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Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. Albert Einstein

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related experience FedPayUSA | Columbia, Missouri May 2008 to present | Director of Marketing • Consult with upper management to develop and evaluate annual marketing budgets and return on investment • Develop integrated marketing strategies and campaigns • Design and implement corporate advertising and public relations tactics • Design and develop niche-marketing newsletters, print ads, brochures and flyers • Communicate with association partner executive directors and related marketing staff • Assist in identifying new vertical markets and lead generation • Write and develop press materials and articles for publication • Oversee and implement digital marketing efforts • Coordinate special event participation

Visionworks Marketing & Communications | Columbia, Missouri May 2001 to May 2008 | Account Supervisor • Coordination and development of strategic advertising strategies and creative concepts for clients with local, regional, national and international interests • Consultation with clients to determine marketing goals, target audience, budgetary guidelines and creative needs • Coordination and interaction with agency artists, copywriters, photographers and other production specialists; creative production of print and broadcast materials • Writing and editing of copy for print, broadcast and NPR • Media planning and placement • Coordination and implementation of marketing research • Coordination of special events • Development of estimates


Pelican Street Studio, Inc. | Columbia, Missouri October 1997 to May 2001|Co-owner and Designer • Daily business operations of book design studio associated with national commercial and university publishing companies • Design and development of text and jacket designs from author manuscripts • Photo manipulation; copy fitting and text composition • Coordination with national commercial printers

Self-Employed Graphic Designer | Columbia, Missouri | Olathe & Stilwell, Kansas August 1995 to October 1998 | March 1984 to August 1995 | Graphic Designer & Consultant • Design and development of annual reports, conference packages and corporate literature for local and regional accounts • Kansas City Star guest columnist for local Camp Fire USA organization • Consultant for Enterprise Graphics, Kansas City, Missouri

Offutt Air Force Base–Strategic Air Command | Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Offutt AFB, Nebraska | February 1983 to March 1994 | Art Director, Designer & Copywriter • Design and development of promotional materials for 22 MWR services • Aided in expansion of publicity department and achieved the following goals:

* Introduction of offset printing within department, eliminating excessive time delays and regulations of base printing service

* Introduction of photographic typesetting via computer modem to local typesetting service, eliminating hand set type

* 200% increase in publicity requests resulting in multi-page brochures, monthly club newsletters, flyers and specialty items

* 150–200% increase in program participation as a result of professional, informative and timely publicity


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Warrensburg, Missouri


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in graphic design


Graduated Cum Laude May 1980

University of Missouri School of Journalism, Adjunct Instructor for Strategic Communications Campaigns; advertising capstone project

Microsoft Office

University of Central Missouri*

*previously Central Missouri State University


Adobe Acrobat QuarkXpress Dreamweaver Twitter LinkedIn Flickr Facebook Wordpress AP- and Chicago style guides NPR* writing guidelines *National Public Radio

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Stephens College Adjunct Instructor Advertising Copywriting Voluntary Action Center Chair, Marketing Committee Leadership Columbia Steering Committee 2006 2005 Leadership Columbia Graduate Leadership Columbia Scholarship Recipient, 2005 Ron Marley Memorial Women’s Network Columbia Chamber of Commerce Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce


Camp Fire USA Consultant and youth club leader

collateral brochures newsletters catalogs presentation materials


About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs. Manolo Blahnik


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sociates began performing and developing M, Monday 0,r an making them one of the first practices in the appoint-

ptionists will condition. atient care. We’re able to keep our patients

they cansurgery. Recovery time is reduced nd after y invisible. Success rates are higher. The

are completely at ease and can quickly will let them

s possible.

ork with performed you to have the area’s first laparoscopic is of other minimally invasive e surgeon development emergency ernia repair, colon resections My wife Beth and I have nothing but high praise for always a

able at any ess like surgery, nimally l Associates.

Drs Walter Peters, Joe Starke and their staff. Dr. Starke performed breast surgery on my wife in 2003. Dr. Peters performed laparoscopic colon surgery for me in 2005. I was out of the hospital in 3 days. Both of us recovered quickly. I highly recommend them. We trusted them with our future and you should too. D. Peters

I want to thank Dr. Coats and his staff for the marvelous

WY 70

Y 63

J. H How do I begin to thank someone for saving my life, as well as giving me an opportunity for a new life? When I initially attended Dr. Pitt’s weight loss seminar in July, 2004, I weighed 433lbs. In order to have gastric bypass surgery, I had to have a BMI of no more than 60 - this meant I had to lose approximately 60lbs before he could even do the surgery. Dr. Pitt and his associates exhibit professionalism but also show compassion and understanding of being morbidly obese. The confidence he and his staff showed in me, made me confident that I could reach this goal. Within a little over 4 months, I had reached my 60 BMI and had my gastric bypass surgery on 12/1/04. By following all of the guidelines as set forth by Dr. Pitt and his staff, I have had no complications and have since lost a total of 270lbs as of May, 2006. Never did I think that I would ever wear a size 8 in my life!! K. Owen

medical care services

Aneurysm diagnosis and treatment

Minimally Invasive Surgical Technology Minimally Invasive Carotid Artery Disease evaluation Gall bladder removal

Anti-gastroesophageal reflux surgeryAssociates began performing and developing The surgeons of Columbia Surgical (for heartburn relief ) minimally invasive techniques in 1990, making them one of the first practices in the Hemorrhoid treatment Midwest to adopt the technology.

treatment. I was very ple d with their m and so hap scover ase py withDi what it’s like to ex the outcom perience bo at Colum e of my leg.


bia Surgical

J. H Associates.

How do I beg in to thank som eone for saving opportunity for my life, as we a new life? Wh ll as giving me en I initially an in July, 2004, attended Dr. I weighed 433 Pitt’s weight lbs. In order to hav loss seminar have a BMI e gastric bypass of no more tha surgery, I had n 60 - this me before he could to ant I had to even do the sur lose approxima gery. Dr. Pitt tely 60lbs but also show and his associa compassion and tes exhibit pro understanding fessionalism he and his sta of being morbi ff showed in dly obese. Th me, made me e confidence Within a litt confident tha le over 4 month t I could reach s, I had reache this goal. bypass surger d my 60 BM y on 12/1/04. I and had my By foll gastric owing all of Pitt and his sta the guideline ff, I have had s as set forth no complicati by Dr. as of May, 200 ons and have 6. Never did since lost a tot I think that al of 270lbs I would ever wear a size 8 in my life!! K. Owen

Hernia repair The result has been a revolution in patient care. We’re able to keep our patients Inflammatory Bowel Disease during and after surgery. Recovery time is reduced more comfortable—before, treatment and from weeks tosurgery days. Scars are virtually invisible. Success rates are higher. The

cumulativeVascular effect isDisease that our patients are completely at ease and can quickly Peripheral evaluation andnormal surgeries resume their lifestyle. Diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of cancers: Columbia Surgical Associates is proud to have performed the area’s first laparoscopic Breast Colorectal Esophagus gallGall bladder surgeryLiver and to have led the bladder Skindevelopment of other minimally invasive Small intestine Stomach procedures including appendectomy,Thyroid hernia repair, colon resections

and splenectomies. If you want your surgery to feel a lot less like surgery, you want mid-Missouri’s leader in minimally invasive surgery — Columbia Surgical Associates.

