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At JD Service Now, we are proud of our accomplishments and especially proud of our people. Your health and the health of your family are important to us. Each year, we hold an open enrollment in March. Elections you make during open enrollment will remain in effect throughout the plan year, from April 1st, 2024, through March 31st, 2025, with the exception of qualified life status changes. You will be eligible to enroll in our benefits the 1st of the month following 60 days of full-time employment. Please find the enclosed benefit offerings and take some time to review.

Medical coverage is offered through Aetna and you have three plan options to pick from.

Dental and Vision coverage is offered through Mutual of Omaha at no cost to the employee.

A $25,000 Life Insurance Benefit is provided to all full-time eligible employees at no cost. Additional Voluntary Life is available.

Short & Long Term Disability

STD is offered through Colonial Life. LTD is offered through Mutual of Omaha. Both are voluntary coverages.


Whole Life

On top of the Mutual of Omaha life policies stated above, Colonial Life offers both Term and Whole Life policies.

Our benefit offerings are managed by Flatlands Jessup and they are here to serve you throughout the year if you have any questions at all Please reach out to Joni Faulkner on any of the following.

Offered through Colonial Life and are voluntary coverage's

Joni@FlatlandsJessup com 1420 E. Arlington Blvd. Suite A Greenville, NC 27858 Rem Morgan +252-275-8082

Rem@FlatlandsJessup com 1420 E. Arlington Blvd. Suite A Greenville, NC 27858

Health Insurance Dental
Vision Insurance Life Insurance
What we offer
Employee Benefit Offerings Contact Info
Flatlands Jessup:
Joni Faulkner +252-275-8082
Cancer, Critical Illness & Hospital Indemnity


Who Is Eligible For Benefits?

You are eligible for benefits if you meet the following criteria:

Full-Time Employee (30+ Hours a Week)

Legally married spouse

Natural or adopted children up to age 26 regardless of student or marital status

Children under your guardianship


Children under a qualified medical child support order

Children placed in your physical custody for adoption

Who Is Not Eligible?

Divorced or legally separated spouse

Common law spouse, even if recognized by your state

Domestic partners, unless otherwise approved by your employer

Foster children

Sisters, brothers, parents or in-laws, grandchildren (without legal guardianship), etc

What Is Open Enrollment?

The opportunity to enroll in benefits (open enrollment) only happens once a year You cannot make changes to any of your plans unless you or a family member experience a “Qualified Life Event” Life events must be reported within 29 days of the event date

Should any of the following qualifying events happen in your life, you may be eligible to enroll in benefits outside of the open enrollment period:

Loss of other benefit coverage (Ie. Spouse’s plan)

Marriage, divorce, legal seperation

Birth / Adoption

Death of spouse

Unpaid leave of absence

Become eligible for Medicaid

Significant increase or decrease in plan benefits or cost

The decisions you make during open enrollment can have a significant impact on your life and finances, so it is important to weigh your options carefully by reviewing the information in this benefit guide. As you review, please feel free to reach out to the team at Flatlands Jessup Insurance Group with any questions you may have.

Joni Faulkner +252-275-8082 Joni@FlatlandsJessup.com 1420 E. Arlington Blvd. Suite A Greenville, NC 27858 Rem Morgan +252-275-8082 Rem@FlatlandsJessup.com 1420 E. Arlington Blvd. Suite A Greenville, NC 27858 2 2


All full-time employees at JD Service Now are offered 3 health insurance options to pick from through Aetna. More than 80% of the employee only premium is paid for by JD Service Now on the base plan and you have the option to choose the Mid or the Buy Up plan and cover the difference. You will also see that JD Service Now contributes to the Spouse and Dependant coverage The plans cost and coverage highlights can be found below $1,000 $4,500 $2,000 $9,000

$25 Copay

$75 Copay

$75 Copay

$300 0% after deductible

$10 Copay

$45 Copay

$75 Copay 20% up to $250

2 Important Things to Remember

Your member login at Aetna.com is your go-to source for information about your health plan. Look up in-network doctors, get cost estimates, check claims, progress towards deductibles and more

