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lief! corporate identity This corporate identity has been created to monitor the general look of lief! lifestyle. This guide provides you with insight into the corporate identity of lief! lifestyle. The key corporate identity elements have been included in this book, such as the lief! logo, typography, colours, artworks, photography and layouts. The guide offers support in the development of various lief! communications. In addition, there is a download website where various lief! files can be downloaded, see page 32. For advice, guidance and checking all lief! communications, please contact the lief! marketing division. (go to the last page for a summary of contacts).






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lief! lifestyle logo general requirements how NOT to use the logo corporate identity colours typography artworks photography


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layouts POS materials e-mailings advertising brochure materials packaging texts/writing style Orange Babies downloads

lief! corporate identity

lief! lifestyle logo tussenkopje general requirements for the lief! logo xxxxxxx • the logo has fixed proportions and one fixed basic colour (PMS 306C). •

the minimum dimensions are 15 mm in width and 11 mm in height.

the logo may only be used in black and white on fax paper, in advertisements and for internal use. For external use, the logo must always be used in colour.

preferably, the logo should be used in combination with the URL. Use for Dutch communications and for international communications. Preferably underlined in blue.

advised dimensions for the smallest logo 15 mm in width and 11 mm in height


black and white logo

place the website at the same level as the word lief!

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306C 76/0/5/0 0/188/228


lief! corporate huisstijlhandboek identity

lief! lifestyle logo how NOT to use the logo

The following are examples showing ways in which the logo should never be used: •

never change the colour of the logo

never use the logo on a different background

never crop the logo

never change the shape of the logo




lief! corporate identity

corporate identity corporate identity application

The correct application of the corporate identity promotes uniformity and recognition. Here are some examples of various communications in the lief! lifestyle corporate identity.

r Marieke Noorlandes nication

marketing & commu manager

lief! lifestyle Graafdijk West 28 raaf 2973 XE Molenaarsg The Netherlands T +31-(0)184-480130 M +31-(0)6-12556248 F +31-(0)184-480139 .nl style E marieke@lieflife


business card example




P.O. Box 77 3360 AB Sliedrecht The Netherlands

P.O. Box 77 3360 AB Sliedrecht The Netherlands

Graafdijk West 28 - 2973 XE Molenaarsgraaf - The Netherlands - P.O. Box 77 - 3360 AB Sliedrecht - The Netherlands T +31-(0)184-480130 - F +31-(0)184-480139 - - Bank: ABN-AMRO, ACC.

IBAN: NL73ABNA0526519223 - BIC: ABNANL2A - K.v.K. 24376798 - BTW: NL8144.57.526.B01

stationery + envelope example


lief! corporate identity

colours basic colours

The colour blue is the basis for the lief! corporate identity. In the case of printed work, the spot colour is PMS 306C. In full colour print and print work, this colour is built up as follows: CMYK 76/0/5/0. This is displayed on the screen as RGB 0/188/288. In addition, other cheerful colours can be used to support this colour. See the next page for an overview with matching values.

basic colour! CMYK 7 6 PMS 30/0/5/0 RGB 0/ 6C 188/228


4/0/0 CMYK 100/4 C 0 0 3 PMS 193 RGB 0/121/

/0 35/0/90 CMYK 375C PMS 211/74 7/ RGB 17

CMYK 76/0/5/0 PMS 361C RGB 84/185/72

6/0 CMYK 0/83/1 C 5 0 2 PMS /145 RGB 239/80

CMYK 5/100/80/6 PMS 200C RGB 211/18/69


CMYK 25/40/65/0 PMS 000C

0/100/0 CMYK 0/551C PMS 1 51/40 RGB 248/1

lief! corporate identity

typography font

For the corporate identity, we have chosen to use the Arial and Bradley Hand ITC fonts. These fonts are used in all communications as header and main typeface.


Bradley Hand ITC

Arial regular for the main typeface

Bradley Hand for headers



Arial Bold for subheadings

Bradley with a 0.25 pt line



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10




lief! tableware Cosy dining with friends or family at a cheerfully set dining table. With the wide range of lief! tableware, it’s possible. Mix and match with the different sizes and colours. The tableware has beautiful details, for example, the buttons appear to be rested on the tableware, and you can even see the typical lief! design at the bottom of the cups. The matching table linen makes your table even more colourful! example text


lief! corporate identity

artworks typical dutch design

lief! lifestyle is known for its typical Dutch design. That is why artworks such as a windmill, a tulip and a farmer & his wife are often used. These artworks along with commonly used stitched edges, checks and dotted patterns can be downloaded from Please go to page 32 for instructions.