My wife Beth and I have nothing but high praise for Drs Walter Peters, Joe Starke and their staff. Dr. Starke performed breast surgery on my wife in 2003. Dr. Peters performed laparoscopic colon surgery for me in 2005. I was out of the hospital in 3 days. Both of us recovered quickly. I highly recommend them. We trusted them with our future and you should too. D. Peters

I want to thank Dr. Coats and his staff for the marvelous results of my EVLT treatment. I was very pleased with their professionalism and so happy with the outcome of my leg. J. H How do I begin to thank someone for saving my life, as well as giving me an opportunity for a new life? When I initially attended Dr. Pitt’s weight loss seminar in July, 2004, I weighed 433lbs. In order to have gastric bypass surgery, I had to have a BMI of no more than 60 - this meant I had to lose approximately 60lbs before he could even do the surgery. Dr. Pitt and his associates exhibit professionalism but also show compassion and understanding of being morbidly obese. The confidence he and his staff showed in me, made me confident that I could reach this goal. Within a little over 4 months, I had reached my 60 BMI and had my gastric bypass surgery on 12/1/04. By following all of the guidelines as set forth by Dr. Pitt and his staff, I have had no complications and have since lost a total of 270lbs as of May, 2006. Never did I think that I would ever wear a size 8 in my life!! K. Owen

th at once –

Medical Services Our most frequently-performed medical care services

Aneurysm diagnosis and treatment


Our throu ment ask yo Please more q

If you w know th A surgeo througho on call n calls. You qualified hour, on a

MOuremdosict fraeql medical ca re Aneurysm Carotid Ar

Gall bladder remo Anti-gastroe sopha (for heartbu rn relie Hemorrhoid treatm BROADW AY

Hernia repair Inflammato ry Bowel treatment an d surger Peripheral Vascular D evaluation an d surger Diagnosis, evaluation Breast Co Gall bladder 1605 vE Small intest CoLi lum ine Sto 573.44m 3 columb

Carotid Artery Disease evaluation Gall bladder removal Anti-gastroesophageal reflux surgery (for heartburn relief ) Hemorrhoid treatment Hernia repair Inflammatory Bowel Disease treatment and surgery Peripheral Vascular Disease evaluation and surgeries Diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of cancers: Breast Colorectal Esophagus Gall bladder Liver Skin Small intestine Stomach Thyroid

client: Columbia Surgical Associates | project: image brochure | agency: Visionworks Marketing & Communications specialty die-cut front cover allows visibility of montage graphic; designed to hold an insert in center panel


ter y D



results of my EVLT treatment. I was very pleased with their professionalism and so happy with the outcome of my leg.

Medical Services Our most frequently-performed

Patient Pro mise

The surgeon s of Columbia Surgical Asso Our Patien minimally inv ciates began t Promise asive techn performing iques in 1990 and develop Midwest to , making th ing adopt the tec em one of th We alw ays use the hnology. e first practic most advanc es in the ed technolo The result techniqu es at Colum has been a gy and bia Surgical revolution more comf in patient ca Associates, not what mo ortable— be but that’s re. We’re ab tivates our for su le e, rge to du keep ourpr ons. It’s the ring and aft from weeks ide paov tie ability to er surgery. Re ntscomforting, co to days. Scars covery time ma mpassionate are virtually cumulative is redke patient care invisible. Su ucsedColumbia Su effect is that that ccess rates rgical Associa our patient are higher. resume their tes a great pr s are complet Th e normal lifesty actice. ely at ease an Ou le. d can quick r entire staff works to ly en sur e that as a patie Columbia Su are safe, sat isfied and co rgical Associa nt, you mpletely at tes is proud gall bladder visit. You’ll ease from yo to have perfo surgery and get to know ur first rmed the are to a sur ha ge ve a’s on led procedures first lap answ who takes th the develop yopic aroersco ur important including ap e time to ment of othe pendectomy, qu est r mi ion nim s and splenec an conc ally inv d listen to yo hernia repair asiern ve s. You’ll find a tomies. ur , colon resec support staff tions everything fro ready to help m appointme with If you want nt your surgery s to rec ins urance. You eive the allMy to feel a lot Beth and I hav -enwi ’ll cofemp you want mi less like surge ass nothing but hig d-Missouri’s Drs Walter Pet ing caree yo ry, u’r ise for leader in mi ers, Joe Starke e lookinhgpra invasive surge We’re commper nimally and their sta for. forme itted ry — Colum ff. Dr. Starke breac tod pr asttic suring geryth bia Surgical onemy oriented su performe latwi fe in Associates. est in200 rgery andd lap co Dr . Pet aro or sco t-ers pic colon sur advancing medicgery for me in 200 through educwas out of the hos 5. I ation and pital in 3 day al science s. Both of us plorat ion down to it, wequickly. I higex rec . Bu ove t recommend the when it comered know it’s hly m. not enou trusted thems gh for yoWe be the most with our future ur surgeon skilled. You and you should I want to tha to also need yo too. nk Dr. Coats the ur mo and sur his staff forst geon to be results of my mp theco ma D. Peters EVLT rveass louion s ate.


client: Missouri Broadcasters Association | project: information brochure | agency: Visionworks Marketing & Communications program designed for state associations and non-profits to purchase broadcast media at discounted rates 8

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February 2007

n Unio redit C i r ou Miss

MCU Edge wood location wins an aw

ard! Jefferson Ci ty’s West Sid e Business MCU with Association the Business presented Re cognition Aw business gro ard for pro wth on the moting west side of Edgewood town with location. the new

…is at M issouri Credit U I thought nion. I would be a nervous wr home. I stil eck trying l can

April 2007 to buy my

’t believe ho w easily Mi

Missouri Cr Privacy Po edit Union licy

Apply for


holarships Missouri Cr Deadline is at Missour edit Union Friday, April collects i Credit U nonpublic 27th, 2007 personal inf nion Be ginning Tu ormation you from esd ab ou ay, t the follow January 2n application ing source d, 20 07 s for the Pa , Missouri s: • Informa uli Cr ne ed T. it “P Busby Scho Union bega at” Miles Sc tion we rec larships ($2 n taking eive from holarships application you on ,000 each) ($2,000 eac ($2,000 eac s or other and the An h). Your cre h), the Alan forms thony W. dit union seniors gra Lampe Sc is acceptin • Informa duating in ho g tion about larships ap plications the spring members your trans from high of 2007. Th or students with us or actions school e application others who have receive the process is parents wh sch op ola o en rsh are • Informa to ip funds for members. of their ch tion we rec Recipients use toward oice. eive from will the four-y consumer a ear college reporting Applicant or universi agency selection ty will be ba We do no sed on t disclose any nonpub 1. Financia information lic l need about you 2. Scholas to anyone except as pe tic achievem , rmitted by ent 3. Extracu law. rricular act If you decid ivities Applicant e to termi s must prov nate your membership ide, in writi or become ng an inactive 1. Biograp member, we hical sketch will adhere of themselv 2. High sch to the privacy po es ool transcri licies and pt pra 3. Copy of ctices as described 2007–200 above. 8 Federal 4. Essay of St ud ent Aid for why they Missouri Cr m feel qualifie Please ma edit Union d il or deliv restricts access to yo er to: Missouri Cr ur persona edit Union l and accou information nt c/o Scholar to those em ship Comm ployees wh need to kn ittee P.O. Box 17 o ow that inf 95 ormation provide pro Columbia to ducts or ser , M O 65205vices to yo 1795 We maint u. ain physical To print an , electronic application procedura and , please go Scholarsh l safeguards to www.m ip Info an that comp issouricu.o with federa d Applicat ly rg and click l regulatio ion on the Al l ns of on MCU left side of the above to guard yo nonpublic the home must be rec ur personal inf There will page. eived by clo ormation. be no excep se of business tions. If yo 573-817-54 Fr ida y, April 27 u have any 51 or 800, 2007. questions, 451-1477 please call . Lynne at

