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Guidelines to becoming a Lilly Women's Health Ambassador

Lilly Women’s Health aims to engage committed ambassadors to support us in making our vision of saving every African woman’s life from breast cancer through early detection and persistent care from screening to diagnosis to aftercare, a reality!

Empower your employees, your customers, and your community today by joining the Lilly Women's Health Ambassador program and help bring Africa one step closer to achieving 0% death rate due to breast cancer for all African women — starting at your home front — Nigeria. Having you as an ambassador could make all the difference.

What is an Ambassador?

As an Ambassador, you willingly represent Lilly Women's Health vision and mission with the purpose of creating and raising awareness about breast health and breast cancer services among women in Nigeria. You will aid in promoting the work of Lilly Women's Health to your employees, customers, and community. You will be instrumental in forging strong and meaningful relationships between your people and community and Lilly Women's Health.

Why become an Ambassador?

It is important to become a Lilly Women’s Health Ambassador because there's so much more we need to do to stop breast cancer taking the lives of women in Africa. In Nigeria alone, 27,000-30,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer annually! 15,000-21,000 Nigerian women die from it every year!

The main reason of this high death rate is that 90% of women in Nigeria haven’t gone through any form of breast screening and therefore detection of breast cancer is delayed.

The good news is, there is over 95% survival rate when a breast cancer is detected at stage 1. The goal is to prevent the cancer to move to a later stage because the later the cancer stage is, the more expensive the treatment is going to be and the lesser the chance of survival even after undergoing an expensive treatment. Women’s

Health Breast Care Centre 0700 LILLY HEALTH or 0908 700 0030 | |

As an Ambassador, you will help spread the news that breast screening is important to detect cancer early and to increase a woman’s chance of survival from it. You’re saving lives of thousands of women in Nigeria every year.

As an Ambassador, you will empower your people (employees, customers, community) with breast cancer education, breast care opportunities, and hope.

You have the opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of others by educating people about breast cancer through sharing our educational materials and sharing our story.

Benefits of becoming an Ambassador

As an organization, your employees, customers, and community get the following:

• 10% discount on all breast screening services at Lilly Women's Health.

• Free exposure on our website, newsletter and social media platforms.

• Free breast self-exam tool.

• Free risk assessment (done online).

• Free mammogram for a maximum of 2 company representatives every year.

• Free participation of 1 company representative to Lilly Women's Health Annual Retreat.

• Information and Support Days where you can invite expert speakers from Lilly Women's Health to provide the latest information and research to give your people the insight and support when it comes to breast care and healthy lifestyle in general.

• Free evidence-based health and wellness information sent through our newsletters or accessed via our website.

• A huge boost to your brand equity at no cost. Collaborating with a premium brand like Lilly Women's Health adds extra value to your offerings. You’re collaborating with the centre of Breast Care Excellence in Nigeria. What can be more premium than that?

• You get to serve your community and fulfill your social responsibility without raising your cost.

• You save thousands and thousands of women’s lives!

Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre 0700 LILLY HEALTH or 0908 700 0030 | |

Responsibilities of an Ambassador:

• Attend a 2-3 hour Information Morning at Lilly Women's Health. Here’s what to expect from the Information Morning:

✴ A brief presentation about Lilly Women's Health and why we do what we do.

✴ An in-depth understanding of breast cancer and how to prevent it (yes, it is preventable and treatable)

✴ A tour to our Breast Care Centre and Mobile Mammography van.

• Heighten awareness and education on breast cancer; promote the importance of breast health, healthy lifestyle and Lilly Women's Health services in the community by allowing Lilly Women's Health to display educational and marketing materials related to breast cancer, breast care, and Lilly Women's Health services within the approved designated area of your organization.

• Allow Lilly Women's Health to hold breast screening in the designated area of your organization at least once a year.

• Allow Lilly Women's Health to send valuable health information to your employees at least once a month. We can send directly to your team and your team forwards to your employees or we can also send it directly to your employees, whichever is more preferable for you.

Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre 0700 LILLY HEALTH or 0908 700 0030 | |

Your exposure to Women's Health’s growing audience
organization’s potential
Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre 0700 LILLY HEALTH or 0908 700 0030 | |

Followers: 53,500-54,000

Daily Ave Reach: 1,500+

Daily Engaged Users: 1,000+

Daily Organic Reach: 700 Paid Reach: 34,000

Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre 0700 LILLY HEALTH or 0908 700 0030 | |

Followers: 10,000+

Organic Reach Per Post: 850-1300 users

Ave Organic Engagement Per Post: 170 users

Ave Engagement Per Paid Post: 250

The baseline engagement rate on Instagram for most users and accounts is only currently at 3%. So, at 5% we’re already way above the baseline and we’re intent on still growing it by leaps and bounds!

Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre 0700 LILLY HEALTH or 0908 700 0030 | |
800++ new followers each month

In addition to our social media reach we can also give your organization a good exposure to at the moment 6,000 people. (90% of which are Nigerians; 6% monthly growth rate) in our newsletter list.

PLUS, you’ll be included in the RESOURCES page on our beautiful website.

We’ll also announce on our website important health related events that your organization will conduct.

Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre 0700 LILLY HEALTH or 0908 700 0030 | |

Breast Self-Exam Tool

The earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher the likelihood for survival. Late stage breast cancer has poor survival outcomes. The best chance for increased survival right now is early detection.

Breast self-exam (BSE), or regularly examining your own breasts, can help you detect breast cancer early and we’re giving you and your people a tool for that. This does not replace regular mammogram screening of course, but it is an essential process you can and must do for yourself.

Your breast health is in your hands (literally)! free

Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre 0700 LILLY HEALTH or 0908 700 0030 | | SelfBreastExam Tool Risk Assessment (exclusive online access)t Free (maxmammogram 2 reps peryear) Lilly Women's Health Retreat (1 rep per year) Extra awesome

Exclusive online access to Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool

The tool uses a woman’s personal medical and reproductive history and the history of breast cancer among her first-degree relatives (mother, sisters, daughters) to estimate absolute breast cancer risk—her chance or probability of developing invasive breast cancer in a defined age interval.

Free yearly mammogram screenings to 2 of your chosen company representatives. You may also give this as a giveaway to your valued customers.

Mammogram is the single best took to find breast cancer at its earliest stages — long before a woman or her doctor can feel a lump.

As a thank you from us, we’re giving 2 of your company representatives (can be an employee, customer, member of your community) free yearly mammogram. They’ll will delight in a spa-like, comfortable, leisurely and luxurious mammogram experience!

Free participation of 1 company representative in Lilly Women's Health Annual Retreat. You may also use this as a gift to one of your most valued customers.

This luxury retreat is an opportunity for women within the community to spend a couple of days rejuvenating and taking the time to focus on themselves. Experience spa therapies, fitness sessions and wellness activities. Most of all, connect and build meaningful relationships with like-minded women in the community. Women’s Health Breast Care Centre LILLY HEALTH 0908 700 0030

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Lilly Women’s Health Breast Care Centre 0700 LILLY HEALTH or 0908 700 0030 | | Priceless BONUSES! A new way to serve your community and fulfill social responsibility A boostvaluable to yourbrand equity You thousandssaveof women’s lives! Evidence-based health and wellness information andInformation DaysSupport You
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