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Editor’s Note Dear Fellow Lions, I will like to thank Lion Norma McField, PMJF for giving me the opportunity to serve under her committee and to the members who took the time and effort in making this Newsletter a success and lending there support, by providing photos, feedback etc. I would like to leave you all with this quote “Placing the blame or judgment on someone else leaves you powerless to change your experience; taking responsibility for your beliefs and judgments gives you the power to change them,” - Byron Katie. It gives me pleasure to introduce to you the new Marketing and Communication Chairperson for the new Lionistic year, Lion Patricia Muschette.

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Lion Patricia Muschette – Marketing and Communication Chairpersom

Hello everyone I’m Lion Patricia Muschette, the new Marketing and Communication Chairperson for July 2020-June 2021. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and migrated to the Cayman Islands, quite early on in my life. I was raised in Bodden Town. Throughout my time on island I have served on various Boards, Committees and Service Clubs because I enjoy giving back to the Community. I am also the proud Mom of three amazing children (two daughters and a son). In my free time I enjoy running and travelling. Putting on my sneakers and headphones and heading out on the open road, to me is the perfect prescription. I often combine my love for running with my love for travelling and will participate in runs overseas without hesitation. My recent accomplishment was running the San Francisco Golden Gate ½ Marathon. A cold but exhilarating experience with amazing views. I am passionate about my career as an HR Professional. My career began in Accounting and after serving as Financial Controller, in another Department, where the management of HR duties was also attached, I found my passion for HR and went on to pursue a Masters’ Degree in this field. I realized at that time our employees are truly our most valuable asset and that there was a strong need to balance the requirements of both the organization and the employee to ensure mutual benefit for the sake of effectively and efficiently meeting set objectives. 2

Department of Children and Family Services

On Wednesday 17th, June 2020, The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens visited the Department of Children and Family Services. Delivering 65 packages to be distributed among the elderly in our community. Each bag contained a word search book, pencil, facial tissue, hand sanitizer, flashlight and batteries.

Mongolian Baby

The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens responded to a call for Clothing and a Baby Carrier to assist a child from Mongolia, who came to the island to have heart surgery, but was unable to leave before the borders closed, due to the COVID19 lockdown. The items, for the 18 month old baby, were provided to one of the coordinators, Mrs. Angela Martins.



The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens held its annual Change of Administration Ceremony on June 13, 2020. At the ceremony, 2019 to 2020 President, Lion Tonita gave an account of her stewardship during the year. Her recap of the year was as follows: It is my distinct honor and pleasure to report to you today on my year as president of the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens. Just short of twelve months ago, when I assumed the post of president, I was very apprehensive as to how the year would unfold for me, wondering if I would be able to follow the footsteps of the presidents before me who have caused our club to have such an outstanding reputation in the district. Not too long after though, I realized that I had nothing to fear – I was surrounded and supported by a group of dedicated and knowledgeable lions without whom the task would have been much more difficult. When the year started, preparation was already on the way for our annual breast cancer awareness campaign with bi-weekly then weekly meetings, with a core team of members endeavoring to ensure that the campaign was successful. As these preparations continued, our other committees were also preparing for other projects that are standard within the community. Backpacks were packed with school supplies and distributed to students of two schools to enable them to begin the new school year with the necessary items. And then came the work – all hands were needed for our breast cancer campaign, and the daily opening of our “Pink Shop”, selling pink items to highlight breast cancer and registering persons for our walk/runs. We partnered with our lions in 4

Cayman Brac for their Breast Cancer Walk/Run and awareness meeting. In partnership with doctors and nurses from health services authority, CTMH doctors hospital and OceanMed, we held awareness meetings and district clinics in each district on Grand Cayman at which a total of 557 mammogram vouchers were distributed, along with various Breast Cancer literature. We partnered with several businesses on the island to raise funds for Breast Cancer – Premier Crew, DMS Broadcasting (slumber party), Sameena’s Day of Beauty, and Eclipze Salon and Day Spa’s Cut-A-Thon, just to name a few. Our month-long activities culminated with our annual Breast Cancer Survivors Breakfast at the Ritz Carlton hotel in partnership with Baptist Health. The Breast Cancer committee has also assisted Breast Cancer patients with rent payments and provided funds to patients travelling abroad for treatment to pay for meals and transportation. During the year, our Diabetes and Sight committee ensured that the community was kept informed on the disease. Literature on Diabetes was distributed during the annual pirates week parade and two health fairs were conducted in association with the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association. Diabetes testing machines, testing strips and alcohol pads were also distributed, eye testing and glasses were provided to several school children and adults. Our community & environmental services committee power washed and painted a home in Windsor Park, decorated the Golden Age home for Christmas and sponsored birthday celebrations at the Retirement home and the Pines Retirement home, provided Gift vouchers to needy families to purchase groceries for Christmas, provided cooked meals for others for Christmas, made two monetary donations to Meals on Wheels to assist with providing food for families affected by the Covid-19 lock down and loss of jobs, paid for snacks of cassava cakes to 5

be donated to quarantined students who returned to the island during the lock down; we will be donating 65 care packages to the elderly in the community within the coming week. Our Lions services for children & opportunities for youth committee continued their work with our alpha and omega Leos and sponsored their attendance at the first ever Zone 4C Leos retreat which brought together Leos from Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman over a two-day period. General fundraising has been a challenge, and with the lockdown occurring in march, several of our fundraising activities have not come to light and we are very appreciative of Mr. Steve Higgins and Mr. Noel Williams for their generous donations to the club from their fundraising concerts. While the focus has mainly been on our services to the community,


