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decorating for the holidays

advanced planning reduces stress







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Hauser’sHauser Casual Living Slip SlipCover Cover Furniture Furniture

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We’ve enhanced everything from Eh to Zed. The New 2014 XC60 and S60. Part of our biggest redesign ever.

The New 2014

equipped with: • 300 HP, turbocharged, 6-cyl engine • Cyclist Detection • Pedestrian Detection • Adaptive TFT Crystal Display • Sensus Connected Touch • Improved City Safety


1035 Wharncliffe Rd., London 519.690.1600

©2013 Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. Always remember to wear your seat belt. Visit


fall - the most wonderful season of the year

It's probably not unusual to feel an affinity for the season in which we were born, but I've always felt most “at home” during the fall months. I love the scent of leaf mold in the air and the sight of mist that swirls beyond the streetlights as dusk turns to night. Even more than winter, I think fall is the best season for feeling cosy indoors and appreciating everything good in life. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, it would be difficult not to think of others and explore ways of helping those in need. Pets make wonderful companions and, with cats of my own that were rescued from terrible situations, I can't imagine living without them. In this issue of Lifestyle, we've included two features with animals in the forefront: one focuses on the London Humane Society and the adult dogs the organization has for adoption. While many people are drawn to kittens and puppies, adult pets have just as much, if not more, to offer and far too many are awaiting homes. Our second story focuses on Gateway Equine Healing Centre, which helps people and horses from abusive backgrounds increase their confidence by relating to one another. In the spirit of Christmas, Renee Carpenter of Jennings Furniture and Design suggests ways of getting an early start on our festive decorating to avoid stress and make sharing the season with friends and family more enjoyable. She outlines what's new in colours and textures, and provides decorating tips for all areas of the house, from the front porch to the guest bathroom. And, if you're interested in outdoor pursuits, you'll want to read our story on winter camping, a growing trend throughout the province. At Pinery Provincial Park, campers can bring their own tent or trailer or they can reserve one of 12 yurts that are heated and furnished. Activities include snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, skating and tobogganing down a lighted hill. On the art front, writer Beth Stewart has profiled London artist and teacher Greg Ludlow who has an exhibition, Overloaded, at the Westland Gallery in Wortley Village. The exhibition deals with a familiar topic – the overburdened, overloaded and the overworked nature of modern life – and it runs from Nov. 5 to 23.

New Lines

New Designs


Licb y d u J

Welcomes London Artist

Susan Donati Boler@Byron Baseline We have boxed mugs and other gifts! Windspun – original acrylic

Exeter Rd. at Wellington 519-681-0212

Richmond St. at Fanshawe 519-667-3022

519-641-1273 RivertownGalleries_ND13.indd 1

10/10/13 1:24:03 PM

November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 7

Decorating Holidays for the

By RenĂŠe Carpenter

ADVANCE PLANNING HELPS REDUCE THE STRESS OF THE FESTIVE SEASON Christmas is nearer than we realize and will soon be upon us. The concept of decorating for a holiday party or a Christmas gathering can seem overwhelming when it becomes a last-minute duty. However, many decorating techniques can be carried out in advance, allowing you time to plan your party and maximize your enjoyment of the holiday season. To create a welcoming approach to your home, arrange luminaries along the walkway 8 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

and plant small cedar trees in large urns next to the porch. If you're using lights, make sure they are white and straight! The traditional door wreath is still popular, but it now comes in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. Some favourites this year include silver- and pewterfrosted cedars with long dripping branches. Other than a nice ribbon, not a lot more is required. If you focus on creating more of a winter theme than a Christmas theme, the results will last well into the winter.

Allow the scents and sounds of Christmas to greet your guests when you open the door. Nothing compares to the sound of Christmas music playing while the aroma of cedar and apple cider on the stove or gingerbread in the oven waft through the air. You may also want to burn scented candles, oil or incense. Accentuate the power of the senses by turning off all the lights, except burning candles and white Christmas lights on the tree and throughout the house. Add a touch of the holidays to every room. Your guests will probably explore your home, or need to retrieve their coat from the guest bedroom. You can start by placing a scented wreath on the door to designate the coat room. Make the room glow with a small lighted tree on the dresser or in a corner of the room. Christmas pillows look great on the bed and a throw across the foot of the bed can pick up your holiday colour of choice. In the guest bathroom, encircle burning candles with greenery on the vanity. A group of small wreaths on the wall provides an overall holiday theme. Don't forget to hang holiday towels on the towel rack. Select a colour to enhance your decorating theme and place a small floral centrepiece or a cluster of candles on a coffee table, piano, desk or side table. To add a festive look, sprinkle glitter on every surface – lamps, table tops, buffet, bathroom countertops, dining table and under glass serving plates. Be sure to keep the glitter clear of food serving dishes. Facing page: The traditional door wreath is still popular with many coming in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes. Make sure to choose a size that is in proportion to your door. Above right: Seasonal aromas such as pine, cedar, cinnamon, gingerbread and cider will add atmosphere to your occasion. Right: Accentuate the magic of this holiday by turning down all the lights, except burning candles and white Christmas lights on the tree and throughout the house.

Small trees in urns, luminaries and white or clear lights create a welcoming approach to your home.

November/December, 2013

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Carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, LVT, paint, blinds and shutters.

1026 Talbot St., St Thomas, ON N5P 1G3 ph 519-631-8428 b ElginCarpetOne_3Sq_JF13.indd 1

10 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

12/5/12 11:23:43 AM

Greenery, ribbon and lights can create a festive look on mantels, banisters and doorway entrances.

Tree ornaments are ideal for arranging in decorative bowls or trays and suspended in wreaths.

The Christmas tree should dominate the room so you and your guests can fully benefit from its placement.

Greenery can be draped from the tops of bookcases and branches can be arranged on the mantel or combined with ribbon and twined through the staircase banister. Poinsettia creates a burst of colour in the kitchen, at the base of the staircase, in the foyer, or on a console table. A mini Christmas tree on the coffee table forms a focal point. Decorative bowls or trays piled high with coloured glass tree ornaments make a pretty centrepiece in place of flowers. Wired ribbon is a fantastic way to decorate because of its versatility. Choose your favourite colour or design and tie the ribbon into gigantic single or double bows with long trailing tails.

Use it to tie back your drapery, around candle holders or napkins at the dinner table. Feed the ribbon through the posts in your banister, mingled with greenery. Trim the tree with ribbon and bows instead of using a multitude of ornaments. Choose your Christmas tree according to the scale and balance of the room. Decorate to enhance the theme of the season in whatever manner matches the rest of the dĂŠcor. Location is everything! Be mindful of where the tree sits in the room so you and your guests can fully benefit from its placement. It really should dominate the room!

November/December, 2013

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11:57:52 AM

A grouping of candles in the hearth is a nice substitution for logs.

Best Wishes

for Briwood the Farm Market Inc – 1/12 page – Mar/Apr issue

Holiday Season! (logo – attached)

from all us at Fresh, of Local Fruits & Vegetables Local Meats In-Store Bakery & so much more! Stop by today to experience the Briwood way! 1030 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON (519) 633-9691

• Fresh, local fruits & vegetables • LocaL Meats • In-store Bakery & so much more! stop by today to experIence the brIwood way! 1030 Talbot St., St. Thomas, ON 519-633-9691

Pile the fireplace high with logs and recruit a friend to keep it blazing during the party. If your fireplace doesn't burn actual logs, arrange pillar candles in varying heights and light them. They'll cast a beautiful flicker around the room. Decorate the table or buffet with elements chosen for the theme. The centrepiece, table linens and even the food can complement the decorating plan. For example, arrange coloured candied apples around a roast, sprinkle green parsley or rosemary on white potatoes or mix pearl onions with green peas. The possibilities are endless. Use your holiday china and linens to contribute to the colour scheme. Be sure to remember the polished silver and crystal.


A small gift at each place setting serves as a memento of the occasion.

FINE FURNISHINGS 359 Horton Street East

519 432 2238

12 Lifestyle November/December, 2013


Create a memento of the occasion by placing a small gift at each place setting. You can personalize a tree ornament and use it as a place card or decorate cookies with your guest's name on the favour and date it. When it comes to Christmas decorating, you really can't overdue it at this time of year. And what a difference these special touches will make! Renée Carpenter is proprietress of Jennings Furniture and Design.




Randy Collins interrupts an interview (being held not in his office, but in the middle of the showroom) to welcome a couple to the latest addition to the Collins family's enterprises: the VolvoLand Rover-Jaguar-Mitsubishi dealership complex in London. A quick exchange of pleasantries and he whisks them to the Volvo showroom. It turns out the couple has driven from Sarnia to perhaps buy a new Volvo. Collins' personal, hands-on involvement typifies his company's commitment to service and customer satisfaction – and that commitment starts at the front door. This business philosophy has helped the Collins family grow a small snowmobile shop they opened in 1971 near the hamlet of Varna, Ontario into a major multi-outlet operation in London's southwest end. That operation includes the massive Hully Gully Ultimate Toy Store on Wharncliffe Road at Wonderland that sells and services recreational products ranging from high-end motorcycles to lawn mowers, plus the nearby Ultimate Marine boat store. Collins has also recently acquired a multi-brand automotive facility spread over 1.42 hectares at 1035 Wharncliffe Rd. S. The complex includes a stand-alone showroom and six-bay service area exclusively dedicated to the Mitsubishi brand, while across the

laneway are the spotless, stylish showrooms and service areas for Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo. The acquisition coincided with the decision this year by Suzuki Canada to terminate its automobile sales, a move that left Collins with a well-kept auto retail facility, but no brand to sell. Standing in front of his Ultimate Automobiles showroom, Collins gazed across the road at the dazzling showrooms with the huge chromeplated jaguar out front. “When we found out it was available, we put the wheels in motion,” Collins says. It took about a year to close the deal, but now Collins, along with wife Audrey and son Gord, are putting their own stamp on the business. The facility employs about 100 persons, with many staff from the Suzuki store now working at the new site. They bring with them the company's long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction, to exceed clients' expectations, to work as a team and respect every individual – values that have helped Ultimate Automobiles develop and maintain a strong customer base, regardless of the brand in the showroom. “We know that sustained success depends on our ability to continually improve,” Collins says. November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 13

veranda Real Wood interiors

One-of-a-kind pieces from around the world!

Visit our 2-storey, 10,000 sq. ft. space filled with‌ rosewood, teak, reclaimed wood, distressed, vintage industrial, Asian and Chinese antique furniture. It’s all solid hardwood, hand-crafted and fair trade products.

