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Black Stealth 3-Channel R/C Helicopter - $29.99 USD Let’s face it, men are all boys at heart! This is sure to bring an element of fun to any christmas get-together. More information >

How To Brew Everything a man needs to know to brew beer right the first time. Is there a single man who hasn’t dreamed of brewing their own beer? This can get them on the right track. More information >

Great Griller BBQ Gift Hamper - $159.99 You know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this BBQ gift is sure to get the culinary creativity happening. This set comes with Matthew Haydren’s BBQ recipe book, BBQ utensils, A BBQ songs cd, Chopping Board, gourmet tapenades and more. More information >

Manly things

Clip-on Letter Bookmark - $8.95

The Man Can - $49 USD

Initial bookmarks are a great, personal gift for anyone who loves a good book. More information >

Metro in disguise - all the products you’d expect in a skin care pack, made more manly. More information >

Halex Bocce Set - $45 A great one for games lovers. Bocce (aka petanque or boules) is perfect for the whole family to get involved in and this colourful set makes for easy recognition of teams. More information >

Gentlemanly things

Je Banks Money Clip - $29.95 for anyone who likes to keep their pockets slim, has a dapper aesthetic More information >

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Well accessorised Distressed Leather Belt - $48 You can’t go wrong with a good quality belt, and this is a classic style with subtly cracked leather for an element of cool. More information >

Gucci ‘G Timeless’ Bracelet Watch - $722.13 A beautiful watch is a thoughtful, elegant gift which can last a lifetime and this one is stunning. A special gift for a special guy. More information >

Vers Wood iPhone Case - $22.99+ This is a really cool way to keep your iPhone protected - perfect for stylish iPhone enthusiasts. Available in cheery, walnut or bamboo in a shell case or slip case style. More information >

powered by Camelbak Water Bottle - $18.99+ 100% of profits go to providing clean water to communities in need. * don’t ship to Australia, so remember to shop through HopShopGo. More information >

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Global Living Gift Card - $10+ Is there someone who’s impossible to shop for? Don’t shop for them - buy someone else a present instead. A Global Living gift card allows them to put the money you give them to a charity of their choice.. More information >

I Am Not A Paper Cup - $14.95 A portable cup without the waste - it looks just like a regular takeaway cup, but isn’t! More information >

Be a do-gooder

Dead Fred Pen Holder - $19.95 Dead Fred is a fun desk addition - stab him in the heart, keep your pen where you’ll remember it! More information >

Fridge Monkey - $12.90 This is so handy. Every fridge should have one - it stops bottles or cans rolling around and maximises storage space. More information >

Clocky The Runaway Alarm Clock - $87.90 A fun way to poke fun (and try and change the habits of) anyone who is constantly late, due to oversleeping. Clocky will jump off the bedside table and wheel around the room making a hell of a lot of noise if the alarm isn’t turned off in time. Hilarious! More information >

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Get him outta the house Golf Lessons/Rounds $35+ Why not get the manly bonding happening and send all the men in the family golfing? More information >

Hoyts La Premier Gift Card - $15+ Everyone loves going to the movies, and this is a way to make their next movie extra special. A thoughtful sort of gift card. More information >

Air Sport Adventure - $140+ If the man you’re shopping for is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, why not indulge his wild side? There are many packages on oer including aerobatic flights, flying lessons, helicopter rides and skydiving! More information >

V8 Race Car Driving Experience - $299 The ultimate gift for a car head - Drive a V8 race car around Eastern Creek International Raceway (5 laps) More information >

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Scanpan Cheese Board Set - $27.95 Bring cheese & champagne when you give him the present for a romantic touch More information >

Pie Maker - $74.95 Let’s be honest - do you know a man who doesn’t like pies? We don’t. And seriously, have you ever used one of these? They’re the best. So easy everything ends up going in a pie. More information >

Riedel Cornetto Decanter - $219.95 If your man is a wine connoisseur a beautiful, good quality decanter is a really thoughtful, lasting gift he will always have use for. Present this gift with a nice bottle of red and he’ll be in wine lover heaven. A word to the wise, grab some decanter beads for easy cleaning - they’re $17.95 from the same site. More information >

Handy in the kitchen

Nespresso DeLonghi Citiz - $415 For someone who loves their coffee this is a great option for a home espresso machine. It makes great quality coffee without the hassle and mess of grinding beans. The coffee comes in convenient capsules (many varieties to choose from) and tastes seriously good. More information >

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Vinyl Record Bowl - £12.99

Fun is functional

Great for any music fans, or lovers of retro aesthetics, these bowls are made from vintage 12” vinyl records. Also great for greenies, who love them for their recycled content. More information >

Space Pen: Chrome Bullet Pen - $21.95 Great for people who love doing crosswords in bed, adventurous types and Seinfeld fans. This pen will write under any condition - upside down, under water, on top of grease and in extreme cold and hot temperatures. Oh, yeah - it’s also the pen astronauts use. More information >

Solar Dynamo Radio Light - $29.95 USD Solar powered/ handcrank radio, flashlight and phone charger. Perfect for camping enthusiasts. *LL Bean don’t ship to Australia, so remember to shop through HopShopGo. More information >

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300 Chip Poker Set $29.95 This is a fantastic poker set - it contains 300 chips, 2 packs of cards, 5 dice and 1 dealer button. All he needs to provide is the poker buddies. More information >

Nodor Supabull II Dartboard - $72.95

Syrian Backgammon $162

Ticket Stub Diary $17.95

This beautiful hand made inlaid chess and backgammon set from Syria is a stunning game to be both played and admired. More information >

Any nostalgic music/sport lover will adore this thoughtful gift - ditch the overflowing shoeboxes for an easy to flip through album. More information >

In the games room

This is a great gift for any games enthusiast (or anyone who wishes their house was a pub!). Guaranteed this will be mounted and put into use the second it’s opened on Christmas day! More information >

a lustable gift guide

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