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Lindsay Michelle Powell

Graphic Designer, Journalist 15 Whiting Street, Berlin, NJ 08009 lindsay . michelle . (336) 682-2867

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Profile I am a young professional with an amiable personality and strong self-motivation. I am a quick learner and desire to learn as much as possible about the communication field and functioning within it. I have a passion for communication through written and digital mediums.

Professional Pro fessional Objective I desire an entry-level to professional job in the public sector working with graphic design, layouts and journalism through digital and/or print media. I am interested in working with magazines, newspapers and/or journals as well as behind the scenes work at television and radio stations such as in the promotions or marketing departments. I am also interested in designing advertisements, handouts, business cards, and banners for companies to promote business functions such as openings, sales, and other promotions. I desire to learn all aspects of running a print shop, including screen-printing and have the ability to print on various mediums. My ideal long-term goal would be to either own a print shop or design company or work for a company for a number of years. I understand that design and journalism can be used throughout a number of companies in a variety of roles and am open to each opportunity as they arise.

Skills MAC and PC friendly. Proficient in The Adobe Creative Suite with emphasis in Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Proficient in Social Networking sites such as: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, MySpace, Craigslist









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of heart or wallet. The recent raise of prices in the on-campus café, Mi Case Café, from $2.89 to $3.09 a bottle has some students perturbed. “I didn’t know it would cost me $3.09 to get Naked in the café,” laughed Shea Doyle, junior, when asked about the prices of the popular juice.

A recent outbreak of Naked-ness has erupted on the campus of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Don’t get too excited; this has absolutely nothing to do with skin—unless you are trying to enhance your skin health. Naked has everything to do with being au naturale.

“To me, it’s just the same as going and buying a Starbucks,” said Jordan Staggs, sophomore, who started drinking Naked at the beginning of August. Staggs was undeterred by the recent price raise. However, some are not impressed by the Naked trend.

The echoing of “Naked” across El Prado, the main street of the campus, has many students wondering if Websense, the campus-wide Internet censorship program, is truly working after all. Going Naked is a new concept to this Liberal Arts campus.

“I don’t know,” Christina Harris, freshman, exclaimed after being asked why she didn’t buy Naked™ juices, “I don’t like vegetables or fruits.” But the drink itself is not the only aspect that has created the buzz surrounding the product. Some are impressed by the brand’s marketing abilities. The labels of Naked juices speak wittingly for themselves. The catchy matter-of-fact phrasing conveys humorous messages about the juice, in turn drawing away from the slim negative aspects.

“I’m an avid believer in it,” said Daniel Baggett, senior, when asked his opinion on the juice. “College kids don’t sleep too much and the drinks make you feel like you did.” Many college students don’t get enough sleep due to assignments and social lives; healthy drinks help students feel active and awake. Protein Zone Naked juices are not for the weak stomached. They are packed full of proteins, making them extremely “College students are more into health fads,” said rich in texture. In light of the cost and occasional chalky Jordan Staggs, sophomore, when asked which age flavor, many agree that Naked is the way to be. Whether group was targeted by PepsiCo’s Naked juice drinks. you are looking for a kick of nutrients, a boost of energy and immunity or just a fruity flavor for your taste buds, According to, Naked’s official Naked juices have a bottle packaged just for you. website, inside every 15.2 ounce bottle is a pound of fruit. These fruits range from typical fruits like apples, In a world so focused on going natural and organic, bananas and grapes to more exotic tasting fruits you are a walking advertisement. Don’t be ashamed like acai berries, pomegranates, and mangosteens. of your fruitful love, hold your Naked juice high and smile. And please, keep your clothes on. Naked juices are working to achieve juice perfection while keeping it simple and natural. There are no added preservatives and no added sugars. Probiotic Naked juices have the ability to promote and regulate a healthy immune and digestive system. Inside every bottle also lies a unique combination of Vitamins A, B, and C, Omega 3s, Potassium, Niacin, and other beneficial vitamins, dietary supplements Lindsay Powell The Southeastern Times and minerals. But every fad comes with a price. Lakeland, Florida These all-natural fruit juices are not for the faint

“I didn’t know it would cost me $3.09 to get Naked in the café,” laughed Shea Doyle.

Cotton preview Patch Gospel

rural hills of Georgia. But the musical is more than just a hillbilly version of the book of Matthew; it is a humorous new perspective on the Biblical text.

As students of Southeastern University, when we hear the name Matt several faces spring to our minds: Matt Brown, Matt Gross, Matt Huett, Matthew Hagelberger, and for the ladies of the University, Matthew McConaughey. But in November, the Communication department urges the students of Southeastern to conjure up images and thoughts of the gospel of Matthew. The Communication department wants to persuade you to attend the retelling of the life of Jesus in the musical The Cotton Patch Gospel, set in back-woodsy Gainesville, Georgia.