In-network providers save you money, so be sure to find doctors, specialists, urgent care facilities and hospitals that are in your plan's network. For more info, visit the website: Aetna com and register for your online account

Individual Deductible Individual Out-of-Pocket Max Family Deductible Family Out-of-Pocket Max Primary Care Specialist Urgent Care Emergency Room Hospital In/Out Patient Prescription Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 $3,500 $7,000 $7,000 $14,000 $35
20% after deductible 20% after deductible
20% up to $250 $2,000
20% after deductible 20% after deductible $10
20% up
Employee Only Employee + Spouse Employee + Child(ren) Family $15 91 $114.19 $88.22 $184.94 $90 17 $114 74 $108 25 $132 43 $28 89 $137.38 $109.64 $220.08 $90 17 $114 74 $108 25 $132 43 $38 56 $160.72 $129.85 $254.53 $90 17 $114 74 $108 25 $132 43
Copay $75 Copay $75 Copay
$10 Copay $50 Copay $80 Copay
$12,000 $25 Copay $75 Copay $75 Copay
to $250
1.800.US.AETNA www.Aetna.com 151 Farmington Avenue - Hartford,CT 06156 Our Aetna policy is managed by Flatlands Jessup and they are here to serve you throughout the year If you have any questions as you make your plan election, please feel free to reach out to Joni Faulkner at 252-2758082 or Joni@FlatlandsJessup.com.

Stay on top of YOUR health care benefits

It‘s easier with the Aetna Health app

You‘re in charge.

Staying healthy is important So is keeping track of your benefits But with everything else you have going on, managing it all can be a challenge

The Aetna Health app can help From finding a doctor and comparing costs to paying claims and viewing your ID Card, the app is your all-inone resource for the information you need

See for yourself how the Aetna Health app can make it easier to manage your benefits












Dental Insurance

What's available to me?

Dental insurance helps pay for all, or a portion, of the costs associated with dental care, from routine cleanings to root canals. Our dental insurance is through Mutual of Omaha and you may elect to purchase coverage if you're an active, full-time employee. To learn how to make full use of your plan, please start by following the steps below to set up your log-in at Mutual of Omaha.

Getting Started

Go to MutualofOmaha.com/dental 1. Click on the "Member Portal Link" and select the "Register Now" button. You will enter your Member ID number (located on your Member ID card) or the last 4 digits of your SSN, and follow the instructions to create your user name and password.

2. With access to your online portal you can view benefits, eligibility and claims. You can also search in network or out of network providers. If you visit an out-of-network provider, you can download a claim form from the home page.

Things to Remember:

Preventive Care is covered 100%

Routine exams and cleanings are covered twice per year. Bitewing X-rays are covered once per calendar year. Full mouth X-rays are covered every 60 months. Sealants and space maintainers are also covered at 100%.

Basic Care

$50 Deductible with 80% Coinsurance.

$1,500 Annual Maximum Major Care

$50 Deductible with 50% Coinsurance

For additional information and plan details, please visit the Mutual of Omaha Summary of Benefits.

Our deductibles and the annual maximum operate on a calendar year and reset January 1st of every year.

This plan does include Orthodontia and is covered at 50% with a lifetime max of $1,000.

When you select a dentist within the Mutually Preferred dental network, your cost may be lower. To find a dentist within the Mutually Preferred Dental network, visit MutualofOmaha.com/dental 1.800.927.9197 www.MutualofOmaha.com/dental

DentalInsurance $0.00 Employee Only Cost Weekly Employee + Spouse $7 92 Employee + Child/Children $9.97 Family Premium $19.85 Dental Insurance is 100% Employer Paid for Employee Only
Plan Highlights:


You have so many reasons to keep your eyes healthy. Ongoing vision care will help you maintain the best possible eye - and overall - health and well-being. Our Vision insurance is a voluntary coverage you may elect to enroll in if you're an active, full-time employee. This plan provides choice, flexibility and savings through Mutual of Omaha Vision Powered by EyeMed.

