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Historic Election Nation Votes for President on Tuesday, Nov. 6

32,046 Voted Early in EBR; Big Turnout Is Forecast Here


Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012

Public Service Commission Scott A. Angelle R Greg Gaubert N Sarah Holliday R Erich Ponti R Forest Wright D Mayor-President Melvin “Kip” Holden D Gordon Mese N “Steve” Myers N J. Michael “Mike” Walker R Councilman, District 9 Joel Boé R Ted Rush R Councilman, District 12 RJ “Smokie” Bourgeois R Rose Carey D “John” Delgado R City Judge, District 2C Joel G. Porter D Alex “Brick” Wall D City Judge, District 2E Tiffany Foxworth D “Cliff” Ivey R Suzan S. Ponder R City Constable Reginald R. Brown Sr. D Alester Jones R Constable, Justice of Peace Ward 3 District 2 Carey Jenkins R Ron Reynolds R

MAYOR-PRESIDENT — Incumbent Mayor-President Kip Holden (left) faces Mayor ProTem Mike Walker (right) and two other candidates in Tuesday’s election.

Mike Walker Hits Record 88 Homicides

Mayor-President Holden: ‘Crime Can Be Managed’ Woody Jenkins

Editor, Capital City News

BATON ROUGE — The two major candidates for Mayor-President in the Nov. 6 election took opposite positions on the parish’s soaring crime problem in a televised debate Tuesday night. Incumbent MayorPresident Kip Holden, a Democrat, said, “He talks like crime is out of control. Crime can be managed.”

But Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Walker, the Republican nominee who is challenging Holden, said, “There is a crime emergency” in East Baton Rouge Parish. He cited the 88 homicides so far this year, which means the parish is on-track to set an all-time record and give Baton Rouge one of the highest murder rates in the country. Walker said the Baton Rouge Police See HOLDEN on Page 7

Photo by Woody Jenkins

President Barack Obama D Mitt Romney R — and 9 others — Congress, 6th District Bill Cassidy R Rufus Holt Craig, Jr. L Richard Torregano N Supreme Court, 5th Dist. John M. Guidry D Toni M. Higginbotham R Jeff Hughes R Timothy “Tim” Kelley R William “Bill” Morvant R Mary Olive Pierson D Jeffry L. Sanford N Jewel E. “Duke” Welch R Court of Appeal, 1st Circuit Gideon T. Carter III D “Mike” McDonald R Trudy M. White R

PARKVIEW HOMECOMING — Jessica Breaux was named 2012 Parkview Baptist Homecoming Queen. Shown with Parkview headmaster Don Green (left) and dad Darrin Breaux.

BATON ROUGE — If early voting is any indication, the turnout for next Tuesday’s election will be quite large. In eight days of early voting in East Baton Rouge Parish, 32,046 voters cast their ballots. Statewide early voting was up by 21 percent over 2008. It will be an historic election. Three races will be especially important because they could result in major changes in policy: • President of the United States • Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish • Associate Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court At the national level, Republican Mitt Romney, who is leading narrowly in most polls, promises to reduce the size and cost of the federal government and take it in a different direction from President Obama. Likewise, at the parish level, Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Walker, who is challenging incumbent MayorSee MUCH on Page 4

Councilman Addison Says Time to End Racial Politics

BATON ROUGE — Democratic Metro Councilman Bones Addison said Wednesday it’s time to end racial politics in East Baton Rouge, and he is setting an example by backing Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Walker’s candidacy for Mayor-President. “Some friends say, ‘Why don’t you stay out Addison of the Mayor’s race?’ but I tell them ‘This is about the human family and all See WALKER on Page 16

2 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012

Congressman Says Future of Country at Stake Nov. 6

Cassidy Takes Hard Line on Obama

Tells Chamber EBR Election Choice Is American Revival or Decline of Freedom

Photo by Woody Jenkins

BATON ROUGE — Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-Baton Rouge) said Tuesday the election Nov. 6 will provide Americans with a stark choice — between the launch of a new American century and the danger of losing the country’s freedom. Cassidy spoke to the monthly membership meeting of the new Chamber of Commerce of East Baton Rouge Parish at Café Américain on Jefferson Highway. The local physician who was first elected in 2008 is seeking his third term in Congress next Tuesday. His seat is considered safe, and he has only Libertarian and Independent opponents. Cassidy said he was impressed by the great crowd in attendance and the energy and excitement he found in the new Chamber. The reelection of President Obama would lead to less freedom, higher taxes, and a corporate state form of government, he said. Cassidy said three of the most important issues facing the country are: • Debt and deficits • Getting the economy going • Health care


CONGRESSMAN BILL CASSIDY spoke to the new Chamber of Commerce of East Baton Rouge Parish Tuesday. Cassidy was greeted by Hank Henagan of Bethany World Prayer Center.

Dr. Cassidy came to the meeting straight from seeing a patient. Here are some of the congressman’s observations: • In 1970, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid represented only a small part of the federal

budget but, at the current rate, it will be 100 percent of the federal budget within 18 years. Obviously, that cannot be allowed to happen. • The new health care law, or Obamacare, has set the stage for an explosion of debt. • Medicare will be bankrupt in the next 12 years, but Obama is ignoring the problem. Cassidy said America relies on private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. “Unfortunately, Obamacare makes all three of these unsustainable.” Cassidy said health care decisions should be made by the average family — not by Washington bureaucrats. “I grew up on Drusilla Lane. My family made a lot of health care decisions. I have seen nothing that suggests that Washington could make better health care de-

cisions than the average family can make. Certainly, no program in Washington saves money.” Regarding the economy, Congressman Cassidy held up a copy of the Oct. 18 edition of the Capital City News and pointed to the headline that says, “Coming Boom.” “This is amazing!” he said. “The solution to our problems is to grow the economy. Today our state is blessed with an abundance of natural gas, and this is Rep. Bill Cassidy creating enormous opportunities.” “Because of the abundance and low cost of natural gas, major industries are re-opening plants in Louisiana. You can tell a lot about the prosperity of a place by the number of cranes that are working.” “Obama acknowledges that natural gas adds to our economic rejuvenation but his policies endanger the production and use of natural gas.” “He would like to shut down coal-fired plants.” “The President slowed exploration on the outer continental shelf and has stopped drilling off the coast of Alaska.” “Hydraulic fracturing is very important to energy production but Obama’s EPA is less likely to encourage it.” Cassidy said the future will be bright if America and Louisiana in particular are allowed to develop their energy resources. “We actually have plants moving back to the United States from China — not because of labor costs but because of energy costs. We can’t compete with China on labor costs but our natural gas is very affordable.” See CASSIDY on Page 4


