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“Morning Of The World”

Morning of the World at Keramas Photo: Mick Curley


“The Morning Of The World”

- Jawaharlal Nehru, Bali, 1954

The year was 1954 when visiting Indian statesman Jawaharlal Nehru took a sunrise stroll on Sanur Beach with Indonesian President Sukarno and was so moved by the beautiful beachside setting that he described it as the “Morning of the World.” Nehru’s saying epitomized Bali and a variation of it was used in the classic 1970s surf film “Morning of the Earth” by Alby Falzon where no locations were mentioned of the showcased Bali footage, and the title being the only hint. South African surfer Grant “Twiggy” Baker takes in some Morning of the World vibes on a recent trip to Bali. Photographer Diogo D’Orey was there to capture it from all angles and this was one of the more interesting shots Diogo nailed in the morning light.

During the Oakley Pro Bali this June over a million viewers around the world watching live could share these beautiful, fiery sunrises with the world’s best surfers and those who showed up early at Keramas Beach to watch them. Every day people of many nations and in many different continents all tuned in at the same time to watch a Balinese sunrise, making each daybreak at Keramas the true Morning of the World and reminding us all how far we’ve come, and how special Bali really is.

The LiNeup 13 EDITOR’S PICK - WATERBOM 18 COCONUT WIRELESS 24 DJ YUKI Bali Lineups never get boring. Photo: Trevor Murphy



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Iuri Borba/Indosurflife Char Mick Curley Diogo D’Orey/LiquidEye Nobu Fuku

Pete Frieden/LiquidEye Brad Masters Trevor Murphy Ed Sloane








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WATERBOM BALI WATER PARK With over 21 water slides ranging from relaxing to hair-raising and world-class facilities and food, it’s easy to see why Trip Advisor has ranked Waterbom Bali #1 of the Top 25 Amusement Parks and Water Parks in Asia and also rated them #18 in the world as part of their Traveler’s Choice Awards - a ranking well-worth being proud of. This did not happen by fluke either, as Waterbom Bali has been a favorite day of fun ever since they opened their doors in 1993.

You can’t go wrong at Waterbom and if you are just in the mood to chill then grab an innertube and float down the Lazy River with water jets that allow you to simply lay there and drift on the snake shaped pool that loops through the whole park. Waterbom Bali Water Park is a perfect place to spend the day when the surf goes flat, or even when the surf is pumping but you want to find something else fun to do. If you do decide to go, bring this issue of Lines in with their ad in it to get a 10% discount off admission and have a great day at Asia’s #1 Water Park! Waterbom Bali is located in Tuban, Bali not far from the Airport. Call them +62 361 755 676 or go to:


Since then they have grown even bigger and better and have recently added two new crazy rides, The Pipeline and The Climax to their massive 3.8 hectare water park grounds. The Pipeline sits 20 meters (65ft+) above ground with a bird’s-eye view of Kuta and literally shoots you corkscrewing down the 150 meter slide at 3.5 gravitational forces to really get your heart rate going. The Climax is the other new slide where you hit 2.5 G-forces of speed off a vertical 16 meter drop and then loop upside down in the slide before getting shot out the other end.



The surfing world lost one of its most loved personalities and legends with the tragic passing of Allan Byrne from New Zealand following a motorbike accident in Bali this August. Allan, or AB as he was affectionately called, was the leading innovator of the sixchannel bottom surfboard and was also a NZ surfing champion and world-renowned surfer with a penchant for catching the best barrels. During his prime he finished Runner Up at the 1981 Pipe Masters to Simon Anderson and continued to run a successful shaping business under his label Byrning Spears. AB was set to surf in the Legends heat of the Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang but sadly crashed just before it was held. AB’s son Jamie surfed the event in his father’s place. He is survived by his wife Jayne and their three sons. A huge paddle-out ceremony was held in his honor at Padang Padang on August 3rd with his family and countless friends in attendance.

