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Lights Alive is a manufacturer and value-added reseller of lighting and special effects products. We offer holiday and band/dj/club lighting and special effects products. Our signature product is the FireFly® family of lightning simulators. We revolutionized the haunt lighting effects with the first digital lightning simulator, the FireFly FF-301, in 2013. Our current flagship product is the FireFly FF-351 with built-in audio tracks and a multitude of other features. We also offer single and dual channel FireFly units for when budget is the driving factor or the requirements are more basic. Still, these units are fully digital and offer an amazing amount of user-configurable features. Our ProLight-400 high-power LED light is the only light fixture designed and built specifically for lightning simulation. We’ve revived our 16-channel MonsterEyes, an ‘eyes-in-the-dark effect with personality. While the original MonsterEyes was very popular, we wanted to take it to a whole new level. The MonsterEyes II™ is an all-new design. You can now use a variety of LEDs, depending on how bright you want the effect. And, the big one, MonsterEyes now has internal triggered audio. You can select both your background and scare sounds independently, and use the built-in amplifier to connect to your speakers or use the line out to connect to an audio system. The miniFLICKER family of faulty electrical, candle, and fire simulators merged in 2014 as the extremely popular miniFLICKER-2, which was replaced by the improved and upgraded miniFLICKER-2+. Five effects are now combined in one unit. Also available is the micro-FLICKER flicker generator, available in both lowvoltage and AC versions. And microFLICKER has been incorporated into a variety of realistic lanterns, to operate on low-voltage DC or AC, or as a portable battery-powered version with LED illumination. Lights Alive was established in 2006 as a reseller of Halloween and Christmas lighting and props, but soon expanded to become a leading manufacturer of specialty lighting and prop controllers and lights. Lights Alive products are used nationwide by major haunted attractions, theme parks, haunted houses, film, corn mazes and home haunts. Prices are subject to change without notice. Lights Alive-brand products feature a 3-year limited warranty. Manufacturers warranties apply on all other products. Consult our web site for details.

I applaud your customer service and satisfaction, it’s hard to find companies that still have it. I look forward to doing business with you, and I hope to send you some more business later. - Ken C, Rancho Cucamonga, CA I have personally not seen a lightning emulator that 
can hold a candle to the Firefly in design and functionality. 
I didn’t just fall off the pumpkin wagon when it comes to electronic engineering. Being an amateur techno geek 
who designs and builds sound modules and having a
 degree in technology from Indiana University I can tell you 
this is no under-engineered device. 
It’s built like a tank inside and out with a level of 
flexibility that is only topped by its user friendly interface. 
I have spent hours with the Firefly and can tell you, in my 
humble opinion, this device is a Cadillac!!
 - Virgil F, Linton, IN All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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It’s Alive!! N



MonsterEyes Returns with the Introduction of the New MonsterEyes II™ - Now With Audio!!

SAFETY FEATURES Power supply over voltage, over heat, over temperature protection Internal surge suppression and voltage regulation Reverse polarity protection Master fuse for short-circuit protection Individual channel over current / short-circuit protection

EYEBALL CHANNELS 16 Independent channels Up to 1/2-watt per channel ENCLOSURE 5.25” x 9.18” x 1.68” Black, flame resistant ABS ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENT 12 volt DC, 5 Amps 120/240 volt desktop UL listed power supply included. AUDIO SOURCE Internal, user selectable digital audio Four (4) ambient tracks Four (4) scare tracks Select individual track or play at random AUDIO OUTPUT Internal 12-watt RMS stereo Class-D power amplifier (4Ω or 8Ω) Line-level output for external amplifier or powered speakers

TRIGGERS Trigger via any dry switch closure (pushbutton, pressure mat, motion sensor, radio remote control, microwave sensor, prop controller, etc. Also includes user adjustable internal timer for 0-30 second self-triggering. CONTROLS, SWITCHES AND INDICATORS Front panel controls include: Brightness, Speed, Timer and Speaker Volume Switches include: Test, Ambient sound and Scare sound Indicators include: Power, Status (calm or triggered), Trigger

REAR PANEL CONNECTORS 2.1mm DC power jack, 4x RJ-45 eyeball outputs, speaker spring connectors, trigger screw terminal.

