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WEEK 14 Grand opening

Visual Arts

6 - 8pm - Thursday 18th October

Thursday 18th & Friday 19th October

Burwood Campus Phoenix Gallery

6 - 8pm – Visual Arts exhibition / Building P

Opening for Visual Communication Design,

Saturday 20th October

Photography, Visual Arts, Drama

1pm – Visual Arts exhibition / Building P

and Animation.

”Out of Place” / TV studio P1.21 ”Suburbs” / Phoenix Gallery

“In transit” / Dance & Animation

”Somnia” / P 1.19

A Collection of dance and animation works.

”Heads Up” / Building P, façade

Thursday 18th & Friday 19th October P1.28 / Phoenix theatre 8pm

Visual Communication Design

Saturday 20th Matinee 2pm & 8pm

Thursday 18th - Sunday 28th October

P1.28 / Phoenix theatre

6 - 8pm - Viscom exhibition / Phoenix Gallery

Animation screenings: ”Valhalla productions”

Saturday 20th October

& “Inderpretive Dance”

2pm – Viscom exhibition / Phoenix Gallery


Level 1

WEEK 15 Visual Communication Design

”Sisters Grimm” / External sites around campus and

Thursday 18th - Sunday 28th October

internal corridors. Building P, Level 1

6 - 8pm - Viscom exhibition / Phoenix Gallery Saturday 20th October

“Please Remain Seated” / Drama

2pm – Viscom exhibition / Phoenix Gallery

& Animation Thursday 25th &Friday 26th

Visual Arts

8 pm (Interval for 15min)

Thursday 25th & Friday 26th October

P1.28 / Phoenix theatre

6 - 8pm – Visual Arts exhibition / Building P

Saturday 27th October 3pm & 8pm

Saturday 27th October

(Interval for 15min)

2pm – Visual Arts exhibition / Building P

P1.28 / Phoenix theatre

”We’re All Mad Here” / TV studio P1.21

The running order:

”Suburbs” / Phoenix Gallery

Shattered, Tanked, Let Them Eat Cake, Flaws

”Heads Up” / Building P, façade


“Altered States” / P1.16

Maither, Factory of Profanity, Engendered Animation screening: ”Little Did They Know”

Book tickets for Dance progam online here:

Book tickets for Drama progam online here:

OFF CAMPUS Film - Visionnaire

Visual Arts - The Tides that Bind

Sunday, 11th November at 7.30pm

Opening on Sunday 14th Oct 2 - 5pm.

The Astor Theatre.

12 - 21st. October 10 - 5pm

Corner Chapel Street &

Deakin University Waterfront Campus (Geelong)

Dandenong Road, St Kilda.

John Hay Building D, Fourth Floor Foyer of Costa Hall. 1 Gheringhap Street Geelong Victoria 3217. 3

Thanks to all the 40 student groups in the 7 different disciplines in SCCA at Deakin University (school of creative communication arts). Also a big thanks to all the lecturers: Meghan Kelly & Joel Zika from Visual Communication Design, Jondi Keane from Visual Arts, Dan Armstrong from Photography, Yoni Prior from Drama, Shaun McLeod from Dance, Adrian Bruch from Animation and Kevin Anderson from Film. Also a huge thanks to Deakin’s incredible Marketing Department: Margaret Ryan, Lorna Walsh & Terri-Ann Varga. We would also like to thank the amazingly awesome Technical Support Staff: Tom Salisbury, Doug Donaldson, Colin Savage, Robert Pitman, Luke Raisbeck, Matthew Skarajew, Brad Axiak, Scott Allan. We’re looking forward to D festival and hope everyone enjoyed this major collaborative unit as much as we have. May the force be with you, best regards from Team Awesome: Linn Alnes Djuvsland, Kine Marie Kapaasen Madsen, Fredrik Larsen and Michael Brown.

