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Netflix Signs Streaming Deal with Relativity Media, Beats HBO, Showtime, Max Addy Dugdale (Fast Company) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:28:43 AM

HBO, Showtime and Starz, consider this a warning. Netflix and Relativity have just announced a deal that will see all first-run theatrical releases from the production company available via streaming to Netflix subscribers, just months after their release on DVD. It's a bit of a coup for the mail order 'n' mobile-streaming service, as it will give its 13 million subscribers access to new(ish) films before they're viewed on pay TV. Under the terms of the agreement, Netflix gets licensing rights to all movies for which Relativity Media controls distribution--that's 14 films over the next 12 months. What all industry insiders are begging to know is this: How much did

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Netflix pay for the priviledge? Given that the deal basically cuts out TV's first hands-on with the movies, expect it to be around the same amount that HBO and Co. pay the studios each year--estimated to be around $100 million. The signs have been there for some time--after all, the

are unimpressed by the deal, for several reasons. Relativity is not a major player on the studio front--it has limited distribution rights, and despite the appearance of major-league movie stars such as Nicolas Cage and Christian Bale, most of its movies up until this year were either joint productions or co-finance jobs. The Netflix-Relativity deal won't change the face of movies or pay TV as we know it, as Relativity is a relatively minor player in Hollywood. The Wrap's Sharon Waxman, announcement comes just two and bypassing DVD release in h o w e v e r , e x h o r t s m e d i a months after the FCC ruled that f a v o r o f s t r a i g h t t o T V watchers to fast-forward to film releases could be released blockbusters, that will be 2015, when it's time for the pay o v e r s e c u r e T V , a f t e r a n screened in viewers homes just TV firms to renegotiate their application by the Motion one month after their cinema deals with the Hollywood Picture Association of America. release date. studios. But five years is a long And Time-Warner is already on It is no secret that Netflix has time away--YouTube, don't the case of way, way future long had designs on the pay TV forget, was only founded in negotiations, as FastCompany market. Some commentators, February 2005. reported a couple months back, such as Deadline's Nikki Finke,


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MBA Mondays: Currency Risk In A Business Fred Wilson (Business Insider)

beginning of the year. At that time, the exchange rate was about .7 euros to 1 dollar. So Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:00:00 AM your business was generating I'm in Europe this week, using 1.4mm euros in revenues. Since euros for everything instead of the start of the year, the euro dollars. So I thought it would be has dropped and now you get .8 an appropriate time to talk about euros for every dollar. So if your currency risk in a business. business is still generating When you have a business that 1.4mm euros in revenues, that is only generates revenues in your now only $1.75mm dollars of local currency, you don't have to revenue per year. You are still concern yourself with the selling just as much in euros, fluctuations of one currency but your annual revenues in versus another. But if you start dollars has dropped $250,000 in generating revenues in other s i x m o n t h s . T h a t i s h o w currencies, or if you open an currency fluctuations can impact office outside of your country a business. and start generating expenses in Let's do the same analysis, but other currencies, you will have this time with expenses. If at the to start thinking about currency start of the year, you had $2mm risk. in annual expenses in a euros First, let's talk a little about because you have an office in c u r r e n c i e s a n d h o w t h e y Europe with employees, rent, fluctuate against each other. etc, then you had 1.4mm euros Since I'm spending euros this in annual expenses. By June of week, let's look at the past 120 this year, those expenses have days of price action in dollar/ dropped to $1.75mm, saving euro: your company $250,000 in So let's say that 20% of your annual expenses. company's revenues are euro What this example shows is the denominated. And let's say that primary lesson of currency risk your business is doing $10mm a in business. It is ideal to have year in revenues. So about y o u r f o r e i g n c u r r e n c y $2mm in US dollars of your denominated expenses and revenue is in euros. And let's revenues be as close to each say that was the case at the other as possible. Because if you

currency risks are not going to be something to worry at the start of the business. But we see most of our portfolio companies start thinking about international expansion about five years into the development of their business. They open an office outside the US and start generating non dollar denominated expenses. In time, they start generating non dollar denominated revenues. At some point, these amounts become can do that, they are a natural currency denominated revenues significant and the CFO has to hedge. If our examples are and/or expenses are in the tens start thinking about currency combined, and you have $2mm of millions of dollars or more, risk. If you get to that point in of revenues and $2mm of then you can hedge the risk. As your business, think of it as a expenses in euros (a breakeven I explained in last week's post, good sign. Something to business in euros), then your there are a number of hedging manage for sure, but a sign that profits will not be impacted by strategies that you can put in the business is on the right currency fluctuations. Your place to manage this risk. There trajectory. revenues might go up or down, are currency desks at the major Fred Wilson is a partner at b u t y o u r p r o f i t s w i l l b e money center banks and global Union Square Ventures. He immune. brokerage firms that specialize writes the influential A VC, If you cannot match foreign in hedging currency risk for where this post was originally currency denominated revenues companies and they will be published. and expenses, then you will happy to put in place currency Join the conversation about this have risk to your business. If the h e d g e s f o r y o u . H e d g i n g story » foreign currency revenues and/ currency risk can get expensive, See Also: or expenses are small (measured which is why I don't recommend • MBA Mondays: Risk And in the millions or less), then it for small companies, but for Return you should not do anything l a r g e c o m p a n i e s w i t h • MBA Mondays: Budgeting In about this risk. Just understand significant currency risk, it is A Growing Company that you have the risk and live standard business practice and • MBA Monday: Key Business with it. it is very common. Metrics But if your unmatched foreign For many entrepreneurs,

Science of Sex Appeal Videos (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:00:00 AM

(more info) Religion and the Attack On the Five Filters featured article: Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available Headshot - Propaganda, State tools: PDF Newspaper, Full

Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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If Your Company Went Out of Business, Would Anybody Notice? William Taylor (Fast Company) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:29:53 AM

One of the truly jarring dimensions of the Great Recession is the death sentence it has imposed on of hundreds of brands, even whole companies, that were once familiar parts of the business landscape--not just bankruptcies, but liquidations and flat-out disappearances. Once-proud automobile nameplates, including GM's Oldsmobile and Pontiac, and Ford's Mercury, have become history. The ghosts of onceprominent (and now liquidated) retailers, from Circuit City to Virgin Megastores to Linens N Things, haunt shopping malls from coast to coast. And then there are the obituaries for so many newspapers, including the Rocky Mountain News and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and many more too depressing to list. The fact that "going out of business" has become such a growth business got me thinking about a question I heard years ago from advertising legend Roy Spence, cofounder of GSD&M, who told me he heard it from strategy guru Jim Collins. Whomever the original source, it's a question I've posed time and again to organizations

and their leaders who are searching for the courage to make big positive change in tough economic times. The question is as profound as it is simple--and it's worth taking seriously as you evaluate your approach to strategy, competition, and innovation. Here it is: If your company went out of business tomorrow, would anybody really miss you and why? Think about it for a moment. Why might a company be missed? First, because it's providing a product or service

so unique that it can't be provided nearly as well by the five or six other companies that are its main rivals. BMW falls into this camp, maybe RitzCarlton and Emirates Airlines. But really, how many products or service do you know for which this is true? Your car? Your dishwasher? Your mutual funds? Your credit cards? In all of these categories, aren't there plenty of pretty-good alternatives to whatever choice you're making today? Second, a company might be

missed because it has created a workplace so dynamic and energetic that most employees would be hard-pressed to find a similar environment somewhere else. To be sure, in this brutal economy, having any job beats being jobless. But how many places have you worked in, or how many workplaces do you know of, where folks are so fired up to report for duty on Monday morning that if they had to go find a new job on Tuesday morning they'd miss their old surroundings? These

days, the only thing lower than customer satisfaction is employee satisfaction. Finally, a company might be missed because it has forged a uniquely emotional connection with customers that other companies can't replicate. That is, a relationship based not just on the economic value it has to offer, but the values with which it conducts itself. Apple is an obvious passion brand in the performance-obsessed YOUR page 6



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Groupon Competitors, Clones, And Cousins Are Growing Insanely Quickly Jim Moran (Business Insider)

fragmented, there are some returns to scale favoring the larger players. The Daily Deal competitive Deals per Year. The sales, landscape is an extremely customer service and content intense land grab for email costs for creating a new and subscribers. Here we review exciting offer every day can be some of the fastest growing new time consuming, especially entrants, and explore the keys to across multiple cities. their continued growth. The Commission %. While Challengers Groupon’s commission typically There is no shortage of entrants range from 30-50%, newer in the daily deal space, however, players with smaller distribution several have begun to may experience margin accelerate: DealOn(143K), KGB compression as competition Deals(97K), HomeRun(135K), Commission % * Deals Per importantly, the cost to acquire low pricepoint may drive more amongst the daily deal sites and Tippr(210K). Year * Conversion % Per Deal * users varies by city. Cities with conversions. KGB Deals has increase. How To Grow A Daily Deal (1 – Annual Churn) = ARPS less daily deal competition have p e r h a p s b e e n t h e m o s t Jim Moran is cofounder of Site Ignoring profitability (fierce a lower average CPA, thus a g g r e s s i v e , w i t h d e a l s Yipit. This post was written for For the most part, daily deal c o m p e t i t i o n ) , C o s t P e r services can grow there more including$4 for a $12.50 Movie Yipit's blog, and is republished services grow by acquiring users Acqusition is determined by: q u i c k l y . H o w T h e s e N e w Ticket at any AMC Theater. with permission. t h r o u g h v a r i o u s o n l i n e ARPS / (1 – Viral Coefficient) S e r v i c e s A r e S u c c e e d i n g Viral Coefficient. The higher Join the conversation about this advertising channels. The most = Max CPA The challengers are focusing on the viral coefficient, the higher story » important determinant is the M a k i n g s i m p l i f y i n g various components of these effective CPA a service can See Also: Annual Revenue Per Subscriber assumptions about the cohorts / formulas to drive their growth: afford to spend. GigaOm’s Liz • Groupon Aggregator Yipit (ARPS), which drives the Cost quality of users, Daily Deal Avg Deal Price. All else being Gannes wrote a thorough review Raises $1.3 Million In Venture Per Acquisition (CPA) each services grow by spending as equal, a higher average deal of the viral levers HomeRun is Funding service can afford to pay when much as possible within their price translates into a higher building into its product. • Adility Announces DIY acquiring new subscribers. The Max CPA. CPA. Tippr offers the highest Cities: DealOn, Tippr and KGB Groupon Deals For Small higher the Lifetime Value, the A remaining factor is the cities average deal price of the group, Deals have been aggressively Businesses higher the CPA, the more users in which a service operates. The at $51, followed by DealOn at expanding to new markets. • Are Groupon Clones Due For the service can buy and the number of cities functions as a $43. D i s a d v a n t a g e s F o r T h e A Major Roll-Up? faster the service will grow. multiplier to the subscribers a Conversion %. While a higher C h a l l e n g e r s ARPS is determined by the service can add (more cities deal price means more revenue While we believe the daily deal following formula: means more people). More per deal, on the other hand, a space will grow increasingly Avg Deal Price* Avg Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:03:26 AM


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Why Apple Hasn't Succeeded in China ... Yet Kit Eaton (Fast Company) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:24:06 AM

Apple isn't doing as well as it could in China. Why? The chairman of China's tech giant Lenovo thinks it's largely down to Steve Jobs himself, as the killer quote in the Financial Times article which is the source of this discussion reveals: "We are lucky that Steve Jobs has such a bad temper and doesn’t care about China. If Apple were to spend the same effort on the Chinese consumer as we do, we would be in trouble." Many other pieces of analysis of Apple have centered on Steve Jobs as either a visionary leader, or the cultish -figure at the heart of a dictatorship, and it seems that Lenovo's Liu Chuanzhi has an opinion somewhere in the middle. Early iPhone sales were so very slow that there were many derisory reports saying that Apple's device was a big flop. The FT tried to get a quote from Apple in response to Liu's words, but got a typical slippery PR response concerning the upcoming flagship Apple Store in Shenzen, and the plans for 25 more by the end of 2011 (maybe the FT should've tried emailing Jobs directly?) So why hasn't Apple really made a dent in the Chinese markets with the iPhone and the

other iDevices? The early efforts at getting the iPhone 3G into China were hampered on two technical fronts: China's proprietary 3G standard WDCDMA protocol and its ban on non-Chinese-format Wi-Fi devices. This meant much of the iPhone's guts would have to be re-engineered to run on the Chinese networks. Other 3G phone makers complied with the law and engineering issues, and launched smartphones for China --big players like RIM for example. But Apple's "one size fits all" philosophy dictates that each edition of the iPhone is identical inside no matter which market it's sold into. This simplifies Apple's production

older, entrenched business models of the U.S. cell phone industry, they evidently couldn't pull off the same trick in China. The App Store was apparently a serious issue, since China's biggest network was angling for a share of the profits Apple would be achieving from posthardware sale sales. These factors may be why Apple had to go with the second-rate network, China Unicom. So is it fair to say Job's "bad temper" is in play here? No. Apple's business model is working--it's just become the biggest tech-firm in the U.S., and you don't achieve that accolade without doing something very well. And the 25 line management and costs, and stores slated for opening in the it means that post-sales support next year or two in China will in the form of OS updates and create extra visibility for the b u g - f i x e s a r e s i m p l e t o genuine Apple articles in a implement everywhere. But it market where near-clone illegal also means Apple won't bend to k n o c k - o f f s a r e e x t r e m e l y meet Chinese demands, or even common. Lenovo's boss is also those of Verizon in the U.S.-- probably running scared, as with it's own strange atypical Apple's busy eroding the very 3G standard. That's why it's markets that Lenovo's business taken so long for Apple to rests on--laptops--with its produce a Verizon-version smartphones and tablet PCs. iPhone (rumors seem to be Jobs may be bad-tempered, but really suggesting it's true now). he's also behind some very good And that's why it took so long to products that threaten to unseat produce the "China Brick" Lenovo in the market. iPhone with compatible 3G To keep up with this news, chipsets and a shocking, $1,000 follow me, Kit Eaton, on price tag. Twitter. And while Apple's credited with smashing many of the

TIP OF THE DAY: You Don't Get Any Second Chances When It Comes To Your Character Business Insider (Business Insider) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:00:00 AM

Today's tip of the day comes from Business Insider reader Jennifer Tickes: As a manager, you are always on stage. There is no rough draft when it comes to building your character.-Jennifer Tickes Want your business advice featured in Tip Of The Day? Submit your tips to m. Be sure to include your name, your job title, and a photo of yourself in your email. Join the conversation about this story Âť



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YOUR continued from page 3

technology world--maybe the greatest passion brand in the whole world. HBO comes to mind as a passion brand in the notoriously fickle media market, a network that has doesn't just have viewers but devoted followers. But ultimately, in a world of non-stop competition and endless choices, how many companies and brands do you know that have achieved the status that Kevin Roberts, of Saatchi & Saatchi, calls a lovemark--in his words, a product, service or entity that inspires "loyalty beyond reason." The fact is, precious few companies meet any of these

three criteria--which may be why so many companies feel like they are on the verge of going out of business. So the next time colleagues urge you to think small and downsize your dreams, ask why they believe that playing it safe is playing it smart. That's what they thought at Oldsmobile and Mercury and Circuit City and the Rocky Mountain News--and look how it worked out for them! Here's the real message: If your customers can live without you, eventually they will. Here's the big challenge: If you do business the way everybody else does business, you'll never do any better.

Here's the urgent question: If your company went out of business, would anybody notice? Good luck as you work on your answers. Reprinted from Harvard Business Review William C. Taylor is cofounder of Fast Company magazine and coauthor of Mavericks at Work. His next book is Practically Radical. Follow him at

Infographic of the Day: What's Cheaper Now Than It Was in 2000? (Fast Company) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:11:16 AM

Inflation is an iron law of economics. But not everything rises in price over time: When people talk about "rising

standards of living," they're referring in part to the fact that over time, lots of things actually get cheaper, thanks, in part, to rising productivity and competition.

Insert Batteries Any Way You Like With Microsoft Instaload Dan Nosowitz (Fast Company) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:00:30 AM

Traditional removable batteries of the AA and AAA variety might be going the way of the dodo: Modern gadgetry that used to rely on them now use internal, rechargeable batteries. But there are still a good few items out there that need those defiantly old-school juice cylinders, like keyboards, mice, and remote controls. Microsoft, in an odd bit of engineering, has created a system that removes the confusion of the positive and

negative ends of batteries. Called Instaload, it lets you pop in batteries willy-nilly, without the extra second it takes to distinguish between + and -. It works in such a simple way that I can't believe nobody else

has thought to invent it (like, a decade ago, when it would have been a barn-burner): Both ends of the battery compartment contain both positive and negative terminals. The system relies on the different shape of

and reasonable license terms" for other companies to use the design, although considering it's mostly cheap items that still use those types of batteries, it may not take off. But you can expect to see it in Microsoft's wellregarded line of computer accessories, like keyboards and mice, in which it'll be a curious but nice little feature. Dan Nosowitz, the author of the battery's ends: The pointy this post, can be followed on positive end touches a small, Twitter, corresponded with via concave bit of the terminal, email, and stalked in San indicating a positive flow, and Francisco (no link for that one-the flat negative end does not, you'll have to do the legwork indicating a negative flow. yourself). Microsoft says it's offering "fair

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Analyst Calls: AMAT, AMRI, BP, The Big M: Menopot BUCY, DB, FDO, GS, ISIL, THO ... Editors (Daily Woman's Day Blog)

Eric Buscemi (BloggingStocks)

• Citigroup upgraded Family Dollar ( FDO) to buy from hold, citing valuation and its positive Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:30:00 AM view on the dollar store Filed under: Analyst Reports, industry. The firm upped its A n a l y s t U p g r a d e s a n d target for shares to $47 from Downgrades, Goldman Sachs $44. Group (GS), BP p.l.c. ADS • Wells Fargo upgraded Albany (BP), Analyst Initiations Molecular ( AMRI) to Analyst Upgrades outperform from market • S o l e i l u p g r a d e d T h o r perform, citing valuation and a Industries ( THO) to buy from stabilizing core business. hold after the company said its • G o l d m a n S a c h s ( G S ) accounting review will not lead upgraded to overweight from to changes to previously taken neutral at JPMorgan. accounting positions. The firm • Patterson-UTI Energy ( raised its target for shares to $45 PTEN) was upgraded to equal from $28. weight from underweight at

Barclays. • BP ( BP) was raised to buy from hold at RBS. Continue reading Analyst Calls: AMAT, AMRI, BP, BUCY, DB, FDO, GS, ISIL, THO ... Analyst Calls: AMAT, AMRI, BP, BUCY, DB, FDO, GS, ISIL, THO ... originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 11:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments Wells Fargo- BusinessCitigroup- Patterson-UTI Energy- Goldman Sachs

Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:00:00 AM

It’s a common complaint among my midlife friends and acquaintances. “I eat nothing but rabbit food. Salads for lunch; salads for dinner,” says Harriet. “I’ve been munching on the same damn carrot for a week now, and I still have a menopot.” Another friend, Deb, has been working out with a trainer, drastically cutting calories, and drinking only water. When she went for her monthly weigh-in, expecting to have lost several pounds, she found out instead

that she’d gained three. “It’s unbelievable,” she says shaking her head. As for me, I’ve had the good fortune or good genes, as the case may be, to have a fast metabolism that’s enabled me to eat whatever I wanted with impunity. No longer. Though I loathe the word, there’s no denying the extra five pounds that’s suddenly appeared around my middle is none other than the dreaded menopot. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

MySpace Could Be Sold Soon (NWS) Jay Yarow (Business Insider)

dependent. FAN gets half its ad dollars from MySpace. Silver Lake, the PE shop that N e w s C o r p . c o u l d d u m p bought Skype, has a bid in for M y S p a c e r e l a t i v e l y s o o n , FAN. reports Michael Arrington at We've previously heard that TechCrunch. MySpace was up for sale and Arrington says that News Corp. that Rupert wants $700 million wants to sell its self-serve ad for it. platform Fox Audience Network Besides a buyer, MySpace is (FAN). "If FAN is sold, it’s a also looking for a third-party to solid bet that MySpace will sell its boatloads of nonquickly be sold, too," Arrington p r e m i u m a d i n v e n t o r y . writes. Currently, Google does that as FAN and MySpace are co- part of a $900 million deal it Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:11:51 AM

signed back in 2006. But that deal expires this August. A source close to the situation says Google could renew, but for

See Also: The MySpace Executive Exodus Is Coming Join the conversation about this story » See Also: • Suddenly, The Internet Is Doomed • POP QUIZ: Name The 20 Richest Startup Exits Of The Last 5 Years much less than the $300 million • The MySpace Executive i t p a i d l a s t t i m e a r o u n d . Exodus Is Coming Microsoft is a contender for the deal, too.



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Insiders Snapping Up Lions Gate, Saul Centers

The Flying Car Will Be Here Next Year

Wade Hansen (BloggingStocks)

Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:00:00 AM

Connie Madon (BloggingStocks)

Filed under: Products and Services, Industry, Technology Flying cars are no longer the Filed under: Insiders, Stocks to stuff of science fiction. Buy Terrafugia, a company based in If you are looking for clues Woburn, Mass., plans to telling you which stocks have a introduce its car-plane, the good chance of increasing in in the company by 15.84% and Transition, next year. value, you might want consider now own 7.71% of LGF stock. How does the car-plane work? Continue reading Insiders watching what insiders are The Transition has wings that doing. After all, talk is cheap, Snapping Up Lions Gate, Saul unfold for flying. The wings can but when insiders put their own Centers fold back up in one minute, and money on the line, you should Insiders Snapping Up Lions the car is ready to drive. A Gate, Saul Centers originally sit up and take note. runway is still required for Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. appeared on BloggingStocks on landing and takeoff. The plane ( LGF) topped the insider- Tue, 06 Jul 2010 10:30:00 EST. is designed to fly below 10,000 buying charts for the week Please see our terms for use of feet, thus flying under bad ending July 2 as insiders feeds. Permalink| Email this| weather instead of flying into it. snapped up 7,071,774 shares of Comments The maximum takeoff weight is Lions Gate Entertainmentcompany stock at a market value of $49,502,418. During the past B u s i n e s s - I n v e s t i n g six months, insiders have B l o g g i n g S t o c k s - S t o c k increased their overall holdings

MAP OF THE DAY: Here Is Your Universe

Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:30:00 AM

just 1,410 pounds. Continue reading The Flying Car Will Be Here Next Year The Flying Car Will Be Here Next Year originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 11:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments Transition- Terrafugia- Flying car- BloggingStocks- Science fiction

Gregory White (Business Insider) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:06:39 AM

The European Space Agency has photographed the entire universe using a microwave based technology on board its Planck spacecraft. The image is a stunning look at our universe, focusing on cosmic microwave background, or the radiation remnants of the Big Bang. From the ESA: Join the conversation about this story Âť

Nokia Selling Wireless Modem Business to Focus on Handsets Wade Hansen (BloggingStocks) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:50:00 AM

Filed under: Competitive Strategy, Nokia Corp. (NOK) If you don't think Nokia ( NOK) is nervous about the growing domination of the

iPhone and Android-based smartphones, you had better update your map. Nokia announced Tuesday that it is going to be selling its wireless modem business to Japan's Renesas Electronics for $200 million in an attempt to concentrate its focus on its

handsets. Continue reading Nokia Selling

Wireless Modem Business to Comments Focus on Handsets Nokia- Business- iPhoneNokia Selling Wireless Modem B l o g g i n g S t o c k s - R e n e s a s Business to Focus on Handsets E l e c t r o n i c s originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 11:50:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this|

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Once a withdrawn teen, SC man now takes on senator (AP) (Yahoo! News: Most Viewed)

the state but doesn't remember where. He has no staff. He touts his service in the Army and Air MANNING, S.C. – Alvin Force, but won't specify what he Greene earned the did or why he was n i c k n a m e " t u r t l e " i n h i g h "involuntarily" discharged. He school— a quiet, withdrawn boy says he decided two years ago to who was smart when he applied run for Senate but appears to himself but rarely took a chance have done little except pay the and tried to put himself in $10,440 filing fee with a handcomfortable situations. written, hand-delivered check to Nearly four weeks ago, the 32- party headquarters. year-old unemployed military At the small businesses veteran turned South Carolina's surrounding his hometown political scene upside down about 50 miles southeast of when he won the Democratic Columbia, plenty of people have nomination for a U.S. Senate heard of Greene. But from the seat. And unlike that high post office to the small diners to school student, he's taking a big the shop that sells CDs and c h a n c e : r u n n i n g a g a i n s t other merchandise, few know powerhouse Republican Sen. much about him. Jim DeMint. A trip to his home doesn't He is remembered as painfully p r o v i d e m u c h m o r e shy by those who knew him in illumination. The days after high school, where Greene was Greene won the Democratic the only black person on the primary by a 30,000-vote tennis team. His mother died of l a n d s l i d e , h e w e l c o m e d cancer when he was a boy; a reporters into his home. He brother died of cystic fibrosis. spoke to The Associated Press The few people who know him for the better part of an hour. A say the man with a political Washington Post reporter wrote s c i e n c e d e g r e e f r o m t h e she spent more than three hours University of South Carolina is with Greene, his father and smarter than his national image brother. suggests. But Greene didn't say much, But much remains murky about repeating talking points and him. He spends his days in the deflecting any questions about home he shares with his ailing his past, like his "involuntary" father on the two-lane backroad discharge from the military after to South Carolina's beaches, 13 years of service or who was a b o u t f o u r m i l e s o u t s i d e backing his campaign. Manning. After dozens of interviews, the He says he campaigned across candidate has begun to shun Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:32:10 AM

reporters, wearily asking what the story is going to be about and sometimes refusing to talk. Two weeks ago, Greene asked the same AP reporter he'd welcomed into his home to leave, saying he was "a busy man" and repeating "Go! Go! Go! Go!" while avoiding eye contact. A phone call to arrange an interview later that day was met with a gruff request to return a week later at 1:30. When the appointment arrived, Greene wasn't there. Greene answered another request for a long interview Monday by telling the reporter to call back in a couple of weeks. Greene's older brother said a national television crew recently spent a couple of days in Manning doing a story. They wanted to get video of Greene at church on a Sunday, basking in the attention from his congregation. Greene told them he needed to stay home and answer the phone. "I've told him he needs to get people to do that kind of stuff. But he's hardheaded and doesn't listen," said James Jr., 12 years older than his brother. James Jr. beams with pride when he talks about how his little brother shook up politics, comparing Greene winning the primary to the U.S. moon landing. "Your dreams can come true," James Jr. said. Publicly, though, Greene

doesn't seem to be enjoying the harsh spotlight. The day after his victory, the AP reported he had been arrested in November and charged with a felony for allegedly showing pornography to a teenage college student. Greene has refused to comment. U.S. Senate, state and federal officials have called for investigations into his finances after he initially was granted a public defender to fight the charge and still had money to pay the filing fee about four months later. Greene said he saved his military pay for two years. Officials say Greene entered the South Carolina Air National Guard in 1995 when he was 17. He briefly served in Texas in 1996, then served the next years as an intelligence specialist. He was honorably discharged in 2002 and was free to enlist in another military branch. Greene's records are blank until 2006, when he re-enlisted for nearly a year with the South Carolina Army National Guard. Again, Greene was discharged and allowed to enter another branch. The next year he signed up with the U.S. Army, serving more than two years before his discharge last August. Everywhere else, Greene faded to the background. Tennis coach Kay Young said she remembers just about every one of her players over her

nearly two decades leading the team. But she barely recalls Greene, who she said was a smart boy who earned the "turtle" nickname because he was so introverted. "I do remember he wasn't outgoing and he was picked on unmercifully," said Young, who had no idea her former player was running until she saw her ballot on primary day. When Greene was 10, his mom died of cancer. He suffered another blow about a decade later when his brother Timmy died from cystic fibrosis while Greene was doing ROTC training in Texas, James Jr. said. One of the few places in Manning where Greene is often seen is Spencer and Tom's Barber Shop downtown. He and his father come in about once a month, said his barber, Spencer Tindal. Political opinions and other small talk bounce off the walls of the tiny shop, but Tindal said Greene doesn't talk much. He did tape a green campaign flyer to the wall — one of the few tangible signs of Greene's candidacy. It stayed up only until he won the primary. There is one thing that perks Greene up — taking on DeMint. Greene said he decided South Carolina deserved a better senator about two years ago when he was stationed in South ONCE page 11


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Heat blankets US as workers return after holiday (AP) (Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:24:26 AM

NEW YORK – Temperatures soared toward 100 degrees or more Tuesday along much of the East Coast, sending utilities into peak operation as air conditioners strained to cool the sweating masses and sending the unlucky into cooling centers — or anywhere else they could beat the heat. After an extended Fourth of July weekend when temperatures inched into at least the 90s from Maine to Texas, The National Weather Service issued heat advisories until 11 p.m. Wednesday for much of the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and parts of Michigan and Kentucky. Wednesday was forecast to be the most humid day of the stretch. The heat was expected to put a heavy load on the power grid. New York could break a record for electricity use set on Aug. 2, 2006, Consolidated Edison spokesman Bob McGee said. Utility workers in New York and Westchester County were working 12-hour shifts because of the increased demand. In Philadelphia, the increased load from the heat blew fuses at

transformers run by the Peco utility, said spokeswoman Karen Muldoon Geus. About 1,900 customers were without power Tuesday morning, down from about 8,000 Monday. Those without air conditioning were left to cope as they could. In the Bronx, Gardenia Childs, 72, walked to the store early and bought herself an extra fan, but swore off any more exercise for the day as she wheeled it home in a shopping cart. "I don't think I'll be coming outside again," she said. Nearby, construction worker Pat McHugh, 49, his face shiny with sweat, took a break to cool off with a cup of hot tea, of all things. "It's brutal. And I'm on the shady side of the building," he said. Worst heat on the job in 10 years, he added. At his Manhattan newsstand, a steel kiosk that soaks up sun like a sponge, vendor Sam Doctor said the only way to keep cool was to keep splashing his head with water, but he acknowledged that his system wouldn't last. Both of his sodacooling refrigerators had already conked out by midmorning. "When it's 100 degrees out there, it's 110 in here," he said,

still smiling as he served customers. Davey Adams, 45, was headed back to his job Tuesday morning as a forklift driver at a package company warehouse in Philadelphia that has no air conditioning, just fans. He said he planned to use "cold water and a washcloth" draped over his head to keep cool. In the East, warm air is "sitting over the top of us, and it's not really going to budge much for the next day or two," said Brian Korty, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Camp Springs, Md. After that, he said, a system coming in off the Atlantic Ocean would bring in cooler temperatures. Korty stressed that the danger from increasing temperatures was likely to grow. "As the temperature and humidity both get higher, the stress it can put on the human body increases," he said, "and therefore the higher the temperature and higher the humidity, the greater the chance of people having problems." In downtown Philadelphia, temperatures were already approaching 90 degrees on Tuesday morning. Robert McCarron, 44, was

wearing a navy suit and tie as he walked four blocks from a downtown subway station to an office building where he was due for a job interview. "If I was going to a job, you'd better believe I wouldn't be wearing a suit," he said. "This is rough, and it's only going to get hotter." Walkers and drivers all seemed to be moving a little more slowly in the heat, which combined high humidity with clear sunny skies that made sidewalks hot and asphalt sticky. "Why am I drinking hot coffee this morning? Because I'm crazy," paralegal Sharon Loven, 35, said with a laugh on her way to work after a long beach weekend that was still too brief for her liking. "I should have stayed at the shore. That's the place to be when it's this hot." Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Tim Murray was hospitalized Monday evening after marching in five parades in 90-degree heat over the weekend and feeling under the weather, his spokesman said. Murray stayed overnight at the hospital for observation but was in good spirits, spokesman Kyle Sullivan said.

