened   on  her  hand  and   her  eyes  and   she the  ring  was   remembered  her   in  her  hand.   magic  ring  and   She  rubbed  it  and  something  not   rubbed  it.  Then  she  was  inside  the   expected  happened  again.  Now  she   witch’s  mind  again.  The  witch  was had  the  power  to  feel  danger  too.  It   worried  because  she  knew  that  Lucy   was  amazing! had  the  ring  and  that  was  the  only     Lucy  mounted  on  Spook  and   way  to  kill  her.  Lucy  was  out  of they  went  flying  into  the  air.  Then   the  witch’s  mind  again,  immediately   they  heard  a  witch  laugh,  it  was  the   she  rubbed  the  ring  to  kill  the  witch   wicked  witch!  They  needed  to  hide.   another  ?me.  The  witch  screamed   She  rubbed  the  ring  again  and  now   with  pain  and  then  vanished.  Lucy   they  were  invisible.  By  the  ?me  they   had  done  it;  now,  she  was  brave. were  approaching  the  witch’s     She  needed  to  get  out  of   house,  Lucy  and  Spook  were  visible   the  cage  but  that  was  not   again,  but  the  problem  was  they   something  to  worry  about.  Now  she   didn’t  realize  that  was  not  good… knew  that  having  confidence  in     Suddenly  the  witch  turned   herself  could  help  her  solve  life   around  and  she  saw  Spook  and   problems.   Lucy.   Then  Lucy  heard  a  voice.  It     “Ahh!”  she  said  in  a  high   was  mom  and  she  was  saying  Lucy’s   pitched  voice.  “The  unicorn  and  the   name.  The  voice  came  closer  un?l   girl  I  was  wai?ng  for!” she  closed  her  eyes  and  opened     “You  will  not  take  Spook,”   them  again.  She  was  si=ng  in  her   screamed  Lucy. bed  with  her  mother  beside  her.  It     “Oh  darling,  yes  I  will.  As   all  was  a  dream.  She  needed  to  tell   you  know,  the  unicorns  give  you  a   mom  everything.  It  was  the  most   long  life  so  I  will  eat  him,”  the  witch   amazing  dream  she  ever  had! said.   Then  she  put  Lucy  and  the   unicorn  in  a  cage.

Every part of me Many things  can  be  difficult Cause  nobody’s  life   Is  like  a  piece  of  diamond   Taken  out  from  the  ground.

But I  would  be  op?mis?c  about  life Thinking  that  the  best  things Just  need  to  be  felt  with  the  heart.

Some?mes I  would  stress Myself  out To  have  everything  perfect But  at  the  end I  would  realize That  perfec?on  is  when   Two  imperfect  things  are  together.

Some?mes I  can  be  very  reserved Not  telling  others  what  I  feel Not  le=ng  others  know What  makes  me  feel  weird.

When I  am  depressed My  heart  would  be  closed   But  with  no  lock, Cause  what  lies  inside Is  the  fragile  part Of  my  life.

I would  cry  a  thousand  tears Just  to  cover  up  my  fears

by Melissa Rodas 8C

I would  stay  all  night  long

But they  make  me  happy

Thinking, what  have  I  done  wrong?

Cause they  give  me

But I  know  that  my  family  

A reason  to  see,  

would be  there

What beau?ful  things

They would  talk  to  me,

Life has  to  offer.

With a  soM  delicate  voice Saying  “it’s  alright  dear”.

So at  the  end  I  have  realized That  my  life  is  perfect

I would  always  believe

Just the  way  it  is.

That dreams  can  be  reached

But I  would  never  know

I would  always  believe

What the  rest  

That a  miracle  could  appear

Expect for  me  to  be Cause  my  thoughts  

I would  sacrifice  my  life

would be  safe,

And would  stand  right  by  my  friends  side In  the  memories   If  that  just  makes  him  or  her  smile.

of my  own.

My imagina?on,  

My future  is  undetermined

Would never  let  dark  thoughts

I would  enjoy  every  opportunity,  

Come inside  me

I would  walk  ?ny  steps,

Cause I  would  push  them  away

I would  take  different  paths,

With my  head,  raising  up  in  the  air.

So that  my  life  journey, I  would  never  forget.

My memories  are  just  mine They  are  for  me  to  remember

I would  make  a  journey  to  my  heart

What happy  things  used  to  make  me   laugh,

Cause somehow,  somewhere,  someday

I would  reach  the  sky, What  sad  things  used  to  make  me  cry  to   I  would  open  my  wings  and  fly sleep. I  would  light  up  other  people’s  heart, As  ?me  passes  on Dreams  keep  going  on

Just like  a  firefly.

The Adventure by Nicolas Diaz 7A

“Hello everybody” I said. My name is Roger. It was my first day of working at Discover the World, my new job.

“Because if you don’t go in a boat there would not be any adventure at all” she told me.

“Welcome” said my new boss. “Are you ready for first adventure?” she asked.

“Ok I said, but if something happens it`s your fault”.