“This unit provides students with the opportunity to hone skills that are crucial to the vibrancy of cultural production by applying specialist knowledge to new situations and developing ideas with their colleagues that results in an exciting end of year showcase - D Festival.� Dr Jondi Keane - Unit Chair

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Schedule / Map Visual Communication Design Drama Animation & Dance Visual Arts & Photography Film & Digital Media D festival



This year the Visual Communication Design discipline had the

opportunity to work with a range of non-for-profit organizations where students were required to create and resolve complex visual communication design strategies. The results are proudly exhibited in the Phoenix Gallery (17 – 28 October, 2012) and are a credit to everyone who participated in the project. Great thanks must be extended to Deakin Jobshop who helped to initiate the project and the organizations that gave of their time. In particular, thank you to the client contacts from C8 Journey, Melbourne Youth Initiative, Youth Mentoring Assisted Pathway, Kew Community Festival, Brotherhood of St Laurence, RSPCA, Yooralla, Kidsafe, Interchange Outer East and Rotary Club of Glen Waverley. Congratulations to the students who worked very hard on their excellent creative outputs and to the group of students who created this program along with the overall design strategy for D Festival.

Meghan Kelly


Kew Community The Rotary Club C8 Festival of Glen Waverley

Interchange Outer East

Kelly Auhl, Ane Bruskeland, Thinh Tran Nguyen.

Krister Lima, Kristen Hellyer, Amanda Slow, Hallvar Hauge Johnsen.

The Kew Community Festival has been arranged annually since 1974 and is a celebration of their local community. The festival has a wide range of community activities including art exhibitions, a family fun day, fireworks and a street parade. It draws about 12000 visitors in a 10 day festival. The ultimate goal of the festival is for all in the Kew area to look forward to participating in the entire festival.

We are re-branding the overall look for The Rotary Club of Glen Waverley. To create a stronger connection to women and younger people. Their website is to be updated with more modern and fresh design which appeals more to their target group. We are also designing different elements to promote RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) and Harmony Day.

Mallory Darragh, Jessie Richardson, Mats Bergersen, Danial Graham.

Yooralla Owen Carlson, Endre Karlsen, Kine Halland, Trond Grindvold. Our brief is to create a marketing campaign for the Family Options Program, a department at Yooralla, is a charity that works with helping and caring for disabled children. The aim of the campaign is to recruit more volunteer carers. The campaign will be executed via print media (posters etc) as well as social media.

Shaelah Gringhuis, Kaiwen Lei, Simen Strøm Braaten, Andrea Nicolaysen. ‘C8 Journey’ is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide change-makers with a platform for social advancement through inner growth. In order to help C8 Journey reach out to their target audience in a better way, we created a web campaign to clearly demonstrate what they do as an organization.

Interchange Outer East is a organization based in Ferntree Gully, focusing on the inclusion of disabled people in the community. They are in need of a campaign to recruit more volunteers aged between 12-25 to participate in outdoor camps. Using the theme ‘Simply fun’ we are aiming to create a campaign to recruit high school children to volunteer on Using owls and their environment these camps with the idea that as an analogy, we’ve emphasized they will gain new friends and C8’s fundamental principles. The have fun, as they volunteer. nest for example symbolizing the caring and nurturing surroundings where projects can grow.


The Brotherhood RSPCA of St. Laurence

Roy Halvor Frimanslund, Joshua Renton, Lone Bendiksen Øvrebø, Zhenya Belousova.

Lisbet Lambrechts, Joacim Holmen, Francine Inamahoro, Laura Morina.

Concept and mockups for National Kidsafe Day. Working from the concept of having the National Kidsafe Day become a “check list” day to have parents and others check their home and other areas for hazards and problems that could result in preventable injuries. We are making posters, smartphone application, infographics amongst other elements.

Our client was the Brotherhood of St. Laurence. They wished to devise a campaign aimed at the older generation to get new and committed volunteers for their retail stores and to also attract them to buying high quality second hand goods. With this target audience, we wanted our design to be clear and simple, have strong typography and photography, include the Brotherhood’s colours of orange, grey and black, as well as provide a happy and positive mood.