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microFLICKER™ updates the flickering effect of miniFLICKER™ in an family of all-new digital flicker units in a smaller, concealable package. With one unit, you can adjust the effect from a mild candle flicker to a roaring fire effect. Four versions of microFLICKER™ are available: the microFLICKER/LV™ with 2.1mm coaxial jacks and plugs, or with bare wires to build into a prop. And the microFLICKER/AC™ with either molded AC connectors, or with bare wires to build directly into the user’s prop or effect.

The unsurpassed realism of the microFLICKER/ LV™ and microFLICKER/AC™ was achieved by shooting video of an actual candle flame, then measuring the intensity of each frame. The resulting numbers were used to program the microprocessor, thus yielding the most realistic candle and fire simulation possible.

The microFLICKER/LV™ is a state of the art flicker generator suitable for use with low voltage incandescent and halogen bulbs as well as most LEDs. Our unique design allows you to adjust intensity, speed and depth of the effect with a single control. The UF-101/LV is available as a permanent hard-wired configuration or with a convenient standard 2.1mm coaxial power jack and plug. MicroFLICKER/ LV™ is compatible with low voltage AC or DC and it auto-corrects polarity.

The microFLICKER/AC™ is a state of the art single channel flicker generator suitable for use with 120 volt AC incandescent and halogen bulbs as well as most dimmable LEDs, cold cathode and many dimmable CFLs . Our unique design allows you to adjust intensity, speed and depth of the effect with a single control.



SPECIFICATIONS: UF-101-LV: Input Voltage: 8-24 volt DC or 8-18 volt AC Maximum Current: 2 Amps Compatible Lights: Incandescent, halogen, most LEDs Dimming Method: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Technology: Solid state, microprocessor controlled Safety Features: Fused input + solid state short circuit protection Size: 2.5” x 1.63” x 0.80” (excluding wires and control) Enclosure: Black flame retardant ABS – Fire rating UL94V-0 Duty Cycle: None – designed for continuous use Adjustment: Single rotary control for intensity, speed and depth Warranty: 3-Year limited warranty UF-101-AC: Input Voltage: 120 volt AC Maximum Power Handling: 200 watts Compatible Lights: Incandescent, halogen, dimmable LEDs and CFLs, Cold Cathode Dimming Method: Forward Phase Cut Technology: Solid state, microprocessor controlled Safety Features: Fused input + internal surge suppression Size: 2.75” x 2.0” x 0.8” (excluding wires and control) Enclosure: Black flame retardant ABS – Fire rating UL94V-0 Duty Cycle: None – designed for continuous use Adjustment: Single rotary control for intensity, speed and depth Warranty: 5-Year limited warranty CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE:

Ask about our bulk packs!

Model UF-101-LVC (connectors) Model UF-101-LVW (wire) Model UF-102-ACP (plugs) Model UF-102-ACW (wire)

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With a total of five (5) user selectable programs plus our proprietary single knob control for intensity, speed and depth of the effect, the miniFLICKER-2+™ is the ultimate in flicker generators. The two-channels of the miniFLICKER-2+™ produce random effects and are totally independent of each other. Effects are: • Flickering Candle • Roaring Fire • Faulty Electrical (mostly on) • Faulty Electrical (mostly off) • Flickering Neon Sign

Technology: Solid state, microprocessor controlled. Safety Features: Fused input, internal surge suppression, opto- isolators to protect the microprocessor. Size: 3.29” x 2.4” x 1” (excluding wires and control). 4.375” wide including mounting flanges. 1.74” high including knob. Enclosure: Black flame retardant ABS – Fire rating UL94V-0 Duty Cycle: Continuous use Controls: Single rotary control for intensity, speed and depth plus a top mounted pushbutton to select program (candle, fire, neon, electrical 1, electrical 2).