Getting Started


Go to MutualofOmaha.com/vision 1. Click on "View my vision benefits" 2. Click the "Create an account" button - enter your name, DOB, member ID number or the last four digits of your SSN and follow the instructions to select your username and password.

With access to your online portal you can view benefits, eligibility and claims. You can also search in network or out of network providers. If you visit an out-of-network provider, you will have to pay for services out-of-pocket and submit a claim form located in the "Forms" section for reimbursement.

Plan Highlights:

Every 12 months, one exam is covered in full after a $10 copay

Prescription glasses: 1 pair of lenses are covered every 12 months with a $25 copay.

Frames: covered up to $130 every 24 months; 20% off amount over the allowance

Lens enhancements: Standard progressive lenses covered once every 12 months with an additional $65 copay.

Elective contacts: Covered up to $130 every 12 months with a $0 copay

For additional information and plan details, please visit the Mutual of Omaha Summary of Benefits.

Things to Remember:

Find a Provider

Once you've created an account and signed in, click "Provider locator." From here, you can search by ZIP code or "use my location" to find a provider near you.

If you need additional information regarding the EyeMed network or your overall vision benefits, please call 1 833 279 4358

$0.00 Employee Only Cost Weekly Employee + Spouse $1.25 Employee + Child/Children $0 81 Family Premium $2 21 Vision Insurance
1.833.279-4358 www MutualOfOmaha com/vision
Vision Insurance is 100% Employer paid for Employee Only 9

your annual salary) and you can elect up to $100,000 without submitting any medical questions. Any amount over $100,000 requires Evidence of Insurability (unless currently enrolled). You can also elect up to $250,000 on your Spouse and $10,000 on your children. For your spouse, you can elect up to $25,000 without submitting medical questions and $10,000 on your children without submitting medical questions. If you wish to elect over the $100,000 for yourself or $25,000 for your spouse, you can submit EOI online at www mutualofomaha com/eoi Please note, if you wish to elect coverage on your dependents, you must elect coverage of equal or greater value on yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guarantee Issue?

The Best For Your Family

The amount of insurance applied without answering any health questions (or which does not require evidence of insurability) Coverage amounts over the Guarantee Issue amount will require evidence of insurability

What is Evidence of Insurability?

Evidence of insurability or proof of good health - may be required if you are a late entrant and/or you request any additional coverage above your guarantee issue amount

Can I take this insurance with me if I change jobs/am no longer a member of this group?

In the event this insurance ends due to a change in your employment/membership status with the group, or for certain other reasons, you or your insured spouse may have the right to continue this insurance under the Potability or Conversion provision, subject to certain conditions.

For additional information and plan details, please visit the United of Omaha

Also, please feel free to contact your Flatlands Jessup representative.

Life Insurance
Mutual of Omaha Contact Info for Life: 1.800.775.8805 Submitgrplife@mutualofomaha.com 3300 Mutual of Omaha Plaza | Omaha, NE 68175
Company Summary of

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability is a voluntary coverage that you can add as a standalone or alongside of your short-term disability policy. This coverage would supplement your income and the benefit would begin on the later of 90 days after the onset of your disability or the date your short-term disability ends. Your benefit is equivalent to 60% of your before tax monthly earnings up to a maximum of $6,000 per month. The premiums for your long-term disability coverage is waived while you are receiving benefits.

If you become disabled prior to age 65, benefits are payable for 5 years. At age 65 through 68, benefits are payable to age 70. At age 69 (and older), benefits are payable for one year.

List your monthly earnings (Max is $6,000)

Multiply by the premium factor

Your Estimated Monthly Premium:

Bi-Weekly Premium Calculation Example (42 yr old employee earning 40k / yr) $ 3,333 33 0.0042231 $ 14.07

Premium Factor 0.0006923 0 0009923 0 0013615 0.0018000 0.0026308 0.0042231 0.0046154

How to File a Disability Claim

Filing Disability Claims can be done by Fax, Online, Phone or your Employee Portal:

The Employee Portal option is very convenient Visit mutualofomaha/my-benefits Register for an account or log in with your credentials Click on the "Submit Claim" icon on the portal homepage On the forms page, select "I am a Plan Member" and choose the relevant state. Select the necessary form, then select "Complete form online".

