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bent metal binders 65 banana way sequim, wa 98382 phn (206) 204 7800 fx (206) 204 7895 trust mervin manufacturing

1) Baseplate Poly/ Alu Modular Baseplate

• ADJUSTABLE TOE AND HEEL RAMPS m Toe and Heel Ramps adjust footbed length for custo fit and rider preference. 32 positioning options. • Hybrid design for precision and nuance. es a The combination of three distinct materials creat rmance. perfo free tion vibra baseplate with precision, flex, and nse respo and - Fiber reinforced polyamide for flex - Stamped and formed aluminum for precision - Rubber for vibration dampening.




3) Disk

Tri Axial Mounting Disk


Special hole pattern creates quick and flexible alignment in 90˚, 45˚, and 0˚ axis. 4 hole pattern only.



5) Highback Lightweight cored highback

it’s simple! just look at it!

Bent Metal is the perfect execution of 30yr. old designs. Proven technology you can count on.

"No innovation needed"

ally is virtually incoherent yet responsive and later to down mobile. Eva foam pads extends over top edge heelpocket for max comfort. Serves as a cozy pillow in a pinch.

2) Footbed

NEW Smooth EVA foam footbed Canted footbed for balance stance and powerful NEW pop from toe to heel for max comfort NEW Easy to remove tool less disk cover

4) Heelcup Adjustable Aluminum Heelcup

input Responsive aluminum heelcup transfers riders ity tabil Adjus sion. preci des with accuracy and provi t heigh in ases incre up Heelc allows customized fit. . when moved outward to adapt fit to larger boots Cup". Heel "The … T.H.C. in found All these benefits are

6) Straps Asymmetric Ankle Strap

and increased Asymmetric design adds extra support laterally padding EVA with ion truct Cons Seam tweakmobility. Inverse for maximum comfort.

"Toe Gap" Rollover toe straptoe. NEW The Toe strap can be ridden on tip or rolled over on Split "Toe Gap" locks on and locks you in.


ssive riding, Extra large surface area for support during aggre flexibility. slotted windows allow strap to compress from

sammy luebke’s axe of choice!

jesse burtner’st favorite beas



silver red




(pronounced: Mjöllnir) for aggressive riders who want added control and support for all mountain riding. Mjöllnir is Thor’s hammer... the most powerful weapon in Scandinavian folklore.

bat wing ankle strap e riding,

Extra large surface for support during aggressiv while slotted window allows strap to compress for flexibility.

NEWSINGLE SEAM FOOTBED Canted Footbed with Gushy Heel Shock Pad

NEW lightweight rollover toe strap Toe strap can be ridden on top or rolled over toe. Lightweight design with slotted window locks onto boot toe. With Sticky Stuff coating.

Flex: 8

Color: red/charcoal

Size: S/M US M 5-9, M/L US M 9-14



(pronounced: gungnir) for riders who want a the binding with freestyle tuned features for riding the park or from the top of mountain. Gungnir is Odin’s spear... on which he was impaled for 8 days.


strap g in d in b d l i W

asymmetric ankle strap

l Larry hand stuffed by Bent Meta d with recycled "soft" items foun in and around the couch.

*Pizza Crust *Cigarette butts *May contain trace *Mouse droppings amounts of EVA foam s tie *Portland Stripper pan

NEWleather rollover toe strap

Asymmetric design adds extra support laterally and increased medial mobility. Inverse Seam Construction for maximum comfort.

Flex: 7

Color: wild/silver/black

Toe strap can be ridden on top or rolled over on toe. Wrap design conforms to the shape of your boot.

Size: S/M US M 5-9, M/L US M 9-14



split tail

try it, you might like it.



heavy dude

bent metal x karakoram bindings

100% polyester/100% nylon mesh color: black sizes: ONE SIZE FITS ALL

Larry Tee

100% COTTon color: black sizes: s,m,l,xl

i like you

100% COTTon color: black sizes: s,m,l,xl

street walker 100% ACRYLIC color: black sizes: ONE SIZE FITS ALL

Karakoram Bent Metal Co-Lab

splitboard binding

Bent Metal has partnered with karakoram to utilize their cutting edge split board interface technology to create the Split Tail Hunter binding. Mixing our premium components with karakoram's interface allows you to score in the backcountry faster and easier than ever before. * ALUMINUM, STAINLESS STEEL, DUPONT, * FIVE POINT RIDE MODE ATTACHMENT POINTS * TOUR MODE AXLE SYSTEM ZYTEL MATERIALS * TOUR MODE INTERFACE * PLASTIC HEEL PLATFORM * DUAL HEIGHT RISER BASE * NO LOOSE PARTS OR PINS * BENT METAL STRAP AND HIGHBACK COMPONENTS * HEEL LEVER

Color: Black

Size: S (US M 6-8) (US W 7-9), M (US M 8.5-11), L (US M 11.5-14)

back view

Sacrificial Hoodie

80% COTTon/20% polyester color: black sizes: s,m,l,xl

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