“Always” I said. Then she told me what I was going to do. “But why I cannot go in airplane?” I asked my boss. “Because if you don’t go in a boat there would not be any adventure at all” she told me. “Ok I said, but if something happens it`s your fault”. After finishing working I went home. I have to buy a new boat. Then I went to the boat store and I asked for a medium sized boat. The boat cost $ 850. “Ok, I will buy it” I said. “Bring it this afternoon to my house” I told to the store man. “Ok” he said. Then I went to the supermarket to buy food and water for my travel. When I finished buying everything I needed I went home in my new and beautiful Ferrari. When I got home the boat was already there filled with gasoline. My cat Asrael was at home waiting for me. He was hungry so I fed him very good. Asrael was coming with me to. Then I got dinner and I went to sleep. The next morning I wake up and ate breakfast quickly. I wanted to visit my parents. “Hello mom, hello dad” I said. “Hi dear son” they said, “What´s up”. “I am going on a trip and I would not be here for a time” I told them.

“I am going with you” my dad said. “Of course not” I respond. “And why not” he asked. “Because you are older now and it can be dangerous for you” I said. “Ok” he said, “but if you need me or need my help I would not be there to help you” my dad told me. “Dad I would not need your help” I said. “Where are you going?” my mom asked. “I am working and I need to cross the ocean” I told her. “Oh, that’s beautiful she said. “Yes it is” I said. Then we said goodbye to each other and I started going to the beach. My boat was already in the seashore waiting for me. I climbed up and started my new adventure. Everything was ok and Asrael was calmed until we crashed with something. “I think it’s a rock” I said. We were stuck for half an hour but then we finally we got out. I looked to the front. The sea was beautiful with transparent water and fishes swimming from place to place. The sun was rising up like a tennis ball with fire. It was 12:30 pm and I

started to eat a sandwich. Suddenly I fell in a deep deep sleep.

started running as fast as he could. He was as fast as a cheetah so the other giants could not grab him with me.

While I was sleeping I had a dream. A very horrible dream. I was in my He took me to a dark place. boat normally and then Then he turned on the light. I entered there and I found out suddenly it started to rain. “Thanks for saving me” I that there were three gigantic 7 meters After a moment I felt out of said. tall men around me. They were all the boat with Asrael and we cannibals and they wanted me for “It’s a pleasure” he told me. started swimming until we dinner. We were good friends. The get to an unknown place. next morning I called my “Ahhhhh” I shouted when I parents and I told them I was woke up. I went to see the sky and in fact it was on an Island. They called some people to come and raining. I started to get scared. Asrael was also as search for me but nobody could find me. I made scared as a mouse rounded of people. After a time lots of things that day with the giant: we played our boat started to tremble just like in my dream. “My dream is coming true” I thought. Our boat was soccer, climbed trees and we also bothered the other giants that in fact they where furious. I was at moving from side to side. I could touch the water that Island for at least one month. There was no with my arm. Then I turned back and I saw a signal of the people that had come to look for me. gigantic wave coming upon our boat. “Ahhhhh” I shouted. I ran as fast as a cheetah across the boat After some days I heard a “Help” that some and catched Asrael. Then the wave crashed. “Help” had shout. I ran to see who it was. It was my friend I shouted. Then I swam as fast as a fish for at least Andy. 1h30min. After that I arrived to an unknown Island. “Hi Andy” “What´s the matter” I asked. The Island was full of nature. It had a big rainforest with mountains, trees, plants and all kind of things. Also it had a huge river. The island was big. “Hello” I shouted. “Is anybody here”? I waited a few minutes. Nobody responded. I was as hungry as a lion and I didn’t have any food because it was in my boat and I didn’t know where my boat was. Asrael was hungry to. Then I started to explore and try to find some food. After searching and searching I founded some carrots. I gave some to Asrael and the others where swallowed quickly by me. It was getting dark and I didn’t had a place to sleep. I found a cave. I entered there and I founded out that there were three gigantic 7 meters tall men around me. They were all cannibals and they wanted me for dinner. “Calm down” said a tiny voice. It was a 4 meters tall giant that protected me from those beasts. This giant had brown eyes, brown hair and he was very similar to me. He was thin and we was friendly. He took me up, put me on his pocket and

“A giant wants to kill me” he respond. “Don’t worry, he is my friend” I told him. “Tell him to stop” he said. “Ok” I said. “Big Giant”, “Can you stop bothering my friend”? I said. “Ok” he said. “And our boat? Did you came to search for me” I asked to Andy. “Yes” he said,”But your friend destroy it”. “And how are we going to get back” I asked. “I can take you” said the big giant. “And how will you take us” I asked. “I have a submarine, and I can take you to home and no one would see me.” said the giant.

“Excellent, I said so let’s go” We entered to his huge submarine and we started to go back to home. “Are you ready” said the giant. “Yes” Said Andy and I. Our trip took us two weeks so we where inside the boat for two weeks. The two weeks passed fast. We where already in the beach. “Thank you for your help” we said.

Joaquin Bustamante 8A

“It’s ok” the giant said. The giant was sad of leaving us. Finally we said goodbye and we went to our homes. Andy to his house and I went to my parents house. “Finally you are here,” my parents said, “we thought you were dead”. “Yes I said, but the next time my dad will come with me” I smiled at my dad and he smiled me back. Finally I was at home. We gave all a big nice hug.