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My Next New Location…is on Edgewood Drive

We’ve added a new location in Jefferson City for your convenience — 3200 West Edgewood. Open a new account at the Edgewood location from February 1st through March 31st and take advantage of these great offers! 4 FREE checks with any new checking account 4 ¹/2% added interest on your next new CD rate 4 ¹/2% discount off your next approved auto loan rate 4 2% discount off your new home equity loan*

* Home equity offer applies to Ultra Advantage Membership only

home loa


ssouri Credi n specialist P.O. Box 1795 s removed t Union’s learning cur my fears! Th Columbia, MO 65205-1795 ve out ey rea lly took the of first-tim e home bu understand ying with eas answers to y-toall of my qu estions. But the bes t part was the low ho Columbia dream home me loan rat a reality— e that made 111 East Broadway Missouri Cr my opportunit edit Union y to save me took every more money $1,30Drive 3401 Buttonwood 0 in closing . I saved mo costs! This re tha n is the only wa1795 y to buy a 2101 West Broadway P.O. Box home Columbia, MO 65205-1795 . M–F: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Sat: 9 am – 12 noon

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My nexitt Uni & Hours e i Cred new homLocations is issouMrisatsomy next new banColumbia 573-874-1477 M k… 800-451-1477 Toll Freeuri Cre 111 East Broadway d it Union. 573-874-1300 Fax Columbia

Pictured (L) is Hal James, President; Jill MCU Presid ent Law West Side Bus rence, MCU Edgew /CEO; DeAnn Barton, MCU Sr. Vic ood iness Associ e ation Presid Branch Manager, and ent. Ed Reser,

Newsletter 573-817-5445 TTY-TDD

3401 Buttonwood Drive

During our grand opening, we will purchase and donate a book to our Partner in Education, Moreau Heights Elementary School, for every new member who opens an account!

Food Drive

MCU will sponsor a community-wide food drive for the Samaritan Center matching donations pound for pound. Non-perishable food items may be brought to our Edgewood location through the end of March.


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…is at Missouri Credit Union.

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TheJefferson new City 1310 Smiley Lane 1815 Southwest Blvd program M–F: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm 3200 West Edgewood Drive Sat: 9 am – 12 noon that M–F: 8 am – 5 pm 573-874-1477 Sat: 9 am – 12 noon 800-451-1477 Toll Free PAYS 573-874-1300 Fax Columbia 573-635-8007 Conve 573-817-5445 TTY-TDD nient locati 800-451-1477 Toll Free YOU! Colum57bia3-8& JeffersononsCiinty 573-635-5761 Fax Money tight? 2101 West Broadway


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July 2007

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nd a h g n i help

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yourofficer credit union financial today • Call aEmail at 573-874-1477 or toll free 800-451-1477 • Stop by any of MCU’s convenient Columbia or Jefferson City locations

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son City loc ati will be cloP.O. Box 1795 ons sed

Columbia, MO 65205-1795

Memorial Day Monday, Ma y 28, 2007 Independe nce Day Wednesday, Columbia July 4, 200 7 111 East Broadway Labor Day Monday, Sep tember 3, 2003401 Buttonwood Drive 7 Check on line for the complete 2101 West Broadway official holiday sch W edule. 1310 Smiley Lane NO Go to www.m OPEN and click on Info about MCU, M–F: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm then click on branch locatio Sat: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon ns/hours.

Schedule a M–F: 8 am – 5 time pm to Sat: 9 am – 12 noon 573-635-8007 Skip-a800-451-1477 Toll Free 573-635-5761 Fax Payment! 573-817-5445 TTY-TDD

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and Jeffer

Visit www. or call a financial officer today at 573-874-1477, 573-635-8007 or toll free 800-451-1477.

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• Easily rep

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t or stolen


• Use anyw here VISA is accepted • Check ba lance and purchases online • Low mi nimum of $25–$750 max

ions or Wed


Your purch ase of a VI SA Gift Card may with any M be made CU teller at any of M CU ’s convenient Columbia and Jeffers on City locations.

M–F: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Sat: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon 573-635-8007 800-451-1477 Toll Free 573-635-5761 Fax 573-817-5445 TTY-TDD

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FREE Internet banking at Email your credit union

client: Missouri Credit Union | project: monthly newsletters | agency: Visionworks Marketing & Communications 2006–2008 advertising campaign My Next . . .


Capital Connections Spring 2009

Financial industry trends

From the pen of Dr. Chapman,

We’re Becoming a Checkless Society—or Are We?

In this day and age of virtual reality, what’s next? We can only imagine.

Forty years ago bank technology maven, Dale Reistad, coined the phrase “checkless society.” The day may be coming when we indeed become a totally checkless society, but that day is not today. And it probably won’t be tomorrow either. The arrival of Check 21 legislation in 2004 significantly streamlined check processing and ushered in a new age of fund transfers. Even so, in the fall of 2007, The Independent Community Bankers of America reported paper checks exceeded electronic payments in 54% of its member banks.

In the 21st century, check verification and virtual reality go hand-in-hand as well. With the increasing popularity of laptop computers in the sales field, the face of check verification has taken a giant step into cyberspace. A virtual check verification terminal can be accessed via the Internet. With only an Internet browser, a username and password, checks can now be verified virtually anywhere! Accepting checks outside your brickand-mortar building or over the phone has become as safe and easy as scanning a credit card. The information is verified through a national database and approval codes are delivered within seconds. Encrypted information ensures the safety and protection of the check writer. For some businesses, this is welcome news and will help expedite payments, maintain existing relationships and attract new customers. Warm wishes, Dr. Billings Chapman 108 Corporate Lake Drive • Columbia, MO 65201 877.354.8844 toll-free customer service 888.808.8128 toll-free enrollment • 573.256.6542 fax •

There is no question we are moving into an age where electronic handling of checks is making life easier for merchants and banks. “You aren’t going to get people to stop writing checks,” said Nancy Atkinson, Senior Analyst with Aite Group, a company providing strategic advice on IT, business and regulatory issues in the financial services industry.



