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BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide
A guide to financial freedom For Michelle Metcalf Associate Broker, CRS, SRES, CLHMS RE/MAX Platinum Club RE/MAX Hall of Fame 2023
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BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide


ThisMomentum business plan & goal-setting guide was developed for RE/MAX Select Associates to create a thorough and logical path to follow to achieve their goals and fulfill their life "want to's."

Unlike just goal setting, where you pick a number and hope for the best, this comprehensive plan walks you through, step-bystep, a tested and proven process of developing a full, easy-to-follow plan. Moving well beyond an income goal to a daily plan to achieve your goal, followed by tracking and accountability to help keep you on your Momentum path.

After this plan is completed, you will have a clear picture of what financial level you need to attain to fund your life. Beyond a dollar figure, you’ll discover how many personal contacts you need to make daily to reach your financial goal.


STEP 1 What's your "Want To"? . . . 4

"Knowing your "want to" is more important than knowing your "how."


STEP 2 Build your annual personal budget . . . . . . 5

STEP 3 Build your annual business budget 9


STEP 4 Establish your Lifestyle Number, the minimum amount acceptable to fund your life and your "want to's" 12

STEP 5 Set next year's financial goal 13


STEP 6 Establish your daily contact target to meet your financial goal . . 14

"This is where the rubber meets the road. Real Estate is a contact sport!"

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Once your financial path is clear, we’ll map out your plan to identify exactly what marketing sources and lead generation activities will help you meet your goals and which ones to avoid. It’s all about focusing on the vital activities to get the desired results.

You will get out of the Momentum Success System what you put into it. If you complete this Guide, do the hard work and obtain the training your plan rec ommends to become a master in business areas you select to focus on, the sky’s the limit. If you complete this Guide and do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Let’s get started down your personalized Entrepreneur's Path…




STEP 9 Determine what Training you need to Support your Income Targets . . . . . . 21 • Momentum • New Agent Training • Designation Courses • Reading


STEP 10 Commit to tracking your success and taking advantage of RE/ MAX Select's accountability options 24

"Obtaining your goal starts with a crystal clear, specific target and laser focus."

Rolando Verduzco


CLHMS, GUILD, AHWD RE/MAX Chairman's Club Team RE/MAX Hall of Fame


STEP 11 Get specific about your 2023 goals. Identify the strategies & tasks needed to achieve those goals and crush your limiting beliefs 25

7 Review what worked last year 15
BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting
8 Select your Income Targets 16



one is the most important step. Why do you want to “suc ceed” anyway? What does success mean to you?

I Want To...

“Put my kids through college."

"Take four vacations next year."

"Retire at 50."

"Pay off my home by 2032."

"Buy three rentals." "Volunteer in a homeless shelter 20 hours a week."

"Write a book."

"Buy an electric car and save the Earth."

Before we start crunching numbers and getting rich, you should know your "want to's." Do you want more money? Do you want more time? It's ok to want both!

What would you really do with more money and/or more time?

What are your life’s "want to's"? Why are you working?

BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide
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BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide
2: YOUR ANNUAL PERSONAL BUDGET As you work through this budget the first time, just estimate your expenses. As you refine it, you can get more exact. For variable bills—like utilities—it's a good idea to review three to five months worth of bills and use a good monthly average. This personal budget is a tool for you to help establish what profit your real estate business needs to make to support your personal lifestyle. Perfection is not the goal. Get close and get started. HOME EXPENSES Priority Sample Actual Mortgage/Rent $ $ Utilities: Gas $ $ Electric $ $ Water/Sewer $ $ Garbage $ $ Internet $ $ Landline Telephone $ $ Cell Phone (Personal Use Only) $ $ Home Repairs & Maintenance $ $ Yard Care $ $ Home Security $ $ Property Taxes (if not in Mortgage) $ $ Homeowners/Renters Insurance $ $ Other $ $ Total Home Expenses $ $ DAILY LIVING EXPENSES Priority Sample Actual Groceries $ $ Childcare $ $ Dry Cleaning $ $ House Cleaning Service $ $ Other $ $ Other $ $ Total Daily Living Expenses $ $ Before you decide... how much you "need" to make, you need to know what it costs to fund your life. Use Priority "1" for must have items, like mortgage, rent or groceries. Priority "2" is for items you'd like to have, like dinners out and cable. Priority "3" is for luxury items you could live without but don't want to, like yard care, housekeeping, etc. 18,000 1,200 3,000 900 900 — 1,200 — incl. — — 25,200 10,400 — — — — 10,400 Your Your 5
PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION Priority Sample Actual Gas/Fuel (not work) $ $ Auto Insurance $ $ Auto Repairs & Maintenance $ $ Parking $ $ Kids autos $ $ Other $ $ Total Transportation Expenses $ $ FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS Priority Sample Actual Long-Term Savings $ $ Retirement (401(k), IRA, Roth, etc.) $ $ Credit Card 1 Payments $ $ Credit Card 2 Payments $ $ Credit Card 3 Payments $ $ Credit Card 4 Payments $ $ Credit Card 5 Payments $ $ Home Equity Line-of-Credit $ $ Auto Loan Vehicle 1 (not work) $ $ Auto Loan Vehicle 2 $ $ Student Loan 1 $ $ Other $ $ Tuition $ $ Other $ $ Other $ $ Total Financial Obligations $ $ SUBSCRIPTION EXPENSES Priority Sample Actual Magazines $ $ Streaming Services $ $ Total Subscription Expenses $ $ 1,200 — — 2,400 3,600 1,000 2,400 600 600 — — 300 — — 300 — 5,200 100 240 340 Your Your Your BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 2: YOUR ANNUAL PERSONAL BUDGET Don't know your actual numbers? You're not alone. Most people don't have a clue what they spend. Take a stab! Powered by 6
HEALTH EXPENSES Priority Sample Actual Life Insurance $ $ Health Insurance $ $ Dental Insurance $ $ Over-the-Counter Drugs $ $ Co-Pays, Out of Pocket $ $ Other $ $ Other $ $ Total Health Expenses $ $ VACATION EXPENSES Priority Sample Actual Plane Fare $ $ Accommodations $ $ Food $ $ Rental Car $ $ Other $ $ Other $ $ Total Vacation Expenses $ $ RECREATION/ENTERTAINMENT Priority Sample Actual Cable/TV $ $ Country Club Membership $ $ Dining Out $ $ Gym Fees $ $ Sports Equipment $ $ Team Dues $ $ Alcohol $ $ Cigarettes $ $ Gambling $ $ Other $ $ Other $ $ Total Recreation Expenses $ $ 960 6,000 600 1,200 600 2,000 — 11,360 Dentist 2,000 2,000 1,000 1,000 1,500 7,500 1,800 6,000 3,600 600 1,200 — — 13,200 Your Your Your BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 2: YOUR ANNUAL PERSONAL BUDGET To develop your personal business budget, look at last month's checkbook & credit card statements. Review a few months to get an average. See what bills you "auto-pay." If all else fails... guess! Seriously. It's a place to start. 7
PERSONAL EXPENSES Priority Sample Actual Clothing $ $ Gifts (Birthdays, Holidays, etc.) $ $ Personal Care (Salon, Barber, Nails) $ $ Books $ $ Other $ $ Other $ $ Other $ $ Total Personal Expenses $ $ MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES Priority Sample Actual Charity/Donations $ $ Pet Expenses $ $ Other $ $ Other $ $ Other $ $ Total Miscellaneous Expenses $ $ PERSONAL BUDGET SUMMARY Sample Actual Home Expenses $ $ Daily Living Expenses $ $ Transportation Expenses (Personal) $ $ Financial Obligations $ $ Subscription Expenses $ $ Health Expenses $ $ Vacation Expenses $ $ Recreation & Entertainment Expenses $ $ Personal Expenses $ $ Miscellaneous Expenses $ $ Other $ $ Other $ $ Other $ Total Personal Expenses $ YOUR PERSONAL EXPENSETOTAL “You can make all the money in the world, but if you don't monitor your expenses you'll never have enough." —Michelle Metcalf Associate Broker, CRS, SRES, CLHMS RE/MAX Platinum Club RE/MAX Hall of Fame 3,600 2,400 1,200 — — 7,200 500 1,200 — — 1,700 25,200 10,400 3,600 5,200 340 11,360 7,500 13,200 7,200 1,700 — — — 85,700 Your Your Your BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 2: YOUR ANNUAL PERSONAL BUDGET Powered by 8

vary. And as with the personal budget, perfection is not the goal.