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CAPITAL CITY NEWS November 1, 2012 3

Grigsby: Merger Could Help Attack Crime

Unifying Sheriff, City Police Proposed Businessman Wants Honest Discussion of Pros & Cons

police systems. A news release gas have all unified their law enforcement from said, and cut crime as a result. “Unifying the two departments Research released by the campaign positive outcomes from cities who would mean greater efficiency and shows chose to merge and unify their police sysmore police officers on the streets tems. After police unification, Charlotte fighting crime.” saw a 45 percent decrease in crime, added The Fight, Not Fear group issued 200 officers and support personnel and saw an increase in police efficiency. Inthe following statement: FBI crime statistics show there has dianapolis witnessed a drop in murder of

Photo by Woody Jenkins

BATON ROUGE — Baton Rouge businessman Lane Grigsby said he wants an “honest and open dialogue and debate” on the pros and cons of merging the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office and the Baton Rouge Police Department. Grigsby, who paid $100,000 for a study of what happened when law enforcement agencies were unified in Charlotte, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Las Vegas, said a merger should save taxpayers’ dollars and reduce crime. “We are not talking about small savings or an insignificant drop in the crime rate. We’re talking about significant improvements,” he said. “Up until now, no one has really looked at how a merger would take place or what the effects would be in this parish.” Grigsby said merging the two agencies would take amendments to the City-Parish Plan of Government and changes in state law, possibly even a constitutional amendment. He said he is moving forward aggressively and will bring proposals to the Metro Council and the Louisiana Legislature. “The devil is in the details,”

SHERIFF SID GAUTREAUX would have responsibility for unified parishwide law enforcement under a plan being proposed by businessman Lane Grigsby.

Grigsby said. “We’re not talking about reinventing the wheel. This has already been done successfully.” Meanwhile, a group backed by Grigsby has launched an advertising campaign focused on the growing problem of violent crime in the area. The campaign, entitled “Fight, Not Fear” utilizes television, print, a web site and social media to draw public attention to the fact that crime in Baton Rouge is significantly outpacing similar-sized communities. The ad campaign calls for unification of the Parish’s two separate

been a 40 percent increase in the Baton Rouge murder rate over the past 10 years. Baton Rouge has a higher murder rate per capita than Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, and Washington, D.C. The violent crime rate and the property crime rate in Baton Rouge are higher than the rates for the nation and Louisiana, according to recent FBI statistics. Not isolated to any one neighborhood, the crime epidemic is spreading across the parish according to an article in The Advocate in March of this year. “As election day draws closer, it’s clear that the number one issue for voters in Baton Rouge is crime and the status quo is not working,” said spokesman Jay Connaughton. “City leaders are not delivering the results needed to protect the people.” The “Fight, Not Fear” campaign highlights the problems and inefficiencies created by the current system of policing. In June, WAFB reported that Baton Rouge Police and Fire departments are short by approximately 60 officers. “The problem of crime in Baton Rouge is real and growing,” said Connaughton. “How much worse does it have to get before city leaders are willing to consider true reform? Casually nibbling around the edges will not change the dangerous trajectory the city is on.” One reason for the growing area crime problem is that Baton Rouge has two separate police systems to service the same city. The result is double the bureaucracy and fewer officers on the streets of a city that is poised to become the crime capital of the country. Other cities across the U.S. have faced similar crime problems and cut crime by unifying their law enforcement. Charlotte, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Las Ve-

20 percent and saw decreased crime rates overall, quicker response times, and a reduction in murder, property crime and vehicle theft. After unifying, Louisville had double-digit decreases in crime, sworn officers moved out of administrative positions and onto the street, and residents gave high levels of approval to police services and felt safer in their neighborhoods. Post unification, Las Vegas went from ranking number one in crime to number 205. Overall crime dropped 36 percent and violent crime dropped 52 percent. They eliminated duplication of resources and improved efficiency. “In April of 2011, city leadership toyed with the concept of unification of law enforcement in Baton Rouge, but abandoned the concept without any study, serious consideration or opportunity for citizens to express their views on the subject.” “All the solutions to the crime problem should be on the table,” said Connaughton. “It’s time for the citizens of Baton Rouge to call on city officials to look at the facts and not be afraid to do the right thing.” The “Fight, Not Fear” campaign calls on citizens to reach out to leadership within the community and insist that Baton Rouge unify its law enforcement and deliver results. A feature on the “Fight, Not Fear” website allows residents to lobby their community leaders asking for unification of police forces in Baton Rouge. The “Fight, Not Fear” campaign originated with Lane Grigsby, a Baton Rouge resident and businessman, political activist and community leader. Grigsby views this campaign not as a political issue but one of protecting the future of his hometown. To learn more about police unification, visit

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4 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012

Government Is Burdening Future Generations

Photos by Woody Jenkins

Photos by Woody Jenkins

Cassidy: Our Biggest Problem Is Debt

CONGRESSMAN BILL CASSIDY with Scott McKay of The Hayride; Catherine Jenkins Wheeler, Cassidy Elizabeth Dent, Stacy Hudson, and Glenda Pollard; and Cassidy at new Chamber EBR.

Continued from Page 2

Regarding the terrorist attack on the U. S. consulate in Benghazi and the murder of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, Cassidy said emails sent during the attack show that it was not a demonstration against a video but a coordinated terrorist attack. “They cut off roads and carried rocket

grenades. The attack occurred on 9/11.” When asked whether Benghazi would be grounds for impeachment, Cassidy said it was too early to think of things like that. “I prefer not to speculate but I do know this. We learn from history. In the Battle of the Bulge, Eisenhower gathered his forces until he was

strong enough. You should never charge rashly ahead before you are ready!” When asked what he can do to effect the outcome of the election, Cassidy turned the question and said, “It’s not about what I can do but about what we can do. One of the most critical things is for you to call or email all of your friends

in the swing states and urge them to vote for Mitt Romney for President. At this point, the TV commercials don’t mean much but your personal influence with your friends and relatives could be the thing that sways their vote.” Cassidy has been endorsed in his reelection bid by the Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish.