761 Fanshawe Park Rd. West 519-936-5010


We are pleased to show our latest historical renovation. This completely renovated home showcases how an existing home can be modernized and reconfigured and stay true to its roots. 844 Willow Dr., London, ON 519.473.1500 14 Lifestyle November/December, 2013



Londoners will get a healthy dose of seasonal spirit on Richmond Row Nov. 28-29 from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. It’s the 12th annual Christmas Walk. Shop windows, dressed for the holidays, Victorian carollers strolling the sidewalks and horse-drawn carriages clopping by will create an old-fashioned Christmas ambiance. Stores will be offering specials, draws and refreshments. And the grand prize draw will include tickets to the Grand Theatre’s production of Elf as well as offerings from local businesses.

holiday tradition, meet your new long-term partner.

Your New Café Destination



! p a r W a s ’

discover cookware built to last:



717 Richmond St.



wearable art & fine framing 515 RICHMOND ST. London, ON, N6A 5N4 INFO@FISHERANDCOMPANY.CA 519.672.0073

Luxury, Fit, Service & Selection are what lingerie lovers will experience when they discover Linea Intima. Services include mastectomy fittings, gift certificates, Gift giving made easy! and bra club membership. Sizes range from 30-44, A-I 515 Richmond Street, Unit 11 luxury519-850-3633 hand knits CINDY@CINDYGOBLE.COM


If you need any further information Available at: please let me know. 515 Richmond St., your London I look forward to seeing proof. 519.672.0073 Thanks,



188 Kent St @ Richmond

Luxury, Fit, Service & Selection are what lingerie lovers will experience when they discover Linea intima. Services include mastectomy fittings, gift certificates, and bra club membership. SIzeS RAnge FRom 30-44, A-I

515 Richmond Street, Unit 11 519.850.3633 ~

November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 15


The sights, sounds and tastes of the holidays are plentiful in Stratford this season. The Victorian Christmas Trail, Nov. 1-Dec. 18, offers $25 passes to collect unique gifts from local merchants. The Christmas Open House Heritage District, Nov. 23-24, includes horse-drawn carriage rides and, on the same weekend, four homes decked out in seasonal finery are on display for the Yuletide Tour of Homes. Amongst many theatrical offerings is the Wind in the Willows Christmas, with local professional actors, presented by The Alternative Theatre Works at Factory 163, Dec. 14-29.

16 Lifestyle November/December, 2013


Lambeth’s Main Street will light up for the holiday season on Nov. 16 with the community’s annual Lights On ceremony. The event, which includes a carol sing and visit from Santa, along with hot chocolate and candy canes for the youngsters, takes place at Westminster Plaza, 2454 Main St., starting at 6:30 p.m. The community also demonstrates its heart and generosity that evening with a food drive to support London Community Chaplaincy.

Hi Just a few things!! We dont really have a gift shop We are not licenced anymore Amy Langhorn Maybe put The word email in front of the email Independent address Silpada Maybe make our phone number larger using Designs Mon.-Sat. 10-3Con-the space that currently says GIFT SHOP Delectablesultant Lunches High519-317-4096 Tea Fantastic www.mysilDesserts Amy Langhorn Independent Silpada email: langhorn Design Consultant 519-317-4096

519-652-2818 Open

Reservations recommended


BIGGEST little CHRISTMAS STORE in London and Area!

2445 Main St., Lambeth

519-652-2042 1-800-430-1902

ages. Dishingtons_A_ND12.indd 1

10/2/12 12:54:53 PM

ader and

logo if London



tired of the same old office ChrisTmas party? WanT to add some FUN & EXCiTEmEnT to this year’s party?

nt of the he pun Visit our showroom at… 3392 Wonderland rd. South


Try our private & corporate painting parties. for more info...


Fresh Cut Premium Trees

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Try our NO Hassle tree stands with free tree drilling Large selection of fresh cedar roping, wreaths, greens and branching. Ideas for All your indoor & outdoor decorating needs.

OPEN HOUSE November 15, 16 & 17

A&M Garden Centre

AandM_C_ND13.indd 1

Select Outdoor Evergreen Baskets during

Open House Weekend. Custom arrangements and pre-made urn inserts. Mon - Sat 9-6; Sun 10-5

4171 Colonel Talbot Road, Lambeth g 519 652-3539 November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 17

9/25/13 5:16:52 PM


Each Christmas season, Port Stanley is transformed into a Victorian Christmas card as twinkling bulbs light up the floats in the nighttime Dickens Day Parade. The parade, sponsored by the village Lions and Lioness clubs, starts at Frances Street in the village’s north end at 7 p.m. Nov. 29 and wends its way through the shopping area and across the bridge, ending at Mackie’s on the main beach.





288 Bridge St. Port Stanley Ontario


519.782.3805 b vanGogh Chalk Paint Collection


519.782.4353 b

Joshua & Company

StanPortley_A_MJ13.indd 1

9/24/13 9:46:00 AM


Apropos & Apropos After Five




OPEN DAILY b 519.782.5108

StudioStyle_AB_ND13.indd 1

for the time, the place, the occasion

LADIES SEND YOUR MEN TO US FOR YOUR PERFECT CHRISTMAS! You know our experienced & knowledgeable sales consultants can help him find the style, the colour and the size, just for you. We are dedicated to helping your man make your Christmas Morning “Very Apropos”!

~ FREE GIFT WRAPPING ~ 227 Colborne Street, Port Stanley 18 Lifestyle November/December, 2013



10/11/13 10:55:42 AM



CONVERSATION STARTERS Many merchants stay open late for convenient Christmas shopping. The shops will also be open late Nov. 8-9 for the Merchant Village Open House.


The Finest Spice . Herbs . Seasonings & Blends Organic . Natural . Gluten-Free

Spice up someone’s holiday this season! “Taste A World of Pure Possibilities”

223 Colborne St., Port Stanley ~ OPEN DAILY 900 King St., London ~ OPEN SAT. 8-3 (519) 782-7800

PepperTreeSpice_A_ND13.indd 1

Featuring fair trade 10/13/13 gifts from around the world! 9:59:58 AM

302 Bridge St., Port Stanley 519-782-7247

Open Year Round 7 Days A Week

At Shelley's Unique Accent Furniture, the focus is on creating one-of-a-kind pieces, says owner Shelley Evanochko who has been refinishing and reupholstering furniture for more than 25 years. Each piece is solid rustic Canadian pine manufactured in Canada and finished by hand in a unique finish of painted designs, fabric or multi-media; all pieces are numbered and catalogued. “We have been purchasing vintage and antique pieces and restoring, staining and decorating those as well,” says Evanochko, who spent a year at Parson's School of Design in New York and has a degree in design from Ryerson University in Toronto. “If you have a piece that you need painted or restored, you can have this done, too.” Pieces can be painted or stained to complement home, office or retail establishment décor. Items can be custom ordered and finished to a customer's colour scheme or purchased as finished. Once a piece has sold, it can be re-created but will never be exactly the same as the original as they are produced one at a time by hand, not mass produced. With the holiday gift-giving season fast approaching, customers are encouraged to bring in their requests as soon as possible. A number of local artists have brought their works into the store so customers can purchase glass mosaics, sculptures, watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings as well as painted treasure boxes. “Our furniture pieces create a statement in your space – they tend to start conversations!” says Evanochko. November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 19


Christmas officially arrives in St. Thomas on Nov. 22 when the giant evergreen tree outside city hall will sparkle with more than 8,000 coloured lights. These ads are supposed to be in the St. Thomas section, I believe. Also, I no longer carry CeCe Caldwell Paint!

t. 519.633.6461 reet 625 Talbot St ario nt St. Thomas, O

I carry American Paint Nadine Willemse, independent executive Company - clay director / chalk / mineral based paint. 519.854.8350 nadine@mythirtyone.caI am attaching the logo. The email is anniethingz@ phone number and address celebrate | encourage | reward are correct!

AnnieThingz “For everything and anything you need to transform your furniture.”

519-207-5600 495 Talbot St., St. Thomas, ON

(kathy’s catering logo) If we can get into the ad, Your Source For Quality Catering! with a decorative border: ThirtyOne_A_ND13.indd 1 10/13/13AnnieThingz_A_ND13.indd 9:55:33 AM Holiday events, weddings, anniversaries, meetings, parties & any other special occasion. Custom Slipcovers, Cushions, Pillows and Window Treatments Seasonal Decorating ReDesign

Wind n Willow

Ginette Minor Home Decor • Giftware 519-494-0787 Interior Decorating • Fashions ginette.minor@gmail. 519-637-3904 435 Talbot comSt., St. Thomas

Also offering, Gluten-free products (baked daily), gourmet food froducts, ready to serve meals and so much more! ~ Custom Slipcovers, Cushions ~ ~Visit ~ ON Pillows Treatments us atand 24 Window First Avenue, St. Thomas, (519) ~633-00400 Seasonal Decorating ~ ~ ReDesign ~ ginette (BBB logo)minor if we have519-494-0787 one

Alexelle_A_ND13.indd 1

• Fresh, local fruits & vegetables • LocaL Meats • In-store Bakery & so much more! stop by today to experIence the brIwood way! 1030 Talbot St., St. Thomas, ON 519-633-9691

20 Lifestyle November/December, 2013


10/7/13 12:26:06 PM

Your Source for QualitY catering!

Holiday events, weddings, anniversaries, meetings, parties & any other special occasion.

also offering…

Gluten-free products (baked daily), gourmet food products, ready-to-serve meals and so much more! Visit us at: 24 First Avenue, St. Thomas



Hair, Body & Soul10/4/13

10/5/13 KathysCatering_A_ND13.indd 10:38:16 AM 1



Manicure, Pedicure & Facial (3 hrs, 15 mins.)

ONLY $90

*Expire s Dec. 31 2013

Hair Care • Facial Treatments • Hair Removal *Gift Certificates Also Available

519.207.1043 757 Talbot St. (rear entrance), St. Thomas, ON

1:30:34 PM

H O L I DAY S H O PPI N G D E S T I N AT I O N S The lighting ceremony, from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m., includes hot chocolate and cookies and an appearance by Santa Claus. The jolly gent will return the next evening for the nighttime parade in his honour, with lighted floats.


jo Relax and en

Century Sound Sales and Service

Those looking for some earlier seasonal spirit might consider the Rotary Tour of Homes, viewed by candlelight on Nov. 8 from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. or on Nov. 9-10 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

r with

And a day of shopping at the many city merchants can be topped off by a drive through Pinafore Park, for the Holiday Fantasy of Lights, nightly from 5 p.m.-10 p.m., from Nov. 30 to Dec. 31.