The weekend heat also was blamed for at least one death. Temperatures that pushed into the mid-90s across much of Michigan claimed the life of a homeless woman found lying next to a car in a suburban Detroit parking lot Sunday afternoon. The Oakland County medical examiner's office told the Detroit Free Press the woman died of hyperthermia, an abnormally high body temperature. In Indianapolis, which had a high of 90 degrees Sunday, police said they arrested a couple for endangering their 2year-old daughter by taking her begging in the heat. The parents, who had $98 when arrested, were jailed Monday on child endangerment charges. The girl was treated for heat exposure. ___ Associated Press writers Eva Dou and Verena Dobnik in New York and Jeff McMillan and JoAnn Loviglio in Philadelphia contributed to this report. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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Post office announces 2-cent rate increase (AP) (Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:00:01 AM

WASHINGTON – The post office wants to increase the price of a stamp by 2 cents to 46 cents starting in January. The agency has been battered by massive losses and declining mail volume and faces a financial crisis. Postal officials announced a wide-ranging series of proposed price increases Tuesday, averaging about 5 percent, and covering first class, advertising mail, periodicals, packages and other services. The request now goes to the independent Postal Rate Commission which has 90 days to respond. If approved, the increase would take effect Jan. 2. " The Postal Service faces a serious risk of financial insolvency," postal vice president Stephen M. Kearney said. Kearney said the agency is facing a $7 billion loss in 2011. The rate increase will bring in an extra $2.5 billion, meaning it still faces a $4.7 billion loss. The rate increase is part of a series of money-saving plans

announced in March. These also include reducing mail deliveries to five days a week, closing offices and making other cuts in expenses. Congress must agree to eliminating deliveries on Saturdays. While the cost of a first-class stamp would go up to 46 cents, people who bought "Forever" stamps at lower prices will still be able to use them for firstclass mail without paying the difference. Officials also said they plan a new design for Forever stamps, which currently have am image of the Liberty Bell. New Forever stamps will have images of evergreen trees. All Forever stamps would remain valid. In addition to the 46-cent rate for the first ounce of a letter the cost for each additional ounce would go up a penny to 18 cents. The cost to mail a post card would go up 2 cents to 30 cents. The price to send periodicals would go up about 8 percent and other rates for advertising mail, parcels and services will also go up by varying amounts. The current 44-cent first-class rate took effect May 11, 2009.

The agency lost $3.8 billion last fiscal year despite cutting 40,000 full-time positions and making other reductions. It has continued to face significant losses this year. The weak economy has sharply reduced mail volume as companies cut their advertising. At the same time there has been a significant drop in lucrative first-class mail, with more and more people turning to the Internet to communicate with each other as well as to receive and pay bills. The proposal drew a prompt complaint from the mailing industry. "This proposed rate increase amounts to another tax imposed on Americans at a time when the economy can least afford it," said Tony Conway, executive director of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, a group representing charities and other organizations. "Consumers everywhere will pay more for the letters and packages they need to send; businesses — large and small — will suffer and even more jobs will be lost," complained Conway, who was designated spokesman for the Affordable

Mail Alliance, a coalition of businesses, charities and other mailers formed to oppose the increase. Postal officials also have proposed eliminating Saturday mail delivery as a means of cutting costs, a change that would require congressional approval. Post office finances are also complicated by the requirement that the agency make annual payments to pre-fund future health benefits for retirees, something not required of other government agencies. And the postal inspector general contends that the Postal Service has been overcharged billions of dollars for retirement benefits for employees who worked for the old Post Office Department before it was converted to the Postal Service in 1970. ___ Online: Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

carefully written analysis. It looked promising, so now I want to give it another try. So that's what I'm doing.

I have a fresh pot of coffee brewing, and a sense that it can be done! Let's see... Update: It worked

ONCE continued from page 9

Korea. "I want a debate. A September debate," Greene said the day after his win, a smile twinkling on the edge of his lips. "A good September debate, just compare and contrast the issues." ___ Kinnard reported from Columbia, S.C. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Zimbabweans wash dirty US dollars with soap, water (AP) (Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:19:36 AM

HARARE, Zimbabwe – The washing machine cycle takes about 45 minutes — and George Washington comes out much cleaner in the Zimbabwe-style laundering of dirty money. Low-denomination U.S bank ZIMBABWEANS page 12

Re-approaching N-level hierarchy (Scripting News) Submitted at 7/6/2010 3:51:58 AM

Last night I tried something

daring, it didn't work, so as it got late -- I backed off. Then, overnight, a reader, Daniel Kurejwowski, posted a




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ZIMBABWEANS continued from page 11

notes change hands until they fall apart here in Africa, and the bills are routinely carried in underwear and shoes through crime-ridden slums. Some have become almost too smelly to handle, so Zimbabweans have taken to putting their $1 bills through the spin cycle and hanging them up to dry with clothes pins alongside sheets and items of clothing. It's the best solution — apart from rubber gloves or disinfectant wipes— in a continent where the U.S. dollar has long been the currency of choice and where the lifespan of a dollar far exceeds what the U.S. Federal Reserve intends. Zimbabwe's coalition government officially declared the U.S. dollar legal tender last year to eradicate world record inflation of billions of percent in the local Zimbabwe dollar as the economy collapsed. The U.S. Federal Reserve destroys about 7,000 tons of worn-out money every year. It

says the average $1 bill circulates in the United States for about 20 months — nowhere near its African life span of many years. Larger denominations coming in through banks and formal import and export trade are less soiled. But among Africa's poor, the $1, $2, $5 and $10 bills are the most sought after. Dirty $1 bills can remain in circulation at rural markets, bus parks and beer halls almost indefinitely, or at least until they finally disintegrate. Still, banks and most businesses in Zimbabwe do not accept torn, Scotch-taped, scorched, defaced, exceptionally dirty or otherwise damaged U.S. notes. Zimbabweans say the U.S. notes do best with gentle handwashing in warm water. But at a laundry and dry cleaner in eastern Harare, a machine cycle does little harm either to the cotton-weave type of paper. Locals say chemical "dry cleaning" is not recommended

Morning-After Drill Bradford Plumer (The New Republic - All Feed)

gas prices were soaring toward $4 per gallon. Anxious voters were watching their budgets Submitted at 7/5/2010 11:00:00 PM gobbled up by fuel costs, while I n t h e s u m m e r o f 2 0 0 8 , truck drivers were protesting Democrats had a serious oil across the country—at one point problem. Just as the presidential c i r c l i n g t h e C a p i t o l i n primaries were winding down, h o r n h o n k i n g c a r a v a n s .

— it fades the color of the famed greenback. Laundry worker Alex Mupondi said customers asked him to try machine-washing a selection of bills and the result impressed him. But storekeeper Jackie Dube hasn't yet taken up advice of friends to cleanse the often damp and stinking U.S. dollars she receives for the garments and cheap Chinese consumer goods she sells in Harare. It's time-consuming, she says, adding that stinky, unhygienic bills are a problem. "I get rid of the worst of the notes as soon as I can in change," she said. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Chicisimo Takes On Weardrobe With Street Style Fashion Community Leena Rao (TechCrunch) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:03:47 AM

Street style focused fashion communities where anyone can post pictures of their coordinated outfits for others to admire and emulate have become a popular way to share looks online. fbFund winner Weardrobe has seen success with this model and was recently acquired by Polyvore also offers users a way to curate their own looks. Chicisimo is entering this space as an alternative user generated, social platform for personal fashion. The site, which is focused towards female fashion, allows users to upload a photo of an outfit, and then tag the look with the brands she’s wearing. Other users can vote for their favorite looks. Chicisimo aggregates the tags for each brand under a devoted page to show Republicans were dominating collections for each designer or the message war: Newt Gingrich brand. had just launched his “Drill The site also has a Digg-like Here, Drill Now” campaign, feel, with the most popular gathering more than 1.3 million signatures.

looks, according to votes, surfacing on the front page of Chicisimo. And you can follow certain members of the community whose looks you admire. You can also explore community looks by colors, countries, brands, and clothes. Started as a blog, Chicisimo quickly grew into a community says co-founder Gabriel Aldamiz-Echevarria. The site also plans to add the ability to post video to the site. As I’ve said in the past, the biggest barriers to street style community sites is gaining a loyal user base and driving traffic to the site. However, brand partnerships, such as the deals that Polyvore has been able to make with the Gap and others, can bring traffic and even new users to these communities. CrunchBase Information Chicisimo Information provided by CrunchBase

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BP shares rise as company says no plan to issue stock (Reuters: Top News)

Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar and Singapore. "BP is seeking a strategic By Sarah Young partner so it doesn't get taken LONDON| Tue Jul 6, 2010 o v e r b y o t h e r m a j o r o i l 11:54am EDT companies such as Exxon and LONDON(Reuters) - BP ruled Total," the source said. out a share issue and talk BP declined to comment on persisted of sovereign wealth speculation of a stake sale but fund interest in the British oil said there were no plans to issue major, boosting its shares on new equity to anyone, allaying Tuesday even as its Gulf of some investors' fears of a Mexico oil slick spread to the dilutive share issue to help pay Texas coast. for a spill analysts say could On the 78th day after an cost tens of billions of dollars. explosion killed 11 people and "(There are) no current plans to burst an oil well which scientists issue new equity. We're always say is gushing up to 60,000 h a p p y t o w e l c o m e n e w barrels a day, BP shares were s h a r e h o l d e r s o r e x i s t i n g trading just off a two-week high, shareholders who wish to supported by a brokerage increase their holdings but upgrade and reassurance that it there's no plans to issue new had no plans to issue shares to e q u i t y t o a n y o n e , " t h e help pay for the spill. spokesman said. American Depositary Receipts Sovereign funds already hold in the company were indicated shares in BP, with Norway and more than 6 percent higher after Kuwait controlling about 1.8 the Independence Day holiday. percent each, China 1.1 percent Shares in BP, which had at one and Singapore 0.7 percent, stage lost $100 billion in market according to Thomson Reuters value, have drawn some support data. from talk that it is a takeover A top 10 shareholder said that target and has approached any move to issue shares would sovereign wealth funds with be viewed extremely negatively. offers of a stake to ward off "It will be a kind of suicide note hostile bids. -- people will turn up with flame On Tuesday, a source in the throwers at management. There United Arab Emirates added to is a chance that they will issue a the speculation sparked by bond -- they will do that post the weekend press reports, saying well being shut. But the equity that BP executives had held stuff is delusional." talks with a number of sovereign Royal Bank of Scotland wealth funds including ones in upgraded the stock to "buy" Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:54:52 AM

from "hold," saying that the market had already discounted a pessimistic view of the spill. "Our base case scenario is significantly less pessimistic and in our view, the risk/reward profile of the shares is currently favorable," it said in a note. "If BP's share price were to remain depressed, it could also trigger credible merger speculation," it said but added that an approach to BP was unlikely before the well was plugged given management's focus on the well and the fact that any mention of cost synergies would be politically unacceptable at this stage. BP is widely seen by brokers as undervalued. According to Thomson Reuters data, just two out of 37 brokers have an "underperform" or "sell" rating on the stock, while over twothirds say the stock is a "buy" or "strong buy." CONTINGENCY PLANS? The Times newspaper reported that Britain was drafting contingency plans should BP collapse but did not give details. BP is a staple holding of many UK pension funds and is a flagbearer for British industry. The paper said officials from the Department of Business and the Treasury were holding talks about BP's future. The Treasury declined to comment. The Department of Business could not be immediately reached for comment.

BP confirmed on Monday that government tests showed tar balls that washed up on the Texas coast near Galveston were from the spill, but only about five gallons (around 19 liters) were found. Texas joins Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida among the states whose coastlines have been soiled by the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. The U.S. Coast Guard also reported an oily sheen and tar balls in the inland estuary of Lake Pontchartrain, which surrounds much of the city of New Orleans and its suburbs. The oil is being tested to determine if its origin is the Deepwater Horizon well, the government said. During the long U.S. Independence Day holiday weekend vacationers largely avoided beaches tarred by the leaking well. POLITICAL HEAT Politicians have turned the heat on BP after the spill, and speculation has mounted that its chief executive and chairman will be forced from office partly in response to U.S. criticism. The Financial Times reported that BP had stopped refueling Iranian aircraft as the United States presses sanctions to isolate Tehran economically. On the site of the spill itself, attempts to stop the flow have not worked, with BP pinning

hopes on a relief well that should be completed in August. The disaster is playing havoc with fragile coastal ecosystems, fishing communities and a tourist industry seen as especially important during a time of high unemployment. An area of disturbed weather over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico could strengthen into a tropical storm this week, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. Most computer models showed the storm on a track that would take it over central Texas, well away from the blown-out BP well. Some oil gushing out a mile undersea is being captured through a pipe, while some is being burned off. Tests on a supertanker adapted to skim large quantities of oily water from the surface were inconclusive because of high seas, ship owner TMT Shipping Offshore said. A top-20 investor said that talk of BP approaching investors notwithstanding, its focus had to be on the oil spill. "Cleaning up the spill and stopping the well has to be priority number one rather than any other messing around," he said. (Additional reporting by Raji Menon, Joel Dimmock, Tessa Walsh, David Brett and Sarah Young in London, Amena Bakr SHARES page 15


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Obama, Israel's Netanyahu hold fence-mending talks (Reuters: Top News)

another diplomatic clash with Netanyahu with pivotal U.S. congressional elections looming By Jeffrey Heller and Matt in November and pro-Israel Spetalnick sentiment strong among WASHINGTON| Tue Jul 6, A m e r i c a n l a w m a k e r s a n d 2010 11:52am EDT voters. WASHINGTON(Reuters) - MAKE-UP VISIT President Barack Obama hosted After an overnight flight from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Tel Aviv, Netanyahu stepped Netanyahu at the White House out of a limousine and walked on Tuesday, seeking to show into the White House west wing. they have turned the page on a Carefully choreographing what rocky period in relations. some analysts have dubbed a Visiting for fence-mending "make-up" visit, Obama's aides talks, Netanyahu received a arranged media coverage after warmer welcome than in March. the Oval Office talks, when Then, Obama kept him at arm's body language is sure to be length in what was widely scrutinized. Afterward, the viewed as a snub over Jewish leaders will eat lunch together. s e t t l e m e n t p o l i c y w h i c h Last time, there was no photoW a s h i n g t o n v i e w s a s a n op and no meal for Netanyahu, obstacle to U.S.-led peace whose visit marked a low point efforts. in his relationship with Obama. Expectations for a major The rare chill in relations has breakthrough were low. But the thawed recently with Obama meeting, postponed a month ago shifting to a gentler tone and after a deadly Israeli raid on a Netanyahu offering conciliatory Gaza aid flotilla, could test gestures. The two also have whether the two leaders can found common ground opposing overcome recent tensions and Iran's nuclear program, which work together to restart long- will be high on Tuesday's s u s p e n d e d d i r e c t I s r a e l - agenda. Palestinian peace talks. Netanyahu plans to assure Both leaders face domestic Obama he wants to upgrade pressures and need to downplay i n d i r e c t t a l k s w i t h t h e their differences. Palestinians to direct Obama is unlikely to risk n e g o t i a t i o n s , w h i c h t h e Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:52:28 AM

president sees as vital to the goal of creating a Palestinian state alongside Israel. "I am ready to meet (Palestinian) President (Mahmoud) Abbas today and tomorrow and the next day at any place," Netanyahu said last week. While Obama's advisers insist differences have been narrowed, Palestinian leaders say the slowmoving U.S.-mediated talks have not yet made enough progress to justify the start of face-to-face negotiations. A big question hanging over the fragile peace process is whether Netanyahu will extend beyond September a 10-month Israeli moratorium on new housing starts in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, a limited freeze agreed upon only under pressure from Obama. But such a move would put strain on Netanyahu's governing coalition, which includes a key far-right party. PEACEMAKING GOALS Obama's aides insist the talks with Netanyahu will not dwell on time-sensitive specifics but will focus instead on broader peacemaking goals. Pushing the peace process forward is central to Obama's agenda for repairing U.S.

relations with the Muslim world, which have been strained by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Netanyahu's visit was originally scheduled for June 1. That meeting was scrapped after the Israeli raid on a Gaza aid ship on May 31, which sparked an international outcry and prompted Israel to ease its land blockade of the Hamas-ruled territory. Obama is expected to urge Netanyahu to consider further steps to loosen the flow of humanitarian aid and civilian goods to Gaza where he has deemed the situation unsustainable. But Obama has limited room to maneuver in pressuring Israel. Hoping to stave off big losses by his Democrats in the midterm elections, he wants to avoid giving Republicans ammunition to sow public doubt about his commitment to Israel. The administration has worked hard to soften its tone toward Netanyahu after a diplomatic blowup sparked by Israel's March 9 announcement -during a visit by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden -- of plans to build 1,600 more settler homes in an area of the West Bank it annexed to Jerusalem. For his part, Netanyahu is keen

to show the Israeli public that relations with their superpower ally are back on track but will be reluctant to offer major concessions that would anger pro-settler parties in his fragile coalition. In an article coinciding with Netanyahu's visit, the New York Times said U.S. and Israeli public records showed at least 40 American groups collected more than $200 million in taxdeductible gifts for Jewish settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem over the last decade. Two years ago, a review by Reuters of U.S. tax records found 13 tax-exempt organizations openly linked to settlements that had raised more than $35 million between 2003 and 2008. (Additional reporting by Jeffrey Heller and Joseph Nasr in Jerusalem; Editing by Bill Trott and Alan Elsner) Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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Service sector grows more slowly (Reuters: Top News)

confirming weak reports on the labor market. Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:49:03 AM On Friday the U.S. Labor By Ed Krudy Department reported private NEW YORK| Tue Jul 6, 2010 payrolls rose only modestly in 11:49am EDT June and overall employment NEW YORK(Reuters) - The fell for the first time this year as U.S. service sector grew in June thousands of temporary census for a sixth straight month but the jobs ended, indicating the rate of growth slowed more than economic recovery is failing to expected and hit its lowest since pick up steam. February, according to an New orders also fell in the ISM industry report released on service sector indices, to 54.4 Tuesday. from 57.1, suggesting growth The data followed a raft of may be moderating, while weak reports in recent weeks on export orders turned negative. U.S. consumer spending, factory "It's consistent with the general activity, employment, and the tone of data, suggesting that the h o u s i n g m a r k e t t h a t h a v e pace of growth is a little more heightened fears the economy m o d e r a t e , " s a i d C h a r l e s could slip back into a recession. Lieberman, chief investment The Institute for Supply officer at Advisors Capital Management said its index of Management LLC in New service sector activity fell to Jersey. 53.8 from 55.4 in May. A "It's certainly not suggestive of reading below 50 indicates the double-dip scenario that contraction in the service sector, some people are pushing. while a number above 50 means U.S. stocks, battered by weeks expansion. The median forecast of declines, continued to enjoy a of 72 economists surveyed by rebound on Tuesday morning, Reuters was for a reading of 55. suggesting investors had more The report's employment than priced in the data, while component fell to 49.7 from safe-haven Treasuries were little 5 0 . 4 , f a l l i n g b a c k i n t o a changed. c o n t r a c t i o n , a f t e r t u r n i n g EMPLOYMENT SUGGLISH p o s i t i v e l a s t m o n t h a n d In other data on Tuesday, a

gauge of the U.S. job market showed some improvement in June for the eleventh straight month, but at a moderate pace amid weak private sector job creation. The Conference Board, a private research group, said its Employment Trends Index rose to 96.7 in June, up from a revised 96.1 in May. The index is up about 9.8 percent from a year ago, the group said. "The weak growth in private sector employment in the last two months has been disappointing given the robust recovery in production in recent quarters," said Gad Levanon, Associate Director, Macroeconomic Research at The Conference Board. "The moderate increase in the Employment Trends Index in the last two months suggests that many employers are now concerned that the recovery is losing momentum." Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


SHARES continued from page 13

and Nicolas Parasie in Dubai, Tom Brown in Miami and Anna Driver in Houston; writing by Sitaraman Shankar; editing by Michael Shields) Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State

Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Is Flattr The New Facebook Like, But This Time With Money? Mike Butcher (TechCrunch) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:48:23 AM

Flattr is a new startup with an inovative business model, coming out of Sweden. In fact it's the brainchild of a group of people formerly associated with The [infamous] Pirate Bay, including Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi. It's highly ironic that Flattr has sprung from a similar group that refused to pay for content, like movies. But Flattr just might work because there are already signs that the micropayments startup is getting grass-roots traction - and it's still only in closed beta. Flattr is reminiscent of Digg or perhaps Facebook Like buttons - but this time with real money. That could make things very interesting. According to one

blogger he has had â‚Ź875.89 for the month of June from Flattr and the amount has increased steadily upwards. Plus Flattr (as in flattering someone and a flatrate payment model) is already in use by two major German newspapers, completely unprompted: and There are also lists appearing of people appearing who are starting to make actual money. Admittedly these are small amounts, but that fact it's even happening is interesting. Flattr has competition in the form of Kachingle but it's fair to say the latter is not getting quite the same amount of buzz. So how does it work?


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China denounces new unilateral U.S. TUAW's Daily App: sanctions on Iran HexaLex (Reuters: Top News)

Council approved resolution 1929," Qin said, referring to sanctions placed on Iran last BEIJING| Tue Jul 6, 2010 month. "China believes that the 9:56am EDT Security Council resolution BEIJING(Reuters) - China should fully, seriously and denounced the United States on correctly be enforced and cannot Tuesday for imposing its own be wilfully elaborated on to sanctions on Iran, saying expand Security Council Washington should not sanctions measures." unilaterally take such steps The U.S. House of outside of U.N. resolutions. Representatives and the Senate Last week, President Barack approved the new sanctions bill Obama signed into law far- t h a t p e n a l i z e s c o m p a n i e s reaching new sanctions on Iran supplying Iran with gasoline as that aim to squeeze the Islamic well as international banks Republic's fuel imports and involved with Iran's Islamic d e e p e n i t s i n t e r n a t i o n a l Revolutionary Guard Corps. isolation. It came after the U.N. Security "China has already noted that Council passed a resolution the United States and other toughening sanctions on Iran parties have unilaterally put in over its refusal to stop enriching place further sanctions against uranium. Iran," Chinese Foreign Ministry Iran insists its nuclear spokesman Qin Gang told a programme is for the peaceful news briefing in Beijing. generation of electricity but the "Not long ago, the U.N. Security United States and other powers Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:56:32 AM

suspect it is a cover to build an atomic bomb. Qin repeated that China believed talks were the best way to resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear activities. Iran is a major supplier of crude to China, the world's secondbiggest consumer of oil after the United States, providing over 10 percent of imports last year. Dominated by energy shipments, bilateral trade has grown from around $10 billion in 2005 to more than $20 billion last year. (Reporting by Ben Blanchard and Huang Yan; Editing by Nick Macfie) Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Label Frozen Foods with Discard Date for Optimum Flavor [Kitchen] Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:00:00 AM

If your current freezer "labeling" system is guestimating the age of things based on the level of freezer

burn this simple labeling method will ensure your food is

used while it still tastes delicious. More Âť Frozen food- Business- Food and Related Products- FrozenHome

Mike Schramm (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)) Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:00:00 AM

Filed under: iPhone, App Store HexaLex is a new title from developer Nathan Gray that offers up an interesting twist on the online Scrabble phenomenon. HexaLex has the same basic rules as most other word games ( Words with Friends being probably the most popular iPhone title so far), with one big change: instead of squares, you use hexes to mark out the words. That creates a few interesting gameplay effects, including that you get a "bye" of two nonsense words per turn. If you can use the hexes to spell out multiple words, though, you can build up your score that way, too. Other than that, things aren't too different; you have a number of tiles to choose from, you can shuffle or exchange them as needed, and there's a full online complement to the game, complete with push notifications and nice options to brag or send messages back and forth. Unfortunately, the online service requires an account, which is something that probably would have been an obstacle for me if I was just checking out the game on my

own. That's the main issue with a game like this -- if all of your friends are already playing Words with Friends, you'll be hard pressed to get them all to switch. Still, if you're a big wordsmith or if you have a few fellow players who are ready for a new variation on word games, HexaLex is worth a look. You can check the game out for US $2.99. TUAW TUAW's Daily App: HexaLex originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 08:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Chrome OS Gets Ready for Gaming Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb)

running in the browser which way the device is being held. Sponsor When Google's new Web-based Chrome Will Know Up from operating system Chrome OS Down launches later this year, it may According to a report from be ready to serve not only as a CNET, the orientation support simple netbook and tablet OS, now being added to Chrome but also as an interface for would be "particularly useful" playing casual games like those f o r m o b i l e g a m i n g . " F o r currently found on Apple's example, tilting a device can iPhone and iPad. turn it into a steering wheel or a On Apple mobile gadgets like tabletop on which a marble the iPhone and iPod Touch, a rolls," writes CNET's Stephen combination of hardware-based S h a n k l a n d d e s c r i b i n g t h e motion sensors allow the device u p c o m i n g c a p a b i l i t i e s . to know how you're holding it - Already, developers are hard at up, down, sideways, etc. - and work building applications for c h a n g e s t h e o r i e n t a t i o n the Chrome operating system accordingly. And in the iPhone and its accompanying Chrome 4, a new gyroscope allows for Web Store, which will function a d d i t i o n a l m o t i o n - s e n s i n g as Google's version of the "App capabilities, too, like the ability S t o r e " f o r W e b - b a s e d to track orientation, velocity and applications. In test builds of the rotation. browser's open source bits, But Web browsers, like IE, d e v e l o p e r s a r e r u n n i n g Chrome, Safari and Firefox, everything from simple card haven't traditionally been able to games to arcade-like casual detect which way is up. That games, including popular iTunes may soon change for Google titles like "Plants vs. Zombies" Chrome, the browser that forms and console favorite "Lego Star the core of the upcoming Wars." operating system of the same The announcement of the name - it's getting orientation Chrome Web App Store was capabilities that will tell apps one of the more exciting reveals Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:43:06 AM

from this spring's Google I/O Developer Conference, where the company explained how the Web App Store would function as a tool that makes application discovery easier for end users while making it easier for developers to list and sell their apps. Google Bets on Web Apps Google is betting that the future of computing is the Web, not native applications. Analysts have been predicting this transition as well, citing cloud computing's soon-to-be disruptive force in the mobile industry, specifically - a segment of the market which would also include tablet computing. Mobile Web apps have the potential to reach more users, including those whose only access to the Web is via a

Online Features - July 2010 (Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)