ECLIPSE IN THE NASKIAN TRIBE BY MARIA ELVIRA LOPEZ 7C Come on Coco we’re going to be late” I took my sweater and ran after Sam. He and I both loved watching the sky and today was going to be the first sun set of the year. As most of us know, the first sunset brings the first full moon of the year. The first full moon of the year is a big tradition for us the Naskias. We dance, and sing and sit by the fire all night long. “Just in time” I said gasping when we arrived. The beach was full of people excited and happy for the moon to come out. “It’s time” the mayor said with a superior tone. “The sun is already coming down” We sat by behind him We starting to us wait so

the sun and waited until the sun finally reached the water and dived into the ocean just leaving the reddish colors in the sky. We waited patiently while the sky started turning darker. waited; the time rushed and hurried but there was no sign of the moon in the sky. We were get worried, in my whole life I had never missed a single first sunset and the moon had never made much.

“I have news for you” the mayor said with a worried look on his face. “The counselors have talked and they said there is not going to be a full moon tonight.” “What?” we all screamed in terror, from the stories the counselors has told us when the fist sunset appeared but the moon didn’t come out meant that there was going to be an eclipse soon. “There’s nothing to worry about” The mayor said again “it’s all going to be fine” But no one listened. We all knew that when an eclipse happens, some new people are born. We believed that these people where different, and we were scared of different. This was a big problem because the biggest weakness for us the Naskian was fear. In my tribe every day was the same and we all looked pretty much the same. Every time something new and different appeared in our tribe we came to panic. People started running everywhere and the pace inside the beach suddenly disappeared and became a giant chaos. Even the mayor was sweating and I could see little tear drops coming down from his face. The only person that was still calmed was Sam; he wasn’t born in our tribe so he could control his fear perfectly. When he was little, his family went with him on a fishing trip but his boat crushed with some rocks and his parents died so he came swimming to our shore. The word eclipse bounded through my head like if I had a giant eco machine inside myself. I was also scared. The eclipse was going to be on the second Friday of the year and it was already Saturday. No one had come out of their houses since the day at the beach except for Sam who wasn’t scared at all. He tried several times to convince me that the eclipse was a good thing and we should be celebrating instead of hiding, but I didn’t believe him. “Trust me” Sam insisted, “If you simply look at the color of the sky you will know I am not lying. “I can’t” I said shyly “I am too weak”. I hated the fact that I was scared but I couldn’t help it. “I know you can, you just have to trust me.” I breathed strongly and stand up .My legs where shaking as well as my arms, and I hardly kept my balance. I took Sam’s arm and walked slowly towards the door. Sam opened the door and some fresh air rushed into my face. “I’m scared” I said “You are so close, come on” and he pulled me out. I looked up and saw the sky. What Sam said was true, the sky was full of colors and there wasn’t a single cloud.

My fear suddenly disappeared and I smiled. “Wow” I said in amazement “You are right, I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.” “It’s okay, don’t worry” Sam said. “We have to tell everybody else” “I already did but no one believed me” he answered. I looked up again with Sam and we stud there watching for a long time. It was like nothing else I had seen before. Like a giant rainbow covering the whole sky. The days past and every day the sky became even nicer but people refused to come out. The plants started drying out and the city was getting dusty. I tried to convince all of my friends that everything was more than okay but they didn’t listen because they were more scared than what I had been. The day of the eclipse no one was at the beach except for us who waited patiently for the eclipse to happen. I have to admit that I was still a bit scared but I didn’t say anything to Sam. We saw how the moon and the sun raised slowly from opposite directions to meet each other at the center of the sky. The ocean had a calm sound and it had no waves that day. The birds that were flying in the sky landed in the beach as if they also knew about the eclipse. Finally it happened; the moon and the sun met each other and let me tell you that it was such a meeting. It was like if the in the sky had exploded a giant ball full of colors I had never seen before. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen but the fear suddenly entered my body again. “Let’s go!” I screamed to Sam “No way” Sam replied “I thought you weren’t scared anymore.” “I am scared!” I said “I am really scared.” But it was too late and two bright lights were already coming down from the sky. “It’s okay” Sam tried to calm me down but it didn’t work. The lights gently touched the water and they became two people. I close my eyes and squished Sam´s hand, I was about to faint. “Don’t worry, they are good, remember” he whispered. I listened to their steps come closer and closer till I could feel their smell. It was a sweet smell, like the one in my dreams. I opened my eyes a bit. They were two beautiful persons, one was a guy and the other one was a girl. The girl had a long curvy hair that shined like a star, but the most wonderful thing was that it was blue like the moon. The guy had a red hair that looked like fire and together they looked like a drawing. I stared at them for a long time and then a looked deeply into their eyes and saw the beauty inside their souls; then, suddenly fainted. I don’t remember what happened next but I woke up with a touch of a soft and warm finger in my head. I opened my eyes and saw the two persons and Sam standing in front of me. I wasn’t scared any more. I saluted them and notice how lovely they both were. She was called Quilla and he was called Inti. We weren’t at the beach anymore and I wasn’t sure where exactly we were. Then I notice that there were more people at the room and that we weren’t alone. The mayor came close to us and greeted me. “Aren’t you scared” I asked confused. “Not anymore” he answered “thanks to you no one is scared anymore” “Thanks to me? But I haven’t done anything”. “Believe it or not you have done a lot” Inti said. “In fact” Quilla continued “You have helped your entire tribe”. “I don’t understand” I said puzzled. “When you looked into their eyes you saw what no one has ever seen and it is such powerful things that you didn’t only lose your fear, but made every one lose it too. We come from a place where the sky is our land, every day the stars come to visit and happiness surrounds us. That was the last day my tribe and me ever felt fear of different again and every time something extraordinary and different happens in my tribe we celebrated instead of being scared of it.


by Ana Martina Romero Cordero 8A

As I  sit  under  this  open  blue

But the  wind  con?nues  blowing;

So I  raise  my  head  again,

I can  feel  it  shine  down  on  me.  