Allan Byrne, 62, and still pulling in deeper than most at Padang Padang last year. Photo: Pete Frieden/LiquidEye

Padang Padang paddle out. Photo Courtesy Friends of Allan Byrne The Legend in his studio. Photo: Nobu Fuku

You couldn’t have scripted a better contest than the Oakley Pro Bali for how smoothly and seamlessly everything came together. And Joel “Parko” Parksinson, the 2012 ASP Champion from Australia, couldn’t have picked a better time to show the world his skills than with Keramas breaking about as good as it gets. Parko scored a Perfect 20 point heat with some screaming barrels in Round 5, and came full force every time he donned the contest jersey right through the Final to bring home the win. Heat after heat he brought his champion game, and in a tight final against Tahitian Michel Bourez, Parko squeaked a wave in under Michel’s priority for a brilliant tactical move to secure the score he needed to win in front of a packed crowd that Keramas has never seen before. For his win Parko got the US$75,000 winner’s check and scored a brand new Kawasaki jet ski. There hasn’t been a professional ASP surfing event in Bali since 2008 and with the success of the Oakley Pro Bali this year it will likely not be the last. For more info, video and photos go to: RESULTS 1st JOEL PARKINSON (AUS) 2nd MICHEL BOUREZ (PYF) Left Parko got carried up the beach in the winner’s seat like a King. Photo: Curley

Right Parko was dominating the Keramas bowl like none other. Photo: Pete Frieden/LiquidEye




The newly opened Paradise Surf School is right on Legian Beach next to the big Jayakarta Hotel on Legian Beach. The staff and owners are all experienced surfers and are definitely worth booking if you want to learn how to surf. They have two regular classes but are flexible for your schedule. Each class includes free pick up, insurance, and a guarantee that you will be standing in your first lesson. Give them a call at +6281338790992 or visit them on the web at

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika has relented and finally revoked his decree granting permission to developers to reclaim large areas of Benoa Bay for an entertainment, sports and residential complex.This area includes the mangrove area that has been a hot topic of discussion for people wanting to preserve its fragile ecosystem rather than develop it. As reported by the State News Agency Antara, Governor Pastika announced on Saturday, August 17, 2013: “Effective Friday, August 16th, Decree number 2138/02-C/HK/2012 dated December 26, 2012, I have revoked based on a number of considerations.”

ONEy ANWAR TAKES 3RD IN ASP 5-STAR MEN’S EvENT IN FRANCE FOR CAREER BEST RESULT Following his 20th birthday celebrated while competing overseas Indonesian surfer Oney Anwar got the best present ever with a 3rd place finish at the Soöruz Lacanau Pro in France. This was the best result ever in Anwar’s career and one he should be proud of on his World Qualifying Series campaign. Anwar was the Oakley Pro Trials winner and had the opportunity to surf in the main event against Joel Parkinson for some serious experience points on the Pro Surfing stage. Hailing from Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, Anwar has been very lucky to travel the world in hopes of qualifying for the World Championship Tour largely due to support from his main sponsor Rip Curl. PHOTOS COURTESY OF ASP

Bali Mangroves. Photo Courtesy of WAHLI

The Governor explained that the revocation of his decree granting permission to reclaim Benoa Bay is based on a letter of recommendation from the Bali House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali) issued one week before and the enunciated aspirations of the public. Pastika continued: “I have yet to review the recommendations of the DPRDBali, but essentially it urges that the decree granting permission to use and conserve Benoa Bay be quickly revoked. Therefore, I state that effective yesterday (August 16th) the decree has been revoked.” The Governor said that his revocation of his decree on Benoa Bay also serves as a response to protests from academics, NGOs, environmental groups, leaders of traditional society and Bali religious leaders. Source:


During the Oakley Pro Bali the Rip Curl Team came down to teach the soul surf project Bali kids how to surf! Thanks to Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina, Oney Anwar and Garut Widiarta for giving the kids such a memorable surf lesson! What lucky grommets! Not many kids can say that they got to learn from surfers like these! For more info go to