Eat Smart Videos Now Showing! Recipe makeovers, cooking tips, and

advice on real-life nutrition. more Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available Religion and the Attack On the

basic "feature phone" with an integrated browser, for example. That alone should make Web apps appealing to developers looking to reach the broadest user base. For now though, native applications are still extremely popular among end users because of the way they can be specifically customized to take advantage of a particular device's features and functionality. But with the upcoming developments in orientation support, Chrome OS will be able to run apps and games that take advantage of some features that formerly only native applications had access to. That said, there are still several other hurdles for Web apps to overcome before they're on par with their native application counterparts, including the need for improvements in speed and performance, access to all of device's sensors and hardware components, the ability to send push notifications and more. However, a Web browser which knows which way is up is a good first step. Discuss

Dell Streak's car dock gets a video unboxing, early road test Darren Murph (Engadget) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:19:00 AM

Given the size of Dell's Streak(it's rocking a 5-inch screen, in case you were wondering), you've probably considered using it as a dedicated routing machine with Google Maps Navigation at the helm. The only problem? Using your arm as the window mount. We heard a few weeks ago that the Streak's official car dock was finally on sale over in the UK, and it looks as if the bugger is finally shipping there, too. The best news? It seems to hold up pretty well to some of Britain's bumpiest roadways -see for yourself after the break. Continue reading Dell Streak's car dock gets a video unboxing, early road test Dell Streak's car dock gets a video unboxing, early road test originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 10:19:00 EDT. Please see our terms for tools: PDF Newspaper, Full u s e o f f e e d s . P e r m a l i n k | Text RSS, Term Extraction. YouTube [THJahar]| Email this| Comments


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Coming This Election: Crowdsourcing For Scandal Abraham Hyatt (ReadWriteWeb)

brought to you by Lexus. Crowdsourcing in politics has become ubiquitous over the last Submitted at 7/6/2010 12:00:00 PM several years, particularly as I n a w o r l d w h e r e candidates and agencies have crowdsourcing has become a figured out how to use social mainstay of politics, a new site media well. But this year is the from the Democratic National first major election since Committee is taking the idea President Obama so famously one step further and asking harnessed those social tools in voters to find damaging videos his 2008 election bid. Online of opposing lawmakers and videos have already played a candidates. significant role(one of the most The Accountability Project is famous involving a Democratic pretty simple: you can upload Representative). and view videos, or track down Roy Temple, a Washington, Republican candidate events. D.C.-based Democratic political There's no voting or comments; consultant, says that, "When it's essentially a platform for parties or candidates seek videos to go viral. So far, activist opinions (like the uploads mostly consist of tepid c u r r e n t G O P e f f o r t t o f o o t a g e o f c o n s e r v a t i v e s crowdsource policy priorities), criticizing Democrats. But when there is a certain level of compared to other political cynicism that their opinion will crowdsourcing projects, the site count." stands out as one of the more The Accountability Project, he potentially disruptive ideas in continues, "taps into the belief this midterm election. by party activists that politicians Sponsor of the opposite party say one This Innovation Series is thing in front of the press, and

London School of Economics wrote that, "The needs, aspirations, motivations and incentives of the crowd to participate in the initiative must remain the most important consideration [...] The practitioners must understand quite another when they think the crowd motivation and align no one is really listening. their goals according to it." However, all activists can (Emphasis ours.) imagine a scenario where what That might sound like common they capture on video could sense, but considering the really make a difference in a number of projects asking the campaign. crowd to do the equivalent of "The projects asks activists to ranking policy initiatives, too undertake an activity that almost many political strategists seem all of them can appreciate the to be confusing the crowd's value of, which increases the i n t e r e s t s w i t h w h a t w i l l likelihood that they will take g e n u i n e l y m o t i v a t e i t . such action. And it offers them In other words, if you want to a way to be involved that they c r e a t e a n e f f e c t i v e might not have otherwise crowdsourcing project and the t h o u g h t w a s p o s s i b l e o r crowd is hungry for political meaningful." blood, then give them the That last point may be the most equivalent of an elephant gun. critical part of the DNC's Photo by Scott Liddell Discuss project. In a paper published last month on crowdsourcing [ PDF], a researcher at the

GVNotifier Adds Full Google Contacts Access and Windows 7 Integration [Updates] Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) Submitted at 7/6/2010 7:00:00 AM

Windows: GVNotifier was a decent little utility the first time we looked at it. Now the app shows your full contacts list, offers in-app voicemail playback, puts frequent contacts in right-click jumplists, and generally makes Google Voice into a desktop app. More Âť Windows 7- WindowsMicrosoft Windows- GoogleUtilities

Baltic Dry Index Continues Its Dizzying Plunge Joe Weisenthal (The Money Game) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:22:30 AM

The Baltic Dry Index (the key measure of shipping day-rates) is down for the 28th straight

day, as Edward Harrison of Credit Writedown notes. The question is: is this a sign of a massive slowing on the horizon, or is this the natural expected effect of a massive move on the part of shippers to

bring new boats onto line, which

necessarily has a depressing effect on prices. It's easy to cite the former, but the BDI isn't just a simple economic indicator, and it's always represented, just as much, the speed at which

shippers are bringing on new boats. Don't read too much into this yer. Join the conversation about this story Âť


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MySpace eyes follow-on for Google Lenovo says Apple is ad deal missing the boat to China (CNET

Microsoft and Yahoo to win the coveted deal to sell ad space on MySpace. As part of the deal, A s M y S p a c e ' s s e a r c h Google promised to pay out the advertising deal with Google $900 million over three years as nears its expiration next month, long as MySpace generated a parent News Corp. is reportedly certain amount of traffic. At the trying to cut a new ad deal with time, those terms seemed viable. Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo, The social network, acquired by a c c o r d i n g t o a s t o r y i n News Corp. in 2005 for $650 T u e s d a y ' s W a l l S t r e e t million, was at its peak, bringing Journal(subscription required). in huge numbers of visitors and Citing sources familiar with the generating healthy revenue. matter, the Journal, which is But in a landscape soon to be also owned by News Corp., said d o m i n a t e d b y F a c e b o o k , that under MySpace's current MySpace began to struggle as deal, Google had agreed to kick its traffic fell and its ad revenue in $900 million in guaranteed started to shrink. By 2008, payments for the right to sell ads Google was already expressing on MySpace and other, smaller d i s a p p o i n t m e n t o v e r i t s News Corp. sites. But traffic at advertising deals with social MySpace has been much lower networks such as MySpace. than what Google expected or At a summit last October, News w h a t w a s o u t l i n e d i n t h e Corp. chief digital officer contract. Jonathan Miller said that News Corp. is now looking to MySpace just " kind of stopped" s e t u p a n e w a d v e r t i s i n g at the same time it faced partnership with one of the three competition in the form of major players in the search ad Facebook and Twitter. The business. But it's unlikely to get network also has been beset by a the kind of terms or money that series of management shakeups, it captured through its existing causing concern over exactly deal with Google, said The Wall who's at the helm. Street Journal, citing people MySpace co-founder Chris close to News Corp. DeWolfe gave up the reins in In 2006, Google beat out April 2009 to be replaced by Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:23:33 AM

Owen Van Natta, the former chief operating officer of Facebook. Van Natta himself resigned less than a year later and was replaced by Chief Operating Officer Mike Jones and Chief Product Officer Jason Hirschhorn, who served as copresidents. Then last month, Hirschorn announced that he would be leaving his post, putting Jones solely in charge. Following a 30 percent cut in staff and a $450 million charge taken by News Corp. to write down its value, MySpace is trying to reinvent itself. The network is targeting the under-35 crowd, giving them a place to find music, videos, and games, and connect with people who have similar interests, notes the Journal. MySpace is also touting new features that let people more easily keep their personal information private, a dig against the recent privacy complaints hurled at Facebook. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Mike Schramm (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:00:00 AM

Filed under: Apple We've heard before that one of Apple's main areas of concern, as of late, is raising its quality in China, but here it is straight from the mouth of a competitor. During a recent dinner, Lenovo's founder allegedly said that his company was lucky that Apple hasn't stepped up in the Far East. "If Apple were to spend the same effort on the Chinese consumer as we do," he reportedly said, "we would be in trouble." A spokesman for the company later said that the remarks were taken out of their dinner table context. Apple replied by pointing out its upcoming Shanghai store opening and a few other initiatives that it's already begun in China. It's not news that Apple has to do better in China; in past earnings calls, Apple has said exactly that and pointed out that making headway in China is a

large goal. It's very interesting to hear it from a competitor, though. That's almost confirmation that if Apple does what it's planning to and, in fact, does"spend the same effort on the Chinese consumer," then even well-heeled Chinese companies like Lenovo will end up running scared. [via MacStories] TUAW Lenovo says Apple is missing the boat to China originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 09:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Ashes Brings Slick RSS Reader Fever to iPad Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:10:11 AM

Fever, a gorgeous RSS reader we dubbed one of the top syndication technologies of 2009, is now available in iPad format by way of a new mobile application called " Ashes." Like its desktop sibling, the Ashes RSS reader offers the same ranking features that make Fever so much fun to use. Instead of overloading you with information as you increase your RSS subscriptions, Fever actually works better the more feeds you add. It automatically picks out the most-discussed feeds from a given period of time and surfaces those to the top of the reader, assigning temperatures next to the headlines (hence the name "Fever" - Get it? These feeds are hot!) The more feeds it has to work with, the better these rankings become. Meanwhile, unread counts are hidden so you can focus on the signal while ignoring the noise...and do so completely guilt-free. Sponsor Already, Fever worked as an iPhone/iPod Touch application thanks to its included optimized interface for the small screen of Apple mobile devices. Now Ashes brings the Fever feed-

reading experience to the iPad as well. About Ashes Developed by freelancer James Finley, Ashes is the first native application built using the API from Fever, which itself was created by designer and developer Shaun Inman. In order to use Ashes, you have to first have a Fever installation up-and-running. That requirement may be a limiting feature for casual RSS

your own Fever database that you've already set up and installed on your server. It syncs your feeds to and from the iPad every 5 minutes, even allowing for offline access, a useful feature for those with Wi-Fionly iPads who may want to continue reading the feeds even after wandering away from a Wi -Fi hotspot. The articles in Ashes can be read within the application, thanks to an in-app browser, and a simple sharing feature lets you email articles to a friend or save them for later reading with Instapaper. Unfortunately, a couple of early reviews in the iTunes App Store hint at issues for this newlyreleased app, but Finely addresses these on the Ashes blog. He says that there were two bugs which weren't caught during beta testing, one which subscribers since Fever is caused the app to crash and the neither a free nor a hosted other which affected the syncing application. Fever is actually a function. The updated version PHP and MySQL app that runs (1.0.1) should fix these bugs and on your own server and requires is now available in the App a one-time licensing fee of $30. Store. However, for serious RSS Going forward, a future version consumers, such as those in the of Ashes will include Twitter blogging biz for example, Fever and Delicious integration, faster i s a n a p p w e l l w o r t h t h e sync, better performance and an investment. How it Works iPhone interface. The new Ashes app essentially Ashes is $6.99 and can be works as an iPad interface to found in iTunes here. Discuss

AgBank IPO A Success, With Shares Pricing Slightly Above MidRange Gregory White (The Money Game) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:48:00 AM

The AgBank deal that could have taken down global markets has passed, and the IPO has been successful. Shares of the Hong Kong portion of the IPO went to market at HK$3.20 ($0.41), in the middle of the price range, which was HK$2.88 to HK$3.48. There were some concerns investors would be scared off the IPO because of AgBank's exposure to rural China. The Hong Kong portion of AgBank's equity is now valued at$10.43 billion. Now check out the 10 other trades you need to watch right now > Join the conversation about this story Âť


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Magnify Brokers Deals To Run Ads Google Chrome gets Inside Embedded Videos some early device orientation 'plumbing' Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:08:08 AM

From an audience perspective, the ability to embed videos on other sites is what expands their viewership and makes them go viral. But from an advertising perspective, most of that video is the Web equivalent of dead air. “Nobody sells embedded video because nobody knows where it is going,” says CEO Steve Rosenbaum. He has a partial fix for that, a new video advertising product he calls Elastic Inventory (more on that below). Magnify offers a video aggregation platform that powers the video sections of mid-sized Web publishers such as New York Magazine, Bicycling, and The Week. Magnify lets these publishers upload their own video and mix that with video from more than 20 video sites across the Web such as YouTube, Metacafe, and Dailymotion. The problem is that those publishers can’t run any pre-roll ads against those “curated” videos. But Magnify is starting to broker deals with the large video-sharing sites, starting with Metacafe, to allow publishers who use Magnify to insert their own pre-roll ads in the embedded videos. Magnify

Paul Miller (Engadget) Submitted at 7/6/2010 12:16:00 PM

negotiates for the ad inventory on a wholesale basis across its network, allowing a publisher to buy video ads at a $5 CPM, for instance, and sell it at the $15 or $20 CPMs their own video ad inventory goes for. They pocket the spread in between (Magnify does not take a cut, it charges for its white-label video platform instead). The product is called Elastic Inventory because publishers don’t have to commit to buying any of the video ad space until they’ve already sold it. If they don’t sell it, they can continue to run the videos without ads. The thinking is that advertisers are willing to pay higher CPMs for safe video inventory on what they deem to be high-quality sites. They don’t care if it is user-generated video as long as they’ve been vetted, which is what the editors on these

We remember well the first time we managed to put an accelerometer in our possession to good use: back when the MacBook Pros started shipping with them as sudden motion sensors to protect the hard drive, someone hooked up some light Magnify-powered sites do. saber noises to the tilt motion. A They are buying the known few months later we were audience which visits these pretending to make light saber publishers and the controlled noises with the Wii, and then the context in which these videos i P h o n e c a m e a l o n g a n d democratized the accelerometerare shown. Rosenbaum wants to cut deals based light saber noise for all of for Elastic Inventory across all h u m a n i t y . N e x t u p ? T h e the major video-sharing sites. browser. Firefox 3.6 already Dailymotion is probably next, supports this capability, and but I doubt YouTube would ever now Chromium is getting some agree to an arrangement where early work in that direction as they lose control of the market well -- and with the browser-asfor their video ads. And OS that Google's Chrome OS YouTube represents the lion’s share of embedded videos across Magnify-powered sites and elsewhere. Now, Magnify publishers will have an economic incentive to choose videos from other video-sharing sites instead. CrunchBase Information Magnify Metacafe Dailymotion Information provided by CrunchBase

represents, Chromium's support of this feature is welcome news indeed. We hear that light saber noise-producing low fat snacks are next on the docket! Google Chrome gets some early device orientation 'plumbing' originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 12:16:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink CNET| WebKit Bugzilla| Email this| Comments



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TweetUp Acquires Twidroid & Popurls Mike Melanson (ReadWriteWeb) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:28:53 AM

Twitter-based advertising platform TweetUp has announced this morning that it has acquired all of Tomatic's current projects, which include both popurls and twidroyd. The acquisition will provide TweetUp with both a new platform to distribute its sponsored search results as well as a new source of relevant search results. Sponsor TweetUp(not to be confused with a "tweetup", which is a real -life meeting of Twitter users) is a search and advertising service for Twitter that lets users bid to make their tweets appear higher in TweetUp searches. According to the site, it "combines sophisticated relevance algorithms with a bidding system to raise your profile to the top of search results and make it easy for you to acquire new followers". If you're unfamiliar, popurls does what it sounds like - it

Android phones and it leads In market share, so its growing base of users will be a valuable source of well-informed provides a listing of the most feedback on TweetUp search on popular URLs from across the mobile devices. In addition, the W e b , f r o m s o c i a l l i n k popurls website, which attracts aggregators Digg and Reddit to users looking for a convenient Flickr and yours truly. In its guide to the most popular sites, own words, popurls "is the news, videos and blogs on the dashboard for the latest web- Internet, will be a natural spot to b u z z , a s i n g l e p a g e t h a t display TweetUp search results encapsulates up-to-the-minute and gain user feedback. This headlines from the most popular combination should enable us to more rapidly refine our sites on the Internet". Twidroyd, renamed from offerings, generating better user "Twidroid" to avoid any legal experiences for distribution issues with Lucas Films, is one partners and for users searching of the top Twitter clients for the for the world's best tweeters Android mobile platform and regardless of their choice of "will come standard on millions devices. of upcoming Android phones The details of the acquisition from five of the leading handset were not disclosed in today's manufacturers", according to release. The company claims that today's deal "will bring today's release. TweetUp CEO Bill Gross had TweetUp search results to more the following to say in the than 40 million unique users per release: Acquiring Twidroyd month and serve more than 100 p r o v i d e s T w e e t U p w i t h a million impressions per month." number of strategic advantages. Discuss Twidroyd is widely considered the best Twitter client for

Nice white iPhone 4 mod Dave Caolo (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

image to the iPhone 4 template and set it just so. You can even create matching wallpaper. Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:00:00 AM Finally, make your purchase and Filed under: iPhone While we let the Gelaskins worker bees do wait for Apple to begin selling the rest. white iPhones, people have been Yes, it's just a stick-on skin, but coming up with their own the vintage logo ads a bit of cool solutions. The folks at Engadget and, unlike Engadget's solution, used several spare parts to build all of the original parts are theirs. But TUAW reader Trevor intact. t o o k a d e c i d e d l y s i m p l e r TUAW Nice white iPhone 4 approach. mod originally appeared on The First, he created a file with a U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g JPEG of the vintage Apple logo (TUAW) on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 and then sent it to Gelaskins' 11:00:00 EST. Please see our upload tool. From there, the terms for use of feeds. process is simple. Using the Read| Permalink| Email this| online tool, drag the uploaded Comments

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Stribe Opens To All And Starts Thinking About Its Own Open Graph MG Siegler (TechCrunch) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:00:06 AM

Stribe had a good 2009. The service that aims to make it as simple as possible for any site to add a social network on top of their existing website was first unveiled in September of last year at TechCrunch50 in San Francisco. Shortly thereafter, in December, the service won the startup competition at LeWeb in Paris. Now they’re hoping 2010 will be even better. Stribe is opening its service to all today after several months in private beta testing. More than 10,000 sites requested access to the beta, but Stribe only let in a few hundred hand-selected ones to make sure the service worked as expected, co-founder Kamel Zeroual tells us.“I now feel our value proposition has become strong enough to be shared with the world,” Zeroual says. Stribe’s promise lies in its 5minute set-up from scratch, and in its one line of code you need to add to your site to get things working. From a conceptual perspective, it’s similar to what the Meebo Bar offers, but Stribe is striving to be a bit more robust. Here’s the list of features they promise: • Customizable profiles including user-specific photos,

status updates and community information • User modules to show who is online, and let users chat and send messages • A Newsfeed where users can create new topics and share with the community • Facebook and Twitter Connect to let any visitor of a website sign-in and join the community • Badges to reward most active users and websites • RSS sharing to distribute and provide more news for visitors • “Widget” size to make integration easier • Stribe in White Label: webmasters can now customize their Stribe social network widget with the look and feel of their website. On top of those, Stribe has a

new feature they’re launching today alongside the public rollout: “Meta Social Network.” Basically, they’re allowing sites to group themselves with similar sites to create larger overall networks. These networks will reside on and site owners should be able to leverage them to drive more traffic from people interested in specific topics. “ It’s also our take on what should be the Open Graph for websites — a way to freely access and share content, visitors, links and more in communities of blogs and websites sharing the same interests,” Zeroual says. Much of Stribe’s core features are free, but there are some premium modules such as metric tracking that they charge for.

Prechter Says DOW Will Fall To 1,000 Henry Blodget (The Money Game)

follows a predictable pattern which is somehow (don't ask me) related to the Fibonacci Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:19:00 AM Sequence... Anyone want to top this Keep reading > prediction for bearishness? Join the conversation about this Going once, going twice... story » Eddy Elfenbein at Crossing See Also: Wall Street: • Prechter: It's The End Of The The New York Times recently World profiled Robert Prechter and his • Prechter: We're At A "Grand call for the Dow to fall to 1,000. Supercycle Top", Nowhere Will If you're not familiar with Mr. B e S a f e I n T h e C o m i n g Prechter, he's a follower of an D o w n t u r n obscure accountant named RN • Prechter: This Is It, The New Elliott who claimed to have Bear Market Has Begun discovered that the stock market


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Geocaching Version 4.0 features UI redesign and The Ultimate new functions Foodie Quiz Steven Sande (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)) Submitted at 7/6/2010 12:00:00 PM

Filed under: iPhone, App Store As a longtime fan of the pastime of geocaching, I've been following the evolution of the official Groundspeak Geocaching app (US$9.99) since the painful early days. With the release of Geocaching version 4.0 yesterday, it appears that Groundspeak has raised the bar with a new design and additional features. If you're not familiar with geocaching, it's a location-based hobby where you seek caches (usually small containers with a logbook and goodies inside) based on hints, latitude and longitude coordinates, and a keen eye. You can also hide caches for others to find. GroundSpeak has a free Geocaching Intro app available if you're interested in learning about the hobby but don't want to make the $10 investment in the full app. So what's new in Geocaching v.4? A lot. The user interface has been redesigned to make it

much more streamlined. I found that actions that formerly took a number of screen taps are now usually no more than one or two taps away. Although I'm not fond of long lists of features, there's no other way to show all of the additions and improvements: -- Google Maps integration (now have choice of Google

Maps, Bing, or OpenStreetMap) -- Ability to take photos and submit them with geocache logs -- Ability to submit logs for trackable items such as geocoins and travel bugs -- A logs tab with displays of pending and sent logs -- Better reliability downloading pocket queries -- Online / offline indicator

-- GPS acquisition status and location display -- Listen to iPod app during caching -- Support for home location (specified in user profile) -- Notepad for every geocache listing -- View any list of caches on map -- View trackables inventory Geocaching 4 has not been specifically rewritten for iOS 4 or the iPhone 4, so if you want to see the map graphics in all of their glory on your Retina Display, you're out of luck. A few screenshots of the revised app are included in the gallery below. Gallery: Geocaching version 4.0 TUAW Geocaching Version 4.0 features UI redesign and new functions originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 12:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:00:00 AM

One rule of thumb to live by: Never take a foodie out to lunch. That is, unless you're a gastronome yourself. Foodies are a particular set of people who love to eat, discuss and salivate over all things food. Let's be honest, foodies aren't always the best company for a down home barbeque or potluck dinner, but the best among them have impressive palates that can appreciate the simplest and most intricate flavors out there, whether it's a juicy hamburger or a plate of foie gras. So whether you're a foodie wishing to test your chops or a more plebian diner looking to expand your culinary horizons, dig in to the tantalizing trivia ahead on the Ultimate Foodie Quiz. No napkins required. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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Visiting Valley Forge (photos) (CNET Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:00:00 AM

In the winter of 1777, about 12,000 men in Gen. George Washington's Continental Army, having recently suffered losses in two key battles and having lost Philadelphia to the British, set up camp for the winter in a place where they could keep an eye on the British, but not be caught off guard. They also needed more training. According to the National Park Service, "Washington had to balance the Continental Congress's wish for some type of winter campaign aimed at dislodging the British from the capital [Philadelphia] against the needs of his weary and poorly supplied army. By midDecember [1777], he had decided to encamp at Valley Forge. "From this location, twenty miles northwest of Philadelphia,

the army was close enough to maintain pressure on the British yet far enough away to prevent a surprise attack. While the solders who entered camp on December 19, 1777 were not well-supplied, they were not downtrodden." Over the course of that winter, more than 2,000 American soldiers died, mainly of disease. For every solider who died in battle, 10 died from disease. In large part, that was because most of the soldiers were poorly supplied and poorly nourished. But it was not because they were cold: Many of them died in the warmer spring months that followed the harsh winter. By early summer of 1778, with a new alliance with the French locked down, the Americans were ready to take on the British. On June 28, 1778, at the Battle of Monmouth, in New Jersey, Washington's troops defeated the British.

As part of Road Trip 2010, CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman stopped Monday at Valley Forge, located in Pennsylvania, not far from Philadelphia. It was nearly 100 degrees in the sun, nothing like the frigid winter conditions Washington's men encountered. Still, Terdiman got a sense for what the beautiful encampment was like. Seen here, a Continental Army "soldier" ponders his next move. Enactors are regularly on site to entertain visitors. Click here to check out the entire Road Trip 2010 package. Photo by Daniel Terdiman/ CNET Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

The Worst Email Habits and Annoyances You Should Avoid (or At Least Be Aware Of) [What You Said] Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:00:00 AM

Email signatures might be more annoying than you think, but we all experience plenty more

gaffes, annoyances, and misfires

in our inbox. We asked our savvy readers to share their biggest email annoyances, and here's what they said. More Âť Email- Marketing- WindowsHistory- Historians


Can the government see what Web sites I visit? (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)

like a big stretch to add tracking people's Internet activity to the list. These people fear that Imagine you're shopping at a they'll be spied on whether mall. You browse different they've done anything to justify stores, make a few purchases it or not. and move on. Then, you notice In some ways, fear about the that a man you don't know government's ability to keep seems to be following you. You tabs on Web activities has even catch a glimpse of him reached the level of a conspiracy taking notes on what you're theory. In the most extreme looking at and buying. The version of the theory, the e n t i r e t i m e y o u ' v e b e e n government is tracking not only shopping, you've been spied on! Web site activity, but also is Many people fear that a similar building a database of potential thing is happening on the Web. suspects for crimes ranging They're worried that someone, from corporate sabotage to usually the government, is terrorism. Other theories don't recording and analyzing their go that far, but still suggest the Web browsing activity. They government is treating everyone argue that these acts are an like a suspect -- even if people invasion of privacy. Are they aren't doing anything illegal or right to be worried? Can the questionable.government keep track of all the How might the government Web sites everyone visits, and track someone's activities on the would it be able to act on that Web? Find out in the next information? section. Laptop Image Gallery Five Filters featured article: It's easy to understand why Headshot - Propaganda, State some people are worried. The Religion and the Attack On the U n i t e d S t a t e s P a t r i o t A c t Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available expands the government's tools: PDF Newspaper, Full ability to perform searches and Text RSS, Term Extraction. install wiretaps. It doesn't seem Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:00:00 AM


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Alleged Wikileaks source charged with leaking classified files

5 Wacky Small Town Festivals


(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)

allegedly sent to the organization -- showing U.S. troops in Iraq destroying a The U.S. military has filed vehicle that was preparing to criminal charges against an r u s h a w o u n d e d R e u t e r s Army intelligence analyst who journalist to the hospital. The has been accused of sending Apache pilots appeared to sensitive files to Wikileaks, mistake the Reuters news crew, including a controversial video who were holding cameras, for s h o w i n g t r o o p s f i r i n g o n armed insurgents. Reuters journalists. Manning, part of the 10th Pfc. Bradley Manning, 22, is M o u n t a i n D i v i s i o n ( l i g h t charged with sending the video infantry) in Iraq, was detained to a person not authorized to on May 29 and has been in receive it and obtaining "more military custody ever since. than 150,000 diplomatic cables" Defense Department press from the State Department. secretary Geoff Morrell said last Hacker Adrian Lamo, who month that there was an active pleaded guilty in 2004 to criminal probe involving the breaking into the New York Army Criminal Investigation Times' computer network, said D i v i s i o n a n d o t h e r l a w last month that Manning had e n f o r c e m e n t a g e n c i e s . contacted him and shared details "Someone, if not multiple of his leaks. Lamo says he people, violated the trust and tipped off authorities. confidence bestowed on them In April, Wikileaks released a by their country and leaked gritty video-- which Manning classified information, which Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:11:00 AM

not only is against the law, but potentially endangers the wellbeing of our forces and potentially jeopardizes our operations," Morrell said. "And that we take very, very seriously." Lamo told CNET on Tuesday, referring to Manning: "What he did harmed national security gravely. This wasn't just about a video. There were many other materials." But Lamo wouldn't elaborate, saying only that Manning "compromised a seriously important classified op in his chats with me." Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:00:00 AM

Most people have attended a county or state fair -- walked through the livestock barns, snacked on tasty fried treats, rode carnival rides, viewed the blue ribbon apple pie. You know -- the par-for-the-course activities you'd expect at a festival. But some small towns take their community festivals a bit outside those lines -actually, far outside those lines. Take the National Hollerin' Contest hosted by the eastern North Carolina town of Spivey's Corner -- population 49. This fair was established to revive the lost art of hollerin', so instead of rooster crows, you'll hear the crows of hollerin' contest competitors as you roam the festival grounds. Or, take Fruita, Colo.'s Mike

the Headless Chicken Days, a festival founded in honor of a bizarre historical event: In 1945, a Fruita resident's chicken survived without a head for a full 18 months. What better reason to host a chicken-focused festival? You'll find these quirky events around the world, as small towns celebrate the unique occurrences that make their communities special. We'll take you from the hamlets of rural North Carolina to the beaches of South Korea-- five festivals sure to leave you puzzled and delighted by small town life. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Alexis Bryan Morgan's Notes on Couture: Dior (ELLE Fashion Blogs)

—Couture shows commenced at the Musse Rodin in Paris yesterday morning. Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:37:09 AM —Fashion ladies teetered on ELLE's Fashion Director Alexis their heels over grey felt Bryan Morgan's reporting from covered cobble stones. A pretty the front row of this week's girl assisting with seating c o u t u r e s h o w s i n P a r i s . sported bright pink pom poms in Yesterday, Dior kicked things her hair from a recent collection. Galliano explained that he took off & here's what she thought: —In the run of show John inspiration from Mr. Dior's

iconic tulip line. —The girls' hair was arranged in three tiered dolloped buns that looked like a fabulous brioche with a colored cellophane head piece sculpted in front and above the hair in the shape of a tulip. —A floral motif touched every aspect of this collection: the

shape and structure, the vibrant daffodil yellow and fantasy colors, the floral prints and the art nouveau-esque heels covered in vines that looked like they were alive and reaching up the models' lily white ankles.

