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Li Lu Jennings Has Unique Jewelry Designing Skills

Li Lu Jennings is one of the ace jewelry designers in South California. Having studied her craft for over 15 years, Li Lu creates jewelry that is akin to modern art. She was graduated with a First Class Honors Degree in Jewelry & Metal Design and has since set up her own practice. Her creative energies have taken her in several different directions over the years including photography, gardening and paper craft.

After taking jewelry classes and attending workshops, she was inspired to make jewelry that designed the focus of her creative energies. She believes that jewelry is an inherent part of a woman in her everyday life which helps Jennings to create jewelry that is symbolic, physical and conceptual. She infixes the stones onto silver or gold chains, making necklaces in her spare time. Many of her designs are contemporary and organic in nature, reflecting her creativity in every piece she creates.

She is a fan of using rare materials and stones like rose quartz, moss agate, tourmaline, rubies, sapphires, kunzite, and, amethyst. She always tries exploring varied metal-working techniques in an effort to expand her design vocabulary. Her passion can be seen in her truly tremendous artwork collection.

Li Lu Jennings loves to implement exciting ideas and designs with various materials and craftsmanship, which gives the brand a powerful liveliness and energy. She specializes in exclusive jewelry designs predominantly for the royalties and has clientele from high class celebrities, top models and business families. She often sells her jewelry to clients at her jewelry studio, whether they are CEOs, judges, writers or models.

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Li lu jennings has unique jewelry designing skills