miniFLICKER-2+™ Specifications

Warranty: 3-Year limited warranty MSRP - $129

Input Voltage: 120 volt, 60Hz AC, 4 amps maximum. Connections: Polarized standard household plug + two polarized outlets. Maximum Power Handling: Up to 200 watts per channel, 300- watt total. Compatible Lights: Incandescent, halogen, dimmable LEDs and CFLs, Cold Cathode. Dimming Method: Forward Phase Cut

Ask about our bulk packs!

Digital Crossfade Digital CrossFade controllers are useful in creating many lighting effects ranging from Pepper’s Ghost to the scary face in the mirror to blinking lights on your steam punk prop. Six crossfade ratios: 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10, 95/5. The single pot adjusts the rate of transition as well as the ramp and fade times. MSRP - $119

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ProLight 400 The ProLight-400 was designed and is manufactured by Lights Alive specifically for lightning simulation. It is instant on, fully dimmable and it’s designed for rapid on/off and dimming cycles necessary for professional lightning simulation. The ProLight-400 is designed for seasonal use outdoors without the need for any type of shelter from the weather. Using a new generation high-intenity LED, the current version of the ProLight-400 is significantly brighter than the first generation..

ProLight-400 Specifications Width: 10” (12.125” with bracket and knobs) Height: 4.25” (5.75” with bracket ) Depth: 3.1” (4” including AC connector on back) Weight: 2.8 pounds Field of view: 115º Color temperature: 5000ºK (pure white) Rated Power: 120vac, 1amp Maximum LED wattage: 100 watts (500-watt equivalent) Duty Cycle: Designed for lightning simulation only. Do not use as conventional flood light. Lumens: Nominal 10,000

Switches, Triggers, Remotes Lights Alive has a wide variety of switches, sensors, and triggers available to fit your needs and specific situation. This is just a sampling. Events and actions can be triggered with pressure mats, passive or active motion sensors, active infrared beam-bounce, beam-break, or ranging sensors,, ultrasonic sensors, or a variety of radio remotes. FOUR-CHANNEL RECEIVER


• Four independently-programmable • relay outputs • 11-24 VAC/VDC • •

Small size - easy to conceal. 2-1/8” x 3-1/2” Up to 500-foot range Four-button and 2-button versions are available



• Two independently-programmable relay outputs • 11-24 VAC/VDC

• Miniature size - easy to conceal • Up to 500-foot range


• Add wireless to any N.O. switch • Up to 500-foot range • Internal battery, or use external 12VDC power source Contact us for weather-resistant pressure mats, and hand and foot triggers.

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FireFly The FireFly® FF-261 can be configured as two channels of lightning effects, or one channel for lightning and one channel for dimming effects. Since the FF-261 is a digital device, configuration is easy and quick via the LCD display. The FF-261 adds new audio and inductive filters and includes thunder tracks created especially for Lights Alive on USB thumb drive. MSRP - $339

The FireFly® FF-151 joined the FireFly® in 2016 to bring digital control of lightning simulation in a more economical single-channel package. The FF-151 output can be configured for either lightning or dimming effects. The FF-151 includes a thunder CD created especially for Lights Alive. MSRP - $199

*Lights Alive controllers are compatible with many off-the-shelf LEDs, but they must be instant on (no delayed or soft start) and they must instantly turn off. They should be fully dimmable and designed for rapid on/off cycles. Lights Alive sells LEDs that have been tested for proper performance with our products.

