Conscious Business Magazine - Winter 2020

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WHY Conscious Business

The Vision:

What Business Can Be By Michele Hunt

Envision a world where business is a powerful transformative force for good! The definition of success has evolved from the single aim of profit to innovating for the greater good: Business shares a sense of responsibility for the world we live in and are committed to making it better. In collaboration and cooperation with a diverse array of stakeholders, business is putting the collective genius of their people and partners, combined with the power of their resources, to work to solve the seemingly intractable challenges of our time. Business, in concert with civil society, changed the trajectory of the existential threats to humankind; climate crisis and global health. Clean air and water are abundant and accessible to all. Poverty is eradicated, global health has improved exponentially, illiteracy is a thing of the past, and quality healthcare is accessible to everyone. Business leaders have a deep faith in people, their capabilities and their inherent goodness, so their work environments are places of realized potential. Women are leading half of all businesses which enables the integration of the feminine and masculine perspective and energies. Young peoples’ perspectives, ideas and experiences are valued, respected and sought after. Business has a diverse array of people throughout their organizations giving them a rich reservoir of people to draw from to create highly innovative, purposeful and profitable products and services. Companies, consumers and the larger global community have an evolved worldview of business and the global economy; well-being and prosperity for all is the new definition of success, and “Doing Well By Doing Good” is the new business model. Business leaders found the courage to root their visions of success in Love, the most powerful, transcendent, life-giving force in the universe. With Love as their core value and organizing principle they 19

are unleashing an astounding flow of people’s energy, creativity and imagination. As a result, ALL people and the planet now have the opportunity to prosper and flourish. If you think this vision is a dream of Utopia born out of my Pollyannaish sensitivities, think again. This is happening and it is unstoppable! There is a rapidly growing global movement embracing a bold new positive vision of a world where “people can thrive, businesses can prosper, and the planet can flourish.” The challenges we face today are of such magnitude that people are not waiting for global leaders, gurus or a miracle to save us. People are feeling a heightened sense of urgency, which is moving them to self-organize to make change happen. Women, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z are demanding that companies do business that is healthy, climate and people friendly, and sourced from fair work environments, and countries that support human rights and climate justice. The huge Baby Boomer market is increasingly making conscious buying decisions. Equally as impactful, the rise of conscious communities and cities around the world are demanding that business factor in the greater good in their decisions and practices. This massive movement of conscious consumers and communities is putting their money where their values are, as a result, enlightened and smart businesses are challenging conventional wisdom about business and making changes to innovate for the greater good. Some businesses are leading the way, demonstrating that, doing business for the greater good can be both profitable and purposeful: Certified B Corporations are a powerful example of businesses that balance purpose and profit. There are over 3000 B Corps, from 150 industries, across 71 countries, with 1 unifying goal: “To redefine success in business. This community of leaders is driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.” B Corps are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, communities, and the planet. Companies like: Eileen Fisher,

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