S oc

iety c ontin asked ued fr om p but m for check age 1 in a n comp y are st g accoun ill ult t u te r in fo r hack ing, s a-conser v rmation. Befor S om py w a ativ e you r e sense and id e with th e Americ roll y eir an o entit indiv for transa u eyes an y the money. s have e iduals ct d m Th e s ft. e co n b ra ce d o or sm ions when dismiss m sume n all bu e as o paym True, rs are line paym sines ld wire e n -f ts as ses a leer y tra e be ve re inv must be g hioned a of on nt option ry co nsfers co nd olved uaran st s line b u rathe . teed, out of to r than ly. From a ld be use ankin from their u d such a che c g bec b as at ch, think ck ins electronic ash flow to guaran ause anks, a p r tead b t e t of e al est o of au ransfer. B rspectiv ee payme ate c ut this: ch As fin e, som thoriz ecau n lo t e , ancia sings bu c se ing a l insti proce and a k paymen n ele of the flo e small bu t if you are tu s ny tra t ctron to co sing will c tions and nsact s still mak ic pay at time be sinesses m an individ ntinu ontin c o e ion w m t a n u w y be b sume al or ent m een w e to o ue to check here s rs e m ay he ffe str c lp a s hen a che tter suited all busin consu conversio r paymen eamline ontinue th e m c n a s k t t m s all bu n o busin ers are ti services, th choices fo d becom e pilgrima sines is written make pa , wire tran e g g esses ym s with an r sfe may ju htening b ere isn’t an their cons more effic e towards its ca d when it ents by c rs can elts a u ie a y s ’s heck st giv n m h re n receiv electr t. But mana ers. W ason nd be e you o e u w geme ith n d, wr s n ing m h the b nt. iting ore se y a busine check ve til that day ic, paperle oost ri A Ca s le s you n fi c s pital eed to ctive abo s shouldn’t cation, ele ompletely society, p Thou u a c d t b y incre ght ase y purchase e as flexib tronic che awns, bus ment our b s c ottom . Setting y le as poss k recover inesses ne ible— y and ourse ed line a e lf e nd re main apart from specially n lectronic profita ow as the c redit-c ble. The a ard-o verag nly e



Interestingly, even though check volumes decreased 18 percent from who 2003 to 2006, the amount of money paid via checks increased from got t hrow $39.3 trillion to $41.7 trillion. According to the Federal Reserve, most n off corporate and B2B payments are still paper based. Add to that this Busin ess Id statement from Bob Meara, Senior Analyst with Celent LLC, a strategic ea— You h T he St ave consultant to financial institutions; “Checks represent more than ep-ch rad75 ildre io a a killerlast n percent of total receivables for over two-thirds of small businesses. n of M —Da lands ” nd televis looking W ight. ve Ra arke capin e ion c ting N msey omm b site, glo g is w e While many consumers are embracing the electronic age with e e d You eed-fr ssy b rcials What r r o ee. S Atten their payment methods, as consumers, we still prefer to have the is lackin o wh running o chures a usin tion g in n at’s w g fa n option to pay with whatever form we choose at that moment. rong your fav d spiffy b anxie ce-to-fa many bu o w c s r t it e it in y h this e sta usiness c or on of a r ess m Choices—The American way! In the age of plastic, and in clight our ustoof t e a li ions. pictu arket cessio ne so mer s Your rds. You m ing re? cia current financial crunch, did you know more than 70 million n rewaadult lobb rds to ervice tha and help l network mixes is a y is im ight eve Americans still do not own a credit card; and more than a63 million pro na in yo g n s a fa p e cc lse co Is ur loyal b nyone els tect you g—is stag ood refer ably have prin adult Americans can’t qualify for a debit card from their own bank? r r ase. M ntes gerin al p e, a cur d e co t rated ads, oingprimary t just to ga ake the in nd provid rent custo g. A goo rogram. T it a stretch to think checks and cash may again becomeGthe and y hand e d h m in po our Testim -in-h tentia centive o more valu er base. referral p e power payment method for certain segments of our population? I think not. a r of Re l custo ro re e Web onials are nd with r mer in ward som than exp ferrals na gram can this prog site, in e m fe r t e a ethin ore b rrals forma As popular as non-cash payments have become, 99% It cof y g of v cted. You urally com carry you m alone— an U.S. tion. b as our litera elievable are testim t alue, households earning $60,000 or more still have at least tu Onlinoneechecking not a can aid th e when yo hrough t e or p simple as re, on bu than adve onials. No he a c u t h b a p nce w y r account. When you apply for a loan—or even a credit s a in yocard—you r t inteare ur ma ron innin offering ovide bet d c2us sking you iness card tising and hing is m continued incen g tha ter ore p tome s, in y rketpage r cus lend in t t t o r o iv c o in g w s a u m e . atisfa n be Wh e t r s e interp s and ction ers to wr presenta tant cred rful than herhow Call toll-free 888.808.8128 today to find it use to t it ib re s s io somout e o ervic ted s etim e sur testimon ns, etc. H ility to yo meone e es be old scho o u veys boost your bottom line during a recession. ol or the p can p ial letters w do you r busines lse’s opinio © 200 new a s 9 Fed o r g t o . n n h e U v o t t id o s m PayU he th fy e f leas e spa SA, L t resis edia meth ce fo ir letterh ese glowin them on ou. LC. A ll righ e y r com t a n ce od t rese ment ad and ke g endorse our to yo s, referr rved. ep th s and ment als an ur ne em s perm x t sa d te s le! ission on file. ? timo nials to us can e the info@ m

the is




can’t tell y o


• ww

w.fed p


client: FedPayUSA| project: quarterly newsletters







Norm Stewart

A Century of Tiger Basketball

Norm Stewart began his University of Missouri Basketball is celebrating its 100th year of distinction as one of the premier programs in collegiate sports. The past century has taken the Tigers from the historic Rothwell Gymnasium and Brewer Fieldhouse to the Hearnes Center and their new home, Mizzou Arena.

legendary Mizzou Basketball career on the court in 1954 as a phenomenal 6-foot-4 guard. In 1956, Stewart

As we usher in a new century of Mizzou Basketball, show your team pride with official gear from the Tiger Team Store. When you visit the Tiger Team Store, your purchases benefit the programs and projects of the Mizzou Department of Athletics and the nearly 500 student-athletes who proudly wear the Black and Gold.

America and led the Big Seven in scoring with 24.1

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points per game. He began his Mizzou coaching career

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shortly after graduation

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with four years as an assistant, and after six

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seasons away, returned as including eight tournament titles. Upon his retirement in 1999, he ranked

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7th on the NCAA coaching wins list with 731 overall. The court in the new

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athletics and the Tiger basketball program.

Jon Sundvold 1- 866 - SHOP - 4 - MU ■ ■

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This 6-foot-2 Missouri native lead Mizzou basketball teams through four consecutive Big Eight Conference Championships from 1980-83, becoming the 10th leading scorer in Mizzou history.




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head coach in 1967. In 32 seasons, Stewart reached 634 wins for Mizzou



Only the third player in Big Eight history to score more than 2,000 points and pull down more than 1,000 rebounds, Doug Smith was named Big Eight Player of the Year for two consecutive years and led the Tigers to a conference championship in 1990.

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Mizzou Arena is named in his honor for contributions to mizzou

Doug Smith

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was named first-team AllMizzou Basketball has developed 20 dynamic All-America athletes and charged into 21 NCAA Tournaments. the Tigers have retired six jersey numbers, including #22 of legendary Tiger coach Norm Stewart. Through the years, a heartfelt commitment to each student-athlete’s academic, athletic and personal development has remained constant and paramount.

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1- 866 - SHOP - 4 - MU ■ ■



Vince Volpe

Lauren “Bunny” Schwartzman

Steve Stipanovich

Assistant Director— Athletic Development

Only gymnast to score a perfect 10 in Mizzou history D

Seven-footer Steve Stipanovich left Mizzou in 1983 as the school’s leading career scorer with four Big Eight championships, two allconference teams, as well as “Newcomer of the Year” and “Player of the Year” honors. He was the second player chosen in the 1983 NBA draft by the Indiana Pacers.