business budget.
industry benchmarks
business expenses.
AUTO EXPENSES Sample Actual Auto Loan/Lease Payment $ $ Auto Insurance $ $ Gas $ $ Repairs $ $ Maintenance $ $ Washing & Detailing $ $ DMV Registration $ $ Other $ $ Total Auto Expenses $ $ TRAVEL/ENTERTAINMENT EXPENSES Sample Actual Transportation (Airfare, Car Rental, etc.) $ $ Lodging (Hotels, etc.) $ $ Meals/Entertainment $ $ Event Registrations $ $ Convention Registrations $ $ Total Travel/Entertainment Expenses $ $ 4,800 700 3,600 500 480 600 — 10,680 700 2,100 3,000 800 450 7,050 Your Your BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 3: YOUR ANNUAL BUSINESS BUDGET Set up a separate business account to pay all your business expenses. Use one of the hundreds of expense and mileage tracking apps like... BRANDING EXPENSES Sample Actual Marketing Designer/Counsultant $ $ Business Cards $ $ Personal Print Materials $ $ Review Software (Testimonial Tree) $ $ Software (Bomb Bumb) $ $ Total Branding Expenses $ $ 1,200 200 600 — — 2,000 9
The following pages outline a
It is this budget that will provide the key to what your business needs to fund your life. Once this is established, you'll know exactly how much prof it your business will make. In the steps that follow, you'll be able to develop a concise plan to meet that target. In addition to the
where you can determine your budget,
These bench marks are for reference only; your income and
NETWORK (Sphere) MARKETING Sample Actual Client Event 1: $ $ Adwerx Target Audience $ $ Pop-By Gifts $ $ Client Gifts & Personal Cards $ $ Marketing You or Other Mailings $ $ Postage $ $ Total Network (Sphere) Marketing Expenses $ $ NON-NETWORK (Non-Sphere) MARKETING Sample Actual Just Listed/Just Sold Postcards $ $ Mailing to Geographic Farm $ $ Mailing to Demographic Farm $ $ Websites/Pay Per Click/SEO $ $ Sponsorship of Group Team/Organization $ $ Networking or Leads Group $ $ Civic Organization $ $ Purchase Leads (i.e. $ $ Total Non-Network Marketing Expenses $ $ PROPERTY-SPECIFIC MARKETING Sample Actual Sign Purchase & Install $ $ Flyers $ $ Print Marketing $ $ Adwerx/Megaphone $ $ 3D Tours/Video $ $ Still/Drone Photos $ $ Actual/Virtual Staging $ $ Online Ads/Placements $ $ Storybooks by Studeo $ $ Total Property-Specific Marketing Expenses $ $ Figure what it costs to market the average listing so you can budget listing R SignPurchase&Install R Flyers R Print Ads R Virtual Tours R Photos R Staging R OnlineAds/Placements R Sponsorships The amount of money spent on a wellexecuted marketing campaign to your network (sphere) gives you the most bang for your buck. 3,000 700 300 900 2,000 100 7,000 1,200 — — 3,000 1,200 — 6,000 11,400 680 — 1,200 840 1,500 900 — 1,200 1,000 3,920 Your Your Your BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 3: YOUR ANNUAL BUSINESS BUDGET Powered by 10
ADMIN EXPENSES Sample Actual Education/Coaching $ $ MLS Dues $ $ Loop Net/Costar Dues (Commercial Only) $ $ Realtor® Association Dues $ $ Designation Dues (CRS, CDPE, etc.) $ $ License Renewal Fee $ $ Accounting Fees $ $ Printing/Copies $ $ Supplies $ $ Assistant Services (Transactions/Listings) $ $ Business Cards & Stationery $ $ Total Admin Expenses $ $ TEAM EXPENSES Sample Actual Salaries and Wages, including Taxes $ $ Payroll Service Fees $ $ Health/Dental Insurance $ $ 401(k) Expenses $ $ Extra Space Expense $ $ Total Team Expenses $ $ BUSINESS BUDGET SUMMARY Sample Actual Auto Expenses $ $ Travel/Entertainment Expenses $ $ Network (Sphere) Marketing Expenses $ $ Non-Network (Non-Sphere) Marketing $ $ Property Marketing Expenses $ $ Branding Expenses $ $ Admin Expenses $ $ Team Expenses $ Total Business Expenses $ YOUR BUSINESS EXPENSETOTAL 1,200 720 550 — 125 400 150 500 — 100 3,745 — — — — 10,600 7,050 7,000 11,400 3,920 2,000 3,745 — 45,315 Your Your Your BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 3: YOUR ANNUAL BUSINESS BUDGET Before you spend, ask yourself... Am I spending this money to make more money or to humor people? Can I track the return on this money? Am I doing this because, "I always have."? Think before you spend! 11
Establish Your Lifestyle Number The minimum profit that's acceptable for your business to generate. 1. Annual, Budgeted Personal Expenses $ $ (From page 8.) 2. Annual, Budgeted Business Expenses $ $ (From page 11.) 3. Net Income Needed after Taxes and Company Contribution = $ $ (Add lines 1 and 2, above.) 4. Enter Your Multiplier* x x Your multiplier is an estimate of the amount you need to"gross up" your commission to cover taxes and your company contribution. This multipli er is for guidance only and is not for tax planning purposes. Use 1.30 if line 3 is $0 to $75,000, Use 1.35 if line 3 is $75,001 to $150,000, Use 1.40 if line 3 is $150,000 and up. 5. Gross Commission Income Needed to Fund Your Lifestyle = $ (Multiply line 3 by line 4.) When you achieve your Lifestyle Number and manage your personal and business expenses, you can fund your life and your aspirations! Sample Your Actual YOUR LIFESTYLE NUMBER 85,700 45,315 131,015 1.35 176,951 The RE/MAX Club Levels are awarded each year based on your gross annual commissions. $50-100K $100-250K $250-500K $500-750K $750K-Million $Million & Up BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 4: YOUR ANNUAL LIFESTYLE NUMBER Powered by 12

1. Your Lifestyle Number: $ $ (The amount you need to fund your life—from page 12.)

Your Average Commission per Side Last Year: (Was last year typical?) $ $

Number of Closed Transactions Needed Next Year: (#1 divided by #2 and round up.)

Percent of Sides that You Plan to Be Listings: (Was last year typical?) % % 5. Number of Closed Listing Sides Needed for Your Goal: (#3 times #4 and round up.) 6. Number of Listings Taken, Needed for Goal: (Divide #5 by 17, assuming only 90% will close next year.)