Baskin Fabric Centre

will find

Choose the Home Theatre System that suits your layout and budget and we’ll take care of everything else… from start to finish. FROM ROUGH WIRING TO COMPLETE INSTALLATIONS 21 Years of New Home & Renovation Home Installations, Surround Sound Systems, P/C and Internet Solutions, Car Audio and much more!

Since 1960

“Fresh” locally raised Oegema Turkeys Spiral Hams, Prime Ribs Crown Roast of Pork & so much more. LET US HELP WITH YOUR HOLIDAY MEAL PLANNING! 273 Ross Street St. Thomas (519) 631-2340 Open Tues-Sat 9am-6pm • CLOSED MONDAYS •

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Business Solutions

From Restaurants and Bars to Office and Industrial


Monday to Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-5pm

Since 1988

Quality Window Treatments • Specializing in Custom Blinds, Shades & Drapery Installation • Shop at Home Service

637 TalboT STREET

ST. ThomaS


1 10/9/13 BaskinFabric_A_ND12.indd 11:50:46 AM

9/24/13 9:47:49 AM

Celebrating 26 Years in Business

Fine Lingerie

830 Talbot St., St. Thomas, ON

DiamonDs, Fine Jewellery, watches, custom Design & Quality repairs

565 Talbot Street St. Thomas, ON 519-631-2253

AnnieThingz Untitled-3 1

721 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON


10/10/13 9:28:59 AM

“For everything and anything you need to transform your furniture.”

519-207-5600 495 Talbot St., St. Thomas, Ontario

AnnieThingz_C_ND13.indd 1

10/7/13 12:26:30 PM

November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 21


the place to be

Santa says:

Hasbeans Ltd.

Covent Garden Market 130 King street b London 519 663-0237

Hasbeans_6V_ND13.indd 1

130 KING STREET 519 439-3921 • coventgardenmarket

2 Hours FREE PARKING Weekends & 1/2 Hour FREE PARKING Weekdays with validation

9/28/13 3:45:17 PM

22 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

The Heart of London

By Beth Stewart This is an exciting year at London's Innuit Gallery. Not only are owners Janet Evans and Howard Isaacs celebrating their 30th year, but their business has also been named Canadian Host Gallery for the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection. The 2013 collection boasts 32 images by 11 artists. Subjects range from traditional animals and spirits to mass-produced buttons and some rather “funny” money. The Innuit Gallery has received Set Number One of the 50 distributed across Canada and the United States. With close to record sales on opening day – 21 Ningeokuluk Teevee, Ravens in Amautik, 50 x 62 cm out of 32 pieces sold – Evans says, “It was one of Stonecut & Stencil, 2013 the best starts to the show in many years.” Kenojuak Ashevak, a mainstay of the annual collection for more than 50 years who died in January, is represented by seven prints. Her “Above and Below” presents a beautiful blend of simplicity and complexity. Ningeokuluk Teevee, described as an emerging artist as little as five years ago, has stepped into the limelight with four well-defined images of birds and another of legendary sea goddess Sedna. Two fresh faces stand out amongst this year's artists: Nicotye Samayualie and Saimaiya Akesuk. Samayualie's “Many Buttons” and “Polished Buttons” unabashedly exploit the bright colours of these otherwise unremarkable bits of plastic. Akesuk, working hand and hand with several printmakers, has revived two lesser-used printing techniques. Her “Tender Moment” and Ningeokuluk Teevee, Okpiarait (Owl Chicks), 35 x 43.7 cm, Stonecut & Stencil, 2013 “Reflection” use a traditional Japanese block printing method taught years ago to the community. Akesuk's “Looking Up” is printed using one colour over another colour. Bill Ritchie, studio manager at Kinngait Studios in Cape Dorset where the artists work, says the technique, common in the early prints, causes each impression to be slightly different. It would be unjust not to mention Qavavau Manume's single print, “Lucky Man,” which features a small figure carrying a large bundle of cash whose luck is destined to be of short duration as the carefully marked “hundaen” dollar bills are obviously counterfeit. In general, Evans says, this year's collection shows a great imagination and intensity of colour. She promises that the mix of styles presented by the older and newer artists means there is broad appeal. Pg. 5 Malaija Pootoogook,Winsome Owl, 91.5 x 66.5 cm, Etching & Aquatint, 2013

Kenojuak Ashevak, Dashing Bird, 60.5 x 68.5 cm Etching & Aquatint, 2013 November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 23

the place to be





24 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

Fresh and homemade classic Italian cuisine is what's on the menu at London's Bertoldi's Trattoria, says owner Bob DiFruscia who has operated the popular eatery with his daughter, Jessica, since 2002. Under the guidance of chef John Fisher, who has been with the restaurant since its inception, Bertoldi's lunch, dinner and feature menus showcase all of the delicious regional cuisine of Italy. “We feature dishes from all over Italy,” says DiFruscia. “We are continually searching for not only the finest, but also the freshest products available in our region. We want to give Londoners a taste of Italy in a simple surrounding.” DiFruscia says the concept for Bertoldi's was inspired by his grandparents, Nonno Gelindo and Nonna Marie, who cooked the true Italian way where everything was made from scratch using only the freshest ingredients possible. “All of our sauces are made onsite and our bread and desserts are baked on the premises. We use vegetables from a local farmer all summer and flour from the Arva Mill, except pizza crust flour which is imported from Naples, Italy for authentic crust,” says DiFruscia. Bertoldi's uses fresh hormone-free meat and its chicken is never frozen. And the team handpicks its wine list for its patrons.

Groups of family and friends can meet and dine in the restaurant's Masottina Room, a private dining room inspired by the winery of the same name, located in the Conegliano region of Italy. Located just off the Bertoldi's main dining room, diners can feel at home in the room's comfortable surroundings, with walls lined with beautifully crafted wine storage shelves that showcase some of Bertoldi's extensive wine collection. Diners can also enjoy a fantastic view of London's vibrant Richmond Street from Bertoldi's rooftop patio – the ideal spot to enjoy the pleasure of open-air dining – featuring a dedicated bar and forno (pizza oven). Bertoldi's also offers pre-selected menus for events of 10 or more people. An event planning guide is available for download on the website. “Bertoldi's is a restaurant that is continually evolving with the goal of offering the best in dining at reasonable prices while anticipating the needs of our guest. Whether it is the professional level of the staff or new menu items, the guest is always foremost in our minds,” says DiFruscia. Bertoldi's Trattoria is open daily for lunch, dinner and take-out. Reservations are encouraged.

Light up Night

By Heather Toskan



Glam's the word as thoughts turn to wearing apparel for the upcoming holiday festivities. Holiday dresses and accessories spark up the season in amply embellished, elegant fashions. “Holiday fashions are all about glamour,” says Rachael Fisher, a stylist and wardrobe consultant for Fisher and Company. Adding glamour to your holiday season wardrobe is as easy as donning an elegant cocktail dress or shifting your outfit from day to night with sparkling toppers and accessories. Fashions shown may not be available by the time Lifestyle is published. Please call the retailer to inquire about availability.

Above: Boat-neck, capsleeve dress with black lace skirt is from the Theia Fall 2013 collection and is available at Susan J in London. Right: Classic t-shirt-cut top is covered with front gold beading, the Ava skirt in an optic herringbone pattern, and the Cassie dress also in an optic herringbone pattern with a leather belt. All are from the Nicole Miller Artelier collection and available at Fisher and Co. in London. November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 25

Far Left: Boat-neck black dress with gold filigree centre panel. Also available in floor length. Left: Sequined cap-sleeve hunter green dress. Right: Cap-sleeve lace floorlength dress in hunter green. Also available in knee length. Pg.5: Slim-fitting black floorlength gown with gold floral shoulder details. All fashions shown are from the Theia Fall 2013 collection and are available at Susan J in London.

Designer and silver screen-inspired dresses are among the many seasonal stand outs. “Variations on longer, mid-calf-length dresses reminiscent of the sophisticated, feminine styles of the 1940s and 1950s are popular,” says Marian Bentley, of Sara Sohan. Highlights include nipped-in waists, lots of lace and variations on sweetheart, V and high scalloped necklines. Cap and longer sleeves detail long and short dresses which often hover around the knee or rise above. Black and gold are no-fail fashion colours. Gold paired with red forms a close second, and jewel tones of emerald, sapphire and amethyst also light up the night. Fancy appliqués, brocade, beaded trim, lace and velvet burnout insets are among the many elegant details that turn up the heat on many seasonal styles. Draping and gathered details are


Quality, Affordable Fashions

ORANGE Fashion Village

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630 Richmond St.


also frequent fliers on elegant jersey knit dresses. According to Bentley, short cardigans and tunics with lace or crochet-knit insets, sheer ¾-length sleeves and fancy necklines are stylish on dresses and separates. The style influence of the latest film version of The Great Gatsby has inspired a slew of glittering Art Decoinspired fashions replete with sequins, fringe, fur, and fancy beaded trim. “The release of the recent Great Gatsby film has inspired many current holiday wear trends, including sequined, above-the-knee dresses that are certain head turners,” Fisher says. Sequins and fancy beads supply sparkle and shine to spare, mixing and mingling with other luxurious materials such as lace and brocade. “Don't be afraid to mix textures like lace and sequins together,” says Fisher. “The secret to wearing sequins is to keep jewellery minimal so as not to distract from the sparkly piece (of clothing) that you're wearing.”


that fit

Your Style

Westmount Shopping Centre, London Lower Level 519-472-3050 Shoes on Central by Mugford’s 204 Central Ave., London 519-433-9022 429 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 519-631-0755

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Fashions 10/4/13 and Accessories from Canadian and European Designer Collections

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Sleeveless gathered-front dress and co-ordinating sheer-sleeved bolero jacket from the Simon Chang Fall 2013 collection. Available at Sara Sohan in London

2:12:39 PM

Cherryhill Village Mall, 301 Oxford St. W. 519.964.1006 Mon-Fri 9-8pm

Sat 9-6pm

November/December, 2013

Sun 12-5pm

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Exquisite Winter Collection




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Boat-neck black dress with gold patterned centre insert from the Nueva Fall Winter 2013 collection. Available at Sara Sohan in London.

“ the way it used to be”

Nov. 25th - Dec. 23rd


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We have over 700 dresses for you to choose from!