Taking it  away.

To the  deep  dark  blue  in  which  I   driM  away.

I can  feel  it  coming  through  my   skin,

And when  the  clouds  stopped   crying

Some nights  there  is  no  moon,

And the  rain  has  washed  it  all  way;

It gets  stolen  by  god  knows  who;

The streets  look  fresh  and  glowing  

So we  just  feel  empty  inside,

And the  frail  sparks  start  ligh?ng  it   up  again.

Like this  lightless  night  will  never   end.

And it´s  on  those  li_le  moments  of   magic

We should´ve  learned  to   appreciate  our  moon,  

When I  take  a  deep  breathe.

We should´ve  known  what  we  had;

I know  he  gets  me  every  ?me;

When the  blue  and  the  sun  start   shinning

But life  was  not  meant  to  be   traveled  backwards,

I know  he  knows  how  I  feel  inside.  

And my  smile  goes  with  them.  

So I  look  at  the  sky  with  those  shiny   lights.

Reaching my  heart

I look  up  and  see  he  knows  how  I   feel. I  close  my  eyes  and  I  feel  the  fresh   breeze  in  my  cheeks. The  wind  tries  to  push  away  all  the   pain, And  as  he  fails  he  tells  me  I´ll  be  ok.  

I know  his  want  hand  is  reaching   out  to  me. I  know  he´s  trying  to  help  me  stand   up  from  the  deep.

When we  stand  up  from  our  storm, When  we  reach  for  a  brighter  tone, When  we  try  once  again,

Some?mes it  rains  and  rains  down   on  us,

When we  can  shine  brighter  than   yesterday.

Covering the  spark  that  lights  up   our  lives.

But we  shouldn´t  start  crying   because  the  sun  sets,

Some?mes it  seems  like  the  storm   will  never  end,

The tears  wouldn´t  let  us  see  the   stars.

I know  he  gets  me  every  ?me. I  know  he  knows  how  I  feel  inside. He  lines  up  the  stars To  your  name  in  the  blue.

Me and  those  stars, We  shine  for  you.

Pacific Hawaii by Esteban Missura 7C ! Suddenly, Cody screamed at me, “Watch out”, and a big wave threw me away from the coast banging my head to my surf board and that was the last thing I remember. ! Hi, my name is Shawn Riddle. I am 12 years old and I live in Hawaii. People ask me why I am so competitive; well the answer to that question is I have two twin brothers and one sister. My parents are professional divers but me, I prefer to surf. Although in surfing you face bigger threats like sharks and big, huge waves, but I don´t care it is part of the thrill.

! “Today is the 12th of July, the regionals are in 4 weeks, I have to get more prepared”, I remarked. ! “OK then to the waves we go,” said Cody, my best friend. ! We have been preparing ourselves so hard. If I win I will classify for the world cup and that is all surfers’ dream. ! “It´s a sunny day, and the waves are perfect,” echoed my brothers. But … that was what we all thought, without imagining what would happen later that day! ! My parents took us to the beach and accompanied us for about 10 minutes but then they had to go to a meeting so they left Gabe, one of my twin brothers in charge. ! Everything was fine for a while and the three of us were having fun in the waves. Actually, it was more than fine because Gabe

taught me a bunch of tricks for the Regional, and they worked. ! Suddenly, Angelina Plummer appeared at the beach, my brother´s love. When I turned around to see him it was already late, he was with her instead of with us. ! “Hey Shawn, something is wrong,” exclaimed Cody. ! The wind started blowing and the trees were bending in the distance. I felt chills all over my body. Abruptly, Cody yelled at me “watch out!” A big wave threw me away from the coast banging my head on my surf board. That was the last thing I remember. ! When I woke up the only word that came out of my mouth was “Gabe, Gabe!” I was cold, wet and I wasn´t sure what had happened. When I finally opened my eyes, the only thing I saw was water, my board, and gray fins. ! Sharks, the fins belonged to sharks, and a cold sweat began to rush through my skin. I reacted and was now totally aware of my situation. I saw Cody at a distance and he too was avoiding the sharks. Apparently the storm threw him deep into the sea just like me. ! ! Before talking to each other we concentrated on fighting the sharks. We punched a few and that was enough to scare them away. I realized however that Cody was bleeding and his right hand was hurt. I quickly approached him to wrap my t-shirt tightly on his hand and I noticed a couple of fingers were missing. ! We paddled quickly on our boards to a nearby island. It wasn´t easy to get to the beach because the shore had many rocks and we were exhausted. ! Safe at the island, I had a chance to question Cody about what had happened. He let me know that the storm had hit Honolulu and the currents pushed

us away from the coast towards this island close by. ! “Now, no more talking,” I uttered, “let´s look for shelter and food cause we don´t know how long we will be stuck here.” ! To calm Cody I remarked that we wouldn´t be there too long because we would be found being close to the main land. Anyways, we built a shelter with leaves; it took us half a day. Since Cody was hurt I let him rest and I went to search for food. I grabbed everything I saw useful shells, bananas and sweet water from the storm still laying on some leaves. ! “Almost two days have passed and we haven´t been rescued yet,” announced Cody. ! “Calm down,” I said in a soft tone, “they´ll find us soon,” but there was no doubt that the two of us were scared. ! Finally, the third day our families and the rescue teem found us! We had been twenty miles south of Honolulu, on an island named Acco. It was difficult to see Acco from the air because most of the time it was covered with clouds. With great relief we revealed everything that happened: how we survived eating what we found and even more, tiger shark attacks. Cody was well cured and Gabe asked forgiveness for leaving us alone. He told us he had called the police and he helped sending the rescuing team. ! Believe it or not, after all this adventure and distress I was able to win the Hawaiian regional and Cody came in second. All of it was a great triumph!