Melbourne Youth Initiative

Desiree Bjordal Haukenes, Jordan Harrick, Cathrine Ezgi Tanyeri, Jordan Lee, Bakke Bolstad, Dorian Karianne Eeg Pedersen. Vary, Ruben Morales Funez. We have the pleasure of helping RSPCA in our Collaborative Project. RSPCA is an organisation that fights against animal cruelty and for animal rights. Our pets are a part of our family and should be treated like family. Still, RSPCA find 138000 animals every year that needs help. With the rebranding of their donation and guardian programs, we have the opportunity to express how much happiness and love the animals give back in their new homes.


“We aim to support and affirm the value of people” MY Initiative have recently created the Training Sponsorship Proposal to inform potential sponsors about their organisation and how they can get involved in sponsoring one of their specified training programs. There are 4 main training sponsorship programs that MY Initiative have developed. These include; Family/Public Access Training Sponsorship, School Based Training Program Sponsorship, Workplace Based Training Sponsorship and Miscellaneous Training Sponsorship.

Jan Thorjornsen, Maria Morren, Cheung Lynn, Kate Goodwins. We are designing a new look for Youth Mentoring program `YMAP´. We aim to help get attention for YMAP in order to increase awareness and popularity.



Final year Drama students work in small teams, each creating their own short performance. The group works as a small company, chooses their own theme and develops a way of working together to create the work. They collaborate as improvisers, writers, actors, directors, dramaturgs, designers, publicists and project managers. The range and diversity of work they have produced this year has been staggering, as has the diversity of processes they have chosen to work with. Along the way, they develop the necessary skills for creative collaboration – building a process, reflecting on and critiquing their own work and that of others, letting their imaginations fly, letting go of old ideas, listening to others, weaving multiple ideas together and all the other large and small tasks that go to create an original work of performance. I would particularly like to thank Tom Salisbury for his sustained and wise support of the students and their projects, and Tricia Simmons for her wonderful combination of creative and organisational skills. Yoni Prior


Portrait of the Imperfect


Production Rep/Manager Bianca, Set and Props – Hannah, Lighting/ Projection – Sharee, Sound – Nicholas, Laura, Costumes – Flick, Marketing – Lewis.

Stephany Avila- Script writer, publicity and funds, Melissa Stephens- Props, sounds and lighting, Bianca FarinacciaCostume, design and filming, Chimene The concept of our piece derived Bousejean- Projection, installation and stage from a desire to explore the destructive nature of humanity in design, Emily Georgiieits most raw and honest forms. Editing, purchasing items This led us to the notion of the and record holder. ‘fatal flaws of humanity’, which we believe are the best way to relate to this said destructive nature of humanity, and how all combined are detrimental to the human condition. The use of portraiture and body painting allow us to illustrate our concept in a visually stunning and unique performance.

Mirror mirror on the wall, Will they crumble will they fall? Can they fit the pieces together? ... Or will they remain broken forever? When you look in the mirror what do you see? A reflection of your true self? Or what you wish to be? An insight into the struggles of ones inner self.



Production Manager – Monique Sangster, Director – Christopher Cardamone, Stage Manager – Tessa Kinsella, Publicity – Brooke Reid, Visual Elements – Steph Danielides, Phillipa Russell, Katerina Petinakis, Hayley Lakeman.

Ben Byrne – Production Manager, Catherine Martin – Costume and Make Up, Dom Hennequin – Costume and Make Up, Chris Aretsinis – Multimedia and Technical Design, Mat Flack – Set and Design, Lachlan Grisold – Set and Design.

‘Maither’ is the performance that takes you on a quick trip through the pivotal points in a mother’s journey and the continuing cycle that lingers well after they thought it was over. From the pain of child labour to the pain in the butt of menopause, this lighthearted performance piece from 8 talented Drama majors is sure to entertain and engage mothers and teenagers from all different backgrounds.

