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St James College Magazine 2012

St James College 201 Boundary Street Spring Hill QLD 4000 Australia Telephone: (07) 38394977 Facsimile: (07) 38393058 Email:

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Vision Statement The vision of St James College is to be an authentic witness to the touchstones of the Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition and to embody their expression in all aspects of our school. Mission Statement Challenged by the Gospel and inspired by Edmund Rice, St James College, as a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition, engages and nurtures the hearts and minds of young men and women. Through our inclusive teaching, learning and pastoral practices, we seek to create authentic pathways for all students in our diverse community to grow towards becoming hope-filled members of society. We commit to just and supportive relationships in our way of living and we promote justice in our world.

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College Leadership Team Richard Occhipinti (Business Manager), Tony McCulkin (Deputy Principal), Gerald Crooks (Principal), Tricia Parry (Assistant Principal - Identity) and Martin Wiseman (Assistant Principal - Pastoral)

Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) continues to value the wonderful opportunities provided through Catholic education of young people in your school along with over 47 other schools throughout every state and territory of Australia. This network of schools continues its proud tradition of challenging young people to make a difference in their world through the myriad of studies, spiritual experiences, service learning, outreach, training and cultural and sporting pursuits. Over the past year, a further 24 Catholic schools who have at some time experienced a connection with the Edmund Rice story and the Christian Brothers, have joined EREA as Associate Schools. This expansion of connection within the Network of schools will provide future opportunities to share in the vision and mission of Catholic education throughout Australia. We celebrate with you and congratulate you on the joys and successes of the past year in the knowledge that your contribution continues to give life to the EREA Network. Your role in Catholic education in your part of our world is heralded and we thank you for the many who have significantly contributed to the journey of our young people. We support your efforts to bring the Gospel to life in ways that are unique in your context. This year we held a Congress to celebrate EREA’s life over its initial five years. This Congress helped us all to reflect on the past, engage in the present and envision the future - to consider advancing towards what can be! Warm congratulations and sincere thanks for your contribution to Catholic education; and for your faithfulness in living out our Charter. We offer our blessings to your community for a hope filled future.

Wayne Tinsey Executive Director Edmund Rice Education Australia

Contents Board Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Principal’s Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Deputy Principal’s Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Assistant Principal: Pastoral’s Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Assistant Principal: Identity’s Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Staff Picture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Staff List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Arts & Humanities Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Business & Information Technology Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Careers & Counselling Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Design & Technology Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Languages Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Library Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Mathematics Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Outdoor, Recreation & Health Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Religion Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Science Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Senior School Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Teaching & Learning Support Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Tourism & Hospitality Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Vocational Education Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Youth Outreach Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 International Student Department Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Other Department Photos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Year 12’s Photo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Senior Leaders Photo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 International Students Photo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Committee Photos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Carey House. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Hogan House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Long House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Mary Rice House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Immersion Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 Indigineous Students. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Ministry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 A Year at St James . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 Co-curricular Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 124 Awards Night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 133 School Captains Final Say . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 141 Staff Celebrations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 142 Autographs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 143 Acknowledgements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 144 4

St James College Magazine 2012

Board This community of St James is quite special and not to be taken for granted. It is right and just to give thanks to our past students; for what we have today is due to their efforts; and what this year’s students contribute will be the foundation for the future. As participants in the St James story, part of the Board’s core business is providing strategic support. This could not be highlighted more than by the work of all who have contributed to the development of the St James’ Strategic Plan. This collaborative process has resulted in a document to guide the College with assurance into the future. Much of the challenge for the Board has been around sustainability and developing the public profile of the rich opportunities available for those who choose an education at St James. Its inclusiveness, warm acceptance and understanding of others and its broad curriculum, make this college an attractive place to be. Especially for those who seek a caring community within which to be educated. This richness comes from its diversity; the overseas students, the multicultural environment, those with gifts academic, practical, sports and in the performing arts. Together as a community you have achieved much and should be proud of what the College has achieved and be willing to advance on this. I am confident the Strategic Plan has illuminated the way in these uncertain times. While considering strategic directions, EREA Director Wayne Tinsey provided much for this Board to reflect upon. He challenges us to consider where St James positions itself in the Catholic education landscape of this country and what distinctive contribution will we make? How will we be in relationship with the broader Church and education communities of Australia and beyond, given St James’ diverse and multi-cultural population? How will we continue to challenge one another to deeper authenticity in response to our charter and the Gospel? The College has a long tradition of authentic outreach to those in need. This identity, built on relationships embracing respect and trust, is well known and acknowledged within EREA. It will be

how we form relationships with each other and within our broader Church and society that will determine how we carry our mission into the future. This year we have continued to consider, among other issues, the implementation of the Student Formation Program, and thank Assistant Principal Pastoral Mr Martin Wiseman for his informative report; Student Protection policies and thank Board member Mr Mike Wilkinson for his guidance in this most important area; International Education developments. Also thanks go to Mr Tony McCulkin, Deputy Principal, for his work and dedication to: the successful outcome with ELICOS; transitioning students into a secondary school environment; the effects of moving year 7 to secondary school; and reviewing our master plans for the College to continue to find best solutions for the teaching environment and facilities. Most of this is ongoing but we are always mindful of retaining the integrity of what is St James. What makes this college special is its engagement with the world. It is about the dignity of every human with a focus on service and inclusion. A feature of each meeting is the regular report on the school’s progress and operation from the Principal. It is clear that the school’s leadership team and staff are providing a professional learning environment whilst maintaining the Edmund Rice ethos which is evident in all its operations. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Principal, Mr Gerry Crooks, for his tireless, calm and wise leadership of the College. The Board has appreciated his willingness to inform our deliberations and give considered advice.

fidelity to their faith, dedicate their talents and services willingly and freely to the advancement of this community. Our Deputy Chair Mr Adrian McDonald, Finance Committee Chair Mrs Cheryl Caughley, Mr Ron de Bruyn, Mr Mike Wilkinson, Br Michael Talty, Mrs Olivia Versace and particularly Mr Noel Williams who leaves the Board at the end of this year. He has contributed so much, not only as a Board member, but also as an active member of the Finance committee; and to our Principal Mr Gerry Crooks, thank you. It is proper that we also give thanks to the leadership provided by our Regional Administrator Mr Jim King and also the Edmund Rice Education Australia administration for its ongoing support and positive regard for St James. This has been much appreciated. Our meetings wouldn’t flow as smoothly without the attention to administration, the provision of minutes and agendas, the communication and hospitality provided so generously by Mrs Naomi Ritchie.

Our financial situation continues to consolidate. I thank the Board finance committee, under the chair of Mrs Cheryl Caughley, for its attention to detail, its determination and insightfulness to meet the continuing challenges of running an inclusive and diverse college in the context of a modern curriculum. I particularly acknowledge the contribution of our business manager, Mr Richard Occhipinti, for his outstanding work.

Finally, to quote Wayne Tinsey in his paraphrase of Pope John XXIII, the Christian Brothers did not ask EREA to ‘guard a museum; but empowered us to water a garden’. They gave us a clear mandate, not only to hold the charism of Edmund Rice, but more importantly, to foster its growth. All the best to those who graduate this year. May you go forth with the determination to be responsible citizens – where heart, mind and spirit are combined for the greater good and live rich and fulfilling lives. I thank the whole St James’ community for their contribution to this heritage.

I would like to thank the Board members who through their commitment and

John Percy Chairman

St James College Magazine 2012


Principal Principal’s Address Awards Night 2 November 2012 Distinguished guests, parents, staff and students, you have come here tonight to celebrate the achievements of these young men and women. These achievements have been the result of dedicated effort, personal focus and committed involvement. Tonight is an acknowledgement of the faith and the self-belief that each one has in their ability and achievements that generate a pathway that we pray will find its end in personal fulfilment. However, the pathway is not a solo journey. There are many who have contributed and continue to contribute along the way: parents and families, teachers, sports coaches, teacher-aides and other support staff. I would hope that you young men and women will take the time to offer your thanks to your teachers and those who assist them in and out of the classroom, together with your families, for the support they provide in developing your talents and making the best use of your gifts. At the start of this year, the College Leadership Team welcomed its newest member, Mrs Tricia Parry, who has assumed the key position of Assistant Principal Identity. In addition, Mrs Parry directs the Religious Education program, a challenging role that reflects the very essence of what we are about. I would like to thank Mrs Parry for her dedication and commitment to this important but very challenging position. Likewise, the other members of our team, Mr Tony McCulkin, Deputy Principal, for the expert, efficient and creative management of the school and the curriculum in addition to his committed support for me as Principal; Mr Martin Wiseman, Assistant Principal Pastoral, whose work with the students and staff is 6

St James College Magazine 2012

inspirational, committed deeply as he is to the cares and concerns of each person here; and to Mr Richard Occhipinti, Business Manager of St James. During his time here over the past five years, Mr Occhipinti has worked tirelessly to ensure the College is well-maintained, financially viable and is firmly set on a solid business platform towards future development. Sadly, Mr Occhipinti leaves us at the end of this year to further his career in another school down the coast. We thank him and wish him well for the future. Middle management at St James involves two highly committed teams: the Pastoral Team and the Heads of the various curriculum departments in the school. It is always opportune to thank them for their committed service to the students and their families through the work that they do in ensuring that St James not only always delivers a quality educational product but also high quality young men and women who can stand tall in the world and know that they are prepared for what life will present them. Providing an inclusive educational program for all our students is arguably the most successful aspect of our school. The work done by teachers and teacher-aides is exceptional in ensuring all students have access to the curriculum and feel welcome to participate in all activities regardless of cultural or social background, ability or disability, or family circumstances. This aspect of St James continues to be a great witness out in the community to what we believe is one of key tenets in education, a resolve to provide a just and liberating education for all. The commitment of classroom teachers and teacher-aides at this school is among the most dedicated that I personally have witnessed in my 40 years involved in the education and leadership in

schools. I both acknowledge and thank them for their efforts for each of the young people for whom they are responsible. To the College Board and Property and Finance Committee whose expertise, collegiality and collaboration provide this school with such positive and purposeful direction, I offer my thanks and appreciation. I pay tribute also to the work of the Parents and Friends Committee, under its new President, Mr James Chan, which has taken on the challenge of not only revitalising the interaction among the parent community but also being very proactive in ventures that hopefully will produce enormous benefits to the College. The College receives strong support from our parent organisation Edmund Rice Education Australia, and I thank Mr Jim King, Director Regional Services for the Northern Region of EREA who is with us tonight, for his continued involvement and generous support throughout the year. Tonight, I would like to highlight a very special group of people who keep this place moving along. They are the unsung heroes who sit in the background, yet who we know embody the spirit that makes St James Jimmies. They help to keep our kids laughing, well-prepared,

Principal fed and clothed, organised. They are the wonderful support for me and my Leadership Team, they assist teachers in the preparation of practical classes; they keep the library buzzing along and the canteen able to continue to feed the hungry hordes. They manage enrolments, classroom rolls; they are nurses and confidantes to both staff and students; they help to keep accounts in order and the grounds and buildings in ship-shape; they liaise with industry to provide work-placements for our students and they address the needs of our International students. We are blest with amazing people who make up our ancillary staff They not only do their job, but have also embraced the core ethos of this place so that for them working at this school is nothing short of a vocation. Successive Newsletters have highlighted the achievements and involvement of our students throughout the year and I will leave you to re-read these as you get the opportunity. Suffice it to say that these tell the story of a school, small as it is compared with those around it, which is committed to providing an extraordinarily broad range of opportunities for its students. You have read about students who have matched it with the best of them in Leadership Courses, Days of Excellence, Business and Sporting breakfasts, the Lord Mayors Youth Advisory Council, Rotary, and programs that prepare them for the world of work through our partnership with the Beacon Foundation. Students have attained school-based traineeships and apprenticeships, have studied at TAFE and in pre-university courses at UQ. Construction students have been provided on-the-job practical experience in completely building a new ablution block at our Outdoor Education facility at Maroon Dam. Academic excursions, sporting carnivals both local and interstate, and numerous other co-curricular activities detail the extraordinary

achievements of individuals and teams. All these go towards making life at St James hectic, involving, challenging but also immensely rewarding. Tonight, it is my privilege to inform you that the College Board has recently endorsed a new Strategic Plan for the school that maps out the future directions of our College for the years to come. Based on the Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition, this plan is centred on four core values that we see are essential elements under which the strategies for action sit. These values are: Hope, Opportunity, Community and Inclusivity. The value of Hope focuses on the aspirations of the individual and our flexibility to meet the needs of all our students. Community is all about life-giving relationships that underpin how and why we do what we do here at St James. Opportunity is about realising present and future possibilities - about learning to achieve ones best at the highest level possible. Lastly, inclusivity is all about the core value of this school. It is about ensuring everyone in this school community is valued for who they are; that they are respected and that their dignity is upheld. A school like St James has existed for over 144 years because it has offered something different - it has offered hope, community, opportunity and a sense of belonging to all those who have walked through its gates, placed their hand on the crest and said to themselves: ‘this is where I need to be’. The new Strategic Plan will shortly be published on the College website. The implementation of the strategies and their related actions will be the on-going task of the College Board, Leadership Team, Parents and Friends, middle management groups and staff to ensure that the College continues to prosper and grow to be an authentic Edmund Rice school.

As this Strategic Plan is launched, I urge you all as a school community, to take an interest in its purpose and also the future vision of the College. I began by mentioning these young men and women who are the focus of this Awards Night. They have excelled themselves, they have inspired others, they have stepped up to the challenged of leadership and personal example, they have responded to a call to step out of their comfort zone and be someone for everyone. When you applaud these young people tonight, know that you are not only applauding an individual for their achievement, you are also applauding all students who work hard and do their best. They may not always be the receivers of awards but their presence and their application does not go unnoticed. At Jimmies, you as the wider community together with your children and the staff who are deeply committed to this school make up a place that is unique. Together, we struggle at times and we make mistakes; we cry in frustration when kids can’t take those right decisions; we get angry when we are challenged beyond our patience; and we rejoice when our kids surprise us with their generosity, goodwill and friendliness. There is always a sense of great hope that this place will continue to hold its head high knowing that the quality of what it offers here, in spite of it being small, mostly unsung and unheralded in the wider community, is the equal of any other. Our core business is centred wholly and solely on the young men and women who walk through our gates. And we pray that here, in this place, they learn the essence of what it means to be a person of hope who in turn will provide hope for others. May they always be young men and women who are Faithful Forever. Gerald Crooks Principal

St James College Magazine 2012


Deputy Principal The Australian Curriculum was introduced in four subjects across K – 10 in all Queensland schools. Preparations in 2011 had us well-placed to commence studies designed from Australian Curriculum documents in English, Mathematics, Science and History. We also commenced new courses in Physical Education and French in Year 8. These moves were required to meet mandated aspects of the new curriculum. The curriculum had been designed with reference to the goals agreed to in The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs, MCEETYA, December 2008). In the preamble to this document the goals of Australian education are simply stated as 1. Australian schooling promotes equity and excellence; and 2. All young Australians become successful learners; confident and creative individuals; and active and informed citizens. In significant ways these goals are addressed through attention to General Capabilities and Cross-Curriculum Priorities articulated in the Australian Curriculum documents. The teaching staff at St James has devoted considerable attention to these aspects of the curriculum in professional development activities this year. A Justice and Peace Framework developed by Edmund Rice Education Australia has also been examined in preparation for inclusion in the St James Curriculum.

In Phase 2 of the Australian Curriculum introduction, students up to Year 8 are required to study a language other than English. To meet this requirement, St James introduced French to Year Eight students this year. The program will be expanded in 2013 and will be offered to continuing students in Year Nine. The continuation of the program beyond Year Eight will depend upon student choices. In the Senior School, the first cohort of students were enrolled in the Certificate II Sampling and Measurement which had been developed by the Science Department. The subject has attracted a small but very enthusiastic group of students. Its future will depend upon forthcoming enrolments. The College also had to introduce a course for students from Nudgee International College following its closure. The English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) is a High School Preparation course and our delivery of the course required Government ratification and registration by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. The course was also accredited by the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS). Professional Development of teachers has focused on the Australian Curriculum and Literacy teaching strategies. Through National Partnership funding staff have commenced short courses in Reading to Learn strategies and more staff will

Heads of Department Seated Row: Ms Roz Ferris, Ms Louella Sparks, Mr Anthony Hill, Mr James Anderson, Mrs Mary Stirling, Ms Di Markey Second Row: Mr Jeffrey Scott, Ms Corrie Shand, Mr Greg Flint, Mr David Hopper, Mrs Tricia Parry, Mrs Andrea Williams


St James College Magazine 2012

be inserviced in this area in 2013. The ultimate intention is to have these techniques across all subjects. There has also been intensive investigations into the future needs of the College in regards to Information and Communication Technologies. Movement towards the preferred model will be commenced next year with the implementation of an ICT Strategic Plan which is currently under development. Learning has not been restricted to classrooms and College facilities. Outdoor Education and Physical Education classes have travelled to external facilities for a range of activities and even into wilderness areas for extended camping activities. Canoeing occurred in Norman Creek and Breakfast Creek and Rock Climbing at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Students were involved in excursions to cultural institutions including the Museum, State Library, Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art and various theatres. Students visited environmental centres conducting field research and analysed data back at the College. The reports from various departments following will detail these events in greater detail. My thanks go to all staff at the College and in particular Teachers and Teacher Aides who directly support student learning in and out of classrooms and to Heads of Departments for their leadership in Teaching and Learning and for their support of the whole program. My best wishes to all students especially those graduating, our hopes and prayers go with you. Tony McCulkin Deputy Principal

AP Pastoral

The Pastoral System of any school is designed to support students’ decision making and we have continued to forge new partnerships and develop a culture that supports families in getting the best educational outcomes for the students of St James. The continuing development of House cultures this year has been the hallmark of the Jimmies Community. Whilst the growing of individual House Crests may seem like window dressing, each House has spent an inordinate amount of time ensuring that their crest embodies the distinctive culture fostered by each group. Each one is an everlasting passionate symbol of the four families that make up the Jimmies community. We have seen that passion in spades this year with the Interhouse Competition, won again this year by Long House. Congratulations to Mr Kubunameca and the “Long Legends” who came through in an evenly matched race through numerous and various events in 2012. My thanks go to Mr Ebrington who oversaw the struggle with his usual enthusiasm for the contest. Our Senior group did much to rally the support of the troops for each of the flagship competitions with all of them attracting record support from the students, particularly that most peculiar of Jimmies events, the Chocolate Crackle Competition, whose entries had to be limited due to overwhelming interest from the staff and students. The Committees built on from the inaugural year in 2011 and managed to bring innovation and enthusiasm under the leadership of the three staff members involved. I thank Ms Williams (Academic), Mr Zammit (Social Justice) and Mr Ebrington (Spirit) who have

channelled the enthusiasm of the students into worthwhile and meaningful projects. From these Committees together with House related work, we appointed six extra Seniors this year as Student Leaders in addition to the original twelve celebrated at the Inauguration Mass at St. Brigid’s back in February. This group launched their Senior Motto, Aspire to Inspire, and followed that up time and time again with real actions that certainly were faithful to their mantra. Of particular note was the fine mural in the lower yard which will forever be a reminder of this group and their impact on our school. Congratulations must also go to the College Captains, Louise Quan and Mike Barrientos, who were authentically Ricean in their leadership this year. Their humility and gentle fortitude will live long in my memory. The Pastoral Team is a remarkable group of people whose resilient enthusiasm for the students of St James astounds me every day. I thank them (Mr Mark Holmes, Mr Chris Zammit – Term 1 Carey, Mr Jonathon Hall, Mr Isikeli Kubunameca, Ms Di Riddle, Mr Brian Thompson and Mr Jim Bartlett) for their unwavering support of the students of St James. None more so than Ms Di Riddle who sadly brings down the curtain on sixteen years as a Pastoral Leader at the College. As foundation Mary Rice Pastoral Coordinator and Year Twelve Coordinator before that, Di has enriched the lives of countless young men and women and has been totally dedicated to ‘her kids’. An advocate of ‘tough love’, Di has ‘hardened up many princesses’ over her time but is always there for the consoling hug and occasional tear for those who need it. For her, being a PC is not a job but a real vocation and it has only been the arrival of a grandson that has lured her into a new life away from Mary Rice and we wish her all the joy and happiness that that will bring her. I congratulate Ms. Erin Johnston on her appointment to the Mary Rice role for 2013 and beyond and very much look forward to seeing where she takes the House. The College staff further strengthened the Pastoral nature of St James by contributing to the Student Formation Program this year. As a response to the Edmund Rice

