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Experiences at westwood Barns

Story by Lifestyle Staff | Photos provided by Westwood Barns

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About 10 years ago, an East Coast city girl got engaged to a local Valley farmer boy. But when Lauren and Daniel Westra went on the hunt for the perfect wedding location, their search came up short. So they took matters into their own hands and created a dream venue—Westwood Barns. They brought life back into the 1940s barn and added all the details necessary to create the wedding they’d envisioned. A near-decade later, they’ve hosted many weddings and special events at the Barn with the same ambience that captivated them years before. After traveling to bigger cities and participating in unique events and workshops, the Westras were inspired to create more experiential events at Westwood Barns—events that will also celebrate our area’s artisanal talents and the rich agriculture of the Valley.

About the Events

Lauren began by offering floral workshops at the beginning of each season. Now they plan to host immersive seasonal dinners that are field-to-table experiences. Their spring dinner, hosted by Braised Kitchen, was held in the venue’s garden and included a menu inspired by seasonal blooms. The upcoming summer dinner focuses on preparing and grilled red meats, with the setting near the cow pastures—for a true field-to-table experience. Another event in the works includes an almond orchard setting for a menu abundant with almonds. The idea is to engage both palate and presence at once: focusing on the beauty of the land and the flavors that come from it.

What to Expect

In April, they hosted Sur Le Terrain. The meal was prepared by Braised Kitchen featuring cocktails made by Holy Spirits. They have a Mother’s Day event planned for May alongside Lauren Westra Photography, with more events planned for each month. Upcoming events may include workshops and classes hosted by experts in the field—for photography, landscape design, or art. At Westwood Barns, they seek to celebrate local community talents through providing a venue and experience in which they can share their gifts.

How to Connect

You can follow Westwood Barns on social media to stay up to date on all their upcoming events. Spreading the word by sharing the events allows them to continue to grow, and bring more offerings to the community.