In a world full of boundaries, controlled my masculine opinion and oppressed by He that Hath Huge Hands, one woman is destined to bring change. With the instincts to survive and driven to escape, can she regain her freedom? Or will she succumb to her new surroundings? All is not what it seems. Friendships are made, alliances are broken and sexuality is questioned. In order to survive she must remember one thing… … Wait, what were we talking about?



Factory of Profanity

Let them eat cake

Monica Christou, Callan Hales, Rachel Hatherley, Tegan Larin, Bradley Storer, Ewan Whittle.

Laura Hermann (that’s me) Production manager/ actor, Melissa Doyle: Costume/props/actor, Rowan Donaldson: Tech director/script writer/actor, Jonathen Rumsam: Stage and set manager/actor.

Zachary Alaimo, Pasquale Bartalotta, Ashleigh Dittman, Yvonne Doeven, Jessica Martin, Adriana Tascone and Kristen Zekic.

The story of a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys and their lives over the years. A teenage hustler and a young man obsessed with alien abductions cross paths, together discovering a horrible, liberating truth. A naive teenager is sent to rehab camp when her straitlaced parents and friends suspect her of being a lesbian. Engendered is an exploration of the personal links of gender and sexuality.

Our performance piece will be a scaffold of short scenes that focus’ on the appeal of profanity. The piece is made up of quick scenes and even faster transitions of both time, place and setting and the piece is linked together through common theme and words. The performance runs between 10 and 12 minutes and is a great example of actor versatility.

$10 Students & Kids $15 Adults

Are you willing to traverse the unknown? On the Floor Theatre presents a sensorial exploration of curiosity, imagination and psychosis that tests and taunts the threshold of reality. Inspired by some of the world’s most beloved childhood stories, Climbing the Walls is an unhinged journey into the playful perspective of childlike innocence. Prepare to delve into the depths of the imagination and uncover both the darkness and the light.




Animation and emanation. What is the difference?

To the hard working student artist animators whose work you will have the privilege of seeing, there isn’t much between making things appear out of nothing except the imagination and animating these emanations. Well that’s not completely true. Thousands of hours have been lost in the design, construction and manipulation of all the elements that will appear on the screen and surround you into these new worlds of wonder. The Deakin animators are a wild and wacky bunch. Playing hard and fast with the unlimited possibilities of entertainment and even challenging the established conventions of cinema. So sit back, relax, watch and hopefully enjoy their moving images. Adrian Bruch

The dance students in this unit have utilized the choreographic skills they have practiced and developed over their 3 years at Deakin. Each group has worked intensively and collaboratively to define the approach, process and content for their piece, and to create and rehearse their material. They have shared the choreographic and dancing tasks democratically and have spent many hours talking, moving, thinking, assessing, worrying and ultimately finalizing. The choreographic questions they have been grappling with, and the aesthetic choices they have made, vary considerably. But they all relate strongly to the heritage of contemporary dance with its insistence on prodding the status quo to see what else emerges, and in not privileging the spectacular in movement. Instead the student artists have attempted to respond to the particular demands of their situations - their questions, their beliefs, their values - to mold performances that give some definition to what they see as important right now. Shaun Mcleod


ANIMATION Inderpretive Dance

Little Did They Know

Valhalla productions

Victoria Gridley: Cactus, Elise Lockhart: Bee, Butterfly, Jacquelyn Hutton: Girl, Bird, Room, Justin Correla: Backgrounds, Cassie James: Rabbit, Fox.

Mitul Patel, Junhang Li, Heyi Li, Adam Mulholland, Ben Szekely, Dilshan Perera.

Director: Lise merethe daastoel, Ass production: Kate Birrell, Jacob Tait, Rachel Limb, Nilanka ranasinghe, Adam Mulholland.

A short 2D animation named ‘The Cactus’. It’s a satirical comedy from the creators of the 2012 hits ‘Knutty Knitters’ and ‘Morning Tea’. Cactus is cute, he’s adorable, he’s popular - he’s everything a pretty little plant should be. Except for his sad little habit of killing anyone who gets too close. Can Cactus find happiness? You’re about to find out!

