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Building on the Past, Preparing for the Future, As “WE SERVE”.

Date Completed: July 10, 2009

Month: July

Club: Kingston Mona

Zone: 4A

No. of Projects (Year to Date): 4

Address: P.O. Box 166, Kingston 7

Value of Projects (Year to Date): US $381.00 Email Address:

No. of Persons Impacted (Year to Date): 333 No. of Man Hours (Year to Date):56

Total Membership: 36 Average Attendance: 66%

Funds Raised (Year to Date): US$ Nil

Average Attendance to Date: 66%

No. Of Projects 1(1)

Projects & Activities Health Services Cancer/HIV-AIDS Heart Sight Conservation, Hearing & Speech Drug Awareness Diabetes Membership

Value (US$) 93

No. of Persons Impacted 20

Man Hours 4

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(3) (1)

Info/Technology Leo & Youth Disaste Preparedness & Safety Sustainable Signature Projects Senior Citizens Leadership & Succession Planning Public Relations Environment Other(Community Direct) Total

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4 ( 11)

158 381

200 333


NB. Items in parenthesis ( )denote activities in the subject areas Preident ... M i lt o n



July 12

Community Direct


It was again that time of year in the Lionistic calendar that the Lions Club of Mona sought devine guidance and support for the new Administrative year . The Club shared in the worship service at the Mona Baptist Church. Lion President Milton, picture inserted, brought greetings on behalf of the Club and the Secretary read the second lesson. Seven (7) other members were in attendance The Club donated $10,000,00 to the outreach ministry (“Help Ministry”) of the Mona Baptist church. This was done at the end of the worship service. The cheque was presented to Deacon Lasmine O’connor of the church in the absence of the Rev Dr Stephen Jennings.

Lion President Milton, MJF,PDG, making the presentation to deacon Lasmine. Lion President Milton,MJF, PDG bringing greetings from the Lions Club.

Value of Project

July 13


Senior Citizens The Lion President prepared and served a meal for an elderly blind in the community. The man very graciously accepted the meal and asked God’s blessing on the provider. Value of Project:

July 20

US$80.00 Health Services In reference to the Social meeting described below Schering Plough in partnership with the Lions club, which were used in the presentation described below. The Lion President conducted a power point presentation workshop on the H1N1 virus. The knowledgeable presenter - a trained Public Health Consultant made his points very clear. The presentation was followed by a quiz on the topic and persons who answered correctly were rewarded with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Flyers relating to the topic , obtained from the Ministry of Health and copied were also distributed. The presentation was very well received. Many persons participated and had misconceptions clarified. Overall thirty persons benefited from the information given. Thirteen Lions and their guests, two Lions from the Spanish Town Lions Club and the Zone 4A Chairperson were in attendance. Leos from the Mona and Downtown Kingston Leo Clubs also participated in this exercise. Value of Project:

July 25


Leo and Youth The Lions Club supported the 32nd Annual Leo Convention held at the College – CASE, in Portland. The Club sponsored the President , Leo Shelice and made the usual donation of $3,500 towards the convention. The Lion President, Leo Advisor

and Youth committee chairman attended the convention meeting. Value of Project:



Environment and Disaster Preparedness & Safety Lion President Milton attended the Forrest Conservation Fund Stakeholders

meeting at the Terra Nova Hotel. The meeting was called to discuss the challenges experienced with current projects as well as to determine new project areas in the various communities. An interactive discussion followed and covered a wide range of interests for example governance, community awareness and greater collaboration. July 10

(Community Direct) The Lion President held a meeting with Mr Glen Brown, President of the Elletson Flats Citizens Association and Chairman of the Papine Area Development Committee. The meeting was called to develop relationships and partnerships with the Leaders of the various Communities, with a view to identifying special needs and challenges. The Secretary and one other Lion participated in the meeting.

July 15 & 16 The Lion President, in his quest for partnering with communities, met with representatives of the Liguanea Development Area committee as well as the Police of the Matilda’s Corner Station. The Lion President also attended the Papine Area Development meeting and shared with representatives of the communities of Mavis Bank, Irish Town, Papine, Gordon Town and Elletson Flats. Lion President also held talks with the Social Development Commission Officer for the area. The Leo & Youth Committee Chairperson was also in attendance at this meeting. July 19

. The Lion President and chairman of the committee journeyed to Mavis Bank and participated in the meeting of the Police Youth Club in that community. Several matters were aired. Of particular interest was the Reading Club that the members there would like to start for the youth in the area. Based on their needs contact was made with a representative at Food for the Poor with the hope of procuring the requisite number of computer desks and chairs needed to start the programme.