You can also call 1-800-877-5176 to start the claim process. A customer service representative will complete Section 1 with you. You will need to provide your physicians contact information (phone, fax, address). After the call, print "Authorization to Disclose Personal and Health Information" form. Complete, Sign and fax to 402-997-1865.

For additional information and plan details, please visit the United of Omaha Insurance Company

Summary of Benefits Also, please feel free to contact your Flatlands Jessup representative

Mutual of Omaha Disability Claims 1.800.877.5176 newdisabilityclaim@mutualofomaha.com 3300 Mutual of Omaha Plaza | Omaha, NE 68175
29 30
< 30
- 24
- 34
- 39
- 44

Important Benefit Information

All of the following benefits are provided for your selection to help you customize the benefit package that is right for you. You, your spouse and or your children are eligible for these benefits. Even the best of medical plans have gaps, such as deductibles, maximum out of pocket expenses, co-pays, etc. Colonial Life benefits are paid directly to you and not to a doctor or hospital. Colonial Life policies do not coordinate benefits with medical insurance or workers comp. You use these benefits in the way that is most beneficial for you and your family.

Most benefits listed include an Annual Wellness Benefit. Every year when you have an annual wellness test, Colonial Life will pay this benefit directly to you for each and every family member insured. There is no claim form to fill out. You may file online or you can call (800) 325-4368 and provide your doctor’s name, telephone number and the date of your wellness test. At that point, Colonial Life will mail you your Wellness Benefit directly to you.

Colonial Life Offerings


Short Term Disability

Term & Whole Life


Critical Illness

Medical Bridge

Benefits of Colonial Life Policies

All benefits are yours and they are portable.

Rates do not increase with age.

Benefits are paid directly to you.

Most of the premiums are deducted pre-tax.

1.800.325.4368 www ColonialLife com Our Colonial Life policies are managed by Flatlands Jessup and they are here to serve you throughout the year If you have any questions throughout, please feel free to reach out to Joni Faulkner at 252-2758082 or Joni@FlatlandsJessup.com. Colonial Life Contact


On & Off the Job Protection

Accident insurance is a layer of financial protection should an on or off the job accident occur. The benefit is paid directly to you in a lump sum that you can use to relieve any of the unanticipated expenses after an accident. It also includes a $50 wellness benefit for employees and their covered dependents.

Plan Highlights


Short Term Disability Insurance

You depend on your income to pay housing, transportation, utilities, food, clothing and possibly your child’s education If you are unable to work because of an on/offthe job accident or sickness, you lose your ability to earn an income. With Colonial’s Short Term Disability plan you are provided with affordable options to protect and manage your basic financial needs. The rates reflected below are for the 3- and 6month plan duration with the variable monthly benefit amounts and different elimination periods. Issue age is from 17 to 74.

The most common reasons for a short term disability claim are:




Pregnancy/maternity leave

Plan Highlights

1.800.325.4368 www ColonialLife com Our Colonial Life policies are managed by Flatlands Jessup and they are here to serve you throughout the year If you have any questions throughout, please feel free to reach out to Joni Faulkner at 252-2758082 or Joni@FlatlandsJessup.com. Colonial Life Contact 14

Term Life Insurance

15 Colonial Life’s Term Life Insurance allows you to purchase higher coverage amounts at lower premium
Higher benefit amounts are available Issue age is from 15-75 Premium is based on your specific age and tobacco status You may be able to lock in your rates for 10 to 30 years
stages where needs are greater
Plan Highlights Things to know: 1.800.325.4368 www ColonialLife com Our Colonial Life policies are managed by Flatlands Jessup and they are here to serve you throughout the year If you have any questions throughout, please feel free to reach out to Joni Faulkner at 252-2758082 or Joni@FlatlandsJessup.com. Colonial Life Contact 15

Whole Life Insurance

Colonial Life’s Whole Life Insurance is offered on a Guaranteed Issue basis. This is a permanent Life Insurance Plan that builds cash value which earns 375% guaranteed interest. Your benefit may also include a Guaranteed Purchase Option which allows you to increase your benefits later in life with no evidence of insurability required. Your Spouse is also eligible for this benefit.