SURFING FOR A BETTER FUTURE AND ENvIRONMENT The foundation soul surf project Bali has a very cool program that teaches orphans and street kids on Bali how to surf and about environmental awareness in order to create future career paths for themselves in the surf world. Over the free 14 lesson course there are 10 lessons taught to the kids on how to swim, then how to surf and then four more lessons are dedicated to teach about the environment through beach clean-ups, turtle releases, making jamu and visiting trash recycling plants among other things. Kids that show promise are given further training in a Talent Class that can later lead to internships in the surf industry at Rip Curl and other surfing businesses. After two years of training those kids will get their Instructor License and Life Saving License and can apply for a microcredit within the foundation to start up their own surf-related business. Rip Curl has helped tremendously by giving the kids surf lessons, helping with fundraisers and getting the word out. They even sent in their pro team surfers Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina, Oney Anwar and Garut Widiarta to meet the kids and teach them surfing for the day! Without Rip Curl’s sponsorship little of this would be possible and soul surf project Bali would be far from its goals with the kids. This is how the foundation soul surf project Bali helps underprivileged kids through surfing to build a better future for themselves and also for the environment too. The foundation also opened Bali’s first ever Eco Surf Shop in 2012. The shop provides environmentally friendly surfgear such as wooden surfboards, all-natural wax, leashes, deck grip (yes, all-natural leashes and deck grip!) T Shirts, wallets, sunglasses and flipflops. Products are almost all made locally, and some products like the beachbags and eco surfwax are made by kids (older than 16) who are still living in orphanages. The Eco Surf Shop is located at Jalan Nakula Blok 6, Legian. Not everyone can visit this shop in Bali, and that is why there is also a web shop at www. All the profit the shop makes will be used for the soul surf project Bali and you are also doing the earth a favor by buying green! soul surf project Bali depends on help from others. A little income is generated with the Eco Surf Shop but more comes from donations from all over the world. If you want to help, please make a donation. On the website www. you can find info on how to donate. Right now soul surf project Bali is saving up for a car and a professional photo camera.



For people interested in serious photography and culture, GENESIS by Sebastiao Salgado is the book you need on your coffee table. Salgado is an elite photographer internationally renowned for his black and white photos documenting life and locales. His work regularly appears in museums and galleries around the world. GENESIS is a compilation of his last several years of work as Canon Camera’s A-Team photographer where Salgado traveled to faraway places like the Amazon Rainforest, Antarctica, Mentawai, Africa, Papua and more. His wife Lelia designed the book’s layout and has perfectly contextualized each shot. GENESIS is already a best-seller and is now available in Indonesia.

LINES vIDEO Bungkus: Sufing to GO

Wyatt Daily is an American filmmaker who was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to capture some amazing clips of the top pro surfers surfing around the Oakley Pro Bali that he has compiled in “Bungkus.” This short video is not just contest footage, it goes behind the scenes to freesurf sessions from surfers like Kelly Slater, Yadin Nichol, and more in some ridiculously perfect waves. To watch Bungkus just click over to and search BUNGKUS Oakley Pro. This is the first video project Lines has supported with more in the lineup, so stay tuned!


BINGIN VILLA SOMA - Jl. Pantai Bingin Cliffside right above Bingin with views of Padang Padang and the sunset. Pristine location and a stylish house. 3 bedroom, fully staffed. BINGIN Five bungalows right on the cliff at Bingin, some with ocean views from your bed with great food. Rooms start at US$60/night or take the whole bungalow.To book: +62361732998 CANGGU THE CHILL HOUSE - Jl Kubu Manyar #22 Surfguiding, surfcoaching, massage, therapy, yoga, amazing organic food all day long, Wi-Fi all from Rp 4-6 million per person per week all inclusive except drinks. SEMINyAK VILLA KAJA SEMINYAK. Book 4 private bedrooms or book by room. Rates start $105/night/room Contacts: +62361732998 SEMINyAK VILLA KRESNA - Jl. Sarinande 17 & 19 Down a quiet street just 150m from Seminyak Beach near the famous KUDETA are the Villa Kresna Boutique Villas and Suites, well removed from life’s frenzied pace. UBUD Ubud ricefield escape property Book as 7 bedroom at $600++/night Also available by rooms starting at $70++/night Contacts: +62361732998