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Convert Your iTunes, Spotify, And Other Playlists Into Twitter Lists Robin Wauters (TechCrunch) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:11:44 AM

If you’ve created music playlists using iTunes, Spotify,, YouTube, We Are Hunted, Winamp, Rhapsody, Soundcloud, or even if you’ve simply scribbled a list of your favorite tracks in a notepad file, you need to check out Playlistify soon. The basic, solid premise of the service is to let you enjoy your custom-made playlists anywhere you like. I was looking for an excuse to write it up anyway, and now they’ve given me a decent one: they’ve added a new feature that lets you convert your music playlists into Twitter lists. Basically, Playlistify is adding functionality that lets you convert your playlists into Twitter Lists, so you can start following the your favorite bands and musicians on there, too, and stay updated on news, gigs and all sorts of random bits of information from their tweets.

and smooth by making use of Twitter’s @Anywhere, showing Twitter hovercards for easy selection. Playlistify uses the information available on Freebase to enrich the playlists with the official Twitter accounts. The startup also retrieves Facebook, MySpace and official Web pages via Freebase, and displays these on the playlist pages whenever available. Big caveat: from the 20,000 artists currently in the Playlistify database, only about 5% has a Twitter account synced. Hopefully, more will be added soon. Here’s how it works: anyone artists’ and bands’ offical But as I said, this is mostly just who uses Playlistify to analyze, Twitter accounts as a List to an excuse to let you discover c o n v e r t a n d p u b l i s h t h e i r their own account. The playlist Playlistify on your own. If you playlist(s) so that it can be page also has a tweetbox use any of the aforementioned shared with and discovered by preview with the latest tweets. services for creating playlists others, can place their list of (It should be live now, or at and you’re interested in sharing your music collections, it’s t r a c k s i n t h e P l a y l i s t i f y least very shortly) Directory. From said directory, Users can also decide to only really worth checking out. any visitor can connect to follow a selection of artists. Twitter and add the available Playlistify makes this simple

PlanCake is an OpenSource and GTDFriendly Task Management Tool [Task Manager] Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:30:00 AM

If you're looking for a task management system and data portability is important to you, open-source PlanCake not only allows you to export all your data but you can even download the entire PlanCake system and run it on your own server. More » Open source- ProgrammingLanguages- PlanCake- Java

Cutest Pet of the Day: Rosie Editors (Daily Woman's Day Blog) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:00:00 AM

Rosie loves a little fun in the sun! Thanks to Joan for submitting!

Each day we will post an adorable picture or video of some of the world's cutest pets. Send your furry friends to and you might just see them on the

site! VOTE for your

favorites here using our new Cute Pet Face-Off tool. Ten winners will receive an EasyTravel Solutions remedy from! For official rules click here.

Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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Ebay Seller Convicted, Fined for "Shill Bidding" Mike Melanson (ReadWriteWeb)

fairness of trading on our site, but it is also illegal. We continue to invest over £6 Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:25:57 AM million every year in industry What's to stop you from posting leading technology to an auction on online auction site proactively detect shill bidding. Ebay and then bidding on it was convicted of ten offenses of We will always work closely yourself from another fake a consumer protection law with law enforcement agencies account to boost the price? passed in the U.K. in 2008 and to ensure that, on the rare Nothing, if you don't mind the 2009 and could have been fined occasion someone attempts to idea of breaking the law and up to $7,500 for each offense. follow in Barrett's footsteps, possibly facing jail time and According to the Register they will be stopped and will a$7,500 fine when you get article, Barrett could have also face the consequences." faced jail time, but Judge Peter caught and convicted. In this case, it doesn't seem that Paul Barrett was the first U.K. Benson said a clean record kept Ebay needed its multi-million seller "to be prosecuted for Barrett from behind bars. dollar software, as Barrett used artificially inflating prices by Ebay spokesperson Vanessa the same contact information bidding on his own eBay Canzini told the Register that and IP address to place the shill auctions has been told to pay Ebay is "extremely pleased" bids and was discovered not by £5,000 in fines and costs, and with Barrett's sentence."While this type of technology, but o r d e r e d t o d o 2 5 0 h o u r s this case was not solely about instead because the odometer community service," according shill bidding, we hope that it reading on a minibus he sold highlights how seriously we to an article in The Register. had been tampered with. The consider the practice of Sponsor resulting investigation led to the Barrett first plead guilty to the artificially increasing prices. discovery of Barrett's artificial charges last April, arguing that T h i s p r a c t i c e i s n o t o n l y price inflation. Discuss he did not "realize bidding p r o h i b i t e d o n e B a y a s i t against himself was illegal". He damages the integrity and

Blake, Leighton, and Ed Leave the Upper East Side to Shoot New Gossip Girl in Paris! PopSugar (PopSugar) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:00:00 AM

A few members of the Gossip Girl gang reunited in Paris over the weekend to start shooting their fourth season! Blake Lively and Leighton Meester were together yesterday, showing off a range of fun costumes as they walked through the city. Leighton was conveniently already in France, where she worked on Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy - Katie will actually be back with Leighton soon to film a cameo on the CW series. Leighton also had time to break from her movie set for a possibly romantic stroll around the city with Australian actor Luke Bracey. Blake is back to focusing on her small-screen series after spending her hiatus working on Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds in New Orleans. She was in bright blue pants today to

greet Ed Westwick, who's now in Europe following his stint in Australia promoting Virgin and talking about his taste in women. He didn't share time in front of the camera with Leighton, but Ed did make the rounds with their brand-new costar Clemence Poesy - the French actress is apparently playing Chuck Bass's new lady love. To see more photos of Blake and Leighton in Paris, just read more. View 40 Photos ›

Cutest Kid of the Day: Lauren Editors (Daily Woman's Day Blog) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:00:00 AM

Each day we will post an adorable picture or video of one

of our readers' cute kids. Lauren loves to be in front of the camera! Thanks to mom Tracey for submitting. We want to see more of your adorable kid pictures and and Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available you just might see them on the tools: PDF Newspaper, Full site. Text RSS, Term Extraction. Five Filters featured article: v i d e o s . S u b m i t t h e m t o : Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the


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Apple responds on iTunes fraud, vaguely confirms said fraud Joshua Topolsky (Engadget) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:58:00 AM

Over the weekend we saw reports of what appeared to be fraud occurring in the iTunes system -- namely, a rogue developer had somehow managed to snag 42 of the top 50 sales positions in the App Store's "book" category with seemingly bogus content. It looked as if there was some correlation between those suspicious sales and word of an increase in iTunes account fraud, but Apple had been mum on the subject over the holiday weekend. We've finally gotten a response from the company, and the folks in Cupertino say that the developer in question -- a gentleman named Thuat Nguyen -- has been chucked out of the

Store altogether. Additionally, while they don't explicitly say fraud occurred, they suggest you check with your bank and kill your card if any of your info was stolen... which seems to suggest that something funky happened to some users. Here it is from the horse's mouth:

The developer Thuat Nguyen and his apps were removed from the App Store for violating the developer Program License Agreement, including fraudulent purchase patterns. Developers do not receive any iTunes confidential customer data when an app is

downloaded. If your credit card or iTunes password is stolen and used on iTunes we recommend that you contact your financial institution and inquire about canceling the card and issuing a chargeback for any unauthorized transactions. We also

recommend that you change your iTunes account password immediately. For more information on best practices for password security visit http:// So it looks like even the walled garden isn't impervious to attacks -- here's hoping the problems were limited to a small group of people. Have any of you guys noticed strange charges on your account? Double check it right now! Apple responds on iTunes fraud, vaguely confirms said fraud originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 10:58:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| | Email this| Comments

iPhone 4 reception issues? A network reset might help Mel Martin (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

seeing as many bars or getting reception that's as good as what you had with your older iPhone. Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:00:00 AM Here's something to try. On Filed under: iPhone I know this y o u r i P h o n e p r e f e r e n c e s , sounds like a bit of Voodoo, but navigate to "General," and then it's worth a try. If you've scroll down to the bottom where upgraded to the new iPhone 4 it says "Reset." Tap that, and and have restored your old t h e n t a p " R e s e t N e t w o r k software, you may see what Settings." You'll get a warning, appears to be a signal drop-off. and the phone will reset to Let's stay away from the whole factory defaults. You'll likely i P h o n e 4 " d e a t h g r i p " lose some Wi-Fi passwords, but better. controversy; that aside, no you may also find that your I have two friends who tried matter what you do, you're not cellular reception gets a lot

this, and they went from one or two bars to four or five at the same locations. This is the same trick they are doing at the Genius Bar, and my research shows that it can help in many (but not all) cases. We've talked about this fix before, but we have a lot of new readers, and some old ones, who may have missed it. There are also some discussions about this on the Apple support board. If you have seen a drop-off in reception, it's certainly worth a

try. If it doesn't work, we're sorry. If it does, well, the price is right for the fix. Let us know in the comments if it helped, or sadly, if it didn't. TUAW iPhone 4 reception issues? A network reset might help originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 10:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments



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Road Trip Pic of the Day, 7/6: What is this? (CNET

please e-mail them to me no later than 6 p.m. Pacific time Tuesday (to daniel--dot-If you know what this is and terdiman--at--cnet--dot--com, where it is located, you could and PLEASE include "Picture of win a prize in the CNET Road the Day" in the subject line). I'll T r i p P i c t u r e o f t h e D a y choose a winner at random from c h a l l e n g e . ( C r e d i t : D a n i e l among everyone who sends in Terdiman/CNET) both pieces of the correct T h i s E u r o p e - r e m i n i s c e n t answer. Please forgive me if you b u i l d i n g i s d e f i n i t e l y n o t don't hear from me if you're not inspired by modern architecture the winner. I get dozens of like the National Air and Space responses each day. Museum. It is a bit older than Also, I've turned off comments that. because some people have been If you know what it is and posting the correct answers where it is located, you could there. I hate to shut down win a prize in the CNET Road discussion, but I want you to T r i p P i c t u r e o f t h e D a y figure out the answer on your challenge. own. If you have those answers, One caveat: no individual can Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:00:00 AM

win more than two prizes. But at the end of the trip, I'll draw a name from among all the daily challenge winners and give out something a little more substantial.

over the last four years, I'm looking for the best in technology, science, military, nature, aviation and more throughout the American northeast. If you have a suggestion for someplace to visit, drop me a line. In the meantime, you can follow my journey on Twitter@GreeterDan and@RoadTrip and find the project on Facebook. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State On June 24, Geek Gestalt Religion and the Attack On the kicked off Road Trip 2010. Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available After driving more than 18,000 tools: PDF Newspaper, Full miles in the Rocky Mountains, Text RSS, Term Extraction. the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest and the Southeast

Oregon Scientific ATC9K HD Action Camera does 1080p underwater (video) Tim Stevens (Engadget)

can see just how big a knock your head took on that last illadvised endo. GPS is an option Another action cam joins the too, so you can mark your 1080p fold. Oregon Scientific, gnarliest adventures on Google maker of many a fine weather Maps, but there's no mention of station and the odd helmet cam, price despite the thing set to has released details on its start shipping here in just a few ATC9K Action Camera. It'll do days. An early unboxing video 1080p video, five megapixel waits for you after the break, as photos, is waterproof to 20 well as a demo clip that uses meters, comes with an IR extreme angles to make you r e m o t e , a n d e v e n h a s a n extremely nauseous. Curiously, integrated G meter so that you all of the demonstrations we've Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:43:00 AM

seen have had their audio simply has none at all. r e p l a c e d b y a w f u l m u s i c , Gallery: Oregon Scientific leading us to guess this cam has ATC9K either a poor microphone or Continue reading Oregon

Scientific ATC9K HD Action Camera does 1080p underwater (video) Oregon Scientific ATC9K HD Action Camera does 1080p underwater (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 10:43:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| ATC Action Cam (Facebook)| Email this| Comments

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Sony's 2010 ES line includes 3D and excludes online retailers; Android remote app on the way Richard Lawler (Engadget)

include IP, RS-232 and IR control support for easy home automation integration, iPhone Given the company's focus on remote control (Android -- and 3D this year, it's not at all a of course we'd expect Google surprise to see Sony's 2010 line TV-- version coming soon) as of ES receivers(and lone Blu- well as working as an Ethernet ray player) touched up with a hub and DLNA streaming dash of 3D support and HDMI device. At the top of the line the 1.4-compatible features, but it S T R - D A 5 6 0 0 E S s h i p s i n may be a shocker to see their September for $2,000 and is sale restricted to "specialty AV able to automatically calibrate retailers and custom installers." audio for speaker types (like last That means no or year's), plus locations and other online retailers, but angles, function as a DLNA wherever one finds the STR- Live Audio server itself and DA5600ES, STRA-DA4600ES, stream audio and video to other and STR-DA 3600ES, they'll rooms via HDMI (six in, two Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:27:00 AM

database browser for $400 this August, check for a picture and specs on all after the break. Continue reading Sony's 2010 ES line includes 3D and excludes online retailers; Android remote app on the way Sony's 2010 ES line includes 3D and excludes online retailers; Android remote app on the way originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 out) or CAT5e. While the $800. As for the Blu-ray player, 11:27:00 EDT. Please see our remaining models do a bit less, the BDP-S1700ES ships with t e r m s f o r u s e o f f e e d s . | Email this| for a bit less when they all ship 3D movie play back, BRAVIA Permalink| Comments in August, the STR-DN2010 is a Internet video and Qriocity new model for 2010 at just streaming WiFi and Gracenote

Markets Zoom Upward: Here Are The 10 Trades To Watch Right Now (BBVA, BP, STD, GLD)

Daily Buzz: German Victory in World Cup; Oil Spill Spreads; Queen Elizabeth in NYC

Gregory White (The Money Game) Editors (Daily Woman's Day Blog)

Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:24:18 AM

Right now, markets are surging with indices across the world rising steadily. Notably, French stocks are up massively today. • Dow up 1.38% • S&P 500 up 1.53% • NASDAQ up 1.71% • FTSE 100 up 2.41% • DAX up 2.52%

• CAC 40 up 3.17% Riding the confidence: BBVA Riding the confidence: BP Riding the confidence: National Bank of Greece Riding the confidence: Banco Santander Riding the confidence: Taiwan ETF Riding the confidence: South Africa ETF Riding the confidence: Spain

ETF Big Loser: could see its commission rate

cut by three major Chinese carriers. Gold below $1200 Crude oil surging, up 2.48% Don't miss... Image: Wikimedia 12 charts that show the broken state of the U.S. labor market > Join the conversation about this story »

Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:19:46 AM

Every Monday, tune into Daily Buzz to get the who-, what- and where-abouts of the weekend's breaking news. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


Economy/ Culture/

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Rosenberg: Here Are 15 Signs The Economy Is Rolling Over Gus Lubin (The Money Game) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:29:00 AM

Glusken Sheff economist Dave Rosenberg says the markets have NO reason to be rallying today. What's happening right now is a "temporary and technical snapback," he says in a morning note. Investors should be worried about major speed bumps, which could drive the Dow down to 5,000. ISM down to 56.2 in June from 59.8, a sixmonth low NAHB homebuilder index slumps from 22 in May to 17 in June, tied for the steepest decline in the past four years and a three-month low. Consumer confidence sank to 52.9 in June from 62.7 in May, a three-month low. A decline of this magnitude is basically a 1in-20 event. Retail sales slipped 1.2% MoM in May, the first decline since last September. Auto sales fell 5% in June, to an 11.1 million annual rate, the lowest in four months. Manufacturing new orders shrank 1.4% in May, the steepest decline since the depths of despair in March 2009, and a

new three-month low. Housing starts collapsed 10% MoM in May, to 593k at an annualized unit rate, a fivemonth low. New home sales plunged 33% in May to an all-time low of 300k at an annual rate. The housing inventory backlog surged to 8.5 months’ supply in May from 5.8 months in April, the highest volume of excess supply since last June. Household employment fell 301k in June after a 35k loss in May, snapping a four-month winning streak. The index of

aggregate hours worked dipped to 92.0 from 92.2 and is lower now than it was at the market lows of March 2009 when the index was 93.3. Wages declined at a 1.1% annual rate in June — this never happened during the recession and is a 1-in-50 event. Rare indeed. Consumer prices deflated 0.2% in May after a 0.1% dip in June — the first back-to-back declines since NovemberDecember of 2008 and before that September-October of 2006 and before that, April-May of

2003. Again, hardly a normal occurrence. Producer prices slipped 0.3% MoM on top of a 0.1% decline in May. The PPI has now declined in three of the past four months — this last happened as the market, yet again, was plumbing the deflationary depths in early 2009 (but hey, isn’t the recession supposedly over?). Mortgage applications for home purchases fell 15% in June after an awful 18% plunge in May, to stand at the lowest level in ... thirteen years. Bank credit dipped 0.2% in June, the third decline in a row. Exports dropped 1.4% in April and now down for two of the past three months. The bloom is off the rose as far as the explosive expansion in global trade flows is concerned. Don't miss... Image: garryknight on flickr 18 Charts That Tell You Everything You Need To Know About The World's Sovereign Debt Join the conversation about this story »

Tom and Katie Celebrate His Birthday With a Suri -Filled Shopping Spree PopSugar (PopSugar) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:45:00 AM

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes kicked off their Fourth of July weekend by hitting LA's Westfield Mall with Suri. The girls got in some last-minute shopping before Tom's 48th birthday on Saturday - we celebrated Tom's milestone by looking back at his long career! Tom and Katie have spent Independence Days past at their place in Telluride with patriotic Suri, but it looks like they stuck around California this time. Katie was able to join Tom on his special day despite working on her new series in Canada in character as Jackie Kennedy. View 5 Photos ›


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July 6, 1920: Pilots Navigate Using AM Radio Jason Paur (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 7/5/2010 11:00:00 PM

1920: A U.S. Navy seaplane departs Hampton Roads, Virginia, and heads out over the ocean. Using a new radio compass, the pilots are able to locate and fly directly to a Navy ship nearly 100 miles offshore. It’s the first use of radio navigation by an aircraft. During the post–World War I boom in aviation, pilots navigated primarily the same way drivers did at the time: They followed roads. Using maps, pilots could follow roads — or perhaps rivers or other prominent features — from place to place. Unfortunately, unless a pilot knew the way, there was no way to directly navigate between two locations. For the Navy, the problem was a bit more difficult. The distance an aircraft could fly was increasing rapidly, and for flying boats in particular, there was now the possibility to fly airplanes to ships far out at sea. But there were no roads for the airplane to follow. Radio direction finders had been around since the early part of the 20th century. By comparing the signal strength received by a directional antenna as it points in different directions, you can determine the compass bearing of the

transmitting source. To test the viability of using radio navigation in an airplane, the Navy installed a radio laboratory of sorts on board the U.S.S. Ohio which was cruising off the mid-Atlantic coast July 6, 1920. A Curtiss built, Felixstowe F-5-L twin-engine flying boat (similar to F-5-L pictured above) took off from the Naval Air Station in Hampton Roads, Virginia, with no knowledge of the location of the Ohio other than the fact it was within a 100-mile radius of

Norfolk. After only five minutes in the air, the crew was able to use the on-board receiver with a simple pointer to establish an accurate bearing to the ship. After 90 minutes, the airplane had flown the nearly 100 miles to the Ohio and circled the ship before returning to land. To find the way back, the crew used a technique that would become standard for decades to come. They simply tuned in a radio station in Norfolk and established a heading using the

directional radio beacons became the preferred navigation system during the second half of the 20th century. These devices can guide an airplane over long distances with much greater precision. An instrument landing system, or ILS, can also provide very precise guidance over the final few miles of a flight, allowing a pilot to land on the center line of a runway without even seeing the ground. Today, GPS is taking over much of the navigation duties around the world, but the simple radio direction-finder is still a trusted tool for many pilots as a backup system. You can also use ADF to get news or sports updates on long flights. Source: Various See Also: • FAA Video Makes Case for Air Traffic Control Revamp simple receiver and pointer • Sept. 29, 1920: Radio Goes which was now directing them Commercial • Nov. 25, 1920: Gaston back to land. This type of radio direction- Chevrolet Dies in Race Crash finding is still in use today. • July 6, 1886: Rabies Vaccine Many airplanes still carry an Saves Boy — and Pasteur Automatic Direction Finder, or • July 6, 1947: The AK-47, an ADF, that can establish a All-Purpose Killer bearing to a non-directional beacon, or simply any AM radio Five Filters featured article: station. In less-developed parts Headshot - Propaganda, State of the world, the radio compass Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available or ADF is still widely used. Eventually, using radio signals tools: PDF Newspaper, Full for air navigation was refined, Text RSS, Term Extraction. and the more-accurate system of



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The Boombox Stages a Comeback Missy Schwartz (Wired Top Stories)

catch the sand. A bit deep for shoulder wielding or shallow shelving. Submitted at 7/5/2010 11:00:00 PM $300, The Boom Box Stages a 2. Lasonic i931 iPod Ghetto Comeback Blaster Share your playlist. Loudly. A Oh, nostalgia. Lasonic's aptly new era of boom boxes is upon named Ghetto Blaster would be u s , a n d t h e y ' l l h a v e y o u at home on the shoulder of jamming like it's 1989. someone wearing Skidz and 1. Altec Lansing MIX blasting Kool Moe Dee. This With easy-to-grasp handles and gigantic relic of a bygone era ridiculously powerful bass, the even has a faux tape deck that MIX was our choice for the new conceals an iPod dock. But -millennium remake of Say though your jams might be Anything. Throw in eight D r o c k i n g , t h e s o u n d w i l l batteries and the MIX can travel disappoint. Chalk it up to true with you to your neighbor's 1980s fidelity—audio quality house party or your crush's and all. window. A high-contrast digital WIRED Quite the head-turner. display scrolls song titles and Preprogrammed sound settings artist names—making it easy to for different types of music send a message to that special means it's time to bus' out the someone. Mozart, yo! WIRED Two auxiliary inputs TIRED Tape deck dock doesn't and a designated dock let you support iPhone or iPod touch, connect three devices at once for and it's hard to get your 'Pod the Longest. Playlist. Ever. situated. Ten D batteries?! Only Front handles for easy military- spacecraft should need that pressing. much power. TIRED Not beachworthy; too $139, many nooks and crannies to 3. DeWalt DC012

Power tools and crashing metal can't silence the DC012. Neither can short drops, rain, spilled coffee, sawdust, or other job-site hazards. Volume is not an issue, but clarity is: This rugged sound blaster is as sturdy as Andrè9 the Giant, and cranked up to the limit, it might level a city block. Too bad the sound quality is lacking. WIRED Power cord stows on a bottomside spool. Also works as a charger for DeWalt power tool batteries. Three outlets on the side—this is the rockinest powerstrip ever. Weatherized construction makes this our beach blaster of choice. TIRED A little bulky and awkward for residential use. Charges your drill but not your iPhone. Runs on proprietary batteries only. $170, 4. Memorex miniMove A boom box shaped like a purse? Of course! As long as you're comfortable in your masculinity, the easy-to-tote design does make the miniMove ideal for traveling and picnics.

Street Chic: New York (ELLE Fashion Blogs) Submitted at 7/6/2010 6:00:00 AM

Who: Ashley Cotner What: Stay laced in a pair of

wrap up summer sandals. Wear: Madewell t-shirt, Levi's shorts, Antik Batik sandals, Alexander Wang sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff bag Photo: Courtney D'Alesio

Think you are Street Chic? E-

And once you get to your destination, you can stash this girlie embarrassment in the shade and control your tunes with the included remote. But don't stray too far—this mini can't get as loud as its larger competitors, and sound suffers at higher volumes anyway. WIRED Available in six colors, and fortunately, one of them is black. Squishy buttons are fun to push. Fifty bones = bargain alert. TIRED Tiny speakers produce tinny sound. Radio antenna sticks out awkwardly from the side. $50,

How Women Should Determine Maximum Heart Rate [Fitness] Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) Submitted at 7/6/2010 7:30:00 AM

Athletes and avid exercise enthusiasts have long used a standard formula to determine their maximum heart rate, a number that's then used by fitness trainers and electronic • Manufacturer: Roundup: exercise gear to develop • Price:$50 to $300 endurance and fitness. The old math suggests subtracting one's Five Filters featured article: age from 220, but new data Headshot - Propaganda, State suggests that women should use Religion and the Attack On the a more complicated trick: 206 Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available minus 88 percent of their age. tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Keep that in mind the next time Text RSS, Term Extraction. your treadmill seems angry at you about dropping off your fitness track. [ New York Times] More » Heart rate- Fitness- ShoppingSports- Health mail us your photo and you could appear in's Street Chic Daily. Follow ELLE on Twitter. Become our Facebook fan!


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Holy Acronym, Darpa! 'Batman & Robin' to Master Biology, Outdo Evolution Katie Drummond (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:36:00 AM

The Pentagon’s blue-sky research arm has outdone itself this time. Darpa’s got two new projects that are ambitious in scope, even by their standards. So maybe that explains why the agency opted to enlist some awesomely bad superhero acronyms to characterize the way-out endeavors. At least, that’s the best explanation Danger Room can come up with. Because it’s tough to see a connection between the fundamental nature of time, biological design… and Gotham City’s Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder. Leave it up to the prodigious acronym artists at the Pentagon — responsible for gems like RESURRECT, NIRVANA and DUDE– to go for it anyway. Darpa’s launching Biochronicity and Temporal Mechanisms Arising in Nature ( BaTMAN), in an effort to better understand “the spatio-temporal universe,” and, from there, “transform

biology from a descriptive to a predictive field of science.” It’s an area the Darpa’s been exploring for years, especially when it comes to quantum effects in nature. Just last year, they launched an effort to uncover more “tantalizing evidence” of biological systems that “operate using ‘manifestly’ quantum effects.” Eventually, Darpa wants to apply nature’s quantum smarts to tools like

biomimetic sensors and quantum radar. BatMAN’s the main draw, but every good superhero acronym needs a sidekick. So Darpa’s come up with RoBIN, or Robustness of BiologicallyInspired Networks, in an effort to boost the collaboration strategies of key decisionmakers using “biological design principles.” In other words, apply inclinations found in

nature, like collective behavior and complex, adaptable networks, to improve human interactions. Mastering biology to boost troop performance is an endeavor that’d be perfect for superhero acronyms. Except in this case, Batman could probably benefit just as much as the military from what Darpa’s working in. After all, the Caped Crusader himself had nary a

superpower, and instead relied on little more than “wealth; physical prowess; deductive abilities and obsession.” Photo: 20th Century Fox Television See Also: • MAMAs • Pentagon: Replace Human Intel With High-Tech ‘Guard Dog’ • Que Malo! Defense Contractor Hypes ‘Chili’ and ‘Jalapeno’ Spycams … • U.S. Military Turns to ‘Vader’ to Hunt Rebel Scum in Afghanistan … • Darpa Looks to Tap Nature’s Quantum Effects • Pentagon Explores Quantum Biology Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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Army Intelligence Analyst Charged for Leaking Classified Information Kim Zetter (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:17:00 AM

A U.S. Army intelligence analyst suspected of leaking videos and documents to Wikileaks was charged Monday with eight violations of federal criminal law, including unauthorized computer access, and a single count of transmitting classified information to an unauthorized third party. Pfc. Bradley Manning, 22, was charged with two counts under the Uniform Code of Military Justice: one encompassing the eight alleged criminal offenses, and a second detailing four noncriminal violations of Army regulations governing the handling of classified information and computers. According to the charge sheet, Manning downloaded a classified video of a military operation in Iraq and transmitted it to a third-party, in violation of a section of the Espionage Act, 18 U.S.C. 793(e), which

involves passing classified information to an uncleared third-party, but not a foreign government. The remaining criminal charges are for allegedly abusing access to a Secret-level SIPR network to obtain more than 150,000 U.S. State Department cables, as well as an unspecified classified Powerpoint presentation. More to come.