Little Did He She It Knew is a story about a Boy, a Girl and a Dog set in different times. In the future, a Boy is heading to the city when a Girl walking down the street catches his attention. When he goes looking for her, he finds nothing but an unusual dog. In the past, a Girl walks her dog only to have it run away, and her frantic search begins. And a Dog, of all things, to unite the past and future.

A 3D short about a young boy who will become a man, a viking ! He is trying to impress his father so he will be proud of him. And finally he is old enough to go through some training to become a man. However perhaps Harald is not meant to be a viking?


$10 Students & Kids $15 Adults

DANCE Code Red:At the Meat Market

28.687.382.533 This Is Why We Dance

Jaimi Lee Watson, Stephanie Ives, Annie Merriel.

Sophie Beirne, Han Le, Sarah Ling, Nick Walters, Laura Welch.

Code Red: At the Meat Market welcomes you to enter the hustle and bustle of Deakin’s very own Emergency Room. Please wait patiently and someone will be with you shortly. Feel free to browse an array of fashion magazines and sit back, relax and be entertained by some stimulating material.

I’ve been sent here to destroy you. You’ve been spreading lies. You’re gonna be sorry you were ever born. You’re a fool! May I have your attention please? It’s just Shaun Cassidy. Look at him, walkin’ around; bring him more wine! Dress like me; walk, talk, act like me. You can say, I’m desperate, even call me perverted, throbbing between two lives. Her brain allows one half-formed thought: No, Ceaser Marie, hold on tight. And down we went.

Chloe Guffogg, Rochelle Finnegan, Jacob Pate, Stephanie Priest, Kira Ridley. To Dance is to be yourself, larger more beautiful more powerful. Our work represents who we are as dancers both individually and as a whole. It enables the audience to see our former training our current training and our passion for dance. Collaborating five unique dance styles has created an original and thought provoking performance. We hope you enjoy watching our piece as much as we enjoyed making it.

(T)RUTH WILL SET/LET YOU(R) [ROOM], FREE” (Part 2) Fiona Brannigan, Gillian Butcher, Tessa Broadby, Ashlea English, Alice Hollands. When in doubt, borrow, copy and steal. And lie. With CONVICTION! Why is it that as we explore authenticity in the age of digital media, the condition of truth comes into question? In this collaboration we delve deeply into avant-garde creation/evolution methods. We are the space, but we shake up the space! You cannot deny our presence, but we cannot deny your presence. We will inhabit the space, our bodies, and your mind. But nothing is as it seems.




This year the Visual Arts and Photography students have devised installation and performative presentations to display their major projects, working with their colleagues from drama and dance to enrich the collaborations. The types of projects that have developed utilize their specialist skills and apply them to collaborative installation and public art settings. At Burwood, the themes and approaches range from investigation of suburbanism, the power of dreams, the treatment and portrayal of asylum seekers, a gothic take on university experience, a large scale exploration of portraiture and a 3D and performative investigation of our interior life in relation to our public face. At the waterfront the works explore the artist process and the take on the notion of regionalism in a global art market. These major collaborative projects highlight the breadth and depth of the program at Deakin and celebrate the importance of creativity in cultural production. Jondi Keane

Dan Armstrong


The Tides that Bind Ann Abrahamson, Rachel Hanlon, Maria Richardson, Aaron Baltetsch, Jo Humphreys, Karol Robertson, Tracey Coutts, Robyn Lowe, Christopher Scott, Renee Dolley, Lis McDonald, Dij Vriens, Meg Griffiths. The Artist Presents is a part exhibition showcasing finished works by third year Visual Art students of the Deakin Waterfront studio. The diverse and eclectic nature of ideas and issues are brought together through the collaboration. From figuration addressing emotional relationships, to the plastic, geometric exploration of the spaces we inhabit. The works are conceptually and stylistically different yet unified in their search for what art is... reflected through the embodiment of diverse modes of mediums and ideologies. The Artist Process is a further part exhibition by the Waterfront Visual Art third years, that

reveals developmental ideas behind finished works, from the dissecting and unraveling of catalogued self-expression, to the raw, gouging of anarchy unreservedly questioning political ideals. Presented in one venue, this two part exhibition brings to the fore individual art practices and processes in a manner that will highlight the diversity and cross-currents of ideas within this united studio group.


