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Where to buy fish, aquarium and pond gear


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Live fish food High quality live fish food: Enriched brine shrimp, Nauplii, Daphnia, Glassworm, Small Bloodworm, Large Bloodworm and Tubifex. Packed in bags, ready to sell.

Frozen fish food




Renewed packaging making our high quality food cubes even better! Full color blisters with round corners and small cubes in 35 different flavours including colour-coded feeding guide. 500 gram and 1000 gram packaging also available.

Aquatic plants More than 175 different species of aquatic plants available bred by our own nursery. Sold in 5cm pots and leaded bunches. Many Echinodorus, Anubias and Cryptocoryne species are available as mother plants too. We also offer beautiful plants on bogwood and plants on coconut and a whole range of different mosses!

Over 10 years weekly fresh deliveries to the United Kingdom!

Welcome 2013

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Practical Fishkeeping magazine’s Fishkeeping Directory for 2013 is the UK’s only complete guide to aquatic shops. It includes details of aquatic outlets, water garden centres and pet stores stocking fish or aquatic products. The counties are arranged in alphabetical order by country for easy reference.

T - Tropical M - Marine C - Coldwater P - Pond D - Discus OATA - OATA member DF - Member of the Dyed Fish Campaign


The shops listed are aquatic retailers, water gardening or pet outlets which stock some fish or aquatic goods. Not all will stock a wide range of fish or dry goods and some may offer mainly pond goods or services. Others may be open only by appointment. It’s also possible that some stores may have relocated or shut since we closed our listings. We suggest you ring before planning to visit to ensure that

the premises is open and will meet your needs.

Corrections and amendments

We have taken every care to include as many outlets as we can. However, if you know of a shop which is not here, or is listed incorrectly, please email any corrections to natalie. spires@practicalfishkeeping. Please specify the name and address of the store you are referring to when contacting us.


Call first before visiting

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10 Reasons to buy TMC Livestock

First Class ...

from Reef to Retail


Are you sure your corals are legal? Do you know which of these corals is illegal to sell in the UK?

I am sure it’s the first one as I haven’t actually ever seen it for sale, and am pretty sure the second one is illegal too I honestly don’t know but I’ve not seen the first two on sale before I don’t really care - they are all really stunning and I would buy them if available in my local aquatic shop

If lots of rare coral species or unusual colour types suddenly appear for sale in an aquatic shop do you think “that seems dodgy” and phone the Border Force Hotline number to report it as suspicious? “that’s a bit strange” but leave the shop without confronting the retailer? “fantastic!” and buy as many as you can afford?

When you find some really cheap corals for sale in an aquatic shop do you question the retailer about it and ask where he got them from? wonder how they can sell them so cheaply but leave the shop without confronting the retailer? buy as many as you can carry?

If an aquatic shop tells you they are the only people who can get hold of a particular species do you hear alarm bells ringing and leave when the retailer cannot give you a reasonable answer about how this is possible? think “wow, they must have some great suppliers” but don’t buy until you have gone away and learnt more about the species? say “please can you get some for me and my mates”?

How Tropical Marine Centre is Helping you Make the Right Livestock Choices

Tropical Marine Centre works tirelessly with its suppliers to ensure it operates 100% within current legislation and each hard coral species imported has both export and import permits to show that it conforms to CITES regulations and EU Wildlife Trade Regulations • In addition, all TMC fish and inverts are supplied to your retailer with their own unique identification label for display on in-store tanks • This means that when you buy TMC livestock, you can have complete confidence that everything has been imported legally and you are helping to support a sustainable trade

REMEMBER: Buying or possessing any coral imported illegally is a criminal offence

By buying illegal corals you are directly harming natural reefs, supporting criminal activity and bringing the hobby into disrepute

Importers, retailers AND aquarists all have a responsibility to ensure any illegal trade in corals is reported and stopped Anyone with information about activity they suspect may be linked to smuggling should contact the

Border Force Hotline on 0800

59 5000

Classified Fish Alive We have the largest selection of coldwater and tropical fish on display in the North of England with over 250 stock tanks. Opening soon the new Marine systems in February 2013 with 27 new stock tanks for fish and inverts and a 300 litre coral table with both soft and hard corals.

For all your advertising needs please call Sean on 01733 468895

Opening hours weekdays 10.00 - 18.00, Saturdays 10.00 - 17.00, Sundays 10.00 - 16.00, Closed on Wednesdays

Units 10 & 11, Dragonville Retail Park, Durham DH1 2YB Phone and fax: 0191 3843590

PADDOCK FARM Nursery & Water Gardens

Paddock Farm is the leading specialist for Koi, Pond, Coldwater, Aquarium, Tropical and Freshwater Fish, with a wide range including Catfish, Odd Balls, Plecos, Corries as well as Tropical Plants. We are the one-stop-shop for all of your fish needs!

West Lane,Near Croft Circuit, Dalton on Tees, DL2 2PT. Tel: 01325 378 286

Shop online at: facebook/paddockfarm

twitter @paddock_farm

email sean.treagus@ Shop Online 24/7

You’ll find everything from ponds to pets at the North West’s premier pet, aquatic & water garden centre

Aquatics Pet Centre Water Gardens

Water World Limited, Chester High Road, Neston, South Wirral CH64 8TF Tel: 0151 336 3616

Coffee Shop Online Shop

It’s More Than Just Flake.

We’ve carried out exhaustive research, over nearly three decades, into developing nutritionally advanced formulas to ensure that King British foods are ideal for feeding continuously to ensure healthy, colourful and active fish. All King British fish foods are made using only the finest quality ingredients, such as hydrolysed fish protein, used to achieve optimum protein levels. Enzymatic hydrolysis is used in the processing of the fish protein. This increases protein solubility, increasing the amount of protein available to the fish, reducing the amount of waste produced. This ensures good water quality, which is so vital in maintaining fish health. All King British flake foods also contain our unique Immuno Health Booster, a major breakthrough in nutritional science. Immuno Health Booster can improve the quality of life for all fish feeding on it. Immuno Health Booster strengthens the natural immune defence mechanism of fish, enabling them to fight off infection from bacteria or parasites.

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