(This story has been updated repeatedly since posting) Charge Sheet Redacted – Manning See also: • 3 Weeks After Arrest, Still No Charges in Wikileaks Probe • Wikileaks Commissions Lawyers to Defend Alleged Army Source • Suspected Wikileaks Source Described Crisis of Conscience Leading to Leaks • ‘I Can’t Believe What I’m Confessing to You’: The Wikileaks Chats • State Department Anxious About Possible Leak of Cables to Wikileaks • U.S. Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe

Gwyneth Reconnects With Her Good Friends Jay-Z and Beyonce at London's Wireless Festival PopSugar (PopSugar) Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:00:00 AM

Gwyneth Paltrow spent her Fourth of July holiday in London at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park. She and her husband Chris Martin were together last week to see a Kings of Leon show, but she joined pal Beyonce Knowles and other stylish celebs to check out Jay-Z's Sunday performance. Beyonce and JayZ were back in England once again following his appearance at the Isle of Wight, as their Summer of traveling together continues. Madonna also came out for the musical event, and she shared some PDA between songs with her boyfriend Jesus Five Filters featured article: Luz. Jay-Z wasn't your top pick Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Brian Austin Green Headed to Wisteria Lane? Kim Potts (TV Squad) Submitted at 7/6/2010 5:45:00 AM

Filed under: TV News Is 'Beverly Hills 90210' resident

Brian Austin Green moving to a new primetime 'hood, namely Wisteria Lane? Could be, as, according to TV Guide, Green is mulling an offer

to join the cast of 'Desperate

Housewives' as Keith, a new hunk who turns the heads of the women of Wisteria Lane. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments

as a shirtless date to an Independence Day beach party, but he was the lucky guy who got to spend the holiday with Beyonce, Gwyneth, and Madonna. To see more photos of Gwyneth and Beyonce enjoying the show, just read more. View 20 Photos ›

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Cameron and Alex Enjoy a Night of Theater and Music PopSugar (PopSugar)

Bottega Veneta's New Site, New YouTube Channel & New Look

Superfast Sides (ELLE Fashion Blogs)

The crisp, fresh green beans and smooth, tender potatoes create nice texture contrast, and the easy sauce is a good match for nearly any main-dish flavor. It would make an especially great side for roasted chicken, whether our five-star homemade version or time-saving rotisserie chicken from the supermarket. View Recipe: Green Beans and Potatoes in Chunky Tomato Sauce Next Spicy Garlic Broccoli Rabe Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:45:00 AM Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:46:17 AM

Cameron Diaz took a walk around NYC on Friday, and in the evening she met up with Alex Rodriguez to kick off their Fourth of July weekends with a date night at Broadway's Rock of Ages. They swung backstage afterward to meet and greet the cast, but Alex and Cameron made sure to pose for photos separately - she smiled for a shot with the group while Alex said hello to the production's star, former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis. Constantine has been causing some drama off the stage as well, after his costar and girlfriend Angel Reed had


It's been a year of classics and heritage — brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermès and even Gucci have embraced their 'artisans' to leave the production when and focused on their history and she got pregnant. Cameron, now Bottega Veneta's following m e a n w h i l e , r e c e n t l y suit. downplayed her romance with But their campaign comes via Alex, but it seems as though the internet, and a new website things are still going strong for t h a t e m b r a c e s t h i n g s l i k e Facebook, Twitter and even the publicity-averse duo. their own YouTube channel while simultaneously To see more Cameron, just read championing artists like Nan Goldin and Sam Taylor Wood. more. The website's for both new and View 10 Photos › loyal customers, meant to teach both the brand's history and values while subtly explaining its price tags. Through video series like "Hand of the Artisan" and "The Making Of" they're offering a

behind the scenes look at a pretty mysterious brand, and then giving you the chance to shop it through categories like "Tomas Maier's Picks." Even if a $3,000 clutch isn't on your shopping list, it's worth checking out for the pictures alone.

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)

Javier Bardem to Play Rock Star on 'Glee'? Catherine Lawson (TV Squad) Submitted at 7/6/2010 4:40:00 AM

Filed under: TV News It's been reported that Oscar winner Javier Bardem may have the chance to guest star on the second season of'Glee.'

According to the Ausiello Files, Bardem joked, "We're going to Bardem may appear in the rock the house ... We're going to upcoming season as a rock star do some heavy metal -- Spanish who befriends Artie (Kevin heavy metal, which is the McHale). Apparently the deal worst." was done after Bardem pitched Just how Spanish heavy metal the idea to'Glee' supremo Ryan the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love.' will fit into the show is anyone's Murphy when they worked on guess, but in season 1, the

eclectic soundtrack featured cover versions of everything from Judy Garland to Kiss, Miley Cyrus to Parliament, and Lady GaGa to Rick Springfield. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments


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Morning Links - Robert Report: Hezbollah on US-Mexico and Kristen Surprise Border Fans at Eclipse Screening (Newsmax - Inside Cover) Submitted at 7/6/2010 3:50:31 AM

PopSugar (PopSugar) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:15:00 AM

• Robert and Kristen surprise fans at a LA screening of Eclipse- Robsessed Blog • Jessica Simpson has a new exNFL player boyfriend!Wonderwall • UK host Cheryl Cole hospitalized with malariaHuffington Post • Megan and Brian return to LA after their Hawaiian honeymoon - People • Jude gives Sienna a kiss before his trip to the Czech Republic- Lainey Gossip • Cristiano Ronaldo is a dad!PopSugar UK • Jonathan Schaech is officially off the market- PopEater

• Michael Lohan and Rachel Uchitel party in the HamptonsTMZ • The Office's Jenna Fisher weds!- Us Weekly • George Michael arrested after driving through a store- Fox 411 • Katy Perry says she's tamed Russell Brand- Hollywood Life • Matt Bellamy will meet Kate Hudson's parents- ICYDK

A Hezbollah terror cell may be operating among drugs cartels around the U.S.-Mexican border, announced U.S. Republican National Committee Rep. Sue Myrick, according to a Fox News report. Myrick requested U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano create a special team to further investigate the potential problem and threat. The Republican representative referenced several incidents that show evidence of Hezbollah's efforts to infiltrate the U.S. region with the aid of Mexican drug cartel gangs. "It is vital we know what is happening on our border, especially as crime and violence continue to rise there and as terrorist plots and threats are increasing inside the U.S.," quoted the Fox News report. Myrick cited the warming

relationship between Iran and Venzuela as proof that Hezbollah members may be collaborating with Latin American drug cartels, who may be utilizing Hezbollah's ability to dig underground tunnels for drug smuggling and in turn, providing funding, document forging, and false identities. The Fox News report referenced Anthony Placido, assistant administrator for intelligence at the Drug Enforcement Administration, testifying at a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee in March this year, that some drug smugglers in the U.S.-Mexico region have had relationships with Hezbollah between the 1980s and 1990s. "There are numerous reports of cocaine proceeds entering the coffers of Islamic Radical Groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas," Fox News quoted Placido when he testified to the

subcommittee. Placido labeled the proceeds as "easy revenue" that could potentially be used to fund terrorism. Fox News also cited a 2006 House Homeland Security Committee report which details incidents of Hezbollah operatives who were apprehended when trying to access the U.S. through Mexico. The report mentions Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, a Hezbollah member who pleaded guilty in 2005 for supplying information to the terror organization after he was smuggled in the U.S. through Mexico, and lived in Dearborn, Michigan. © The Jerusalem Post. All Rights Reserved Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

'The Bachelorette' Recap - Love: It's No Fairytale Laura Prudom (TV Squad) Submitted at 7/6/2010 4:27:00 AM

Filed under: Recaps, Summer TV Welcome back, scandal fans -- last night's episode of'The Bachelorette' had more

fireworks than a 4th of July weekend, but practically none of it was thanks to Ali and her five long-suffering suitors. You just know that the show's producers were thanking all their heathen Reality TV deities

that Jake and Vienna took a very

public nosedive when they did, a l l e g e d l y h e r e f o r , A l i ' s otherwise this episode would've continuing search for love ... been a total snooze. Permalink| Email this| Linking But before we get to the train- Blogs| Comments wreck that was Jake and Vienna's break-up interview, let's jump in to what we're all


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Democrats Cast Petraeus in New Light (Newsmax - Inside Cover) Submitted at 7/6/2010 1:57:08 AM

In less than three years, Army Gen. David H. Petraeus has risen from the brunt of ridicule by Democrats to President Obama's most valuable field general. Mr. Obama, who as a U.S. senator in 2007 skeptically grilled Gen. Petraeus on the Iraq war, has turned to the four-star general as perhaps his last chance to win in Afghanistan — the one war the commander in chief views as vital to U.S. security. Mr. Obama, as a U.S. senator, lectured Gen. Petraeus in the fall of 2007, when the military commander testified that his Iraq troop surge was working. Mr. Obama said it was not. "We have now set the bar so low that modest improvement — in what was a completely chaotic situation to the point where now we just have the levels of intolerable violence that existed in June of 2006 — is considered success. And it's not. This continues to be a disastrous foreign-policy mistake," Mr. Obama told Gen. Petraeus. Last month, the president stood shoulder to shoulder with Gen. Petraeus in the White House Rose Garden as he announced that the general would replace Afghanistan war commander Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal,

who resigned after making indiscreet remarks to Rolling Stone magazine. "Gen. Petraeus and I were able to spend some time this morning discussing the way forward," the president said. "I'm extraordinarily grateful that he has agreed to serve in this new capacity." The four-star Army officer's emergence as General Indispensable can be attributed, in part, to how Washington works: In 2007, he served as George W. Bush's general; he is now Mr. Obama's. As the 2008 presidential election neared, Democrats were not eager to hear anything positive about progress in Iraq. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, had declared the war "lost." And another thing happened. The troop surge, many analysts later concluded, worked, which is what Gen. Petraeus had said. "It's become apparent even to the casual observers in the political world that the surge worked," said retired Army Col. Pete Mansoor, who served as Gen. Petraeus' executive officer in Iraq. "They may not say so publicly. They may not say so openly. But I think, in private, they realize the strategy worked. "Gen. Petraeus was able to turn around a war that was nearly lost in 2006," he said. "Having seen this turnaround in the war in Iraq, I think a lot of people

are hopeful that he can do the same thing in Afghanistan." Rep. Peter Hoekstra of Michigan, the top Republican on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said Democrats were out of power back then, but now realize they need Gen. Petraeus. "It's like night and day," said Mr. Hoekstra, comparing Democrats' criticism of the general in 2007 with their praise today. "What's the difference? Democrats have now got to govern. They felt they could do anything for political reasons and political purposes back then. Now they've got to actually govern, and they have to be responsible, so they actually have to act responsibly. They actually have to take a look at Petraeus' record. Before, it was purely ridicule of the guy." Col. Steven Boylan, who was Gen. Petraeus' spokesman in Iraq and now teaches at Fort Leavenworth's Command and General Staff College in Kansas, recalls a tense, politically charged Washington. "I don't think it would be unfair to say the issues of '07 were very divisive, and there was a lot of controversy and a lot of doubt with the strategy, and that doubt came through as we saw in the September '07 testimony," he said. Col. Boylan and Mr. Mansoor sat behind the witness table as prominent Democrats gave Gen.

Petraeus a thorough interrogation. The general had been greeted in Washington by a ad in the New York Times that accused him of betraying his country. "In continuing the surge of forces for another six months, is that likely to change that reality?" Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., now vice president, asked Gen. Petraeus. "The conclusion I've reached is: No." Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, now secretary of state, told the general: "Despite what I view as your rather extraordinary efforts in your testimony both yesterday and today, I think that the reports that you provide to us really require the willing suspension of disbelief." Mr. Mansoor, a professor of history at Ohio State University, said Mr. Obama did not put Gen. Petraeus in such a prominent role when he led U.S. Central Command, which oversees the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. That has helped to keep the general out of the line of fire as he now moves to Kabul. "President Bush used Gen. Petraeus as the public face of the war in Iraq," Mr. Mansoor said. "And deliberately so, given that the president's approval ratings were quite low and Gen. Petraeus' approval ratings were quite high. He put Gen. Petraeus into a fairly unique position for a general officer, and that is to

be the public media face of the conflict. As a result, Gen. Petraeus bore a lot of the brunt of the political criticism. That's not the case in Afghanistan. President Obama has not used Petraeus in that role." It was at Fort Leavenworth where Gen. Petraeus brainstormed with Army and Marine Corps officers to rewrite the military's counterinsurgency doctrine, issued as Field Manual 3-24 in December 2006. It put great weight on winning over the population by reducing insurgent violence. He sent American and Iraqi troops out of isolated base camps and into neighborhoods to mix with, and defend, the people. "He came to Iraq with a new strategy," said Col. Boylan. "He provided the big ideas and he provided the direction and guidance with those big ideas, painting, if you will, the white lines on the road, the left and right limits, and allowed his commanders, and encouraged his commanders, to execute the missions that they've been given within those bounds. One of them was, we had to get out of the bases and protect the population." How Gen. Petraeus operated in Iraq gives clues to how he will try to win in Afghanistan. Mr. Mansoor expects him to bring together the military, DEMOCRATS page 44



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RNC Foresees Big Cuts for Voter Drives (Newsmax - Inside Cover)

major gains in November in House, Senate and gubernatorial races. With the party banking on Other conservative organs, major gains in midterm including the Republican e l e c t i o n s , t h e R e p u b l i c a n Governors Association and the National Committee is suddenly Karl Rove-backed independent being hit with a severe cut in American Crossroads group, money originally budgeted to h a v e r e p o r t e d i m p r e s s i v e help state parties identify and fundraising numbers in recent get voters to the polls on Nov. 2, days. Mr. Rove was a senior The Washington Times has adviser to President George W. learned. Bush. The cuts, which RNC officials "We have a great opportunity to say still must be approved by take the House and Senate, but the budget committee, would now with this kind of financial slice by a third the amount of kick in the pants we may not money originally budgeted for have the resources to pull it off," targeted political operations, a s e n i o r m e m b e r o f t h e including funds to help state Republican Party's national parties hire staff and beef up get governing body told The Times, -out-the-vote operations. speaking on the condition of The $12.2 million downward anonymity. revision means that state GOP According to RNC sources, the operations will have to trim their new budget blueprint foresees a E l e c t i o n D a y " v i c t o r y " $12.2 million drop — 34 programs, according to a new percent in the fund for political budget blueprint prepared for operations, as well as lower RNC Chairman Michael S. projections for contributions Steele and sent to members of from both small and major t h e b u d g e t c o m m i t t e e f o r donors. The lower figures likely approval. will mean corresponding cuts in Mr. Steele also faces fresh state-level victory programs. controversy within the party RNC spokesman Doug Heye over his comments last week denied that the party's national q u e s t i o n i n g t h e w a r i n governing body faced a funding Afghanistan and dismissing it as shortfall and said the budget a "war of [President] Obama's committee would vote on any choosing." Mr. Steele has tried revisions for the second half of to soften his remarks, but GOP the year at the RNC's summer neoconservatives are saying he meeting. He did not address a should resign. question specifically asking Republicans are hoping for about the proposed cuts to Submitted at 7/6/2010 1:46:05 AM

political operations. "Adjusting budget numbers is a common practice," Mr. Heye said in an e-mail response. "For instance, in 2006, the RNC revised its budget on five separate occasions. "There are currently no set budget numbers and we will make revisions as necessary," he added. Mr. Steele's management skills and fundraising prowess have been under scrutiny even as the party's fortunes in the polls have been rising in recent months. Several big GOP donors have announced that they would be giving to other Republican organs and not the RNC this election cycle. GOP sources told The Times that a major three-day fundraising event Mr. Steele organized late last month in Napa Valley, Calif., at which the price of admission was set at $60,800 per couple, proved a disappointment. RNC officials rounded up party VIPs to fill empty tables and opened the event to lower-paying donors, they said. Mr. Heye said news reports that portrayed the Napa event as Mr. Steele's "biggest fundraiser to date" were inaccurate. He declined to say who attended or how many top party donors were at the event, but revealed that the California event raised $766,200 for the party's coffers. Mr. Heye did not say whether

that was the event's gross or net take. Mr. Steele's proposed budget amendment for 2010 projects that net money raised, including cash on hand, will decrease 26 percent, dropping to $50.3 million from the $68 million that the 168-member RNC approved at its winter meeting in January. The previous projected RNC revenue from small donors in the January budget of $67.1 million has been revised to $51.4 million, a 23 percent drop. In what RNC operatives consider a particularly ominous sign, the national office's political department will take a 34 percent cut in the money it has to spend on winning elections, from $35.5 million to $23.3 million. Meanwhile, fundraising costs have risen from 50 percent of gross revenue to 60 percent. Mr. Heye said the poor economy made it harder for all political organs to raise funds, and that the RNC has more money to spend than the rival Democratic National Committee when debt is factored into the equation. Being the party out of power compounds the money challenge, Mr. Heye said. "It costs more to raise money," he said. "When a party is out of power, there is no president, no speaker [of the House] or [Senate] majority leader to help

raise money inexpensively." But other Republican Party organs do not appear to have the same fundraising problems as the RNC. Under Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, the Republican Governors Association reported $18.9 million for the Aprilthrough-June period — which it says is its largest fundraising quarter ever. Even though it helped finance winning gubernatorial election campaigns in Virginia and New Jersey in November, the RGA reports $40 million in cash on hand for this November's governors' races. The RGA noted that its former midyear fundraising record was $15.1 million and is now at $28 million this year — "almost double the earlier record. In 2006, the last comparable election year, the RGA raised $28 million for the entire year." American Crossroads, with the major backing of Mr. Rove and former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie, reported raising $8.5 million in June as part of a pledge to generate more than $50 million for the midterm elections. Because of the McCainFeingold campaign finance law, however, the money that groups like American Crossroads raise cannot be used for state party "victory programs" in the same RNC page 43


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Obama’s Worst Foreign-Policy Mistake? Conn Carroll (The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:30:48 AM

Given President Obama’s glaring domestic policy missteps, it is understandable that the public has largely been blinded to his foreign policy failings. In fact, these may have been even more damaging to America’s future. He fought to reinstate Honduras’s proChávez president while stalling Colombia’s favored-trade status. He castigated Israel at the United Nations but was silent about Hamas having launched 7,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip. His policy of “engagement” with rogue nations has been met with North Korean nuclear tests, missile launches and the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel, while Iran has accelerated its nuclear program, funded terrorists and armed Hezbollah with long-range missiles. He acceded to Russia’s No. 1 foreign policy objective, the abandonment of our Europebased missile defense program, and obtained nothing whatsoever in return. Despite all of this, the president’s New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New-

START) with Russia could be his worst foreign policy mistake yet. The treaty as submitted to the Senate should not be ratified. New-START impedes missile defense, our protection from nuclear-proliferating rogue states such as Iran and North Korea. Its preamble links strategic defense with strategic arsenal. It explicitly forbids the United States from converting intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) silos into missile defense sites. And Russia has expressly reserved the right to walk away from the treaty if it believes that the United States has significantly increased its missile defense capability. Hence, to preserve the treaty’s restrictions on Russia, America must effectively get Russia’s permission for any missile defense expansion. Moscow’s vehemence over our modest plans in Eastern Europe demonstrate that such permission would be extremely unlikely. The treaty empowers a Bilateral Consultative Commission with broad latitude to amend the treaty with specific reference to missile defense. New START does something the American public would never countenance

and the Senate should never permit: It jeopardizes our missile defense system. The treaty also gives far more to the Russians than to the United States. As drafted, it lets Russia escape the limit on its number of strategic nuclear warheads. Loopholes and lapses — presumably carefully crafted by Moscow — provide a path to entirely avoid the advertised warhead-reduction targets. For example, rail-based ICBMs and launchers are not mentioned. Similarly, multiple nuclear warheads that are mounted on bombers are effectively not counted. Unlike past treaty restrictions, ICBMs are not prohibited from bombers. This means that Russia is free to mount a nearly unlimited number of ICBMs on bombers — including MIRVs (multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles) or multiple warheads — without tripping the treaty’s limits. These omissions would be consistent with Russia’s plans for a new heavy bomber and reports of growing interest in rail-mobile ICBMs. Under New START, the United States must drastically reduce our number of launchers but Russia will not — it already has fewer launchers than the treaty

limits. Put another way: We give, Russia gets. And more troubling, the treaty fails to apply the MIRV limits that were part of the prior START treaty. Again, it may not be coincidental that Russia is developing a new heavy-load — meaning MIRV-capable — ICBM. New-START gives Russia a massive nuclear weapon advantage over the United States. The treaty ignores tactical nuclear weapons, where Russia outnumbers us by as much as 10 to 1. Obama heralds a reduction in strategic weapons from approximately 2,200 to 1,550 but fails to mention that Russia will retain more than 10,000 nuclear warheads that are categorized as tactical because they are mounted on missiles that cannot reach the United States. But surely they can reach our allies, nations that depend on us for a nuclear umbrella. And who can know how those tactical nuclear warheads might be reconfigured? Astonishingly, while excusing tactical nukes from the treaty, the Obama administration bows to Russia’s insistence that conventional weapons mounted on ICBMs are counted under the treaty’s

warhead and launcher limits. By all indications, the Obama administration has been badly out-negotiated. Perhaps the president’s eagerness for global disarmament led his team to accede to Russia’s demands, or perhaps it led to a document that was less than carefully drafted. Whatever the reason for the treaty’s failings, it must not be ratified: The security of the United States is at stake. The only responsible course is for the Senate to demand and scrutinize the full diplomatic record underlying the treaty. Then it must insist that any linkage between the treaty and our missile defense system be eliminated. In a world where nuclear weapons are proliferating, America’s missile defense shield must not be compromised. As currently drafted, New START is a nonstarter. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.



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Unfinished Business: The U.S.-U.K. Defense Trade Cooperation Treaty Theodore Bromund (The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:00:30 AM

In an important speech at the Heritage Foundation on Wednesday that demonstrated the new British government’s commitment to standing shoulder to shoulder with the U.S., Dr. Liam Fox, the British Secretary of State for Defense, issued a blunt warning that the U.S., Britain, and its allies in Afghanistan need to “hold our nerve” and “see the job through.” But in the question and answer session following his speech, Dr. Fox pointed out that when British Prime Minister David Cameron visits Washington later this month, he will be the third British Prime Minister to come to the U.S. to ask it – among other pressing business – to ratify the U.S.-U.K. Defense Trade Cooperation Treaty. That American failure is a shameful betrayal of Britain’s support in Afghanistan. The U.S.-U.K. Treaty was signed on June 21 and 26, 2007. A similar U.S-Australian Treaty followed on September 5, 2007. The treaties permit the U.S. to trade most defense articles with Britain and Australia without an export license or other written authorization, but the treaties do

not simply decontrol defenserelated trade. Under the treaties, the U.S. has negotiated with the British and Australian governments an approved list of private sector defense and counter-terrorism related entities in these countries that are allowed end-user access to U.S. items. The treaties offer a wide range of advantages to all three countries. So far, though, the treaties have been held up by several considerations. Some of these are serious. In keeping with its constitutional duty of providing advice and consent on treaties, the Senate has the right and obligation to consider all relevant factors related to the treaty in question. In this case, that includes the Administration’s proposed regulations for giving domestic enforcement effect to the treaties. The Senate is unlikely to act until it has considered the proposed regulations, though in practice it could ratify the treaty conditional upon the production of satisfactory regulations. But so far, neither the Bush nor the Obama administration has submitted these materials. A recent GAO report noted that “State officials told us the U.S. regulatory changes will not be finalized until the treaties are ratified because the ratification

and bad for America’s armed forces. As the GAO points out, the treaties are a move towards a “more risk-based approach” in the management of defense trade. That means that the treaties are based on acknowledging that, while trading defense items poses risks, so does restricting their trade – because the restrictions mean foregone commercial and alliance opportunities. Therefore, the U.S. should focus its export scrutiny on countries that pose the most risks. The p r o c e s s c o u l d i n t r o d u c e to use its constitutional duty to GAO report notes that the U.S.’s additional requirements.” In provide advice and consent as a export control officers have to short, the Senate is unlikely to cover for delaying consideration d e a l w i t h m a n y m o r e ratify the treaties until it sees the of the treaties on fundamentally applications than officers in regulations, but State refuses to protectionist grounds. The allied countries. This inevitably produce the regulations until the treaties do not create a free trade means that they have less time treaties are ratified. This is a area: indeed, they incorporate to spend on the more risky ridiculous game of regulatory b o t h e x i s t i n g a n d n e w transactions. This is exactly the chicken that can only end when safeguards. But to the extent opposite of what the U.S. should one side or the other blinks. If that they will make it easier for do. The treaties, therefore, are the Administration, as it asserts, U.S.-based firms to collaborate an important advance not only wants the treaties ratified, it is with their British and Australian in defense relations with the past time for it to accept the counterparts, they will change U.K. and Australia, but towards legitimacy of the Senate’s the U.S. defense market for a more focused and rational concerns and submit what it particular firms in ways that system of export controls. regards as final regulations, or cannot be predicted. U.S. But while that is an important to work constructively with the legislators should accept that consideration, it is secondary to Senate to find other ways to these changes are in the broader the basic fact that, when it satisfy these concerns. American defense and security comes to these treaties, the U.S. But the Senate – and, if interest. Holding up the treaties is not dealing in good faith with implementing legislation is out of concern for particular Britain and Australia. That is necessary, the House – also has manufacturing interests is bad UNFINISHED page 43 an important responsibility: not for our relations with our allies,


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Clinton’s Diplomatic Disconnect on Venezuela Ray Walser (The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.)

spend less time sending congratulatory messages to tyrants and more time worrying Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:30:00 AM about the dangers posed by a Secretary of State Clinton’s Venezuela that operates in congratulatory message to support of Middle Eastern Venezuela on its independence terrorism, threatens U.S. day reflects the State interests and security, and Department’s continued endangers democracy in the inability to craft a coherent Americas. strategy for Venezuela. The While an independence day friendly message claims message may seem innocuous ingenuously: enough, it is emblematic of the We [the U.S. and Venezuela] frequent diplomatic disconnects share a common history of that occur within the U.S. emancipation and democratic foreign policy bureaucracy aspiration. toward Venezuela, Iran, North Yet, in reality, it is hard to see Korea, Russia, and all the other h o w V e n e z u e l a — w i t h i t s self-determination. Living up to out the Secretary in response. nations that mean us harm. historic oscillations between these values is our shared Secretary Clinton, Maduro Tags: hillary clinton, hugo political strongmen, oligarchic responsibility. c l a i m e d , h a s b e c o m e chavez, Nicolas Maduro, State elites, and the current Bolivarian Yet, if we share common “obsessive” about Venezuela. Department, venezuela Revolution of President Hugo values, why has Secretary He charged the U.S. with You can follow any responses Chavez—compares with the Clinton voiced deep concerns engaging in a systematic “policy to this entry through the RSS 2.0 course of liberty and democratic about Venezuela— as she did of intrigue, aggression and feed. governance in the United States. during a July 3 address to the desperation” against his country. Five Filters featured article: T h e c o n g r a t u l a t o r y n o t e Community of Democracies: With propagandistic bombast, Headshot - Propaganda, State continues undeterred: Venezuela’s leaders have tried Maduro added, “the people of Religion and the Attack On the The development of our nations to silence independent voices the United States would like to Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available has been driven by common t h a t s e e k t o h o l d t h a t have the political and social tools: PDF Newspaper, Full values and a belief in individual g o v e r n m e n t a c c o u n t a b l e . rights and freedoms of the Text RSS, Term Extraction. liberties, fundamental civil Venezuela’s combative foreign Venezuelan people.” rights such as freedom of speech minister Nicolas Maduro lashed The State Department should and expression, and a right to


UNFINISHED continued from page 42

contrary to our interests, a poor reflection on their support in Afghanistan, and an embarrassment to all Americans concerned. It is past time to wrap up this business and move on. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

The Only Thing We Are Re-Setting is the Cold War Ricky Trotman (The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:00:59 AM

continued from page 40

way as funds contributed to the RNC. © Copyright 2010 The Washington Times, LLC Five Filters featured article:


Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Peter Brookes presents an op-ed in the Boston Herald demonstrating this administration’s repeated failure to live up to its promise of ONLY page 45


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DEMOCRATS continued from page 39

embassy and Afghan leadership as one team with the same objectives. U.S. lawmakers back from Afghanistan this year reported lousy relations between Gen. McChrystal's staff and U.S. Ambassador Karl W. Eikenberry, a former top commander in Afghanistan. "He works very hard to ensure that he is on good relations with all the key players in governments, both host-nation government and in Washington," said Mr. Mansoor. "He has a three-star commander in Afghanistan who fights the fight on the ground. He doesn't need to do that." In Iraq, Gen. Petraeus' typical day had him up before 6 a.m. in his Green Zone quarters. He read and returned e-mails and checked press reports over breakfast. He would arrive at headquarters for perhaps his most important two hours — the battlefield update assessment. It became his main management tool to digest events and give

orders. Next was a series of meetings with key Iraqi and allied players, and sometimes trips to see field commanders and visit communities. After 7 p.m., he would be back in quarters, having dinner and emailing again before retiring around 10. One of Gen. Petraeus' first challenges in Afghanistan is the same one he faced in Iraq in 2006: the rules of engagement. Troops in Afghanistan complained that Gen. McChrystal hampered their ability to defeat the Taliban by putting restrictions into place to protect civilians — such as not attacking individual houses. "I think you'll see a difference in style rather than substance," Mr. Mansoor said. "He'll be ensuring that lower-level commanders aren't becoming so risk-averse that the troops aren't able to fight effectively, which is what we found in Iraq in 2007 when we did [a rules of engagement] scrub back then.