Laying It Down From Potato Head To Perfect Surf

Many say Bali’s nightlife is as good as the surfing, and just as addictive too. DJ yuki has the best of both worlds as a Bali native that learned how to surf in Indonesian perfection and also how to mix music in tune with the island’s happening party scene. Today Yuki is a sponsored surfer by O’Neill, Diverse Surfboards, FCS, Gorilla and Tide Surf Japan, and he’s a resident DJ at Potato Head and Rock Bar. At age 22, DJ Yuki is probably having the most fun out of anyone on Bali… Introducing DJ yuki: “My mum was a surfer and I was about 7 years old when she pushed me into my first wave down at Halfway Kuta Beach. I was so stoked. On the music side, it was my dad who bought me my first turntables down in Brisbane on a family trip! It was the best birthday present ever as it made me the musician I am now! DJ Yuki on the decks at packed Potato Head

DJ Yuki shows his mean aerial game.

Back in the day both were a hobby and now it has turned into a lifestyle career I guess... I’ve traveled to so many places for both of them. The best trip for surfing was to Australia and to Singapore for a DJ gig at KuDeTa... the crew and the people in those places are amazing.” Being a DJ, is it hard to keep a regular surfing schedule? Everyone asks this one... I’m pretty much free to schedule my sets every week and tell you what it’s an enjoyable 3 hour set a day only for a couple days a week and I get back home before midnight so it doesn’t affect any of my surfing. Back in the early days to get to where I’m at was a different story. I started at some clubs down in Legian but I quit because all those late nights just had too much of a negative impact on my health, surfing and everything else! Where do you normally surf? I surf everywhere around Bali but I would say that the outer reefs in Kuta are my home break. I have good friends surfing there every day and at sunset we always have a good laugh together after surfing.


SOULPERSONA - Nothing Matters (re-edit of Bond, Deborah) SOULPERSONA feat PRINCESS FREESIA - You Did It Again (extended Pleasure mix) HOT TODDY - Down To Love feat. Jennifer Rhonwen - (Original Mix) LATE NIGHT TUFF GUY - Turn Your Love Around (re-edit of George Benson)

Where is the best place you have DJ’d and why? Potato Head has got to be the best ever! They are like family and they have given me unbelievable experiences like opening and closing sets for huge groups like Empire Of The Sun, Foster the People, and so much more! They are the best! And at Rock Bar I DJ right over the ocean, so I guess I’m lucky to play and watch the surf as mother nature changes, especially those beautiful sunset gigs with a nice glass of wine… to say it’s an office! haha...

Tell us something interesting about you that people wouldn’t normally know? Very Good F***Ing question... a lot of people I meet give me shit that I’m one spoiled lucky f***er! But I tell you what, it’s not luck! I worked so f***ing hard to get to where I’m at and if it wasn’t for my Mum and Dad I wouldn’t be right here telling this to you! But tell you what, if it is luck then I’m lucky to have the best family in the world! Hehe Anything else? Yeah, I’m not a player.