Number of Listings Appointments, Needed for Goal: (Divide #6 by 90% assuming, you'll list 75% of them.) 8. Number of New, Closed Selling Sides Needed for Your Goal: (Subtract #5 from #3, above.) 9. Number of Buyers You Need to Work with to Reach Selling Side Goal: (Divide #8 by .75, assuming 75% close.)

Number of Clients Needed to Meet Next Year's Goal (Add #7 and #9, above.)

Assume 70% of your sides will be sales and the remaining 30% will be listings. These assumptions are averages to help new Associates plan for the year.

Your Actual Sample 176,951 6,000 30 50 15 17 23 15 20 43 Here's your numbers from last year: Gross Sales Commissions: Avg. Commission per Side: (without Referral Income) Listing Sides Closed: Listing Sides Percent: Sales Sides Closed: Sales Sides Percent: Avg. Commission Rate for Listing Sides: Avg. Commission Rate for Sales Sides: Avg. Commission Rate Overall: BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 5: YOUR ANNUAL FINANCIAL GOAL 13
Next Year's Financial Goals
What's a Daily Contact Worth? ÷ = Lifestyle Number from page 12 Annual Contacts Needed from line 3, above Dollar Value of Each Contact $ $ $176,951 (Sample Data) 1,505 (Sample Data) $118 (Sample Data) Calculate Your Daily Contact Target Data from various real estate coaching companies have shown that you'll need about 35 prospect contacts for every client. Assuming you work five days a week and fifty weeks a year, you can then use your Financial Goal from the previous page to calculate how many contacts you need to make. 1. Total Clients Needed to Reach Your Goal: (#10 from page 13) 2. Contacts Needed to Get a Client: 3. Annual Contacts Needed to Reach Your Goal: (Multiply #1 by #2.) 4. Daily Contacts Needed 5 Days per Week to Reach Your Goal (Divide #3 by 250 and round up to whole number.) DAILY CONTACTSTARGET The following activities count as contacts: 1) Face-to-Face, one-onone conversations where you talk about real estate at some point. 2) Phone Calls, where you speak to someone live messages don't count! 3) A Personal Text exchange that results in a two-way conversation. 4) A Hand-Written Note 5) A Personal Email WHAT'SACONTACT? Sample Your Actual 43 35 1,505 6 35 It's been proven that a phone call is most effective—second only to a deliberate, planned, face-to-face contact. BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 6: YOUR DAILY CONTACT TARGET Powered by 14
This section is designed to help you take a few moments and look back at your marketing sources from last year. This recap will serve as a guide as you select this year's Marketing Channels. Source Sides % of Sides Network (Repeats/Sphere/Referral) Referrals Personal Website Paid Online Leads Listing Leads Print Ad Calls Open Houses Direct Mail Expired Listings FSBOs REOs Relocations Account Zillow Sponsorships Realtor® Referrals Leads Group Charity Organization Other Grand Total of Sides Closed 100% Your Sample Actual* Your Sample Actual* 10 2 — 12 2 — 4 — — — 4 — — 2 2 26 5 — 32 5 11 — — — — 11 — 5 5 38 100 BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 7: WHAT WORKED LAST YEAR? = CONTACTSINCOME It's that simple... On average, for every quality contact a person makes every day, they'll earn $28,000 in commission. 1 Contact per Day = $28,000 in Gross Annual Income 4 Contacts per Day = $112,000 in Gross Annual Income How much do you want to make? 15

Successful Entrepreneurs select no more than three Income Tar gets to focus on. If you select more than three areas, you risk losing focus altogether. As you consider what Income Targets to pursue from the list that follows, look where your business has come from in the past as a guide to future success. Income Channel or Target 1, “Working your Network (Sphere) is pre-checked because virtually everyone makes this part of their Business Plan. Some agents only work this Target. Since everyone typically knows more than one agent you should Follow a Task/ Tool Plan in order to be the agent who is most in “Flow” with your Network. In order to have a thriving productive business focus on just what you need to have and just what you need to know in order to be intentional, proactive, effective and efficient within your Tar get. Then go out and take focused action and watch your income grow!