Lost in the Amazon by Paola Romo 7E ! Elizabeth and James Morris were the most spoiled children you could ever imagine. ! James was 12 years old and Elizabeth was 8 years old. They always got what they wanted. ! They had everything they needed, but unfortunately they weren´t good people. They screamed at their parents, teachers, and workers. One day they got a news that they were going to the Amazon for two weeks. So they left their beautiful and gorgeous house in Miami and went to the Amazon. ! When they arrived everything was fine. They had hired a guide to show them all of the Amazon River animals. The guide was a grateful man but he didn´t have money. ! They ! were amazed by the Brazilian vegetation and the kinds of animals there, such as the piranha. They had seen some fish, but these were incredible. There was only one problem, James hated nature. He hated animals and plants. Sometimes he carries a pocket knife in case something happened to him. So when he saw a little animal he ran. But what is interesting is that he was amazed with the piranha and the viper snake. He didn’t run when he saw them, but this would change. James wanted to return to Miami, after all he

wasn’t enjoying the trip and Elizabeth was too scared. So they discussed this, but their parents said: ! "No." ! "I want to go home," cried Elizabeth. ! "No, we didn’t come here to spend our money and not even explore the Amazon River." ! "I don’t care about money. After all you will still work and make more." ! James and Elizabeth were so angry that they ran like a cheetah into the jungle until they felt they had run very far. They were alone in the jungle surrounded by the most dangerous animals. They could see many types of plants. They could see only green trees and vegetation. There were lianas that looked like snakes. ! When they realized what they had done they were scared. They screamed, but there was no answer. They screamed again, but still there was no answer. They were alone in the jungle surrounded by the most dangerous animals. They could see many types of plants such as orchids and bromeliads. The only thing they could see was green vegetation. They heard some noises, some bushes moving but they couldn’t see any thing. They heard some bushes moving slowly. They could hear the sound of the dry leaves moving and breaking.

! The second they closed their eyes, a viper snake appeared and looked with its yellow rounded eyes right into the kids’ black eyes. Elizabeth slowly started to walk backwards and then she climbed a high tree. James was so amazed he didn’t move. He had seen viper snakes but not that close. ! “Run,” said Elizabeth. ! “It’s amazing. Just look at those eyes. It’s like I have connection with the snake, ” said James. ! “Run now, it is going to bite you,” said Elizabeth. ! James tried to run but he couldn’t climb the tree. In one second the viper snake bit James’s leg. It was too late. The venom had already entered James’s blood. He felt nauseous and like he was going to faint. ! Elizabeth screamed, but still no answer. She didn’t know what to do. Finally she remembered one movie she had seen when a man was bitten by a snake and he cut his skin to let the venom out and she made a tourniquet. Elizabeth took James’s pocket blade and cut James porcelain skin to let the venom out. Then she took one piece of her red T- shirt that still smelled like cherry perfume, and she tied the Tshirt piece around James leg, and she pulled the piece of T- shirt until James couldn’t feel his leg so the venom could not circulate around the rest of the body.

In one second the viper snake bit James’s leg. It was too late. The venom had already entered James’s blood. ! The two kids started to understand everything. They thought about the guide who was grateful and he didn’t have money but still he was happy with what he got and he was respectful. They reflect on what they had done and they had become conscious they were the ones who were mean and not grateful. Then they realized that money can’t buy happiness, sometimes it generates hate and we can get to be disrespectful. They wondered if what had happened was a lesson in their life. ! After a few hours of being alone in the jungle James and Elizabeth's parents were desperate. They screamed also but Elizabeth and James couldn’t hear. They called a helicopter but the helicopter couldn’t find them. They sat on the ground very sad with no hope. They tried to remember what had happened. Then some memories started to appear in their heads. They remembered the last time they had seen their kids. It was just when the had started to explain that meant at the beginning of the path. So they went to the place and they saw some destroyed bushes. They followed the traces of the broken bushes and when they couldn’t find any more traces they looked to their surroundings. Then they found

snake traces close to them. ! They followed the snake traces and there they found the two kids crying. They were horrified about what happened to James. James and Elizabeth apologized for being so mean to their parents and not grateful about what they had. ! They returned back to their house in Miami and then James and Elizabeth thought about what had happened and what they had done in their life they said: ! “We have to treat others as we would want them to treat us.”