The FireFly® FF-351 features built-in CD-quality audio, two channels for lightning simulation, a dedicated dimming channel to simulate imminent power failure when the lightning strikes, and the strobe control channel. The 351 improves on the FF-301 with a new processor, full control of five built-in audio tracks and routing, a thermal cutoff circuit, and a new test routine to check both the FireFly® and the attached lights. Trigger inputs include both screw terminals and our LADC. The ARM Cortex processor offers far better control of the lightning simulation than any other lightning simulator on the market. MSRP - $489

Tips & tricks T

he FireFly® FF-351 can run in any one of three modes with the internal CD-quality audio in continuous mode or in triggered mode, or with external audio. se triggered mode with an external trigger for lightning on demand. Use our microwave motion sensor, a pressure mat, a radio remote, Lights Alive or other PIR, or hand or foot trigger - anything that gives a switch closure - to trigger your thunder and lightning on demand.


ProLight Mini™ The ProLight Mini™ is for people who find the ProLight-400™ just too intense. Like its big brother, the Mini was designed specifically for lightning simulation. Single high-intensity 5000ºK COB (chip on board) LED produces more light than a conventional 150-watt incandescent bulb, yet it feels even brighter because of its rapid response and pure white light. The ProLight Mini™ is a tiny all-metal 4-1/4” cube. MSRP - $199

Lights Alive • • 317-280-3000


Putting It Together... Save on FireFly/ProLight-400 Packages

Ultimate Package: Combine a FireFly® FF-351 with sixteen ProLight-400s™ for an unequaled experience.. Eight high-powered LED lights per channel on the FireFly lightning simulator. The equivalent of 8,000 watts of incandescent light, yet still using less than half of the FireFly’s capacity! Extreme Package: Bundle the FF-351 with eight ProLight-400s™. Two ProLights per channel! 351 Pro Package: A basic package with four ProLight-400s™ and one FF-351. Two ProLights™ per FF-351 lightning channel. 251 Digital Haunter Package: A basic package with two ProLight-400s™ and one FF-251 One ProLight™ per lightning channel. FireFly® and ProLight-400™ controllers and lights can be bundled together for a special storm experience at a special price. For a complete storm experience, bundle FireFly and lights with a sound system and one of a variety of triggers. Call to discuss your customconfigued ultimate storm package



New this year are the RCF F-Series mixing consoles. Combine and mix multiple audio sources, such as background sound with FireFly thunder and.or live microphones or facility public address. RCF mixers are available in a variety of sizes, from six to 24 channels, all with onboard Pro DSP FX and balanced main output audio path from input to output. 10 through 24 channel mixers have 16 effects presets. F 6X 6 channel mixer with multi effects. 2 mic/line, 2 stereo line inputs MSRP - $ 199 F 10XR 10 channel mixer with multi effects. Stereo recording and playback via USB Port MSRP - $ 299 F 12XR 12 channel mixer with multi effects. Stereo recording and playback via USB Port MSRP - $ 399 F 16XR USB 16 channel mixer with multi effects. Stereo recording and playback via USB Port MSRP - $ 599 F-24XR USB 24 channel mixer with multi effects. Stereo recording and playback via USB Port MSRP - $ 799

Lights Alive • • 317-280-3000

...Packages & Bundles professional Audio and LIGHTING packages Audio Packages can be added to any of the above FireFly®/ProLight-400™ packages. Contact us with your needs, and we can custommatch an audio system designed for your specific situation. Many other audio options are available. We can customize a system specifically to your requirements and situation, and supply a turnkey lightning package with lightning simulator, lights, amplifiers, and speakers custom-matched for your needs. Contact us to design a system for you.

Professional Audio from RCF Audio

Lights Alive is a dealer for RCF Audio products. We feature just a few items of particular interest to haunted attractions here and on our web site, but can supply the full RCF line, from tabletop speakers to arrays capable of filling a stadium. Call us to discuss your needs. Call or email for your Lights Alive price!