"The ROE was actually OK, but it was just applied very strictly by risk-averse commanders, and as a result, the same sorts of arguments were being made by the troops, that their hands were being tied." After quick Senate confirmation, Gen. Petraeus was officially handed command Sunday at a NATO ceremony in Kabul. "We are in this to win," he told the audience, using a word generally avoided by the White House, as the war approaches the nine-year mark in October. © Copyright 2010 The Washington Times, LLC Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Dem Committees Losing Big Wall Street Donors (Newsmax - Inside Cover)

about the financial regulatory reform bill that House Democrats passed last week. Contributions from Wall Street That landmark bill was passed to Democrats' congressional with almost no Republican campaign committees are down support. 65 percent from two years ago, With diminished treasure chests according to a report by the to defend their House and Washington Post. Senate majorities in November's What's more, almost half of the midterm elections, party leaders decline in overall large-dollar are concerned about the loss of fundraising can be attributed to big-dollar donors. New York, according to a The two congressional Washington Post analysis of committees have raised $49.5 records filed with the Federal million this election cycle from Election Commission. people giving $1,000 or more at Donors from NY have coughed a time -- compared with $81.3 up just $8.7 million this year million at this point in the last compared with $23.9 million at election. this point in 2008 -- with most To read the full Washington of those contributions coming Post story Go Here Now. from big contributors in the © All Rights Reserved. financial sector. Five Filters featured article: The Post reports that the Headshot - Propaganda, State phenomenon is the product of Religion and the Attack On the bankers, hedge fund executives Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available and financial services chief tools: PDF Newspaper, Full executives, who are still fuming Text RSS, Term Extraction. Submitted at 7/6/2010 6:19:42 AM

Time for a trip soon (Scripting News) Submitted at 7/6/2010 7:11:36 AM

One of the things I looked forward to about living in NYC is the opportunity to travel places easily from one of the

most connected airports in the world, JFK. I'm about to get to a place with this development project where a week or two away from it would probably be good for the project.

We have a small group of testers here in NYC, and I'm getting ready to add some old friends to the test group, and then I want to let things settle in for a bit. Travel, take some pictures, go swimming,

whatever. I may also just get in the car and go somewhere in the northeastern US. It's been five years since I've taken an east coast road trip. Lots of interesting places to go, some

close by like Boston. That's what I'm thinking about this morning. ";->"


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ONLY continued from page 43

transparency and open government. The administration’s reticence to give Senators the negotiating record for the new START treaty is yet another flagrant example. The reasons provided in the START hearings not to release the negotiating record are either false, or simply fly in the face of reason. The first, that negotiating records have not been released to the Senate in the past, is patently false given that they have for both the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The second, that releasing such documents to the Senate would compromise the position of future negotiators, is appalling. There is no call for full, public disclosure, but rather release of the information to the Senate, who is responsible for fully vetting any treaty signed between the United States and a foreign nation. By not releasing

the record, this administration is making it seem more and more likely that there is something in there that they don’t want the Senate to see. At stake here is nothing less than our national security. While this administration is seeking to reset US-Russian relations, the only thing that is being reset is a Cold War environment. The New START Treaty codifies strategic parity, threatens our ability to build upon our missile defense system, and keeps the mentality of Mutually Assured Destruction alive and well. Combine this with the revelation that ten people have been arrested for allegedly being undercover Russian spies and you have an environment bearing striking similarities to pre-1989 US-Russian relations. Fortunately, with the constitutional role afforded to the Senate, there is still hope for preventing this major step backwards. All this

administration has to do is provide the full range of materials necessary to thoroughly vet this treaty and its implications for U.S. security policy. Ricky Trotman is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http:// departments/ylp.cfm Tags: Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, New START You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


My Boys' Reid Scott Joins Showtime's The Big C ( Breaking News) Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:43:00 AM

Reid Scott My Boys star Reid Scott has landed a recurring role on Showtime's The Big C, a show rep tells The 32-year-old actor will play Dr. Todd, the oncologist of Laura Linney's character, Cathy. Todd's intelligent and welltrained but lacks experience. Cynthia Nixon to take on The Big C with four-episode arc The Big C follows Cathy, a schoolteacher and suburban mother who tries to rebuild her life after her cancer diagnosis. Since Scott's role is recurring, it won't conflict with his contract with TBS, which has still not decided whether to renew My Boys for a fifth season (Season 4 premieres July 25). Scott's My Boys co-stars Jordana Spiro and Kyle Howard recently exited their new NBC series — Love Bites and Perfect Couples, respectively — because they were still under contract with

the cable network. The Wire star Idris Elba joins The Big C Deadline first reported Scott's casting. The Big C premieres Aug. 16 at 10:30/9:30c. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.



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Meet the Big Brother 12 Houseguests ( Breaking News) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:46:00 AM

Julie Chen It's getting pretty damn hard to fluster the contestants on Big Brother, so look for a huge, sneaky twist when the CBS reality hit starts its 12 th season — a twist that's intended to shake up the game and create chaos and suspicion among the players. "I don't think we've ever had so many BB superfans in the house at one time," says exec producer Allison Grodner. "They have an encyclopedic knowledge of the program and know it better than we do. To throw them off, we're going to make the game harder to play than ever before." Here's how she'll do it: On premiere night (Thursday, July 8, 8/9c) the houseguests will be told that producers have slipped a mole into the group. America will learn the impostor's identity on July 15 during the first live episode and, through an interactive online process, fans will be able to suggest ways for the impostor to sabotage the players and disrupt the game. (Visit for more information.) The longer the impostor maintains anonymity, the more money he or she will take home. So how does the Season 12 cast stack up? TV Guide Magazine interviewed each of the players

right before they went into the BB house. (Paolo Aviles, a 30year-old out-of-work real estate agent, later got cold feet and quit the show, dropping the head count to 13.) We found no shortage of Type-A show-offs and high-maintenance personalities among this year's group, but they were virtually unanimous in their dislike of Season 11 prima donna Chima Simone, who was ejected from the show when she disobeyed Grodner's repeated requests to go to the diary room and threw her pricey body mike into the swimming pool. But opinions were split over last year's surprise champ, sweetheart waitress Jordan Lloyd, who won the $500,000 grand prize without stabbing even one back. Many in the BB12 cast admire how Jordan reinvented the game by playing it with honesty and decency, while others find her to be naïve and clueless and feel she didn't deserve the dough because she didn't really earn it. "There will be a lot of antiJordan strategy coming into the house, which may or may not be wise," notes Grodner. "As we saw, the winner isn't necessarily the one who plays the best game. It could be the one who pissed off the jury the least!" Here's our take on the BB12 players: Kristen Bitting Age: 24

Age: 24 From: Decatur, TX Occupation: Oil Rig Salesman This big, brawny bruiser is not fooling anybody, himself included. "I'm just a meat-head jock so I need a brain to work with me in the BB house," says Elenburg. "Hopefully there'll be a doctor or lawyer or financial major I can team up with — someone who will take me almost all the way to the end before I lie and stab him in the back." Living on a ranch has left Elenburg with a crazed fear of electric fences. His best friends are his brother and sister. And From: Philadelphia, PA O c c u p a t i o n : S h o e S t o r e he won't be helping out much in the BB kitchen. "I can put Manager An odd bird, to say the least. dishes away but I'm not a very Bitting is loaded with tics and good cooker," he says with a mannerisms that'll either endear sluggy drawl. "Oh, except for 90 her to the other houseguests or -second microwave. That I can annoy the holy crap out of 'em. definitely do." She's prone to overstatement Ragan Fox and self-homage: "I have put Age: 34 everything — my whole entire From: West Hollywood, CA life — on the line to go into the Occupation: Professor at Cal BB house," Bitting says. "A lot State Long Beach o f p e o p l e k n o w m e i n He does not plan to admit he Philadelphia and they won't h a s a d o c t o r a t e i n know where I am. This is the communications. "I'm obsessed biggest risk of my life. It's truth with BB and I know how to talk or dare time." And she never game," says Fox. "That and a met a metaphor she couldn't PhD would get me bounced mangle: "I believe in Karma," from the house in a second — she states. "It's good to not burn even I would evict me!" A partthe bridge too hard because you time slam poet and author of never know when it's going to two poetry collections on gay life (2005's Heterophobia and come back at you." 2009's Exile in Gayville), Fox Lane Elenburg won't fret if there's homophobia

in the house. "I grew up in very conservative Cypress, Texas," he says. "I know how to navigate through that sort of thing extremely well." The day Fox found out he was a BB finalist, he spotted Season 10's flamboyant Rennie at his local grocery store. A good omen? Andrew Gordon Age: 39 From: Miami Beach, FL Occupation: Podiatrist Oy vey, what a pain! "I know I'll be the smartest one in the house and I'm a triathlete — biking, swimming, running — so watch out!" says Gordon, a divorced single dad and Orthodox Jew who has already convinced the BB producers to provide him with kosher slop. He plans to shave ficw years off his age, so that he'll mix better with the younger players. "I spend my day dealing with old Jewish people and their foot problems," he says. "If I can deal with them I'll have the patience to deal with anything in the house." Well, almost anything. Gordon told us he doesn't want to share space with any Arabs. States the doc: "I would have a problem with it politically." Britney Haynes Age: 22 From: Huntington, AR Occupation: Hilton Hotel Sales Manager MEET page 47

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MEET continued from page 46

A junior version of Dolly Parton, this tiny, saucy, gayfriendly sexpot — this season's youngest contestant — recently got engaged to a medical technologist. "My going on BB is gonna be a nice break for him because there's nothing crazier than a newly engaged girl!" Haynes says with a country cackle. "I will make it clear to the men in the house right up front that I'm not available. You get yourself in trouble when you mix business and pleasure." And she does mean business. "When it comes to the physical competitions, I'm no powerhouse who's gonna blow everyone else away. My strength lies is my ambition. And I am here to win." Kathy Hillis Age: 40 From: Texarkana, AR Occupation: Deputy Sheriff Sergeant Angie Dickinson has nothing on this policewoman. Though the bodaciously blond Hillis — a divorcee with a 22-year-old son — is this year's oldest houseguest, she's also the dishiest. And she's got an incredible back story: A selfadmitted "wild child," Hillis nearly died of ovarian cancer in 1999 and — taking that as a sign to straighten up — decided to become a cop. "I'll just tell the houseguests that I pull people over for speeding and leave out my experience in criminal

profiling," she says. "I can read faces. I'm an expert at body language. Will I call people out on their lies? Absolutely not. But, trust me, I will keep it all filed away in my mind!" Matt Hoffman Age: 32 From: Elgin, IL Occupation: Web Designer A computer whiz and a certified genius — yep, he's a member of MENSA — Hoffman is also quite the wiseass. And he knows it could get him in trouble. "I have the curse of gab and the filter between my brain and my mouth doesn't always work," says Hoffman, who intends to trim his age a bit so he can have a faux 30 th birthday party in the house. This is actually his second time as a BB contestant. He was picked last year, then had to drop out when he realized the finale conflicted with his wedding day. "My wife, Stacy, will be watching on the 24-hour feed so no cuddling or massages in the BB house for me," Hoffman says. "I don't want to go home and get my balls in a sling." Hayden Moss Age: 24 From: Tempe, AZ Occupation: College Student If this dude's not the mole, he's sure as hell acting like it. A jobless, over-bronzed muscleman who hopes someday to open a snowboard shop, Moss admits he's not very B&B savvy

and has only seen Season 11 — and that was handed to him on DVD by the show's producers. When we ask how he came to apply for the program, he looks nervously at his handler and says, "I don't think I'm supposed to answer that question." The handler mumbles something equally fishy about Moss being "a random applicant." Whatevs. Real or fake, win or lose, BB won't interfere much with his lifestyle. Shrugs Moss: "I'd be sitting around the pool doing nothing all summer anyway." Enzo Palumbo Age: 32 From: Bayonne, NJ Occupation: Car Insurance Appraiser Guido alert! "I'm from Joizey. I got a short personality. I don't like pencil-neck geeks. I don't like stuck-up women. I'm Italian, which means I'm Catholic, but I don't like superreligious people. I'm not here for the ha-has. I'm here to take it down!" says the loud, rapid-fire Palumbo, the kind of guy who sucks up all the oxygen in the room. If he wins, he claims he won't get a chance to even smell the money "because my wife is gonna want something Cartier." His big worry going into the BB house? "I'm managing two fantasy baseball teams right now and I'm winning. My brother will have to take over and everything he touches turns to crap."

Rachel Reilly Age: 26 From: Las Vegas, NV Occupation: Cocktail Waitress This voluptuous redhead gets high rollers all liquored up at the Sin City VIP club Aria — her best tip ever was $4000! — but she's also preparing for a career in science. "Most people look at me and think I'm just a hot girl with big boobs when I'm really a chemistry grad student with big boobs!" says Reilly, who dreams of some day hosting her own nerd show on the Discovery Channel. Slop? Not a problem. "I grew up on redneck liver mush in Concord, North Carolina, home of NASCAR. I can handle it," insists Reilly, who packed very lightly for the game. "Wait until the guys in the house see me in all my little Vegas bikinis. They. Are. Going. To. Freak!" Monet Stunson Age: 24 From: Glen Carbon, IL Occupation: Runway and Print Model Another Chima? We'd bet half a million on it! The gaspingly gorgeous Stunson entered a CBS talent contest in St. Louis and — without any acting experience — won a one-day role on The Young and the Restless. She then moved to L.A. to try for more jobs, but soon fled because she was annoyed by the traffic. During our interview, she was already

blasé about being picked for BB, clearly bored with the press and inexplicably pouty. Does she have meltdown potential? "You might witness a few crying fits," admits the diva. And that's not her only warning. "I highly doubt I will meet the man of my dreams in the BB house," she says. "But I will have no problem leading a guy on." Brendon Villegas Age: 30 From: Riverside, CA Occupation: High School Swim Coach He's taught so many kids that he's starting to think like one. "Going into the BB house as a contestant is like stepping into a giant board game — it's every boy's dream!" says the studly Villegas, who also has a more adult dream in the works. This fall, he will begin work on his PhD at UCLA — on full scholarship — with plans to become a biophysicist and eventually enter the field of cancer treatment. He reminds us a lot of last season's popular Jeff. Will he find his own Jordan? Says Villegas: "My one weakness in the game is that I could easily fall for a sweet, genuine, down-to-earth girl. A showmance will probably be my downfall." Annie Whittington Age: 27 MEET page 49



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On Syfy, Fantasy Lite ( Breaking News)

of a channel so in love with its own success that it dips from the well of sameness once too often. Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:07:00 AM It's Eureka without inspiration, Eureka minus the "wow" factor. It "In this job, there's no such barely rates even a "huh?" thing as no such thing." But let's accentuate the positive That clever quip gives us here, since that's the tone Syfy summer Syfy in a nutshell. As so strenuously seeks to convey spoken by Warehouse 13's glib this busy week. Warehouse gets S e c r e t S e r v i c e h e r o P e t e off to a fine start, untangling the Lattimer (the genial Eddie cliffhanger mess that left us McClintock) to his foxy partner w o r r y i n g t h a t W a r e h o u s e Myka Bering ( Joanne Kelly) caretaker Artie (professional while both are plastered to a schlub Saul Rubinek) had been Victorian ceiling by some anti- blown up by the machinations of gravity device or other, we are arch-villain MacPherson ( Roger served the fantastic with a side Rees in deliciously full snivel) order of whimsy, with very little and that funky apprentice ever taken seriously. Claudia ( Allison Scagliotti) was Warehouse 13 is sci-fi that just somehow embroiled in the wants to be liked, tasty as it scheme. goes down but about as long- While all of that is sorted out lasting as a swirl cone from an with the help of CCH Pounder's ice-cream truck on a 90-plus gratifyingly no-nonsense Mrs. degree day. And just about as Fredric, Pete and Myka follow a welcome for those seeking lead to London where sci-fi jaunty escapism during the visionary H.G Wells has been summer. It was an instant hit a resurrected in unusual form. By year ago, premiering the same the time the hour is over, we get night the former Sci Fi Channel s h o u t - o u t s t o Y o u n g took on its peculiar new name. Frankenstein, first-edition comic Far from suffering an identity books and, coolest of all, a crisis, Syfy has flourished with mysterious vault inspired by this kind of light entertainment. M.C. Escher. (I hope this isn't Besides Warehouse, which the last we've seen of the Escher returns for a second season Vault.) Even when the show Tuesday night (9/8c), Syfy gets a bit silly, there's a healthy launches the fourth season of the sense of wonder at the origin of equally fanciful Eureka Friday the artifacts our heroes regularly night (9/8c), pairing it with the track down. new but very familiar series Next week's episode, guestHaven(10/9c), a dreary example starring Firefly vets Sean Maher

and Jewel Staite, is also fun, a winningly cautionary tale for superhero wannabes, playing to the kid in all of us who never outgrew a fondness for comic books and most especially magical gizmos. It ends with what I can only describe as an atomic pantsing. Eureka also starts strong, with a time-travel misadventure on Founders' Day that sends Sheriff Jack Carter, his unrequited love interest Allison, Deputy Jo, uber -geek Fargo and town sage Henry back to a time when Eureka was still "Camp Eureka," a 1947 military facility only beginning to reveal its true purpose. This isn't merely a campy Eureka, although there is a nice joke about Henry blending in because even back then, nobody looked twice at a black mechanic. (There's a fun nod to Terminator lore as well.)

town of Eureka as a "creative haven." Wish I could say the same about Haven, a by-thenumbers dud which seems to exist only because Syfy programmers are inordinately fond of remote burgs that harbor oddballs with weird gifts. Based very loosely on one of the flimsiest Stephen King novellas ( The Colorado Kid) I've ever read and immediately forgot, Haven stars Emily Rose as the latest incarnation of the flip, irreverent FBI agent: Audrey Parker, whose tastes lean toward teen vampire novels but who is Colin Ferguson's "Oh you gotta cautioned by her boss, "FBI is be kidding" shtick gets a good nonfiction work." workout here as they plot how An assignment to track down to get back to 2010, and what an escaped prisoner leads her to happens next gives the show the coastal Maine town of ample opportunity to mix things Haven, which is (no surprise) a up for the fourth season, a time haven for the supernatural, when many shows of this type starting with the sinkhole that tend to get stale. There's a greets her rental car upon reason next week's episode is a r r i v a l . R o s e h a n d l e s h e r titled "A New World," although sardonic chores fairly well, but as Carter mutters at one point, the locals are mostly terribly "Another day, another runaway w r i t t e n a n d p o o r l y a c t e d , robot." Even when you turn a including wooden hunk Lucas show like Eureka on its head, Bryant as a detective who can't you're already dealing with a feel pain. I wish I were as lucky. show where topsy-turvy in the (Added caveat: Eric Balfour as a natural condition. Fitting right in smirky shady character making is new regular James Callis( eyes at Audrey.) Battlestar Galactica's devious When Agent Parker crosses Baltar) as a renowned scientist paths with a person whose mood who takes an instant shine to s h i f t s c r e a t e c a t a c l y s m i c Eureka, even in its newly altered changes in the local weather state. (never for the good), she comes Early on in Friday's season SYFY, page 50 premiere, Fargo describes the


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Cheers & Jeers: Everything's Not Jake on The Bachelorette ( Breaking News) Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:15:00 AM

Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka Jeers to Jake Pavelka for flying off the handle on The Bachelorette. ABC cut its snooze-worthy footage of Ali Fedotowsky giggling her way through Portugal 40 minutes short to get to the good stuff: the first sitdown between Bachelor pilot Jake and his flighty ex-fiancée Vienna Girardi since their recent tabloid-fueled split. While she came off like an annoying drama queen, his scary outburst—barking at Vienna to "stop interrupting me!"—caused her to dissolve into (crocodile?) tears and storm off the set. Want more Cheers & Jeers? Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now!

Not since Ross Perot repeatedly snapped at Al Gore to stop interrupting him during their NAFTA debate on Larry King Live has this tactic been used less effectively. Now Jake's got something in common with Ross, Al and Larry: None of them had happy endings. Do you think Jake blew it by losing his cool on The


MEET continued from page 47

From: Tampa, FL Occupation: Bartender Now she toils for tips at a steakhouse, but Whittington once had aspirations to be a star on Broadway. "My problem on BB will be that I'm overdramatic and over-expressive and you can read everything on my face — which is why I have never attempted to play poker!" says Whittington. "If I'm going to succeed in this game, I will need to dial it down and save it all for the diary room." Whittington is in a serious relationship with another woman back home in Tampa.

"But initially I will keep that to myself," she says. "Whether or not I talk about it will depend on how I feel about the other houseguests and how comfortable I am." Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now! Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Bachelorette? Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now! Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Brian Williams Forgot That Monday Was a Holiday Joel Keller (TV Squad) Submitted at 7/6/2010 6:31:00 AM

Filed under: Features, TV News Don't you just hate having to go into work when it's a holiday? Either you have to come in because you are supposed to, or you used up all your off time on

that whirlwind trip to Graceland and can't spare the day. It's a sucky feeling, to tell you that much; no one's on the street, your favorite coffee shop and/or lunch spot are closed, and the office sounds as quiet as a it's a holiday and come into church. But what if you don't remember work anyway? Think that can't

happen, that people mark these holidays on their calendars in January and hold them so precious that the day is embedded in their brains? Well, it happened to Brian Williams. If you were surprised to see him manning the desk on 'NBC Nightly News' last night,

he was equally surprised that Monday was a holiday and that he was supposed to take the night off. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments


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SYFY, continued from page 48

to realize she's found a "haven for God's orphans." Which triggers a chord in Little Orphan Audrey, who finds a clue to her own cloudy past in an old newspaper photo. (The geezers who run the paper are the main link to the original Colorado Kid story, which is echoed in an archival headline.) There's nothing about Haven that isn't derivative at best and dispiriting at worst. Maybe it will find that spark of fun and surprise that fuels the best moments of Eureka and Warehouse 13, but for now, I've reached my limit.

Syfy, try something new next time. (And I'm not sure remaking BBC America's brilliant Being Human is what I have in mind.) Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now! Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Healthy Grilled Burgers (Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)

Pilot Watch: 'Outsourced' Joel Keller (TV Squad)

Network: NBC Timeslot: Thursdays, 9:30PM ET Filed under: TV Previews, Fall The lowdown: Todd Dempsy TV From now through the end (Ben Rappaport) has just gone of July, we're going to be taking through training to manage the a quick look at the fall and mid- call center at Mid-American season pilots that the networks Novelties in Kansas City. When sent to critics after their upfront he comes back to the office presentations. raring to go, he learns that the Keep in mind that in each case, company has been "rightsizing" our opinions are based on a pilot while he was gone and has that could be completely recast outsourced the entire call center and reworked between now and to India. He can either move the fall. there to manage it or lose his Show: 'Outsourced' job. Not having many other Submitted at 7/6/2010 6:13:00 AM

options, he goes overseas to find a staff who is completely unprepared, a local manager (Rizwan Manji) who wants his job, and a cultural gap a mile wide. He not only needs to figure out Indian culture, but also needs to figure out how to teach his crew why Americans would want to buy fake vomit and singing deer heads. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments

The great American burger has been gaining weight like a cartoon sumo wrestler lately. In fast-food joints and fancy r e s t a u r a n t s alike, it's all about superdupersizing. It's time to reclaim America's national food for folks who want to grill a juicy, delicious, and satisfying burger that is plenty big enough but fits into a healthy diet, too. The secrets to healthy burgers are now revealed. Less fat in the patty requires a few tricks in the kitchen to keep things juicy; those tricks are here. If you like it simple, try the brisket

cheese-burger. If you like spice, the poblano burger is very nice. If you want fish, the salmon burger is the alpha and the omega 3 of fishburgers. There are flavors for every palate. So fire up the grill this weekend and get your better, lighter burger summer going. Don't Miss: 10 All-Time Favorite Veggie Burgers Next Lamb Burgers with Indian Spices and Yogurt-Mint Sauce Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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Home births: safer for mom, riskier for baby? (Consumer Reports)

partly because good-quality research has been lacking. Also, many studies have compared Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:24:48 AM actual home births with actual Home births: safer for mom, hospital deliveries. This isn't an riskier for baby? ideal comparison, as planned I had no lack of questions to home births often become brood over, so to speak, while I hospital deliveries if problems was pregnant. Should I find out arise. This can mean studies the baby's sex? Get an amnio to underestimate the risks of home check for genetic disorders? Let births. To get around this my husband name the baby problem, some studies have "McLane" after his much-loved categorized births according to lawnmower? (OK, I didn't lose whether they were intended to much sleep over that last one.) be home-based or hospitalas naturally as possible, having based, regardless of where they that medical safety net nearby ended up. Researchers have now was important to me, just in done a review* of the best of case. However, I had friends these studies to see what who were just as comfortable conclusions they can draw. In without such medical supports total, they looked at 12 studies and chose to deliver at home. with 342,056 planned home And they say they'd opt for the births and 207,551 planned intimacy and comfort of a home hospital deliveries. Overall, the birth again in a heartbeat. researchers found that planned Although my fellow moms were home births were better for happy with their choice of a moms in some respects, but home birth, it's a choice that riskier for their babies in others. doesn't sit well with some Some key findings: medical experts. The American College of Obstetricians and • Women having planned home Gynecologists doesn't encourage births were less likely to home deliveries, saying there's develop an infection, have too much risk of serious h e a v y b l e e d i n g , n e e d a problems if something should caesarean section, or have go wrong. severe tears or cuts in and But how high is that risk? around their vagina. Studies so far haven't given us • However, their newborns had an entirely clear answer. This is a higher risk of dying. Overall,

babies without congenital birth defects were three times more likely to die after a planned home birth than after a planned hospital delivery. These findings are particularly striking given that women choosing home births are usually at low risk of labor-related difficulties. • The researchers can't be certain why newborn deaths were more likely with planned home births. However, they did find that a high proportion of these deaths were related to breathing problems. In a hospital, these deaths are often prevented with the help of specialized equipment and trained medical staff, say the researchers. • Still, the overall chance of death was very low. Only 15 in 10,000 babies died after having a planned home birth (0.15 percent), compared with 4 in 10,000 after a planned hospital delivery (0.04 percent).

What you need to know. This study helps clarify the risks and benefits of home births, which you may find helpful if you're contemplating a home delivery. However, there are many other things to consider as well, including your individual risk of having a difficult labor or complications requiring hospital care. Some risk factors that typically rule out a home birth include having diabetes, high blood pressure or preeclampsia, and being at risk of preterm labor. Your doctor or midwife can help you weigh your individual risks, so you can decide whether a home delivery is the right choice for you and your baby. —Sophie Ramsey, patient editor, BMJ Group has partnered with The BMJ Group to monitor the latest medical research and assess the evidence to help you decide which news you should use. * Links to PDF Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o for expert Ratings, buying advice and reliability on hundreds of products. Update your feed preferences

With A-Rod Flap Over, Dallas Braden Turns Ire Toward A's for 'Mound' Shirts Jeff Fletcher (FanHouse Main) Submitted at 7/5/2010 10:38:00 PM

Filed under: Athletics, Yankees, Sports Business and Media OAKLAND -- After two months of anticipation, the Yankees finally returned to the Coliseum on Monday night. Funny thing is, the A-Rod vs. Braden situation has taken an unexpected turn. It's now Braden vs. the A's. Dallas Braden and Alex Rodriguez took turns saying they were well past the April 22 incident in which Braden called out Rodriguez for violating baseball etiquette by running across the mound. What has Braden really ticked is that the A's marketing department chose to revive the incident by selling T-shirts with the phrase " Get Off My Mound."


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Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones - 2 Pack Woot (Woot! - One Day, One Deal)

us. By looking through the link above, and comparing your post with our original letter, we’ve Submitted at 7/6/2010 12:00:12 AM figured you owe us roughly What Kind Of Crate Would A $17.50 for the content you Hippo Go In? borrowed from our blog post, Hey, The Associated Press! which, by the way, we worked Great to see you! And thanks so very very hard to create. But, much for noticing our little blog hey. We’re all friends here. And post the other day. But, well… invoicing is such a hassle in we wanted to talk for a second. today’s paperless society, are we The AP, we can’t thank you right? How about this: instead enough for looking our way. of cutting us a check for the web You see, when we showed off content you liberated from our our good news on Wednesday site, all you’ll need to do is afternoon, we expected we’d get show us your email receipt from a little bit of attention. But today’s two pack of Sennheiser when we found your little MX400 In-Ear Headphones, newsy thing you do, we couldn’t and we’ll call it even. help but notice something You see, The AP, we think important. And that something you’ll find the first pair of is this: you printed our web Sennheiser MX400 In-Ear content in your article! The web Headphones lightweight and content that came from our easy to carry, and we think blog! Why, isn’t that the very you’ll like how they help you thing you’ve previously told nu shut out the irritating sounds -media bloggers they’re not around you (such as, maybe, supposed to do? people yelling about the actual So, The AP, here we are. Just to meaning of “fair use”). We also be fair about this, we’ve used think you’ll like how that your very own pricing scheme second pair of Sennheiser to calculate how much you owe MX400 In-Ear Headphones

will allow you to have one set for home and one set for the office, especially since you’ll probably get sick of going through all the voice mails from your pals UPI and Reuters saying “HEY DID YOU SEE YOU GOT MENTIONED ON WOOT TODAY LOL GREAT BUSINESS PLAN NEWZ DUDZ!” The AP, when you just want to listen to music and drift away to some controversy-free happy place, we promise you, you’ll find the Sennheiser MX400 In-Ear Headphones will hit that sweet spot just right. Anyway, The AP, please send that proof of receipt to before the end of the day. We’re major digital players now. Don’t force us to pass this matter to a collection agency. Warranty: 2 year Sennheiser Features: • Lightweight earbuds for use with iPods, portable MP3 players, and more • Wide dynamic range • Full-bodied stereo sound with

powerful response • Dual-sided highly conductive OFC copper cable • Total harmonic distortion of less than 1 percent Technical Data • Transducers (drivers) are 14mm • Frequency response: 18 – 20,000 Hz (–10dB/1 kHz) • Transducer principle: dynamic, open • Nominal impedance: 32 • Max. SPL: 125 dB at 1 kHz, 1 Vrms • THD: • Ear coupling: intra-aural • Weight (without cable): approx. 6 g • Connector: 3.5 mm jack plug • Connection cable: approx. 1 m, OFC copper cable In the box: 2 pairs of Sennheiser MX400 In -Ear Headphones with Ear Cushions Discuss this product Price: $6.99 I want one!