Dorothy Puga 7C

Alone in the Dark by Cristina Donoso 7A ••• I remember clearly that morning. We were going to Salinas to a champion ship of optimist that is a sailing racing boat. I had trained for months for this tournament and I was sure I was going to win. “Are you happy?” my mom asked me. I couldn`t say no because I was happy. “Hopefully there will be a lot of wind so I could be able to win.” My brother as all ways butts into the conversation. “You will not win if I am going to.” Like all little brothers he was trying to annoy me by making me mad, usually I don’t pay attention to his little speech but I was much stressed and any little faith would change my day. “I think you should change sports, probably to something easier,” he added. That was the straw that broke the camel`s back. The boxing already had started. My mom stopped in a restaurant because the car starts to go slowly. She told to my brother and me to go and reflect of what we had done while she look for help. I go furiously to sit on a pile of rocks, thinking that my family didn’t respect my dreams but mostly, thinking how much I hate my little brother at that moment. My anger starts to getting lower and lower and I start to focus in where I was. That place seemed so mysterious. The road was in front but I feel like if I was in the middle of the rain forest. There was a queer feeling in me like if something was calling me. I look around at the pile of rocks. There was a small rock that gets my attention. I picked it up. It was a green rock and it had a little drawing but it was kind of opaque so it was understandable. It didn’t feel like it was a rock it felt like a solid mass… Suddenly my mom called me and my brother. Our car was damaged and a tow truck was coming to get us and it was going to take 4 to 5 hours to get there. The restaurant where we were had lots of activities like walks, kayaks, canopy, etc. My mom decides that a walk could help while we wait for the tow track to come. The walk begins. The sun was coming down. But I wasn’t very happy because I should be going to a tournament in Salinas and not to a water fall. In the walk we stopped at every signal of animals or weird plants. It was starting to annoy me because every 3 steps there was something new. I am that type of persons that really like nature but today I wasn’t in mood of anything. While we were walking I saw something very peculiar in the woods like if something was watching me. I was getting closer to it. I turn around and I was alone.

While we were walking I saw something very peculiar in the woods like if something was watching me. I was getting closer to it. I turn around and I was alone.

“Mom?” I asked “Dad?” No answer. “Tom?” stills no answer. I was completely alone in the dark. I continued walking in the path trying to find my family someone. It was getting very dark and I was very, very afraid. I looked at my clock; it was 12:00 that mean I have been lost for more than 5 hours. I was cold, hungry, tired and lost in middle of nowhere and most of all I missed a lot my family and I was feeling I will never see them again. “I should look for them tomorrow,” I think to myself and start looking for a tree to sleep. I climb the tree and pray to God to take me out of this nightmare. I woke up with a big headache in a tree. The sun was shining high in the sky. I went down the tree meanwhile trying to remember that I was in my car going to Salinas with my dad of 43- years-old, my mom of 40- years-old and my little brother of 9-years- old. I could not believe that just yesterday I was going to make one of my dreams true and from one moment to another I had lost everything. The road seemed to have no ending. I kept walking thinking in what I do wrong. I heard a noise coming from more ahead in the road, the most closer I get louder it gets. Finally I get there, it was the water falls. I go running to them and jump into the water. The water was so fresh and clean. I drink till I could not drink any more. I love water and while I was in there I didn’t have time to think in my problems. When I get out I look at the other side of the river. At the other side of the river was a man. He was very small man like the size of a child but he was very old around 90 years, had a long white beard and he has lots of wrinkles. He was sitting in a rock while playing the flute. “Excuse me, sir,” I said quite excited to see another human “I am lost and if you will be so affable to show me how to get to the nearest town.” The man seemed like I he didn’t hear me a and he kept playing the flute. That was very weird. “I am lost, hungry and probably my family is looking for me.” I continued “please can you tell me where the near town is?” The man doesn’t show signals of reaction. I get closer to him. Finally he talks. His voice was kind of squeaky but soft at the same time. “You have something that is mine, please, give it back,” he said. That was very odd to said, because I have nothing mine or of him, that I remember don’t take nothing. “I don’t have anything yours.” I answer. “Look in your pocket” I looked at my pockets and take out a little rock. The little man looks up at the rock, in his face write down a wide smile. He takes the rock without saying anything. Suddenly all started to blur. The image of the man starts getting white and the sun and the flowers too. I woke up. I was in the car and my mom was calling me from outside the car. “The crane has arrived.” I look out; there was my dad, my brother and my mom. The sun was beginning to hide in the mountains and every seemed to be right. I went down the car and go directly to my mom and brother. “Sorry Tom, mom, and dad for behaved so bad, I shouldn’t be so rude to you.” It felt right to say sorry and see my family again.


Be fearless  cause,   Life  is  too  short  to  be  wasted Life  is  too  beau5ful  not  to  be  loved

Do what  you  like  to  do  And  don’t  regret  anything  you’ve  done And  as  bad,  as  it  seems Jose Ignacio Letort 7E

Always chase  your  dreams

Live your  life As  if  there  is  no  tomorrow Cause  one  day  you  would  see The  miracles  life  has  created For  you  to  be  free

Be wild,  be  a  freak Be  the  best  you  could  be And  overcome  your  fear But  please,   Don’t  let  out  a  tear. Sebastian Granja 7B

THE MUSTANG by Alejandra Dueñas 7B ••• I was riding my beautiful brown and tall horse down a lonely and thin trail with wood on the left side and a big kind of wall of dust in the other side. Suddenly my horse started galloping as fast as a cheetah. I wondered w hy ? E v e r y t h i n g w a s normal; there wasn’t an explanation of why he had that reaction. Then he stopped really fast so I fell off him.