The Tides that Bind 12 - 21 Oct

soundscape in a sensory experience. Which is designed to challenge people’s perception of refugees and asylum seekers. OUT OF PLACE is a visceral installation that evokes empathy, calls for change and comments on the medias representation of Refugees. The installation encourages the viewer to interact, by finding their position in the space and on the issue.

Sunday 14 Oct 2-5pm. fourth floor foyer of Costa Hall, Deakin Waterfront Campus.


Nicole Donegan, Lauren Jesse Grounds, Luc Fauvrelle

Tallulah Griffin (logistics and laison), Louise Riddiford (supervisor and process planner), Emily At this moment there are more baker (methodology, than 43.3 million people who have been displaced in our world. vision and approach- co This performance installation director), James Nelson (co ‘OUT OF PLACE’ combines director). sculpture, lighting, dance and

Heads Up

‘Suburbs’ is an installation that depicts a bizarre and unsettling insight into the existence of a nuclear families’ mundane home. In a capitalist society we thrive for: money, land ownership and material possessions, however in seeking these advancements in this society, family members are put under great stress and pressure, therefore often suffering from raw emotions such as fear, anger and misery. There is more to the average suburban household than meets the eye...

Abigail Thompson, Eloise Burfurd, Ross Widdows. Heads Up is a large scale art installation/sculpture which explores the universal concept of the life cycle. Created from approximately 600 balloons, associated with the celebration of ageing, the sculpture forms a pixelated portrait. The face of the sculpture is of the famous ‘Afghan Girl’ from the National Geographic, who also embodies our concept of ageing. The sculpture is attached to an air compressor which allows the balloon face to “breath” in and out. The installation will be presented outside building ‘P’ to coincide with our goal of art for everyone - so HEADS UP!

Sisters Grimm


Altered States

We’re All Mad Here

Liaison: Shardae-Breeane Reed, Theme Supervisor: Hannah Townley, Group Communications: Taisha-Dayne Reed, Tech Management: Alannah Prow, Exhibiting Artists: All of above.

Emily Altis, Jessica Dougan, Jenna FaheyWhite, Nichole Smith.

Karen Mayo- Production Manager Installation Artist, Debbie WeeAssistant and Liaison person, Jamie Enrique Gutierrez- Artist. Dancers: Emily Sacco, Anna Seymour and Claire Chaplin.

Bronwyn Ward production manager, Jessica Phillips - finance & operations, Tiffany Eve - liaison & promotional manager.

The Midnight Manifestations. Once the sun leaves the campus something slightly sinister wakes suddenly from its slumber. Terrifying troubles of university students arise! Manifested from their woes in a terrifically twisted array of forms, we, the Sisters Grimm formally invite you on a quest to discover each eerie entity hidden in the most unexpected of places.

Enter our small world, where the uncanny awaits. This Enchantment Installation combines elements of photography, performance, projection and mono printing. Somnia explores the unconscious and the subconscious mind, through the use of layered images, word play, manipulated sounds, and live art. This installation encourages the audience to question their perception of reality.

We hope to explore a dialog between the inner and outer selves. The fragile venerable self and our external layered or shielded selves. Central to these ideas and the overall performance is the dancers role within this performance to move within these concepts as they shift between these Altered States. Moving between these states of consciousness the dancers hover between the inner and outer self, the form and the formless worlds of known realities, the conscious and the sub-conscious experience.

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense, nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t.” - Alice We’re All Mad Here is a photographic exploration into the cross over between the physical world and the fantasy world aiming to explore the juxtaposition between these two worlds as an interactive installation. Influenced by Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland the installation will look at different aspects of fantasy worlds used to escape the monotony of reality.