Charter, the Homeroom teachers used the four touchstones to frame their role as the primary pastoral carers at the College. The result is an inspirational document that will live long as the yardstick for all teachers who work in Edmund Rice schools. Additionally, the staff worked through Bill Rogers’ seminal work, Classroom Behaviour. Using Rogers’ work to professionally develop each other; a bewildering variety of strategies were delivered with wonderful humour and genuineness. These sessions demonstrated with absolute clarity that these teachers are wholly committed to excellence in their profession and therefore see their pastoral role as paramount to that. The students are very lucky. My appreciation is also extended to the various College Liaison Officers – Ms Fiona Hales (African students), Aunty Thersa Nunn (Indigenous students) and Mr Leigh Brincat and Ms Helen Robin (International students), all of whom are passionate advocates for their students and upon whose help they depend very heavily. Lastly, I must acknowledge as part of this report, the outstanding work of Ms Yolanda Cano who runs Student Services. The students of St James are its asset and it is a privilege to serve them in my role. The authenticity of the Ricean values as expressed in the Charter gives me the energy to face each day. It is these values which underpin what we do here daily that will ensure we continue to develop those vital relationships that will make our community even stronger. Martin Wiseman Assistant Principal Pastoral

Pastoral Team

L to R: Ms Di Riddle, Mr Mark Holmes, Mr Martin Wiseman, Mr Jonathan Hall, Mr Isikeli Kubunameca

St James College Magazine 2012


AP Identity This year has been a year filled with unique opportunities to explore the many dimensions of the Religious Life of the College whilst honouring the heritage and many traditions that make up this special place called Jimmies. The passion of the many students and staff in a variety of situations never ceases to amaze me as we walk our journey together. This year was unique in the history of the Christian Brothers as we celebrated the centenary of the death of Brother Patrick Ambrose Treacy. Our College was heavily involved in the Brother Ambrose Treacy Pilgrimage organised to celebrate this milestone. The pilgrimage commenced at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace where the students representing the Edmund Rice Schools were engaged in the beginning of the Ambrose Treacy Story. Brother Jim D’Arcy presented Brother Ambrose’s cloak and fob watch as a poignant reminder of the presence of Ambrose Treacy as he symbolically journeyed with us on that day. The students were taken to the room where Ambrose Treacy died and we gathered in prayer to give thanks for the man who established so many Christian Brothers Schools across both Queensland and Australia. Following this Uncle Joe Kirk told the story of the “Boundary”, known as Boundary Road which used to segregate the Aboriginals from others so many years ago. In order to honour our commitment to inclusivity we “walked the boundary” from Terrace to St James where we were met along the road by our traditional St James Aboriginal Dancers. After a very moving Welcome to Country by Aunty Thersa and Welcome Dance by the dancers, we continued with the telling of the Brother Ambrose Treacy Story, how he sent a community of Brothers to teach at St James and we prayed once again, prior to moving to the next stage of the pilgrimage. The cloak and watch were passed to our students as we continued our journey out to St Joseph’s College, Nudgee. Like he did with Terrace, Brother Ambrose Treacy established Nudgee – he was a terrific 10

St James College Magazine 2012

business man who liked a challenge and he always seemed to be able to raise the funds to establish Christian Brothers Schools. The Nudgee part of the story was told and we once again gathered in prayer. The final stage of the pilgrimage took place as we gathered by the graveside of Brother Ambrose Treacy out at the Nudgee Cemetery. Brother Regis Hickey, author of the recently released book, Ambrose Treacy – Enterprising Immigrant, read to us and spoke of Ambrose to us. His knowledge and understanding of the man was amazing and we learned a great deal from this experience. For the last time, Brother Jim D’Arcy led the group in prayer before we each departed to return to our schools. The experience was a deeply reflective and engaging opportunity for the students and staff who attended and it deepened their understanding of our heritage. The Identity of a school in the Edmund Rice Tradition allows us the unique opportunity of exploring how we can use the ways of Edmund to enhance our own lives, as well as the lives of those around us. This year we introduced the use of College Symbols at key celebrations which provided our community with tangible and visible ways to explain our heritage and our school. It is through such symbols that we are able to explore the many things that make us a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition. We commenced the college year with a whole school Mass which was held at St Brigid’s Church at Red Hill. Father Peter Brannelly, Parish Priest of the Jubilee Parish said the Mass for us and this provided us with an excellent foundation upon which to commence the school year. The students appeared to enjoy the opportunity to express our faith in what is a very traditional church building. Father Brannelly told the story of how St Brigid’s was built and alerted the students to the odd bricks in the wall structures which was where the old timber scaffolding was attached whilst the church was being built. Although directed by the Archbishop of the time to “match the

bricks” so that the scaffold sections were not obvious, the builders and brick makers, although they tried their best, could not match the colour. The students appeared to enjoy this story and they showed great reverence throughout the Mass. The feast day of Blessed Edmund Rice gave us the opportunity to explore some of the “faces of Edmund”. Students were given the opportunity to hear about some of the dimensions of Edmund’s life and mission through a series of letters written especially for our community. We explored the following “faces of Edmund” Edmund – from Humble Beginnings; Edmund The Teacher; Edmund The Founder; Edmund Champion of the Poor; and Edmund Person of Faith. This gave the students another avenue to better understand the man whose influence and commitment to his God and people commenced the Christian Brothers, a legacy which we all now enjoy in our school. Other times we commemorated through prayer included St James Feast Day; Easter; Anzac Day; Past Students Reunion; Awards Evening; Remembrance Day; Christmas Liturgy. It has been a great privilege for me to be part of this community and I look forward to the great joys that 2013 will bring. Every blessing for a Happy and Holy Christmas Tricia Parry Assistant Principal Identity

Absent Staff: Alyse Blann, Ada Blick, John Callaghan, Mary Clarke, Bronwyn Doherty, Tim Fergus, Leah Fitzgerald, Samatha Gall, Uni Laubuka, Di McRoberts, Sean McVeigh, Roslyn Murray, Doina Negoita, Thersa Nunn, Christine Osbourne, Siram Preap, Naomi Ritchie, Helen Robin, Toni Shields, Brian Thompson, Alicia Williams

Fourth Row: Chris Zammit, Andrew Ebrington, Corrie Shand, Chris Tooley, Scott Shackleton, Jonathan Hall, Greg Flint, Anthony Hill, Mark Holmes, Juliana Tome, Erin Johnston, Jacqueline Nichols

Third Row: Diane Riddle, Tania Munro, Andrea Williams, Louella Sparks, Mary Stirling, Leigh Brincat, Isikeli Kubunameca, Nick Eady, Max Ryan, Tony Holloway, Jim Bartlett, Fiona Hales, Simone Fleming

Second Row: Yolanda Cano, Casey Francis, Neha Reddy, Alexandra Vizcarra, Janette Finch, James Anderson, David Hopper, Christian Church, Bruce Bitossi, Jeffrey Scott, Valmai Whye, Elisabeth Schaefer, Christine McDonald

Seated Row: Natasha Green, Karen Herrick, Alicia Chang, Brooke Flynn, Maria Young, Richard Occhipinti, Tony McCulkin, Gerry Crooks, Tricia Parry, Martin Wiseman, Roz Ferris, Lynette New, Di Markey, Kylie-Ann Parkin, Tom Beaumont

Staff 2012


St James College Magazine 2012


Staff List College Leadership Team Gerry Crooks Principal Tony McCulkin Deputy Principal Martin Wiseman Assistant Principal Pastoral Tricia Parry Assistant Principal Identity Richard Occhipinti Business Manager

Youth Outreach Service Samantha Gall Learning Programme Coordinator

Heads of Department Andrea Williams Arts & Humanities Greg Flint Business and Information Technology Anthony Hill Design Technology Rozalie Ferris Languages Mary Stirling Library Services Corrie Shand Mathematics Christopher Zammit Ministry James Anderson Outdoor Recreation & Health Fritz van der Ham Science (Term 1) Jeff Scott Science Dianne Markey Senior School Coordinator Dianne McRoberts Teaching & Learning Support Louella Sparks Tourism and Hospitality David Hopper Vocational Education & Training

International Students Office Helen Robin International Students Coordinator Siram Preap International Office

Administration Elisabeth SchaeferAdministration Coordinator Pastoral Coordinators Isikeli Kubunameca Long House Jonathan Hall Hogan House Mark Holmes Carey House Diane Riddle Mary Rice House Teaching Staff (other than those above) Bronwyn Doherty Nick Eady Janette Finch Leah Fitzgerald Brooke Flynn Casey Francis Natasha Green Fiona Hales Karen Herrick Erin Johnston Sean McVeigh Tania Munro Neha Reddy Helen Robin Max Ryan Scott Shackleton Julianna Tome Christopher Tooley Alexandra Viscarra Counselling Jim Bartlett Careers and Guidance Brian Thompson Guidance Vocational Education & Training Mary Clarke VET Assistant 12

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Business and Finance Office Richard Occhipinti Business Manager Roslyn Murray Finance Office

Library Mary Stirling Teacher Librarian Alyse Blann Library Assistant Christine Osborne Library Assistant Tom Beaumont Library Assistant College Office Naomi Ritchie Executive Assistant Maria Young Receptionist Valmai Whye Book Hire / Reception Yolanda Cano Student Services Siram Preap Curriculum Assistant Sport and Co-Curricular Activities Andrew Ebrington Co-Curricular Coordinator Information Technology Jay Boyd Network Administrator TT Group Teaching & Learning Support Tania Butler Learning Support Leigh Brincat Learning Support Alicia Chang Learning Support Tim Fergus Learning Support Simone Flemming Learning Support Nicki Hartley Learning Support Unise Laubuka Learning Support Jacqueline Nichols Learning Support Kylie Parkin Learning Support Toni Shields Learning Support Alicia Williams Learning Support Xiaoyun (Ada) Blick ESL Support Grounds and Maintenance Christian Church Property Manager Tony Holloway Maintenance/Grounds Bruce Bitossi Maintenance/Grounds/DT Indigenous Support Aunty Thersa Nunn Indigenous Support Canteen & Uniform Shop Lynette New Canteen/Uniform Shop Laboratory Doina Negoita Laboratory Assistant Hospitality Christine McDonald Kitchen Assistant

Humanities It’s been another busy year in the Humanities Department, with implementing a trial for the new Australian Curriculum in History, along with many new experiences and adventures. There were many highlights this year, including field trips around Brisbane, in History, Art, and Drama. Students participated in the National Geographic Competition with Andrew Schlenker and Hadyn Watts receiving a high distinction and Mikey Andersen receiving a distinction. Students also completed the Australian History Competition achieving positive results. These are very encouraging results. Modern History students began the year studying the Arab-Israeli Conflict which linked to the role of UN in conflict resolution. The students engaged in The Studies of Power with a specific focus on Nazi Germany and the Cold War. Students also studied The Indonesian invasion of East Timor and the Australian Government’s response to the crisis. Two students from the class then participated in an immersion to East Timor which linked the history of East Timor with their real life experiences. That is very ‘grass roots’ education! The Senior Drama students also participated in a variety of theatre experiences across the year including a Queensland Theatre Company workshop on the ‘Political

Theatre’ of Brecht; and reviewing Ray Lawler’s The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll while studying the Stanislavsky method of ‘Realism Theatre’. Students also experienced ‘Theatre for Young People’ and ‘Documentary Drama’ seeing the play 1984 and Say it to my Facebook. In addition to this, while studying ‘Elizabethan Theatre’, a visiting Industry Professional, Claire Crowther, also worked with the students, enhancing their skills in scriptwriting and audition preparation. The Junior Drama students also experienced ‘Theatre for Young People’ during their course of study and were able to review the play Say it to my Facebook while studying the plays Juice and The Art department also flourished this year with many exciting Art Gallery experiences. Senior Art students saw Henri Matisse and Yayoi Kusama while the year 11s experienced the art works of Modern Woman: Daughters and Lovers 1850-1918’ Drawings from the Musée d’Orsay, Paris’ and ‘Contemporary Australia: Women’. Art also went ‘online’ this year, showcasing student work via the School website on Art-Link. The introduction of displaying student work in the school library and as a colour insert into the College Newsletter each term has also been a positive contribution to the subject this year.

Thank you to staff and students for your brilliant work, and I look forward to 2013, when there will be many more new adventures and curriculum topics to be explored. Andrea Williams Head of Department

Seated Row: Miss Alex Vizcarra, Mrs Andrea Williams, Mrs Natasha Green, Mrs Bronwyn Doherty Second Row: Ms Erin Johnston, Mr Scott Shackleton, Mr Nick Eady, Ms Karen Herrick


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St James College Magazine 2012


Business & IT 2012 has been a very busy year. I would like to begin by offering my sincere thanks to the staff of the department; Ms T Munro Ms N Reddy, Mr S McVeigh, and Ms D Markey. Subjects within both the computing and business areas continue to evolve as a result of changing requirements from national and state authorities. There has also been moderation of subject content by teachers in the department. Many students have experienced success in this area of study this year with some high standard work being completed. In particular, students completing studies in Senior ITS, ICT, and Business Studies have displayed many skills learned to produce exciting overall results for 2012. Selected students in both legal studies and economics, along with Ms Markey, had excellent experiences at the legal mock parliament day and a student economic conference. They represented the school well in different learning environments. A special thanks, once again, to our Network Administrators, led by Jay Boyd, who keep the department and school computer system running smoothly. This year, once again, they have been well assisted in the IT area by Alyse Blann. Greg Flint Head of Department

L to R: Ms Di Markey, Mrs Tania Munro, Mr Greg Flint, Ms Neha Reddy


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Careers & Counselling classroom. Our thanks to Mr Brent Cue, Beacon Partnership Manager for his tireless efforts for students.

“ One Future-Many Pathways” Year 10 Beacon Ambassadors, Mehitablel Douglas-Drysdale and Lucy Kennedy summed up why this was chosen as the Beacon Theme for 2012. “We chose it because there are so many different options to getting where you want to be. There is not just one way to do things. We wanted to have a programme which showed many different possibilities in career pathways.” At the Counselling and Careers Centre, our main aim is to help young people open up ‘possibilities’ so that they can work to the best of their potential. The challenge of 2012 has been to do this more effectively. At the beginning of the year, the very energetic Year 10 Beacon Ambassadors, invited a local State Government Minister and a legendary sportsperson to a successful Beacon Business breakfast. A stream of career activity options continued throughout the year: Industry site Visits to Holcim Construction, Leighton Mining , and Merlo Coffee; Leadership training at Sinclair, Knights Mertz; Speed career events hosted by visiting industry representatives; Mock interviews with local employers: Business Blackboard events in the

Students this year have continued to explore the possibilities in School Based Apprenticeships and TAFE Schools Programmes. It is encouraging to see the employability skills and independent study skills shown by the students as they explore many career options. Trades; Hospitality; Child Care; Aged Care; Retail; Information Technology; Business; Horticulture; Photo Imaging; Beauty Therapy; Community Recreation. These are just some of the many pathways available to students. Special Career support has been devoted this year to students in transition in Year 10 with their SET plan. Year 12 school leavers have been aided by individual counselling and from Information sessions. There have been lunchtime visits by all the universities and students attended a special school leavers event at St Laurence’s to meet prospective employers.

a mentoring role for our students. Learn Earn Legends were invited to assist our Indigenous students and are providing ongoing support right through transitioning to mid 2013. Hands on Art Paddington are providing mentoring to students, building on their artistic skills to encourage and engage them towards their future. Adolescence can be a stressful and demanding time. Often young people just need a listening ear and an opportunity to explore possibilities to voice their dreams and ideas for the future. There are many great possibilities and flexible pathways available. “ One Future – many pathways”- I find it rewarding when I am able to play a small part in helping students find their pathway and to make their years at school rewarding and fulfilling. Jim Bartlett Counsellor

It was pleasing to see that students choosing a tertiary Pathway in 2011, achieved a high first preference success rate. In working with the students on their QTAC applications I am always impressed with the planning and motivation they show. This is always a good indicator of future success and reports on past students undertaking tertiary study show this. Past student, Patrick Rahilly, embodies this spirit. Aided by good academic results, glowing references from a Catholic primary school year long work experience and co-curricular activities he gained an Early Achievers Award to Australian Catholic University and is now in his second year of a teaching degree. I believe that the wide range of possibilities offered at the college, with his enthusiastic attitude, made this possible. Supporting agencies have provided St James College Magazine 2012


Careers & Counselling Respect and care for the whole person are key values for us at St James College. We provide an environment in which students, families and staff receive the guidance and support they need to live healthy, fulfilling and productive lives. Our students and their families live in a rapidly changing world, a world that, at times, can be demanding and stressful. We believe that our mental health is just as important as our physical health and our role in the counselling centre is to promote positive mental health throughout the school. We do this through individual and group counselling and through our work with Mr Marty Wiseman and the pastoral team to support the personal development and support program. While referrals to the counselling team come from parents, Pastoral Coordinators, Assistant Principals and teachers, it is a tribute to the positive culture of counselling here at St James that most of the students who come to see us self-refer. This positive culture of asking for help has been built up over many years. Counselling can help people to cope with the demands of academic achievement, peer and family relationships, parenting and career decisions. There are also critical times at which counselling can be helpful to people. Some examples of such times are when a family member has died or is seriously ill, when relationships are under pressure because of separation or divorce, when children are leaving home or moving into adolescence. Sometimes people can be reluctant to ask for help. They might believe that it is a sign of weakness or that things will improve by themselves. Sometimes people think that no one would be interested in their problems or that their concerns are minor compared with those of others. In 18




St James College Magazine 2012

we work hard to communicate the message that everyone needs help sometimes. Parents, students, teachers all find life difficult at times. This is normal, and spending time with a skilled listener can be a great help. Talking about concerns in a safe, confidential and supportive environment often enables people to see their situation differently and to begin to manage their problems. Many people find talking about their concerns a healthy and helpful thing to do. Coming to counselling does not mean that people have major psychological problems, nor is it an admission of weakness. Knowing we need help and asking for that help are signs of maturity and healthy self-awareness. So the other message we work hard to communicate is that it is okay to ask for help. As well as individual, group and family counselling, we have also been involved in the personal development program in Years 8, 9 and 10. This is a proactive and preventative program designed to help students become more resilient and cope with stress. We covered topics such as positive relationships, bullying, assertiveness, mental health, and cognitive behavioural strategies to cope with stress. At St James College we believe that families deserve all the help and support we can offer. Skilled and caring members of our staff are here to accompany students and parents as we live our lives in this changing, exciting and demanding world. This year in the counselling department we have had the services of a number of dedicated people who have helped our students to succeed. From the University of Queensland we have welcomed Claire Takac and Randee Li completing their counselling practicum. As well as contributing to their own learning and growth as

professionals, both of these people made a valuable contribution to the counselling team in supporting our students. We acknowledge and thank them for their presence at St James during 2012. We could not do our job here in the guidance and counselling centre without the support and confidence of parents who allow us the great privilege of working with you and your children. Thank you. Brian Thompson Counsellor

Design & Technology

2012 has been a year of progress in the Design Technology Department. We have continued to move ahead with “Jimmies on the Dam” and seen many students achieve competency in a range of VET qualifications. We continue to review and develop our range of qualifications on offer and offer opportunities to challenge and motivate students. It is the intention of the Design and Technology Department to restore Jimmies on the Dam campsite for the enjoyment of the St James community. This restoration will include repair of existing structures and the construction and design of new facilities. To date a new amenities block has been constructed and is close to completion and we look forward to continuing to improve the existing facilities. The current Year 12 students have been exceptional in their roles in this project and have continued to inspire me with their enthusiasm, dedication and focus. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Design and Technology Department Staff, Mark Holmes, David Hopper and Bruce Betossi for their dedication, enthusiasm and support this year. I look forward to an exciting and challenging 2013. Anthony Hill Head of Department L to R: Mr Mark Holmes, Mr David Hopper, Mr Anthony Hill, Mr Bruce Bitossi