Things to know:

Issue age is from 18-79

Benefits amounts up to $500,000 available

Premium is based on your specific age and tobacco status

Plan Highlights


Cancer Insurance

Medical advances have resulted in an increased chance of surviving this disease Lengthy, expensive recovery periods can mean the loss of personal wages and a person’s ability to pay for care and treatment. The first benefit we pay once you have been diagnosed with invasive cancer is a $5,000 Initial Diagnosis Benefit. You have just heard the “C” word and your whole life just changed in an instant. If you insure a child, then we pay $12,500 so that both parents can take time to be with the child We also pay for you and your family member/friend to travel by car or airfare if more than 50 miles from your residence And while you are out of town in a hospital, we will also pay for a hotel lodging benefit for your family/friend. You need to be able to concentrate on your care and not worry about finances. Colonial Life will pay you benefits for however long you are treated for your cancer. The following are just a few of the benefits Colonial Life pays directly to you:

Plan Highlights


Critical Illness Insurance

This plan helps to pay for the direct (medical) and indirect (Loss of wages, home healthcare, rehabilitation and basic living expenses) associated with a Critical Illness. Your plan provides up to a $10,000 benefit upon the diagnosis of a covered critical illness. Coronary Artery Bypass is covered at 25% of the benefit amount. This benefit can be paid out multiple times It also pays a benefit for a Subsequent Diagnosis

Benefit Amounts of $5,000, $10,000 are Guaranteed Issued. Amounts above $10,000 are available up to $75,000 just by answering medical questions

Covered Critical Illnesses include:

Stroke Heart Attack

Major Organ Failure

Permanent Paralysis


End Stage Renal (Kidney) Failure


Occupational HIV or Hepatitis B, C or D

Plan Highlights


Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plan Highlights Medical Bridge

This plan helps you cope with increasing deductibles and co-insurance by providing you with a Hospital Confinement Benefit that pays a $500 or $1,000 lump-sum benefit if covered person is confined for 20 hours or more. An Observation Unit Benefit of $100. Outpatient Surgical Procedure Benefit that pays a $750 (tier 1) and/or $1,500 (tier 2) lump-sum benefit when a covered person requires a surgical procedure and is not confined to the hospital at the time of surgery ($2,500 max per calendar year). A Diagnostic Procedure Benefit that pays $100 per day to 15 days per confinement if a person is transferred to a rehabilitation unit immediately after a period of hospital confinement Wellness Benefit that pays $100 per covered person per calendar year. Pre-Tax Deduction


Customer Service Guide


The easiest way to manage your business with us is through ColonialLifecom To sign up for the website, click Register at the top right of the home page and follow the instructions


ColonialLife com

Log in and click on Contact Us




Please Contact us at National Relay service at 711 for assistance


At Colonial Life, our goal is to give you an excellent customer service experience that is simple, modern and personal. For your convenience, you can choose how you interact with us. For the quickest service, we recommend using our website, which lets you do the following:

Review, print or download a copy of your policy/certificate by clicking on the My Correspondence tab

Update contact information or add family member profile information for use when filing online claims

Access service forms to make changes to your policy, such as a beneficiary change

Submit your claim using our eClaims system

Check the status of your claim and view claims correspondence

Access claim forms

e C L A I M S A R E Q

With the eClaims feature on ColonialLife.com, you can file most claims online by simply answering a few questions and uploading your supporting documentation. You’re able to spend less time on paperwork, and we’re able to process your claim faster

From ColonialLife.com, file claims from any device. It’s fast, easy and available 24/7

Select direct deposit to receive your benefit payments faster

Easily submit additional documents


If you don’t want to file online, download the form you need by visiting the File a Claim page on ColonialLife.com and clicking on claim and service forms

You may fax your claims to 1-800-880-9325

Follow the instructions, tips and videos to complete and submit your claim


Glossary of Health Coverage & Medical Terms

AllowedAmount-Maximumamountonwhichpaymentisbasedforcoveredhealthcareservices Thismaybecalled“eligible expense, ”paymentallowanceor“negotiatedrate”Ifyourproviderchargesmorethantheallowedamount,youmayhavetopay thedifference (SeeBalanceBilling)