lief! lief!

lie lief!


lief! corporate identity

photography themes / product photographs

Both themed and product photographs are available from lief! lifestyle. Themed photography is always produced under the supervision of lief! lifestyle in order to monitor the general lief! image. A selection of photographs can be downloaded from Please go to page 32 for instructions.

product photographs examples


themed photographs


lief! corporate identity

layouts POS materials

lief! lifestyle has many different kinds of layouts for various communications. We will give some examples of the following communications: •

POS materials



brochure materials


For advice, guidance and checking of these methods of communication, please contact the marketing department of lief! lifestyle.




lief! specials*

vaste klantendagen!

leuke lief! shirts, leggings en jurkje!

geldig op de gehele lief! collectie* van € 19,95 voor

€ 12,00

van € 17,95 voor

50/56 t/m 74

bij 1 artikel

€ 10,00

10% korting

50/56 t/m 74

bij 2 artikelen

15% korting bij 3 artikelen (of meer) 20% korting van € 27,95 voor

€ 17,00 50/56 t/m 74

donderdag 6 t/m zaterdag 8 oktober!



* Zolang de voorraad strekt.

* Korting alleen geldig op vertoon van lief! klantenpas • korting geldt op de gehele lief! kleding en lifestyle collectie • niet geldig in combinatie met andere acties


lief! corporate identity

layouts e-mailings

On average, lief! sends one e-mailing each week in order to promote specific deals/products. Since September 2011, a daily e-mailing is also sent with a super deal, also called the lief! day topper. As you can see on the next page, a strong lief! image is created using the lief! logo, typography, colours, artworks and photography.


promotion mailings lief! dagtopper! 9 oktober 2011

Gratis verzenden!*

alleen geldig op!

lief! winkels lief!

op je mooist

je eigen plek


ook voor mama’s





€ 18,95 voor



Leuk met een

je online bestelling wordt alleen vandaag nog gratis verzonden!


en stoe re laarsjes !

rokje Dit ballonrokje is gemaakt van een zachte veloursstof. Leuk te combineren met een legging of maillot en een leuk shirtje erop! Van € 18,95 voor € 7,Alleen geldig op, dus niet in de lief! winkels.


op = op

* Alleen vandaag nog betaal je geen verzendkosten op je online bestelling bij, m.u.v. de meubels.

* Heb je deze nieuwsbrief doorgestuurd gekregen en ben je zelf nog geen lid? Klik dan hier om je aan te melden voor de nieuwsbrief én de lief! dagtopper!


lief! corporate identity

layouts advertising

Here are some examples of advertisements in different formats. Here too, a strong lief! image is created using the lief! logo, typography, colours, artworks and photography.

Nieuw van lief! Trendy lifestyle fietsen en accessoires voor verschillende leeftijden!

lief! lifestyle is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot een breed lifestyle-merk

lief! spenen


voor zowel kinderen als volwassenen. Aan het brede assortiment worden nu nieuwe producten voor baby’s/peuters en kleuters toegevoegd. Want hoe klein ze ook zijn, ze hebben ontzettend veel spulletjes nodig.

lief! drinkbeker, biscuitdoosjes en broodtrommel

lief! anti-lekbeker, zuigflessen

designed by lief! lifestyle©

designed by lief lifestyle© distributed and produced by Lifetime Company BV -


producten bels verzorgings babywear meu fietsen behang servies tassen knuffels tyle lifes ry ione l stat bed- en badtextie

lief! lief!

roducten ls verzorgingsp babywear meube fietsen behang servies els uff kn tassen ery lifestyle tion sta iel text bed- en bad

lie lief!

llief! ief! lief!

lie lief!


oducten ls verzorgingspr babywear meube fietsen behang servies tassen knuffels le stationery lifesty bed- en badtextiel

llief! ief! lief!

lie lief!

1/1 www.lie




lief! corporate identity

layouts brochure materials

Brochures are made of various collections. In the design of these brochures, we often use artworks that are also used in that collection, thus creating one strong image. Moreover, we communicate as much as possible using images, text is often subsidiary.

sof ys

t to



meer informatie: me Company BV 0-608 1873






+ Delicious recipes cookies that catch your eye

Ingredients for a perfect brunch

good times with the entire family

Get to know the lifestyle of lief! and make it your own

Mimex Brands & Labels BV | Tokyostraat 31-33 | 1175 RB Lijnden | The Netherlands T: + 31 20 8807 300 | F: + 31 20 8807 301 | | |

• milde samenstelling • dermatologisch getest • allergeenvrij parfum • pH-(huid)neutraal • vrij van kleurstoffen • vrij van paraffine olie • vrij van parabenen • vrij van siliconenolie