Much at Stake In Key Races on Tuesday Ballot Continued from Page 1

President Kip Holden, is expected to lead an effort to reduce the size and cost of the City-Parish government if he is elected. The race for the Louisiana Supreme Court is particularly significant because the election of a conservative Republican to the court from the Baton Rouge area would give the court a solid 4-3 conservative majority. Chief Justice Kitty Kimball, who announced her retirement at the end of the year, is considered a more liberal member of the court. Five Republican judges are among eight candidates seeking the Supreme Court seat, and most experts predict a Republican victory, although Court of Appeal Judge John Michael Guidry, a Democrat, is also considered a formidable candidate. Besides President, Mayor-President, and state Supreme Court, the remaining voters in East Baton Rouge Parish will help choose a Court of Appeal Judge, two City Judges, several members of the Metro Council, City Constable, and the Ward 3 Constable for the Justice of the Peace Court. Voters will also decide the fate of nine proposed amendments to the Louisiana Constitution, a renewal of a Mosquito Control tax, and term limits for school board members. In East Baton Rouge Parish, there are four school districts — East Baton Rouge, Baker, Central, and Zachary — and voters in each school district will decide in a separate vote whether to impose term limits on school board members. If the referendum is approved in a district, board members would be limited to three four-year terms. On Tuesday, the polls will open

CAPITAL CITY NEWS November 1, 2012 5

Meet the Candidates in Tuesday’s Election ————————————— LOUISIANA SUPREME COURT ——————————————

Jeff Hughes Supreme Court

——— CONGRESS, 6th District ————

Bill Cassidy U.S. Congress 6th

Rufus Craig, Jr. U.S. Congress 6th

Richard Torregano U.S. Congress 6th

——— CITY JUDGE, Div. E ————

Tiffany Foxworth City Judge, Div. E

Cliff Ivey Suzan Ponder City Judge, Div. E City Judge, Div. E


Reginald Brown Constable

Tim Kelley Supreme Court

Carey Jenkins Ward 3

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Gideon Carter III Court of Appeal


Joel Boé Metro District 9

Ron Reynolds Ward 3

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Jeffry Sanford Supreme Court

Duke Welch Supreme Court

— CITY JUDGE, Div. C —

Joel Porter Alex Wall City Judge, Div. C City Judge, Div. C

Trudy White Court of Appeal

——— METRO COUNCIL, District 12 ————

Smokie Bourgeois Metro District 12

Rose Carey Metro District 12

John Delgado Metro District 12


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6 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012



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2012: A Year of Decision

DWAYNE BAILEY ENDORSED BY REPUBLICAN PARTY — The Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish today announced its endorsement of Dwayne Bailey for United States Congress from the 2nd Congressional District. The district, which is majority black, includes part of East Baton Rouge Parish. It is currently represented by Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-New Orleans). Bailey is a Republican leader from Ascension Parish.

‘Yes’ to Term Limits for EBR School Board 12 Years Should Be Enough for Member To Achieve Goals

Woody Jenkins

Editor, Capital City News

BATON ROUGE — Proponents of educational reform have made a major push to change the way public education works in Louisiana. Reforming local school boards has been an important part of that effort. On Tuesday, Nov. 6, voters across the state will get to have their say on one of the proposed reforms — term limits for school board members. At present, school board members can serve an unlimited number of four-year terms. Sometimes that has worked out

very well. For example, Mr. T. H. Montgomery represented Central on the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board for 42 years — the longest serving school board member in state history. He made an enormous contribution to public education over the Woody Jenkins years. But, all too often, long-serving school board members accumulate too much power and exercise undue influence over personnel and policy decisions. The purpose of term limits is to prevent the undue accumulation of political power in the hands of a few. The answer, of course, is to vote the #@&%’s out of office.

The problem is that politicians find ways to ensconce themselves in office in ways that make it impossible to vote them out of office, precisely because they have accumulated so much power. They may have gotten many of their supporters placed in the bureaucracy, creating a strong political force, or endeared themselves to government contractors who in turn fund their reelection campaigns. In any case, voters within the boundaries of the East Baton Rouge Parish school system will have the opportunity to vote on term limits for EBR school board members on Tuesday. Board members would be limited to three four-year terms. Voters in Baker, Central, and Zachary will vote separately. Here in Baton Rouge, term limits for EBR Board members seem like a very good idea indeed.

rels more than energy giant Russia is producing. The change agent driving the growing increase of oil production in the U.S. is the drilling and production of oil shale plays around the country. The good news is we have a huge upside for using shale oil to move the U.S. toward energy independence. The DOE estimates that in Woody Jenkins 2013 domestic oil production could Dan Juneau reach almost 11.5 million barrels a day, essentially tying us with Saudi Arabia as the world’s leading producer. Private analysts estimate that our national daily oil production could range between 13 to 15 million barrels by 2020. Five years ago, no one dreamed those production totals were possible. Ten years ago, the “experts” were spouting dire “peak oil” prophecies and lamenting energy-related national security problems. Rising oil production in and of itself will not make the U.S. energy independent. We still consume 18.7 million barrels of oil a day, but that figure is not rising. Increased fuel efficiency of vehicles and use of renewable and alternative fuel sources is helping to keep oil consumption in

check. The shale drilling explosion has also vastly expanded natural gas reserves in the U.S. The next logical step toward energy independence is using compressed natural gas as a fuel source for a greater percentage of vehicles on our roads. That would significantly reduce the importation of oil and make our nation less dependent on volatile sources such as the Middle East. The early completion of the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline would also make our energy picture more secure in the near future. Increased domestic oil production through expanded shale drilling does more than increase our energy security. It can be a huge driver of our economy. In fact, it already is. Some sources estimate that shale drilling will spawn well over a million new jobs

Republican Party of EBR Endorsements Nov. 6, 2012

President Vice President Congress, 2nd Congress, 6th PSC Mayor Supreme Ct. Ct. of Appeal City Judge City Constable Metro Council Metro Council J.P. Constable

Mitt Romney Paul Ryan Dwayne Bailey Bill Cassidy Scott Angelle Mike Walker Tim Kelley or Toni Higginbotham Mike McDonald Suzan Ponder Alester Jones Buddy Amoroso Smokie Bourgeois Carey Jenkins

Dan Juneau of LABI Says ‘Move Over Saudi Arabia!’ Dan Juneau

President, La. Assn. of Business & Industry

BATON ROUGE — Throughout my 40 years representing the business community—first with the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and then with LABI—I have been a student of energy issues and energy economics. I was in Lafayette when the streets were paved (figuratively speaking) with black gold; and I was there when the oil patch crashed and brought Louisiana down with it. I recall all the dire predictions of when “peak oil” would occur, and I have watched each of those predictions proven wrong. I thought I knew quite a bit about oil and gas and how that industry impacts the economy. Recently, along with many “experts,” I have learned how little I knew. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)—definitely not a cheerleader for the oil and gas industry in the current administration—recently forecast that the U.S. could soon overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s leading producer of oil. Wow! According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, our domestic production of oil and liquid hydrocarbons now totals 10.9 million barrels a day. That is less than 1 million barrels behind the Saudis and almost a million bar-

during the rest of this decade. Most of those jobs will be top-end though not all of them will be directly involved in exploration and production. Manufacturing, technology, and transportation are some of the areas where many Americans will find great jobs due to this new vista in energy development. This new reality positions Louisiana well to get its share of those new jobs. The sky is the limit when it comes to domestic energy production in the era of shale drilling. The biggest limiting factor is excessive government regulation. In the era of $3.50 gasoline and high unemployment, consumers aren’t going to be supportive of government fiats that drive up energy costs and kill jobs. Evidence of that may rise to the surface on November 6.