The film production area of ACC316 maintains strong connections with the

professional film industry. The scripts were written in Trimester 1 in ACC307 Developing a Project: Ideas to Scripts and eleven were selected by an industry panel that included Producers, Directors and Writers. The unit has a strong emphasis on process and students form production teams in the first week of Trimester, when they nominate which production role they wish to fill. A number of film industry professionals give guest lectures about their own particular role, so that students can gain an insight into each major discipline. Each film also has its own dedicated composer from the Box Hill School of Music and the films are shot on professional cinema quality Red Epic cameras, the only undergraduate course in the world that has this facility. The films will be graded and finished at Complete Post, one of Melbourne’s most respected post-production facilities. The eleven completed films will be screened at the Astor theatre in St. Kilda on Sunday November 11th, 2012.

Kevin Anderson


The library museum

Children Can Write Poetry

Producer/A.D. - Miru Song, Director Ezra Larmour-Reid, Cinematographer Hans Markus Janssen, Production Designer Emily Yii, Sound Designer - Yong Zhen Kheng, Editor - Kristoffer Hustad Mentzoni.

Olivia Carolan – Producer, Justin Sebastian - Writer/D.O.P, Rob Wilson – Director, Janet Huang – Editor, Sam Noonan - Production Designer, Joe WallySound Designer.

Isaiah, an aloof, lonesome man joins a group that promises salvation and enlightenment to its members. Once inside, he realizes that there is something amiss when all of the people inside appear to be mentally ill at varying capacities, and they are being taken away one by one for ‘interviews.’ Isaiah is warned that his decision to join this group was severely misguided, and this fact is highlighted when he sees the true nature of this organization for himself.

Four teenage boys take a crash course in reality, and maturity, as one of them lives through the challenges of a shaky home life. Tyler has been slowly drifting from his group of friends. On the way to a party, he explodes and all his bottled up emotions culminate in a, seemingly, irrational fight with his friend Dan… The result is unexpected and ends with the group realising his pain, ultimately solidifying the importance of their relationship.

Lucky Stryke Julianne Wilkinson – Producer, Samuel Danby – Director, Ben Abbott – Cinematographer, James Walker - Sound Designer, Liam Kirkman - Production Designer, Matthew Stevenson – Editor. A hostage situation turns sour, then fine, then sour again and ultimately fine as three brothers attempt to convince the captive that joining their 10 pin bowling team really is the best thing for him. Lucky Strike is a light hearted comedy about love, life and loss that dangles its legs cautiously over the edge of normality.

Retracing The End Producer: Shannon Biviano, Writer/ Director: Dave Lee, Cinematographer: James Joo, Assistant Director/ Editor: Alex Karantzas, Production Designer: Clover Ooi, Audio Operator/ Designer: Hadi Partovifar, Camera Assistant/ Lighting: Filip Laureys. A dark stylistic comedy about a man trying to piece his life back together after it all falls apart around him when he’s fired from his job, is dumped by his girlfriend and faces the death of his best mate.


Sunday, 11th November 7.30pm at The Astor Theatre Corner Chapel Street & Dandenong Road, St Kilda

Brick Road

Ill Will


Rohan Thomas-Producer, Adi Wijananda-Writer/ Director, Alice GrahamProduction Designer, Nick Low-Director Of Photography, Aaron Wong-Sound Designer, A car sits stationary, the driver Zachary Kitchen-Editor, waits for her partners in crime. Sinead Lau-First Assistant No sign of anyone. They call Director, Luke Evans-First the driver Dorothy, a lady of On the anniversary of his few words and a specialist in Camera Assistant, Richard brother’s death, Will, distraught driving getaway cars in robberies. looks to enact his revenge on the LaBrooy-Composer. Kimberley Moore – Producer, Guy Cleeve – Director, James Terry – cinematographer, Eleanor Wilson – Editor, Ryan Kennedy – Set design.