Amplifiers & Speakers

Active Speakers

Sound reinforcement is available to fit your needs and preferences, as active powered speakers in a variety of sizes, and as rack-mount amplifiers and passive speakers in several power ratings and sizes. We feature the RCF line of professional amplifiers, speakers, and mixers, as well as select products from Behringer, Pyle, and MTX. QPS-9600


• RCF QPS-9600 4 ch. amp - up to 9,600 watts peak MSRP - $ 3,999 • RCF IPS-3700 2 ch. amp - up to 3,000 watts peak MSRP - $ 1,399 • RCF IPS-2700 2 ch. amp - up to 2.200 watts peak MSRP - $ 899 • RCF IPS-1700 2 ch. amp - up to 900 watts peak MSRP - $ 699 • RCF IPS-700 2 ch. amp - up to 600 watts peak MSRP - $ 479 • MTX ThunderPro2 150W RMS, 12” 2-way passive speaker MSRP - $ 179 • Many RCF passive speakers available from desktop to stadium concert sound - Call with your needs

HD Series The HD-series is the optimum choice for live sound situations where an exceptional full range, outstanding bass reproduction and accurate high frequency delivery is required. The HD 12A and HD 15A deliver 1400 peak watts into a horn loaded 1” mylar high frequency driver and either a 12” or 15” woofer. The HD 10-A MK4 delivers 800 watts. HD 10-A MK4: MSRP - $629 HD 12-A MK4: MSRP - $849 HD 15-A: MSRP - $1,099

Lights Alive • • 317-280-3000



Strobes & Black Lights New 2-channel LED Strobe controller! This is one to get - it made our engineers sick and gave them headaches while it was being developed!

Use 120-volt dimmable LEDs* to create numerous strobe effects! Effects include: 1) Conventional strobe, 2) Alternating strobe, 3) Random strobe, 4) Burst mode (emergency flasher), 5) Alternating burst mode, 6) Flash (equal on and off time) and 7) Enhanced flash (alternating channels with delay). Works particularly well with our A19 LED lights. Use up to 15 of our A19LEDs on each channel, flashing the equivalent of 2,250 incandescent watts! MSRP - $ 129

UV3 High Intensity

Dimmable LED Black Light

The UV3 is an instant-on triacdimmable black light that is twice as bright as a 400-watt mercury vapor BLB fixture, yet requires only 4% as much electricity, runs nearly 400 degrees cooler, and measures only 4-1/4”! This light is so intense that it would take a dozen or more fluorescent BLB bulbs to approximate the same light output.

Escape Rooms Lights Alive has a variety of products to design, build, upgrade, or expand your escape room. We can provide a variety of timers, relays, keypads, buttons, electric cabinet locks with remote activation, radio remotes that can be triggered with desktop, wall mount, hidden, or handheld switches, infrared bounce or beam break sensors, mag-locks, RFID readers, keypads, strobes, and many other devices.

RFID and Magnetic Hidden Latches


Radio Remote Transmitters and Receivers (See more on Page 6)

Key Pads

Maglocks can be Remote Controlled


Desktop Radio Remotes

Alert Strobes

Prices are subject to change without notice. Lights Alive-brand products feature a 3-year limited warranty. Manufacturers warranties apply on all other products. Consult our web site for details.

Lights Alive • • 317-280-3000

lanterns - AC, DC & battery

capable of operating the lantern for a full evening of haunting. Standard units are black with a frosted glass globe, and either our low voltage or our AC microFLICKER™. By special order, lanterns are available aged, and with simulated or genuine rust finishes. Each lantern is individually antiqued (rusted). No two are the same. Special order units can be heavily rusted or just slightly rusted. They can also be distressed (dinged and banged) if desired. Lanterns are very versatile. They fit well into western themes, caves, woods, cemeteries and rural scenes, or anywhere that electricity in theory might not be available for your scenario. Lights Alive is now featuring the most versatile and realistic line of electric lanterns that simulate oil lanterns, without the cleaning and filling of oil lamps, and without the flame hazard. We’ve combined our microFLICKER™ units with genuine oil lamps, to make a high-quality and high-realism lantern. These aren’t your cheap TV lanterns, but are steel, 14” tall. Units are available to run on low voltage, or, for use by an actor, our lanterns can be powered by an internal rechargeable battery pack