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CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012 7

Holden, Walker Far Apart on Crime Continued from Page 1

Department needs 70 new officers Walker said putting more officers on the streets is one of the keys to fighting violence. Crime and the Baton Rouge Police Department were recurring issues throughout the hour-long debate, which was held at the LSU Manship School of Mass Communications and sponsored by WAFB-TV. It was broadcast on cable Channel 16. The debate began with a question about a controversial commercial by Mike Walker on the use of Baton Rouge City Police to escort Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan from the New Orleans Airport to Southern University. The 30-second spot, which has aired on Baton Rouge television stations the past week showed a video clip of Minister Farrakhan thanking Holden for using Baton Rouge City Police to pick him up at the New Orleans Airport and escort him to Baton Rouge. In the debate, Holden said, “This is the kind of ad that divides people” by race. Independent candidates Gordon Mese and Steve Myers were also critical of the ad. But Mike Walker said, “This is not about race at all. It’s a very bad practice to escort private citizens around Baton Rouge. Our police officers are needed in the streets. They are not an escort service. This is a bad policy that needs to be changed.” Matt Kennedy of radio station

Gordon Mese, Independent for Mayor-President

Talk 107.3 told the candidates the Green Light Program has been good but the Interstate highways remain in gridlock. He asked for their solutions. Myers said there are inconveniences in life and that the focus needs to be on moving traffic. More turn lanes and turn signals would help, he said. “The Loop is pie in the sky” and not the answer, Myers said. Holden, the chief supporter of the Loop, said, “The Loop is very real. Fear mongers say it’s coming through my house. We’re still looking at the Northern Loop. We

A Tradition In Excellence

Steve Myers, Independent for Mayor-President

need at least a by-pass.” Walker said, “We can thank Tom Ed McHugh for the Pothole Tax. We’ve been increasing capacity, and we need to focus on moving traffic.” Walker said the problem is regional and that he will develop a relationship with parish presidents in surrounding parishes. Mese said the Loop is a 20th century solution to a 21st century problem. He said it would cost $4 billion and such money would be better spent on redevelopment of the Mid-City and North Baton Rouge areas.

Responding to a question from Stephanie Riegle of the Business Report, Holden, Walker, and Myers all said they opposed giving additional money to CATS, the Capital Area Transportation System, which operates the Baton Rouge bus company. Holden, who strongly supported the recent increase in the CATS property tax, said CATS has to have better efficiency and that CATS has made promises they are not fulfilling. Walker, an outspoken opponent of the CATS tax increase, said the tax should be repealed. “It was passed in a gerry-mandered district. It goes to a failing bus company. We should not subsidize it. These funds should be used to put more police officers on the streets.” Grant Yenni, an LSU student, returned the discussion to crime, and Walker said crime is the No. 1 issue. He said, “We do not have enough police officers. To illustrate this, 19 subdivisions in Baton Rouge have created special law enforcement districts and taxed themselves to provide more police patrols. We are not going to be ‘The Next Great City’ until we are a safe city.” When asked if there is a crime emergency, Holden said Walker is like Chicken Little, who says the sky is falling. “Putting officers on every street corner is not the answer.” Walker criticized Holden for holding up $4 million in law enforcement funds and not getting approval from Sheriff Sid GauSee MAYOR on Page 16

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8 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 Redemptorist High Homecoming BATON ROUGE — Miss Kristen Ashford was named the 2012 Redemptorist Homecoming Queen. She was crowned by the 2011 Homecoming Queen, Krysta Boatner. Krysta is the daughter of Thomasina and Dana Boatner. She is continuing her education at Baton Rouge Community College studying liberal arts. Krysta plans to further her education at Southern A&M University, majoring in nursing. • Freshman maid Ms. Stephanie Tassin is a member of the varsity cheerleading squad, an honor student, and was voted best personality last year by the 8th grade class. • Freshman maid Ms. Rebecca Armanini is a member of the basketball, soccer, and volleyball teams. Last year she was awarded most school spirit, the president’s award for excellence, the athletic award, the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation award, and the outstanding 8th grade Catholic Youth Award. Rebecca graduated 8th grade as the BETA president. She volunteers her time with her church youth group, YELP, and is an altar server and a lector for her church parish. • Sophomore maid Ms. July Arita is a member of the RHS softball team, the football manager, and a member of Best Buddies. • Sophomore maid Ms. Jayla Anderson is a second year member of the Varsity cheer squad, and a member of several clubs on campus including, music ministry, gospel choir, BETA Club, Best Buddies, and Campus Ministry. She is an honor student with a 4.0 GPA and served as the Freshman class president. Jayla is a member of the track and field team and received the award for exceeding 50 service hours last year. She volunteers her time with the St. Isidore Youth Group and the Diocesan Youth Board. • Junior maid Ms. Kayleigh Amos is a member of the varsity soccer team, BETA Club, Best Buddies, and campus ministry. She is a member of a competitive soccer league and volunteers

REDEMPTORIST HIGH Homecoming — 2011 Homecoming Redemptorist Queen Krysta Boatner and 2012 Homecoming Queen Kristen Ashford

2012 Redemptorist High Homecoming Photos by Woody Jenkins of Capital City News

her time coaching 5-6 year old soccer. Kayleigh visits the nursing home weekly, and is a high honor student with a 4.0 GPA. • Junior maid Ms. Courtney Gray is a JV and Varsity volleyball player and a member of the Varsity Cheer Squad. She has been a member of the Wolfettes basketball dance for two