But Dorothy is on the road to atonement. Something is dirty about this this job. Her driving skills may need some tuning, but basic instincts never die.

Sheridan Evans (Producer), Jamie Moraes (Writer/ Cinematographer), Oscar Thorborg (Director), Michael Vawdrey (Editor), Nina Meyer (Production Designer), Lise Tofteberg (Sound Designer).

man he believes is responsible for the death. With his best friend Jason being pulled into the fray, we wonder, does Will have what it takes to pull the trigger? What are the consequences that lie ahead of him?

Raynor, an assassin, is hired to assassinate Maggie Westwood, a former employee at NexEast Energy Company who is planning to uncover dark secrets of the company’s CEO, Bennis Edwards. Always the cold killing machine, Raynor thinks this is going to be just another job. Little did he know, that this job will change everything.

Ties Director / Liam Gordes, Producer / Maximo Rondos, Cinematographer / Jock Blakley, Editor / Rob Mitchell, Sound Design / Devan Pitches, Production Design / Dylan Ruddy. After the tragic death of Lauren Willis, Peter, her husband is left disturbed. Whilst grieving he stumbles across curious pieces of information that point to a more sinister motive behind her death. In an attempt to find more answers Peter confronts Nelson Howard a high profile family lawyer who is connected to Lauren through undisclosed means. “Ties” is a commentary and investigation into the human condition and the way everyone is ultimately bound together.



Jo in


WW llow us W.D on FES in on T 18 TH OO the ce IVAL.T - 28 TH D C lebrati UMB AM on LR .CO OC PU T OB S M ER BU

ENERGY Energy is for the feel of the entire festival. Energy is also for the personalities that D festival contains. There are so many different people, with many different projects, but the main drive is their creative energy and their passion for arts.



Experience is something we all seek, and by coming to D festival, it’s what you get. We chose experience as a value because we feel that the productions displayed and showcased at Deakin during D festival is not only an experience to the audience, but also for the artists.

Experimental is for the innovative and curious side of the students groups participating in “D festival”. It’s one of the key elements of a creative being, and every discipline is making their production by experimenting.

Fredrik Larsen, Kine Marie Kapaasen Madsen, Linn Alnes Djuvsland, Michael Brown. In the making of the concept, we wanted a strong profile to tie it all together. After choosing our three value words we chose a triangle and made it asymmetrical to give it a bit more personality. With using that simple shape as our main element we got more freedom to experiment with the artworks Our triangle displays Experimental by changing colours, and being asymmetrical. It has energy by being a strong shape and pointing towards the information to come. Experience is implemented by having the triangle looking similar to a play button. It’s a symbol for a start on something that going to happen, an experience. Last but not least, the triangle can portrait a D for “D festival”.

The way we chose to portrait the experimental collaboration showed in D festival is to make two posters each, totally independent on each other. This way we got to test the strength of our concept with the triangles being the only consistent. At the same time we got to showcase our own design style in a way that represents the diversity in D festival. The logo is a clean typography with the typefaces we chose to use through the entire profile. It’s usually in the triangle to the top left, but also used by it self. It states the name of the festival, with the D for Deakin. It also has our sub heading that reads “Celebrate Deakin’s emerging creative’s”

The celebration for us is: Firstly the celebration of the artworks and productions showcased at D festival. It’s also a celebration of our years as learning creatives who’s now at the start of our emerging careers. The play button in our triangle and the experience as a value word symbolizes that everything has a start, but also an end. The end doesn’t have to be a sad part, it’s just meaning the end of an era, and the start of a new one. So a celebration of Deakin’s newly (almost) graduated creatives who’s about to emerge in to another creative way of living.


D festival program  

D Festival is a celebration of Deakin’s Creative Arts students. This exciting event is spread over the course of 2 weeks beginning on Thursd...

D festival program  

D Festival is a celebration of Deakin’s Creative Arts students. This exciting event is spread over the course of 2 weeks beginning on Thursd...