BalanceBilling-Whenaproviderbillsyouforthedifferencebetweentheprovider’schargesandtheallowedamount For example,iftheprovider’schargeis$100andtheallowedamountis$70,theprovidermaybillyoufortheremaining$30 A preferredprovidermaynotbalancebillyouforcoveredservices

Co-insurance-Yourshareofthecostsofacoveredhealthcareservice,calculatedasapercent(forexample,20%)ofthe allowedamountfortheservice Youpayco-insuranceplusanydeductiblesyouowe Forexample,ifthehealthinsuranceor plan’sallowedamountforanofficevisitis$100andyou’vemetyourdeductible,yourco-insurancepaymentof20%wouldbe $20 Thehealthinsuranceorplanpaystherestoftheallowedamount

Co-payment-Afixedamount(forexample,$15)youpayforacoveredhealthcareservice,usuallywhenyoureceivetheservice Theamountcanvarybythetypeofcoveredhealthcareservice

Deductible-Theamountyouoweforhealthcareservicesbeforeyourhealthinsuranceorplanbeginstopay Forexample,if yourdeductibleis$1,000,yourplanwon’tpayanythinguntilyou’vemetyour$1,000deductibleforcoveredhealthcareservices subjecttodeductible Thedeductiblemaynotapplytoallservices

EmergencyMedicalCondition-Anillness,injury,symptomorconditionsoseriousthatareasonablepersonwouldseekcare rightawaytoavoidsevereharm


HealthInsuranceAcontractthatrequiresyourhealthinsurertopaysomeorallofyourhealthcarecostsinexchangefora premium

Hospitalization-Careinahospitalthatrequiresadmissionasaninpatientandusuallyrequiresanovernightstay Anovernight stayforobservationcouldbeanoutpatientcare

In-networkCo-insurance-Thepercent(forexample,20%)youpayoftheallowedamountforcoveredhealthcareservicesto providerswhocontractwithyourhealthinsuranceorplan In-networkco-insuranceusuallycostsyoulessthanout-of-network co-insurance

In-networkCo-payment-Afixedamount(forexample,$15)youpayforcoveredhealthcareservicestoproviderswhocontract withyourhealthinsuranceorplan In-networkco-paymentsusuallyarelessthanout-of-networkco-payments


Non-PreferredProvider-Aproviderwhodoesn’thaveacontractwithyourhealthinsurerorplantoprovideservicestoyou. You’llpaymoretoseeanon-preferredprovider Checkyourpolicytoseeifyoucangotoallproviderswhohavecontractedwith yourhealthinsuranceorplan,ofifyourhealthinsuranceorplanhasa“tiered”networkandyoumustpayextratoseesome providers

Out-of-networkCo-payment-Afixedamount(forexample,$30)youpayforcoveredhealthcareservicesfromproviderswho donotcontractwithyourhealthinsuranceorplan Out-of-networkco-paymentsusuallyaremorethanin-networkco-payments

Out-of-PocketLimit-Themostyoupayduringapolicyperiod(usuallyayear)beforeyourhealthinsuranceorplanbeginsto pay100%oftheallowedamount.Thislimitneverincludesyourpremium,balance-billedchargesorhealthcareyourhealth insuranceorplandoesn’tcover Somehealthinsuranceorplansdon’tcountallofyourco-payments,deductibles,co-insurance payments,out-of-networkpaymentsorotherexpensestowardsthislimit


Pre-AuthorizationCertainproceduresorhospitalizationsmayrequirethattheproviderreceiveauthorizations Theprovideris typicallytheonetogothroughtheprocesswiththeinsurancecompanyandobtainpre-authorization

Pre-Determination-Ifyouarehavingamajorproceduredone,yourdoctorordentistcansubmitapre-determinationtothe insurancecompanysoyoucanknowinadvanceoftreatmenthowmuchofthebillyouwillberesponsiblefor


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