WINSTON FASHIONS 529 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 631-1837 28 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

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You'll also get into the holiday spirit with accessories such as glittering chandelier earrings, sparkling bracelets and splashy cocktail rings which are especially important add ons when exercising your option to dress up simpler clothing. Real and faux fur stoles are super luxurious, while fancy shawls and ¾-length cardigans with sheer sleeves also rank highly among seasonally stylish toppers. When heading out for holiday fun, be certain to replace day-to-day shoes and bags with elegant evening clutches and shoes. High-heeled pumps and evening sandals made of satin and other fine materials dance up a storm in fancy metallic materials. “Metallic shoes in gold, silver or bronze tones complement any outfit without overwhelming it,” notes Fisher. Having your hair styled and your makeup professionally applied offers the perfect finishing touch to whatever you wear. Now's the time for glamorous red and rosy-toned lips accompanied by a glamorous cat eye achieved with liquid eye liner and a stylish up do or other elegant hair style.

HORSE POWER GATEWAY EQUINE HEALING CENTRE HELPS PEOPLE AND HORSES FROM ABUSIVE BACKGROUNDS LEARN FROM ONE ANOTHER By Ellen Ashton-Haiste Learning to trust. Establishing boundaries. Achieving assertiveness. These life lessons aren't easy and can be especially difficult for those who come from an abusive environment. Yvonne and Leslie are two students who have been learning those lessons from some unique teachers. Amazing Grace, Contigo and Raphi are part of a small herd at Gateway Equine Healing Centre, where horses and people learn from and heal one other. “It's just amazing what you can actually learn through a horse,” says Leslie, who has concluded two eight-week sessions at Gateway. “I've never learned so much.” Yvonne first went to Gateway four years ago as a student. Today, she's working with students as a volunteer leader. “Now I get to flip and see the amazing stuff that happens in people's lives when they go there.”

Above: Gateway's newest rescue, Contigo, is shown in his stall at the auction where Nancy Drew acquired him.

Above: The Gateway staff members are committed to helping both the horses and the human students.

This photo: A Gateway student enjoys some undemanding bonding time with Grace, one of the horses that both Yvonne and Leslie worked with during their sessions. November/December, 2013

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How will you

Grow? Experience the difference a day can make.


For everything under foot and then some.

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Gateway is the realization of a dream for founder and program leader Nancy Drew. Inspired by a love of horses and a similar program in Oregon, Drew and husband Dale took a leap of faith, giving up their city home to purchase a 40-acre farm northwest of London, in Middlesex Centre, where they hoped to “provide a place of safety, refuge, healing and growth for people and horses who have suffered abuse.” That's been happening at Gateway since it launched in 2010. Through an understanding of horse psychology, volunteer leaders help the horses and students build bonds of trust and learn to control their life situations. Few people are in a better position to evaluate the program's success than Jolene Aarts, program manager at Anago-Parkhill Therapeutic Care Residence, a supportive program for teenage girls from troubled backgrounds. Anago sends two girls to each session. “It's really opened us up to a whole new world,” Aarts says. “When the girls walk out our door, we want them to walk out with a much higher regard for themselves – self-esteem, confidence – and Gateway has been an amazing support in helping us achieve that.” Below: A student helps Contigo, who has fear issues, gain confidence, using one of many games that Gateway human and equine students engage in.

4700 Hamilton Rd. Dorchester, ON

Starting at $299,800.

Above: Students learn how to communicate with the horses from the ground, where they can have eye contact and use body language the horse understands.

For Leslie and Yvonne, that translates as giant leaps in trust and communication. “Trust was hard for me,” Leslie says. “A big thing.” Working with Grace during her first session was a bonus. “Grace helped me very much with trust and love. It seemed like she was listening to me, she understood me. Knowing that family doesn't listen, through this horse, if felt like somebody was listening. That was just amazing.” Yvonne allows that it might seem strange to learn these lessons from a horse. But she explains it this way: “Things that we basically need to learn are kindness, gentleness and unconditional love – and in an environment where a person can feel safe. “A horse is a huge animal. The power and massiveness of the animal responding to students in such a gentle way, with an eagerness to trust, is a big deal. For someone who's gone through abuse and trauma, it's a welcome thing to see the power of gentleness and that being able to say your needs in a gentle and assertive way, a healthy way, actually has power.”

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288 Bridge St., Port Stanley, ON p. 519.782.3805


November/December, 2013

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS Stock up now on all Holiday Essentials

1230 Wellington Road South

Everything you need for a Joyous Holiday! 1737 Richmond Street North at Fanshawe Park Road

Merry Christmas

& Happy New Year

from… Custom Epoxy Floors at an aFFordablE priCE

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Research is light on this subject but the evidence is clear: kitties and puppies find homes first. The grown-up dogs (and cats) have to be patient and wait a little longer before they find their new families. We don't know why. Does that innocent-looking puppy evoke human nurturing and that quicker adoption? Some folks may be concerned about whether they can afford to feed or train a large dog. Large dogs have just as much ability to be trained, and as much love and devotion to give as small dogs. The food and the vet expenses might be a bit more, but larger pets deserve new homes, too. It is really up to you when you adopt – but think about the big guys and gals. They need a second consideration!


Jewels is 11 months old and a blue heeler cross. She is very timid and easily frightened but does well with other dogs. Everyone loves her and hopes for her perfect match to happen soon!


Koufax is an adult shepherd corgi cross who has been with us since August. He needs to be an only child and will be a great companion. He comes with lots of energy and a playful spirit.


Simba, only nine months old, is a Labrador mix. At a young age, he likes being the team leader. Simba needs some coaching but is ready to learn in doggy training.




Cecil is a shar pei mix with a gentle and friendly personality. He loves to play fetch but doesn't quite get the return part. He's a wellbehaved fellow looking for a home!

Here's Harry! He's a special dog who likes to make you work for his attention. Sometimes too hard, which is why he has not met his family yet. For those he has gotten to know, he's attentive and sweet. He likes to show off in front of large dogs so he should be an only child. He's a Jack Russell and pug mix. Farley is a timid fellow. At six years of age, this Border collie cross lost his home due to his owner's failing health. Farley needs a bit of time to get acquainted but once he is comfortable, he likes play time.

The London Humane Society serves both London and Middlesex County. It provides animal protection services and enforces provincial and federal animal cruelty legislation. At the same time, the organization works to rehome animals that have lost their families and those that have suffered abuse and neglect. These animals are deserving of new families and are waiting to come home. Please consider adoption and learn about the pets waiting at the shelter now. For more information contact the London Humane Society, (519) 451-0630, 624 Clarke Rd.



Kyro, a one-year-old whippet/Labrador retriever cross, is a sweet soul. So dainty, so gentle and so small! Truly a one of a kind. But don't let her size fool you; she is never too tired for play or a good walk! Lizzy is a three-yearold Labrador. Lizzy is a bit shy at first but possesses the great charm and gentleness of the lab breed. Her last owner developed allergies; Lizzy is now ready for a new family.


CLAIRE Betty and Claire are a great pair of fouryear-old Chihuahua mixes that show off their sisterly love. So entertaining when they compete with each other for attention. They will fill your heart but not your house! November/December, 2013

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GREG LUDLOW WEATHERING THE STORM By Beth Stewart Greg Ludlow, a Canadian artist and teacher who lives in London, is taking the Westland Gallery by storm. His new exhibition – Overloaded – extends his 30-year painting-based practice into less familiar mediums, bringing together three concurrent bodies of work, all of which explore the overburdened, overloaded and the overworked nature of modern life. The acrylic-on-canvas paintings in the Storm Series spring from Ludlow's fascination with weather conditions, especially those that result in catastrophic change. The abstracts, which Ludlow describes as a “heavy mess above,” strive to channel the duration and intensity of storms into paintings; paintings which are a metaphor for the chaotic and unpleasant situations we face in daily life. “We all face storms,” says Ludlow. “Some are brief; others last a lifetime.” Below: "Puppetry," correction tape and acrylic on printed photography, 32 by 32 inches, 2012

Above: "Untitled" (detail), correction tape and acrylic on printed photography, 32 by 32 inches, 2012

Thus he paints about weathering those inevitable threats to our physical or psychological well-being, but does so with a subtext that alludes to hope, and survival as they are endowed with enough literal references – often a bit of blue sky – to ground the viewer. The Spacemen Series sees Ludlow appropriate public domain images of the Apollo 11 moon landing which he modifies through the application of washes of acrylic paint, whiteout and correction tape. The correction tape, he says, reminds him of early black and white television: it crackles and splits; its reliability varies. The tape acts as a conduit between things by which energy arrives or dissipates. “The astronaut's mission can be seen as an abbreviation of our lives here on earth: the high expectations that a multitude of tasks need to be done over a short period of time,” Ludlow says, adding: “Screw up and you're dead.” The sculptures in the Overloaded Vehicle Series were inspired by images Ludlow saw of the small motorized vehicles that crowd the streets in Pakistan and India. Overloaded with piles of belongings, they allude to the tenuous balance of life itself. Any moment they – we – could topple. 34 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

Christmas Wishes from Tammy Laye

Above: "Untitled," whiteout and acrylic on printed photography, 9 by 13 inches, 2012

The five sculptures, each supported by a 1/18-scale model of a car or truck and displayed on a 12-inch plinth, range between eight and 11 feet in height. Depending upon your point of view, each piece represents anxiety and activity or spectacle and anticipation. One features a tower of Kraft-paperwrapped boxes of various sizes. “The ridiculousness of its height warns that there is no way this could be real,” Ludlow says. “It is a metaphor for all the stuff we carry around.”

Award-winning portrait & commission artist 519.287.2622

Artwork by Barbara McNight and other local and regional artists. 426 Richmond St., London 519-645-0607

“The astronaut's mission can be seen as an abbreviation of our lives here on earth: the high expectations that a multitude of tasks need to be done over a short period of time. Screw up and your dead.” - Greg Ludlow

Upcoming Exhibitions The sculpture in itself represents quite a departure from Ludlow's traditional painting practice but the artist says he's ready to stray from “that little bit of the path I thought I was set on.” Asked what he wants viewers to take away from Overloaded, Ludlow responds: “I want them to internalize it. It is not about me. It is about the conditions in which we live; it's about the trials that we face. I want to leave it open enough so they, the viewer, can enter it.” Overloaded runs Nov. 5 to 23 at the Westland Gallery. The opening reception takes place on Nov. 8 at 7:30 p.m.