Complete Glass Service Emergency Service

years and is a member of the choir. Courtney volunteers her time outside of school, visiting the nursing home during the holidays. She has been volunteering in her church as a liturgical dancer since the age of three. • Junior maid Ms. Dominique Nash is a JV and varsity volleyball player and received the 2011-2012 volleyball coach’s award. She is a member of the Wolfette basketball dance. Dominique serves as the treasurer of Best Buddies and is a part of the campus ministry team and Gospel choir. She is a member of the Knights of Peter Claver Junior Daughters where she holds the position of Vice Grand Lady. Dominique has volunteered her time with the Sickle Cell Anemia Bowling bash,

reading to the children in the Children’s Hospital, and Baton Rouge General. • Junior maid Ms. Lindsey Schexnayder is a member of the varsity cheer squad, peer ministry, BETA club, yearbook staff, and Best Buddies. She is a high honor student with a 4.0 GPA. • Senior maid Ms. Jandy Aguillard has been a member of the volleyball team for four years, and the soccer team for two. She is an honor student who is involved in several clubs including Best Buddies, peer ministry, campus ministry, and yearbook. To her volleyball team, thanks for the sportsmanship, leadership, understanding, and yes the bruises. • Senior maid Ms. Kristen Ashford is a member of the Wolfette Dance Team, and is the team’s captain. She has been a member of the soccer team and the track team, and has danced at Brittany’s School of Dance for 13 years. She is serving as the vice president of Best Buddies, the president of the Beta Club, a student ambassador, a member of the Hunting and Fishing Club, National Honor Society, campus and peer ministry, Student Council, and Students for Life. Outside of school Kristen enjoys dancing, hunting and fishing, and camping. She volunteers her time at vacation bible school, St. James nursing home, the Food Bank, and Holy Family’s children mass. Kristen has received a number of awards in and out of school including best in Wolfettes for the years 2011 and 2012, the 2012 Silver Timberwolf Award, Most Improved in Soccer 2012, UDA All American Award, and district governor for Beta District 7. She is a high honor student. • Senior maid Ms. Clarke Evans is a member of the RHS National Honor Society, Beta Club, Best Buddies, Gospel Choir, Campus Ministry, Peer Ministry, Student Council, and is co-editor of the yearbook staff. She is a member of the National Society of High School Scholars. She is a member of the RHS Tennis team and the United States Tennis Association. Clarke is a competitive pianist and has competed in the Heritage Piano Festival and won the DeBose National Piano Competition. • Senior maid Ms. Krystal Holmes is a member of the RHS varsity volleyball team and has danced on the Wolfettes basketball dance team for two years. She is involved in Campus Ministry, Best Buddies, and the Gospel

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CAPITAL CITY NEWS November 1, 2012 9

Rebecca and Michael Armanini

Stephanie and Stephen Tassin

Jayla Anderson and Earnest Smith Jr.

July and Jose Arita

Kayleigh and Brandon Amos

Dominique and Zeka Nash

Lindsey and Brice Schexnayder

Jandy Aguillard and her father

Kristen and Mike Ashford

Clarke Evans and Burnell Broadway

Krystal Holmes and Henry Carter

Choir. She is a member of the Knights of Peter Claver Junior Daughters and St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church and currently holds the position as Grand Lady of Court 12. She received an award from Gov. Kathleen Blanco at Youth Legislature and was able to become “Governor for a Day”. She has attended a dance intensive at the New Orleans Center for the Create Arts and has danced in three productions for the FAME icon, Debbie Allen. Outside of these activities, Krystal has volunteered her time at the sickle cell anemia bowling bash, visited the elderly, and read to the children at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.

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10 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012

Central Wins 5th Straight District 4-5A Gridiron Classic Leaves Central No. 7 in State in Power Ranking Woody Jenkins

Editor, Capital City News

CENTRAL — In a classic showdown for the District 4-5A Championship last Friday night, the Scotlandville Hornets dominated the Central Wildcats in the first half. Fortunately for Central, the Hornets led at half time by only 13-0, although the game seemed more one-sided than that. Nevertheless, the Wildcats battled back in the second half, showing a lot of emotion, especially after two key fumble recoveries, and won the game and the District Title by a narrow 26-25 margin. One memorable tackle by Central’s Dillon Brumfield made a pop heard throughout Wildcat Stadium. Brumfield hit the Hornet quarterback so hard that Brumfield’s helmet cracked, and he had to scramble to borrow a replacement helmet from a teammate. Central head coach Sid Edwards said Scotlandville was an impressive team with a good game plan. “I told our team Scotlandville would play with a lot of emotion, and they did.” “I told our guys no lead would

Thomas Eddlemon, Corey Guercio, a

The Wildcats waiting to take the field

be safe, and no deficit too large to overcome. The game went back and forth. Fortunately, we had the ball last!” he said. Both teams entered the game 3-0 in district play. Now Central is 8-1, 4-0 in district, and ranked No. 7 in the state in power ratings. The victory included three touchdowns by senior running back Lamonte Janeau and an outstanding performance by the offensive line. Coach Sid commended the

coaching staff, especially defensive coordinator Ken Hilton, who led the Hornets as head coach until this season. Edwards commended quarterback Brett Courville, whom he said is deserving of consideration for All-State honors, and several others: • Jake Myers, who had an outstanding night blocking • Gary Triplett, who had several crucial receptions

Wildcat defense at work against Scotlan

• Devon Gales, who had several beautiful blocks • Kevin Henry, who made a huge play • Thomas Eddlemon, Tony Ragusa, John Milton, Ashton Stokes, Dalton Holmon, and Corey Guercio, all of whom had great games against the big boys. With less than five minutes left in the game, Central was behind 25-19, when it scored the winning touchdown.

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CAPITAL CITY NEWS November 1, 2012 11

Title with 26-25 Win Over Scotlandville

and John Milton close in on the runner


Devon Gales

Dillon Brumfield

Coach Sid Edwards

Lamonte Janeau scored three touchdowns

HHH Live Oak at Home. Although Central has cinched the District Championship, it has one hone remaining regular season game — against rival Live Oak this Friday night at home. The Live Oak game has all the makings of a potential upset. Central has dominated Live Oak in recent years, but this is a completely different Live Oak team. They proved that last week when they upset Zachary. Coach Sid is very concerned

Coach Sid Edwards and Coach Eric Randall

Central 26, Scotlandville 25

Central (8-1) wins District 4-5A Championship

Photos by Woody Jenkins of Capital City News Next Game: Live Oak at Central • 7 p.m Friday • Pink Out

about Live Oak. “This game could be a trap for us. Our guys have no experience with a Live Oak team that is this good. In the first game of the season, Live Oak played Livonia, the No. 3 team in the state in 3A and narrowly lost 7-6. The

only reason Livonia scored is that Live Oak fumbled on its own one.” “Live Oak played a good game against No. 3 ranked U-High. At one point, Live Oak was ahead by two touchdowns. Against Denham Springs, Live Oak and Denham

were tied 0-0 until 40 seconds left in the first half. Scotlandville only beat Live Oak 20-14, and Live Oak was threatening at the Scotlandville 25 yard line at the end of the game. Then they had a solid victory over Zachary 21-7. Live Oak is like us — they’re a team with a lot of heart, gritty, hard-nosed, and fighting to the end.” Coach Sid said Friday will be a Pink Game at Wildcat Stadium. Donations will go to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center.



hen Cliff Ivey dedicated his entire life to our community, he had no idea he would someday be seeking a seat on the Baton Rouge City Court. Cliff was born and raised here, lives only a few blocks from his childhood home in Kenilworth, attended Runnels and McKinley Middle Schools and graduated from McKinley Senior High School.