Sharon Byrd explained that a few scenes leave you feeling like you’ve been hit in the stomach. Perhaps the same way Brother Brad Baker, from Phoenix First Assembly of God, felt when he was asked what Santa’s elves were really like. Ouch.

The musical is student performed and directed by John Pierce, the department chair. With seven musicians, two cast members and a gospel choir; the musical is small but mighty. The two main characters are Matthew, played by Micha Buckley, and the narrator, played by Jaclyn Susa.

According to Byrd and De La Torre, one of the most gripping scenes involves King Herod and the massacre of all of the baby boys in the Judah territory. This scene involves Herod exclaiming that he has fixed the problem by killing all the baby boys while across the stage from Herod is a mother crying over the dead body of her infant son.

Many of the musicians hadn’t played this style of music before, but they didn’t shy away from the challenge. Alex De La Torre, senior, learned to play the mandolin for his part in the musical and Sharon Byrd, senior, long time musician, learned to play the harmonica immediately before trying out.

“It’s deep,” Sharon Byrd confirmed, “It gets you going and then smacks you in the face.”

“The Cotton Patch Gospel is not what you would expect,” said Alex De La Torre, “it may seem to be just a funny play set in Georgia but it also has deeper meaning and parts that grip your heart.”

“It sounds perty,” joked Alex De La Torre about why he liked the song You Are Still My Boy. De La Torre enjoys the southern gospel sound. He is tickled by the twang of the musical, he says, because he is Latino and from New York, which is an odd combination. The cast doesn’t feel that the twang of “After the auditions were over a few of us stayed back and the musical will scare away its potential attendees. had a little jam session,” exuberated Sharon Byrd, “We were enjoying ourselves so much we didn’t care what time it was.” “Bluegrass is the type of music you can’t help but smile to,” comments Sharon Byrd, she The music changes from bluegrass to the sounds of has high hopes for the musicals’ attendance. the 60’s to good ole southern gospel as the musical progresses from the birth of Jesus to His death. With songs Come out and laugh with the cast and Communications entitled Sho’ Nuff and Somethin’s Brewin’ in Gainesville, department downtown at the Polk Theatre on the level of sophisticated vocabulary could appear November 14, 15 at 7:30 p.m. and November 16 blatantly minimal, but that doesn’t intimidate this cast. at 2:30 p.m. The cost is $12 for the general public, $7 for seniors and students. And as the last line The actors and musicians are undoubtedly laughing of the musical states, “Y’all come back now!” it up over this humor filled musical. The Cotton Patch Lindsay Powell Gospel’s unordinary retelling of the life, ministry, The Southeastern Times Lakeland, Florida death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is set in the

Assassination games

Lindsay Powell The Southeastern Times Lakeland, Florida

On October 6th, 2008 an assassination rampage began in the Valencia dormitory on the north end of the Southeastern University campus. Marc Riccio, a senior and Valencia RA, has been charged with the initiation of this catastrophe. When asked to comment he stated, “I could think of no better way to build community than to have everyone in the dorm try[ing] to kill each other.”

“Assassin is a game of deception,” said Alex Emrich, freshman, “I found out who my target was and I walked outside and I got shot [by my assassin].”

The Assassination Game is a ritual on campus; however, previously it was only played among friends and not as a dorm event. Obviously, this catastrophe does not involve the actual taking of someone’s physical life, but rather just the expulsion of that person from that particular round of the Assassin Game.

“Emory [Keen] was helping Cherie die,” said Brittany Laudermilk, “and I helped Cherie [Kemp] kill her guy Mikey [Riccio,] so there was a lot of inside work going on to kill people (sic).”

Many who played the game lost within the first 24 hours. Numerous others were killed later in the week due to the help of friends and classmates.

Resident Assistants campus-wide are trying to find new ways to build community among their designated “I regret not being a part of this fanatical regime,” said areas. Often referred to as the ghetto of campus, Josh Reece, sophomore. He thought that running Valencia and Mira Lago have the privilege of thinking around with plastic guns was elementary, but he quickly outside of the box when it comes to campus events. learned that he missed out on the intense action. Last year the Valencia ladies hosted a Sock Some were confused about the rules Hop featuring the popular movie Grease. “It was of the game, but very quickly adapted. something that you don’t see in our generation,” said Cherie Kemp, a junior and Valencia resident. Yeny Seo, sophomore, was shot in the lip just before her class began on Wednesday the 8th around 3 Although Valencia and Mira Lago are Brother/Sister p.m., but her assassin quickly learned that it didn’t dorms and games like Assassin are typical, not all count because it is against the rules to kill indoors. dorms create community through Nerf darts whizzing past as you run fearfully from doorframe to doorframe. “It was intense,” said Scott Cox, freshman. He was sitting in the classroom when Seo was shot at. “My girls have built community themselves, so my job has been really easy,” said Allison Eller, junior The Assassin Game bleeds and RA on Bethany Hall’s Second Floor North side. humorous events from every angle. “Their doors are always open, I have the best hall.” Brittany Laudermilk, junior, witnessed a male student being chased by his assassin between the modulars and Among the community building events planned for Bethany the old Graves building. Laudermilk said the assassin Second Floor North is a Poker Night. “It will be a time to get called out for his kill to “stop running like a weirdo.” the girls on the hall together and just play games,” said Eller.