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Languages As 2012 draws to an end, it is interesting and instructive to look back and reflect on the year in the English Department. As always, each term has had its highlights and its challenges. One of the biggest challenges this year has been the implementation of the National Curriculum in Years 8, 9 and 10. At each year level we have been able to retain units which have worked well in the past and adapt them to cater to the requirements of the new curriculum. We have also introduced some exciting new units, The World of Animation, Travel Texts, which acknowledge the increased emphasis on visual language and multimodal texts. Another very important aspect of the new curriculum is the recognition of the significance of the stories of Indigenous Australians. To this end our Junior Work Program gives students the opportunity of engaging with the contemporary literature, as well as the oral narrative traditions, of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Before embarking on the second year of the program we will go through the process of review and engage in a healthy interrogation of what best suits our students and their growth as learners. Naplan preparation also figures in our program for Years 8 and 9. However, we have resisted the temptation to narrow the work program primarily to its demands, instead catering to the needs, interests and talents of our diverse student body. In our English classes we are engaged with language, texts, human experience and making meaning and students show their understanding of these elements through the production of written, spoken and multimodal texts. In the area of writing the emphasis has been on the construction of wellstructured, logical paragraphs. If students are able to do this at any level, they are able to tackle the more lengthy tasks and complex genres with confidence. The wellcrafted paragraph is the key to 20

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good writing. Another area where confidence is developed is in the delivery of interesting, wellconstructed speeches often coupled with still and moving images. The production of more complex digitally generated tasks such as book trailers is an area which is growing in popularity amongst the students. All students study a class novel at least once a year. Learning how novels work through the close reading of character, themes and style is very important, but what is even more important, indeed empowering, is reading for pleasure. This is the major contributing factor to students being lifelong learners and through our wider reading program, hopefully we do our part to bring that about. Once again, students were treated to fabulous performances by the theatre troupe Shake and Stir. The troupe presented a modern interpretation of Hamlet to the Year 12 students. The appearance of a guitar-slinging, emo Hamlet was quite curious. The Year 10s were

entertained, but also alerted to the pitfalls of social media in Say It To My Facebook and the Year 9s were introduced to Shakespeare by Tragic Magic The Year 8s didn’t miss out. Their knowledge and enjoyment of poetry was extended with the Poetry at Play presentation by the Poetry in Action group. Also many students were successful in the Australian English Competition. Mehitabel Douglas-Drysdale and Henry Symes Year 10 achieved Distinctions in the

Seated Row: Mrs Andrea Williams, Ms Roz Ferris, Mrs Fiona Hales, Ms Alex Vizcarra, Mrs Natasha Green Second Row: Miss Brooke Flynn, Mr Nick Eady, Mr Jonathan Hall, Ms Erin Johnston, Ms Neha Reddy

Languages National English Competition. Congratulations also to the thirteen other students who achieved Credits. This year has been one of stability in the English Department with very little movement of staff. At the end of the year, however, one of our very valued members of staff, Mrs Natasha Green will be taking maternity leave. On behalf of the English department I would like to wish her all the best for this very joyful event. She has contributed greatly to the professional, caring and hardworking ethos of the department.

I wish all current senior students every success in their future endeavours and thank all the teachers who have prepared them so thoroughly for life away from St James as literate young adults who will reect critically on the way language is used and participate actively in society. Roz Ferris Head of Department This year has witnessed the introduction of the French language to St James. Year 8 students have learnt greetings, numbers, colours, body parts and how to ask basic

questions in French. They have also learnt songs, watched ďŹ lms in the French language, played games and puzzles and generally had fun. Students tasted crepes, French bread, fromage and croissants during lessons. Little wonder then that they enjoyed their introduction to the French language and culture and I have had a wonderful time introducing them to it all. Hopefully next year we will see a number of students continuing their French studies in Year 9. Karen Herrick

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Library “Once you learn to read, you will forever be free.” Frederick Douglass 1818–1895 In 2012, the St James Library staff has promoted and celebrated the National Year of Reading through engaging digital activities in the library; the acquisition of new and exciting fiction and nonfiction titles; author visits and designated time for reading in the junior classes. As educators we are aware that our teenagers have many competing interests for their leisure time but academic studies around the world provide evidence that reading is a key to language development. Unfortunately, in recent years, recreational reading is sadly declining. We are also aware that young people now spend their recreational time participating in new media and as a result, need to learn strategies to interact or collaborate safely. So it is essential for the school library to be a hub for all learning experiences and provide opportunities for students to access both print and digital media. In light of this broadened definition of reading the library staff has been looking for ways to engage students in their reading. We have purchased many new titles as recommended by the Children Book Council of Australia and these are promoted in library displays rotating on a monthly basis. During Literacy and Book Week we were thrilled to welcome two visiting author’s; James Maloney and Erica Gore. The benefits of these visits were widespread and it was wonderful to see the students enthralled by these authors’ ability to create stories of fear, courage and personal growth. We tapped into this enthusiasm by offering follow-up activities to teach students how to create a book trailer using moviemaker as the platform. Students demonstrated their ability to not only be users of information and technology but also to be producers of information with a creative edge.


St James College Magazine 2012

The most popular genre for students continues to be dystopian fiction. In dystopian literature the characters are immersed in a world of advanced technology that is controlled exclusively by the group in power. This popular genre presents the children in the story as being oppressed, living without any rights or freedoms. The conflict in the story is between the protagonists (the children) and the evil figures in authority. The resolution prevails when the children use their ingenuity to overthrow those in power and bring the world into a state of peace and equality. However, the resolution is usually a temporary state of affairs and this keeps the role of the protagonist active and the sequel in the wings ready to be borrowed and read. As a librarian it is rewarding to see students excited about borrowing and reading books and we don’t discriminate, any reading is worthwhile and helps build vocabulary, contextualise content and build creativity. The library has also been instrumental in developing the students’ skills in digital literacy. Earlier in the year we talked extensively to students about their electronic footprint and the need to be aware of the way information is shared virally. Students may think it is harmless to post a derogatory comment about another student or a teacher on a social media site but once this becomes live there is no way of stopping the spread of that information. In a society where students often have 24 hour access to digital devices we need to teach them how to be responsible digital citizens. This approach is probably more successful than trying to place an outright ban on all access to social media. Depending on their age, users are being channeled into sites such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, and as educators we realise we must stimulate discussions about whom to share information with across the internet. The power of collaboration across

the internet can be incredibly rewarding. Recent research suggests involvement in MUDs (Multi-User Domains) or online role-playing games, allows users to play around with relevant media literacies, and through this process they will better understand and discern the influence of technology on their learning and other interactions in society. The objective of the library program is to embed new media literacies into our curriculum to ensure users develop skills in critical discernment which will enable them to be selective and participate from a position of power. This is currently achieved through the use of Web 2.0 in the classroom and students are becoming more skilled in searching, retrieving and storing data using the correct bibliographic details. The National Year of Reading has provided a great incentive to celebrate literature and encourage wider reading across the whole school. The library staff realises the importance of continuing to develop this culture of reading and digital citizenship at St James and we look forward to offering a range of books and activities in 2013. Mary Stirling Teacher Librarian

Mathematics I thank the staff of the maths department for their tireless and yearlong commitment to ensuring the students’ needs are being met in conjunction with the curriculum changes.

Mathematics is an integral part of a child’s education and here at St James College, we are blessed with a collection of highly professional, caring and enthusiastic maths teachers. This year saw the departure of two long time staff members Fritz Vanderham and Max Ryan. Fritz first started at the school as the combined Head of Department for Maths and Science. A large role for any teacher to take on but Fritz handled it with ease due to his vast knowledge base. Fritz always took time to get to know the students in his care and took personal interest each of his student’s journeys. We wish Fritz all the best on his semiretirement. After 36 years Max Ryan is moving onto to the next phase of his life, retirement. The maths department will not be the same without Max’s constant presence. Staff and students over the years have loved Max for his dry humour and his vast knowledge on all things mathematical. Max has played the quiet role of mentor to many maths teachers throughout the years, I myself have lost count of the number of times I have gone to Max for guidance, knowledge or direction. St James College thanks both men for the role they have played in the lives of thousands of students over the years. The Australian National Curriculum was introduced into Mathematics this year resulting in a complete rewrite of our work programs, resources and assessment programs.

this year were Beau Rutherford, Ky Pham, Zac Schmaling, Joseph Delaney, Sebastion Barrientos, Jin Huang, Yuhao Guo and Brian Gong. Corrie Shand Head of Department

Many bright sparks shined this year in the different opportunities given to our students this year. The standout for the year was Mike Barrientos. Mike has consistently been the top student in mathematics over the last 5 years. He was the top student in Maths B and C, Physics and Chemistry. He has perpetually achieved Distinctions in the Australian Mathematics Competition and was a regular winner of the weekly Rampage (A problem solving question placed in the newsletter each week). Mike achieved so much success in the Rampage questions over the years I actually asked Mike to stop entering each week to allow other students a chance to succeed. We wish Mike and all seniors the best on their next phase of life. Other students who achieved well in the Mathematics competitions

Seated Row: Mr Chris Zammit, Mr Nick Eady, Mrs Juliana Tome, Mr Max Ryan, Ms Elisabeth Schaefer Second Row: Mr Chris Tooley, Mr David Hopper, Ms Corrie Shand, Mr Mark Holmes

St James College Magazine 2012


Outdoor Rec & Health As Muhammad Ali said “Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision” This statement epitomises the attitude and activities of the ORH staff and students this year. 2012 has been an enjoyable and exciting year for the ORH department with many fantastic endeavours taking place. Camps are an integral part of St James, giving students an unforgettable experience outside of the classroom. This year we conquered Mt Barney, Brooyar, Girraween and the Glasshouse Mountains. Under the expert tutelage of Miss Francis the students have excelled in Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Orienteering and Life Saving. In October, 10 lucky St James sportswomen attended the 22nd Annual Women in Sport Breakfast where they were able to meet and be inspired by Matilda’s Head Coach Tom Sermanni, Queensland Firebirds young gun Ameliaranne Wells and Kimberley Busteed a former teen swimming champion and surf lifesaving competitor and champion. Who shared their inspirational stories on how they have overcome obstacles in their lives to become the successful athletes that they are today. 2012 was the first year that the

L to R: Mr Isikel Kubunameca, Mr James Anderson, Ms Casey Frances


St James College Magazine 2012

Certificate II in Sport Coaching (focusing on basketball)was completed. This has allowed students to become Community Level Referees, work with the Australian Sports Commission in the Australian Governments Active After-school Communities Program and forged links with Fortitude Valley Police-Citizens Youth Club as well as St Joseph’s Primary School at Kangaroo Point. 2012 has also seen the resurrection of Jimmies on the Dam. The ORH department is very much indebted to the hard work of Mr Hill and the Certificate I Construction students who have put in countless hours transforming the buildings on the site. 2012 saw a return of camps to Jimmies on the Dam and the ORH department is very excited at the prospect of continuing to use this wonderful setting. The ORH department looks forward to the challenges ahead in 2013 and remember: “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.“ Vince Lombardi James Anderson Head of Department

Religious Education trips – one to the Queensland Museum to visit The Mummy Exhibition and the other to Ngutana-Lui Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre. Both of these visits enabled the Year 8 students to apply their learning whilst broadening their understanding. Students appeared to enjoy these opportunities and the day at Ngutana-Lui Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre enabled them to experience in a practical way the Aboriginal Spirituality that they had been studying.

2012 has seen a number of different activities take place in the Religious Education Department. A range of activities across year levels were offered where the learning of students was enhanced. In Year 11 and 12 Study of Religion we attended a range of different opportunities to extend the knowledge and understanding of the students studying the course. We spent an afternoon at the Jewish Synagogue in the City where we were given the opportunity to learn more about the Jewish faith whilst being given the chance to ask questions on the completion of the presentation. The students found the excursion to be an interesting way to study another faith tradition especially when the girls were seated on one side of the synagogue with the boys on the other. Out of respect for the Jewish tradition the boys were also required to wear hats which was something that they had not experienced in a church before.

The Year 9 students were fortunate to listen to visitors from the Romero Centre when they came to the College to speak to them. The students were fortunate to hear from a young refugee woman the many encounters that made up her story. Whilst this made the current refugee crisis real for our students, they were also filled with the hope that this young woman had eventually found in her life. 2012 has also been a year of change. The Archdiocesan Religious Education Program has been in the process of being rewritten which presents us with the opportunity to review and reflect on what we are presently doing as we walk towards the change which will start to occur in the next year. We are always mindful that our programs need to be responsive to the needs of our students whilst meeting the expectation of the

Archdiocese. As the current Religious Education Syllabus is 15 years old it will be an exciting time to see multimedia and technology embedded into the new course. The current Religion and Ethics Course has been launched via the Brisbane Catholic Education website where both teachers and students can use the many multimedia options that this enables. The students seem to have enjoyed a range of these units presented in this format. I have been very fortunate to be supported by many staff within the Religious Education Department and in the Library who work tirelessly to present this vital curriculum to our students. Being a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition we are all called to be teachers of our faith, and this is something that all of the staff are mindful of in their presentation of the curriculum. I would like to publically acknowledge the great work that each teacher of RE has completed throughout this year – we are very lucky to have such a dedicated group who work so hard for our students. I look forward to an exciting year of change in 2013 with the new curriculum and wish you and your family every blessing for a wonderful Christmas. Tricia Parry Head of Department

The same group of students also attended a day long excursion where we visited two Buddhist Temples and a Mosque. The students were given guided tours and a lecture on the beliefs of each World Religion whilst also being given the opportunity to ask a number of questions. In respecting the traditions of each faith the students took their shoes off at all venues and were impressive as they observed the expectations of the religion. It was a very valuable learning tool as well as being an enjoyable day. Our Year 8 students have had an interesting year covering a range of topics. This enabled them to do two field

Seated Row: Ms Di Markey, Ms Alex Vizcarra, Mrs Tricia Parry, Ms Louella Sparks, Ms Karen Herrick, Mrs Natasha Green Second Row: Ms Di Riddle, Mr Martin Wiseman, Mr Isikeli Kubunameca, Mr Chris Tooley, Mr Chris Zammit, Mrs Mary Stirling

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Science What a year the Science Department has had. This year saw the introduction of Junior Science becoming a full year course for all students under the guideline of the new Australian Curriculum. It has certainly been a bit of a culture shock for some; however, I feel that this has certainly been a change for the better. All students from Year 8 to Year 10 get to taste courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science, incorporating understanding, skills and science as a human endeavour. We also introduced a new senior subject – Certificate II in Sampling and Measurement (Science). This is a very practical based subject, with one of the highlights being cheese making. It was certainly a taste sensation – every flavour including coffee, lime, strawberry and my favourite banana. The best part of any Science course is actually “doing” science. Experiments and field trips play an important part of the course here at St James College and we have had some terrific outings this year. Year 11 and 12 Chemistry students tested the water quality of the Brisbane River, taking samples from the Twin Bridges, Colleges Crossing, Mt Ommaney, St Lucia and Hamilton, while the Year 11 Biology students studied the ecology of the Nudgee

mangrove system. Our junior students didn’t miss out either. Year 8 went to the Science Museum, Year 9 performed a field study of the Boondall Wetlands and Walkabout Creek and our Year 10 students visited the Planetarium. We also took a group of senior students to the University of Queensland to experience the next level of Science that they may like to study, including sitting in on some lectures. Science Week was a great opportunity for the students to have some fun with science outside of the classroom. We made what is referred to as a “Non-Newtonian Fluid” (which was just a mixture of cornflour and water). This is a substance which is liquid like when resting, yet goes as hard as a rock when you apply a force (like hitting it or rolling it in your hands). While it was great to see the students having so much fun with it, I must say it did make quite a mess. I would like to thank all of the staff and students who helped clean this up. We also performed some demonstrations with liquid Nitrogen, freezing objects until they were solid and then smashing them seemed to be favoured by many of those who turned up to watch. At the end of Term 1, Mr Fritz van der Ham left the College to pursue

L to R: Ms Di Riddle, Mrs Janette Finch, Mr Greg Flint, Mr Chris Tooley, Ms Elisabeth Schaefer, Mr Jeffrey Scott


St James College Magazine 2012

other aspects of his life. I would like to acknowledge and thank him for all he has done for the Science Department during his time here at the College. I would also like to thank all of the staff who teach in the Science department – Ms Jan Finch, Ms Elisabeth Schaefer, Ms Di Riddle, Mr Greg Flint, Mr Isikeli Kubunameca and Mr Chis Tooley. It has been a great year and I am looking forward to another fun and exciting year to come. Jeffrey Scott Head of Department

Senior School face this future with confidence and optimism. 2012 has been a year of opportunity and challenge for our senior students. The academic responsibilities and further commitments for them have been immense. Not only have they responded in an excellent way to the demands of examination blocks and assessment tasks throughout the year, but they have enthusiastically embraced the great variety of activities and programs that have been on offer. Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognised leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation, in his book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything identifies the element as “the point at which natural talent meets personal passion”. When people arrive at the element, they feel most themselves and most inspired and achieve at their highest levels”. He recalls the story of chorographer, Gillian Lynne. Gillian was struggling at school in the 1930s; her teacher indicated that she had a learning disorder. Her mother was advised to take her to a specialist. After a short conversation with the doctor, both mother and doctor left the room, turned on a radio and then watched as Gillian started to dance to the music. What the doctor saw was that Gillian wasn’t sick at all – she was a dancer. So her mother took her to a dance school. Every one of our students has great natural abilities and talents and is unique. In Years 11 and 12, students continue a journey towards establishing their own future. With their choice of subjects, courses and commitment to their studies and involvement in a variety of activities, students are encouraged to think deeply and to be passionate about the kind of future they have the capacity to create. Our task, as their teachers, is to journey with and to nurture them so that they can

During the year much energy and focus centred on the Queensland Core Skills preparation program. When the time of the actual test came in September, our students were well prepared for the demands of the four papers and were outstanding in their commitment to what was a great team effort. Throughout the year, students have had the opportunity to attend Days of Excellence organised by Edmund Rice Education Schools in Brisbane. We are grateful to St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace (Future Problem Solving), Nudgee College (Marine Biology), St Laurence’s College (Philosophy and Reasoning for the Real World) and St Edmund’s College (Building Bridges with Spaghetti) for their hospitality and inclusion of our students in these days. Additionally, a group of students attended a Gifted and Talented Study Day led by Julie Arliss, a lecturer at King’s College in the UK, at St Laurence’s College in Term 1. The aim of the day was to improve thinking skills and to encourage students to become intellectually creative. Each year a student from the College is nominated to be a member of the Lord Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (established in 2005). The council is made up of 43 members from high schools across Brisbane including public and private schools and flexible

learning centres. School captain, Mike Barrientos, was the College’s representative in 2010, Year 11 student, Chloe Edwards in 2011, and Year 10 student, Mehitable Douglas-Drysdale has been a most worthy representative this year. The Women of Substance Breakfast is yet another annual event that our students attend. Year 11 students, Jacinta Bebefa and Hope Saba were invited this year. The purpose of the Mentor Breakfast is to encourage and inspire young women to reach for the best in themselves as they plan for their career paths by providing them with the opportunity to meet women who are successful in a variety of roles. Eventually, Gillian Lynne graduated from the Royal Ballet (in the UK) and went on to direct and choreograph some of the most successful musicals in history (most notably Cats and The Phantom of the Opera). So too do our senior students graduate and go on to……… The final words come from former Queenslander of the Year, Dr Chris Sarra. He gives a football analogy, inspired by Queensland State of Origin coach Mal Meninga who when asked what “the magic” (the element?) was, said: “When my boys run on the field I tell them to ignore the scoreboard and just be excellent…if you are the best that you can be and a little bit more, the scoreboard will take care of itself. Most times, it will fall in your favour, sometimes it won’t but that’s OK, as long as you walk off knowing that you have done your best”. And so as we ‘walk off’ yet another year, we wish our senior students the very best wherever their journey may take them. Dianne Markey Senior School Coordinator