Income Targets Target 1 Working Your Network (Your Sphere) Target 2 Open Houses Target 3 FSBO's Target 4 Social Media Target 5 Expired Listings Target 6 Just Listed/Just Sold Marketing Target 7 Buy Online Leads/Pay-per-click Target 8 Support Charitable Causes Target 9 Demographic Farming Target 10 Geographic Farming Target 11 Mentor New Agents Target 12 Marketing to Rental Owners Target 13 Marketing to Renters Target 14 Home Buyer Seminars Target 15 Specialize in Luxury Target 16 Build a Profitable Team Powered by 16 BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 8: INCOME TARGETS
■ Target 2: Open Houses Tasks Tools Select the Right Properties MLS Data/Office Listings Promote the Event Signage/MLS/Social Media/Megaphone Invite Neighbors Adwex Geo Target Post Open House Follow-Up booj or other CRM/Cards/Adwerx Financial Cost Sheets Lender of Your Choice Prepare Property Flyers Premier Title/Corefact Recommended Classes: Open House Boot Camp, Buyer Conversion, Listing Conversion, Listing Objections Boot Camp, Pricing Boot Camp, Real Marketing ■ Target 1: Working Your Network (Sphere) Tasks Tools Personal Texts booj or other CRM Snail Mail Monthly Real Marketing/Corefact Make & Document Daily Calls booj or other CRM/Note cards Write Notes Daily booj or other CRM/Note cards Do Pop-Bys booj or other CRM/Note cards Client Events Location/Caterer/Invitations Birthday Cards to Adults booj or other CRM/Cards Birthday Cards to Kids booj or other CRM/Cards House Anniversary Cards booj or other CRM/Cards Personal Emails booj or other CRM Online Targeting Adwerx Recommended Classes: Referral Boot Camp, Buyer Conversion, Seller Conversion, Listing Objectives, Pricing Boot Camp “If you focus on past clients and your sphere of influence your business will thrive and you will enjoy your work. The bonus is that your clients will work around your schedule allowing you to have time off and a better quality of life." —Tony Ray Baker ABR, CRS, GRI, GREEN, CLHMS, GUILD REALTOR® Associate RE/MAX Chairman’s Club Team 17 BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 8: INCOME TARGETS
■ Target 3: FSBOs Tasks Tools Deliver iteams of value SPDS Follow Up Guides Have Drip System for Follow-Up booj or Other CRM Track Correspondence booj or Other CRM Get Face to Face Camera/TapeMeasure/ Disclosure Follow up Notecards/Car/Phone Recommended Classes: FSBO Boot Camp, Listing Conversion, Listing Objections Boot Camp, Pricing Boot Camp, Buyer Conversion, Marketing Boot Camp Powered by 18 BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 8: INCOME TARGETS ■ Target 4: Social Media Tasks Tools Follow Katie Lance Get Social Smart Acadamy Create Content Back at You Media/Phone Posting Listings Closing Reviews Testimonial Tree Recommended Classes: Social Media Boot Camp, Listing Conversion, Buyer Conversion, Listing Objections Boot Camp, Pricing Boot Camp ■ Target 5: Expired Listings Tasks Tools Find Expireds MLS/Red X/Prospect Now Have System for Follow-Up booj or other CRM/Adwerx Track Correspondence booj or other CRM Listing Conversation Momentum Recommended Classes: Expired Boot Camp, Listing Conversion, Listing Objections Boot Camp, Pricing Boot Camp “There are many ways to generate leads in real estate. I have studied and focused on phone prospecting to generate new business.” —Luyen Ngo REALTOR® Associate
19 BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 8: INCOME TARGETS ■ Target 6: Just Listed/Just Sold Marketing Tasks Tools Mailings Premier Title/Corefact Follow-Up on Inquiries booj or other CRM/Adwerx LIsting/Buyer Conversation Momentum Recommended Classes: Marketing Boot Camp, Referral Boot Camp, Listing Conversion, Lisiting Objections Boot Camp, Pricing Boot Camp ■ Target 7: Buy Online Leads/Pay-per-Click Tasks Tools Get Feedback on Platforms Ask Colleagues/Reviews Develop Incubation System booj/or other CRM/Adwerx Buyer Conversation Momentum Recommended Classes: Marketing Boot Camp, Buyer Conversion ■ Target 8: Support Charitable Causes Tasks Tools Join Board of Directors Volunteer/Lobby Spearhead Annual Fundraising Volunteer Organize Events Golf Tournament Recommended Classes: Referral Boot Camp, Buyer Conversion, Seller Conversion, Listing Objections Boot Camp, Pricing Boot Camp “You don't have to purchase leads to be successful. If you do, be sure to track your return on investment and don't forget to incubate and follow up." —Rolando Verduzco Owner/CEO CLHMS, GUILD, AHWD RE/MAX Chairman's Club Team RE/MAX Hall of Fame
■ Target 11: Mentor New Agents Tasks Tools Search For Talent LinkedIn/Real Estate School Consultation with Prospect Zoom/Designated Broker Invite to Experience Culture Weekly Momentum Training Create a Win Win Scenario Mentor Trainee Agreement Recommended Classes: All Momentum Clases ■ Target 9: Demographic Farming Tasks Tools Identify Target Audience Tile Co/RedX/Prospect Now Drip to Farm booj or other CRM Social Media Exposure Adwerx Recommended Classes: Marketing Boot Camp, Social Meida Boot Camp Buyer Conversion, Seller Conversion ■ Target 10: Geographic Farming Tasks Tools Monthly Newsletter Real Marketing/Premier Title Advertise to Farm Real Marketing/Premier Title On line Geo Targeting Adwerx Recommended Classes: Marketing Boot Camp, Social Media Boot Camp Buyer Conversion, Seller Conversion DIDYOU KNOW? 92% of New Years goals fail by January 15th. 83% of US adults don't have goals—written or otherwise. Powered by 20 BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 8: INCOME TARGETS
DID YOUKNOW? Only 3 out of 100 adults write down their goals. It's your call... Literally. It's no accident that RE/MAX Select Associates are more successful than the typical agent. 21 BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 8: INCOME TARGETS ■ Target 12 Marketing to Rental Owners Tasks Tools Identify Owners County Records/Title Company Contact Owners RedX/Prospect Now Follow-Up and Drip booj or other CRM On line Targeting Adwerx Recommended Classes: Marketing Boot Camp, Lisiting Conversion, Listing Objections Boot Camp, Pricing Boot Camp ■ Target 13: Marketing to Renters Tasks Tools Identify Renters County Records Market to Renters Real Marketing/Corefact Follow-Up and Drip booj or Other CRM Recommended Classes: Marketing Boot Camp, Buyer Conversion, Social Media Boot Camp ■ Target 14: Home Buyer Seminars Tasks Tools Select Venue Title/Mortgage Company Select Target Invites Rental Homes/Apartments Advertise Social Media/Adwerx Recommended Classes: Buyer Conversion, Social Media Boot Camp
■ Target 15: Specialize in Luxury Tasks Tools Institute for Luxury Home Marketing Get the CLHMS Designation RE/MAX University Network with Luxury Agents RE/MAX Luxury Forum Recommended Classes: Marketing Boot Camp, Buyer a conversion, Seller Conversion, Listing Objections Boot Camp, Pricing Boot Camp ■ Target 16: Build a Profitable Team Tasks Tools Assess whether You're Ready Your Select Consultant Establish Organizational Model Momentum Develop Job Descriptions Momentum Establish Compensation Agreements Momentum Interview and Hire Momentum Recommended Classes: The Leverage Summit, Master Team Builder Which Income Targets Did You Select? What Income Targets will be your focus next year? 1. 2. 3. Powered by 22 BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 8: INCOME TARGETS “I have had good success working with investors. RE/MAX Select not only supports my development as an agent, it allows me the flexibility to be an investor myself." —Jeremy Rains REALTOR® Associate

