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DomeShelter Concept TM

Fabric covered structureshave dominated the mining storage landscape for years. The DomeShelter brand with its high-tech engineering concepts continues to be the preferred choice for managers and engineers who are seeking a versatile, durable and utterly dependable solution to meet the requirements of the industry. TM

It’s not hard to figure out why. First and foremost, it’s tough. DomeShelter Australia spearheaded the introduction of fabric-covered storage solutions, and as market leader knows exactly what it takes to withstand the toughest of climates. Our innovative buildings are manufactured with techniques that have been refined over the years since the 90’s. The framework is precision-engineered for superior strength and durability, while the fabric covering is tested to the limit to ensure it withstands the fiercest heat, wind and rain. It’s easy to see why DomeShelter Australia beats the competition hands-down, time after time.


HV Workshop

Engineered for Speci f ic wind regions

Why Choose a Fabric-Covered Structure? When it comes to storage the DomeShelter brand of steel-frame buildings offer many advantages over conventional steel sheds. TM

More choice of configuration

Longer-lasting structures

At DomeShelter Australia, we’re not restricted to

For over 20 years, we’ve combined true innovation

pre-cut dimensions.

with superior materials and engineering precision.

You can tell us your building’s required purpose,

That’s why we can state with confidence that the

size and situation and we’ll provide you with the

DomeShelter branded building is the toughest and

best solution, whether it’s standard or customised.

most durable fabric-covered storage solution on the market.

Better use of space The structure’s clear-span frame and high arched roof offer you the best possible use of available space. The roof shape allows breezes to flow and reduces

Call us nowonto discuss your needs :

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noise levels. The option of the translucent, UV-stabilised cover admits a generous amount of light, yet keeps the space cooler than regular sheds.


Container Mounted DomeShelters TM


Why use containers?

Industrial strength and capability

The container-mounted structure is one of the most innovative heavy industry storage

You can be certain the Container Mounted solution will square up to the

solutions available. You can select the container arrangement – single or double height,

job. First, the high-tensile steel framework is galvanised and zinc-coated

one to three deep – and we’ll provide a frame size to suit your choice.

for corrosion protection and durability.

Your choice of container type determines the nature of the storage zone, with either additional storage or offices opening directly onto the main space.

Next, you have a choice of mounting methods: standard mounting rails to the top of containers, or equally secure ‘Twistlock’ and ‘Boltlock’ weld-free

A strategic and cost-effective solution

rail options.

This building is well-liked by purchasing managers for several very good reasons.

Finally, the fabric cover comes with three options for opacity and block out,

First, it makes good use of temporarily de-commissioned containers. Installation is straightforward or post-erection. It’s ideal for time-limited projects, as dismantling is simple – once it’s removed, the environmental footprint is minimal.


When you need storage on a grand scale, providing unparalleled weather protection for the heaviest industrial or transport equipment, look no further than the DomeShelter Container Mounted option.

with flame-retardant treatments also available.

Ground Level

17000 17m Wide Hi-Rise CMDS


4500 15000 15m Wide CMDS

15000 15m Wide Hi-Rise CMDS

21000 21m Wide CMDS

Ground Level

17000 17m Wide CMDS



12000 12m Wide Hi-Rise CMDS

12000 12m Wide CMDS


10000 10m Wide CMDS


8000 8m Wide CMDS


6000 6m Wide CMDS

23000 23m Wide CMDS

Ground Level

Container Mounted DomeShelters





These are some of our Standard Prof iles

All sizes are approximate, and are subject to confirmation at time of order.


Industrial Post Mounted DomeShelters TM

Over the years, our Post Mounted Shelter has proven its versatility in a wide range of situations, from industrial and agricultural settings to tourist and sporting venues. This shelter can be whatever you need it to be, and you’ll always know that it’s safe, stable and reliable. It shares all the strengths of our heavy industrial solutions, as it also benefits from our engineering expertise as market leaders in the fabric covered structure. Secure shelter is guaranteed, as this robust structure is made from fully galvanised steel and constructed with leading edge engineering methods. The framework’s dimensions can be fine-tuned to suit wind conditions for your region, with the additional option of the UV-resistant fabric cover to allow plenty of light in and keep debilitating heat out.