Options include the portability package, with a rechargeable internal battery, custom charger manager, power supply, and LED bulb. This configuration can run without wires for up to 122 hours at minimum intensity, or 30 hours at full intensity. The specialty LED bulb, containing 15 surface mount LEDs covering a full 360º, is also available as an option for standard units. The Battery Pack LEDs are warm white with an additional gel filter to create a realistic color.

Tips & tricks


he indoor effects of your FireFly lightning simulator can be greatly enhanced by using a hazer to keep a small amount of theatrical type fog in the area. Doing so will not only increase the brightness, but it will create the feeling of being surrounded by lightning. For outdoor scenes, lightning hitting low lying fog is equally as impressive.

Lights Alive • • 317-280-3000



pipe lights

vintage bulbs

Vintage-style 7-watt candelabra-base incandescent bulb, pack of 2. $ 7.35 Vintage-style tubular 40-watt incandescent bulb with squirrel cage style filament. $ 9.50

Original vintagestyle 40-watt incandescent bulb. $ 11.00

Vintage-style tubular 40-watt incandescent bulb with spiral filament. $ 11.50

Vintage A19-style 40-watt incandescent bulb with ‘quad-loop’ filament.. $ 11.00 Vintage-style LED bulb. $ 18.98


Lights Alive’s steampunk-inspired pipe lights are custom designed and built to fit your needs. Lights are available in a variety of styles, with several types of vintage bulb or with electric candles, floor or tabletop designs, and with or without Lights Alive miniFLICKER or microFLICKER controllers.


ights Alive lanterns are genuine Dietz oil lanterns that are custom finished to your specifications, then converted to electric. We then install one of our microFLICKER™ units for the ultimate in realism. This allows you to adjust the intensity of the light as well as the speed and depth of the flame effect. For those who are concerned about the local fire marshal, the low voltage option uses your 12-volt DC source or it can be powered by a 12-volt AC landscape lighting transformer. Also offered is a 120-volt AC unit, which is fully grounded for safety. And for the actors, there is a version with internal nickel metal hydride batteries and a custom rapid charge circuitry that allows you to operate well more than a full day without the need to recharge. See page 11 for more details.

Lights Alive • • 317-280-3000

Electric Candles Our imitation beeswax candles have several big advantages over the real thing, while still maintaining the appearance of a natural candle. No open flames add safety, and not having a candle that burns down brings consistency. Having candle covers, bulbs, and fittings available as separate items means you can customize the look to just what you visualize for your haunt.

Black Candle Covers Covers are available in a variety of diameters, lengths, and colors. Colors include white, natural, and black. Sizes are 2” to 10” in one-inch diameter, but vary by color. Extra-thick varieties are also available. Three-inch diameter ‘melting’ candles come in four and sixinch lengths. Antler-style candle covers are available with straight or slanted bases in various lengths.

shapes and sizes, either 120 volts or 12 volts. A variety of bulbs can be matched to your requirements, and candles can be equipped with our microFLICKER LV (low voltage), microFLICKER AC, or miniFLICKER controllers for maximum realism. All lanterns are custom-configured to your specific needs. Contact us with your requirements.

Natural Candle Covers

A variety of adjustable and fixed sockets and fittings are available.

Bulbs can be standard, flicker, or for best appearance, use silicone-dipped bulbs with our miniFLICKER/Candle or microFLICKER light controller. Candles are available in a variety of

Antler Candle Covers

Assorted candle covers are shown, assembled using our silicone-dipped bulbs and adjustable sockets.

sockets & electric parts Lamp sockets are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Candle covers require a socket, bulb, base, and wiring. Lights Alive can help you select the appropriate socket to fit the candle covers of your choice. Both fixed and adjustable sockets are available. We also stock a variety of fuses, fuse holders, connectors, wire, and other electrical items. Contact Lights Alive for assistance with your project.