JL. KUNTI, SEMINYAK, BALI +62 (0) 361 854 6262


It seems there are more and more Mexican restaurants popping up in Bali each day, especially in the SeminyakPetitenget area but if you haven’t sampled Taco Beach on Jalan Kunti yet (close to Bali Deli and next door to Warung Italia) then you have been missing out. There is too much good food to list but favorites ordered here recently were the Nachos, the Grilled Fish Tacos with Pesto Cream Sauce, and of course the Babi Guling Taco or Burrito. Anyway here are 10 reasons why you need to eat at Taco Beach if you are in Bali and you love Mexican food. 1) Every day Taco Beach makes fresh, unique seasonal salsas such as Mango-Lime, Tomatillo-Cilantro, Papaya-Pineapple, Chipotle Chile, Roasted Sweet Corn and Bean, Pico De Gallo, or Roasted Red Pepper Guacamole, and more with up to 12 different Salsas 2) Taco Beach grinds their corn the old fashioned Aztec way, very close to how the original inhabitants of Mexico prepared their tortillas for thousands of years. They cook the corn for over a day just to prepare it for making the genuine masa dough required for their authentic tortillas. This ancient cooking technique gives their corn tortillas exceptional authentic flavor and aroma 3) Taco Beach cultures their own pro-biotic sour cream for healthy digestion 4) Taco Beach is the inventor of the original BaliMex fusion dish and the savory ‘Babi Guling Taco’ - chunks of roast suckling pig marinated in aromatic Balinese herbs and spices, and topped with homemade sour cream and your choice of fresh salsa 5) Taco Beach is MSG free and a non-smoking restaurant! They make their chicken stock from scratch and not with the chicken flavor cubes 6) Taco Beach delivers in the Seminyak area right to your front door for home dining

7) There is also a complete vegetarian and vegan menu for those that don’t eat meat! Take their “Chorizo Challenge” where contestants try to identify their vegan chorizo sausage from a real pork sausage 8) Taco Beach also has a large gluten-free menu 9) They make their own house margaritas that are perfect to compliment your dinner 10) For a limited time they are giving out 10% discount cards that after 10 meals get you a free burrito... What more can we say than that the food is good. SO when you are in the mood for Mexican or some yummy BaliMex fusion you know where to go


Every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY is music night at the STRAW HUT in Seminyak with Live Jam Sessions from Bali’s top local bands and DJs. The Straw Hut also serves mouthwatering international cuisine from pizzas to fish to lamb burgers with something for everyone on the menu. Get down to the Straw Hut today for Bali’s newest happening night spot and restaurant. See their Lines ad for contact details.


The RYOSHI HOUSE OF JAZZ in Seminyak features the island’s hottest Jazz groups every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY nights and is very popular table reservations are recommended. Musicians like the Ryoshi Quintet, Rio Sidik, Afronesia, Helga Fusion and more make regular appearances here and is not to be missed for a great night out. The Japanese food is excellent too and if you haven’t tried them, the Chuhai drinks are perfect to sip on and watch the show.


Coming off of a huge JOHN LEGEND live show POTATO HEAD is going off even harder, bringing the one and only SNOOP DOGG aka SNOOP LION from Long Beach, California to Bali’s shores on September 22nd. Potato Head has a rep for showcasing Bali’s biggest live music shows and parties each year (photo below) at its beachside venue and has become the spot to sip cocktails and wines at sunset or around the pool all day. It is also well known for its fine dining menu.

VOLCOM HARRY DAILY is the Golden God of action sports art with the Golden Gift of inspired vision. Lover of travel, music and the ocean, his works represent positive vibrations that resonate through color, sound and light and are represented 110% in this “Featured Artist� boardshort series available for Rp. 654,000,- at all Volcom retail outlets around Indonesia.

PRODUCT LINES Surf into the Endless Summer in these Must Have boardshorts which are the hottest and coolest items you can buy in the surfing world. Fashion Forward gear from the crew that invented the surf industry. Get a pair today for your next surf or to just hang out in during the day and be the envy of everyone on the next swell.

RIP CURL Live the Search in these ultra-comfy ultra-stretchy MIRAGE AGGROSPLIT 19” OWEN WRIGHT SIGNATURE SERIES BOARDSHORT. These shorts feel like you aren’t even wearing anything and are a perfect stylish item to have on your surf trip.

KUTA LINES KUTA LINES brings back the 70s with their WASHED CANVAS RETRO series shorts. Made from 100% washed canvas, this is how the original boardshorts were made and built to last. These super comfortable hybrid shorts are made for in and out of the water. Comes in five cool colorways.