Just In: 2010 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI Consumer Reports Shopping Blog (Consumer Reports) Submitted at 7/6/2010 6:23:07 AM

Just In: 2010 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI As you might expect, we often wind up getting asked for car buying advice from family and friends. In recent months, we’ve found ourselves suggesting Volkswagen Jetta TDI SportWagens to enthusiastleaning acquaintances. This is a bit curious, you might note, because while we’ve tested a Golf TDI and a Jetta JUST page 53

Raymond Felton Scheduled to Visit With Knicks, Heat Sam Amick (FanHouse Main)

Parker, but he is this: a free agent. The fifth-year pro out of the Filed under: Bobcats, Heat, University of North Carolina Knicks, Nets, NBA Free Agents may be a ways down the totem R a y m o n d F e l t o n i s n ' t a n pole of the NBA's unemployed international star like Tony players, and he's not being Submitted at 7/6/2010 6:00:00 AM

openly recruited by the newest New York Knick, Amar'e

Stoudemire, but he is at the top of the list of available point guards. And while Stoudemire openly campaigned for Parker to join him in the Big Apple one day before agreeing to sign with the Knicks, the truth is that he's

far more likely to be teaming with the unemployed Felton.


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Daily electronics deals Paul Eng (Consumer Reports)

2.5in & 3.5in SATA Hard Drive Dock $19.99AR Free Shipping Submitted at 7/6/2010 6:29:21 AM • LG 47LH40 47 Daily electronics deals inch LCD HDTV (1080p, Today's electronics deals, 120Hz) $799.99 Free Shipping courtesy of The Consumerist: • E W i z : 1 T B S a m s u n g Entertainment S p i n P o i n t F 3 H D 1 0 3 S J • Dell: Crackdown 2 Game for 7200rpm SATA Internal Hard Xbox 360 (pre-order) $40 Drive $60 • Snapfish: Snapfish Penny • Electronics Expo: Canon Prints, 50 Prints for 50 Pennies F S 3 0 0 B L F l a s h M e m o r y • Toys R Us: 20% Off One Camcorder for $245.00 Video Game [w/ Coupon • M-Audio 938159] Studiophile AV 30 compact • Borders: 33% Off List Price powered speakers $88.99 of One Item [w/ printable • 16GB Kingston Coupon BGW7950L] DataTraveler DT160 Capless • $27.95 + free shipping is giving away • 47-inch LG 1080p the Steam game Call of Duty 4: 120Hz LCD TV $799.99 + free Modern Warfare this week. shipping • Walmart: Fujifilm 14MP Neither Consumer Reports nor Digital Camera Bundle w/ Case T h e C o n s u m e r i s t r e c e i v e + 4GB SD Card + 100 Prints for a n y t h i n g i n e x c h a n g e f o r $99 w/ Free Shipping featuring these deals; the posts • e F o r C i t y : $ 5 O f f $ 2 5 are intended to be purely Purchase [w/ Coupon EFCJ525] informational. These deals are • Cavalry 2-Bay often fleeting, with prices

continued from page 52

changing or products becoming unavailable as the day progresses. These posts are not an endorsement of the featured products or the Web sites that sell them—though some of the sites may be included, and recommended, in our Ratings of retailers for computers and other major electronics(both available to subscribers). Price shouldn't be your only criterion. Be wary of lower-priced deals that seem too good to be true, and check return policies for restocking fees and other gotchas. For general buying advice for many of the products on sale above, check out our free Buying Guides. Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o for expert Ratings, buying advice and reliability on hundreds of products. Update your feed preferences

Buzzword: Air Google Consumer Reports Shopping Blog (Consumer Reports) Submitted at 7/6/2010 7:35:03 AM

Buzzword: Air Google What it means: Last week the online search giant Google announced its intent to purchase ITA Software, the most important travel technology company you may never have

heard of before. ITA rather quietly provides the software muscle for more than a dozen leading travel sites, including Bing, Cheap Tickets, FareCompare, Hotwire, Kayak and Orbitz; airline customers include American, Continental, Southwest and US Airways. While some savvy consumers have learned to tap directly into


ITA’s technology, its days of operating primarily as a business-to-business firm seem limited once ITA is connected to the Google juggernaut. The big question: Will this deal mean that those searching for travel on Google will be steered BUZZWORD: page 54

SportWagen and both have scored well, we’ve never tested a SportWagen TDI. We decided to remedy that omission. Although the recent VW news has been dominated by the upcoming bigger-andcheaper redesigned Jetta sedan, this new platform lacks a wagon version. That means the Jetta SportWagen will soldier on in its current form for a while. We tested a SportWagen with the 2.5-liter five-cylinder gasoline engine back in 2009 and found it to be a pleasant, well-rounded car. But much to our surprise--and likely VW’s-the vast majority of SportWagens (over 75 percent) are sold with the TDI diesel engine. Since our last test, the Jetta also had a light freshening, with a new front fascia and dashboard similar to that of the updated Golf. Our new TDI SportWagen has a six-speed manual transmission; this model has a relatively high take rate in threepedal form. We got a $1,300 panoramic sunroof that I suspect might make for a warm summer -time interior with the black leatherette seats. There is also a “Sport and Protection Kit” that includes rubber mats and a heavy trunk liner, along with iPod integration. All total, our White Gold SportWagen cost us $27,204. Two delivery issues cooled our enthusiasm a bit. The VW

dealer stacked the cold-weather floor mats atop the carpeted mats, a no-no due to the increased risk of pedal entrapment. And we got a check engine light two days after delivery that required a trip to the dealer to replace a bad oxygen sensor. (Just a reminder: our car reliability data is based on responses to our annual subscriber survey, not our particular test car.) Hopefully this marks the end of any issues we have with the Jetta SportWagen TDI, as we’re looking forward to spending time with this high-mileage practical package.— Tom Mutchler Next Steps • Sedan Buying Advice: • Types of Sedans| • Sedan Features| • Sedan Brands All Sedan Ratings Subscribers can view and compare all Sedan Ratings. Recommended Sedans Look at the ones that we chose as the best of the best. Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o for expert Ratings, buying advice and reliability on hundreds of products. Update your feed preferences


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Q&A: What's the deal with foil pill packages? (Consumer Reports) Submitted at 7/6/2010 5:47:54 AM

Q&A: What's the deal with foil pill packages? Why do some over-the-counter medications come in foil bubbles that you have to push the pills through? — B.N., Ooltewah, Tenn. The bubbles, or "blister packs," offer some advantages over pill bottles. Drugs can be packaged by individual dose, which might help reduce the risk of accidental overdoses. The packs might also help people adhere to a medication regimen, especially if they label each dose by day or meal. And the perforations on some packs make it easy to separate a dose from the overall pack, improving portability.

Some pharmacies will repackage prescription medication in blister packs if you request it (but you may need to pay extra for it). Read more on how to avoid medication errors. Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o for expert Ratings, buying advice and reliability on hundreds of products. Update your feed preferences

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toward ITA customers? Google’s response: “Our goal has always been to provide users with what we think is the best and most useful information possible.” Time will tell. —William J. McGee Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o for expert Ratings, buying advice and reliability on hundreds of products. Update your feed preferences

Stoudemire, Knicks Agree on Max Deal FanHouse Newswire (FanHouse Main) Submitted at 7/5/2010 9:30:00 PM

Filed under: Knicks, Suns, NBA Free Agents NEW YORK (AP) -- Amar'e Stoudemire is headed to the New York Knicks, and both sides are hoping he's not coming alone. The Knicks said Monday they intend to sign Stoudemire to a contract later this week when the free agent moratorium period ends. Stoudemire's agent, Happy Walters, said the deal is for the maximum allowed, which would be nearly $100 million over five years. Wearing a blue Knicks hat, Stoudemire said he looked forward to rebuilding a franchise and bringing the

Knicks back to the top-maybe with a player such as LeBron James or Dwyane Wade with him. "I feel great about being a pioneer and showing my leadership," he said at Madison

Square Garden, where signs throughout the entrances showed the player pictured in a Knicks uniform and reading "Welcome, Amar'e Stoudemire." The deal can't be signed until Thursday, after the salary cap for next season has been set. It was a desperately needed score in free agency for the Knicks, who spent two seasons clearing enough cap space to afford two top players. They met with James, Wade and Chris Bosh last week and believe they could still land one of them. Shoals: Does Stoudemire Have Something to Prove?| What's Next for Knicks?


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2010 NBA free agency: Amare Stoudemire, New York Knicks reach agreement in principle Chris Sheridan ( Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:28:11 AM

• Share • Retweet '); } else { $(_this).append(' Follow him on Twitter: @'+value+'.'); } } }); } }); T(_t.selector).hovercards(anywh ereOptions); T(".fortwitter").hovercards(anywhereO ptions); //REMOVE THE CLASS NAME SO WE DON'T ANYWHERE IT TWICE $ ( " . f o r twitter").removeClass("fortwitter"); }); } if(typeof(twttr) == "undefined") { $.getScript("http:// anywhere.js?id="+config.key+" &v="+config.version,anywhere) ; } else { anywhere(); } return this; }; })(jQuery); NEW YORK -- The New York Knicks reached an agreement Monday with free agent Amare Stoudemire after receiving assurances it would not be an impediment to their pursuit of LeBron James. The All-Star forward will receive a five-year, $99.7 million contract that will reunite him with coach Mike D'Antoni. Stoudemire's agent, Happy Walters, said last week there

was a "structure of an offer on the table," but no actual offer was put forth by the Knicks until they met with Stoudemire at Madison Square Garden on Monday afternoon. The deal cannot be signed until Thursday. "The fact that Amare really wanted to come here and stepped up front, it got to the point that we had to acknowledge that," team president Donnie Walsh said. "That means something to us." The Knicks believe they are still in the hunt for James (and, to a lesser degree, for Dwyane Wade), but Sunday night's news that James planned to delay making a decision until Wednesday or Thursday helped force their hand in regards to Stoudemire. New York has been assured the Stoudemire agreement will not be an impediment to their chances of signing James or Wade, sources told, and the Knicks ultimately decided it might give them an advantage in the LeBron sweepstakes because James wanted the Cavs to acquire Stoudemire last February at the trading deadline. "I feel great, really, about being a pioneer," said Stoudemire, who said he had spoken with James several times recently. "I think he feels great about it. It's

a situation where no one wanted to make that first move, and I felt confident enough to take that first step, and hopefully now we can bring in a few guys to join us." 1050 ESPN: Knicks - Amare Stoudemire NBA free agent Amare Stoudemire introduces himself to the New York media and Knicks fans as he is prepared to sign a contract with the Knicks. More Podcasts » "I'm definitely going to reach out to him again and see if we can get him to come. I really have no reading on which way he is leaning at all, but again, he's totally open right now, he hasn't made a decision yet, and hopefully I can get him to choose us," Stoudemire said. The agreement effectively removed the Knicks from the pursuit of Chris Bosh, and it significantly reduced the chances of David Lee returning to New York. The Knicks could still use Lee in a sign-and-trade deal if they miss out on James and Wade, but Lee could choose to take a five-year offer from another team between now and Thursday. And between now and then, New York's management will remain cautiously optimistic that James will choose the Knicks, who spoke with James last

Thursday, and with Wade and Bosh on Friday before having a second meeting with James' representatives on Saturday. "I'm not sure where he's leaning. If he's leaning more toward New York, that would be a great start for us," Stoudemire said. James has also received recruiting pitches from the Cavaliers, Bulls, Nets, Clippers and Heat. "If somebody wants a real good basketball player to play with and win a title ... this could help get the dominoes falling," D'Antoni said. Stoudemire arrived in New York on Saturday, head breakfast with D'Antoni on Sunday and met with team officials, including owner Jim Dolan, on Monday afternoon. Stoudemire had spent his entire career in Phoenix, where he played under D'Antoni before the coach came to New York in 2008. Stoudemire averaged more than 20 points in every season they were together and immediately becomes the best player D'Antoni has coached since leaving the Suns after the 2007-08 season. Stoudemire's days with the Suns ended late last week when the team agreed to $48 million worth of deals with forwards Hakim Warrick and Channing Frye. The sides had discussed an

extension, but the Suns looked elsewhere after they'd reached a stalemate. Stoudemire said he understood owner Robert Sarver's position and wasn't disrespected by the Suns refusal to give him a max deal that would have paid him millions more. He said he's always loved New York and wanted to play here since the Knicks passed on him in the 2002 draft. Signs throughout the entrances to Madison Square Garden showed the player pictured in a Knicks uniform, wearing the No. 1, and marquee on the Seventh Avenue side of the building read "Welcome, Amare Stoudemire." The Knicks desperately needed to come away with something in free agency after spending most of the last two years clearing enough salary-cap space to sign two maximum-contract players. Chris Sheridan covers the NBA for Information from's Chris Broussard and The Associated Press was used in this report. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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JaMarcus Russell arrested for possession of codeine syrup news services ( Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:45:31 AM

• Share • Retweet '); } else { $(_this).append(' Follow him on Twitter: @'+value+'.'); } } }); } }); T(_t.selector).hovercards(anywh ereOptions); T(".fortwitter").hovercards(anywhereO ptions); //REMOVE THE CLASS NAME SO WE DON'T ANYWHERE IT TWICE $ ( " . f o r twitter").removeClass("fortwitter"); }); } if(typeof(twttr) == "undefined") { $.getScript("http:// anywhere.js?id="+config.key+" &v="+config.version,anywhere) ; } else { anywhere(); } return this; }; })(jQuery); MOBILE, Ala. -- Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell has been charged with possession of a controlled substance -- codeine syrup -- after being arrested at

his home in Alabama on Monday, authorities said. The 24-year-old former LSU star and the No. 1 draft choice in 2007 was arrested as part of an undercover narcotics investigation, said Mobile County Sheriff's spokeswoman Lori Myles. She would not say what led to his arrest. She said he did not have a prescription for the codeine. Myles told reporters that several people were in Russell's home at the time of his arrest but Russell was the only person taken into custody. Russell has a bond hearing scheduled for Wednesday and is due back in court on July 20. "We understand that typically sometime this codeine syrup is mixed with a beverage, like Sprite, and they call it sip-sip," Myles told WALA-TV in Mobile. More from A charismatic psychologist such as Jets coach Rex Ryan might be able to get JaMarcus Russell's attention. But a team has to be willing to take on the risk of introducing the QB to its roster first, Tim Graham writes.

Blog • Williamson: Not helping cause Russell, who graduated from high school in Mobile, was booked into the city jail and released soon afterward on $2,500 bond, online records show. "It's a felony, it's my understanding it's his first. He could be probation, or it could be drug court. Whatever the court decides," Myles told WALA-TV. The Raiders in May released Russell, considered one of the NFL's biggest draft busts, after he won only seven of his 25 starts and was benched. He completed just 52.1 percent of his passes in his career with 18 touchdowns, 23 interceptions, 15 lost fumbles and a passer rating of 65.2. Mike & Mike in the Morning ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen says he believes that JaMarcus Russell can be suspended if he doesn't submit himself to the league's drug policies. After this incident, any team that was considering picking him up is thinking twice now.

Oakland paid Russell about $36.4 million through the 2009 season. Since the start of the common draft in 1967, only one other No. 1 pick was released this quickly in his NFL career. Indianapolis cut 1992 top pick Steve Emtman after three seasons, but that was more because of injuries than production. Last month, sources told's Rich Cimini that the New York Jets had checked on Russell and had cursory interest. However, a source told the New York Daily News that the Jets now have no interest in Russell. Russell and his agent did not immediately return calls for comment. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Ahmedinejad Unveils Iranian Humanoid Robot Paul Adams (Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:53:28 AM

Sorina 2, the Iranian Robot Man IRNA In celebration of Iran's Day of Industry and Mine on Saturday, President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad unveiled Sorina 2, the nation's second robotic man. Sorina 2, created at Tehran University, is designed to walk like a human, with 12 degrees of movement in its feet and eight in its hands. Sorina 2 has a superficial similarity to Honda's Asimo. The robot man is the successor to Sorina 1, which was created in 2008 and "was able to read special texts," according to the Islamic Republic News Agency press release. It is capable of "carrying out sensitive tasks in different situations," a vague but captivating promise.

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Denver Nuggets won't trade Carmelo Anthony, team official says Chris Broussard ( Submitted at 7/5/2010 11:35:30 PM

• Share • Retweet '); } else { $(_this).append(' Follow him on Twitter: @'+value+'.'); } } }); } }); T(_t.selector).hovercards(anywh ereOptions); T(".fortwitter").hovercards(anywhereO ptions); //REMOVE THE CLASS NAME SO WE DON'T ANYWHERE IT TWICE $ ( " . f o r twitter").removeClass("fortwitter"); }); } if(typeof(twttr) == "undefined") { $.getScript("http:// anywhere.js?id="+config.key+" &v="+config.version,anywhere) ; } else { anywhere(); } return this; }; })(jQuery); Carmelo Anthony will be a member of the Denver Nuggets next season -- whether he accepts the team's offer of a contract extension or not. With speculation that Denver

may trade their All-Star forward growing over the past week, a high-ranking Nuggets official said the club has no intentions of moving its best player. "There is no way we are trading Carmelo Anthony," the official said. "We're 100 percent certain of that." Anthony can opt out of his contract after next season and become a free agent, one year after other top members of his draft class have potentially turned this summer into the most volatile in league history. To avoid that scenario, the Nuggets have offered Anthony a three-year, $65 million contract extension that would keep him in Denver until 2015. Anthony has plenty of financial incentives to sign the deal because the league will have a new collective bargaining agreement after next season that is expected to be far less lucrative for players. So by declining Denver's offer, Anthony could be leaving tens of millions of dollars on the table. That's a major reason the

Nuggets are confident that Anthony will sign their extension offer. Many executives around the league believe he will sign it as well. Under league rules, Anthony has until July 1, 2011 to accept the offer. The Nuggets official said Denver will not impose its own earlier deadline on Anthony. If Anthony doesn't accept the offer, it would seemingly be a sign that he doesn't want to continue his career in Denver. The New York Knicks are counting on that. Last week, they called Denver to inquire about trading for Anthony, only to be quickly rebuffed, according to a league source. Amare Stoudemire, who is reportedly close to signing a five -year, $100 million deal with the Knicks, said Saturday that Anthony wants to play with him in New York. Anthony and Stoudemire are close friends. Privately, Anthony has told people close to him that he wants to play in New York, according to sources. The Knicks, who could have enough salary cap room to offer

Anthony a maximum-salary contract next season, are using the possibility of signing Anthony in pitches to free agents, most notably LeBron James. James is intrigued by the idea of possibly teaming up with Stoudemire and Anthony, according to sources, and that possibility has improved the Knicks' chances of landing James. A good portion of Saturday's meeting between the Knicks assistant general manager Glen Grunwald and James' agent, Leon Rose, was spent covering how exactly the Knicks would clear the necessary payroll to have maximum-salary cap room next summer. Rose also represents Anthony. Chris Broussard covers the NBA for ESPN The Magazine. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


Quick Vegetarian Dinners (Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)

Time: 30 minutes Simple Sub: In place of chipotle chile powder, you can use ½ teaspoon regular chili powder plus 18 teaspoon ground red pepper. Serve with Guacamole and Chips: Place 1 ripe peeled avocado in a bowl; mash with a fork. Add 1 tablespoon minced -onion, 1 tablespoon chopped f r e s h c i l a n t r o , 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice, ½ teaspoon salt, 1 minced garlic clove, and ½ jalapeño pepper, seeded and minced. Stir until well blended. Serve with baked tortilla chips. View Recipe: Chipotle Bean Burritos • Watch Video Demo Next Eggplant and Goat Cheese Sandwiches Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.



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2010 NBA free agency: Toronto Raptors would OK Chris Bosh sign-and-trade with Cleveland Cavaliers Chris Broussard ( Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:28:10 AM

• Share • Retweet '); } else { $(_this).append(' Follow him on Twitter: @'+value+'.'); } } }); } }); T(_t.selector).hovercards(anywh ereOptions); T(".fortwitter").hovercards(anywhereO ptions); //REMOVE THE CLASS NAME SO WE DON'T ANYWHERE IT TWICE $ ( " . f o r twitter").removeClass("fortwitter"); }); } if(typeof(twttr) == "undefined") { $.getScript("http:// anywhere.js?id="+config.key+" &v="+config.version,anywhere) ; } else { anywhere(); } return this; }; })(jQuery); Everything is set for Chris Bosh

to join LeBron James in Cleveland. Everything, that is, except Bosh's approval. The Toronto Raptors have told the Cleveland Cavaliers they will do a sign-and-trade with them for Bosh, according to several league sources. The exact details of the potential trade have not been solidified, but Toronto likely would get Anderson Varejao and/or J.J. Hickson, Delonte West and perhaps Anthony Parker. A draft pick could be involved as well. Mike & Mike in the Morning ESPN NBA insider Chris Broussard says he thinks LeBron James is leaning towards staying in Cleveland. Chris Bosh wants to play with James but would rather do it in a bigger city than Cleveland. Both James and Bosh are aware that such a trade is possible, and James has tried to recruit Bosh to the Cavaliers several times in

the past few weeks, according to sources. But right now, Bosh remains cold to the idea of playing in Cleveland. The Cavaliers are hopeful that will change, because in Cleveland, Bosh can meet two of his top priorities: playing with James, and getting a sixyear, $125 million contract. If Bosh joins a team without doing a sign-and-trade, he will be able to sign only a five-year deal worth $96 million. He is determined not to leave that $29 million on the table, according to sources. Although Bosh wants to play with James, he wants to do it in Chicago, Miami or New Jersey. Sources say he has told the Raptors those are the teams he would like to go to in a sign-and -trade. Bosh also could play with Dwyane Wade instead of James in those cities.

Toronto, however, will not cooperate in a sign-and-trade with Miami, which has no players in whom the Raptors are interested, according to sources. To move Bosh to Chicago, the Raptors likely would ask for Joakim Noah, though they could perhaps be persuaded to take a package that does not include him. The Nets would seem to be able to put together an enticing package for the Raptors that included rookie lottery pick Derrick Favors. Chris Broussard covers the NBA for ESPN The Magazine. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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Bob Probert, a Life of Violence, Sadness Joe Lapointe (FanHouse Main) Submitted at 7/5/2010 9:31:00 PM

DETROIT -- It is a geographical quirk that Detroit, Mich., USA, is located north -not south -- of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. But this was appropriate in the upside-down world of Bob Probert, the hockey ruffian who died between the shore lines of those two nations on Monday at age 45. Probert suffered chest pains while boating on Lake St. Clair and could not be revived on the Canadian side, his family and local authorities said. The lake, part of the international border, links to the Detroit River that flows alongside Joe Louis Arena, where Probert became a peculiar sort of star and a symbol of an era for the Red Wings. Probert was a local boy who

made good and did bad things and always seemed adrift, never on firm ground. He grew up in Windsor, the troubled son of a troubled cop, and achieved stardom by policing the National Hockey League ice of the Motor City with his fists. No player of his generation punched better than Probert and few carried more demons away from the rink, including alcohol

abuse. Perhaps Probert's most famous transgression was his arrest for trying to smuggle about half an ounce of cocaine across the border in his undershorts. It happened not far from Joe Louis, the rink, and just down the street from the 8,000-pound Fist monument that honors the boxer Louis. I remember covering Probert's bust for the Detroit Free Press on a snowy March day in 1989. After his booking, Probert came down the steps of the U.S. federal courthouse wearing an open overcoat and a bemused expression. He never feared doing time in the penalty box. Probert then said a few noncommittal words to us and was whisked away. He spent three months in federal prison and 3,300 minutes in penalty boxes in an NHL career that ended with Chicago in 2002.

White PS3 Slim, larger hard drives offered in Japan JC Fletcher (Joystiq)

160GB Torne digital recorder bundle, for 짜36,980 ($421), and a version with a luxurious [ GAME Watch] 320GB hard drive (and no If you were in the market for a Torne) for 짜34,980 ($398). All white PS3 Slim, but didn't want of these are going on sale -- in one with Lightning all up on it, Japan only -- on July 29. The you're in luck! Sony Japan has current 120GB PS3 Slim is now just introduced a new "Classic going "open price," meaning White" system, along with a retailers can drop the price at new white vertical stand and, of their discretion. c o u r s e , C l a s s i c W h i t e White PS3 Slim, larger hard DualShock 3 controllers. The d r i v e s o f f e r e d i n J a p a n new system is outfitted with a originally appeared on Joystiq 160GB hard drive. The 160GB on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 10:28:00 PS3 will retail for 29,980 EST. Please see our terms for ($341). use of feeds. In addition, Sony is selling the Permalink| Email this| "Charcoal Black" PS3 Slim in a C o m m e n t s Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:28:00 AM



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World Cup Semifinal Preview: Netherlands vs. Uruguay Brian Straus (FanHouse Main) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:15:00 AM

Filed under: FIFA World Cup, Soccer Posts, Netherlands, Uruguay CAPE TOWN, South Africa -For Uruguay and the Netherlands, the burden of past glories often has been more of an obstacle than their small size. World champions in 1930 and 1950, Uruguay has been overshadowed since by neighbors Argentina and Brazil. The stars on its famous sky blue shirt are a reminder of a quainter period, before the demands, finances and popularity of the modern game meant that a nation of barely 3.5 million could hope to compete on the global stage. Share If not for its accomplishments more than a half century ago, Uruguay would be considered a third-rate soccer nation, forced to be

content with producing the occasional star and winning a game every now and then at the World Cup. Before this summer, La Celeste hadn't made it past the second round since 1970. Inspired by the great Johan Cruyff and a generation of players committed to expressing their individualism both on the field and in the locker room, the Dutch reinvented the game in

the 1970s with Total Football. The skill, movement and versatility of those Clockwork Orange sides is still revered, but their losses in the 1974 and 1978 World Cup finals were a sign of problems to come. Unable to close the deal, put teams away, come together when the moment demanded, Holland gradually became more famous for its defeats. With the

exception of the European title won in 1988, the Netherlands has been regarded as a country capable of producing world class players, but one which routinely snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on the world stage. The individualism that had launched the Dutch soccer revolution often was the culprit.


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Rayman Origins slapped on XBLA, PSN this Christmas, other platforms possible JC Fletcher (Joystiq)

create the game will be released open-source next year, allowing Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:58:00 AM users to design levels and Rayman and Globox will be characters. Not only is Ubisoft slapping everything in sight as making a convincingly indiesoon as this holiday season. style game, it's going to release Griffin McElroy (Joystiq) Move controller and PlayStation I t ' s t h e B I G 3 G U N The"about" page for Rayman tools to let you make indie Eye, a package which will sell SHOOTING Perfect Pack. How Origins, the new 2D Rayman games. Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:48:00 AM for 7,980 yen (about $90). are we supposed to say no to revival, reveals that the first Gallery: Rayman Origins G i v e n a l l t h e r e l e a s e Sadly, zero gamers will be that? episode is scheduled for a (XBLA, PSN) announcements, new games and purchasing this particular Continue reading PlayStation Christmas release, with "the Rayman Origins slapped on other such hullabaloo that's bundle, as Sony Japan also Move bundled with Resident rest" to follow in 2011. Ubisoft XBLA, PSN this Christmas, r e c e n t l y s u r r o u n d e d t h e announced the "PlayStation Evil 5 in Japan specified releases on "HD o t h e r p l a t f o r m s p o s s i b l e PlayStation Move, we wouldn't Move BIG 3 GUN SHOOTING PlayStation Move bundled with Consoles" for the platformer, originally appeared on Joystiq be surprised if you've forgotten Perfect Pack," a commanding R e s i d e n t E v i l 5 i n J a p a n with Wii, PC, iPad, and 3DS in on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 11:58:00 about one of the earliest titles package which includes Time originally appeared on Joystiq consideration as well. EST. Please see our terms for known to support the ice cream Crisis: Razing Storm, Dead on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 09:48:00 The page also reveals that the use of feeds. c o n e - s h a p e d p e r i p h e r a l : Storm Pirates and Time Crisis 4: EST. Please see our terms for Ubiart framework used by Permalink| Email this| Resident Evil 5: Alternative Arcade Version. Of course, this use of feeds. Origins' five-person team to C o m m e n t s Edition. Perhaps this will jog bundle costs 11,980 yen (about Permalink| Email this| your memory: Sony Japan $136) and features three games C o m m e n t s recently announced that the that, even when combined, game will be bundled with the aren't as good as RE5-- but still!

