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A smarter home is now within everyone’s reach

A smarter Lightwave home

Intelligent lighting Pre-set desired lighting levels for different family activities and times of the day.

Wire free switches Battery operated switches that can be used to operate dimmers or other devices. Completely wireless and can be mounted anywhere.

Inline switching & dimming Inline relays and dimmers used to drive curtains as well as large lighting circuits. Controlled from our app or a wirefree switch.

Remote control power Sockets designed to match our dimmer range. Can be controlled manually or by smartphone and can be remotely locked for safety.

Smartphone control Our Wifi link allows any Lightwave device, to be controlled remotely by any smartphone or tablet at home or away..

LED lighting LED driver modules remotely control LED strips or low voltage lamps. They can dim and change the colour tint. Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Dimmers Soft start, retrofit dimmers in 5 finishes that can be controlled manually or by using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Sensors, Alerts & Triggers Dawn to dusk sensors, window and door sensors not only give you peace of mind, but send you text alerts direct to your smartphone, in the event of suspicious activity.

Boiler control Control your boiler from anywhere. Heat the home before you arrive or turn off the heating to save energy.

Full heating control Radiator Valves give room-by-room control of temperatures creating a zoned system.

Transform your home into a smart home with Lightwave Lightwave is a range of intelligent dimmers, radiator valves, sockets and sensors that are just that little bit smarter. While they look and work just like ordinary dimmers, valves or sockets, they will change the way you control your heating, lighting and power in your home forever.

With Lightwave you can: • Control all your heating, lighting and power using your smartphone, laptop or tablet from anywhere • Set heating and lighting routines that fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle • Monitor how much energy you’re using • Save money by reducing your energy bills • Set exact heating temperatures room-by-room • Receive security alerts and live video direct to your phone • Set lights to switch on to appear at home when you’re out or away

No re-wiring, no mess - just a clean, simple installation process. Lightwave replaces your old sockets, switches and sensors and within minutes will transform the way you control your home’s heating, lighting and power.

For more info watch the video at

Affordable smart lighting, heating and power Lightwave brings smart homes to the people. Automated lighting and heating can cost thousands of pounds and usually involves major wiring and renovation work.

replacement of your old sockets, switches and radiator valves. So installation takes no time at all, with virtually no disruption or mess, and no noisy drilling.

Lightwave is different. Every part of the Lightwave system is what’s known as retrofit, which simply means the straightforward

Lightwave’s retrofit technology also means you can start off with just one socket, one room or a whole house,

making it cost-effective and affordable for every homeowner. Setting up and controlling Lightwave is so easy. If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you’ll feel right at home with Lightwave almost immediately.

You’re in control wherever you are On top of Snowdon, at the bottom of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, lying on the sofa at home, sat at your desk, going to and from work; you can control heating, lighting and power from anywhere with internet access.

Simply download the free LightwaveRF app to set up and control your Lightwave system on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s smart, intuitive and extremely user-friendly.

In fact, when you see all the things it can do for you, it could become one of your best friends.

Download the Lightwave App for free by searching ‘Lightwaverf’ in the App Store or on Google Play

Room-by-room control of your heating With Lightwave’s radiator valves you have precise, room-by-room control of your entire home’s heating from anywhere. Set exact temperatures and routines that fit in with your lifestyle; enjoy a warm welcome home

on those cold winter nights, or a toasty start to the day on a frosty winter morning. And why heat rooms you’re not using? If you’re working late or you know you

won’t be around for a few days, using your smartphone, tablet or computer you can quickly and easily turn them down, or even turn them off completely.

Spend less on energy now that’s smart Ever wondered how much electricity or gas your home is using? Lightwave gives you the answer. More than that, it monitors your energy usage in real-time and tells you how much your energy is costing per hour.

This feature alone makes it easy to find ways of saving energy, identifies energy-hungry appliances and helps you reduce your energy consumption. There’s no big mystery here; when you only use the power you need,

you’re saving money. No need to heat a room that’s not in use or leave lights on accidentally. And say goodbye to appliances left on standby.

Secure and safe home or away A place to relax and feel cosy and safe; that’s what being at home is all about. But you want to protect your home while you’re away too. Lightwave has a range of features that do all these things.

From clever sensors and routines, turning off sockets and setting lights to come on when you’re out for the evening or away on holiday, and adjusting your heating room by room, Lightwave gives you control wherever you are.

Turn individual sockets on or off, create a ‘light-path’ during the night with motion sensors, or appear to be in when you’re out; all this and more is possible when you have Lightwave installed.