Nicole Proaña 8A

I was getting so close I could almost touch them. I took another step, and in the quiet place, the only sound I heard was a “CRAAAK!” because I stepped on a stick. The group of horses turned around to see me and they started galloping really fast. “I am dumb!! How could I let them go!” I yelled at my self while staring at the ground. I lifted up my face, and the beautiful black baby was looking straight into my eyes. I looked straight into his eyes, and we kind of connected. It was a totally weird feeling. I had never I wanted to get closer felt this kind of connection and closer, step by step and I saw a small group of the horses didn’t even before. This moment lasted horses; they might be wild notice. I smelled the hair of at least 5 seconds, and for mustangs I guessed. They the horses, I love that smell. Well, actually it didn’t hurt at all because I landed on a hill of dry and brownish leafs. I stood up, taking off some leaves that were stuck on my pants. I saw everything that was around me, there weren’t any unusual things, and besides I have traveled on these trails for a long time and he never was scared of anything. I turned around and I saw my horse, I turned around again and saw the wall of dust and then I looked into the woods, and there was something unusual.

might be around 7 or 8 horses, I was kind of surprised because mustangs didn’t come too often to this place but I didn’t really care. There was one horse, one that I really liked, it was a baby about 2 months, black as charcoal, with a white stripe in the middle of his forehead, he is the horse for me, I thought and not because he was beautiful it was because it seemed that he had an excellent personality. I really wanted that horse and I would do everything to get him!

Everything was so quiet, I noticed he was breathing strongly and really fast like me, I also heard my heart beats. I made another step and really slowly I moved up my arm and touched him on the forehead. me that 5 seconds was like 5 because I heard something, minutes. it was the sound of some walking I knew that those He turned around and were from the horses. I saw all the group of horses started galloping again to that was a little bit far from catch them but they did it as him and he didn’t want to be well and much faster, I knew to far so he started galloping I wouldn’t catch them and extremely fast. I heard the also because when they ran sound of his hoofs galloping they pushed up much dust in the dry ground and that so I couldn’t see anything s t r o n g s o u n d I h e a r d and mainly because they started being weaker and were too fast. So I started weaker as long as he got far slow down the horse. “Easy away. Soon and easily he boy, easy” I said quietly to reached the group of horses. my horse so he could calm a I turned around to my horse little bit because he was direction with surprise and really agitated, I also gave anger. Surprise because the him little slaps in his neck baby horse was perfect and like a price for a job well angry because I let them go. done. I walked to my horse and took him of the reins with a I saw the beautiful baby hand, then I stepped on the horse in the middle of the stirrup and I pushed my self trail, I stopped my horse with the other leg and easily and got of him and taking I was up in my horse’s back. the rope off the saddle. I got I gave my horse little kicks closer to the horse he didn’t with my heels and he start m o ve a t a l l , s o I ke p t trotting I kick him a little bit walking in his direction, h a r d e r a n d h e s t a r t e d then he moved, he didn’t galloping, I was going to run but he moved in my follow the horses and I did direction like if he would it! wanted me to take him. He gets closer and closer to me. I started following the I felt really like happy footprint of the horses that because he was going in my was stocked on the ground. direction but I was kind of Then it passed around 10 scared, because he could minutes and I stopped

kick me or something like that. Ever ything was so quiet, I noticed he was breathing strong ly and really fast like me, I also heard my heart beats. I made another step and really slowly I moved up my arm and touch him in the forehead, when he had a little more confidence I put the rope that I had it in my other hand into his neck and tie it up in the saddle. I get up into my horse back and I start walking and the baby horse did it too, he was following us. For a long time we walked, the baby horse was really calmed. We get to the ranch and I took the baby horse to the paddock. I train him and put him a name, Serious, now he is an excellent horse, the one I always ride and he is my best friend!

Repentance by Paulo Torres 7D ••• In the green lands of the Brazilian rainforest, a boss and his assistant were killing a really intelligent Indian, member of a tribe called Asyhuc. “Derek, give me the gun, I´ll shoot him down.” “But Marlowe, you can ´t hit him from here, it´ll be suicide for both, we are in a really bad position in this bush, if we get seen by Asdrar, we are dead, because all his tribe will go against us.” “Then we will both die, but I will kill him anyway, and shut up, I don´t like you answering in that way.” The 45 year old psychopath and assasin

Rafaela Aulestia 8A

had shot the bullet in the South of the Brazilian Amazon.

“Yes, huh,psycopath well I´ll do it, I can´t handle you anymore beast, but let’s see who is dead at the end Marlowe.”

“It´s mine, you see, I never miss a shot, if you don´t believe me, then you´ll probably “Are you challenging need to leave the job, assassin.” me…?” (continued on the next page)

What Death

If so much hope it brings

It will never defeat

As when you wish upon a


failed to


And forevermore

Its soul's already gone

Even when your soul's



You're a little bit late

You will shine like the

The star's already dead

sun Shine like a star.

Is a corpse

And yet look at yourself It didn't keep you from

The shadow of the alive


But it was beautiful once And is essence remains

And if Death failed to

Why is death a bad thing

The still beautiful star

conquer by Isa Haro 8C A star


Derek was as afraid as if he was the mouse and Marlowe the cat. Marlowe phoned again tonight, “Walwowska, we will face tomorrow in the Monte Carlo coliseum.”