With some dorms, the need for community doesn’t run as strong. “These ladies are pretty independent and have already established relationships here at SEU,” stated Bethany Rattai, a senior and RA in Buttercup. “[It’s] the hardest thing to foster ever,” said Rattai when asked they built community in the Buttercup Houses. Depending on the typical student in each dorm, the events and community building activities vary. So whether you are a bunch of underclassmen girls pigging out on Oreo poker chips, dart dodging Valencia and Mira Lago residents or content Buttcup ladies, community is the central focus of Student Life on campus. But beware, the final seven assassin contestants are running rampant on the campus of SEU. If you see someone screaming about their assassin trying to kill them, just be sure you see a Nerf gun before you discredit their cry for help. Nerf guns are fun, real bullets are not.

“Assassin is a game of deception,” -said Alex Emrich, freshman.

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Hillsong Kids s Outside Back Cover

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n o i t u l o v e R s d i our mission is K Turning Children to Christ Through Music by creating and fostering acceptance and love. Each song has individually-crafted, kid-friendly movements that can be found online at www.kidsrevolution.hillsongkids. com/motions, because everyone knows that

kids love to move! LEFT

Philippians 2:15 Philippians li 2:15NIV NIV That you may become That T you may become blameless and pure, blameless and pure, children of God children of God without fault in a without fault in a crooked and depraved crooked and depraved generation, in which you generation, in which you shine shinelike likestars stars ininthe theuniverse. universe






nd B allo o n s a

s About U Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with a sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight over the Central Florida countryside. Ride the wind and see the area from a birds eye view as you’ve never dreamed. We fly seven days a week in at our the Walt Disney Resort area of Orlando “Enjoy all th ide ys tr n as well as Kissimmee, Polk City, u co a id or Fl ” al r. Auburndale, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Centr has to of fe Tampa, Haines City, Cypress Gardens & Sebring. Not only will you experience the thrill of flight, but you will be able to see the area’s great natural attractions as you gently leave the bonds of earth. You will float effortlessly over the cypress swamps, the beautiful blue water’s of our lakes and waterways, even smell the orange blossoms in bloom, & enjoy all that our beautiful Central Florida countryside has to offer.

W e a p -



Hot air ballooning is very safe. Our pilots and crew will do everything possible to ensure that your flight is very safe. They regularly attend safety seminars so that they are up-to-date on

How safe is ballooning?

safety rules

all of the Yes. All hot air balloons must be insured. We carry our insurance through the IMC Agency, Insurance Company. Our aircraft is also registered with the FAA.

There are many different sized balloons that can carry anywhere from one to 12 or more people at a time. The balloons we fly are AX8-105’s which can carry two to four passengers, along with our pilot.

During ideal flying conditions, the flight lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes longer, we cannot make any guarantees as to the duration, distance or visibility of the flight as these variables depend upon the

How long does a balloon flight last?

Yes. Our pilots, Bob Carlton and Jon Thompson, are FAA-licensed LTA and are commercially-licensed pilots. They have over 50 years combined experience in balloons and are members of the Balloon Federation of America and the AOPA.

Do you need a pilot’s license to fly a hot air balloon?



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How many passengers can you take up at a time in the balloon?

Are you insured?

We recommend that you dress in comfortable casual clothing such as jeans, t-shirt, sneakers or boots. Be sure that you wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty since the fields we land in can be We also recommend dressing in layers during the cooler months. Pleasewet DOor NOT wear muddy. dresses, sandals, high heels or any other clothing that you do not want to get messed up. Bring along your camera. Some of the greatest pictures of the surrounding area can be taken from 500 feet in the air so bring lots of film and a protective case for landing...we don’t want to scratch anything. We are not responsible for any belongings that could fall out the basket though! You may also want to bring a pair of binoculars but remember space is limited so keep your carry-on’s to a minimum Yes. Since our passengers stand during the flight and because there is some agility needed during the loading / unloading of the balloon, we do not recomIs Health a Consideration? mend that pregnant women, people with injuries to head, back, neck or legs or anyone with recent surgery to fly. If you do have any special needs, please be sure to let us know so we can make any prearrangement that may

What do I wear and bring?





proximately one hour before sunrise and after selecting our launch site, we will head out to begin our inflation process for your hot

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