Lights Alive • • 317-280-3000



Microwave Sensor/trigger

Cable Length Operating voltage LED Indicator Current Draw Sensing Range Reaction time Sensor Frequency Operating Temperature Dimensions Weight Relay Output

Our Microwave Sensor is a compact motion sensor with an adjustable output timer that can be connected to an access control keypad, gate opener, and can be used to trigger any device with an egress input. Can be used to trigger FireFly® FF-351 and/or MonsterEyes™ 12~24 VDC Operating voltage 24.150GHz Microwave Doppler technology 10ft (3m) Sensing range, adjustable Adjustable relay output time, 1~33 s Small size allows for a wide range of applications Universally compatible, install the sensor above doors for no-touch ingress/egress More consistent detection in large areas and over a wide range of temperatures Indoor use only 8’ (2.5m) 12~24 VDC Red on relay activation Standby: 23mA@12VDC/14mA@24VDC Active: 39mA@12VDC/21mA@24VDC 3’~10’ (0.9~3m), adjustable 5cm/s 24.150GHz -4°~131° F (-20°~55° C) 3-1/8"x2-3/8"x2-1/8" (80x60x54 mm) 2.5-oz (70g) 2A@30VDC (0.5A@125VAC) Dry relay, NO/NC/COM

FROGGY’S FOG JUICE Froggy’s Fog is the premier name for fog fluids. Their products are 100% American Made, using de-ionized water and pharmaceutical grade chemicals, all approved by the FDA. •

• is

Swamp Juice is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create an extremely long lasting / super long hang time fog. It has a hang time of up to two hours, resulting in less fluid consumption and less wear and tear on your fogger. Quik Blast Extra Quick Dissipating Fog Juice the ideal fluid for “quick smoke” effects such as CO2 canisters and steam pipes. This fluid creates a thick white burst of smoke that is gone in mere seconds.

• Cryo Freeze Fog Juice is the perfect Stage & Studio Fog Fluid for Indoor & Stage Ground Effects, for use in Theatrical Environments where a great fog effect is desired but the fog does not need to linger. This blend works perfect in weddings, film & plays. • Bog Fog Extreme High Density HDF mix generates an extremely high density, white, airborne fog with a very high index of refraction and slower evaporation rate. It is well suited for scenic obscuring and strobes “white-out”. • Freezin Fog is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create optimum low lying fog effects for outdoor graveyard scenes. The best low-lying fog for Halloween graveyard-type effects. (You must use a fog chilling device to create low-lying fog effects!)

Tips & tricks


onsterEyes II is very versatile. Work it into your narrative. Plant the idea in your patrons’ heads when you establish the scenario. Eyes in the dark could be creatures in a swamp scene, bats in a castle theme, rats in a dungeon or an abandoned house or an asylum. Choose background audio and scare audio to match your theme or mood.

Lights Alive • • 317-280-3000

Fauxescent LED fixture Get the effect of faulty fluorescent fixtures with long-life LEDs • Appears to be flickering fluorescent tube or faulty fixture, but is long-life LED. • Two tube, 48" fixture • Select from multiple flicker routines from slight flicker to electrical failure. • Adjust intensity, speed and depth of most ef- fects by simply rotating a knob. • Tubes react independently of each other and at random. • Internal controller provides full dimming, not just blinking on/off • Choice of tube colors. Ships with one warm white and one cool; both warm or both cool optional. • Realistic look from shatterproof coated glass tubes while maintaining safety. • Protective wire cage around bulbs for aesthetics and safety. • 120 Volt AC operation, 30 watts maximum. • Internal surge suppression and circuit breaker.

* Product appearance may vary from illustration subject to parts availability * Spider not included

Lights Alive • • 317-280-3000


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