“Yes I am.”

hands, Marlowe. Marlowe faced him like a god; he was “Oh man you have indestructible, caring only about committed the biggest error of killing Walwowska. Joe was your whole life; we could say also standing there, Derek´s best you’re challenging a god.” friend. Marlowe turned away… “Hey Marlowe, the end begins “Oh yes I am man, I´ll now, and at the end there will be knock down from your throne, and bring down your crown that only chaos.” doesn´t fit in such a big balded “Hi Joe, ho…” “Who head.” was that freak in the airport,” interrupted roughly Joe. “Well, I “Before you just walk ´ll fight against him.” “Come to away like a crying baby, throw my house, we´ll come up with Asdrar’s body to the biggest something.” “He is river of the world, he deserves indestructible, Joe.” to die as stupidly as if he was alive.

Derek was as afraid as if he was the mouse and Marlowe Marlowe phoned. the cat. Marlowe phoned again “Walwowska, I´ll make a field tonight, “Walwowska, we will to fight as real men’s.” face tomorrow in the Monte “No, Marlowe, this will Carlo coliseum.” Count on it, be an intelligence game, outdoor Marlowe, I´m not afraid of in whatever part of Earth.” “You you.” just pick the place…” “Oh man, if you tell me “Uhmmmm, the Monte that, it means you are afraid.” Carlo coliseum, in two weeks Mr. Walwowska walked from tomorrow. “The telephone shut off as if the cable had been slowly to the arena; he was as a turtle, with shivering legs that cut. were freezing of the afraidness. Walwowska took an With his red eyes, Marlowe early flight from Poland to stared him far a great distance Monte Carlo. When he got off, from where Walwowska was, there he was, with a pistol on “DEREK, I know you are here.”

Derek was so afraid, he felt swat dripping from his forehead, that he wanted to ran back were he came from. But he didn´t, he knew that this revenge was extremely important, so he ran like a gladiator, decided. “Bad move Walwowska, never attack improvising.” He was so intelligent, he blocked every single attack Walwowka made, until he escaped to the top of the columns.” “Oh my god, Walwowska, you are so stupid, you shouldn´t had to go there, you are an easy target from here.” “Try me.” Marlowe´s hand went back releasing the riffle, charged it with one bullet. “Only one shot is needed.” Walwowska had a plan in mind, he opened his arms as if he was giving up, wanted to be killed. “It is the end now, Walwowska.” Marlowe pointed at his target, his hand was going slowly as a turtle… While this happened Walwowska was also moving silently, trying to not get caught by his foe, he was releasing a ceramic skull. The trigger was pulled, the shot was 99% sure that it´ll kill or damage Derek,

and 1% was that the shot will be couldn´t, but then he analyzed blocked by the skull. about all the lives that he has made past away. Derek was Derek picked up the decided, for once and for all, it skull, the bullet was a few yards was like killing a god, from hitting him… The skull indestructible, even been killed was lifted, it destroyed for the somehow. He pulled one bullet velocity of the gun, and guess from his pocket and charged what, this time the 1% Marlowe´s riffle. He pulled back probabilities had won. The skull his arm, gaining strength, his couldn´t resist the impact, but it arms trembling; Marlowe closed blocked the bullet and saved his eyes, shivering. The riffle Derek. “Impossible,” declared a moved towards Marlowe´s shocked Marlowe. Now balded head. Derek´s heart was Walwoska had the control of the agitated from the pressure of battle, and Marlowe had no pulling the trigger and killing a more shots. god. “Good bye Marlowe,” we could just see Marlowe´s hand Walwowska jumped of shaking saying good bye too… the highest column of the The trigger was pulled in his stadium like a hungry lion. He head letting the bullet coming had done the impossible, he hitted Marlowe for the first time out… in the battle and in his life, then he throw him to a wall. “I feel blood, Walwowska, I´m bleeding!!! “How could you do it?” “Imagination, and improvisation, I have to say, have you heard of it?” Before Marlowe could even open his mouth, Derek grabbed him by the neck and smashed him to the wall again.

Walwowska had done it, he killed his own boss, he slept in his own nightmares, he became a really bad person. He was involved in Asdrar´s, Marlowe´s, and also his own family´s death. It hurt a lot to him, he did not considered himself an assassin, and he was a good person until Marlowe´s influence. Walwowska thought Marlowe hadn´t anything that he must be punished for what he did. He walked passing else to give, he looked like a baby; he didn´t understood how the destroyed coliseum, thinking in all his nightmares. the things changed so much. “Kill me please, don´t have any Walwowska wanted to become a better person. The only thing he piety with me.” KILL ME,” came up with, was declaring he Marlowe sram. Walwowska

was guilty to the policemen. “Hello sir, can I help you out?” “I am guilty, I killed two men, I need to be punished to learn.” “If you want too.” Six months were gone, Derek´s time was accomplished, and he could leave the jail. The first thing he did was going again to the river where he dropped Asdrar´s body and pray for him. He went to the village and tribe of Asyhuc to get the blessing of the priest and confess his wrong things. Walwowska was given its blessing, he was tranquil now, the only thing that was left was helping Asdrar´s family, because his death destroyed the family and tribe, and Asdrar was the most intelligent person of the tribe. Derek turn his life into a peaceful life, he carried his nightmares, but he knew he was changing, and with time he would forget and be the best person of the world.• •  •

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