Brian Smith & wife Denise

Wrestling Head Coach





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Real Tigers Shop

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Where Real Tigers Play

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s Fact t s Fa acts Fast F

Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Federal Check Check Recovery, Recovery, Inc. Inc. Federal 108 Corporate Corporate Lake Lake Drive Drive || Columbia, Columbia, MO MO 65203 65203 108 phone 573-256-6540 573-256-6540 || fax fax 573-256-6542 573-256-6542 || phone


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My next

s k c e ch

My next

k n a b

…is Missouri Credit Union. I know it’s not a bank—it’s so much better. It’s where there’s a focus on improving the things that are really important to the people who bank there because it’s owned by the people who bank there. That’s why I can trust that I’ll always get the lowest rates, smallest fees and best service for my financial goals. And I get the convenient account access I need with new branches, free internet banking and no-surcharge ATMs nationwide. Let me tell you—I don’t miss my old big bank one bit.

My next new bank isn’t a bank… it’s Missouri Credit Union.

…are at Missouri Credit Union. I heard what my old bank said about its free checks — and then I bounced one. I wasn’t ready for the sticker shock that followed.

Now I have this great program at Missouri Credit Union that includes free checking. It comes with Courtesy Pay Overdraft

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My next new checks are at my next new bank… Missouri Credit Union.

d n a h lping

My next


…is at Missouri Credit Union.

My next


…is at Missouri Credit Union.

Unexpected expenses always seem to come at the worst times. When car repairs, doctor’s bills or emergency travel put a strain on my savings, something’s got to give. In my case, it’s my bank. Missouri Credit Union gives me the break I need.

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I can practically write my own loan with a home equity line of credit. I just write a check as I need the funds, and I only incur interest on the amount I use. Of course, there are no closing costs or pre-payment penalties, and I can use the money for whatever I need. And the interest may even be tax deductible!

My next helping hand is at my next new bank… it’s Missouri Credit Union.

My next new deck is at Missouri Credit Union.


Convenient locations in

Columbia & Jefferson City 573-874-1477 toll free: 800-451-1477

Convenient locations in

Columbia & Jefferson City 573-874-1477 toll free: 800-451-1477

Convenient locations in

Columbia & Jefferson City 573-874-1477 toll free: 800-451-1477

Convenient locations in

Columbia & Jefferson City 573-874-1477 toll free: 800-451-1477

client: Missouri Credit Union | agency: Visionworks Marketing & Communications 2006–2008 advertising campaign My Next . . .


The vascular specialists at The Vein Center are the only board certified physicians in the area who treat all types of vein disorders. Plus, they are the most experienced with minimally-invasive techniques. Get ready to show off your legs! “I want to thank Dr. Coats and his staff for the marvelous results of my treatment. I was very pleased with their professionalism and am so happy with the outcome.” — J.H. -certified

ly board re the on rs. Plus, they are a r te n e e C r The Vein ein disord trust you cialists at eat all types of v chniques. Why e sp r la u te tr The vasc rea who inimally-invasive s in the a m physician perienced with rvelous ex r the ma the most ne else? is staff fo sed with their h d n a o a ats ny k Dr. Co t. I was very ple the outcome.” legs to a n t to than ith tme “I wan happy w f my trea results o alism and am so n io ss profe

— J.H.

MiniMally invasive vein TreaTMenT

1605 E. Broadway, Ste. 110 Columbia 573-256-1541 | 877-861-VEIN (8346) enT M T a e Tr e v e in v a s iv 0 in 1 y 1 l al ay, Ste. M in iM Broadw 1605 E. Columbia 6) IN (834 861-VE om 7 7 8 , M.D. | idmo.c 6-1541 D. Coats 573-25 .veincenterofm M.D. • Richard www ams, Jr., n G. Ad h Jo • . rey, M.D Humph Paul W.


client: The Vein Center | agency: Visionworks Marketing & Communications

For some surgeons, it’s exciting and new.

For us, it’s just exciting.


We get ri d of itsy bitsy spiders . .. With itsy bitsy incisions .

hile some hospitals are proudly announcing their expansion into

minimally invasive surgery,


Columbia Surgical Associates

re spider veins craw ling down you r legs? At Columbia Surgical Associate s, we mak it easy for e patients to exterminat veins witho e pesky ut fear or discomfort specialized . Our vein treatm ent center board-cert and ified vasc ular spec have perf ia li st s ected the minimally procedure invasive s needed to wash th spiders aw ose ay foreve r.

can say we’ve been providing it in our community for 15 years. Minimally invasive surgery allows effective, progressive procedures to be completed quickly and with smaller incisions, less discomfort and shorter recovery time. Our patients go home early and happy, which is why Columbia Surgical Associates has had a successful and long-standing presence in Columbia’s health care community.

On the path towards the least-invasive surgical procedures possible,

Columbia Surgical Associates has a 16-year head start. Ask your doctor about Columbia Surgical Associates for minimally invasive surgeries. Walter Peters, M.D. � Paul Humphrey, M.D. Joe Starke, M.D. � James Pitt, D.O. � John Adams, M.D. Richard Coats, M.D. � Erik Grossmann, M.D.

1605 East Broadway, Suite 110 • Columbia 573.443.8773 • 800.443.1082 •

D r. R ic h ar d

C oa ts

Visit wit h Colum bia

We are eq uipped to treat all lo extremity wer vein disord ers using least-inva the sive techn iques avai including lable endoveno us laser abla of varicose tion veins. Trea tments ra from cosm n ging etic spider vein sclero to severe therapy varicose vein corr ections are often outpatien t procedu involve m res that inimal re covery.

Surgical Associat e w e ’ l l g e W t rid of t s… al te r P et Ja m es P er s, M .D it t, D .O . h e spiders . � P au l � Jo h n H u m p h re A d am s, . y, M .D . � R ic h ar d

M .D . � Jo e S ta rk C o at s, M e, M .D . .D . � E ri k G ro ss m an

n , M .D . 1605 Eas t Broadw ay, Suite Columbi 110 a 573.443. 8773 • 80 0.443.10 www.colu 82 mbiasurg

client: Columbia Surgical Associates | agency: Visionworks Marketing & Communications


Can you spot the bad check writer? Can yo u spot t he bad check


Of cour A s anyone bad check wr e you can’t. it . . . any where . er could be . . anyti FedPay USA’s Sig bad che me. c n ks —ma ature Se king ch rvice we ecks as eds out safe as 99% of cash or credit ca rds.

Of course you can’t. A bad check writer could be anyone . . . anywhere . . . anytime.

Our Ch eck Ver Electro ificatio nic Che n bac elimina ck Reco te loss f very wil ked by rom ba l virtua d check lly s or che ck frau d.

Cal no-oblil us today at 1 . gation analysi888.808.8128 s of you f 1 0 8 Co r p o rate r busin or a L a ke D e ss ! rive • C olu

FedPayUSA’s Signature Service weeds out 99% of bad checks — making checks as safe as cash or credit cards. Our Check Verification backed by Electronic Check Recovery will virtually eliminate loss from bad checks or check fraud.

mbia, M

Call us today at 1.888.808.8128 for a no-obligation analysis of your business! 108 Corporate Lake Drive • Columbia, MO • • *


client: FedPayUSA

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@ fe d p a

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w.fedp ay


special events


Creativity is the ability to see relationships where none exist. Thomas Disch


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pink bunny toting • frilly dress wearing • daddy heart melting • Barbie doll playing • piggyback riding • magic wand waving • lap snuggling • dress up playing • tadpole collecting • slumber party giggling • basketball shooting • mommy makeup smearing • oak tree climbing • eyeball rolling • high heel wearing • telephone hogging • boy head turning • prom dress collecting • wedding gown dreaming little girl . . .