Safeguarding the things you love Lightwave’s discreet and powerful security features safeguard your home while you’re on holiday or at work. You can schedule interior and exterior lights to come on and go off at set times to give the impression your house is occupied.

Should there be a suspected intrusion, Lightwave’s window and door sensors turn all your lights on and send an instant alert direct to your smartphone or tablet. Lightwave wireless cameras with motion detection keep you in the picture. You may be getting ready

for bed upstairs, you may be halfway up the Pyrenees; wherever you are Lightwave sends you a clear, real-time view of the interior of your home sent direct to your smartphone or tablet.

The Lightwave look beauty with brains Lightwave’s look is contemporary, cool and gently understated. But don’t be fooled. Beneath the sleek modern, low-profile designs is some clever stuff. Licensed by Siemens, who know a thing or two about

reliability, Lightwave is designed to look stunning and made to last. Smart LED lights indicate whether a dimmer, sensor or socket is on or off. Available in a range of screwless finishes to complement any interior: stainless

steel, chrome, black chrome, brass and white. This is what modern lighting, heating and power was always meant to look like.

Peace of mind guaranteed We’re absolutely convinced you’ll love Lightwave in your home. That’s why we offer a no quibble exchange guarantee* on all Lightwave products and parts. Every Lightwave approved installer is a

fully qualified and experienced domestic electrician who has been individually vetted and accredited to install Lightwave products. Our dedicated customer service and technical support team are available

* Products (excluding batteries and installation) are guaranteed for at least 2 years after installation.

to answer any of your questions regarding Lightwave and its features. The website also carries lots of information and contains answers to the most popular queries.

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A day (and night) living in a Lightwave home 6:55am


The perfect start. Steve and Katie are gently woken by the soft-start bedside light.

1:35pm Just before her afternoon meeting, Katie switches the slow cooker on using her iPad. Lamb casserole for tea. Delicious!

2:55pm The heating comes on in selected rooms, before Mum and the kids arrive home.

Lightwave is designed to fit around you, your family and your lifestyle and your daily routines. Every day is different, that’s why Lightwave is so flexible and simple to use, you always have complete control, whenever and wherever you are.

The bathroom light comes on automatically while the towel rail has been warming up for 20 mins. Katie takes a shower before the children get up.

7:14pm Steve arrives home as the outdoor lights are set to come on automatically at dusk.

8:35am Katie uses the Master switch to turn off every light and socket off with one button.



Katie drops off Ben and Libby before setting off for a meeting. In the rush she’s forgotten to turn off her hair straighteners. She turns them off via her iPhone at the school gates.

9:05pm With Ben and Libby safely tucked up in bed, Steve selects a relaxing ‘mood’ on his iPhone as they both settle down to enjoy a movie and glass of wine.


Katie receives a security alert and sees a live picture of their hallway on her iPad. It’s OK, it’s just Steve. He’s forgot his laptop… again.


And so to bed; Katie switches off the lights and sockets downstairs using her iPhone.

Ben needs the bathroom. As he tiptoes out of his bedroom, the lamp on the landing dims up to create a safe light path to the toilet and turns off five minutes later.

Watch our ‘Day in the Life’ video See the video at

The TheLightwave Lightwaverange range beauty beautywith withbrains brains

All Lightwave sockets and switches are available in 5 beautiful finishes to match any home.

Stainless Steel


Black Chrome



Control Wifi Link

Master Mood Wirefree Controller

1 Gang Wirefree Controller

2 Gang Wirefree Controller

Handheld Controller

Lighting 1 Gang Dimmer

2 Gang Dimmer

3 Gang Dimmer

4 Gang Dimmer

Remote Control Light Bulbs

Power Single Socket

Double Socket

Plug In Sockets

Heating Boiler Control Switch

Wireless Master Thermostat

Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Thermostatic Electric Heater Control

PIR Sensor

Door / Window Sensor

Dusk / Dawn Sensor

CCTV Camera

Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor

Outdoor Switch



What our customers say...

 couldn’t live without it now, it’s like Sky+… “ Ionce you’ve got it, you can’t live without it. Peter Wright, Droitwich

all put in by an approved installer “ Iint was less than a day, no mess at all. ”

Hannah Mitchell with daughter Millie, Southwell

“ It’s so addictive – I love the energy usage monitor. ” Ian Peacock and fiancé Morag, Northumberland

 his is the kind of luxury you get in “ Tfootballers’ mansions, I’m amazed at all the features. ” The Khan family, St Anne’s

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