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Teaching & Learning All students can learn and succeed, but not all on the same day in the same way. William G. Spady The notion of making learning accessible to all students, because each student can learn, and the needs of every student are important, is what drives the Teaching and Learning Support Department at St James College. The year 2012 has been one of productive consultation and collaboration, as staff, particularly in the learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science and History, grappled with the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. The selection of St James as one of twenty schools across Australia to be involved in the trial schools project to work with the Draft Advice for Teachers on Using the Australian Curriculum to meet the learning needs of students with disability was a proactive experience and one that provided reassurance of our support model. Projects arising out of the welcomed Commonwealth funding initiative; More Support for Students with Disabilities (MSSWD), has also been a boost to improving our capacity in supporting and improving outcomes for students with disabilities. Engagement of outside specialist expertise to assist in identifying students’ current level of learning upon which teachers can develop rigorous and relevant teaching and learning experiences has been a priority which will continue into 2013 as subjects in the Australian Curriculum continue to be rolled out. The department’s most valuable resource in responding to individual learning needs, and ensuring equitable curriculum access and participation of all students, continues to be our dynamic team of teacher aides and volunteers. I would like to acknowledge and thank each of the following dedicated and enthusiastic team members for the diverse gifts and expertise that they bring to their support role in empowering the students of St James to achieve 28

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success: Leigh Brincat, Ada Blick, Tania Butler, Alicia Chang, Tim Fergus, Simone Fleming, Nikki Hartley, Uni Laubuka, Jacqui Nichols, Thersa Nunn, Kylie Hudson, Toni Shield, Alicia Williams. The following group of willing supply teacher aides James Gould, Joy Kim, John Callaghan and Will McRoberts who have also brought a special energy and passion to the role. In addition, the generosity and loyalty of our long standing volunteer Mr Bill Foley is very much appreciated by the St James community. Bill continues to dedicate his Wednesdays to assisting in the workplace practices classes as well as offering his assistance in the homework centre after school.

transitioning from St James. My thoughts are with you for a smooth transition into post school life. Dianne McRoberts Head of Department

Thank you team for a productive and satisfyingly fulfilling year. I continue to feel privileged to be a part of the journey experienced by the families and young people with whom we work closely; may God’s blessing continue to walk with those

Front: Nikki Hartley, Alicia Chang, Tania Butler, Kylie Hudson, Dianne McRoberts, Aunty Thersa Nunn, Ada Blick Alicia Williams Second Row: Jacqui Nichols, Leigh Brincat, Tim Fergus, Simone Fleming Absent: Toni Shield, Uni Laubuka

Tourism & Hospitality and economical meal production. These electives are designed to provide background skills which will not only equip our young people to live independently but also allow them to confidently pursue Hospitality and Catering studies in the Senior school. The Senior Home Economics class has, among other things, researched the changing roles of the Australian family, cooked meals for house mates on a restricted budget, and discovered the difficulties of dealing with food intolerances in the diet. 2012 has been another busy year for the TAH department. Eager young Year 8 students have enthusiastically embraced the subject as they found their way around the kitchen and mastered the art of managing new equipment, developed new skills and produced tasty outcomes. While many of these students will continue with Cookery as an elective in the coming years, those who opt to study in other areas will have gained a basic knowledge which will hold them in good stead for the future. Meanwhile, students in Years 9 and 10 have filled elective classes and focused on areas as diverse as pastry making, Asian and European cuisine, everyday meal preparation, and baking. It is hoped to extend the range of offerings in the Junior program next year to give more students the opportunity to develop their skills in the area of café food and beverages, as well as healthy

Year 11 and 12 Catering and Hospitality classes have provided food and beverage service at a number of school events this year, as part of their practical assessment. In February, students had an early morning start when they prepared and served breakfast at the Beacon function for over 50 employers. Two restaurant evenings, held in March, were very popular with staff and parents, who enjoyed a sevencourse degustation menu. These functions are excellent value for money, and allow our students to gain valuable hands-on experience. Finger food was served at the Cultural evening in May, and a High Tea for staff occurred in November. Each year there is always significant interest in Mr Shackleton’s Certificate cookery courses, and 2012 was no exception. For every student who decided that Hospitality was not the vocational pathway for them, it seemed that there were two others

waiting to take their place! Mr Shackleton reminds his students that the lure of the kitchen is more than just a nice meal. “It’s the knowledge that within the kitchen we are learning real life skills that can be used regardless of a student’s post-schooling destination – but these skills are much more than just following a recipe. A truly passionate cook wears many hats – scientist, mathematician, historian, problem-solver, cleaner, artist. A good cookery lesson will work both sides of the brain as well as the taste buds.” Finally, I would like to especially thank the very dedicated staff Ms Riddle, Mr Shackleton and Mrs McDonald - whose own passion make this department so successful. It is with regret that we farewell Mr Shackleton, as he and his family leave Brisbane, for Rockhampton. Scott has made an outstanding contribution to our Department over the last five years, particularly in the Vocational Education area, and I know that many Jimmies’ students have developed their love of cooking as a result of his enthusiasm. Finally, to those students who are moving on, best of luck in whatever field you pursue, and to those who are returning – DON’T FORGET YOUR APRON! Louella Sparks Head of Department

L to R: Ms Di Riddle, Mr Scott Shackleton, Ms Louella Sparks, Mrs Christine McDonald St James College Magazine 2012


Tourism & Hospitality


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Vocational Education the newly revised VQF2011 standards now in place through the yearly conducted Internal Audit. The Vocational Trainers and Assessors at the college have also been kept busy with successful professional development opportunities and qualification upgrading throughout the year to maintain their required currency when delivering VET to students.

St James College, as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO#30526), now provides a choice of sixteen nationally accredited courses to students whilst obtaining their senior certificate. Vocational Education and Training has undergone numerous changes across the country this year including a new national VET regulator. The Queensland Studies Authority [QSA], who is empowered through the Australian Skills Quality Authority [ASQA], has delegation for Queensland schools for 1 year. The college has continued to maintain its ‘low risk’ status within

The VET department is also responsible for delivering two generic qualifications. The Certificate I in Work Education program, completed during Year 10, has been revised with minor changes and is progressing extremely well. This year, with the continuing support of the Beacon Foundation, the Year 10 students have participated in a variety of activities that included The Beacon Polish Day, Mock Interviews Day and Careers & Employment Expo culminating in a full week of Work Experience in Term 2. These activities are all relevant to the certificate course. This accrued knowledge has enabled students to make informed choices in carrying out their SET plans, ready for their upcoming endeavors into senior schooling.

The second certificate, ‘Certificate II in Workplace Practices,’ has also been revised this year and is completed during Years 11 and 12. The students complete on-the-job training every Wednesday during the term, allowing both student and employer to ‘try before they buy’ in accessing school based apprenticeships and traineeships whilst attending the college. This year the college has also conducted courses using external providers in the following areas, ‘Work Safely in the Construction Industry - White Card’ and ‘Responsible Service of Alcohol’. Some Senior Students have also received their ‘Working with children – Blue Card,’ which is now a requirement for achievement of the Fitness, Sport and Recreation Certificates offered at the college. David Hopper Head of Department

Seated Row: Ms Casey Francis, Ms Neha Reddy, Mr David Hopper, Ms Louella Sparks, Ms Elisabeth Schaefer, Mrs Andrea Williams Second Row: Mrs Tania Munro, Mr Mark Holmes, Mr Scott Shackleton, Mr Greg Flint, Mr Anthony Hill, Mr James Anderson

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Youth Outreach Service with St James College in 2006. It is a clear indication that students once engaged in the YOS Education Program are seeking to expand their educational interests and think more about preparations around future employment and career opportunities.

In 2012, the YOS Education Program, once again had just on 87% of Students enrolled in its program undertaking Senior Studies, with 54% of Senior Students also engaged in the TAFE Schools Program one day a week in the following courses; Certificate III in Beauty Services Certificate III in Children’s Services Certificate II in Hairdressing Certificate III in Electrical Automotive /School Based Traineeship Certificate IV in Business Management This is the largest cohort of Senior Students attending TAFE that the program has had since the commencement of the partnership

This year we also had 62% of our students engaged in part-time employment. The commitment of students to not only their studies, but also their desire to work and earn an income, demonstrates a tenacity and strength to move above and beyond the turbulence of their past and create a future with real skills, experience and understanding around the demands of life while learning to stand on their own two feet as a contributing member to society and their community. I am always in awe of our students, having been privy to their stories and often the extreme and traumatic events they have experienced in their short lives to date, I am amazed and humbled by their determination and persistence to not give up or give in, particularly when 85% of the cohort lives independently and with very little or no family support. People often see the issues of these young people rather than their strength, and their strength is nurtured and encouraged by all those

involved in the Education Program. That is why this year in particular, I wish to point out that the YOS Education Program is supported by an amazing team of people consisting of YOS Youth Workers and St James Staff who need to be recognised for the greatest gift they give to our students in the program and that is HOPE. Whenever I talk with students in the program and students who have completed the program, the underlying thread and feedback I receive, is the fact that the teams involved in the YOS Education Program never give up on them and go above and beyond. Like any school or program, there are challenging days, but all staff involved put that aside and continue to work with our students and believe in them, and for that I am extremely grateful and blessed to be part of a school and community that share the same passion and belief in our students as I do. So this year from all the students in our Education Program, both present and past, I wish to pass on their gratitude for all that the Teams at St James College and the Youth Outreach Service do. They will never know exactly what impact they have had on our students, yet know that it certainly makes a difference in the lives and their futures. Samantha Gall Head of Department


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Pride of Australia In May of this year Samantha Gall was nominated by St. James College, for the Pride of Australia Medal in the Inspiration Category. The Inspiration Category recognises a member of the teaching professions from early childhood to university education or a role model whose compassion and wisdom while teaching, coaching and mentoring youth has been truly inspiring. The Pride of Australia Medal process involves a nationwide search across ten categories, in which one individual from each category, in each state and territory is awarded the prestigious medal for the work, encouragement and support they give within their community, which goes above and beyond. The finalists in each state come from all walks of life and age ranges: teachers, students, doctors, volunteers, children and parents. And they all have one thing in common - they have made a positive difference in the lives of others. Between the start of the nomination process in March until July this year, The Sunday Mail and The Courier-Mail print editions

brought readers literally hundreds of nominations, all of which the stories presented were heart-wrenching and heart-warming. Then in August it was the difficult task for judges - Network 10’s Bill McDonald; former Olympic swimming hero and TV host Hayley Lewis; regional director of News Queensland Jason Scott; News Queensland Editorial Director David Fagan; to select a group of 30 state finalists from a list of 635 nominees. One of the finalists selected was Teacher Samantha Gall for her work with at risk youth and contribution to the YOS Education Program in Fortitude Valley. The YOS Education Program is a Community Partnership Program between St. James College and The Salvation Army Youth Outreach Service that was established seven years ago, assisting young people disengaged from mainstream schooling to complete Year 10 and Senior Studies. It was noted in articles published that “Teacher Samantha Gall works

in a small cramped facility in the back streets of Fortitude Valley but she has made a huge difference to her students’ lives. For the last 11 years Samantha has been with the Salvation Army’s Youth Outreach Program, personally teaching more than 300 “at-risk” young people, many of whom have progressed

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Pride of Australia

to forge positive careers. With her encouragement and personal interest, students gain a sense of hope that enables them to realise that education leads to freedom from their turbulent past. Samantha has ignited a desire to achieve and succeed and remains determined to make a difference in her students’ lives”. Having been selected as a finalist, Samantha was invited to attend The Pride of Australia Award Medal Ceremony and lunch, at Customs House in early September. It was here, over the course of the Ceremony that finalists were introduced to the stage in each category and then the Winner


St James College Magazine 2012

announced on the day. It was at this Ceremony that Samantha was announced as the Winner of the Inspiration Category and received the Pride of Australia Medal. As a result Samantha has been recognised for the work she does, and more importantly the YOS Education Program has gained recognition and exposure that has allowed parents, services and young people the opportunity to explore as an option to finish education and ignite conversations around seeking further support and avenues for the future. Source: The Courier-Mail

Word of thanks from Samantha “I just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and wishes of congratulations, and for all the support and beautiful comments I have received. It was an amazing day and quite an emotional journey listening to all the stories of the most amazing and extraordinary finalists, and to my surprise never did I think I would win. What a privilege and an honour to be part of something so special. I would like to extend my thanks to St. James College for the nomination and make note that all the teachers at St. James College go above and beyond and I am blessed to be part of such a wonderful teaching team and school.”

International Students challenges on a daily basis. Leigh went above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions to ensure the young people in the program felt valued, respected and cared for. Although he has again moved back to his school officer role, Leigh continues to make a highly valuable contribution to the college for all students including those who came to know so well as part of his time in the position of Acting International Student Coordinator.

Like most education institutions registered to provide courses for international students, the St James College International Student Department continued to experience decreases in enrolment compared to recent years. International student numbers hovered around 50 students for 2012, up to a third of the number of recent years. However, it is as always a busy job looking after young people from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, many of whom are living in Australia away from family and friends. A big thank you to Mr Leigh Brincat In my absence this year (I was on leave from my position from October 2011 until July 2012) Mr Leigh Brincat did a wonderful job in the position of Acting International Student Coordinator. Also, 2012 saw St James take on the students who enrolled in English language courses with Nudgee International College, after the decision was made to close there in May this year. Leigh put a great deal of work in, alongside Mr Tony McCulkin to ensure as smooth as possible a transition for these young people and their teachers to the St James College campus. For a program like this to be successful, there needs to be a significant amount of behind the scenes administrative work but also highly developed interpersonal skills and the ability of the professionals involved to navigate intercultural communication

ELICOS Program – Dr Vanessa Clarke As mentioned above, St James College was granted official NEAS registration to run an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) this year and from May to November, Dr Vanessa Clarke worked with the students to assist them in completing their English language studies before moving on to mainstream high school. Dr Clarke, a dedicated professional who had worked at Nudgee International College for more than ten years before its closure, brought the same level of commitment to her work at St James College. With the completion of the ELICOS program on 9th November this year, Dr Clarke will move onto another educational institution but we thank her for her professional and caring approach with the young people in this program. Study Tours 2012 We played host to a number of study tour visitors this year. A group of twelve girls from Shikamachi Junior Highschool from Sasebo in Japan visited in August and again I would like to thank all the St James students who volunteered to act as a buddy to these students while they were here. The success of these visits relies heavily on the willingness of the St James students

to embrace the visitors and make them feel welcome and that was again evident. We also have had a number of individual Japanese students come to spend a few weeks of their summer holidays with us (in August) and we are always pleased to welcome them for this immersion experience. Long term International Program It was a source of great pride to have an International Student voted school captain for the second consecutive year. Louise Quan joined St James as a year 9 student in 2009 and despite the difficulties of leaving her home country and family in the Solomon Islands, Louise has continued the wonderful legacy of K’Chin in 2011, of impressing all by her ability to build strong intercultural ties and show great leadership to be chosen by her peers and teachers to represent the college in the role of captain. Representing countries as diverse as Poland, The Solomons, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Macau, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, our international students whether high academic achievers or not, make a valuable contribution to the diversity of this college – a trait by which we are so well known and of which we are very proud. Despite the current economic situation, which has made it very difficult for families to continue covering the costs of sending their young person abroad, St James College hopes to continue in the tradition of providing a positive and inclusive enrolment opportunity for students of all ethnic and backgrounds. Helen Robin International Student Coordinator

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Other Departments

Maintenance Department L to R: Mr Christian Church and Mr Tony Holloway

Administration Seated Row: Roslyn Murray, Naomi Ritchie and Siram Preap Second Row: Lyn New, Alyse Blann, Valmai Whye and Yolanda Cano Absent: Maria Young


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Seniors 2012

Seated Row: Christopher Cossettini, Kate Campbell, Enriko Di Lione, Carl Naude, Ceri-Anne Peleti, Noah Lloyd, Munraj Kalsi, Mr Wiseman, Mike Barrientos, Louise Quan, Mr Crooks, Kyle McNamara, Joshua Mangion, Amber Williamson, Dannielle Hough, Jasmine Khan, Jason Khoo, Tyrone Jackson-Lea

Second Row Mr Isikeli Kubunameca, Brittany Coleman, Joey Li, Betty Yongule, Grace Elston, Leo Zhao, Georgie O’Donnell, Brock Retschlag, Laykin Paenga, Michael De Burgh Fox, Dominic Proberts, James Barton, Jayden Kuiper, Ryan Sinden, Codi Durre, Peng Lai, Aspen Brookes-Metcalf, Georgia Constable, Beth-Leeander Coleman, Ms Diane Riddle

Third Row: Mr Jonothan Hall, Christine Landers, Gary Mok, Sandy Mading, Lisa Ling, Yuhao Guo, Isabella Jones, Emmanuel Yunis, Jack Ahearn, Taylor Jones, Dale Speed, Rhys Turner, James Ray, Chol Muorter, Boyuan Li, Sauaki Piutau, Conrad Radnoty-Desmarais, Tayla Stavrinoudis, Mr Mark Holmes

Fourth Row: Emma Weekes, Daniela Harrison, Brady Carroll, Peter Cho, Duke Liu, Campbell MacMahon, Damon Corby, Aaron Kim, Josh Sipos, Karl Sand, Cameron McCullough, Liam Oram Wheeler, Caitlin Allen, Ella Phillips, John Rogers, Moses Otoreno

Fifth Row: Ebony-Rose Rodwell, Tiffany Corpuz, Luke Lu, Nic Maxwell, Chrissy Hippolite, Daniel Hokin, Nelson Mandela, Andy Hull, Jared Kent, Peter Mieszczanek, Ranko Puseljic, Christian Napa, River Rough, Don Fujii, Daniel Kraut

Absent: Thomas Attenborough, Joe Au Yeung, Elizabeth Baker, James Baker, Van Cai, James Cao, Claudie Carey, Anna Conkey, Luis D’Arcy, Ajang Deng, Akol Deng, Benson Dicks, Gavin Gallman, Angus Geng, Brian Gong, Kelsey Halloran, Dawoud Kodi, Nyibol Kuot, Henry Lai, Bryce McEwen, Luke Reidy, Beau Walker, OJ Wang, Vimonmat Yutawan

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Senior Leaders

College Captains L to R: Louise Quan, Mr Gerry Crooks, Mike Barrientos

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International Students Seated Row: Joey Li, Van Cai, Juan Camilo Yate Gaitam, Nathan Liu, Peng Lai, Jin Huang, Roger Wang, Sergio Andrei, Joe Au Yeung, Spike Vermeiren Second Row: Ms Ada Bick, Lisa Ling, Joe Liu, Jacky Li, Edison Xu, Henry Fei, Ivan Li, Ahong Wang, Ms Alicia Chang, Mr Leigh Brincat Third Row: Mr Tony McCulkin, Henry Lai, Nurrie Chen, Brian Gong, Boyuan Li, Vittorio Andrei, Angus Geng, Leo Zhao, Luke Lu Fourth Row: Jason Khoo, Zhaoyan He, Piotr Mieszczanek, Shun Iwamura, Duke Liu, Yuhan Guo, Louise Quan Absent: Peter Cho, Joy He, Yiyi Hu, Aaron Kim, Kelvin Liang, James Liu, Luke Lu, Ky Pham, Kean Zheng

Elicos Students Seated Row: Lee Wei, Jarvis Liu, Karley Chen, John Yang, Mie Homma, Yuta Kimura, Gillian Guo, Kentaro Ruumon, Kazuki Takeuchi Second Row: Ms Caroline Meakin, Abbu Li, Kai Hu, Takaya Taniguchi, Eric Zhang, Henry Tan, Terrence Tan, Isabella Zheng, Dr Vanessa Clark 40

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Academic L to R: Grace Elston, Liam Oram Wheeler, Noah Lloyd, Joshua Mangion, Mike Barrientos

Beacon Seated Row: Mehitabel Douglas-Drysdale, Sebastian Barrientos, Pagan Blight, Jiabao Hu, Maddy Farrell, Casey Marsden, Saranda Biba Second Row: Julianne Wang, Sharnacey Faumui, Sepi Ngauamo, Jacob Beard, Lucy Kennedy, Mr Jim Bartlett

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Social Justice Seated Row: Kate Campbell, Dannielle Hough, Christopher Cossettini, Amber Williamson, Joshua Mangion, Louise Quan, Jasmine Khan Second Row: Grace Elston, Tyrone Jackson-Lea, Andy Hull, Nic Maxwell, Ceri-Anne Peleti Third Row: Carl Naude, Enriko Di Lione, Josh Sipos, Noah Lloyd, Mike Barrientos Teacher: Mr Chris Zammit

Spirit Seated Row: Kate Campbell, Emma Weekes, Dannielle Hough, Caitlin Allen, Amber Williamson, Sandy Mading, Jasmine Khan Second Row: Ceri-Anne Peleti, Christopher Cossettini, Nelson Mandela, Noah Lloyd, Emmanuel Yunis, Carl Naude, Louise Quan


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Carey “Be faithful to that which exists within yourself “ Andre Gide

Carey House leaders for 2012 were Jasmine Khan, Josh Mangion and Chris Cossetini. These fine young people led the house very well and showed great insight and leadership qualities. This inspired others in Carey to give their all in house events and carnivals. Throughout the year the leaders also organised many exciting house events and games to keep the students of Carey entertained in house meeting time. I would personally like to thank Jasmine, Josh and Chris for their fantastic leadership this year. Carey busy events house

house this year was kept with numerous carnivals, and fundraising days. Carey raised a fantastic $1700

for the Walk for Justice, showing once again that the house is well known for its compassionate heart. Carey was well represented in all three major carnivals this year with an improvement over previous years thanks to the student’s keen participation. Students of Carey house continued to display the ethos of Edmund Rice by concentrating on many important service learning programs such as the Timor immersion and also fundraising for families in Cambodia. The House breakfast in Term 1 and lunch in Term 3 were well supported by students, families and staff, giving Carey house a nice feeling of community. Carey students competed and enjoyed many and varied house driven activities this year including such events as tug of war, chocolate crackle competition, volleyball, basketball, tunnel ball and ping pong.

teachers and support staff of Carey house. The homeroom teachers are Mr Scott Shackleton for Carey 1, Mr Chris Zammit for Carey 2, Mr David Hopper for Carey 3, Ms Casey Francis for Carey 4 and Ms Karen Herrick for Carey 5. Carey support staff are Ms Roz Ferris, Ms Andrea Williams, Ms Helen Robin and Ms Juliana Tome. I would like to thank these devoted and dedicated staff members for all their efforts this year.