Greg Ludlow Nov. 5 - 23, 2013 Reception Friday Nov. 8th at 7:30pm

The Art of Old South Nov. 26 - Dec. 24 Reception Saturday, Dec. 7th 10am - 4pm

Wortley Village November/December, 2013

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distinctive properties for sale

LUSH LIVING INSIDE AND OUT A PARK-LIKE LANDSCAPE SURROUNDS THIS CUSTOM-BUILT STRATFORD HOME By Ellen Ashton-Haiste There's more than casual elegance that sets Lloyd and Roberta Vandenberg's Stratford home apart. The 3,400-square-foot bungalow with a lower-level walkout is set on a 3/4-acre lot that backs onto conservation lands bordering the Avon River. “There's really nothing comparable in the area, tucked in away from the road and steps from the Avon Trail, while still inside the city,”says Roberta Vandenberg. “In the winter, when the trees are snow capped and you can see the river, it's truly a winter wonderland.” The home, at 137 Oloane Ave., is listed with Carol and Geoffrey Cheney, of Remax a-b Realty, for $1.15 million. The exterior of the home is clad in maintenance-free James Hardie fibre cement siding with stone accents. The Vandenbergs have enhanced the landscaping with limestone rockery. At the side of the house, they fenced in a pet yard with a fire pit. A concrete deck, with a glass railing, spans the rear of the main level. The floor-to-ceiling windows and terrace door in the open-concept great room and kitchen offer panoramic views of the park-like setting. The focal point of the great room is a gas fireplace with a dry stacked stone overmantel. The traditional kitchen features white cabinetry with a double-crown moulding and leather-finish granite countertops. The centrepiece is the 10-foot walnut island with a gas cooktop and griddle. Panel doors 36 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

matching the cabinetry conceal a 54-inch side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. A pantry hidden behind a wall panel provides a unique touch in the short hallway leading from the kitchen to the laundry area. The main floor also includes an office, a formal dining room and a master suite with an ensuite bathroom that features a large glass-block shower, freestanding bubble jet tub and white quartz counter. There is also a laundry room and twopiece bathroom on this level. In the lower level, a spacious recreation/games room has a second gas fireplace and wet bar with dry stacked stone walls and built-in glass shelving. The room opens to a patio with a hot tub. “In the winter, when the trees are snow capped and you can see the river, it's truly a winter wonderland.” - Roberta Vandenberg

This level also includes two bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower, tub and floating vanity. An area off the recreation room could be used as an office or a home theatre. LED lighting throughout the home saves more than 30 per cent in electricity costs, Vandenberg says. Other upscale features include automatic lighting in all closets, heated floors in the lower level and oversized two-car garage, and engineered hardwood flooring through the main level, except the laundry area which has a slate tile floor.


Col. Talbot Rd. London


carpet, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile


Luxury property situated on Lake Huron near Grand Bend, ON features a 10,000 sq. ft. residence with nine bedrooms each w/ensuite, beach, magnificent gardens, extensive patio and deck areas, outdoor kitchen, indoor pool, cable car to the beach, gorgeous mature trees and the list goes on. This is an ultimate family compound, an exquisite Caribbean-type resort, beach spa, corporate retreat or simply your home to roam around in and pamper yourself. Brentwood is made for luxury, privacy, relaxation and entertaining. Actual photo taken of lakefront and beach…


sales representative/luxury properties specialist

519.777.2659 DIRECT view at: JCrosby_redo.indd 1

November/December, 2013

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Take in the beauty & fun in ...


38 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

November/December, 2013

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Wortley Village

Christmas arrives in London’s historic Wortley Village Dec. 7. Throughout the day, 9 a.m.-6 p.m., visitors to the shops and artisan studios can also tour the Old South neighbourhood by horse and buggy. Father Christmas will be on hand for special pet photos and there will be crafts at the Landon library branch. New this year is an Amazing Christmas Race scavenger hunt and the icing on the Christmas cake will be the lighting of the village Christmas tree.

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By Richard Young

More than 6,000 camping enthusiasts took advantage of the Pinery Provincial Park's overnight camping facilities in 2012 and park staff expect that number to rise this year due to the growing popularity of winter camping in the province. By definition, winter camping is a back-country camping experience where proper gear, clothing and appropriate food are essential for survival. At the Pinery, it can take the form of a bring-your-own tent or trailer experience in the park's electrical and non-electrical campground sites. Or, if campers don't think their equipment is adequate, 12 yurts – eight-sided heated and furnished tent-like structures – are available for reservations in Area 1 of the Riverside campground. Each yurt includes bunks for accommodating six people, as well as a table and chairs, electric lighting, a gas barbecue for cooking and a heater for cool-weather camping. All sites are on a first-come-first-served basis. Winter campers can engage in a variety of activities including snowshoeing, guided or self-directed winter hiking and skiing the park's 38 kilometres of packed and groomed ski trails of varying difficulty. The five ski trails around the park have loops ranging from three AM to 11 kilometres. A lighted toboggan hill and skating rink are also available and both are open daily, conditions permitting. Campers can also warm themselves by the roaring fire in the park's Winter Chalet. Or they can spend time in the Pinery's new Visitor Centre with free indoor theatre programs and an “Ask the Naturalist” table introducing the sights and sounds of winter every weekend. Winter camping at the Pinery may be just the tonic to make the winter more attractive.


A HOME THAT FITS FINE HOME DESIGN SPECIALIZES IN CUSTOMIZING A HOME FROM DESIGN TO FINISHED PRODUCT By Ellen Ashton-Haiste A home should fit its owner, like a well-worn pair of jeans. That philosophy inspires Peter Drankowsky and provides the foundation for his London company, Fine Home Design. When clients want to build a house that reflects their personality and melds seamlessly with their lifestyle, Drankowsky helps them take their vision and translate it into bricks and mortar to create the home of their dreams.

Top: Fine Home Design accented the siding on this Lake Huron cottage with natural fieldstone and cedar shingles to give it a rustic exterior appearance. Above and right: The use of wood for interior accents and fieldstone for the fireplace give this large cottage a more intimate and homey ambiance. Page 42/43 top: An armor stone retaining wall was built around the rear yard of the cottage to increase the size of the yard and to stabilize the slope. Page 43 bottom: The size of the home allows for plenty of areas for relaxing, such as this secondfloor entertainment centre.

Complete residential and select commercial renovation services

DESIGN FOR LIVING. BUILD FOR LIFE. | 519.902.0907 Melbarr_3Sq_SO13.indd 1

8/16/13 4:28:22 PM

“I like to feed off what the customer wants,” he says. “I sit down with them and get to know their tastes and lifestyle. The more information I can get, the more the home will be customized to the individual and that's what I want. That's what my business is all about.” Drankowsky oversees every step of the project, from the germ of an idea to a ready-to-move-in home. “I enjoy planning a home to complement the setting. It’s a pleasure for me to incorporate a property’s amazing potential in an imaginative design.” - Peter Drankowsky

But the designing is what he enjoys most. Personalizing details, whether it's incorporating a library, exercise room, or extra-high ceilings and oversized windows in a basement to expand living space, allows him to flex his creative muscles. “I don't get bored. Each job is so different,” he says. He also loves working in “beautiful locations.” A lack of available city building lots – except in subdivisions where building homes with pre-set plans is “not where I'm at” – takes him to rural areas for many of his projects. 42 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

Goris Electric 1/5 page Nov/Dec issue


Serving London and surrounding area since 2005

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FULL SERVICE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Serving London & surrounding area since 2005

At Goris Electric, we are committed to providing a full range of cost effective, quality, electrical services to our customers.

Our highly trained & licensed service technicians provide, fast, friendly and knowledgeable electrical services. Our modern fleet of well- maintained service vehicles are stocked with the right equipment and materials to suit your job and complete in promptly! (519) 461-1050 • Cell: (519) 521-6534 • Proud member of

“Out in the country, there's property available – on the water, on the farms, in the woods. That's where the great lots are.” And he takes pride in creating a home design that reflects its environment. “I enjoy planning a home to complement the setting,” he says. “It's a pleasure for me to incorporate a property's amazing potential in an imaginative design.” In fact, that's how he got started, “buying odd lots and trying to do something great with them.” Experience working with architectural firms, plus a natural creative bent, gave him the expertise to launch his business in 1990. Since then he's built up a stable of satisfied customers, witnessed by the fact that the majority of his work comes from word-of-mouth referrals. “I'm lucky that way. It means that somebody's happy,” he says.

At Goris Electric, we are committed to providing a full range of cost effective, quality, electrical services to our customers. Our highly trained & licensed service technicians provide, fast, friendly and knowledgeable electrical services. Our modern fleet of well- maintained service vehicles are stocked with the right equipment and materials to suit your job and complete it promptly! Bus 519-461-1050

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> distinctive solid wood, custom furniture and kitchen cabinetry > now offering aged, distressed, and whitewash finishes

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London’s Oriental Rug Experts Washing & Repairing Oriental Rugs for over 30 Years! FRinging, BinDing, UnDeRpaD & evaLUationS

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Excellent Amenities, Designer Finishes

487 RICHMOND STREET 519.438.5944

A View That’s

Mighty Beautiful

All our products are available in North Star’s Oak Interior finish. Does your décor call for a more classic look? Our windows and doors are available in North Star’s Oak Interior finish, and offer all the quality and low-maintenance that has made North Star a household name. Made from durable PVC laminate, our Oak finish is virtually indistinguishable from wood. Enjoy the view through North Star windows and doors

QUALITY WINDOWS AND DOORS. GREAT SERVICE. EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. 44 Lifestyle November/December, 2013 Stephenson_HH_ND13.indd 1

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BUSINESS PROFILE By Ellen Ashton-Haiste


Little girls love tea parties. Many continue that passion into their grownup years. Joan Hepburn is one of them. “What's better than sitting around and drinking tea with friends and family,” she enthuses. “For me, tea is a passion. Always has been.” Now, that passion is also her business. Hepburn is a consultant with Steeped Tea, a direct sales company marketing more than 100 flavours of loose tea, plus a full line of accessories from teapots to infusers and measuring spoons. There's also a line of muffin mixes and sweet and savoury sauces, all with one common ingredient: tea. The seven-year-old company has taken tea to new heights, this year ranked No. 27 on PROFIT 500's list of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies and No. 1 in food processing and distribution, thanks, in part, to an appearance on CBC's Dragon's Den last year, which drew investment from David Chilton and Jim Treliving.