Cliff also served as a law enforcement officer with the Baton Rouge Police Department and the Pointe Coupee and West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Offices. Cliff understands from real, on-the-job experience what it means to serve and protect our community and our families. P.O. Box 80717 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70898

Final score

12 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 Parkview Homecoming Court

2012 Homecoming — Queen Jessica Breaux, Homecoming King Tyler Fontenot, and 2011 Queen Chelsea Rentz. Senior Maid Rebecca Tatum and her dad Jim Tatum.

BATON ROUGE — Miss Jessica Breaux was named the 2012 Parkview Baptist Homecoming Queen. She was crowned by the 2011 Homecoming Queen, Chelsea Rentz. Chelsea is a freshman at LSU where she is studying to earn a degree in Child and Fam-


ily Studies with the thought of getting her master’s in social work. She participates in the Hub at LSU, loves hunting, and enjoys spending time with family and friends. • Freshman maid Kelly Luong is the daughter of Lisa and Mike Lu-

ong. Kelly is an active member of Parkview’s tennis team and a member of the French Club. Her outside hobbies and interests include reading, playing piano, cooking, and going to the beach. • Freshman maid Cameron Small





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is the daughter of Beth and Kyle Rogers and Brett Boudreaux. She’s competed with Louisiana Cheer Force for the last seven years, and this is her first year cheering at Parkview. Cameron’s a member of the International Club and enjoys spending time with friends. • Sophomore maid Kacie Phillipe is the daughter of Devin and Cherron Phillipe. She is a member of the French Club, Beta Club, and FCA. Kacie has been a cheerleader since fifth grade, and she runs track. She especially enjoys spending time with her family and friends. • Sophomore maid Krisya Recinos is the daughter of Roberto and Thelma Recinos. She’s an active member of the Spanish Club, British Culture Club, Beta Club. Krisya is the principal clarinet player in the band. She enjoys reading, music, taking care of her pets, and serving as a witness for Christ in the community. • Junior maid Haley Loyacano is the daughter of Gene and Jan Loyacano and Lori and Gary Perkins. She serves the community as a member of PBSU and Beta Club, and is a member of the Spanish Club. Haley enjoys playing tennis, hunting, competing in pageants, spending time with friends and family, and going to church. • Junior maid Jessica Perkins, the daughter of Mike and Cora Perkins, is this year’s chaplain for the Class of 2014. For the last three years, she’s been a member of the Silver Steppers and the PBS Drama Club. Jessica enjoys spending time with her friends and spending time with her family. • Junior maid Lexie Taylor is the daughter of James and Linda Taylor. She enjoys spending time with friends, going to the beach, and

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Claire Kubelka and Tyler Fontenot

CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012 13

Freshman Kelly Luong and Mike Luong

Freshman Carmeron Small and Kyle Rogers

Sophomore Kacie Phillipe and Devin Phillipe

Sophomore Krisya Recinos and Roberto Recinos

Junior Haley Loyacano and Gene Loyacano

Junior Jessica Perkins and Mike Perkins

Junior Lexie Taylor and James Taylor

Senior Taylor Causey and Michael Causey

Senior Jenna Griffin and Dr. Jeff Griffin

spending time with family. Lexie’s a three-year member of the volleyball team and this year she has joined the Spanish Club and FCA. • Senior maid Jessica Breaux is the daughter of Darrin and Jennifer Breaux. She’s led worship as part of the high school’s Praise Band for the last four years and has performed in the Spring Musical for the last three. Jessica is a member of the Beta Club and the Drama Club, too. She enjoys singing, spending time with friends and family. • Senior maid Taylor Causey is the daughter of Michael and Carmella Causey. She’s a four-year member of the youth group at Parkview Baptist Church and is serving this year as a member of its leadership team. Taylor’s vice-president of the Art Club and is a member the Beta Club and Book Club too. She enjoys drawing and painting, reading, watching Disney movies, and “Pinteresting.” Taylor plans to attend either Centenary or Baylor and wants to major in either zoology or marine biology. • Senior maid Jenna Griffin is the daughter of Dr. Jeff and Pamela Griffin. She is a member of the Beta


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Parkview Baptist Homecoming Friday, October 19, 2012 • Photos by Woody Jenkins

Club and FCA. Jenna enjoys going to church at Istrouma Baptist, going to the movies, staying active, and baking sweets. She plans to attend LSU next fall. • Senior maid Rebecca Tatum is

the daughter of Jim and Julie Tatum. She’s a member of Istrouma’s youth group, the secretary of FCA, and a PBS Ambassador. Rebecca’s a threeyear member of the Beta Club, a twoyear member of the Spanish Club and

tennis team, and a four-year member of the Art Club and the PBS volleyball team. She enjoys shopping, travelling, snow skiing, fishing, and spending time with her dad. She plans to attend either LSU or Tulane in the fall to pursue a career in medicine. • Crown bearer Miss Claire Kubelka is the daughter of Kris and Tammie Kubelka. Claire was escorted by the 2012 Homecoming King, Tyler Fontenot.

Clerk of Court Doug Welborn supports Judge Duke Welch “Judge Duke Welch is one of the fairest individuals I have ever known. He will be a terrific Supreme Court Justice.” - Clerk of Court Doug Welborn


Paid for by the Judge Duke Welch for Supreme Cour t Campaign 3 22915 Sunnyside Lane Zachary, LA 70791

14 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012

Central High School Homecoming Court

Central High 2012 Homecoming Queen Breigh Allen with 2012 Queen Garilon Triplett and principal Bob Wales; at right with parents Sara and Danny Allen.