None of this could be possible without the continuing support and hard work by the homeroom

Finally I would like to wish the graduating Year 12 students all the best in their future exploits and studies and may they be happy and successful in all their endeavours in the future. Mark Holmes Pastoral Coordinator

Seated Row: Mrs Andrea Williams, Ms Jacqueline Nichols, Ms Casey Frances, Mr Mark Holmes, Ms Roz Ferris, Ms Karen Herrick Second Row: Mr Chris Zammit, Mr Leigh Brincat, Mr Scott Shackleton, Mr David Hopper, Mrs Juliana Tome


St James College Magazine 2012

St James College Magazine 2012


Carey Seniors


Christopher Cossentini

Jasmine Khan

Joshua Mangion

Au Yueng Ka Chon

Akol Deng

Geng Mingyang

Daniela Harrison

Isabella Jones

Taylor Jones

Lai Honghui

Lai Peng

Li Boyuan

Li Qiao

Liu Yang

Noah Lloyd

Lu Yuanshan

Achouth Mading

Bryce McEwen

Lori McKenzie

Piotr Mieszcanzanek

Chol Muorter

Georgie O’Donnell

Moses Otoreno

Marcella Phillips

River Rough

Ryan Sinden

Joshua Sipos

Rhys Turner

Emma Weekes

Zhao Jinlong

St James College Magazine 2012

Carey 1 Seated Row: Tomas Cracknell, Kemish Ramadhan, Juma Makaol, Conor Grennan, Beau Rutherford, Hayden Bagley, Akol Deng, Finn Carusi-Lees Second Row: Jasmine Khan, Angus Geng, Michael Townley-O’Neill, Henry Symes, Ivan Li, Sandy Mading, Joe Au Yeung Teachers: Scott Shackleton, Mark Holmes

Carey 2 Seated Row: Will Coventry, Saranda Biba, Daniela Harrison, Chloe Edwards, Isabella Jones, Ella Phillips, Kaiyah Thomson, Kabila Sabit Second Row: Chumani Exposito, Chol Muorter, Connor Whelan, Noah Lloyd, Bryce McEwen, Nathan Schumacher, Sergio Campos Teachers: Chris Zammit, Mark Holmes

St James College Magazine 2012


Carey 3 Seated Row: Brandon Norman, Paloma Del Arco-Kotowski, Zachary Erricker, Henry Lai, Nick Zaleski, Emma Weekes, Tallulah Nowland Second Row: Taylor Joe, Georgie O’Donnell, John Taban, Harrison D’Allura, Moses Otoreno, Joey Li Third Row: Joseph Delany, TJ Tiseni, Bul Bior, Temo Deng, River Rough, Zane Stevens Teachers: David Hopper, Mark Holmes

Carey 4 Seated Row: Liam Gray, Taylor Bitossi, Tiana Oliver, Alex Athanassiadis, Monique Hunt, Melissa Tabulo, Amin Karim Second Row: Chloe Wunsch-Carpenter, Zeke Koch, Codye Thomson, Duke Liu, Deng Neyal, Marco Cupo Third Row: Joshua Mangion, Luke Lu, Peter Mieszczanek, Owen McQuade, Ryan Sinden Teachers: Casey Francis, Mark Holmes 48

St James College Magazine 2012

Carey 5 Seated Row: Besa Biba, Elizabeth Gray, Jiabao Hu, Joe Liu, Christopher Cossettini, Jacky Kuang, Chol Chol, Sidonie Connell, Bridget Long Second Row: Mackenzie Chan, Meg McManus, Rhys Turner, Josh Sipos, Atem Bior, Boyuan Li, Ethan Williams, Sarah Sabit Teachers: Karen Herrick, Mark Holmes

Carey Leaders L to R: Jasmine Khan, Christopher Cossettini, Joshua Mangion, Mr Mark Holmes

St James College Magazine 2012



This year the positions of House Leaders were admirably filled by: Amber Williamson, Ceri-Anne Peleti and Munraj Kalsi. These Seniors have led by example (as have all the Hogan Seniors in 2012) displaying passion, commitment and loyalty in achieving greater house involvement throughout the year. This has been demonstrated by the excellent participation of Hogan students in a wide variety of College events and activities. The main Inter-House competitions this year showed how strong the Hogan ‘Heat’ spirit has been. Coming back from 3rd place at the Swimming Carnival to win the CrossCountry Carnival was backed up with another close 2nd place finish at the Athletics Carnival. Hogan was also well represented with numerous Age Champions. This is a clear indicator of the spirit and willingness to participate that all Hogan students possess. Hogan students were very well represented in the annual Chocolate Crackle competition with all 15 teams being filled very quickly. Congratulations must go to the teams of Ms Stirling, Jonty Morris-Howes Julianne Wang, Aunty Thersa, Raiesha Morton and Emily George who won joint 1st place for their creations! Student involvement in the academic arena was also apparent with good numbers in the English, Maths and Science competitions. Many Hogan House students have also been recognised and rewarded for academic excellence during 2012

with numerous subject awards, merit certificates, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Particular mention must go to Tia-Moana Hippolite, Ky Pham, Ahong (Julianne) Wang and Jonty Morris-Howes for earning Gold Awards for displaying an outstanding level of enthusiasm and commitment to their studies and co-curricular activities. This year’s Hogan House Spirit Award went to Jonty MorrisHowes for his inspirational attitude and participation in all areas of College life. Jonty was also fortunate enough to be selected, along with Brooke Agnew, for the second annual East-Timor Immersion in the June/July holidays. This has no doubt made them into more compassionate members of Hogan House and will benefit us next year with their leadership skills. As part of the ongoing pastoral care program at St James, Hogan hosted a House breakfast which was extremely well represented with parents and carers making the most of the opportunity to meet with Homeroom teachers and to build networks with other families. Large numbers of Hogan students participated in the Jimmies Breakfast Van and the Jimmies Walk for Justice where Hogan raised over $1200. A new pastoral initiative was under taken this year with the Hogan Bake Sale. Students and staff

were asked to bake, cook and create various delectable delights to be sold at lunchtime. This was very well received by the rest of the school and over $600 was raised. Many thanks must go to the Hogan parents who made themselves available to attend the various pastoral events throughout the year. A special thank you must also go to the Hogan House Pastoral Care Team of 2012: Miss Neha Reddy, Miss Alex Vizcarra, Ms Mary Stirling, Ms Jan Finch, Mr Greg Flint, Miss Elisabeth Schaefer, Ms Di Markey and Mr Brian Thompson. Your continued commitment, assistance and support throughout the year with the Hogan House students is greatly appreciated. To all of the departing Year 12 Hogan students, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope that your final year at St James has brought wonderful memories on which you will look back in years to come. All of Hogan House should be proud of what they have achieved this year. I look forward with eager anticipation to 2013, Jonathan Hall Pastoral Coordinator

Seated Row: Ms Alex Vizcarra, Ms Neha Reddy, Mr Jonathan Hall, Ms Elisabeth Schaefer, Ms Di Markey Second Row: Mrs Mary Stirling, Mr Bruce Bitossi, Mr Greg Flint, Mr Andrew Ebrington, Mrs Janette Finch

St James College Magazine 2012



St James College Magazine 2012

Hogan Seniors

Munraj Kalsi

Ceri-Anne Peleti

Amber Williamson

Jack Ahearn

Thomas Attenborough

James Barton

Aspen BrookesMetcalf

Cai Hua Rui

Beth-Leeander Coleman

Brittany Coleman

Anna Conkey

Tiffany Corpuz

Luis D’Arcy

Grace Elston

Guo Yuhao

Christine Hippolite

Kim Sang Yeon

Campbell MacMahon

Liam Oram Wheeler

James Ray

Luke Reidy

Betty Yongule

Karl Sand

Tayla Stavrinoudis

Vimonmat Yutawan

St James College Magazine 2012


Hogan 1 Seated Row: Vimonmat Yutawan, Betty Yongule, Caleb Jeffrey, Thomas Henry, Ky Pham, Briana Russo, Brittany Coleman Second Row: Maddy Farrell, Mikey Andersen, Chrissy Hippolite, Dylan Friedland, Ben O’Donnell, Pagan Blight, Nasma Kodi Third Row: Van Cai, Aspen Brookes-Metcalf, James Ray, Thomas Attenborough, Grace Elston, Spike Vermeiren Teachers: Neha Reddy, Jonathan Hall

Hogan 2 Seated Row: Nada Kodi, Nick Almond, Jacob Groening, Demi MacCallum, Tiffany Corpuz, Juan Yate Gaitan, Jordan Ward, Beth-Leeander Coleman\ Second Row: Ceri-Anne Peleti, Joel Nutting, Aaron Kim, James Barton, Nathen O’Sachy, Deng Mayot, Riley McDonald Teachers: Alexandra Vizcarra, Jonathan Hall


St James College Magazine 2012

Hogan 3 Seated Row: Emily George, Anna Conkey, Uyen Pham, Ryan Elston, Jonty Morris-Howes, Luis D’Arcy, Julianne Wang, Nasrain Kodi, Raiesha Morton Second Row: Morgan Stavrinoudis, Luke Reidy, Aduob Acuil, Ariah Mayen, James Lovett, Emmanuel Nyiguo, Alwiel Deng, Amber Williamson Teachers: Mary Stirling, Jonathan Hall

Hogan 4 Seated Row: Elijah Lee, Nancy Velthuis, Jacob Beard, Lyndon Snell, Samuel Henry, Galal Kodi, Brooke Agnew, Carlos Alexandrou Second Row: Irene Yongule, Tahlia Yogiyo, Yuhao Guo, Munraj Kalsi, Jack Williams, Liam Oram Wheeler, Quentin Chang, Tayla Stavrinoudis Teachers: Janette Finch, Jonathan Hall

St James College Magazine 2012


Hogan 5 Seated Row: Tia-Moana Hippolite, Paul Moloney, Riley Ashton, Corey Daley, Zac Schmaling, Ryan Phillips, Desley Paton Second Row: Campbell MacMahon, Dan Acuil, Jack Ahearn, Jacky Li, Michael George, Janeil Tattam Third Row: Roger Wang, Satnam Kalsi, Karl Sand, Shun Iwamura, Denis Yongule, Niall Reich Teachers: Greg Flint, Jonathan Hall

Hogan Leaders L to R: Amber Williamson, Munraj Kalsi, Ceri-Anne Peleti, Mr Jonathan Hall


St James College Magazine 2012

Long What an awesome year 2012 for Long House! Lead this year by Carl Naude and Danni Hough, joined in Term 2 by Kyle McNamara and Jason Khoo and Nick Maxwell in Term 4. Long House was determined to make 2012 another year of Long Legends. The Year 8 Long Legends attacked 2012 with the ferocity of young cubs, kicking the year off to a fantastic start by winning tug of war and placing second in chess. This group of students will be a force to reckon with when they reach Year 12. Swimming carnival was another event in Term 1 that saw students display spirit, support and drive for their House. The determination and passion were clearly on display for all to see as all students in Long House volunteered to have a swim, and get points for their house or to simply cheer their fellow team mates to victory. Their combined efforts and hard work paid off as Long House won the Swimming Carnival for 2012 – second year running. Term 2 saw all year levels in the House participate in Inter-house competitions at lunch time. In addition to these inter-house events, the Cross Country was also held. Long House students participated to the best of their ability and got involved, coming away with a respectable third place.

Not content in winning only one major event this year, our senior leaders Carl, Danni, Kyle and Jason kicked their leadership into overdrive by inspiring their fellow house members to get involved in the Athletics carnival through extrinsic motivation e.g. lollies and the simple promise of good clean fun. Their tactics worked as Long House not only walked away with the most number of students present at Athletics carnival and participating, but also coming away with the win and being the Athletics Carnival champions of 2012 – second year running. On a high from their win early on in Term 3, the year was not over for our four leaders. World cup soccer was still ahead. Leading the charge on this event was Kyle and Ms Shand. Both passionate about the tradition of World Cup soccer. Kyle in his final year wanting to take out the trophy and Ms Shand as an avid world cup soccer fan and organiser. This year again saw Long House provide record numbers of students participating in this wellloved tradition of Jimmies. Towards the end of the year, one more major hurdle or Everest for our Leaders to climb – the all defeating, all conquering and all time decidingthe-fate-of-who-will-take-out-thehouse-cup event, Chocolate Crackle. This year was another fantastic year

Seated Row: Ms Alicia Chang, Miss Brooke Flynn, Mr Isikeli Kubunameca, Ms Erin Johnston, Ms Simone Fleming Second Row: Mrs Tania Munro, Mr Anthony Hill, Ms Corrie Shand, Mr James Anderson, Mr Tony Holloway


St James College Magazine 2012

for Longians, with the house providing passionate participants and groups in the event. This year has been an epic and awesome year for the house both academically and in sports with students contributing to the house in any way that they can. 2012 also saw the continuation of Merit awards contributing to overall house points and leading the charge in this matter was Andrew Schlencker and Martina Rossi - Long Houses Gold recipients. All of this would not have been possible without the extraordinary support given by the Legendary Homeroom teachers of Long, Mr James Anderson (Long 1), Ms Brooke Flynn (Long 2), Mr Anthony Hill (Long 3), Ms Corrie Shand (Long 4), Ms Erin Johnston (Long 5) and finally Mrs Tania Munro and Mr Sean McVeigh who supported the house and homerooms and filled in when needed and for their pastoral care to all the students of Long House. Other thanks must also go to our other supporters in the house Mr Jim Bartlett, Mrs Di McRoberts, Ms Alyse Blann, Mrs Alicia Chang, Mrs Simone Fleming, Mr Tom Beaumont, Mrs Samantha Gall and Mr Max Ryan. With their diligent and professional pastoral care for all the students in Long House, this group of exceptional people have made leading Long House an honour. Isikeli Kubunameca Pastoral Coordinator

St James College Magazine 2012


Long Seniors


Dannielle Hough

Khoo Jyh Shen

Kyle McNamara

Carl Naude

Cao Long

Brady Carroll

Cho Hyun Wook

Michael De Burgh Fox

Ajang Deng

Benson Dicks

Codi Durre

Don Fujii

Gong Zheng

Daniel Hokin

Nyibol Kuot

Christine Landers

Ling Ying-Hua

Nelson Mandela

Laykin Paenga

Sauaki Piutau

Dominic Proberts

Ranko Puseljic

Conrad RadnotyDesmarais

Brock Retschlag

Ebony-Rose Rodwell

Cameron Walker

St James College Magazine 2012

Nicholas Maxwell

Georgia Constable

Long 1 Seated Row: Christine Landers, Sam Malone, Rhiannon Quan, Hope Saba, Sharnacey Faumui, David Wani, Jacinta Bebefa Second Row: Georgia Constable, Brady Carroll, Lucky Madra, Benson Dicks, Morlee Konneh, Shannen Hough, Nikita Keremete Third Row: Emmanuel Andria, Andrew Leong, Kyle McNamara, Michael De Burgh Fox, Kynan Schwarz, Michael Coiro Teachers: Isikeli Kubunameca, James Anderson

Long 2 Seated Row: Tyson Snagg, Zach Brooks, Emily Bevis, Derek Quan, Yusuke Nagamoto, Grace Loromo, Kristian Arkinstall, Nate Ashton Second Row: Indi Boyer, Luke Rooney, Daniel Hokin, Karthik Peddibhotla, Nelson Mandela, Codi Durre, Sepi Ngauamo Teachers: Isikeli Kubunameca, Brooke Flynn

St James College Magazine 2012


Long 3 Seated Row: Cristobal Arcos Olhagaray, Victoria Carra, Nathan Jones, Tom Appleby, Sauaki Piutau, John Walters, Ebony-Rose Rodwell, Julie Jackson, Arakai Kelman Second Row: Conrad Radnoty-Desmarais, James Cao, Luke Johnson, Dan Normyle, Jason Khoo, Rifaat Toto, Lisa Ling, Danni Hough Teachers: Isikeli Kubunameca, Anthony Hill

Long 4 Seated Row: Michael Moran, Kirra McIntosh, Georgia Ashton, Taylor Lindsay, Juanita Jackson, Martina Rossi, Alexander McFadyen Second Row: Victoria Wani, Andrew Schlencker, Emmanuel Nicholas, Brian Gong, Mach Mach, Nic Maxwell Teachers: Isikeli Kubunameca, Corrie Shand


St James College Magazine 2012

Long 5 Seated Row: Cooper Bohlsen, Hayden Hough, Alex Wiseman, Don Fujii, Ramzi Andria, Joseph Loromo, Jimmy Brooks Second Row: Kara Cassar, Haydn Watts, Emmett Foster, Ryan Rissik, Daneil Dut, Beau Walker Third Row: Ireland Boyer, Carl Naude, Ranko Puseljic, Ajang Deng, Dominic Proberts, Jayden Hanna Teachers: Isikeli Kubunameca, Erin Johnston

Long Leaders L to R: Dannielle Hough, Carl Naude, Kyle McNamara, Jason Khoo, Mr Isikeli Kubunameca Absent: Nicholas Maxwell St James College Magazine 2012


Mary Rice to be congratulated are Louise Quan and Mike Barrientos who were elected as College Captains for 2012 Mary Rice has also been involved in all aspects of College life. As well as the sporting carnivals we have taken part in World Cup Soccer, Chocolate Crackles competition, Multi-cultural Gala Lunch-time House competitions and Interschool and Confraternity sporting teams. We have competed well and had lots of fun. Together we Succeed! This is the motto we as a Pastoral Team and Student Leaders decided typified our wonderful House. We have always prided ourselves on our team spirit and so our motto says it all. The motto is on the bottom of the new Mary Rice badge that each student received at the opening Mass at the beginning of the year and I am proud to say that I see many students wearing their badge each day to show they are proud to be a “Maryricean”.