Now that you have selected your Income Targets and Marketing strategies, simply plug in the relevant Training and education needed to support your plan and to increase your confidence level.


Lead Generation Courses

■ EXPIRED BOOT CAMP Teaches the Call-to-Close method, a very direct and proactive approach to working expired listings over the phone. Dialogue is taught in a progressive manner, helping each broker become comfortable and confident with the technique. Associates will learn how to add from 1 to 3 listings per week to their inventory.

■ FSBO BOOT CAMP Teaches the Five-Step-Follow-Up method, a complete, non-threatening approach to effectively working For Sale by Owners. Associates will learn how to pro-actively solicit, follow up with and close FSBOs in a way that adds value to all.

■ OPEN HOUSE BOOT CAMP Teaches the Label-the-Looker method, a complete, nonthreatening approach to conversing and following up with open-house attendees. Associates will learn how to advertise and hold highly effective and productive open houses. In-home and follow-up scripts will be discussed thoroughly.

■ MARKETING BOOT CAMP Teaches the Who-Do-You-Know method, a very simple and proactive approach to working neighbors who live around just-listed and just-sold properties, the Label-the-Caller method, a focused and effective approach to answering yard sign and ad calls and the Smart- Farm method for choosing and servicing fruitful farm areas.

■ REFERRAL BOOT CAMP Teaches a unique 33-Touch program, which helps Associates increase their referral- based business. Associates learn how to pro-actively stay in flow with friends, family and past clients through mailings, phone calls and social media.

■ SOCIAL MEDIA BOOT CAMP Teaches an intentional and proactive approach to utilize social media platforms. Associates will learn how to identify their target audience and how to implement social media strategies to grow their business. The end result of this class is an associate will be able to create additional client relationships and nurture existing relationships through the utilization of social media strategies.

■ PHONE PROSPECTING BOOT CAMP Teaches the keys to successful phone prospecting, beginning with the importance of thoughts and mindset. The course covers the purpose of the call, who to call and what to say while on the call. Learn best practices to become proficient at lead generation via phone prospecting. Take it to another level by incorporating the advanced phone prospecting skills covered in this course.

■ THE POWER OF VIDEO BOOT CAMP The Power of Video teaches you how to build a complete video system, through personal branding and dollar-productive activities. You’ll learn how to identify your personal brand, as well as how to deliver value-driven content to your ideal audience, through storytelling. This class will provide basic concepts and tools, designed to establish confidence and ability, around video messaging. As an end result, you will then be able to leverage video within your vital activities. Tools you will need to create a beginner video system are provided within this course.

Lead Conversion Courses

■ LISTING CONVERSION Teaches a proven, professional listing conversation. The five stages of an effective listing conversation are covered in detail. Attendees will be exposed to professional scripts and tools designed to set them apart from their competition. Plans, scripts and tools are provided.

RE/MAX Select encourages
Berger ABR, CNE, CRS Associate Broker RE/MAX Platinum Club Team The Momentum Program is designed for you to take and repeat each of the relevant courses to achieve Mastery. 23 BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 9: TRAINING
“I like that
and supports
Not only are we able to provide better service to clients, I’m now in a position to create a legacy with my daughter after many years of working in the business.” —Alexandra

■ LISTING OBJECTIONS BOOT CAMP Teaches a non-confrontational approach to overcoming common seller objections. Associates learn how to respond with confidence and without hesitation to the most common seller questions, objections and concerns. Plans and scripts are provided.

