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You can always do better, you just have to put your mind to it

That’s how Mario, the President, describes work at CEEI. Unstoppable, energetic, Mario can often be found at the production lines checking details, from shopper handles to the folds in the bags. His expert eyes and hands communicate dedication to his credo: “Anything less than flawless and the customer will complain”. Who could argue with that?

Mario just can’t sit still for too long; after walking around the shop floor he returns to his office imagining new ways to improve production.

We work with only the best shippers

Round-the-clock shifts keep production constant in order to satisfy market demands.

CEEI is a crossroads of people and skills sharing the common goal of delivering quality products to clients in all corners of the world.

“I’ve got to make split-second decisions directing shipments and solving problems. The telephone doesn’t stop ringing and the answers don’t fall out of the sky.” Barbara’s desk is filled with slips of paper that only she knows how to handle: “I like to get in early in the morning to organise the day’s activities assigning priorities to the tasks. Then I go after them methodically, but … not always perfectly rationally!” Left to her work, with phone crooked between shoulder and ear and pen flying from page to page, by the end of the day each problem has found its solution.

At the beginning of this entrepreneurial venture there were neither machines nor personnel, and the founders, Mario and Fabio, had only an empty warehouse. But with the right staff, everything becomes possible.

Straightforward and courteous with our clients

“I interpret the needs of prospective clients and propose solutions.” Andrea is the right man for this job. By phone, in person or on Skype his experience comes through as a relaxing force, instilling helpful confidence and dispelling worries.

After each printing job, data – precise formulas – about the inks that were used are stored in the company computers allowing future jobs to perfectly match previous batches, thus eliminating one of the thornier sources of error.

Security means better productivity Alert and precise is the first impression that Emmanuel gives. His interpersonal skills help him manage the flow of his group’s work and are fundamental in starting up and carrying out new printing jobs. He quickly adapts to the specific needs of each job – the essence of CEEI teamwork.

Posted on walls and machines all around the CEEI plant you find small “cheat sheets” with advice on how to carry out specific tasks or reminders of deadlines. Industrial poetry of a kind.

My responsibility doesn’t end at the edge of my desk

Michele is Adriano’s assistant in the Printing Department. When he first came to CEEI there were only two forklifts and the first machine for making shoppers hadn’t yet arrived. Now Michele knows every angle of the company.

“I often stop by work after hours to make sure that everything gets wrapped up as planned.” Demetrio knows first-hand that collaboration in CEEI means understanding your contribution to company-wide processes, sharing responsibilities with colleagues around you in order to share in the overall company successes.

CEEI uses special software to determine the precise components of the inks used in printing in order to obtain every desired colour.

Opinions may vary, but colours are a science “We work side-by-side, knowing what each other is doing, not letting our specialisations limit our knowledge nor reduce our mental flexibility.� Potentially, each CEEI employee could handle several different jobs; this allows for greater flexibility in organising procedures and greatly reduces the problems in moments of peak production and stress.

CEEI is certified by the FSC, and, since its founding, has always had clear ideas about the importance of the environment. Therefore, printing uses only water-based colours and recycled paper, no plastic products are produced and waste materials and containers are all recovered and properly recycled.

Give me a printing proofer and I will move the world

Adriano knows how to manage all the complex printing machinery, but nothing can replace the proofer (“tirella”) as his preferred tool for finding the right colour tone. “All jobs start from this simple tool; without it, CEEI wouldn’t exist.” His eyes light up when he describes achieving “exactly the final result that the client had in mind.”

To create a colour you need to be precise down to the gram. In fact, Adriano’s scale can even measure small movements of air.

Only by keeping clean can I guarantee a constant production

“The more I am able to clean and maintain my machine in between jobs the better I can continuously meet our high production standards.” A welcome bit of perfectionism which pleases colleagues and clients alike. “Every day is the right day to establish a new record on the production line.”

The ordinary maintenance in CEEI is carried out by responsible company employees.

Timing and coordination between technical design and production Who communicates the technical design to the production line? Giuliano makes sure that production is in line with the clients’ requirements, and he monitors the workflow and the scheduling of each project. His contribution is essential for maintaining the cohesion of CEEI’s various departments.

The printing proofer is the starting-point for determining the right colours.

Greek columns... of paper

In CEEI everything is carefully washed. In the Printing Department not just water is used for cleaning, but also ultrasounds.

Enter into the CEEI warehouse and you see spools of paper as tall as the columns of the Acropolis in Athens. Managing the space is an architect’s job, requiring a clear overall vision before moving a single piece. “You have to optimise energy – you can’t be playing around with spools weighing several tons each.” Constant updates are needed on incoming orders as well as deadlines for out-going jobs.

Good relations with each client solve all problems Fabio’s approach to satisfying clients’ needs is open and straightforward. “That’s the only way to collaborate, maintaining the right balance between quality and production time.” A clear head, to steer CEEI in the right direction. “Continuous investments to guarantee high quality, the right choice of personnel for the company’s goals and a relaxed atmosphere from administration offices to the warehouse.”

CEEI has more than 400 catalogue items in its warehouses, ready to ship.

Design Liquid Diamond

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