Senior Hannah & Ray Ashford

Senior Kassidy & Rocky Bezet

Senior Shelby & Randy Breckwoldt

Senior Victoria & Allen Dixon

Senior Crystal & Ragan Rankin

Junior Blaire & Duane Bauer

Continued on Page 17

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CAPITAL CITY NEWS November 1, 2012 15

What’s Happening Around Capital City BATON ROUGE — Events coming up in and around the Capital City: Thursday, November 8 Veterans Day Service • 7 p.m. The City of Central will honor those who have served our country at Grace UPC, 13845 Hooper Road. Friday, November 9 Blue Tie Service • 9 a.m. Everyone is invited to the 3rd Annual Blue Tie Service being held at Central Private School. Guest speakers are Central Middle student Micah Barnett; Gold Star family of 1st Lt. Christopher Barnett; graduate of Central Private and wounded warrior, Bobby Westbrook, and Claudia Billiot, a veteran and Gold Star Sister of SPC Marisol Heredia. Blue Star and Gold Star families will be present. Saturday, November 10 Shoe Box Packing Party 9 a.m. to 12 noon The 3rd Annual Operation Christmas Child She Box packing party will be held at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church. We invite the community to help pack shoe box gifts that will be sent around the world. If you would like to donate items visit to view a complete list-

High School Football In Coverage Area Friday, Nov. 2 Broadmoor at St. Michael Catholic at Dutchtown Live Oak at Central Christian Life at Archbishop Hannan Dunham at Episcopal McKinley at Woodlawn Redemptorist at University Lab Tara at Belaire

Holliday Seeks PSC Seat Held By Jimmy Field

Central Community Theatre Presents:

The Little Mermaid Jr. BREC Independence Park Theatre Friday, Nov. 9, 7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 11, 2 & 7 p.m. School Show Friday, Nov. 9, 9:30 a.m. For tickets call 216-0660 or visit ing of items. For information, call 261-2246. Greenwell Springs Baptist will be serving as an Operation Christmas Child Relay Center Nov.

12 through 19. Go to for hours when you can drop off your gift-filled shoeboxes.

CENTRAL — The City of Central Republican Municipal Executive Committee has voted to endorse candidates in the election scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 6. Central Republican chairman Jr. Shelton announced the endorsements Wednesday afternoon. Candidates receiving the party’s recommendation were: • President — Mitt Romney • Vice President — Paul Ryan • Mayor-President — Mike

Walker • Supreme Court — Tim Kelley and Toni Higginbotham • Court of Appeal — Mike McDonald • Public Service Commission — Scott Angelle Members of the Republican Municipal Executive Committee are Jr. Shelton, chairman; Brennan Easley; Harry Rawls; Dr. Kim Fralick; Ted McCulley; Vince Dileo, Sr., Jim Lloyd, and Mike Mannino.

Central Republicans Endorse Candidates in Nov. 6 Election

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Capital City News • Central City News 910 N. Foster Dr. • Baton Rouge, LA 70806 • 225-261-5055 •

BATON ROUGE — Sarah Holliday, Republican, Baton Rouge, defines herself as a Christian, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and small business owner. A native of East Feliciana Parish, she serves as Louisiana Federation of Republican Women Vice President for Region 6. She is the lead charter member and president of Capital City Republican Women, Holliday and a Commissioner for the Planning & Zoning Commission. Ms. Holliday said, “I am running for Public Service Commissioner because I want to ensure a regulatory balance that enables utilities to provide customers with safe, adequate and reliable service, at rates that are just and reasonable.” “I will advocate for greater transparency and public accountability as well as stabilizing low cost energy; protecting the interest of all Louisiana rate payers; and reducing high energy bills for families and businesses; efficient energy solutions; and expand job opportunities. I will also advocate for more efficient services in the rural parishes and encourage the development of technology”. She said she wants to add some honesty and integrity to the political process, which is being undermined by politicians and their donors.

16 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reunion of Sid Edwards’ RedemptoristTeams

BATON ROUGE — Last Thursday’s Homecoming ceremonies at Redemptorist High School included a special tribute to alumni who played football for the Wolves over the years. Prior to the game, members of the 2002 Redemptorist State Championship football team gathered for a reunion along with head coach Sid Edwards and other members of the coaching staff. The 2002 team was joined by other Redemptorist players who were coached by Coach Sid, who is now head coach at Central. Edwards coached Redemptorist to one state basketball and two state football championships.

Mayor-President Debate Centered Around Crime Issue Continued from Page 7

treaux. Holden countered by saying he was just abiding by the law. Greg Merriweather of WAFBTV asked Walker about Holden using a detail of City Police to provide protection for himself. Walker said, “I drive myself to work everyday. Crime is so bad but the Mayor uses all these officers as his bodyguards. How much have we spent on security for the Mayor? There are three or four police officers surrounding the Mayor everywhere he goes.” Stephanie Riegle asked Holden about his relationship with other public officials who had originally supported him. “What happened?” she asked. Holden said, “Ask Walker. As to the Sheriff, I laid out the law. Hillar Moore and I are doing fine.”

When Riegle asked about his relationship with Metro Council members, Holden said, “It depends on the day.” Many Council members have complained the Mayor is difficult to work with or unavailable. Myers said a vote for him will be a vote for civil rights, lower taxes and making Baton Rouge a better place to live. “It’s time for a change. We need fresh eyes. Someone competent, capable, independent. Remember, a vote for your principles is never a wasted vote.” Holden criticized Walker, saying, “He has no track record, no solutions. He doesn’t give people credit for having common sense. We have come too far to turn around now.” Mese said, “My family has lived

BREC WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! Jackson Community Park Planning Meeting Nov. 1 from 4-7 p.m. 12250 Sullivan Road BREC will hold a community forum to gain input from you for the proposed redevelopment of Jackson Park. BREC Planning and Engineering staff will discuss the proposed plan, get your ideas and ask you to fill out a survey to help us improve your park. For more information, call 225-272-9200 or visit

here for over a century. My degrees are in planning. We’re going into a runoff. The question is, who can cross party and racial lines?” He said Walker is incapable of beating Holden and should withdraw. Walker asked, “Is this a safe city? Are changes needed? Which

candidate are you most comfortable with?” Walker said he has been faithful and will continue to be faithful to God, the country, his family, and the citizens of the parish. “If you want to make a change, then help me next Tuesday,” he said.

CENTRAL — The Central Community School System has been awarded a $50,000 grant to launch a new Industrial Electrician Certification Program. The program will be open to students at Central High School during the day and to students and members of the community during the evening. Classes will be held at the Career Technology Lab at the new Central Middle School. Supt. Mike Faulk said the school system is grateful for the grant from the Associated Builders & Contractors. Faulk said, “This is the kind of program which will provide a qualified work force in or near the Central area for the years ahead.”