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baby announcement | folds to 8.5 x 11 inches

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the celebration continues with a dinner reception following the ceremony at the

Capital Plaza Hotel 415 west mccarty jefferson city, missouri

cocktails at 4 o’clock in the afternoon dinner and dance to follow

Custom-designed Wedding Reception Insert

Emil & Ju an 50th Wed ita Fischer ding Ann iversary Cel



wedding reception announcement card | 50th wedding anniversary reception invitation

corporate identity


Artists can color the sky red because they know it’s blue. Those of us who aren’t artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we’re stupid. Jules Feiffer


Walter Peters, M.D. � Paul Humphrey, M.D. Joe Starke, M.D. � James Pitt, D.O. � John Adams, M.D. Richard Coats, M.D. � Erik Grossmann, M.D.

VC the

1605 East Broadway, Suite 110 • Columbia 573.443.8773 • 800.443.1082 •

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of mid-missouri

agency: Visionworks Marketing & Communications

client: The Crossing Church | college ministry





Good ideas are common—what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about. Ashleigh Brilliant


case study for The University of Missouri Tiger Team Store agency: Visionworks Marketing & Communications University of Missouri Tiger Team Store 260 Hearnes Center Columbia, MO 65211 Challenge & Objective The University of Missouri Tiger Team store needed a fresh, new look for its merchandise catalogs. The store wanted to differentiate itself from the university bookstore and other competing locations selling branded merchandise. In addition, the store wanted the catalogs to be used as image development pieces for the athletic department. Through the design, development and promotion of three new catalogs, the store would promote Missouri Tiger merchandise for in-store and online purchase. The catalogs could also be used as promotional pieces for athletic department needs. Strategy & Recommendations A cohesive sequence of catalogs promoting the Missouri Tigers was designed and developed, reflecting the experience of game day atmosphere. A clean, contemporary design incorporated athletic legends and memorable historical moments to capitalize on the rich history of a variety of teams, as well as create pride and excitement for the future. New, full-color catalogs were designed and mailed to season ticket holders, alumni and previous ticket purchasers. The scope of work entailed creation of a football/fall sports catalog, a basketball/winter sport catalog and a spring supplement catalog. Multiple photo shoots were coordinated to showcase merchandise alone, in glamour shots and on models. There was a total number of 231 merchandise items featured between the three catalogs. Results The redesign of the Tiger Team Store catalogs received significant praise from the department, and was successful in increasing sales of merchandise and driving traffic to the Web site. Online merchandise sales increased 111.68% from February 2005 to February 2006.


case study for Missouri Credit Union agency: Visionworks Marketing & Communications Missouri Credit Union 111 East Broadway Columbia, MO 65201 Challenge and Objective Missouri Credit Union was formerly Mizzou Credit Union and based in Columbia, MO. The credit union merged with Missouri State Credit Union in Jefferson City. A new identity was needed that represented the merger of both companies. The charge was to design, implement and coordinate primary research needed to promote the merger to the credit unions’ respective memberships. In addition, we were to determine customer service satisfaction with Mizzou Credit Union and assess the understanding, awareness and perceptions of credit unions among residents in mid-Missouri. Strategy Recommendations The agency developed and coordinated the community awareness and perceptions survey that was mailed to approximately 23,000 residents of mid-Missouri. More than 900 completed surveys were returned. Six hundred and fifteen unique surveys were analyzed, which yielded a confidence level of 99% for the findings. The remaining 300 surveys were from existing credit union members and not the specific population in which Missouri Credit Union was most interested. It was determined the analysis of the last 300+ surveys would not yield any additional statistically meaningful information. A second customer satisfaction survey was coordinated and mailed to about 2,700 account holders who had closed at least one account at Missouri Credit Union. Three hundred and forty responses were received, and 327 were usable for analysis, yielding a 95% confidence level for the findings. The agency designed and implemented merger ballot information for both credit union memberships. The memberships approved the merger of Mizzou Credit Union and Missouri State Credit Union. Upon member approval of the merger and new name, an awareness campaign was developed to unify the seven branch locations under one identity. Based on key findings from the surveys, a comprehensive, strategic campaign implemented a multidisciplinary media approach that included public relations, paid advertising tactics and a new Web presence. Key messages were taken from statistical data, analyzed and incorporated into the campaign specifically designed to target non-members. A jingle package was developed for use in broadcast media in addition to extensive print and collateral and direct mail pieces. Results Awareness of Missouri Credit Union continues to increase in the region, and the credit union has opened two new branches to help accommodate the growth.


case study for The Business Conference & Showcase agency: Visionworks Marketing & Communications Columbia Chamber of Commerce 300 S. Providence Columbia, MO 65201 Challenge and Objective The 2001 Columbia Chamber of Commerce’s Business Exposition, while financially successful with annual revenues of $30,000, was losing its vitality. Concerns were the event may have outlived its appeal. Visionworks Marketing & Communications was charged with revitalizing the showcase in 2002 in order to raise profitability and value to members, making sure the event remained a premier fund raising event. Strategy & Recommendations Activities surrounding the expo were expanded to create a conference atmosphere. High-profile speakers were scheduled and promoted to enhance the value of the event. The addition of special events and unique showcasing opportunities added fun, value and traffic. Partnering with media sponsors allowed for promotion of the event while capitalizing on the benefits of these alliances. The first recommendation was to change the name to the Business Conference & Showcase. The existing model was critically evaluated for opportunities and challenges. Battling a negative perception of value, co-chairs, volunteers and the agency staff developed a vision of interactivity, enhanced training and promotion. Visionworks coordinated sponsorships to allow for the addition of special activities of interest including a cyber cafÊ, the Small Business of the Year Awards, the Women’s Network luncheon and afternoon mixers featuring the 40 Under 40 Awards. Exhibitors were diversified to include services of personal interest, shifting the focus from exclusively business-to-business. Results Excitement and awareness of the event was and continues to be at an all-time high. More than $40,000 of donated advertising was negotiated with media vendors who bid for the opportunity to sponsor the event. Unlike 2001, booth space sold out more than a month in advance. Seminar attendance was high and seats in presentations routinely were filled. Attendance was up 17%, and the Columbia Chamber of Commerce netted more than $50,000. Visionworks continues to be the sponsoring agency of the event and responsible for coordinating media promotion.



book design


These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves. Gilbert Highet


client: Syracuse University Press | agency: Pelican Street Studio, Inc. Airplanes, Women, and Song: Memoirs of a Fighter Ace, Test Pilot, and Adventurer Boris Sergievsky Edited by Allan Forsyth and Adam Hochschild 288 pages 8 x 9


client: Syracuse University Press | agency: Pelican Street Studio, Inc.


Great Women in the Sport of Kings: America’s Top Women Jockeys Tell Their Stories; Scooter Toby Davidson and Valerie Anthony 160 pages


client: Andrews McMeel Publishing | agency: Pelican Street Studio, Inc. Kansas City and All That’s Jazz; The Kansas City Jazz Museum 128 pages 8.5 x 11



client: Southern Illinois University Press | agency: Pelican Street Studio, Inc. Boycott in America: How Imagination and Ideology Shape the Legal Mind; Gary Minda 272 pages 6 x 9

book jackets | agency: Pelican Street Studio, Inc.





Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. E. L. Doctorow


Columbia Business Times

written in conjunction with Lili Vianello, Visionworks Marketing & Communications

Delivering the Brand Experience: What the customer says about you is always right. “Good ideas do not just circulate information. They penetrate the public mind with desire and belief.” ~ Leo Burnett Today I want to talk about branding. There’s a good chance you are familiar with the term. But what does it really mean? Is it your logo, colors or the language you use? Is it the ad campaign you are currently running or the slogan you’ve utilized for years? According to Rob Frankel, branding expert with Frankel & Anderson, Inc., branding is more than just your company name or logo. It’s the reason why people evangelize you. Your brand is a gut feeling, a distinct understanding of a product, service or company that exists in the mind of the consumer. A brand is the relationship between the product or service and the user. Understanding the brand in the context of the user’s life facilitates defining the essence of the brand. Frankel points out, branding is not about getting your prospects to choose you over the competition, it’s about getting your prospects to see you as the only solution to their problem. So why is “branding” such a hot topic these days? Because, instead of being a society of mass production we are a society of mass customization. Purchasing choices have multiplied and consumers are faced with many more options for the same product or service than a generation ago. Purchases are made now based on more symbolic and, sometimes, subconscious reasons, rather than by comparing features and benefits. Some consumers ask themselves, “What kind of people buy and use this product? Do I want to be associated with this group?” A brand is about how consumers feel about themselves when they use a product or service. Others evaluate their willingness to make a purchase based on the degree of trust they have with a company. Trust is the most direct route to a buying decision - and the foundation of successful branding. Ted Leonhardt with Leonhardt Group puts it succinctly. “A brand is the emotional shortcut between a company and its customers.”

So, a disciplined focus on the target audience is an essential element of successful brand management. How does your brand touch a basic, human need such as popularity, security, comfort, convenience, attractiveness or status? The most successful brands begin the marketing process with genuine consumer insight gained via robust customer research. Strong brands are successful because of a disciplined focus on a core customer. For many organizations, this segment represents no more than 15–20 percent of the customer base. But this segment, the core customer, represents a significant percentage of total business revenue. Another component that needs to be part of the strategy is operations. The role of branding has shifted from a marketing function to a central organizing principal. The goal is to make sure all consumers have a consistent, positive experience. Branding is about building an organization’s capacity to deliver on its brand promises across all aspects of the organization, from the receptionist to the mailroom to the CEO. That’s what Ray Kroc accomplished when he started a little chain of hamburger restaurants called McDonald’s. It is also a philosophy that the Disney Corporation keeps front and center. Paul Pressler, President of Walt Disney Attractions, says it this way. “A great brand stays close to its customers. Strong brands keep close study of every aspect of the customer experience to ensure it is always a positive one.” And the corporation knows the value of delivering on that promise. Disney estimates the lifetime value in residual sales of a person having an outstanding first time visit to one of its properties to be $50,000. Going back to that one consumer, time and again, branding and reinforcing the Disney experience has obviously produced amazing results for one perky mouse and his supporting cast members (the title given to employees of Walt Disney World). Maybe that’s what they mean when they sing, “It’s a small world after all.” © 2008 Visionworks Marketing & Communications. All rights reserved.


Columbia Business Times article

written in conjunction with Lili Vianello, Visionworks Marketing & Communications

Sustainability suggests it’s time for a makeover. It’s time for a makeover. It may be your company’s logo, Web site or entire campaign. It even might include a makeover of the tried and true and perhaps historically the driest, stuffiest of all company documents —the annual report. I realize not everybody is obliged to produce one of these profit and loss behemoths for public consumption. But if you are, you should note that trends lead toward not only communicating the company successes and recent accomplishments, but also plans for the future and presence in the community. Sustainability is a concept you need to consider highlighting in your annual report and all communications with your various constituents throughout the year. Now more than ever, stakeholders and potential stakeholders are taking a greater interest in non-financial business practices such as philanthropy, business ethics and workplace diversity. So by highlighting all the great things about your company that go beyond the bottom-line, you have the opportunity to improve your ability to raise capital, build morale and recruit the best employees. All of these non-financial facts and intangible assets come under the broad heading of “sustainability.” Now that’s a pretty unwieldy term for many to wrap their minds around. What in the world does sustainability mean anyway? Is this some environmental term? Well yes, it can be in part. Sustainability is what your company does to return something to the community in an effort to create a thriving business over the long haul and the commitment made to preserving and protecting both natural and human resources. Sounds pretty cryptic, doesn’t it? Anne Moore, Chairman & CEO of Time Inc. defines it in this way. “Meeting economic, social and environmental goals are the three pillars of sustainability, and those goals are not in conflict.” There are many ways to get this message out to both internal and external audiences. Update your Web site with a new sustainability section. Produce a print piece with engaging photos and some facts about what sustainability means to you and how your company has put some practices into place. Employee and customer testimonials would be a great way to do this. How about a radio ad, similar to one a large public utility is currently running telling the world how you are making improvements for future generations? In any case, I recommend you seek professional guidance


with the writing, photography and design of these tactics. You want to make absolutely certain your sustainability initiatives are presented sincerely and honestly and don’t seem arrogant or self-serving. Back to Ms. Moore of Time Inc. “We are proving that a company can be a thriving, profitable enterprise while still supporting the communities and the environment on which we all depend. In fact there is no other path to lasting success.” In devising avenues for getting your sustainability message out, investigate what other industry leaders are doing and see if you are already doing or could adapt some of what they are doing on a scale that makes sense in your company. I bet you would be surprised to learn Proctor & Gamble, Kellogg’s, Dell and Wal-Mart do some of the same things you do. You will notice they have seized opportunities to add sections to their Web sites, addendums to annual reports and, in some cases, launching separate Web sites devoted to telling you how they are giving something back to the world. Just because your organization isn’t the size of Time Inc., doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from sharing the types of things you do that come under the heading of sustainability. Maybe you support a variety of local charities. Perhaps you donate your services to charitable causes or allow your staff time during work hours to serve on the board of a nonprofit. Some employers provide employees help with smoking cessation programs, provide tuition assistance for continuing education or help to underwrite the cost of gym memberships or other wellness programs. Do you choose vendors based on their environmental practices - printing on recycled paper or using soy based inks for example? Perhaps you promote the overall health of your crew by encouraging the whole office to join a fitness challenge and sending employees to health screenings. The trend today is to include these key messages that addresses what sustainability initiatives you have adopted or are working toward. How do you strengthen the social fabric of the communities where you do business? What do you do to enrich the lives of your employees? What are some simple things the company does to encourage sustainability?

Now, that’s a worthwhile makeover for 2008. © 2008 Visionworks Marketing & Communications. All rights reserved.