One aspect of our year which I have been really proud of has been in our generosity and looking out for others. At the annual Walk for Justice we as a House raised over $2,000. This was a great effort and a big thank you to all who walked, got sponsors, collected money and handed money in. The two Santa Bakita’s will be very grateful. Congratulations to George Kay who was selected to go on the East Timor Immersion Programme. I sure this is an experience he will never forget Thank you also for those people who generously give up their time early on Wednesday’s and Friday’s

to go on “Brekky Van”, our very successful outreach programme.

Thank you to the Mary Rice Pastoral Team, Mrs Fiona Hales, Mrs Natasha Greene, Mr Chris Tooley, Ms Louella Sparks, Mr Nick Eady, Mrs Bronwyn Doherty and Mr Jeff Scott, who have helped to support and look after all the Mary Rice students. Thank you also for supporting me. As this will be the last report I write as Mary Rice Pastoral Coordinator, I would like to thank and extend my best wishes to all past and present Maryriceans, staff and student. Diane Riddle Pastoral Coordinator

This pride and commitment has been at the forefront as we have participated enthusiastically at the major sporting events where we gained a creditable 2nd at the Swimming Carnival and Cross Country and a 3rd at the Athletics Carnival. Congratulations to all the students who participated in these events, especially those who were named as Age Champions and continued on to District, Regional and State Carnivals. Our House Leaders have lead the way with enthusiasm, encouraging everyone to compete and have fun. Thank you must go to Kate Campbell and Enriko Di Lione who were elected leaders at the Year 11 Leadership days at the end of 2011. They were joined by Tyrone JacksonLea at the end of Term 1, all three have done a wonderful job, leading the House and running House meetings and games sessions. Also

Seated Row: Mrs Bronwyn Doherty, Ms Louella Sparks, Ms Di Riddle, Mrs Natasha Green, Mrs Kylie Parkin Second Row: Mrs Fiona Hales, Mr Nick Eady, Mr Christian Church, Mr Chris Tooley, Mr Jeffrey Scott

St James College Magazine 2012



St James College Magazine 2012

Mary Rice Seniors

Kate Campbell

Enriko Di Lione

Tyrone JacksonLea

Caitlin Allen

james Baker

Mike Barrientos

Claudia Carey

Damon Corby

Kelsey Halloran

Andrew Hull

Jared Kent

Dawoud Kodi

Daniel Kraut

Jayden Kuiper

Cameron McCullough

Gary Mok

Christian Napa

John Rogers

Dale Speed

Emmanuel Yunis

Louise Quan

St James College Magazine 2012


Mary Rice 1 Seated Row: Sonya McFarlane, Ebonie Martin, Harrison Gavioli, Mike Barrientos, Owen Rogers, Mehitabel Douglas-Drysdale, Jasmine Gower Second Row: Shaileigh Moore, Kaitlyn Moroney, Issey Siele, Alex Kamitsis, Lorenzo Di Lione, Sergio Andrei, Jessica Robinson Teachers: Fiona Hales, Diane Riddle

Mary Rice 2 Seated Row: Kelsey Halloran, Samuel Meadley, Sam Sorensen, Lucy Kennedy, Danna Yang, Eddie Dover, Casey Marsden, Elizabeth Elizabeth Second Row: Samuel Lawson, John Rogers, Daniel Kraut, Jared Kent, Caitlin Allen, Jack Hodgson, Vandy Kanneh, Thomas Blumke Teachers: Natasha Green, Diane Riddle


St James College Magazine 2012

Mary Rice 3 Seated Row: Louise Quan, Ryan Kollosche, Henry Fei, Efrem Tesfai, Jack Peacock, Dane Richings, Nathan Liu, Ronan Rabbani-Strong, Kate Campbell Second Row: Suzzie Gower, Hannes Engelbrecht-Kerr, Damon Corby, Ethan Hagedorn, Abraham Manyang, Tyrone Jackson-Lea, Pete Silcox, Peter Goode Teachers: Chris Tooley, Diane Riddle

Mary Rice 4 Seated Row: MacKenzie Conner, Leo Rosendale, Matthew Carroll, Aram Ohannesian, Jamie Swan, Sebastian Barrientos, Hayley Hughes Second Row: Liam Gray, Liam Berney, Alex Assefa, Enriko Di Lione, Ghazi Abbas, Joel Feige Third Row: Alex Mok, Tom Parker, Cameron McCullough, Dale Speed, Emmanuel Yunis, Brendan Martinez Teachers: Louella Sparks, Diane Riddle St James College Magazine 2012


Mary Rice 5 Seated Row: Alex Meadley, Isabella Gower, Kiara Williams, Drew Hodgson, Gary Mok, Ash Roberts, Lizzy Tresillian, Claudie Carey, Corey Nordberg Second Row: Nicola Mau, Ulan Vea Vea, Dawoud Kodi, Christian Napa, Atem Ajang, George Kay, Joshua Forshaw, Frank Wu Teachers: Nick Eady, Diane Riddle

Mary Rice Leaders L to R: Kate Campbell, Enriko Di Lione, Tyrone Jackson-Lea, Ms Diane Riddle


St James College Magazine 2012

South African Immersion

During the Easter holidays I was fortunate enough to be selected to go to South Africa with a group of teachers from other EREA schools across Australia. We travelled to the Rainbow nation for a 17 day immersion to meet with local educators and partners of various Edmund Rice ministries. Brian Garrone was our guide and leader and the quality of the relationships he and his wife have built over the past 10 years in truly exceptional.

We arrived in Johannesburg and were welcomed by the Oblate Brothers who accommodated us at their retreat centre just outside of the city. First impressions of South Africa were very reasonable and the extensive infrastructure developed for the recent World Cup was obvious. From there we attended Mass at Regina Mundi, the scene of a violent riot in 1976, and visited the childhood homes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and inaugural President Nelson Mandela. Being able to walk the streets of Soweto, the centre of much of South Africa’s struggle for civil rights and democracy, was a powerful and eerie experience. Many of us had an understanding of the brutal history and could remember media reports from the period. For most South Africans, living with this kind of past still carries many scars and wounds that will continue to take time to heal. 72

St James College Magazine 2012

The Christian Brothers have a former Novitiate in Stellenbosch, near Cape Town, which is in the process of being transformed into a innovating ecological retreat centre. Br Chris XXX took us for a tour of the grounds which are set in the vast mountains of Stellenbosch. Edmund Rice Camps South Africa also operates out of Stellenbosch and still maintains close ties with Australia through the South Africa Alive camp program. Staying in Cape Town only reinforced the contradiction that is South Africa. Beautiful natural landscapes and scenery contrasted with extreme poverty and extreme wealth all living side by side, within walking distance of each other. This contrast was felt and seen no clearer than in the settlement of Khya Mundi. This was perhaps the most challenging part of our immersion. We were welcomed into the settlement by a local who candidly took us through the streets and alleyways that make up this community. We saw firsthand what real poverty is and how it totally destroys a person’s dignity. I will never forget walking the dirty, over-crowded streets, followed by an endless number of excited children and lifting my head to watch the sun set in a blaze of orange, gold and red against the sheer rock-faced mountain. This was an almost impossible place to take in.

went we were greeted with genuine hospitality and warmth. They shared stories with us about atrocities that are still fresh and raw with honesty and candour. We walked with them through their homes, saw their lives and gained an insight in the strength of the human spirit. South Africa is a country that has endured its fair share of struggle for decades. But it is also a country of hope. The children of South Africa all carry in them the hope that they will affect the next generation, that they will continue the struggle that so many before them have fought for. It is written on the faces of every child we met and has become for me a great source of personal inspiration.

To say our trip was all doom and gloom would be unfair to the people of South Africa. Everywhere we

Jonathan Hall

I would like to thank Brian and Kate Garrone for their organisation, support and leadership during our journey. Also to my fellow pilgrims with whom I saw and shared so much that will live long in the memory, thank you for sharing the journey. Finally, thank you to the people of South Africa for sharing a little of your lives with me.

South African Immersion

St James College Magazine 2012


African Immersion

Stepping off the Kenya Air plane at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and onto African soil for the first time was one of the most anticipated and memorable moments of my life. I had been looking forward to this for so long. During the June holidays, five staff from Edmund Rice schools around Australia and I were privileged to be able to participate in Carrigg Karibu-Encountering Edmund Rice in East Africa and I was excited! I had been sent by my students to “look into African eyes” so that I could better see the world with an African heart.

We were greeted by Br Russell Peters and Sam Karanja, our hosts for the immersion, after standing in a queue of biblical proportions in order to gain a Kenyan visa. The ensuing fortnight involved learning about and being with the dedicated people who are involved in Edmund Rice services in Kenya and Tanzania. This whirlwind saw our group being in the classes and playgrounds of Beausang and Sinon Schools, walking with and visiting the people of Kibera and Mukuru slums and witnessing to the incredible work of the Ruben Centre, Women for Women and Food, Water, Shelter. Luckily, we also survived the terror of the matatu (14 seater minivans in Nairobi in which drivers have no regard for road rules or how 74

St James College Magazine 2012

many 14 is!!!) and an incredible day in Ngorogoro Crater with the significantly less dangerous lion, hyena, elephant and hippopotamus. My favourite days by far, though, were spent in the Mary Rice Centre on the edge of Kibera slum. This extraordinary centre caters for children of all ages with physical and intellectual impairments. Those days, I truly looked deep into African eyes and saw trust and hope, pain and struggle and the strength and power of the Kenyan people. I have tried to keep this image alive in my own heart and to share it here in Australia ever since. Fiona Hales

African Immersion

St James College Magazine 2012


Let’s Talk Immersion Let’s Talk: EREA Immersion program visiting Indigenous communities of North-western New South Wales. In August this year I was privileged to be able to participate in the Let’s Talk Immersion program visiting Indigenous communities of North-western New South Wales, including Brewarrina, Goodooga, Lightning Ridge, Walgett, Bingara and Moree. Throughout the week, I was challenged to grow, both in my knowledge of Aboriginal culture and in my understanding of that part of Australia’s history which is less well-known. The talks provided by local elders in each community were frank and informative, and frequently left me reflecting on the


St James College Magazine 2012

injustices of the past. I experienced a range of emotions, from anger and sorrow at past atrocities, to a sense of hope when visiting school communities where local language and culture was being embraced. Highlights for me included visiting the Myall Creek Massacre Memorial, as well as the site of the Old Brewarrina Mission, and taking part in a smoking ceremony with Aunty Brenda at Lightning Ridge. It was inspiring to see the work being done by service providers such as Café 64 in Walgett, employing members of the local community with disabilities, and the Youth Centre in Goodooga, providing after-school care and

activities for local children till 9pm each night. This immersion left a lasting impression on me, and I know that I will continue to reflect on the time that I spent walking country with the program co-ordinators, Grace, Cass and Julieanne. Louella Sparks

Let’s Talk Immersion

St James College Magazine 2012


Indian Immersion A Passage in India

Over three weeks in September, I joined with a group of eleven Edmund Rice colleagues and associates on an ‘immersion’ experience in India. Fearful at first of the prospects that awaited, I decided early on to let the experience wash over me rather like an unsuspecting swimmer awaiting a wave whose power is unknown. Our journey began in India’s capital, Delhi, a city of such contrasts and contradictions that the overwhelming scale of it was almost beyond comprehension. Ours was not a tourist gig, although visits to memorials of Mahatma Gandhi and later the extraordinary Taj Mahal, several hours by train from Delhi at Agra, enabled me to gain some sense of the rich story that is India’s. The shock of first visiting the slum areas, enveloped in rubbish, seething with desperate humanity, cloaked in acrid smells, is one that will continue to pervade my senses. Yet, it was in these very spaces that hope somehow emerged. The work done here by men and women of the Church-sponsored nonGovernment agency, Chetanalaya, particularly in providing education for young children and self-help vocationally-oriented activities for women was inspirational.

Walking the narrow lane ways, sidestepping numerous dogs, goats, 78

St James College Magazine 2012

cows and even monkeys, with air choked with the smells of open drains, street food and rubbish, the one extraordinary and ever present element was the smiling faces of the children. In places that seemed initially to breed hopelessness, radiant smiles broke through the harshness. Children played, laughed and danced. It was to become an experience for me that would be the one common element in this strange and confrontational passage through this country.

The second leg of our journey took us to the holy city of Varanasi on the river Ganges. The city is sacred not only to the Hindu but also to those who align to Buddhism as it was the place where Gautama Buddha preached his first sermon, in effect the birthplace of Buddhism. The opportunity to see the dawn rituals of washing in the great river, open cremation pits used before the ashes of the faithful are scattered across the waters, together with individual and communal worship, was very special. (Special as well was my first rickshaw ride - another of those experiences not easily forgotten, as one weaved through horrendous traffic, crowds, cows, roadside stalls and rubbish to arrive, not a little shaken, at one’s destination.) I had heard much about Kolkata. It was the city of Mother Teresa and her Missionary Sisters of Charity. Several Christian Brothers schools were there. It was a city that stretched as far as the eye could see before it dissolved into the ever pervading haze.

We stayed in the Brothers community for several days and were privileged to watch and learn about their work in three schools - St Joseph’s (a more exclusive school), St George’s (an adjacent school to St Joseph’s for the very poor, many of whom live on the streets), and also St Mary’s, a former orphanage in the outer suburb of DumDum. A visit to Mother Teresa’s tomb together with a visit to L’Arche, a community of young men and women with intellectual disabilities run by a dedicated husband and wife team, were highlights of our time in this seemingly chaotic city. An overnight train trip - best forgotten - found us in the coastal city of Puri on the Bay of Bengal. In some respects it is a tourist mecca for families who want to escape the relentlessness of the large cities, a sort of Gold Coast-style area, complete with surf-side hotels and wide beaches.

This was not the reason for our visit. In a village area outside the city was a small school and rundown hospital conducted by priests of the Divine Word Missionaries order. The village housed a leper colony and the hospital was used to treat serious cases. Meeting, greeting and talking with those people whose bodies had been ravaged by this disease of leprosy was perhaps, for me, the most beautiful experience I would have in this three-week sojourn.

Indian Immersion As a Principal, my experience at St James so far had taught me many things about difference and inclusion. The kids here at Jimmies don’t see difference, they just see each other. Encountering those men and women with leprosy for the first time was for me a similar experience. The beauty and dignity of humanity shone through; it both surprised me and at the same time humbled me.

Our stay at the priests’ ashram in this village outside Puri allowed us time to spend a very happy and engaging several hours with the children in the school, many of whom were the children of parents afflicted by leprosy. They sang and danced for us, played cricket (a national obsession!), invited us to join their games and sat down with us for a most enjoyable meal. Saying goodbye was not an easy experience for any of us, but the smiles and happiness of those amazing kids again reinforced for me that same notion of hope that shouldn’t, for all intents and purposes, have been there. Yet it was there, strangely and happily devoid of that Western need to prove oneself before others. Here was a lesson in authentic simplicity for all of us.

The final stage of our journey found us in the Muslim-dominated city of Hyderabad in the central southern region. Hyderabad is arguably the technology capital of India and certainly seemed so much more prosperous than other cities we had visited. Here we met the Archbishop who briefed us on the different work of the diocese in and around city (HASSS - Hyderabad Archdiocesan Social Services Society), after which we visited various places under his jurisdiction. An overnight visit to St Raymond’s school in a rural area some four hours by bus across terrible roads was another highlight. A Melbourne EREA school, CBC St Kilda, had contributed to the costs of building and equipping some classrooms there and it was wonderful to experience the welcome and gratitude of the Principal and his staff.

There were many other places visited, people met, scenes that invaded the senses, that left me not only inspired and uplifted but also angry and confused. There were social anomalies: the gap between decision-makers and the powerless and destitute was vast and is continuing to widen; children and adults with mobile phones in every slum; taxis unwilling to pick us up in the crowded streets - we were the strangers, the foreigners; and yet there was the laughter and the joy in the midst of the squalor.

as we internally grappled with the experiences we had witnessed over the three weeks.

However, what stood out was hope. In the faces of the children, the destitute, the lepers, the powerless, those who are devoting their lives to provide education for others - there, hope was in abundance. It was a raw hope but a liberating hope. It was a hope imbued with a deep sense of justice, the sort of hope that exists on the edge, a hope which will always be on the edge because life is lived on the edge.

Were we successful in letting the wave just wash over us? The Indian wave certainly washed over me. Its power was felt and continues to toss me around. But the ‘passage’, the journey, was a remarkable experience and one that will stay with me for many years to come. Gerry Crooks

My journey in India finally came to an end after a relentless three weeks. The quietness in the bus as we travelled to the airport spoke loudly St James College Magazine 2012




St James College Magazine 2012

Fier Festival Rapping for Justice On July 13 Indigenous students from Edmund Rice Schools, Flexible Learning Centres and ministries across Queensland gathered at St James College at Spring Hill for the third annual FIER: Festival for Indigenous in Edmund Rice. The Festival is an opportunity to celebrate and take pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture within the Edmund Rice Network. This year’s theme was “Rapping for Justice.” The day began with the Welcome to Country by Turrbal elder Uncle Joe Kirk who is also Indigenous Support Officer for St Edmund’s College Ipswich. St James Deputy Principal Marty Wiseman and Indigenous Support officer Aunty Thersa Nunn went on to welcome all to St James. From here students rotated from various workshops facilitated by Champion Sounds. These focused

on: Aboriginal dance, Torres Strait Island dance, Indigenous art, hip hop and beat box. After lunch students and staff came together to perform the chorus of a song written by Champion Sounds that invites both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to support the campaign to include rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Australian Constitution. The song when finished will be made available to Edmund Rice schools and ministries to share with their schools and work-sites. The day concluded with all people present being given red scarves to mark the day. For some these were ones where they had, earlier, done their own art-work. Aunty Thersa gave a blessing to all using the language of her people - the Ngugi people of Stradbroke Island. The FIER festival is sponsored by the Christian Brothers through the Edmund Rice Network.

St James College Magazine 2012


Ministry The year in review for Jimmies Justice and Ministry has been filled with many and varied opportunities where students have been involved in formation and personal development. Yet again, the St James College community has been able to support a number of causes and get involved in youth and volunteer events. Lent kicked off with a sell-out Shrove Tuesday pancake sale. The Social Justice Committee and House leaders drove the Project Compassion Appeal, which saw enormous generosity from each house. This money went towards the work of Caritas, the Catholic Church’s aid organisation, to end poverty, promote justice and uphold the dignity of the world’s poor.

Year 11 and 12 students completed their Senior formation days with the help of the Net Ministries teams. During these days, students focused on the topics of peer pressure, sexuality and the affect of the media, all whilst deepening and strengthening their own spirituality and beliefs.

Numerous students have also been involved in the ongoing service learning program that is the Brekky Van and Year 10 students had the new opportunity to help out at Ronald MacDonald House of a Wednesday 82

St James College Magazine 2012

afternoon. Five Year 11 students also had the amazing opportunity of walking in solidarity with some of the world’s most marginalised people during the East Timor Immersion in the June-July holidays. Since then they have maintained not only the relationships they developed, but raised awareness throughout the school to strengthen understandings of the majority world. Much of the money raised during this year’s Walk for Justice supported individual students of the Santa Bakhita orphanage, whose faces decorated the walls of each Homeroom. in his position. He was a wealth of wisdom, whose most profound teaching of the night will stay with me: “To make a difference, you’ve got to be different.” All in all the evening was a huge success for each of us, strengthening our faith and deepening our spirituality.