membership committee ensured that we had fun and grew at the same time. We used most of our social meetings for members development and invited speakers to present on protocol and also public speaking. Darkness to light training was conducted to enable our members to work with minors in the community and members received their 3-year certification. A very entertaining Christmas party and raffle raised much needed funds for membership development. We added 5 new members at our Zone 4C Melvin Jones Fellowship birthday celebrations and unfortunately because of the covid-19 disruption we have not been able to meet my projected number of new members. Our lives were disrupted and we have had to adopt new norms. Thanks to technology though, we were able to meet virtually and continue to have our meetings. I must admit that through this medium we have experienced an increase in attendance!! we 6

were also able to have a virtual workout with our own trainer, Lion Carla Yee Sing. The year has certainly been a fulfilling one for me, and I wish to thank all those who have supported our club in one form or another, without which, we could not have performed as we have done. To my Board, Committee Chairs and Members, thank you all for your support and service. You have made my year, as your President, a very memorable and educational one. I have certainly grown from my experience and I wish the club every success for years to come. We have certainly served with collaboration and dignity.

‌And A New Administration Begins‌

The 28th President of the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens, Lion Kareefa Mohammed-Jalim was installed on June 13th 2020. Her term commences on 1st July 2020. The following is her acceptance speech that was delivered at the Installation Ceremony: With the current COVID-19 world pandemic that we are currently facing, it is unfortunate that members cannot be together in one room to share in this joyous moment. Luckily for me, I have my own pride of Lions in my household to cheer me on. I will go down in history as being the first President of this Club to be sworn in remotely and it will certainly be the cheapest Change of Administration function that we have ever attended!


All of that said, I would not want us to lose what this occasion means. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past year and commit to the future with new excitement and energy. It also emphasizes our collective commitment to this journey of service. While we may be physically apart today, I would not want us to lose this sense of community and collective responsibility. As I embrace my role, I firmly believe that the world needs more kind, nurturing, compassionate, humble, faithful, confident and tender-hearted people. Individuals who are not afraid to make themselves vulnerable to assist someone else. Persons who completely embrace the concept of being their brother’s or sister’s keeper. I stand for all the above and believe these are some of the most important lessons which have been imparted by the coronavirus pandemic. I also believe in diversity and the richness that this brings to our table of service. A heart of service is not confined to a particular look, age, gender, race, religion or personality. The differing perspectives, insights and experiences enrich us, rather than weaken us. Service is what unites us. Different ways of looking at an issue and finding solutions strengthen us. We also offer service to our community because it is what we, as Lions (and citizens of the world) are called to do – not because of any recognition or accolades. This takes us back to basics as Lions – in whatever service area we embrace. We do it with kindness – preserving the dignity of the person receiving our help – and with absolutely no expectation of receiving anything in return other than the satisfaction of doing the right thing. The President’s theme for 2020-2021 is “Offer Random Acts of Kindness without Expecting Rewards.” The 2020 - 2021 Board of Directors are: President – Kareefa Mohammed-Jalim Immediate Past President – Tonita Powell MJF 1st Vice President and Leadership Chairperson – Maxine Bravo MJF 2nd Vice President - Phillip Laing MJF 3rd Vice President – Dionne Nmai Secretary - Elva Smith, MJF Treasurer - Patricia Bazell-Taylor, PMJF 1 Year Directors - Miriam Ebanks 8

2 Year Directors - Ian Wright Membership Director – Norma McField, PMJF Program Coordinator - Ann Hunte, MJF Service Chairperson - Wendy Wiltshire, MJF Tamer - Cato Lee Tail Twister - Gina Barnes, MJF Marketing & Communication Chairperson – Patricia Muschette The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens is dedicated to serving the community. If you are service-minded and would like to be a part of an exciting organization contact us at Lions Clubs International is the largest service club organization in the world. Its 1.35 million members in more than 46,000 clubs are serving communities in 207 countries and geographical areas around the globe. Since 1917, Lions clubs have aided the blind and visually impaired, championed youth initiatives and strengthened local communities through hands-on service and humanitarian projects.


Memory Wall

Lion Tonita Powell‌.Caught you in the perfect photo‌.Peeking Tom!

Lion Maxine Bravo, MJF, thanked outgoing President Lion Tonita Powell for the opportunity to serve as the Chairperson of the Breast Cancer Awareness Committee, the hard work was worth it!

Lion President working hard packing school bags that were donated to school children. Lion Tonita and Past Zone Chairperson, Lion Nickolas DaCosta

Lion President Tonita, as she prepared to lay a wreath for the fallen, at the annual Remembrance Day Parade in 2019.



Lion Kareefa Jalim, Past Leadership Chairperson, extends a special thanks to her Leadership Committee especially Lion Lois Kellyman MJF for pushing forward and taking us to the next level. I thank you all for your dedication and hard working on the 60B Forward Manual.


8th July Lion Eleanor Connolly, MJF 14th July Lion Cato Lee 25th July Lion Marsha Squire-Reid 29th July Lion Jasmine Minott, MJF

30th July – Lion Lois & Errol Kellyman, MJF



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June 2020 Newsletter  

June 2020 Newsletter  


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