■ PRICING BOOT CAMP Teaches the unique Seven-Step Pricing Strategy™. After attending this class, Associates will feel confident in their ability to help sellers arrive at the most appropriate entry-point price while at the same time adding greatly to their value proposition as a listing consultant.

■ BUYER CONVERSION Teaches Associates the five stages of effectively working with buyers. Associates learn a complete "Buyers Process," which covers how to facilitate a buyer conversation, identify appropriate properties, prepare showing packages, show homes, overcome common buyer hesitations and close the sale.

Business Courses

■ REAL ESTATE SALES PERSPECTIVE PART 1 Associates learn the two irrefutable facts of real estate and the unique entrepreneurial approach. Fact #1: Real Estate Sales is a GET RICH Business. Discusses the difference between being busy, productive and mas tering your skill. Your thoughts matter in your overall success. If you want to grow your business to the next level you must do things differently and focus on the right activities. Teaches Associates the difference between knowing and growing

■ REAL ESTATE SALES PERSPECTIVE PART 2 Fact #2: Real Estate is BASIC. Teaches how to build a plan to achieve your aspirations and non-negotiable Lifestyle Num ber through plans and strategy.

■ ACTIVITIES MANAGEMENT Provides an overview of the career-changing Activ ities Management System (A.M.S.), along with an introduction to the three phases of a successful business. Associates are challenged to discard the time-management myth and embrace the use of vital time blocks.

■ NEGOTIATION BOOT CAMP Teaches a foundational framework for approaching any negotiation. The course covers a format for structuring your approach to navigating buyer and seller positions to tactics to be aware of when in the middle of a negotiation. Associates will learn how to become more intentional and proactive in their approach to maximizing value for their clients.

■ THE EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT AGENT Teaches how to understand, manage and use emotional intelligence throughout a real estate transaction to provide the best experience for clients from start to close. Beginning with understanding what emotional intelligence is’ the course then dives into self-awareness, self-regulation and client imple mentation to begin building an emotional intelligence sales strategy to implement in your business.

Master Courses

LEVERAGE SUMMIT Teaches experienced associates how to leverage themselves through team building. Associates are provided with complete job descrip tions, interview forms, interview questions, behavioral assessments, and performance expectations for the purpose of hiring personal assistants, closing coordinators, listing coordinators, marketing coordinators, runners, buyer’s specialists, listing specialists, and team leaders. After this class associates will have a complete and proven system for find ing, attracting, and hiring the talent needed for a highly proficient sales business.

24 BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide
9: TRAINING “I’m very excited and pleased that we are so committed to education. We need to be learning based in order to continuously improve our service to clients.” —Nicole Brulé-Fisher CRS, Certified EcoBroker®, e-Pro, GREEN, GRI REALTOR® Associate RE/MAX Platinum Club Team RE/MAX Hall of Fame
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■ MASTER TEAM BUILDER Provides direction for establishing a team built for success. Associates learn to develop a core team ideology, create a mission, and establish values, beliefs, and expectations. The subject matter covers different team organizational models and defines the various roles and job descriptions of team members. This class is designed specifically for anyone wanting to start a team or take their existing team to the next level of production.


At RE/MAX we say that “The more you Learn, the more you Earn”. A focus on continuous improvement not only makes you a better agent, it attracts more referrals from your fellow RE/MAX Agents and designees. Some designations and certifications that have proven to increase a RE/MAX agent’s income are as follows. This list is a good place to start. See RE/ MAX University for available on-line options.

ABR – Accredited Buyer Representative

CRS - Certified Residential Specialist

CIPS - Certified International Property Specialist

CLHMS – Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

GUILD - CLHMS Million Dollar Distinction

CMRS – Certified Military Residential Specialist

CCIM – Certified Commercial & Investment Member

AHWD – At Home with Diversity

SRES – Senior Real Estate Specialist

GREEN - Green Real Estate Practices

ePro – Real Estate Technology


The Compound Effect & the Entrepreneur’s Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Good to great by Jim Collins

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

The Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod

Take the Stairs and Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden

Get Social Smart by Katie Lance

Everybody Wins and My Next Step by Dave Liniger

Start with a Win: Tools and Lessons to Create Business Success by Adam Contos

Clients First by Those Callaways

The Million Dollar Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People & the Eighth Habit by Stephen Covey

Rising Strong and Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

UnFu*k Yourself, Get out of your head and into your life by Michael John Bishop

The Seven Levels of Communication by Michael J. Maher

The Right Questions by Debbie Ford

The Road Less Stupid by Keith J Cunningham

"My CRS designation consistently generates referrals for my business."
—LuAnna Kidd CRS, ABR, GRI Associate Broker RE/MAX Hall of Fame
Guide STEP 9:

Commit to Tracking

Now that you have completed your business plan, you’re ready for the rubber to meet the road - doing the action steps your plan outlines!

As with any new plan, the focus and excitement can wane as time passes. It is for this reason that we recommend you track your daily activity. Tracking shows your progress and helps keep you on track.

Join an Accountability Group

Coaching and accountability are included in your fees to RE/MAX Select. All you have to do is plug in! Accountability Groups meet weekly based on Production Level & Team Status.