July 22

The Lion President attended and participated in the pre-launch of the National Transformation Program. This is a programme organized by the Prime Minister’s office the purpose being, to look at the way forward in terms of nation building.

July 31

Community Direct (continued)) The Lion President and Secretary joined with a representative of the Mona Heights Neighbourhood Watch in the planning of the annual Independence observation to be held in Mona on August 6, 2009.

July 23

Health Services The Lion President was invited by the Hope Institute Hospital to give health talks to the residents. Activities performed were Sight screening, weight analysis, including Body Mass index and counseling. Other Lions participating in the activity were Lions Debrah and Linnette Pinto.

July 21 & 22 & 23

Sight Conservation & Hearing and Speech Training in the use of the Optec Vision Tester was facilitated by Lion Debrah, one of our Club’s Registered Nurses, who ably guided the Lions in the steps to effectively use the machine. The training was done at the Lions Resource Centre, UWI. The Lion President headed the team of Lions who were trained. Eight other Mona Lions, inclusive of the Lion Secretary, availed themselves of the opportunity to learn. The team was also joined by two (2) Lions from Spanish Town Lions Club - the President and one other. Time: 5-7:30 p.m. This would be followed by a second workshop to allow most, if not all members of the club to gain knowledge of the use of the machine. Working with the Blind Lion Milton represented the Lions Club of Mona at the annual meeting of the Adult Blind Club at their Old Hope Road Office. Lion Milton was also invited to be the guest speaker. Forty persons were in attendance.

July 11

Leadership One of the Club’s Leadership Institute Graduates conducted Secretaries School for two Secretaries in Zone 4A. The Secretaries expressed their gratitude to the Lion and advised that the information received would be very useful to them as they begin their term of office as Lion Secretaries.

July 19 Membership (Interclubbing) The Lion President and two other Lions participated in the Family Brunch organized by the Spanish Town Lions Club. July 20

(1st Social Meeting) Lion President Milton said that the first Social meeting during this administration, should be an unforgetable one. So he designed a slogan for the evening’s proceeding dubbed COGS – C-an unusual cup, O- an orange Ggames, and S- Soup. Membership (continied ) Each person – Lion or Guest should take a cup, an orange, participate in the games provided and have soup using the cup that was brought. The picture inserted shows the cups and oranges. A prize was awarded the Lion with the

largest orange and the most unusual cup. Overall thirty persons benefited from the information given. Thirteen Lions and their guests, two Lions from the Spanish Town Lions Club and the Zone 4A Chairperson were in attendance. Mona and Downtown Kingston Leo Clubs also participated in this exercise. Lions, Leos and guests said they enjoyed the evening’s experience. July 26

Membership ( Zone meeting)

July 1-31

The Lions Club was represented by the President, Secretary, Acting Membership director and two other Lions at the first Zone Advisory meeting for this fiscal year. Information Technology All reports and communication with Club members were done via emails or text messages.

July 4

A basic computer training workshop for Lions and Leos was held at the Lions Resource Centre. A Mona Lion member conducted the training exercise. Information on the programmes: Excel, Publisher and how to establish a Face Book was given. Individual Lions, Leos were equipped with their own laptops. Participating in this workshop were The Lion President and Secretary, other Mona Lions, two Lions from the Spanish Lions Club, three (3) Leos – two (2) from the Kingston Leo club and the Leo President of Mona. Everyone expressed gratitude for this information- those persons who had some knowledge and those who were not so fortunate. Leo and Youth

July 1

The Leo Advisor and two (2) other Lions attended the annual graduation exercise of the Papine High School. During the ceremony the Club presented its annual Award of Excellence to this year’s recipient Kenisha Smith, the Deputy Head Girl. The Leo Advisor was asked to read the citation and hand over the award Lion Dave handing the award to student Kenisha . Leo and Youth July 12 &19 Lion President Milton, continuing with his usual busy schedule, attended the Business meeting of the Leo Club of Kingston. The Lion President was invited to install four members of their Board of Directors. Lion President Milton met with the Mavis Bank Police Youth group. The Leo and Youth Chairman , Lion Dave, and the President, had discussions with the group. Thirty five persons were in attendance. .

MEMBERSHIP STATUS Total Membership: Active Affiliate: Associate: Honorary:

Evadney Crooks:MJF Secretary

36 25 8 2 1

JUly '09 M&A report  


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