All of this is no surprise to Hepburn, who describes tea as the universal drink. “Five out of six North Americans drink tea and it's second only to water as the most consumed beverage in the world.” Although always an avid tea drinker, Hepburn had not experienced loose tea until she attended her first Steeped Tea party. She was hooked and signed up for a party of her own. That evening she netted $1,200 and booked 12 parties, an impressive start to a promising career. Today she's the company's longestserving consultant and has topped sales records for two years running. She loves introducing people to the vast array of available flavours. Even coffee lovers can get their flavour fix with the Macchiato Dream. “My favourite thing is when someone at a party says 'I don't like tea,'” she notes. “That's my challenge. By the end of the evening I'll have created a tea enthusiast.”

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is looking for a

SALES REP If you think you have what it takes, contact us at: 46 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

Shelley’s Unique Accent Furniture

8/19/13 12:07:02 PM

Custom one-of-a-kind furniture Restore Antique & Vintage Pieces! …or we refinish yours! Local Artisans work …of glass mosaics, sculpture acrylic, oil & watercolour paintings

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IMPROVING ON NATURE WITH RHINOPLASTY ACHIEVING A NATURAL-LOOKING NOSE IS THE AIM OF TODAY’S COSMETIC SURGEONS By Heather Toskan If you're not happy with the shape or size of your nose, you may wish to consider altering your appearance with cosmetic nasal surgery.

November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 47

Dr Marignani.pdf


12:49:43 PM

“The desire to alter the shape or size of one's nose goes back to distant history, as does its surgical remedy, which is called rhinoplasty,” says Dr. Corey Moore, a facial cosmetic surgeon with a private practice in London. Rhinoplasty, which is often colloquially known as a “nose job,”was first performed circa 800 BC in India and as early as AD 14 in Europe during the days of the Roman Empire.

““Any post-surgical discomfort or pain is usually controlled by Tylenol 3 or Advil, and nasal spray will help to keep mucous from building up within your nose. In most cases, you should be able to lightly blow your nose seven to 10 days after rhinoplasty. Your surgeon will give you specific post-operative instructions.” Dr Moore.pdf


12:52:07 PM

- Dr. Corey Moore

“Rhinoplasty remains one of the safest and most popularly requested forms of cosmetic surgery in Ontario and in many parts of the world,” says Moore. “A symmetrically shaped nose that balances one's facial proportions and works aesthetically with one's other facial features allows key expressive features like one's eyes and lips to stand out as facial focal points.” Moore notes that although rhinoplasty is a long-established procedure, the goal of modern surgery is to achieve a natural-looking nose that suits the individual, instead of the more artificial looking “nose jobs” that were more common prior to the 1980s. According to Moore, patients often choose cosmetic nasal surgery to remove a hump on their nose, reduce the overall size of their nose, and to straighten or narrow the bridge of their nose. Rhinoplasty can also reshape the tip of the nose and create smaller nostrils. 48 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

“Rhinoplasty is truly surgery by millimeters. If overdone, the nose may end up appearing over-operated and artificial looking,” Moore says. Patient requests for rhinoplasty aren't limited to a particular age group or gender. “Patients often tell me that they've been dissatisfied with the natural appearance of their nose for years, before deciding to have their nose surgically reproportioned,” says Moore. Rhinoplasty can be performed on patients whose facial bone structure has finished growing, which often means around the age of 16 for women and sometimes slightly older for men. In addition to performing rhinoplasty on younger adults, Moore has also performed rhinoplasty on healthy men and women in their 70s and 80s who wish to avail themselves of the procedure after years of consideration.

“A symmetrically shaped nose that balances one's facial proportions and works aesthetically with one's other facial features allows key expressive features like one's eyes and lips to stand out as facial focal points.” - Dr. Corey Moore

If you're considering rhinoplasty, you'll need to schedule a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon or a general plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing the procedure. At the consultation, you'll be asked about your health and how you'd like your nose to appear. At that point, your nose will be examined inside and out. Drawings and “digital surgery” via computer imaging that demonstrates possible post-operative results are also utilized to help you to visualize and choose the shape of nose that you'd like to have.


get ready for the




sedation dentistry


519.672.2920 frEShco pLAzA

DentalStudio_2_3V_ND13.indd 1


teeth whitening with complete exam and cleaning



LONDON south

1051 woNDErLAND rD. S.

519.858.3384 ShoppEr’S pLAzA

November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 49

10/9/13 3:45:38 PM

made bath sories!


rt and go t to you

out n home

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“Rhinoplasty remains one of the safest and most popularly requested forms of cosmetic surgery in Ontario and in many parts of the world.”

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• Injectable Dermal Fillers • Botox, Xeomin and Dysport • Teeth Whitening • Gift Certificates Available • Complimentary Consultations

- Dr. Corey Moore

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Dr. Maria Tetelbaum • MD, CCFP Dr. Octavian Tetelbaum • Bsc, DDS 1635 Hyde Park Road, London, ON

519.266.3600 50 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

Rhinoplasty generally takes between 1- ½ to three hours to perform and takes place under general anesthesia. “During cosmetic rhinoplasty, most incisions are confined to the interior of the nose, minimizing any potential for visible scarring,” Moore says. Ten days to two weeks of downtime should be expected following rhinoplasty. You'll require a cast on your nose for a week, although occasionally casts may be required for as long as two weeks. Gauze bandages are also applied.

• Cosmetic Dentistry • Physiotherapy • Chiropractics • Massage Therapy • Aesthetics

“Any post-surgical discomfort or pain is usually controlled by Tylenol 3 or Advil, and nasal spray will help to keep mucous from building up within your nose,” says Moore. “In most cases, you should be able to lightly blow your nose seven to 10 days after rhinoplasty. Your surgeon will give you specific postoperative instructions.” Vigorous activity and exercise should be avoided for at least two weeks after nasal surgery, but light activity is usually encouraged after a day or two.

A revolutionary procedure delays the signs of aging with immediate, long-lasting results

The effects of the aging process can start to appear as early as age 30, although we may be so busy with family, career and other priorities we never stop to really notice. By the time we are in our 40s and 50s, when we finally turn time and attention to ourselves, one of the most telling places we may notice aging is under our eyes, in what is known as the tear trough. The appearance of dark circles and sagging in the tear trough are common as we age due to the three D’s – deterioration, deflation and descent – says Dr. Maria Tetelbaum of the Synergy Centre. Skin elasticity, texture and colour deteriorate with age, our skin loses volume or deflates and, with the effects of gravity on our skin, descent is inevitable.

“This area of the skin is very fragile and difficult to treat,” says Dr. Tetelbaum. “Teosyal Redensity II is a dermal filler that contains hyaluronic acid plus a blend of essential amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. No other filler on the market has this combination.” There is a real wow factor to this product that Dr. Tetelbaum is very impressed with. “The results are visible immediately and last up to 12 months,” she says. Dr. Tetelbaum does all of the injections herself and says it is part art and part science. Teosyal Redensity II is injected to a level where it lifts the skin but does not interfere with the complex vascular system around the eye or the physiology of the skin, and its viscosity allows it to spread and form to a natural look.

Thankfully, there are medical aesthetic procedures that can eliminate the impact of the three D’s and Dr. Tetelbaum is now working with a new and revolutionary dermal filler that has been engineered specifically for tear trough treatment by Teoxane Laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We all want to look as young as we feel inside. It is very satisfying to do procedures like this, to see an instant change, and to know that in a few minutes you can touch someone’s life so dramatically!”

Synergy centre 1635 Hyde Park Rd., London, Ontario N6H 5L7 519-266-3600 | | Advertisement

Tydan Landscape Design


Anne Marie Rancourt, co-owner of Tydan Landscape Design, can’t say enough good things about the benefits of installing a rainwater harvesting system in homes. “As water shortages worsen around the world, most notably in Australia and the United States, Canada will soon start to develop this major problem. Our supply of water will continue to deplete, while the cost of water will keep rising. Sustaining this valuable source can be done easily with the latest green technologies,” says Rancourt, who has operated the family-owned business with her husband Paul and children Tyler and Danielle since 1998. Tydan has been certified by Aquascape to install RainXchange systems, which are a combination of a decorative water feature (designed to recirculate the water) and an underground water storage area. Water is collected through the downspouts on a house, through permeable pavers and water features and then integrated into an irrigation system for gardens or pumped out of a hose to use. What you get is clean, filtered (non-potable) water while enjoying a beautiful water feature. Rancourt says different kits are available depending on the size of the house and other design factors. “We want people to think about having the system installed when having a new home built as older homes will take a little more planning,” Rancourt says. Water harvesting is gaining in popularity. Rancourt points to Guelph where residents are able to apply for a tax rebate on their municipal property tax bill.

Helping homeowners reduce their water costs with Rainwater Harvesting Systems

“There are several reasons that we chose to install the RWH system. First of all, there is all this free water going down our eavestroughs every time it rains. Why waste it? Municipal water is getting more and more expensive so we started to look at ways to conserve water and prevent soil erosion. We knew that in the past, people had underground cisterns for collecting rain water and thought, there must be a new way to collect all of this valuable resource, store it underground, and use it when we need it. We are also having installed irrigation drip lines to the plants, which conserves water as well. By using this system to water our gardens, we are using natural ‘rain water’ instead of chemically treated water, which is better for the plants. It’s neat and tidy, underground, environmentally friendly, looks good, with a permeable stone patio over the system and attractive water feature.” – Nathalie & Gary Vandenheuvel Member of Landscape Ontario

519-672-5558 A D V E R T I S E M E N T

BRICK & STONE Ontario’s Leader in Brick, Stone & Landscape Products

WELCOME HOME 5735 Colonel Talbot Rd., Lambeth P: 519-652-2799 F: 519-652-1528 52 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

Leading Industry THE

November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 53

Distinguished Homes for Today’ s Lifestyle

t Oke Woodsmith, we do much more than build houses. We take design ideas from A our clients, meld them with our own, and keep our collective relationship on track during the construction process and beyond. It’s not just our communication skills that attract clients to our company, however. We keep ourselves, and our tradespeople, up-to-date on advances in building science. We’re building not just for the decade, but also for the century.


ur hope is that the next generation will renovate and update our buildings a hundred years from now.

NATIONAL AWARD WINNING BUILDER 70964 Bluewater Highway 21, Grand Bend, Ontario ~ 519-238-8893 ~

THE AWARDS OF CREATIVE EXCELLENCE HIGHLIGHTING EXCELLENCE IN HOME DESIGN, MARKETING, ENERGY EFFICIENCY, PLUS HEALTH AND SAFETY By Judy Liebner The Awards of Creative Excellence are an annual celebration that honours creativity in new homes and renovations and contributions to London's housing industry. The awards, which were presented during a gala dinner and ceremony on Oct. 3, were established 21 years ago by the London Home Builders' Association (LHBA). Created originally as sales and marketing awards, they now encompass all aspects of London's housing industry. The awards highlight excellence in design, marketing, energy efficiency, and health and safety on construction sites. Companies are also recognized in the Supplier and Sub-trade of the Year, and Builder and Renovator of the Year categories, and for their personal commitments to the association and to the housing industry.