Jimmies students also continue to be involved in Eddie Rice Camps. Four senior students, Louise Quan, Carl Naude, Ceri-Anne Peleti and Jasmine Khan went along to a large gathering of young Catholics at the Vivid Conference, where they got to meet the new Archbishop and be energized in their faith through music, discussion and catechesis. Louise writes: Those who attended were a mix of teenagers and young adults. We celebrated mass with Archbishop Mark Coleridge and took part in the lively music by renowned artist and inspirational speaker Steve Angrisano, who has an engaging blend of humour and the ability to talk about God and the Church to young people, not to mention an amazing ability with the guitar. Archbishop Coleridge has a sense of humour that is surprising for a man

Jasmine Khan writes: The camp that I was placed in was a family camp, which was the first of its kind in Queensland. It was orientated around 3 families and as volunteers we were to give these families a good time and help them bond with one another. I, as a volunteer, had a great time. I got to bond with not only the children but also the parents. I definitely benefited from this rewarding experience.

Jimmies Justice The Christmas Appeal focused again on families in the local community who struggle to make ends meet. Each Homeroom compiled a basket hamper, which was distributed through the wonderful people at St Vincent de Paul. It is clear that St James is truly a school who celebrates its faith and whose actions demonstrate a culture of service and solidarity with the poor and marginalised in our world.

morning along with our ongoing Friday morning underneath the GoBetween Bridge. We have also had the privilege of All Hallows parents and students participating, along with our friends from Queensland Catholic Education Commission. The program, which aims to develop deeper understandings of homelessness in the local community, encourages ‘relational spirituality’ with those they meet on these mornings. It draws on the examples of Jesus in the Gospel and that of Edmund Rice, who served those in need around them. The measure of success, however, is not the quality of the food or the number of people served, but the ability to be present to the men and women who share this meal.

Please keep in you prayers those less fortunate, those who struggle, the forgotten and those who have fallen by the wayside. Every blessing, Chris Zammit Ministry Coordinator

Brekky Van This year has seen the St James Brekky Van grow from strength to strength and continue to be a great symbol of the amazing generosity, spirit and sense of community that defines our wonderful school. For those who have taken part, it has been yet another successful year of sharing stories, meeting new people and, of course, sharing many a meal.

This year has seen the service program extend to two mornings a week, with a group of around 40 or so gathering at Kemp Place in Fortitude Valley on a Wednesday

Many thanks must go to all those staff, students and parents who have volunteered throughout the year. It is my greatest hope that the experiences and stories of the people you meet will inspire greater action and support for those in need. Thanks also to those who have supported the program through donations, both financially and in kind. In particular, special thanks to ongoing support from Lanier, Baker’s Delight, QCEC, the Schumacher family, the Maxwell family, Maria Young, AHS and St Joseph’s, Gregory Terrace. Every bit of help continues to make this ministry such a valuable experience for all involved. St James College Magazine 2012


East Timor Immersion “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry With the words from the book ‘The Little Prince’ to guide us throughout this journey of the heart each night, our group of five extraordinary students including Chloe Edwards, Jonty Morris-Howes, Brooke Agnew, George Kay and Melissa Tabulo, along with Ms Di Riddle and myself, travelled to some of the most special places that this beautiful country has to offer.

Our 11-day expedition began in Dili at a small orphanage named Santa Bakhita, home of around 30 amazing young people, organised and run by an even more amazing lady named Inacia. More like one very large family, the kids at Santa Bakhita made us feel very much at home, with some very talented dancing and singing performances, Timorese games, sharing meals and, of course Tetum language lessons. The place itself had been built around the home of Inacia and her six children. Whilst there, Inacia and her son Freddie shared with us some of her stories of growing up in Timor, including experiences of Indonesian occupation, which is still very much recent history. Freddie, at 20 years of age, also accompanied us on our history lessons through the city, from the recently opened Resistance Museum, the Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition, the World War Two memorial and the Santa Cruz Cemetery. Each person and place we visited provided us with stories of hope and steadfast faith for the future of the country. The next part of our journey was 84

St James College Magazine 2012

a 90-minute drive from the capital to a village named Seloi, located in the district of Aileu. Here we were greeted by a traditional dance from many young local kids, along with a beautiful meal shared with a number of elders from the village. Mario da Costa, our host and adopted Dad for Seloi not only gave up most of his very humble house, but ensured we felt comfortable our whole time there. Whilst early morning roosters and cold bucket showers made us all feel very alive, it was the everyday life experiences that gave us some real perspective. During our very quick three day stay not only did we meet nearly half the people from this small village, but we managed to pick some coffee, visit Mario’s rice paddies and natural spring, spend time at the local primary school (which included some boomerang painting and exercise classes), gather at a few important historical sites and even travel to the original lands of the Mumbae people. This was probably the most special part of the journey where ancient tradition and law dictated where men and women were allowed to gather in and around the sacred house. Our final night in Seloi saw over 80 people gather to dance, eat and celebrate three birthdays, including Chloe’s 17th, which went from dawn ‘til dusk. It was, of course, a rare opportunity to partner with a white person, so our pilgrims had very sore legs by the morning. Our third destination was the village

of Railako Kraik where the Christian Brothers ministry has been operating for over a decade. Here we were split into homestay arrangements and the challenge of walking in the footsteps of those less fortunate became a real reality. During the day activities were organised at the local primary school, including bracelet making, dancing lessons with the beautiful pre-school kids and more exercise classes care of Jonty. The annual volleyball game was yet again another decisive victory for Timor, despite some help from a few adopted Timorese students. After lunchtime dancing in the community centre, some of the older kids treated the group to garden visits in lower parts of the valley. Here we climbed coconut trees, swam in the clear waters of the creek and picked more coffee. The hospitality in homes was, yet again, first class and after three nights it was sad to leave people with whom we had all become very close.

After a brief visit to the Gleno Vocational Youth Centre, we returned to Dili for the final days of our journey. Brief sight seeing included the Pope John Paul 2

East Timor Immersion statue, Christo Rei (the ‘Jesus statue’), tais markets and the art gallery. The journey, of course, wouldn’t be complete without a beach visit with the kids from the orphanage. The undisturbed natural beauty of both the rural areas and coastline together with the unique and exceptional hospitality of everyone we met made farewells an emotional occasion. Each student went home a changed person. With seeds of justice firmly planted, everyone gained deep insights into the realities of our poorest neighbours and a greater appreciation for the things in our lives that are really important. No words better describe the greatest lesson from the trip than those of The Little Prince: “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched; they must be felt with the heart.”

made me appreciate my life and everything in it. The most memorable moment in East Timor for me was when we took the kids from the orphanage to the beach, seeing big smiles on their faces and interacting with them as if I’ve known them for years. East Timor is a beautiful place full of lovely people and is a place I have thought about every day since I have returned. -Brooke Agnew ----------------------------------------------------

One person that made an impact on me was a lady called Inacia who took care of all the orphan kids. She deserves a golden medal and Presidential handshake for her amazing sacrifices. She is an amazing person and I will think about her for the rest of my life.

Maromak nia bensaun, (All God’s blessings) Chris Zammit

The people of East Timor showed me qualities of kindness and generosity. They let us into their homes willingly and with open hearts. They treated us as if we were their own children and expected nothing in return. I will never forget this trip purely because it was astonishing. Everything about Timor had me on the edge of my seat; the people, the culture, the landscape and especially the language. I hope I never forget this trip because it was a once in a lifetime experience I could only dream of doing again. -Chloe Edwards ---------------------------------------------------I will remember my trip to East Timor for the rest of my life. It was an amazing experience and has

he learnt English. The people of Timor have such deep spirituality, friendliness, kind heartedness, and courage. I will never forget this immersion. -Mel Tabulo ----------------------------------------------------

The people of East Timor showed me qualities of giving everything they can to us and others, and forgiveness for everything which has happened and they are always happy despite all their hardships. I will never forget the Timor trip because the people I went with and the people I met the stories I heard and the way I felt over there I am so happy that I went because it’s an amazing experience. -George Kay ---------------------------------------------------The most memorable moment for me in Timor is seeing the kids’ faces when we shared our time with them and played games and activities with them. The children show such enthusiasm of what little possessions they have and the company that they receive from each other and us. Freddie was one person who had a great impact on me because he has an inspirational tale about himself and his Grandparents when the war was on and the story of how

In Australia we have a lot of food, bedding, clothes and even big houses which can be such a waste. East Timor is a place with such deep history, interesting food, great people with great big smiles and amazing generosity. This place is like my second home. -Jonty Morris-Howes ----------------------------------------------------

The people of Timor showed me qualities of being able to appreciate the everyday things in life. With very few material goods they have so much. East Timor is a place of contrasts, but the generosity of heart is the common thread throughout. I will never forget this trip because of the wonderful people I have met. -Di Riddle St James College Magazine 2012


Opening Mass

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Family BBQ


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Yr11 Outdoor ED Camp

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Days of Excellence


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Swimming Carnival

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Swimming Carnival


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Legal Studies Excursions

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Yr 8 Camp


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Canoe Trip

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TAH Restaurants


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Edmund Rice Feast Day

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Cross Country


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Cultural Night

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Cultural Night


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Bring It On

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National Reconcilliation


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Athletics Carnival

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Athletics Carnival


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Walk for Justice

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Mt Barney


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RACQ Docudrama

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Library Displays

112 St James College Magazine 2012

Chocolate Crackle

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Chocolate Crackle


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EREA Leadership


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UQ Young Scholars

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Co-Curricular Term 1 With 2012 holding so much promise in co-curricular activities, it did not take long before we tasted success. The Junior Rugby League squad won the first piece of silverware for the College in 2012, when they defeated St Francis College in the Plate final of the 9-a-side tournament held in February. It was an amazing achievement in that the St James Year 9 team had seven year 8 students in the squad and was the smallest team to compete. The boys had two narrow losses only to come back and storm into the grand final with two gutsy wins. On their way they defeated Rugby League School of Excellence and host, Clairvaux McKillop College, 4 tries to 1. It was amazing to watch and we would have to go back more than 30 years to find records of a ‘Jimmies’ team defeating Clairvaux in Rugby League. Nate Ashton received the Best on Ground award in the final although it was hard to single out any one player, and all 15 players deserve accolades. At the start of the 2011/2012 holidays Stephen Kiir and Gaspher Obwona were selected to represent Queensland at the national Under 20 Basketball Tournament in Canberra. The start of the year saw the announcement that St James’s latest national representative Zac Telfer will compete in the 6th World Down Syndrome Swimming Championship to be held in Loana, Italy in November. Queensland Boxing representative Ulli Harris-Tavake returned from nationals in Tasmania with a credible silver medal. Ulli showed great character in accepting the referee’s decision in the final and is truly a great ambassador for St James College. The futsal season came to a climax with the Senior boys and Under 14 boys just missing out on the champions round by for and against points. Despite posting the highest score of the day with 17-1 win 124

St James College Magazine 2012

over Marsden SHS and drawing 1 all with the top team in their pool the senior boys come up short on goals scored. Likewise the Under 14 squad required 15 plus goals in their last win to secure a finals berth. Both squads were outstanding on the day and, along with the Under 16 boys, can hold their head high for the way they conducted themselves. St James was represented by two teams at the Brisbane North Chess Championships in Term 1. Our senior team: Ryan Sinden (Capt); Carl Naude, James Ray and Mike Barrientos was placed 8th in a field of 22 teams. Each of these students performed creditably, winning 14 games of the 28 games they played. Ryan was awarded a Merit Commendation at the end of play. Our junior team: Dylan Friedland (Capt); Thomas Blumke, Ashley Roberts and Jacky Kuang competed in the same competition as the seniors and pleasingly won 8 games. The juniors were placed 17th in the same field of 22 teams. Most importantly, the students enjoyed the tournament and at all times represented the College with distinction. This term the Junior Girls AFL squad competed in a day long round robin carnival at Coorparoo AFL Club. The girls were awarded first place at the end of the day and invited to attend a Queensland wide championship day, representing South East Queensland. Vandy Kanneh and Rifaat Toto both performed outstandingly at this term’s National Athletics meet in Sydney. Vandy finished the finals in a respectable 7th place despite succumbing to a hamstring injury. Rifaat had an amazing meet. He made the finals with the third fastest qualifying time for the Queensland team and then went on to come fourth in Australia after a fantastic final race. Interhouse Swimming Carnival What a fantastic day. The staff did

an outstanding job, the students gave 100% and the weather was perfect. I cannot remember, in recent years, a carnival that went down to the wire, yet still managed to appear purely based upon having fun. It was a pity there had to be a winner. Long House were pushed all the way by Mary Rice and Hogan House and managed to stay in front until the end. Congratulations to Mr Kubunameca and Long House for showing the power of participation. The final points were: Long House 339 Mary Rice House 309 Hogan House 270 Carey house 230 The Swimming Age Champions for 2012 are: Under 13 Tia-moana Hippolite, Caleb Jeffrey and Beau Rutherford Under 14 Kirra McIntosh and Conor Grennan Under 15 Lucy Kennedy, Tahlia Yogiyo and Joel Feige Under 16 Demi McCallum Gavioli



Open Emma Weekes and Jared Kent.

Co-Curricular Term 2 Term 2 signaled the start of the Debating season with St James represented in Years 8, 9, 11 and Senior competitions. There were some memorable victories over GPS schools including our Year Nines and Twelve’s win over Brisbane State High. The co-curricular program is not all about winning with participation high on the agenda so this year brought about the inaugural Big Day Out. The first day back from the Easter break saw 25 students and some parents take the opportunity to experience the beauty of Moreton Island. The Big Day Out was a huge success with both staff and students returning with a new found love for the Island and what it offers. The students snorkelled above the manmade reef around the wrecks of the old dredging ships that now dominate the landscape. The massive sand hills were also a hit with a view of sea turtles and dolphins from the top well worth the scramble up the 100m incline. It was an awesome day and I hope more members of the community take the opportunity when it is offered again next year. Seven St James students were selected for the Qld Futsal (Indoor Soccer) team to compete in Cairns and Townsville in October. Congratulations to Besa Biba, Janeil Tattam, Emmanuel Yunis, Morlee Konneh, Rifaat Toto, Denis Yongule and Kyle McNamara. This is by far the largest contingent of Jimmies kids to advance to the state level for futsal. Sisters Pene and Lakin BishopPaenga along with Year 10 student Lyric Taurua-Wolfgramm were selected to compete at the National Under 18 Girls basketball titles in Perth representing their birth place New Zealand. All three performed well and have a bright future in the sport of basketball.

basketball squads. Indy Boyer, Tahlia Adams and Tia-moana Hippolite all made the District girls Under 15 basketball squad. For the boys it was Dan Acuil and Jack Williams who impressed the selector with a powerhouse performance. The senior boys’ basketball won their first championship for the season when they returned from The Southport School (TSS) undefeated. Up against host school TSS, Hillcrest College, Varsity College, Helensvale College and an invitational Under 18 Rep team the boys averaged 100 points a match and won the final 9855. Cross Country This terms Interhouse Cross Country carnival was a fantastic spectacle with participation determining the eventual winner, Hogan House. It was the closest interhouse competiton on record and was a credit to the Pastoral Coordinators and House Leaders. The age champions for 2012 are: Under 13 Julie Jackson and Amin Kamin Under 14 Raeisha Morton and Rifaat Toto Under 15 Juanita Jackson and Juma Makaol Under 16 Brooke Agnew Manyang



Open Janeil Tattam and Efrem Tesfai. Final Standings: Hogan House 68 points Mary Rice House 66 points Long House 65 points Carey House 62 points

This term there were five students selected in the District Under 15 St James College Magazine 2012 125

Co-Curricular Term 3 The 2012 Confraternity Rugby League and Netball were hosted by St Patrick’s Shorncliffe and Chisholm College, Caloundra respectively with the Jimmies teams holding their own against some talented athletes. The netball team finished second in their pool at the end of a fantastic campaign and the boys played some entertaining footy with their tenacious defense the highlight of the week long carnival. Brock Retschlag was awarded best and fairest by the Q.I.S.S.R.L. committee showing great leadership enthusiasm throughout the carnival. Laykin Bishop–Paenga was also awarded the best and fairest by the Q.I.S.S.N. representatives for her talented performance and sportsmanship. Our Senior Boys Basketball returned to Penrith NSW with St Dominic’s College hosting the EREA Football and Basketball competition for the second year. This year we sent two squads with the Under 16 boys also participating. Once again the tournament had a truly national flavour with schools from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania entering the three day event. The boys bounced back from their semi final defeat at the hands of St Dominic’s and posted a huge score downing last year’s winners St Kevin’s to take home the bronze. The juniors gained valuable experience from the trip and will return a lot wiser in 2013. World cup soccer took over the college with the European boys making it two in a row winning successive finals. Europe girls were also too strong for the African team taking out the 2012 honors of World Cup soccer champions. Interhouse Track and Field This year saw the St James community gather at the Nudgee College running track for the 2012 Interhouse Athletics Carnival. It was a fantastic spectacle with new records set and 126

St James College Magazine 2012

enjoyment had by all. The overall winner was not clear until the final 100m races had concluded with Long house just overtaking Hogan with only 33 points separating the two. It was great to see Carey House claim third place pushing the other houses all the way. Congratulations go to not just the students who performed to the best of their ability but also to the staff who provided the opportunity with their enthusiasm and professionalism. It was great to see the students from the Centre Ed Flexi School join us for the day and extremely rewarding to see them welcomed by the Jimmies kids. The final points for the day were: Long House 623 Hogan House 590 Carey House 463 Mary Rice House 431

Runners up Desley Paton and John Taban Under 16 Demi McCallum and Atem Bior Runners up Nikita Keremete and Michael George Open Ceri-Anne Peleti and Emmanuel Yunis Runners up Chrissy Hippolite and Abraham Manyang Vandy Kanneh ran a personal best time and set a new district 100m record at the Met East trials. Vandy ran a scorching 11.19 seconds over the 100m and is a certainty to represent Queensland again at Nationals. Rifaat Toto and Dan Acuil will both join Vandy in the Met East team to compete later this year.

The age champions for 2012 are: Under 13 Julie Jackson and David Wani Runners up Monique Hunt and Amin Karim Under 14 Kirra McIntosh and Rifaat Toto Runners up Raiesha Morton and Deng Neyal Under 15 Juanita Jackson and Vandy Kanneh

Our Junior Boys Basketball squad comprising of Year 9 and 10 students amazingly made the Senior Boys Basketball Metropolitan final. After defeating Northside Christian College 46-38 they took on basketball school of excellence Runcorn SHS in the grand final. The match went down to the wire with Runcorn holding onto a slender lead in the final minutes. Well done to Coach Tim Fergus for all his time and effort.