PRODUCT LINES Of course there is also something for the girls, from swimsuits made for surfing or for simply laying around the beach or swimming pool. You can’t go wrong with these stylish colorful items built for this Summer season. RIP CURL Relax on the beach in this beautiful bikini with reversible bottom and lasercut motifs after hitting the surf in this supersoft and stretchy boardshort with tie-dyed look. The perfect look on the beach. For the full collection go to:

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road tripping with brad ALL PHOTOS BY BRAD MASTERS

“ROAD TRIPPING IN INDO is a rare thing these days with most people chasing swells at 5 star resorts. Jumping in your car and just driving the coastline to find waves is one of the best things you can do. You just never know what’s around the next headland. This year we have been doing a bunch of road trips with some crazy finds and some dud missions too, but “if you never go you will never know.” It’s getting back to the true old ways of finding waves, just you and yours camping out and exploring for that perfect wave.” -- BRAD MASTERS

Travis Potter (pictured here) travels with Brad on trips and when asked why he’s always on the road, had this to say about why he puts in so much effort searching for waves: “I was thinking back about how I used to just want to surf all day no matter what and get every wave I could. Then that turned into chasing better waves as I progressed with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Now it seems with the crowds the world over it’s more about finding little nooks and crannies that might not really be waves but 1 out of 10 are perfect and heavy. Now it’s more about the challenge I suppose. And doing it with just a couple mates - way better memories.”

On the most recent trip Brad and Co. wound up at a heaving righthander that not many in the world would be very keen to get into. That’s why picking the right surfers to come on trips involving such waves is crucial because once you get there and it’s triple overhead with bigger sets and pitching, not everybody will want a piece of it. Dean Morrisson (pictured here) is down for the challenge and reaped the rewards with Brad on this August trip “somewhere.”

“Morning Of The World� Julian Wilson tucks into a sunrise bomb at Keramas while most of Bali is still in bed hitting the snooze on their alarm clocks. With the World Championship Tour of surfing in town this June surfing the East Side of Bali there were plenty of memorable surf sessions that went down on Bali mornings when indeed most of the island was still barely out of bed. Photo: Mick Curley

With the ASP World Championship Tour surfers in Bali for the Oakley Pro and back to back to back swells and unseasonal winds most of Bali was going off in June. Of course finding the absolute best spot was not always so easy and timing was of the essence. On one particular day the swell was big and the winds were doing weird things allowing for a session at Sanur to go down for a lucky few that had the luck of being at the right place at the right time. Adrian “Ace� Buchan from Australia (here) was one of those fortunate few that managed to taste some prime Balinese juice this particular day. Photo: Iuri Borba/Indosurflife

At every spot on Bali that was good during that June stretch you could be sure that there were going to be some big names out whether at a known spot or even a lesser known spot. John John Florence from Hawaii was fairly easy to spot whenever he stood up on a wave and put on command performances all over Bali’s Eastside. Sequence: Ed Sloane

The surfers on the WCT are all there for a reason: they simply rip and are competitve machines that earned their spot on this Dream Tour of surfing. Brazilian surfer Willian Cardoso got a last minute wildcard spot into the event and seemed very happy to be in Bali’s tropical waters where he hooked into some man-sized power gaffs. Sequence: Ed Sloane

Nat Young from California, USA was the furthest placing goofyfoot surfer in the event, making the Semifinals and is looking likely to win the ASP Rookie of the Year award with his pro tour debut performances since the start of this year. With moves like this it’s easy to see why. Photo: Ed Sloane

Julian Wilson again takes a different line on this wave at Keramas as a die-hard fan watches intently from the beach. Photo: Mick Curley

The King, Kelly Slater, was spotted all over Bali at the best breaks right at their peak best times that they were going off. It’s no surprise since he is the man and was being ferried all over the island by boat and jetski to even a few spots off the grid. Whenever he did surface Kelly always put on a show and didn’t disappoint, showing just why he is still on top of the whole surfing game even if he didn’t win in Bali. Photo: Mick Curley


Introducing Pepen Hendrik, 36, from Kuta Beach, Bali. Pepen is one of the important pillars and champions of Indonesian surfing and helped show Indonesian surfers today what it means to be a professional surfer. Portrait by Mick Curley