Lois Langdon, executive officer of the LHBA, says the awards for Builder and Renovator of the Year require winners to be well rounded. Builders and renovators must submit floorplans, demonstrate their support of community organizations and the housing industry, and their commitment to customer service. The judging is carried out by homeowners and two different panels of judges. “It's a wide, encompassing award,” Langdon says.

This year's awards included 35 categories, 30 of which are design and marketing categories. Langdon says each year's categories reflect changes in housing trends and in consumers' lifestyles. Condos, whether they are highrise suites or detached homes, for example, are a popular form of housing and are eligible to compete with traditional single-family bungalow and two-storey homes. The Tricar Group won the award for Best Overall New Home Design up to $300,000. “It was nice to see them being recognized,” Langdon says. “Condo units have come into their own as homes now.” Contractors and marketing professionals from outside the London area judge the projects submitted by nominees. However, the Supplier and Sub-trade of the Year categories are voted on by builders and renovators who are members of the LHBA. Listed on the following pages are the finalists and winners in the 2013 Awards of Creative Excellence. Their projects can be viewed in a photo gallery at

November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 55


Winners special achievement awards


2013 Ace AwArds wINNer! Best renovation under $100K

Sub Trade of the Year SacWal Flooring Centres Supplier of the Year Copp Building Materials Limited Renovator of the Year Melchers Construction Limited Builder of the Year Wastell Builders Group Mowbray Sifton Award Isolino Sousa, Sifton Properties Limited Lifetime Achievement Award Bob Nelson

Specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, large additions and Victorian restorations.


One of London’s Finest Home Renovators OldCastle_3Sq_ND13.indd 1

10/9/13 1:24:23 PM


2013 Ace AwArd wINNer! Best New Kitchen in a Home Over $500,000.

PREMIUM FURNITURE STYLE CABINETRY Custom cabinetry for any room of your home | 519-473-7338 56 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

Best New Kitchen up to $500,000 Sifton Properties Limited Design Credit to: Cardinal Fine Cabinetry Corporation Best New Kitchen over $500,000 Oke Woodsmith Building Systems Inc. Design Credit to: Woody’s Custom Cabinetry Best New Bathroom up to $500,000 Sifton Properties Limited Design Credit to: GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Best New Bathroom over $500,000 Wastell Builders Group Design Credit to: Casey’s Creative Kitchens Inc. Best New Exterior Bridlewood Homes Design Credit to: Orchard Design Studio Best Overall New Home Design up to $300,000 The Tricar Group Best Overall New Home Design $301,000 - $400,000 Urban Signature Homes Design Credit to: Pure White Design Inc. Best Overall New Home Design $450,000 - $650,000 Gary Field Homes Inc.

(logo – use low res for placement – will get print quality version) WE CANDesign TURN YOUR DREAM Best Overall New Home PROJECT INTO REALITY! $750,000+ Offering award winning quality Harasym Developments Inc. for over 12 years. and service Project of the Year Visit to view The Tricar Group our extensive on-line portfolio. Best Indoor Living Space (renomark & green renovator Sifton Properties Limited logo) Brodie Watson Design Credit to: Cardinal Fine - Owner/Operator • (519) 433-5301 • bwatson@ Cabinetry Corporation Best Outdoor Living Space The Tricar Group 2013 LHBA Best Renovation Finalist Best Renovated Kitchen up Best to $50,000 2012 LHBA Renovation Finalist CCR Building & Remodeling 2011 LHBA Best Renovated Design Credit to: Dynamic Kitchens by Kitchen JEM DOR WOODCRAFT LIMITED Best Renovated Kitchen over $50,000 CCR Building & Remodeling Design Credit to: Dynamic Kitchens by JEM DOR WOODCRAFT LIMITED Best Renovated Bathroom under $25,000 DUO Building Limited Best Renovated Bathroom over $25,000 CCR Building & Remodeling Best Renovation Under $20,000 CCR Building & Remodeling Best Renovation $21,000-$50,000 Melchers Construction Limited Best Renovation $51,000-$100,000 Old Castle Renovations Design Credit to: Dutot Design Services Best Renovation $101,000-$150,000 Melchers Construction Limited Design Credit to: Woody’s Custom Cabinetry Best Renovation $151,000 and over CCR Building & Remodeling

WE CAN TURN YOUR DREAM PROJECT INTO REALITY! Offering award winning quality and service for over 15 years. Visit to view our extensive online portfolio. • 2013 LHBA Best Renovation Finalist • 2012 LHBA Best Renovation Finalist • 2011 LHBA Best Renovated Kitchen

Brodie Watson Owner/OperatOr

519 433-5301

Continued on page 59 November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 57

519-473-4149 Design/Build Residential & Commercial New Construction & Renovations LONDON HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION 2013 Renovator of the Year 2012 Renovator of the Year 2011 Renovator of the Year 2013 ACE AWARD WINNER: Best Renovation $21,000 - $50,000 Best Renovation $101,000 - $150,000 26 Years of Excellence

58 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

Winners Continued from page 57

marketing AWARDS Best Traditional Print Ad Fusion Homes Best Project Branding The Ironstone Building Company Design Credit to: Orchard Design Studio Best Interior Merchandising Wastell Builders Group Best Web Presence Coleman-Dias3 Construction Inc. Best Showroom or Design Centre Paton Bros. Plumbing Limited

The article in the September Quality Service issue is of Our Lifestyle Magazine Specialty! describing the 2014 BMW 4 Series Coupe indicated this new model would fit into BMW’s lineup between the popular 3 Series and the larger, upscale 6 Series and 8 Series models. b 6 factory-trained, experienced technicians on staff However, the 8 Series is b Quickcurrently response!not offered by BMW. b 3 technicians serving London daily regrets any Lifestyle Magazine b Service to all makes confusion this reference may b Warranty depot for most major brands including: created.& VIKING SUB-ZERO, DACOR, have BERTAZZONI

~ C L A R I F I C AT I O N ~ The article in the September issue of Lifestyle Magazine describing the 2014 BMW 4 Series Coupe indicated this new model would fit into BMW’s lineup between the popular 3 Series and the larger, upscale 6 Series and 8 Series models. However, the 8 Series is currently not offered by BMW. Lifestyle Magazine regrets any confusion this reference may have created. > 519 - 6 3 3 - 010 7 <

Continued on page 60 November/December, 2013

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Your Designs…Delivered More than 120 colours on display. More than 60 colours in stock.

Visit us at 580 HORTON STREET, LONDON • 519-438-5159

60 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

Finalists Continued from page 59

Bridlewood Homes Brodco Construction Limited Cambria Cardinal Fine Cabinetry Corporation Casey’s Creative Kitchens Inc. CCR Building & Remodeling Coleman-Dias3 Construction Inc. Copp Building Materials Limited Crown Homes of London DUO Building Limited Dutot Design Services Dynamic Kitchens by JEM DOR WOODCRAFT LTD. Fusion Homes Gary Field Homes Inc. GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Inc. Graystone Development Group Limited Graystone Custom Homes (A Division of Graystone Development Group Limited) Harasym Developments Inc. The Ironstone Building Company JLC Homes Limited Johnstone Homes McKaskell Haindl Design Build Inc. Melchers Construction Limited Millstone Homes Oke Woodsmith Building Systems Inc. Old Castle Renovations Old Oak Properties Orchard Design Studio Paton Bros. Plumbing Limited Pure White Design Inc. Pym and Cooper Custom Homes (London) Inc. Roestenberg Welding Limited Rockmount Homes Inc. SacWal Flooring Centres Saratoga Homes Limited Scherba’s Great Floors Sifton Properties Limited The Tricar Group Urban Signature Homes Verbeek Kitchens Wastell Builders Group Woody’s Manufacturing Limited



WINE REGIONS By Lawrence Miller

My wife and I had been planning a trip to Europe and our travel agent suggested a river cruise. We're both wine lovers so when we heard that one of the river cruise lines, AmaWaterways, offered winethemed cruises, it seemed like a perfect fit. We decided to take their Provence and Spain itinerary – a one-week river cruise on the Rhone in the South of France. We flew into Marseille and took a transfer that brought us right to the ship in Arles, France. The AmaDagio is one of AmaWaterways' first ships and it left us feeling impressed. Everything, from the décor to the crew and the included amenities, was wonderful. We selected a cabin in the middle of the ship which was very comfortable with plenty of storage space for my wife's things and a beautiful view from our French balcony. On our first full day, we left the ship

shortly after breakfast and headed to the hilltop village of Les Baux de Provence. The view from the top of this rocky outcrop is breathtaking: castle ruins surrounded by fragrant lavandin flowers and a lush valley below. Every street in the old part of town is filled with a mix of quaint cafes, art galleries and restaurants. A short coach ride after leaving Les Baux took us to our next stop of the day, a local family-run olive farm located in Saint-Rémy de Provence. We were taken on a guided tour of the farm by one of the owners who led us through the olive groves and on a tour of the mill where we learned about the types of oil they produce. Once back on the ship, we prepared for a special wine-paired dinner courtesy of AmaWaterways' executive chef. The wine selected for the meal pairing was

excellent and showcased the meal's exquisite flavours. Another highlight of the cruise was a chocolate-and-wine pairing. We cruised from Le Pouzin through a lovely stretch of the Rhone, arriving in Tournon. The cruise manager led us on a short walk into town to Hotel Restaurant Le Chateau for a private presentation given by a local expert. It was fascinating to learn about the types of wines that best complement white, milk or dark chocolate. After seven enchanting nights of cruising, eating and wine tasting, we completed our cruise in Lyon and flew back home the same day. Our AmaWaterways river cruise experience was one my wife and I look forward to repeating.