Accountability works!

Accountability helps turn aspirations into expectation and goals plan strategies into success. Experience has shown us that successful account ability is done with other like-minded individuals. Peers help each other stay on track and cheer other on!

BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 10: ACCOUNTABILITY Powered by 26 Personal Notes: Client Lunch: Pop-by’s (face to face): Calls: Additions to Data Base: Personal Emails/Texts: Name: Date: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 Daily Contact Achieved: Daily Contact Goal: Daily ActivityTracker Powered by "Once you have established your Why and your Goals and Plans, you can set up strategies to help you to behave in alignment with these priorities." —Lisa Larkin, Esq. CRS, CLHMS. GUILD, AHWD, SFR, CMRS, IRES Associate Broker/Owner RE/MAX Chairman's Club Team RE/MAX Hall of Fame


Based on the just completed business plan, you now know your financial goal which is a huge step. But there's more to life than money. Besides your financial goal—which should be written in the goal format below—what are one to two other goals you want to achieve in 2023?

The following chart illustrates that fewer goals—properly defined—mean more success.

Number of Goals 2-3 4-10 11-20 2-3 1-2 0 Goals Achieved with Excellence

Source: Professor J. Scott McLagan, University of Denver Executive MBA Program

The goal must be very specific and measurable. Not vague or complicated.

The goal must have an exact time frame to achieve it.

Having too many goals causes loss of focus. You can't do everything at once.

You may need help. As you list the strategies you'll use, it may involve other people or resources.

2 3 4

“A goal without a plan is nothing but a dream.”

—David Scott Creator of the Momentum agent success system

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Goal: Plans & Strategies: Goal: Plans & Strategies:
Goal: Plans & Strategies:
BUSINESS PLAN & Goal-Setting Guide STEP 11: GET SPECIFIC ABOUT YOUR 2023 GPS WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK? Limiting Beliefs: How would you re-frame?: HOW WILL YOU IMPROVE? Personal Development Plan: “Serving as Designated Broker provides me with the opportunity to help other agents and to share my knowledge and experiences spanning 35 years in this industry.” — John Jay Brosky Designated Broker RE/MAX 100% Club 29
2021 INDUSTRY RE/MAX® THE VS. Choose the brand with outstanding agents, leading brand awareness and an unmatched global presence. TRANSACTION SIDES PER U.S. AGENT (LARGE BROKERAGES ONLY)1 U.S. TRANSACTION SIDES2 U.S. BRAND AWARENESS (UNAIDED)3 COUNTRIES & TERRITORIES OFFICES WORLDWIDE AGENTS WORLDWIDE 15.6 965,859 32.5% 110+ 8,629 130,889 8.5 25,249 N/A 1 23 2,984 8.1 54,579 0.2% 6 500 8,000 7.8 706,420 19.4% 40 3,100 98,600 7.2 150,738 3.9% 75 1,000 24,000 7.2 1,154,613 14.1% 51 1,070 176,467 7.1 359,430 33.4% 84 13,222 144,700 6.1 238,981 0.3% 9 NA 41,313 5.8 87,512 0.3% 2 300 15,000 3.7 74,200 0.3% 1 180 20,000 ©2021 RE/MAX, LLC. Each O ce Independently Owned and Operated. Data is full-year or as of year-end 2020, as applicable. Except as noted, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s and Century 21 data is
as reported by Realogy Corporation on SEC 10-K, Annual Report for 2020; data for all other competitors is from company websites and industry reports. 1Unless otherwise noted, U.S. transaction sides per agent are from the T3 Sixty Real Estate Almanac Enterprises report, citing 2020 transaction sides and agent counts, some of which are estimated by T3 Sixty. For the following competitors, averages were calculated by RE/MAX based on the 2021 RealTrends 500 data, citing 2020 totals for transaction sides and agents for the 1,753 largest participating U.S. brokerages: West USA Realty. 2RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Century 21, Sotheby’s and Coldwell Banker transaction totals include commercial transactions while totals for all other brands are residential only. 3MMR Strategy Group study of unaided awareness among buyers, sellers, and those planning to buy or sell; asked, when they think of real estate brands, which ones come to mind? 21_303528 FULL-SERVICE

We exist to serve, empower and inspire agents.


To maintain and grow a thriving office where all can live abundantly by delivering relevant value to serious agents.

We live in a world of abundance. It’s win, win or no deal. Cost is only an issue in the absence of value. There is no growth without discomfort. Success stems from duplicable processes and systems. 2020




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RE/MAX Chairman's Club Team

RE/MAX Hall of Fame

“Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.” #1 in consumer awareness & trust. #1 in transactions per agent.


We maintain a positive productive environment where serious professionals thrive.

Plug into our consulting to create goals plans & strategies. Appropiate training, accountability & masterminding to get really good at your job.

Our well trained and talented people understand and embody the "It's my pleasure attitude" and the Company Mission to Serve, Empower & Inspire.


From RE/MAX Tools and MaxCenter to our own locally delivered products, our technology is designed to support your business and help you make more money in less time.


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