Pulling into deep barrels is part of the game being an Indonesian pro surfer, and one that Pepen is very in tune with as you can see with this Javanese dream pit. Photo: Char

yESTERDAy I remember when I was learning to surf in Kuta at 13 years old. There was one surfboard for 2 or 3 guys and we would have to share it. My friend Koming, his brother and Wayan Neka taught me and I would share Koming’s board. If Koming went to school I would use his board, everyday like that. If Koming was using his board, I would boogeyboard on a wooden plank until I could ride his board. We used to learn at Segara Beach in front of Kuta Reef and there used to be a fun wave there if it was big. If it was small, we would paddle out to Kuta Reef. Then my dad gave me a birthday present, a surfboard, and from that time I surfed all day at Kuta Reef. And then one day I met Ketut Menda and he told me come to his house where I met all the boys; Kopling, Tawan, they were all there and that’s the first time I got sponsored by Bali Barrel surf shop. I was 15. Two years later Menda asked Rip Curl about sponsoring me and they did. From there they sent me traveling and helped me go to Hawaii and Australia, my first time outside Indonesia. I got more excited surfing. My first trip to Japan was in 2000 for the Murasaki surf contest with Kopling and Tawan. Kopling got 1st, I got 2nd and Koming got 3rd in a Japanese contest! My first contest at Halfway Beach, Kuta was a DIPARDA contest and I won—beat Rizal in the Final—and from there we became good friends and started surfing together everyday. After Menda, Rizal watched over me and even my parents liked him and asked him to take me surfing and take care of me. Then one time in Hawaii with Rizal, Tipi, Bol and Kopling we were talking about why Indonesia had no contests, so we made the Indonesian Surfing Championship Tour, and in its first year in 2004 I won it and became the first champion. In 2004 I also married Yasuko Kamitaki from Japan, who is also a competitive surfer there. We had a daughter, Hikari Putri, and moved to Japan for four years. Rip Curl and my Japanese sponsors supported me to do the JPSA (Japan Pro Surfing Tour) and I also won it in 2004, the first time there was an Indonesian Champion.

Pepen has surfed most of the known and unknown Indonesian archipelago and is constantly traveling to find the next wave. This air was taken on a Mentawai boat trip with the Rip Curl team this year. Photo: Mick Curley

TODAy Now all the kids here lucky ya? Kids from the new generation, they grow up and they have support. Surfboards are easy to get here now, and it’s easier to get a sponsor too. Not like before…you really had to try hard. I’m happy with the life before because I was more hungry for surfing. The kids today, don’t seem to be so hungry, not like before. You had to go for it. You had to have a big heart. But the new generation is good too, if you want to go surf, a lot of the families support it. When I was young, everyone was on their own. If you want to surf you have to want it in your heart when you’re young. Because it’s easy to lose too. From before learning surfing we just see good surfers coming here, and do airs, and we learned. Because no magazine before, it was hard to get surf movies and there was no internet. Now you have internet… everything you can watch live. It’s like so much different now. Kids today like 9 years old have an iPhone and “oh I want to see surfing,” they just watch on their phone. Before it was hard to see what’s going on in the world, except for the Quiksilver G Land Pro from 1995-97 We could see pro surfing live in Indonesia. If you want to learn surfing it’s easy now, you can watch it happening live on internet. TOMORROW For the next generation, have a big heart, not a small heart. If you want to compete more strong you have to have a big heart. If you are from Indonesia and you are going somewhere you have to want to win, not get there and be like “Ooohhhh I’m homesick and have heat with Jordy Smith,” if you’re like that you won’t win, you already lose. Be like a horse with blinds…look ahead and focus. Don’t look back. I hope in 10 years we have an Indonesian surfer on the World Championship Tour. But surfing is not supported by the Indonesian government. The visa to other countries is the most difficult to get. We are athletes, we need more push from the government. Other sports like Badminton get government support and it’s easy to get a travel visa. Oney Anwar had to plan 2-3