All Your Travel Needs From

Your Full Service Travel agencY

TICO reg no. 1086995 529 RICHMOND STREET 519 433-5171 November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 61

By Ellen Ashton-Haiste


62 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

As baby boomers, heading into retirement, begin to seek out ideal locations for their post-work years, communities targeting their demographic are increasing exponentially. Offerings range from neighbourhoods on golf courses or waterfronts to condominium towers touting resort-style amenities. Everyone's looking for something different but definite common denominators are access to a variety of activities and the socializing that results from them. “The amenities are very important,” says Sharon Vanhevel, community manager at Grand Cove Estates, a bungalow community in Grand Bend. “Activities are a big thing – whether there is a swimming pool, exercise room, that sort of thing.” Kathy Smith, sales consultant at London's Chartwell Royalcliffe Retirement Residence, agrees. “People want activities and social programs.” Even more elderly seniors need this stimulation. “(They want) to do the things that they enjoy throughout the day, to have a full range of recreational activities,” says Jaclynn Girvin, community relations manager at Grand Wood Park Apartments and Retirement Residence in London. It's a fact born out by research. A recent Canadawide Angus Reid survey commissioned by City Core Developments, a company spearheading communities in Scarborough and Barrie, revealed that 84 per cent of respondents felt active lifestyle amenities, such as spas, gyms and recreational activities, were important, says City Core CEO Jack Pong. The survey also found that an independent lifestyle was “very important” to 76 per cent of respondents. Other key factors were accessible services such as grocery stores, restaurants and pharmacies (81 per cent) and close proximity to health and wellness facilities (78 per cent). Royalcliffe's Smith finds the latter to be true. “Many people move here from (outlying areas such as) Middlesex, Dorchester or Glencoe because, being in the south end (of the city) they are close to doctors and the hospital.” Space is also often an issue, Smith says. “They want the most space for the dollar. Some are working with a budget so that is a factor.” Vanhevel sees this at Grand Cove, one of the province's older lifestyle communities, first breaking ground in 1974 with a collection of modular bungalows. It's since evolved to custom-built homes and so offers a variety of price ranges to suit all budgets, she says.

GRAND WOOD PARK HISTORICAL AMBIENCE IN OLD SOUTH In the heart of London's Old South, Grand Wood Park, recently amalgamated into the family of Regal Lifestyle Communities, offers an historical ambiance and a secluded natural setting that appeals to its clientele. On a seven-acre site, set back from Grand Avenue, the residence offers a “beautiful park-like setting with gardens, walkways, fishponds and lots of mature trees,” says community relations manager Jaclynn Girvin. “It's a real pull for people, especially seniors who are from Old South or Old North (London). It's the type of area they are used to.” Proximity to Wortley Village is also something they appreciate, she adds. The residence offers two levels of retirement living. There are studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments, including kitchenettes with compact refrigerators and microwave ovens, large windows allowing ample natural light and ensuite bathrooms with large sit-in showers or a traditional tub and shower. In addition, there are studio and one-bedroom assisted living suites. Services include meals, weekly housekeeping, laundry facilities, social programs, exercise and games activities, wellness clinics, in-house physiotherapy and assistance with medication management and bathing.

Grand Wood Park’s secluded natural setting appeals to its clientele.

Lifestyle features include such elements as social, educational, cultural and recreation programs, fitness classes, workshops, teas, music therapy, bridge and euchre clubs, concerts and guest speakers, themed holiday parties, and outings to area attractions. The residence also caters to specialized needs, offering respite care, caregiver relief, convalescent care, or even a vacation.

Gracious Retirement Living at Grand Wood Park in the heart of Old South!

Come and discover a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle at Grand Wood Park. With either apartment or retirement resident suites we are your best alternative to home. We believe that retirement living is about learning, exploring and having fun.

Visit us at: 81 Grand Avenue, London, ON Call us today for a tour at 519 432-1162 GrandWoodPk_HH_ND13.indd 1

November/December, 2013

Lifestyle 63

10/5/13 2:42:15 PM


Complimentary Copies!!

Pick up your copy of our latest issue at the following locations: A&M Garden Centre, Lambeth Angelo’s, Wonderland Road North Aroma Restaurant, Richmond Street Canadale Nursery Covent Garden Market Guildwood Lighting 5 York Street Home Hardware, St.Thomas RoNA, Commissioners RoNA, Strathroy RoNA, Wonderland Road North The Grand Theatre

64 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

APARTMENTS DESIGNED FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING Located in south London, on Wharncliffe Road just south of Commissioners, Chartwell Royalcliffe, one of the city's newer retirement residences, has apartments designed for independent living. The three-year-old high-rise has 148 rental suites from one-bedroom to twobedroom plus den units, ranging from 550 to just over 1,000 square feet. Eight terrace units on the sixth and seventh floors have expansive terraces that can be accessed from the living room and the master bedroom. All apartments have full kitchens, although the dining room, overseen by an executive chef, offers three meals a day. An adjacent coffee shop is open 24 hours a day, serving snacks and beverages. Residents choose meal packages, which can range from three meals a day to a few meals a week, says sales consultant Kathy Smith. While the residence is geared to independent living, the suites are equipped with call buttons in the bedrooms and bathrooms; the staff includes nurses and personal support assistants. Activities and opportunities for socializing are plentiful.

A large library, with computers and Internet access, is stocked regularly by London Public Library with a wide variety of books and DVDs. Other common areas include a sizeable party room and adjacent private dining room, exercise facilities, a movie theatre, games room and a large saltwater pool and whirlpool. For family members, particularly those at a distance, Chartwell's signature Stay in Touch program is a bonus. Regular updates, announcements and newsletters are sent directly to a smart phone, tablet or computer, transferred via a secure web service. With one click, all authorized family members can be reached at the same moment. With the supports offered at Royalcliffe, its residents can remain independent for an extended period of their third age, Smith says. “They can come here and be incredibly independent. Many are still driving and enjoy travelling or spending part of the year in Florida. But, as they age, there are support services in place for them. It's a great arrangement.” Royalcliffe is also available for respite care stays.


One of the attractions at Grand Cove Estates, a gated bungalow community in Grand Bend, is its rural atmosphere, says community manager Sharon Vanhevel. “We're not the big city,” she says. However, London, Stratford, with its Shakespearean Festival Theatre, and Sarnia, with its border crossing, are all just an hour away. One of the older adult lifestyle communities in the region, with 450 homes, the community has all the requisite amenities – the Bend's 30 miles of continuous sandy beach just steps away, half a dozen challenging golf courses nearby, including the Oakwood Golf and Country Club right next door, and the charming lakeside town with its shops, harbour and the Huron Country Playhouse theatre. And, the popularity of Lake Huron's spectacular sunsets is no exaggeration, Vanhevel says. “People come and park by the side of the road just to watch them.” The community boasts its own wellused clubhouse with library, billiard and computer rooms, and fitness area. Outdoor facilities include a tennis court, saltwater pool, horseshoe pits, lawn bowling and shuffleboard. There's also a large pond with a fountain and a resident family of swans, plus a nature trail, community garden and a playground for visiting grandkids.

Grand Cove is an established gated community located just minutes from the shores of Lake Huron in beautiful Grand Bend. Return to Grand Bend...Retire in Grand Cove! call: 519.238.8444

Vintage Inspired Industrial Home Furnishings


21578 Richmond St.N-Suite 102 November/December, 2013

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LIFESTYLE r e s o u r c e s Address and website information for the companies and/or retailers featured in the articles in this issue are listed by order of story below.

TAMMY LAYE OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS Glencoe is a small farming town outside London where everyone waves and has time to chat. It is also where award-winning artist Tammy Laye currently finds her inspiration. Influenced by artists Paul Peel and Norman Rockwell, Laye has adhered to her roots and her belief that nothing is more beautiful than the natural world. Even ordinary sounds, such as the calming trickle of a waterfall, the chatter of song birds and the far-off sound of a train whistle, provide her with inspiration. Laye's century-old Victorian home boasts many collectibles and art treasures, and her paintings cover the 10-foot-high walls: children smile happily as they play; a mother dog nurses her puppies; a young boy fishes from a bridge and a Mennonite hay wagon carries a load of hay. On close inspection, Laye's attention to detail becomes apparent. Her acrylic paintings tell a story and they capture a moment in small-town life.

Above: Fishing Dingman Creek Right: Kiera

66 Lifestyle November/December, 2013

Says the artist: “My current focus has been to become more aware of light and shadows, and use the contrasts to enhance a more three-dimensional quality in my art. There is a moment when the painting seems to come alive, almost breathes on its own. Sometimes this happens early on or sometimes it seems I have to work forever to capture that first feeling of life. But then I know I have to finish it.” Laye is currently working on her Glencoe home and hopes at some point soon to open it to the public.

P. 8 Decorating for the Holidays Contact: Renee Carpenter, Jennings Furniture and Design, (519) 631-0410, 432 Talbot St., St. Thomas, P. 13 Growing Presence Contact: Ultimate Automobiles, (519) 686-3754, 940 Wharncliffe Rd. S., P. 19 Conversation Starters Contact: Shelley's Unique Accent Furniture, (519) 601-4700, 1073 Gainsborough Rd., P. 23 Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection Contact: Innuit Gallery, (519) 672-7770, 201 Queens Ave., P. 24 A Taste of Italy Contact: Bertoldi's Trattoria, (519) 438-4343, 650 Richmond St., P. 25 Light up the Night Contact: Fisher and Company, (519) 672-0073, 515 Richmond St., Sara Sohan, (519) 964-1006, 301 Oxford St. W.; Susan J Fashions, (519) 679-8511, 256 Oxford St. P. 29 Horse Power Contact: Gateway Equine Healing Centre, (519) 666-2668, P. 34 Artist Profile – Greg Ludlow Contact: Westland Gallery, (519) 601-4420, 156 Wortley Rd., P. 36 Lifestyle Distinctive Property for Sale Contact: Carol and Geoffrey Cheney, Remax a-b Realty, Stratford, (519) 273-2821, P. 40 Winter Camping Contact: Pinery Provincial Park, 9526 Lakeshore Rd., RR 2 Grand Bend, (519) 243-2220, P. 41 A Home that Fits Contact: Peter Drankowsky, (519) 659-2004, 367 Edgeworth Ave. P. 46 Tea for Two Contact: Joan Hepburn, (519) 281-9605, P. 47 Improving on Nature with Rhinoplasty Contact: Woodfield Surgical Centre, (519) 433-8500, 444 Waterloo St., P. 53 Awards of Creative Excellence Contact: London Home Builders' Association, (519) 686-0343, P. 61 Exploring Europe's Wine Regions Contact: Cruise Holidays, (519) 474-1111, 1422 Fanshawe Park Rd. W., P. 62 Living the Good Life in Retirement Contact: Chartwell Royalcliffe, (519) 963-3848, 609 Wharncliffe Rd. S., Grand Cove Estates, (519) 238-8308, 70592 Bluewater Hwy., Grand Bend, Grand Wood Park, (519) 432-1162, 81 Grand Ave., P. 66 Artist Profile – Tammy Laye Contact: Tammy Laye, (519) 287-2622

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