Co-Curricular Term 4 The Jimmies Basketball Program has reached new heights with the Senior Boys making the semi finals of the Queensland Schools Basketball Championship over the September holidays. With over sixty schools throughout Queensland participating it was a fantastic effort for the boys to break into the top four in the state. The Senior Girls also tasted success when the edged out basketball school of excellence, Runcorn for the bronze medal in Division 2, placing them just outside the top ten. Both squads gave 100% over the four day tournament and I totally enjoyed supporting such a dedicated and professional group of young men and women. Of course much of the success came from the quality coaching of Kirron Byrne and Tim Fergus who were well supported by basketball committee members Tia Hippolite and Jodi Bishop-Paenga. There were three students selected to represent Queensland Futsal at the National tournament in Townsville over the holidays. Disappointingly Besa Beba was unable to fulfill her role in the side as the team was withdrawn due to lack of numbers. However, Kyle McNamara and Denis Yongule both enjoyed the experience of the competition with Denis having the honour of being selected to represent Australia in a tour of Brazil. At this years Award’s Night, Vandy

Kanneh was presented with the Sport Star of the Year award for 2012. Vandy has reached the level of Queensland representation through district and regional selection in athletics and has dominated this years Interhouse Carnivals rewriting the record books in multiple events. Vandy set a new Metropolitan East record for the 100m and was awarded the coveted Pierre de Coubertin Award for 2012 receiving his certificate and Olympic Pin from the Assistant Minister for Sport earlier this year. He has represented the college in both Senior Rugby League and Senior Soccer the past two years showing he possess more than just the gift of running fast. Champion Sporting School for South Districts 2012 After years of dwelling down the bottom of the South Districts school ranking, St James College has risen up to take out the Champion School Award for 2012. This is an amazing achievement coming from last to first in the past few years. The award is calculated on number of district champion sporting teams, student population as well as staff involvement in district trials. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the fact that only our juniors participated in Wednesday afternoon competitive sport. Congratulations to all staff and students for an outstanding year. Andrew Ebrington Co-Curricular Coordinator

St James College Magazine 2012 127

Co-Curricular Teams

Australia & NZ Representatives Seated Row: Lyric Taurua-Wolfgramm, Laykin Paenga, Tomas Cracknell Second Row: Pene Bishop-Paenga, Dennis Yongule, Zac Telfer

Champion Schools - Senior Girls Seated Row: Raeisha Morton, Sandy Mading, Indi Boyer, Tia-moana Hippolite, Pene Bishop-Paenga, Kirra McIntosh Second Row: Lyric Taurua-Wolfgramm, Caitlyn Allen, Laykin Bishop-Paenga, Sepi Ngauamo, Jokobe Rameka

Metropolitan Finalists - Basketball Seated Row: Emmanuel Nyiguo, Jerome Marama, Beau Hippolite, John Taban Second Row: Dan Acuil, Atem Ajang, Ariah Mayen, Jack Williams

128 St James College Magazine 2012

Champion Schools - Senior Boys Seated Row: Ranko Puseljic, John Taban, Jarred Kent, Chol Muorter, Beau Hippolite, Don Fuji Second Row: Jerome Gabriel, Jerome Marama, Jack Williams, Atem Bior, Atem Ajang, Atem Deng

Cross Country Age Champions Seated Row: Julie Jackson, Brooke Agnew, Efrem Tesfai, Raiesha Morton Second Row: Rifaat Toto, Juma Makaol, Juanita Jackson

Queensland Representatives Seated Row: Vandy Kanneh, Kyle McNamara, Ulli Harris-Tauake Second Row: Dan Acuil, Rifaat Toto, Besa Biba

Co-Curricular Teams

Senior Rugby League

Senior Girls AFL

Seated Row: Christopher Cossettini, Lorenzo Di Lione, River Rough, Sione Piutau (Captain), Brock Retschlag, Dane Richings, Carl Naude Second Row: Emmanuel Yunis, Conor Whelan, Daniel Klein, Rhys Turner, Conrad Radnoty-Desmarais, Vandy Kanneh

Seated Row: Nikita Keremete, Raeisha Morton, Tia Hippolite, Jasmine Khan, Ceri-Anne Peleti, Victoria Carra, Julie Jackson, Jacinta Bebefa Second Row: Monique Hunt, Demi McCallum, Sepi Ngauamo, Laykin Bishop-Paenga, Chrissy Hippolite, Tahlia Yogiyo, Pene Bishop-Paenga, Juanita Jackson

Senior Girls Netball

Swimming Age Champions

Seated Row: Danni Hough, Isabella Jones, Laykin Bishop-Paenga, Chrissy Hipolite, Pene Bishop-Paenga Second Row: Kirra McIntosh, Monique Hunt, Sepi Ngauamo, TiaMoana Hippolite

Seated Row: Emma Weekes, Haydn Watts, Joshua Sipos, Conor Grennan, Demi McCallum Second Row: Tia-Moana Hippolite, Lucy Kennedy, Tahlia Adams, Kirra McIntosh

Track & Field Age Champions

Under 14 Boys Soccer

Seated Row: Julie Jackson, Ceri-Anne Peleti, Demi McCallum, Kirra McIntosh Second Row: Juanita Jackson, Vandy Kanneh, Emmanuel Yunis, Rifaat Toto

Seated Row: Casey Marsden, Sam Lawson, Mach Mach, Dan Acuil, Ryan Phillips, Kabila Sabit Second Row: Joel Nutting, Denis Yongule, Deng Neyal, Ghazi Abbas, Rifaat Toto

St James College Magazine 2012


Co-Curricular Teams

Under 16 Boys Basketball

Under 16 Girls Basketball

L to R: Joseph Loromo, Dan Acuil, Jack Williams, Ariah Mayen, Emmanuel Nyiguo, Juma Makaol, Dennis Yongule

Seated Row: Kirra McIntosh, Tia-Moana Hippolite, Monique Hunt, Raiesha Morton Second Row: Indianna Boyer, Jakobe Rameka, Tahlia Adams Yogiyo

Under 18 Boys Basketball

Under 18 Girls Basketball

Seated Row: Ranko Puseljic, John Taban, Chol Muorter, Beau Hippolite, Christian Napa Second Row: Jerome Gabriel, Jerome Marama, Atem Bior, Atem Ajang, Atem Deng

Seated Row: Danni Hough, Sandy Mading, Chrissy Hippolite, Pene Bishop-Paenga Second Row: Lyric Taurua-Wolfgramm, Laykin Bishop-Paenga, Caitlin Allen, Sepi Ngauamo

Year 8 Debating

Year 9 Debating

L to R: Victoria Carra, Thomas Blumke, Sam Malone


St James College Magazine 2012

L to R: Mikey Anderson, Dylan Friedland, Tomas Cracknell

Co-Curricular Teams

Year 12 Debating

UHL Senior Soccer

L to R: Mike Barrientos, Liam Oram Wheeler, Noah Lloyd, Carl Naude

Seated Row: Vandy Kanneh, Denis Yonguie, Emmanuel Yunis, Kyle McNamara, Joshua Mangion, Nelson Mandela, Rifaat Toto, Efrem Tesfai Second Row: Ghazi Abbas, Dan Acuil, Atem Deng, Atem Bior, Bul Bior, Emmanuel Nicholas, John Taban Absent: Alex Athanassiadis, Peter Cox, Akol Deng, Jack Hodgson, Dawoud Kodi, Morlee Konneh, James Lovett, Kemish Ramadhan, Ryan Sinden Coach: Mr Chris Zammit

Ranko Puseljic

Zac Telfer St James College Magazine 2012 131

Awards Year 8 Academic Awards presented by Mrs Louella Sparks Head of Department – Tourism & Hospitality Ronan Rabbani-Strong Religious Education Sam Malone

Religious Education

Monique Hunt

English History

Uyen Thu Thi Pham


Tia-Moana Hippolite

Science Art Design and Technology Physical Education

Martina Rossi

French Consistent Effort

Kiara Williams


Year 9 Academic Awards presented by Ms Rozalie Ferris Head of Department – English Mikey Andersen

Religious Education Drama

Andrew Schlencker

English Science History Business

Wang Ahong (Julianne)

Mathematics Hospitality

Ky Pham

Art Information Technology

Peter Goode

Design and Technology

Satnam Kalsi

Outdoor Education

Kirra McIntosh

Physical Education Consistent Effort

St James College Magazine 2012 133

Awards Year 10 Academic Awards presented by Mr David Hopper Head of Department – Vocational Education


Mehitabel Douglas-Drysdale

Religious Education English Science History Outdoor Education

Sebastian Barrientos

Mathematics Art

Sharnacey Faumui


Casey Marsden

Design and Technology - Rodney Muller Award

Nick Almond


Sepiuta Ngauamo


Kynan Schwarz

Information Technology

Sarah Sabit

Certificate I Work Education

Abraham Manyang

Physical Education

Saranda Biba

Consistent Effort

St James College Magazine 2012

Awards Year 11 Academic Awards presented by Ms Dianne Markey Senior School Coordinator Huang Jin

Accounting English as a Second Language

Lu Kuan-Ying (Luke)

Biology Mathematics B

Thithiphan Vermeiren (Spike)

Chemistry Mathematics C Physics

Taylor Bitossi


Jack Hodgson


Emmanuel Nicholas


Ryan Elston

English Information and Communications Technology

Jessie Rankin

Home Economics

Dane Richings

Information Technology Systems Legal Studies

Hope Saba

Mathematics A Study of Religion

Chloe Edwards

Modern History

Atem Deng

Physical Education

Briana Russo

Visual Art

Taylor Lindsay

Business English Communication Religion and Ethics

Ethan Williams

Furnishing Construction – Certificate I

Kara Cassar

Hospitality Catering

Jarrod Blackburn

Engineering – Certificate I

Melissa Tabulo

Outdoor Recreation and Health

He Chang (Joy)

Pre-Vocational Mathematics

Jonty Morris-Howes

Sampling and Measurement

Daniel Klein

Sports Coaching

Georgette Badman

Visual Art Studies

Daniel Normyle

Workplace Practices

St James College Magazine 2012 135

Awards Year 12 Academic Awards presented by Mr Max Ryan retiring long-serving teacher at St James


Gary Mok

Accounting Biology Mathematics A

Mike Barrientos

Chemistry Information Technology Systems Mathematics B Mathematics C Physics

Louise Quan

Drama English Legal Studies Modern History

Li Qiao (Joey)


Cho Hyun Wook (Peter)

English as a Second Language

Munraj Kalsi

Home Economics

Jared Kent

Physical Education

Grace Elston

Study of Religion

Claudia Carey

Visual Arts

Cameron McCullough


Luis D’Arcy

Information and Communications Technology

Amber Williamson

English Communication Catering

John Rogers


Kyle McNamara

Hospitality Sports Coaching

Khoo Jyh Shen (Jason)

Construction – Certificate I Maunsell’s Fine Furniture Award

Brock Retschlag

Engineering – Certificate I

Christopher Cossettini

Outdoor Recreation and Health

Tayla Stavrinoudis

Pre-Vocational Mathematics

Liam Oram-Wheeler

Religion and Ethics

Brittany Coleman

Sampling and Measurement

Nelson Mandela

Visual Art Studies

Dale Speed

Workplace Practices

Jayden Kuiper

School-based Trainee of the Year

St James College Magazine 2012

Awards Sports Awards presented by Cr Vicki Howard, Councillor for Central Ward and Mr James Chan, President of the Parents & Friends Association Tia Moana Hippolite Caleb Jeffrey

U13 Girls Swimming Age Champion U13 Boys Swimming Age Champion U14 Girls Swimming Age Champion Kirra McIntosh U14 Girls Athletics Age Champion Conor Grennan U14 Boys Swimming Age Champion Lucy Kennedy U15 Girls Swimming Age Champion Tahlia Yogiyo U15 Girls Swimming Age Champion Joel Feige U15 Boys Swimming Age Champion U16 Girls Swimming Age Champion Demi MacCallum U16 Girls Athletics Age Champion Harrison Gavioli U16 Boys Swimming Age Champion Emma Weekes Open Girls Swimming Age Champion Joshua Sipos Open Boys Swimming Age Champion U13 Girls Cross Country Age Champion Julie Jackson U13 Girls Athletics Age Champion Amin Karim U13 Boys Cross Country Age Champion Raeisha Morton U14 Girls Cross Country Age Champion U14 Boys Cross Country Age Champion Rifaat Toto U14 Boys Athletics Age Champion Queensland Representative Athletics U15 Girls Cross Country Age Champion Juanita Jackson U15 Girls Athletics Age Champion Juma Makaol U15 Boys Cross Country Age Champion Brooke Agnew U16 Girls Cross Country Age Champion Abraham Manyang U16 Boys Cross Country Age Champion Janeil Tattam Open Girls Cross Country Age Champion Efram Tesfai Open Boys Cross Country Age Champion David Wani U13 Boys Athletics Age Champion U15 Boys Athletics Age Champion Vandy Kanneh Queensland Representative Athletics Atem Bior U16 Boys Athletics Age Champion Ceri-Anne Peleti Open Girls Athletics Age Champion Emmanuel Yunis Open Boys Athletics Age Champion Uili Harris-Tavake Queensland Representative Boxing Besa Biba Queensland Representative Futsal Kyle McNamara Queensland Representative Futsal Denis Yongule Australian Representative Futsal Zac Telfer Australian Representative Swimming Tomas Cracknell Australian Representative Trampolining Pene Bishop-Paenga New Zealand Representative Basketball Laykin Bishop-Paenga New Zealand Representative Basketball Lyric Taurua-Wolfgramm New Zealand Representative Basketball

St James College Magazine 2012 137

Awards Sports Awards continued Sports Star of the Year This Award goes to Vandy Kanneh

House Leaders Carey House Joshua Mangion, Jasmine Khan, Christopher Cossettini

Hogan House Ceri-Anne Peleti, Amber Williamson, Munraj Kalsi

Long House Carl Naude, Dannielle Hough, Kyle McNamara, Khoo Jyh Shen (Jason)

Mary Rice House Enriko Di Lione, Kate Campbell, Tyrone Jackson-Lea

Interhouse Swimming Trophy Long House

Interhouse Cross Country Cup Hogan House

Interhouse Athletics Cup Long House

Overall House Champion in 2012 This was determined by the students who participated in the Athletics Carnival, Cross Country and Swimming Carnival The winner in 2012 is Long House


St James College Magazine 2012

Awards SPECIAL AWARDS Caltex All Rounder Award for the student who has achieved in sport, study, conduct and leadership Presented by Mr Jim King, EREA Director Regional Support

This Award goes to Kyle McNamara

Spirit of House Awards Spirit of Carey House Presented by Mr Mark Holmes – Pastoral Coordinator, Carey House This Award goes to Christopher Cossettini Spirit of Hogan House Presented by Mr Jonathan Hall – Pastoral Cooordinator, Hogan House This Award goes to Jonty Morris-Howes Spirit of Long House Presented by Mr Isikeli Kubunameca – Pastoral Coordinator, Long House This Award goes to Nicholas Maxwell Spirit of Mary Rice House Presented by Mrs Dianne Riddle – Pastoral Coordinator, Mary Rice House This Award goes to Enriko Di Lione

Gold Merit Awards Presented by Mr Jonathan Hall – Pastoral Cooordinator, Hogan House Jonty Morris-Howes, Wang Ahong (Julianne), Ky Pham, Tia-Moana Hippolite

Presented by Mr Isikeli Kubunameca – Pastoral Coordinator, Long House Martina Rossi, Alexander McFadyen, Andrew Schlencker

Presented by Mrs Dianne Riddle – Pastoral Coordinator, Mary Rice House Thomas Blumke, AbrahamManyang, Kaitlyn Moroney

College Captains’ Award presented by Mr Gerry Crooks Louise Quan and Mike Barrientos St James College Magazine 2012 139

Awards SPECIAL AWARDS continued Cathedral of St Stephen Service Award Presented by the Rev Fr Ken Howell, Dean of the Cathedral of St Stephen This Award goes to Jasmine Khan

Principal’s Award Presented by Mr Gerry Crooks This Award goes to Enriko Di Lione

Past Students’ Association Award for Academic Integrity Presented by Mr Mike Wilkinson This Award goes to Louise Quan

Dux of the College Presented by Mr Gerard Keating, Formation Director, Oceania Support Centre Dux of the College for the OP Course This Award goes to Mike Barrientos Dux of the College for Vocational Education Course This Award goes to Kyle McNamara

Br Finbar Mulry Award Presented by the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Graham Quirk This Award goes to Amber Williamson


St James College Magazine 2012

Final Say students who may have otherwise felt uneasy in having to compete with ‘the older kids.’

“Every story has an end. But in life, every ending is just a new beginning.” Distinguished guests, parents and guardians, staff and fellow students of St James College. Louise: Tonight is a night where we as a college recognise the hard work and dedication of some of our students. However, we would be remiss to forget about the combined efforts of all the students within our community especially those of our nearly graduating Year 12 cohort. This year our motto was ‘Aspire to Inspire,’ chosen by our student leadership team as the focus for our senior cohort for the year. In many ways throughout the year there have been many instances when this motto has been translated in the actions of seniors. One such instance was during Grade 8 camp which Mike will expand on later. Another such instance was the Chocolate Crackle, an immensely popular event in our school’s calendar that in the past has seen an overwhelming number of students participating. This year was no exception. As a result a new system had to be put in place that limited the number of teams per House permitted to enter as it was not possible to accommodate all the students that were interested in one school day. Chocolate Crackle has always been an easy and fun way for students to become more engaged in school activities thereby further integrating themselves into the school community. Once again our seniors demonstrated their leadership skills by encouraging younger students, especially the Year 8s, to participate in this year’s Chocolate Crackle. Also, many seniors teamed up with the younger

It has been a privilege to be St James School Captain for 2012. Working alongside Mike and having the honour of representing this school and being able to collaborate with the leadership team has been an experience that has made my final year of high school quite special. However, the friendships I have made and the invaluable support of the staff at this school in the three years of my attendance at St James have equally been as significant in making my experience as special as it is. I want to take this opportunity to firstly thank God, for his many blessings, my family especially my parents for their love, support and prayers and finally I would like to thank the wonderful staff at St James College. From those in administration to our wonderful groundskeepers I can’t thank you enough for the role you have played in my life and that of other Jimmies’ kids. Mike: Just as Louise said, our fellow seniors sitting in front of us have demonstrated our leadership motto, ‘Aspire to Inspire’ throughout the year. From the very beginning, we as a cohort stepped up to the plate, and began showing leadership qualities that encouraged the grade levels below us to get involved in every opportunity that was presented to them. The highlight of Term 1 allowed Grade 8 students, who were just beginning their high school experience, to attend a camp which helped them form the different relationships which can be seen every day during breaks and the many school activities, such as swimming carnival, cross country and many more. During this camp, Senior students were given the chance to attend and make all the new students feel welcome, by participating in the different camp activities offered to the Grade 8

students during the 3 days of camp. This marked a very interesting start of the year and it continued to show how the motto ‘Aspire to Inspire’ was put into action. During the June/July holidays, I was given the chance to attend the National Leadership Camp which was held in Sydney. During the four days that I was at this camp, I had the pleasure to listen to some of the most amazing speakers and meet students such as myself, that were eager to increase their confidence and learn new ways on how to inspire their school and their community. Experiences such as this as well as good advice have contributed to my success and achievements. In saying so Louise and I would like to impart advice that we hope will further your individual aspirations whether they be academic, athletic or vocational. You know how in a cave you can hear an echo? But truly it is life. Life always gives you back what you give out. Life is a mirror of your actions. If you’re going to be negative, you will get negative results. But if you are positive, you will get positive results. I know being a teenager is hard enough but do not let yourself become one your enemies. Everyone has enormous potential and you are no different, whatever others or you may think. As with Louise I would like to thank all the parents, guardians and loved ones whose support in the lives of their child or children has been immeasurable. Without your support and love the past year and the years before would have been much harder to get through. Furthermore, thank you to the amazing staff, there isn’t a more patient, empathetic and supportive group of school staff and we want to thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty. We wish you all, staff and students, the very best and we are sure that future seniors will continue to uphold our school’s motto, ‘Faithful Forever.’ Louise Quan & Mike Barrientos St James College Magazine 2012 141

Staff Celebrations Births

Alina Indi Anneli Born on December 7 2011 to Hanka and Shayne Dearling

Micah Henry Born on February 21 weighing 3.2kg to Bruce Bitossi and Simone Collie .

Kaito Ian Born on September 3 in Takatsuki, Osaka Japan to Leigh and Hiromi Brincat.

Annabelle Born on March 18, weighing 3.95kg to Chris and Rachel Zammit.

Weddings Kylie Parkin to Clinton Hudson


Vanessa Clark

Richard Occhipinti

Max Ryan

Mary Stirling

Irene Lister 142

St James College Magazine 2012

Scott Shackleton

Fritz van der Ham


St James College Magazine 2012 143

Acknowledgements The 2012 St James College Magazine details a year in the life of this community and therefore reects the hard work of so many of its members. The 2012 College magazine committee thanks everyone who has helped shape this year’s magazine. The 2012 College Magazine Committee hopes that you enjoy this years magazine. Sincere thanks to: Staff, students and parents who contributed reports, and photographs. Nathan Schumacher for his photographic expertise. Academy Photography for the formal college photographs and photographic processing. Noah Lloyd and Louise Quan for their dedication to the committee and page design. Ms Alyse Blann for her assistance. Mrs Naomi Ritchie for administrative assistance. PC Graphic Art for the printing of the 2012 Magazine. Miss Elisabeth Schaefer Editor Every effort has been taken to ensure the information within this magazine is accurate. However, the views expressed in this magazine may not necessarily be those held by the St James College Magazine Committee or St James College. 144 St James College Magazine 2012

School Magazine Committee 2012 Noah Lloyd, Louise Quan and Miss Elisabeth Schaefer.

ne zi ll 20 ege 12 Ma ga

Co s Ja me St

St James College Magazine 2012

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