The program is scheduled to begin in the spring semester. Supt. Faulk plans to survey students to determine their interest. Central High already offers a welding certification program. High school students will probably take the course two hours a day, while night students will take the course three hours a night three nights a week. The course will be one semester long at first and will expand to two semesters in the fall, he said. At the end of the course, students will be eligible to take certification tests. For more information, contact the Central Community School System at 225-262-1919.

Central to Launch Classes For Electrician Certificate

Walker Drawing Unexpected Support Continued from Page 1

tious and at odds with the other public officials that a Mayor-President of us being together.’” Addison, who is completing his has to work with, such as the Metro third four-year term, said he has Council, the Sheriff, and the D.A. known Mike Walker for more than We need a Mayor who will embrace 20 years and that they have worked other people and work with them to closely together on the Metro Coun- get things done.” “If you disagree with the Mayor cil for the past 12 years. “Mike Walker is a very hard on anything, he shuts you out. I like worker. What you see is what you Mike Walker because he reaches get. He tells you where he stands. across races, incomes, and politics He tries to find common ground and works with people.” and to make the situation better. I Addison said he has been watchbelieve that, as Mayor-President, ing the political commercials. “The he would hit the issues head-on, Mayor says we are first in this and especially crime and infrastructure first in that, but that’s not the way — roads, bridges, and the sewer people here feel. Whether it is edusystem. We have some very serious cation, crime, or employment, we problems, such as the sewer sys- are nowhere near where we need to tem, which has ballooned under the be. And the murder rate is indisputcurrent Mayor from $686 million able.” to $1.4 billion with no explanation “We really need to move the CityParish in a different direction. As from the Mayor.” “We passed the Green Light Pro- an African-American leader, I want gram but we still don’t have traffic a better Baton Rouge. We can do that with all races and all parties if moving in the right direction.” Regarding Mayor-President Kip they meet us half way. I want us to Holden, Councilman Addison said get away from racial politics. Mike the public has a completely distort- Walker will do that.” ed impression. “People have the Addison said a number of key impression that he is very friendly black leaders will be publicly exbut that is not the case at all. Be- pressing their support for Walker hind the scenes, he is very conten- between now and election day.

CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012 17

More Central High Homecoming Court

Junior Mallory & Eric Burns

Junior Jordan & Philip Guay

Junior Maggie Milstead & Darryl Shaffer

Sophomore Tobi & Matt Baudry

Sophomore Morgan & Guy Blanchard Continued from Page 14

Sophomore Yuri Ma & Billy Pryor

Sophomore Rebekah & Dale Phillips

Freshman Payton & John Coxe

Freshman McKenzie & Brian Knapps

Freshman Serenity & John Lanclos

CENTRAL — Miss Breigh Allen was named the 2012 Central High School Homecoming Queen in ceremonies at Wildcat Stadium. She was crowned by the 2011 Homecoming Queen, Garilon Triplett. The members of the court were: • Miss Payton Michelle Coxe is a freshman and a first year member of the court. She is a freshman cheerleader at Central High School. • Miss McKenzie Knapps is a freshman and a first year member of the court. She enjoys singing, writing music, hunting, fishing, playing basketball, and playing the guitar. McKenzie says music is her life but God is her everything. • Miss Serenity Lanclos is a freshman and a first year member of the court. She enjoys dancing and spending time with her friends. • Miss Tobi Baudry is a sophomore and a second year member of the court. She is a member of the varsity girls’ soccer team, junior varsity cheer squad, and the 10th grade leadership team. • Miss Morgan Blanchard is a sophomore and a first year member of the court. She is a member of the Beta Club, youth and government, 10th grade leadership team, and the JV cheer squad. • Miss Yuri Ma. Yuri is a sophomore and a first year member of the court. She is honored to be a part of this year’s court. She is attending CHS as a part of the student exchange program. Her host parents are Danny

and Sara Allen. Yuri enjoys playing the piano and cooking. Her favorite pastimes are spending time with friends and eating chocolate. • Miss Rebekah Ann Phillips is a sophomore and a first year member of the court. She is a second year member of the Best Buddies Club. Rebekah is an active member of the Youth Department and dedicated member of Comite Baptist Church. • Miss Blaire Bauer is a junior and a second year member of the court. She is a member of the varsity cheer squad, the Beta Club, and Best Buddies. • Miss Mallory Burns is a junior and a second year member of the court. She is a member of the varsity cheer team and the CHS track team. Mallory is a member of the Beta Club and Board Games Club. • Miss Jordan Gauy is a junior and a first year member of the court and a varsity cheerleader. • Miss Maggie Milstead is a junior and a first year member of the court. She is a member of the CHS Kittens dance team. • Miss Breigh Anne Allen is a senior and a third year member of the court. Breigh maintains a 4.0 GPA and is the president of Student Council and the Best Buddies Club. She is a member of the Beta Club and Youth in Government. • Miss Hannah Rae Ashford is a senior and a second year member of the court. She is a member and captain of the CHS Kittens dance team. Hannah is senior class vice president, a member of the Beta Club, a member

of the CODA Dance Studio, and an active member of Journey Church. • Miss Kassidy Bezet is a senior and a first year member of the court. She is a member of the Best Buddies and the Bible Club. Kassidy is an active member of The Rock Church. • Miss Shelby Breckwoldt is a senior and a first year member of the court. She is the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad, treasurer of the Senior Class of 2013, and treasurer of the Student Council. Shelby is a member of the Beta Club and Best Buddies.

• Miss Victoria Dixon is a senior and a first year member of the court. She is secretary of the Beta Club and an active member of Central Community Theatre. Victoria is a member of FCS, Bible Club, and Central High’s Thespian Troupe. • Miss Crystal Rankin is a senior and a first year member of the court. She is a member of the soccer team, the Student Lighthouse team, and Fellowship of Christian Students. Crystal is an active member of the Zoar Baptist Youth Group.

CHS Homecoming Friday, October 26, 2012 • Wildcat Stadium Photos by Woody Jenkins

18 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012

No. 1-Ranked Parkview Baptist School

Parkview Baptist band and players take a moment to reflect before the game against Glen Oaks

Sam O’Brien, Jacob Ruffin, and Jackson Ferriss

Parkview Baptist cheerleaders

Parkview homecoming mom

Parkview Baptist

Parkview Baptist Eagles take the field

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Parkview 63 Glen Oaks 0 Photo Essay by Ron Moore © 2012 by

CAPITAL CITY NEWS November 1, 2012 19

Takes Prep Football to a Higher Level

Coach Kenny Guillot

Quarterback Brennan Bozeman and the offense

Peyton Cochran

Parkview’s defensive line

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20 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, November 1, 2012

Steve Myers for Mayor-President

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capital city news 11-01-12  

capital city news 11-01-12

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