DomeShelter with endwall

Custom and Combination for your business

If you find the standard options don’t quite fit your requirements, you can take advantage of our experience by requesting a custom solution that will be a precise fit for your business infrastructure. The DomeShelter brand of Fabric Covered Structures, offer many strengths and we can help you with a custom solution that takes a feature from one building type and matches it with features from others. For example, you may wish to combine different types of mounts, or you may need a shelter that can be mounted to an existing building on one side, with posts or a container on the other. Whatever shape your storage needs take, we’ll ensure that the solution is as strong, durable and dependable as all the buildings in the DomeShelter range. To discuss your custom shelter needs, please call our specialist DomeShelter team on:

FREECALL 1800 653 351


Can be designed for cyclonic areas

Shelters for Agriculture

Imagine having an economical shed solution that not only improves working conditions, but leads to improved growth rates in your livestock too. That’s what you’ll receive with our AgShelter, which is specifically designed to withstand the heat, wind and rain in all climatic regions of Australia. There’s no doubt about it, animals prefer fabric-covered shelters. Unlike steel roofs, the UV-resistant cover lets in natural light, while creating an effective barrier to radiant heat. The dome shaped roof allows good air circulation and healthier ventilation. The AgShelter is strong and reliable, and can be mounted on posts, containers or concrete walls, either freestanding or against existing buildings. Since the late 1990s, the agricultural industry has been using it for barns, animal shelters and yards, machinery and hay storage sheds, fertiliser and grain storage. Whatever you’re agricultural needs, the Ag Shelter can accommodate them.


AG Shelters - originated and is designed mainly for the Agriculture industry




Post Height

Ground Level

10000 10m Wide

8000 8m Wide 4500


6000 6m Wide

Post Height


Post Height

Post Height

Post Height

12000 12m Wide

Post Height

17000 17m Wide 5000


15000 15m Wide

Post Height

Post Height

Ground Level 21000 21m Wide

Livestock shelters

AG Shelters

All sizes are approximate, and are subject to confirmation at time of order.

23000 23m Wide

Can be custom built to other sizes


Optional Extras for your DomeShelter Solution TM

Walls for greater protection You can eliminate prevailing winds, add more shelter or create screening with full or partial endwalls for most DomeShelter solutions. • Partial endwalls extend from the apex to the bottom of the arch, leaving room for vehicular access beneath. • Fully enclosed endwalls cover the entire end of the shelter.

We offer a range of options that will make your building a truly tailored solution for your business’s needs and environment.

Promote your business with signage If you wish to add promotional signage to the side of your building, we can incorporate full colour banners on the fabric cover. You can supply the signage or we can organise the printing on your behalf.

• Full endwalls with doorways come with a sliding curtain or metal roller door options. • Sidewalls increase shelter within your Post Mounted DomeShelter. We provide these in either the same fabrics as the covers, in metal cladding.

Guttering systems for rainwater management Our DomeShelter solutions are weather resistant, but if you want to harness rainwater run-


off, guttering is available for almost all buildings.



and Comments

“I was very pleased with your company’s service and product. The ease of erecting was unreal. We had a product from one of your competitors previously to the supply of your product and am pleased to say your product is by far superior.” Projects Coordinator, Brockman 2 Operations “Thank you very much for the great hamper. It was a pleasure doing business with you all. It was refreshing in this day and age of “let’s get the business and move on” to have experienced true customer service.” M.C, Area Manager - Inventory control, Warehousing, Logistics, Property and Security “I am happy to let you know the two shelters are up and running for the last two weeks and are working beautifully. The team that did the installation have done the job perfectly. Everything is perfectly straight and level and construction went very smoothly. Soon we are planning to get the other three done and will be in contact with you shortly.” F.B, Production and Engineering Manager

“The installation was carried out in a professional manner. We are very satisfied with the result and would consider using your company again” B.J, Executive Manager - Technical Services.

“Just a note to thank you kindly for the wonderful hamper, and tasty chocolates that we received from your company. We are extremely pleased with the service and products received from your company and look forward to continuing to deal with your company in the future.” N.W, Purchasing Clerk.

Economical Shipping and Installation One of the advantages of a DomeShelter solution is the speed with which it can be shipped and assembled. TM

We supply most of our structures in kit form, which makes them easier and cheaper to transport in Australia or overseas (Most container-mounted Domeshelters will fit into a single standard sea container.) When you order a standard-sized that we already have in stock, we can usually supply it to Australian destinations within 5 to 10 business days of receiving your order. If you need a non-standard size or a customised solution, this will take longer to arrive due to the additional manufacturing time involved. We’ll always keep you informed, every step of the way. Installation is remarkably simple, with some shelters being installed in as little as 3 hours. You can organise it yourself, or we have teams that can help you.

Call our DomeShelter team today for more details on TM


FREECALL 1800 653 351


FREECALL 1800 653 351 Manufacturing and Sales: 82 Byfield Street, Northam Head Office and Manufacturing: 8 Great Eastern Highway, Cunderdin

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