Laying it on rail is a Pepen specialty. Photo: Char Photo: Mick Curley


months before Brazil to get a visa. But it’s easy for all other foreigners to come to Indonesia. I hope the government sports board can support surfing to help us travel. If they supported it, it would be easy to get the visa stamps to go. Because boards we have, sponsors we have, now just need the visas. For the future in Bali we need to keep the ocean clean. Right now you can see in the shorebreak there is a brown dirty color in the white water. My friend just surf in it the other day, went home and got itchy skin. We need to take care of the beach more. Bali [economy] is like 60% customers surfing or going to the beach and the businessmen here must help to keep clean. Like rivers, where do they go? They finish here at the beach. If the septic tanks are full there is a hole (drain) that pushes the water out to the river. In 2000 Bali was not like this, now so many people in Bali, it’s ok, but we have to take care of trash management. Take care of the ocean and the beach. Kids are getting ear infections, sinus infections, nobody will want to surf. Going back to the government, they have to help to take care of what the cities do with the trash. I’m also trying to start a surfing school that we do road trips from Bali to Java, try something different so that we can still make a living from surfing. And I love searching, Bali is so crowded. Travel agents want to help too so lets see what happens!

On this trip to Greenbush in the Mentawais this year Pepen and crew pulled up to several boats leaving the break because it was not working. They decided to sit on it while everyone left and happened into a lucky session that only broke for a few hours that day for the last day of their trip. Photo: Mick Curley

2013 ASC TOUR SChedUle



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5 Aceh Surfing Chamionship

August, 21st - 26th

Simeulue Island, Aceh

6 Star





6 Quiksilver Open Cloud 9 2013 7 Taitung Taiwan Open of Surfing

Sept, 12th - 15th Nov, 14th - 16th

Cloud 9, Philippines Taitung County, Taiwan


Open Open, Women, Longboard






ASC JUNIOR RANK # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


POINT 8600 7250 6700 4083 3750 3666 3000 2833 2750 2581





4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16


7000 6850 6738 5968 5701 5615 5613 4986 4763 4691 4596 4513 4153

ASC lONGBOARd RANK ASC WOMeN RANK # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


POINT 3850 2333 2083 2000 1850 1500 1250 1000 1000 1000

# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


POINT 4000 2333 2165 2000 1850 1850 1833 1590 1583 1500





Raditya Rondi ripping Cimaja to first place

The reigning 2012 Asian and Indonesian surfing champion Raditya Rondi is in top form this year with wins at Cimaja, West Java and Balangan, Bali, showing no sign at all of the knee injury that kept him out of the year’s first event in Mentawai. Backing it up with a Semifinal finish at the Oakley Pro Trials, Raditya has a solid standing in first place going into the fifth and last Indonesian event in Aceh at the end of August. There are still two more out of Indonesia ASC events at Cloud 9 in The Philippines and the final event in November in Taiwan so there are still chances for rankings to change over the last half of the ASC Tour. Coming up in a close second place in the rankings is Raditya’s cousin Made “Garut” Widiarta, another powerful goofy foot surfer from their big surfing family from Kuta Beach. In third place is Putra Hermawan from Nusa Lembongan who is the youngest of the three surfers and in fourth place Cimaja Longboard Divison in one of his best tour campaigns in recent years is Tipi Jabrik. The latest info, video and updates from Asia’s premiere surfing tour is always online and updated daily at Cimaja Longboard Divison Cimaja Women Divison


People come and people go. Swells hit and then go flat. Magic boards break and land gets developed. The only constant in Bali, Indonesia, or anywhere really, is change. How we embrace change and adapt is how we define our future, here or anywhere. But although more people than ever have access to the mind-bending beauty of Indonesia’s waves, be it through live telecast or from a 5-star resort, when the surf is pumping we are reminded why we fell in love. For our next issue we want to bring back some memories of why we love surfing Indonesia, and a little bit about what why we surf here in the first place. That’s why the next issue is about going Back to the Roots. Koki Hendrawan shows traditional Balinese style and flair at Padang Padang. Photo: Trevor Murphy

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