Bags Collection 2011


lief! corporate identity

layouts packaging

Here are a number of examples of packaging for various lief! products. With the lief! logo, colours, typography, artworks, photography, and possibly also the Orange Babies logo, the packaging takes on a recognisable lief! look. The following sentence must always be present on the packaging: designed by lief! lifestyle Š produced and distributed by (specified licensee)


Notice 1. This is a “Universal” child restraint. It is approved to Regulation No. 44, 04 series of amendments, for general use in vehicles and it will fit most, but not all, car seats. 2. A correct fit is likely if the vehicle manufacturer has declared in the vehicle handbook that the vehicle is capable of accepting a “Universal” child restaint for this age group. 3. This child restraint has been classified as “Universal” under


more stringent conditions than those which applied to earlier designs which do not carry this notice. 4. If in doubt, consult either the child restaint manufacturer or the retailer. 5. Only suitable if it is fitted in approved vehicles. 6. Only suitable if the approved vehicles are fitted with 3 point/static/with retractor safety-belts, approved to UN/ECE Regulation No. 16 or other equivalent standards.

neral use




” under


45 x 45 cm - 100% cotton

item name: lief! carseat Casper


quantity: 2 pieces gross weight: 19.3 kg nett weight: 17.3 kg


measures: 57x46x79 cm colour: blue

lief! carseat

Casper lief! carseat

GROUP I + II + lll

Timgro BV Hogeveldseweg 3

(for children 9-36 kg)

Timgro BV Hogeveldseweg 3 4041 CP Kesteren The Netherlands


GROUP I + II + lll

Timgro BV

pantone 306 u


4041 CP Kesteren The Netherlands

Hogeveldseweg 3

(for children 9-36 kg)

4041 CP Kesteren The Netherlands



lief! corporate identity

texts/writing style writing texts lief! lifestyle has an informal writing style, we try to communicate with the consumer on a personal level in this way. Thus we prefer to address people in an informal way. In addition, there are a number of focus points: •

lief! is always written in lower case, followed by an exclamation mark. Even when lief! is used as a header or when it is at the start of a sentence.

Place the following URL for use in the Netherlands: The URL international use is:

If the design is from lief! lifestyle, please make reference to this. designed by lief! lifestyle© produced and distributed by (specified licensee)

lief! 28


flight attendant cuddly toy This is Stella, a nice, soft cuddly toy that is also a flight attendant! Nice to take with you on the plane, but also just to cuddle with of course!


lief! corporate identity



Orange Babies Orange Babies lief! has supported Orange Babies since 2007. Orange Babies is a foundation Bijna alle lief! verzorgingswhose main objective producten zijn ook verkrijg-is helping pregnant women with HIV and their babies in baar in vrolijke geschenksets. Africa. Orange Babies also offers support to children who are infected with the In veel geschenksets zit tevens een leukare kleinigheidje, zoals virus or who in direct contact with it. een klompjes-sleutelhanger. Of wat dacht je van de

The project lief! met is diverse involved with is called Hope Village. This orphanage houses geschenksets kleine verzorgingsproducten children up to and including the age of 18. Part of the money made from each of de Limited Edition blikken? Niet alleen leuk en verrassend lief! product goes to this project. als kraamkado, voor Moederdag of een verjaardag, maar ook als bedankje of gewoon zomaar!

It is nice to know that, with the help of our customers, we can contribute to helping mothers and children who are less fortunate than those here in the Netherlands. We hope to be able to support this organisation for a long time to come.

lief! supports

designed by lief lifestyleŠ distributed and produced by Lifetime Company BV


Voor meer informatie: Lifetime Company BV T 030-608 1873 E I

If a lief! product supports Orange Babies, this should always be indicated by the “lief! supports Orange Babies� logo. This logo can also be downloaded from


lief! corporate identity

downloads How does it work?

You can download various files on From the lief! logo, artworks and press releases to themed and product photographs. All files may be used duty-free, provided that they a reference is made to ‘lief! lifestyle’. A password is required in order to access this download page. You can request this password free of charge. This password will give you repeated quick access to the download page.

corporate identity


corporate identity


lief! corporate identity

info: tussenkopje

lief! lifestyle Graafdijk West 28 2973 XE Molenaarsgraaf The Netherlands



marketing & communications manager: Marieke Noorlander marketing & communications: Sanne Overweel graphic designer: Monique de Willigen online marketeer: Michelle Nederveen


lief! 000

huisstijlhandboek lief lifestyle  

huisstijlhandboek lief lifestyle