KC Small Business Monthly We’re Becoming a Checkless Society—or Are We? Forty years ago bank technology maven, Dale Reistad, coined the phrase “checkless society.” The day may be coming when we indeed become a totally checkless society, but that day is not today. And it probably won’t be tomorrow either. The arrival of Check 21 legislation in 2004 significantly streamlined check processing and ushered in a new age of fund transfers. Even so, in the fall of 2007, The Independent Community Bankers of America reported paper checks exceeded electronic payments in 54% of its member banks. There is no question we are moving into an age where electronic handling of checks is making life easier for merchants and banks. Back office conversion techniques have eliminated trips to the banks with bank bags, and have helped maintain existing business/bank relationships. This “paperless” transaction allows merchants tremendous flexibility and security in scheduling deposits at their convenience. “You aren’t going to get people to stop writing checks,” said Nancy Atkinson, Senior Analyst with Aite Group, a company providing strategic advice on IT, business and regulatory issues in the financial services industry. She added, “You can change the way checks get handled once tendered for payment, and image check clearing and ACH check conversion do just that.” Interestingly, even though check volumes decreased 18 percent from 2003 to 2006, the amount of money paid via checks increased from $39.3 trillion to $41.7 trillion. According to the Federal Reserve, most corporate and B2B payments are still paper based. Add to that this statement from Bob Meara, Senior Analyst with Celent LLC, a strategic consultant to financial institutions; “Checks represent more than 75 percent of total receivables for over two-thirds of small businesses.” While many consumers are embracing the electronic age with their payment methods, as consumers, we still prefer to have the option to pay with whatever form we choose at that moment. Choices—The American way! We demand choices in every aspect of our lives. Why should this area be any different? And choices still includes the option of paying by check. In the age of plastic, and in light of our current financial crunch, did you know more than 70 million adult Americans still do not own a

credit card; and more than 63 million adult Americans can’t qualify for a debit card from their own bank? Is it a stretch to think checks and cash may again become the primary payment method for certain segments of our population? I think not. As popular as non-cash payments have become, 99% of U.S. households earning $60,000 or more still have at least one checking account. When you apply for a loan—or even a credit card—you are asked for checking account information. Some Americans have embraced online payment options from their banks, but many are still ultra-conservative with their money. These consumers are leery of online banking because of computer hacking, spyware and identity theft. Before you roll you eyes and dismiss me as old-fashioned and out of touch, think about this: check payments still make sense for transactions when payments must be guaranteed, such as at real estate closings and any transaction where individuals or small businesses are involved. True, wire transfers could be used to guarantee payment, but if you are an individual or small business, wire transfers can be very costly. From a cash flow perspective, some small businesses may be better suited to make payments by checks rather than electronic transfer. Because of the float time between when a check is written and when it’s received, writing a check instead of authorizing an electronic payment may help a small business with its cash management. As financial institutions and consumers continue the pilgrimage towards an electronic, paperless society, payment processing will continue to streamline and become more efficient. But until that day completely dawns, businesses need to continue to offer payment choices for their consumers. With check verification, electronic check recovery and electronic check conversion services, there isn’t any reason why a business shouldn’t be as flexible as possible—especially now as consumers are tightening belts and being more selective about purchases. Setting yourself apart from the credit-card-only businesses may just give you the boost you need to increase your bottom line and remain profitable. © 2009 FedPayUSA, LLC. All rights reserved.


KC Small Business Monthly Convert Your Retreat Into Advance Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 inaugural address stated, “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” His words are as relevant now as they were then—maybe more so. Just as it was in the Great Depression, fear has once again become part of our society. Fear of the unknown cripples good judgment, causing otherwise savvy business owners to simply hope for the best without taking steps to ensure survival. Across the nation, business owners like you are taking a serious look at revising their operating expenses. All aspects of business are being evaluated. Wasteful and unnecessary practices are being streamlined or eliminated, costs are being scrutinized, personnel downsized. Only the lean and mean will survive in today’s business environment. As unemployment continues to rise and consumer spending shrinks, it has been reported that, along with transaction and interchange fees, credit card “friendly fraud” chargebacks are also significantly increasing. Friendly fraud is committed when a consumer wants to avoid paying a credit card charge, claiming the transaction was unauthorized. In 2008 merchants disputed half of all friendly fraud chargebacks. That’s an increase of 47 percent from 2007. Some merchants are above their credit card company’s allowable thresholds for chargebacks. Combined with falling retail sales, this situation is causing much concern, prompting business owners to take a serious look at how they can protect themselves and become more efficient. However, despite the current economic crunch, credit card interchange fees do not appear to be suffering. Visa’s earnings are up 35%, and the company even had a 17% increase in its revenues. Overall, to date, there is nearly $60 billion in annual merchant interchange fees in the credit card industry. Because credit card companies are charging so much money on fees, some of you may no longer be able to make use of credit lines or credit


cards to buy supplies, much less fund capital improvements to expand your business. The credit crisis has forced the business community to once again rely on check transactions. In addition to business-to-business transactions, checks are once again being presented at the point of sale as well. The check industry is experiencing a revival in popularity. So how do you take all this information and convert retreat into advance during these tenacious times? By looking for new and better ways to operate, and for services that save money and reduce risk. You may not need or want to walk away from credit cards, but there are ways to ensure the stability of other revenue streams. By accepting checks as payment, credit card interchange/transaction fees are reduced, the risk of chargebacks lessens, and consumer goodwill increases by offering much needed options to present and potential customers. Of course, re-opening the door to check payments means payment providers must respond with services that bring value and help increase your bottom line. As a check services provider, our company combines front-end check verification with back-end electronic check recovery, making checks as safe as cash—reducing risk and saving you time and money. Additionally, services that provide electronic check conversion and remote deposit further provide safety nets for revenue streams and protection against check fraud. Businesses operating with smaller margins can benefit by these paymentprocessing services. Accepting checks with these safety precautions are the steps you need to take to reduce operating expenses, expand revenue base and help ensure survival. Convert your retreat into advance today! © 2009 FedPayUSA, LLC. All rights reserved.



It is my intention to present— through the medium of photography— intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators. Ansel Adams


hello world


sweet dreams


hands that hold the future


tiny details


solo flight


God’s paintbrush


seaside solitude


majestic marvel


paradise palm


“Lisa is a real professional in her dealings with clients and vendors. She is organized, focused and creative. She understands the meaning of deadlines and budgets and honors that. She is trustworthy able to maintain confidence and discretion. She is dependable and you can count on Lisa to come through, regardless of the challenge. I recommend Lisa for any position that uses her skills and builds on the strengths of her personal traits.” Susan Bartel Dept. Chair, Graduate Business Programs/Asst. Professor, Stephens College “I worked with Lisa on some direct marketing pieces and found her to be helpful, very professional, creative and passionate about her work. She cared about my companies success and the success of our marketing program which was—quite successful! I would recommend Lisa to anyone who has marketing needs and is conflicted as to what to do and how to do it.” Terry Culver former General Manager/CEO at Consolidated Energy, LLC “Lisa Fischer served as my adjunct instructor for my strategic communications capstone in 2007. Lisa was by far one of the most informative instructors I had throughout my time as an undergraduate at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her experiences, high expectations and wealth of knowledge truly pushed me to develop more creative ideas and to come into my role as a young professional. I respect Lisa and the way in which she instructed our class. She held all of us to the same high standards, yet made herself, and her other colleagues, available to us throughout the course of the semester. While she imparted valuable knowledge to us throughout the class, it was the moments after class in which I learned how to make dynamic collateral pieces, determine what mediums were most appropriate to my client and to have an opportunity to be mentored by a professional in the field. In short, I am grateful to have had her as an instructor.” Christa Koskosky Marketing Coordinator of Student Affairs at International Interior Design Association


Lisa Fischer portfolio  

a collection of design, writing and photography

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