PlayStation Move bundled with Resident Evil 5 in Japan



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Obsidian leads talk about their favorite Square Enix franchise Griffin McElroy (Joystiq)

explained. "I think Chrono Trigger was one I really enjoyed." In a recent interview with "I think we're going with S i l i c o n e r a , O b s i d i a n Chrono Trigger because it has Entertainment CEO Feargus elements of a Western RPG," Urquhart and lead designer Chapman added. "It's more Nathan Chapman pondered open, it's still mostly linear, but which of Square Enix's other there are parts you can explore RPG franchises they'd like to more." Yeah, we guess that's a g e t t h e i r h a n d s o n p o s t - good reason to go with Chrono Dungeon Siege 3. Their decision Trigger. You know what's was unanimous: "If I could another good reason to go with come across everything that I Chrono Trigger? How about played I would have to go with because Chrono Trigger is the Chrono Trigger," Urquhart best game ever made, and every Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:00:00 AM

Fallout Online firing missives from the wasteland (via email) Ben Gilbert (Joystiq)

Interplay's"coming soon" game page still has "Project V13" (now better known as Fallout Nothing quite says "Our game Online) listed as a 2012 release, video game developer in the still exists!" like Interplay's so, ya know, we probably won't world secretly wants to work on v o l l e y o f e m a i l m e s s a g e s be venturing into those wastes the next Chrono Trigger. We recently sent to folks who anytime soon. Then again, by think that's a pretty good reason, signed up for an account on 2012, we might be wandering in too. Fallout Online's official website. the wasteland for real. Obsidian leads talk about their According to a press release Gallery: Fallout Online favorite Square Enix franchise issued alongside the tease, it newsletter #1 originally appeared on Joystiq seems that this is just the first of Fallout Online firing missives on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 11:00:00 m a n y " t a l e s f r o m t h e from the wasteland (via email) EST. Please see our terms for w a s t e l a n d s " t h a t e a r l y originally appeared on Joystiq use of feeds. r e g i s t r a n t s w i l l r e c e i v e . on Tue, 06 Jul 2010 11:30:00 P e r m a l i n k | E m a i l t h i s | Additionally, registrants will be EST. Please see our terms for Comments "fast-tracked" for participation use of feeds. in the game's private (and Permalink| Email this| eventually open) beta. Comments Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:30:00 AM


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What's so hard about a mea culpa (Scripting News)

Adam Serwer, writing in the American Prospect, summed it up as I see it. "It's a good rule of Is waterboarding torture? thumb that anyone responding Most newspapers thought so, to a criticism by accusing until the US started doing it. someone else of enforcing Then they changed the tune. 'political correctness' is factually This is the result of a famous incorrect. That's because if the Harvard Kennedy School study actual facts of the criticism were that came out in April. in dispute, they'd dispute them." According to Brian Stelter in There's been much comment on the NY Times: "The New York the piece, as you would expect. Times characterized My own two cents. I come from waterboarding as torture in 44 of include a mea culpa. This was a p r o f e s s i o n , s o f t w a r e the 54 articles that mentioned an obvious mistake, even development, where we actively the practice from 1931 to 1999. understandable. They might not seek out our mistakes. We have The Times called it torture or have been aware they were formal processes for it. We implied that it was torture in two d o i n g i t . W h a t ' s n o t teach our users how to report the of 143 articles from 2002 to understandable is that, once mistakes, so we're more likely to caught, Keller starts spinning. understand what they're saying. 2008." They studied four publications: One line in particular caught We'd be nowhere if we tried to The New York Times, Wall my eye, as well as many other deny or spin them. Bugs could Street Journal, Los Angeles people who read the piece. never be fixed, processes could Times and USA Today, and Keller: "I think this Kennedy never be corrected, we'd never found similar results in the School study -- by focusing on move past the mistakes we made whether we have embraced the in the past. others. Stelter also has extensive politically correct term of art in The thing that troubles me is quotes from Bill Keller, the our news stories -- is somewhat that reporting is no different. executive editor of the NYT. It's misleading and tendentious." embarassing in that it does not That's fairly outrageous. Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:20:05 AM


Need help with CSSbased outlines (Scripting News)

could use some help. I have code that renders twolevel outlines, but now I want to Update: First, thanks for all the generalize it so I can go Nhelp -- but it's getting too late, levels and have a nice indented and I'm not converging on display that you can expand and a n y t h i n g , a n d t h i s i s a collapse. production site, and the software I've implemented the recursion, now has other users. So I had to as you can imagine, it's pretty punt on making this work for simple, but now I'm hung up on now. I think Jeremy Felt's how to get the indenting to advice is the best, and I don't work. Here's an example. think I'm going to get this to Names work until I put a few days in Everything works as it should front of me to do the usual except the indentation. wrestling with CSS stuff. What am I doing wrong? (Heh Back in May and June when I don't you love it when users say was working on the rendering that.) c o d e i n S c r i p t i n g 2 , I ' d How about this: I want to get it frequently post questions here right! ";->" about CSS and got phenomenal When it's working it should support from members of the look something like this. (Never community. I've gone quiet mind the wedges, look at the lately as I've been working in indentation.) o t h e r a r e a s , b u t n o w I ' m Any help would be appreciated. swinging back to rendering, and Submitted at 7/5/2010 4:11:54 PM


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Navy Sending MZ-3A Airship to Gulf for Cleanup Effort Clay Dillow (Popular Science New Technology, Science News, The Future Now) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:47:04 AM

The Navy's MZ-3A Airship U.S. Navy Big problems call for big responses, and while armchair pundits and denizens of the blogosphere pick apart the government response to the BP oil spill, the Navy is bringing out the big guns to help with the containment effort. The Navy's massive MZ-3A Airship is expected to arrive in the Gulf sometime today (or perhaps a bit later -- airships travel slowly and are subject to the whims of the weather) to support and coordinate skimming efforts and keep an eye out for injured animals along the coastline. The airship -- the first to enter

the Gulf cleanup effort -- began making its way toward the spill site from Yuma, Ariz., last month and will operate form a mooring near Mobile Bay, Ala. A handful of sensors are being considered for use aboard the airship, including the electro-

optical, infrared and radar sensors already used on some support aircraft. But the real advantage of having an airship on hand is its low operating speed. The MZ3A can stay aloft continuously for 12 hours while monitoring a

large swath of territory at low speed, greatly enhancing the capacity for raw visual observation and helping crews to coordinate skimming, burning, and dispersing efforts below. The airship is also far more economical to use over extended periods than the helicopters and airplanes currently assisting in the cleanup effort. Crews will also report on the location of any affected wildlife they observe, relaying locations to Incident Commands that will dispatch crews to find and clean up oil-tainted fauna along the shoreline. [ Deepwater Horizon Response] (Simply Recipes)

Root Beer Float Submitted at 7/5/2010 12:37:44 PM

ROOT page 65

Yes, Hayabusa Asteroid Probe Contains Particles Paul Adams (Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now)

seven-year mission had returned to Earth without the crumbs of asteroid Itokawa that it had been sent for. But that photo looks Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:20:17 AM Dust Particle Brought by promising. Hayabusa Probe JAXA In the image, a microscopic JAXA, the Japanese space manipulator made of quartz is agency, has released the first grabbing a teeny piece of photographs of the interior of something. the Hayabusa probe. Last week, Reportedly, the mechanism we were starting to fear that the designed to capture bits of the

asteroid dust, kicked up by the probe's landing, made their way into the capture chamber regardless. Analysis of the dust is proceeding. [ BBC] asteroid malfunctioned (perhaps when Hayabusa was hit by a solar flare), and did not grab the

chunks of rock it was supposed to. But the researchers now believe that some bits of


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ROOT continued from page 64

Do you remember the first time you had a root beer float? I do. I must have been around 7 years old and we were visiting my grandparents in Phoenix, in the summer. Have you ever been to Arizona in the summer? Must be why I find Sacramento so tolerable. Let's just say it's hot. I still remember all of us greedy kids, still in our swim suits, having been cooling off in the pool all day, lined up in the kitchen, wide eyed as we watched my father scoop ice cream into tall glasses, and then slowly pour root beer over them. The concoction would start to foam up and sometimes spill over (of course we would lick the sides of the glass when that happened). The foam would eventually recede a bit and we

would get another dose of root beer to top us off. Then we would poke at the ice cream with our straws until it dislodged from the sides of the glass and floated to the surface. Sometimes he added the scoops of ice cream to our root beers. But usually it was ice cream first, because then you could control the foam up more carefully. If you just add a scoop of ice cream to root beer, better be ready to catch all the foam as it comes erupting over the sides. Continue reading "Root Beer Float" »

Shoe Guide 2010 (

mileage runners tackling any distance. Merrell CT Converge II Every good run begins with a $105 @ good pair of shoes. We tested Lightweight and jam-packed the best of '10 to help you get with cushioning in the heel. It's off on the right foot. a soft and flexible everyday by Noah Johnson shoe for runners who don't need Print Article Email to Friend added stability or support. New Balance 905 Pros: Extra cushioning for $110 @ runners with high arches; ideal The perfect combination of f o r h i g h - m i l e a g e r u n n e r s support and stability. The sole is t a c k l i n g a n y d i s t a n c e . specially designed to prevent Adidas Salvation 2 pronation (your foot's natural $140 @ tendency to roll inward), while The Salvation provides extra the upper is stripped down to padding, plus stretch panels that shed precious ounces. adapt to your foot's shape, Pros: Stability and support for eliminating blister-causing hot flat-footed runners; lightweight spots. for speed training and racing. Pros: More support for flatNike Lunar Elite+ footed runners; ideal for high$100 @ mileage runners tackling any The most cushion and bounce distance. of any shoe we tested. Credit Saucony Triumph 7 Nike's space-age Lunar foam $130 @ and a sole that actually adjusts If you're after a shoe that gives its support to your stride. you an especially soft road feel, ( wasn't quiet so tough—he was Pros: Cushion and support you'll dig the Triumph 7. Its often teased and would dream a d a p t s w h i l e y o u r u n ; comfy ride and snug midfoot Submitted at 7/6/2010 4:00:00 AM about beating up his bullies. lightweight for speed training make it ideal for just about any runner with high arches. Ten guys who showed their After high school he joined the and racing. Brooks Glycerin 8 Pros: Extra cushioning for patriotism with their muscles Air Force and got interested in $130 @ runners with high arches; ideal by Lisa Freedman martial arts, which helped him Print Article Email to Friend get ripped. Back from duty, he The shoe's sole adapts to your f o r h i g h - m i l e a g e r u n n e r s Chuck Norris opened his own MA school and stride and size, so you get t a c k l i n g a n y d i s t a n c e . When Chuck Norris wants an t a u g h t a c e l e b r i t y r o s t e r responsive cushioning, without Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 $100 @ egg, he cracks open a chicken. including the Osmonds, Priscilla a mushy feeling underfoot. Well, that's not exactly true but Presley and Steve McQueen. In Pros: Extra cushioning for The Adrenaline GTS provides there's a reason an entire the professional world, Norris runners with high arches; a m p l e s u p p o r t w i t h o u t cushion and support adapts sacrificing comfort or bounce. website full of one-liners like while you run; ideal for high- Pros: More support for flatthis exists. Because Chuck FITTEST page 66 Norris is badass. As a child he

Fittest Americans of All Time


Submitted at 7/6/2010 3:00:00 AM

footed runners; ideal for highmileage runners tackling any distance. Asics Gel Kayano 16 $140 @ An improved lacing system takes the laces off the top of the foot, while a seamless heel with memory-foam cushioning ensures a great fit. Pros: More support for flatfooted runners; ideal for highmileage runners tackling any distance. Newton Sir Isaac $150 @ Lug-style soles encourage you to strike the ground with your midfoot instead of your heel. You run at a faster pace and with a more upright, forward form. Pros: Cushion and support adapts while you run; lightweight for speed training and racing. Related articles: Walk Off the Pounds Improve your running form—and performance—with these five tips Six expert tips for getting the most of every running experience [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and more] Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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FITTEST continued from page 65

became a six-time world karate champion, the first man in the Western Hemisphere to be awarded an 8th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and the star of the incredibly crappy Walker, Texas Ranger. Jack LaLanne At just 15 years old, Jack (now also known as The Godfather of Fitness) got interested in diet and exercise and began studying Henry Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body. About six years later, he opened his first health spa in Oakland, California, and got heavily invested in bodybuilding, chiropractic medicine and weightlifting. LaLanne designed the world's first leg extension machines, pulley machines using cables and weight selectors—all of which are now a standard in the fitness industry. He's swum the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, set a world record for 1,033 pushups in 23 minutes, and single-handedly towed boats filled with people. His thinking was considered ahead of his time and, in 2002, he received his own star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. John Basedow At the lowest point of fitness celebrity John Basedow's life he described his body as a "bowling pin on legs," with no shoulders and a big, wide middle. He challenged himself to get in good enough shape to appear in a fitness magazine.

After failing with countless exercise routines, fad diets and over-hyped supplements, he created his own regimen. And with that, Fitness Made Simple was born. His book (with bonus video!) launched a crazy career in the fitness world and made his face—and washboard body—one of the most recognizable in the biz. Even if it does look Photoshopped. Lance Armstrong Despite being diagnosed with testicular cancer and a tumor that had metastasized to his brain and lungs in 1996, Lance Armstrong went on to win the Tour de France every single year from 1999 to 2005. That's seven wins and the all-time record (the previous record of five wins was shared by four other athletes). In 1999, he also set the world record—and got a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records—for the fastest average Tour de France speed of 25.026 miles per hour. And while the average man's resting heartbeat clocks in at 70 beats per minute, Armstrong's is about 32 to 34 beats. Though he says he's since "survived cancer" we're more inclined to say he beat it. Muhammad Ali Once one of the top American boxers (hence his nickname— The Greatest), Ali was known for his powerful jabs and lightning fast footwork. (He once joked that he was so fast he

turned off the light switch and was in bed before the room went dark.) During his prime, Ali's daily workout was more than what most men do in a week: He'd get up at five o'clock to stretch and run six miles. Then he'd eat—but only natural foods such as chicken, steak, green beans and potatoes. Every afternoon, he'd hit the gym for three hours for a warm up, shadow boxing routine, a stint on the bag, some sparring and floor exercises. Not surprisingly, Ali retired with an overall professional record of 56 wins and just 5 losses. Bill Kazmaier Though power lifter Bill Kazmaier only came in third place his first time out at the World's Strongest Man competition, he dominated for the next three years, taking first place from 1980 to 1982. Kazmaier set a bench press world record at 661 pounds and another for straight deadlifting at 887 pounds. At his peak, the Big Kaz was around 6-feet tall, 340 to 360 pounds and had a 40inch waist. And for some bizarre -yet-awesome reason, Kazmaier's muscle-ridden body has been used in reputable studies of saurpods. Yes, experts are comparing this mammoth of a man to a dinosaur. Carl Lewis Though never a fan favorite (Lewis was viewed by many as arrogant and abrasive), this New

Jersey native is one of only four Olympic athletes to win nine gold medals. In skill, he was the Michael Jordan of the track & field world. As a college student at University of Houston in 1981, Lewis was ranked number one in the 100-meter race and the long jump. At the 1984 Olympics, signing in at 6-foot-2 and 173 pounds, Lewis won four gold medals—the first of which was the 100 meter at 28 miles per hour in 9.9 seconds. He's also one of only three Olympians to win the same event four times. Benjamin Franklin Forget the pot-bellied portrait on your $100 bills. Young Ben Franklin was quite the looker. At 17 years old he was almost six feet tall and strikingly muscular and barrel chested. Few people in the 18th century knew how to swim, but Franklin taught himself and took frequent dips (he even thought about becoming a full-time swim instructor and is the only Founding Father in the Swimming Hall of Fame). While working in England at a print shop, he made a conscious choice to drink water instead of alcohol to improve his ability to perform in the shop. It worked: Most printers could only carry a single tray of heavy lead type but a muscular Franklin usually carried two and got promoted. Franklin also became a vegetarian, believing that

veggies were healthier than meat. This diet was less expensive and left him more money to spend on books—beefing up his brain too. Clint Eastwood Before going Hollywood, Eastwood worked manual labor jobs including stints at a steel mill, as a hay baler and as a lumberjack. And in the 1950s, he was drafted into the army: "I'd always done muscletraining exercise," Clint said to Muscle and Fitness a few decades ago, "things like chins, clips and calisthenics, but it was when I was in the Army that I discovered the weights—the kind of training you'd call bodybuilding today." While he wasn't trying to get jacked, Eastwood wanted to stay fit and went on the record during Rawhide warning people to stay away from carbs and rich desserts. He was famously fit enough to perform his own stunts (including the famous scene in Dirty Harry when he jumps from a bridge to the roof of a moving school bus). Jim Thorpe The King of Sweden told Thorpe: "Sir, you are the greatest athlete in the world." And in the early 1900s, he was. The Native-American athlete dabbled in track & field, baseball and football. He won gold medals for the decathlon FITTEST page 67


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South African Shish Kebabs

MF City: Chicago



with 2 tbsp of the brown sugar, 1 tbsp of the curry, and the coriander seeds. Salt and pepper Add a little exotic flavor to to taste. Add apricots, sliced your next cookout onion, wine, vinegar, and oil, Print Article Email to Friend then let marinate in fridge, Ingredients covered, for 2 to 4 hours. 2.) Meanwhile, cut peeled • 1 lb pork tenderloin, cut into onion in half crosswise, then cut cubes into quarters and break into • 1/2 lb lamb shoulder or leg, layers. cut into cubes 3.) Drain meat in a strainer over • 3 tbsp dark brown sugar large saucepan. Remove meat • 1 tbsp plus 1/2 tsp curry and apricots from strainer and powder discard remaining solids. Set • 2 tsp coriander seeds marinade aside. Thread • 2 cups dried apricots meat, apricots, onion layers, • 1 onion, sliced, plus 1 onion, and bacon onto skewers. peeled 4.) Place saucepan with • 1 1/2 cups dry red wine marinade over high heat, bring • 1/2 cup red wine vinegar to a boil, and cook until thick, • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil about 10 minutes. Whisk in • 3 slices turkey bacon, cut into butter, apricot jam, remaining 1 chunks tbsp brown sugar, and 1/2 tsp • 1 tbsp butter curry. Let sauce continue to • 2 tbsp apricot jam boil, whisking until thick. Pour a quarter of the sauce into small How to Make It bowl for basting. 1.) In a bowl, sprinkle meat 5.) When grill is hot, cook Submitted at 7/6/2010 5:00:00 AM

FITTEST continued from page 66

and pentathlon at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912, was a collegiate football all-American in 1911 and 1912 and was voted top American athlete of the first half of the 20th century in 1950 (looks like the King was right!). Thorpe's accomplishments were great but his greatest was the founding of the American Professional Football

Association, as it went on to become the NFL. Related articles: 10 Most Superstitious Athletes Fittest Boxers of All-Time Over 60 and Badass: Five famous guys who haven't mellowed with age Top 10 Hollywood Bulk-Ups Best Rock Star Abs [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and

kebabs until browned on the outside and meat is cooked through, about 2 minutes per side—8 minutes total. After 4 minutes, start basting with reserved sauce. 6.) Serve kebabs at once with remaining sauce for dipping. Nutritional Breakdown Per serving Calories: 665 Protein: 34 g Carbs: 61 g Fat: 26 g Fiber: 6g Serves 4 Related articles: Recipe: Quinoa Paella with Chicken and Chorizo Recipe: Black Bean Cakes Recipe: Skillet Mac & Cheese With Ham & Spinach [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and more] Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Submitted at 7/6/2010 1:00:00 AM

Your guide to the Windy City's best gyms, healthiest food, and coolest clubs by Ariane Marder Print Article Email to Friend WORKING OUT OUTDOORS North Avenue Beach N. Lake Shore Drive at North Avenue With stunning views of the city skyline and lakeshore, Chicago's busiest beach boasts an ideal backdrop for a workout. There's a bike path, sand volleyball, a beach-hockey rink, even a Crunch mini-gym where you can blast your lats while ogling the babes on blades. Forgot your gear? Grab whatever you need at a nearby beach house. GYM Fitness Formula Clubs Union Station 444 W. Jackson Blvd. 312-6270444 This sprawling club and spa promises full service. When you're done lifting, compete in a more] friendly pickup game or work Five Filters featured article: on your stroke in the Junior Headshot - Propaganda, State Olympic-size pool ($30 for a 24 Religion and the Attack On the -hour pass). Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available HOTEL GYM tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Embassy Suites Lakefront Text RSS, Term Extraction. 511 N. Columbus Dr. 888-9038884 This swank hotel spares no expense anywhere. The state-ofthe-art fitness center, just blocks


from Lake Michigan, is open round-the-clock. Among the recent additions: Precor machines and an indoor lap pool. GOING OUT EATS Powerhouse Restaurant and Bar 215 N. Clinton St. 312-9280800 Renowned Chi-Town chef Jeff Mauro serves up a seasonal menu of tasty New American cuisine. Trattoria No. 10 10 N. Dearborn St. 312-9841718 The standout pasta endears this restaurant to locals. Good food and affordable wine always make for an ideal power lunch. AFTERPARTY Rockit Bar and Grill 22 W. Hubbard St. 312-6456000 Rock fans come for the music, pool sharks love the custom tables, and everyone hits up Rockit for its laid-back vibe. Vertigo 2 W. Erie St. 312-202-6060 Located on the 26th floor of the Dana Hotel, this lounge is known for its pretty young things. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.



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Another PR release for Claremont tmatt (GetReligion) Submitted at 7/6/2010 7:00:04 AM

You may recall a recent post by Bobby Ross Jr., about a press release that the Los Angeles Times published about the Claremont School of Theology’s plan to start providing theological education for Muslim imams and Jewish rabbis, as well as clergy for United Methodist and other liberal mainline Protestant congregations. It seems that the support for the effort was universal, at least among those contacted by the newspaper. There were critics, you know, but they were not the kind of people who needed to be quoted — granted a platform, in other words — in a major newspaper. As Bible-Belt Bobby put it: The basic gist: We live in a pluralistic world where all religions are the same, and everybody except for the usual vague people referred to as the “more conservative elements” recognizes that. You can just hear the cheers, can’t you? Rah-rah-rah! Well, I noticed the other day that the opposition to the plan had taken on a somewhat more material form and, thus, Claremont leaders were prodded to tweak their interfaith offerings. Still, the Los Angeles Times sequel to the earlier PR tone. Here’s how the piece report retained it’s essentially opens:

The United Methodist Church has lifted sanctions against the

longstanding ties with the church when it announced plans earlier this year to begin training Muslim imams and Jewish rabbis in addition to Christian pastors. In a terse statement … the United Methodist University Senate announced that it had rescinded a public warning and restored funding to the school, which will remain affiliated with the church. The senate oversees all Methodist-affiliated seminaries. Claremont President Jerry Campbell said the change of heart came after the school managed to allay fears “that we were turning a United Methodist -related seminary into something very different.” The church had sanctioned the school in January after expressing concerns about both its failure to submit a budget and its plans for a “substantial reorientation” of the school’s mission. To satisfy the church, Claremont altered its original plans to train Christian, Muslim and Jewish students in one college, instead creating a new university with separate graduate schools for Muslim and Jewish students. Only the existing Christian school will receive Methodist funds. Claremont hopes to eventually add programs for Buddhists and Hindus. Claremont School of Theology, ANOTHER page 70 which risked breaking its


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Happy Atheist — I mean Independence — Day Brad A. Greenberg (GetReligion)

Monica Hesse ran in the Post’s style section, which means readers can expect the writing to Submitted at 7/5/2010 12:55:23 PM have a little more, well, style. After taking in the fireworks The reporting, accordingly, is last night, I spent some time typically a little less detached sifting through Google Reader or, when it comes to religion, and surfing Google News for reverent. religion-related Fourth of July And I can appreciate comments stories. Not a lot of interesting like this from Shelley Mountjoy, articles out there. Mainly, I saw the head of the Secular Student a lot of old fare. Alliance at nearby George B u t t h i s p i e c e f r o m t h e Mason University: Washington Post jumped out at “I get a lot of assumptions me. It’s about how even though because of my disability,” says atheists have no songs, they M o u n t j o y , w h o i s i n a have in Independence Day a wheelchair. People tell her that’s holiday they can believe in. why she must not believe in a So here we are in Lorton, at the god. “But I was an atheist before year’s largest social assembly of I was in a wheelchair,” she says Washington area atheist groups, exasperatedly. the fourth annual Independence Indeed, atheists do deal with a Day Celebration — or, as the e- lot of negative assumptions. mailed news release read, (That they eat babies, for “Ungodly Leaders to Gather at instance.) But whether it’s Potomac Picnic.” … straight news or a style piece, On the food table, there is a get- there isn’t a lot of justification well card for “God Is Not for letting quotes like this one Great” author Christopher hang in the air: Hitchens — who recently “Especially now, when atheists learned he has cancer — which are vilified for not being the picnickers are encouraged to patriotic enough,” Maggie sign. Ardiente says, balancing her “Does everyone have their raffle paper plate of cookout food, tickets?” one man asks, rattling “this is a really important a red ticket box. holiday.” And the door prizes of an Vilified as being unpatriotic — atheist raffle are … Richard funny, I hadn’t heard that one. I Dawkins DVDs! know that studies have found I like the premise, and the story Americans more willing to vote is a good read. for a gay presidential candidate It looks like this article by or a Muslim(no, not Obama)

this article doesn’t go there — there are plenty of them who must find themselves in churches and synagogues and mosques and other houses of worship on occasion. Maybe even frequently. Why? To start, agnostics, who aren’t convinced of God’s existence but also aren’t sold on his non-existence, are generally included under the “atheist” umbrella. The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life reported two years ago that 55 percent of American agnostics — more than half — believed in God. I’m still not really sure how that works, but it’s easier to comprehend than the 21 percent of atheists, who by definition believe there is no God, who believe that God DOES exist. And thus we see the downside than for an atheist. But those Public Life — generally miss to a style article: the reporting, studies are a bit dated, and in the out on at least one form of while beautifully descriptive, is time I have spent following communal experience because often only skin deep. She might developments in the American most atheist organizations don’t look good, but fat chance having atheist community, I hadn’t have space to host gatherings. much of a conversation with (or heard that atheists are anti- Events like this one give them a based on) it. American. Despite the axiom, chance to congregate, see who PHOTO: From Zazzle. there really are atheists in some else is out there, compare stories Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State foxholes. of persecution. This quote also has some W h a t ’ s w r o n g w i t h t h a t Religion and the Attack On the ‘splainin’ to do: comment? That atheists don’t Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available If you’re an atheist, then you have houses of worship seems tools: PDF Newspaper, Full don’t attend a house of worship, pretty intuitive, right? It sure Text RSS, Term Extraction. Mountjoy explains. This means does — but it’s not quite true. that atheists — who are about 5 While atheists may find it percent of the U.S. population, difficult to congregate together according to a 2009 survey by — and I’m not really sure what the Pew Forum on Religion and they would worship if they did;


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ANOTHER continued from page 68

In other words, Claremont will provide the academic infrastructure for an institution that, on the surface at least, will be a new creation. Will this change the heart of this new project? Of course not. All of this is still compatible with the essentially Universalist approach that the seminary has offered in the past. If there is a story here, it has to do with the approach to Islam that will taught. Islam is an evangelistic faith that claims to teach exclusive truths that clash with other faiths. Are there Muslim academics who are willing to embrace the progressive Claremont approach? Will there be genuine theological diversity in these programs and, thus, any real tensions? There are good news threads to follow. I was curious about one other angle that is not explored in the Times piece. Might the seminary need students and, thus, need a new source of

income in an era in which many liberal mainline institutions are facing severe cutbacks? It required only a few clicks of a mouse for me to find the following information in a publication about trends in theological education: On a late afternoon in July 2006, Jerry Campbell, newly arrived president of Claremont School of Theology (CST), was alone in his office. He may even have been alone in the building — one of an ensemble of stark, white modernist structures designed by Edward Durell Stone that snuggle against the base of Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains. Everyone had gone for the day, leaving the new chief in solitude to ponder how to extricate the school from a crisis. Claremont had run up major deficits for three years, financing them by deep draws on its endowment. Enrollment was falling precipitously. Key faculty members were leaving.

The school’s two accrediting agencies had placed them on probation. And on Campbell’s desk was a new letter from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges announcing that CST’s regional accreditation would be terminated effective August 10 unless he asked for a review of the decision. The letter stated that Claremont’s administration had demonstrated an inability to provide sound financial management. Moreover, it said, “the administration did not engage in honest and open communication with the accreditor” and thus lacked “institutional integrity.” Wow! That sounds like some pretty newsworthy stuff! Yes, there appears to be a back story to this burst of interfaith academic innovation and, I would imagine, fund raising. With a little more digging, I found an older and more factdriven Los Angeles Times piece that mentions that this new approach is already pulling in

some new donations and one of them is rather large. Thus, President Campbell mentions this: Regardless of the Methodist decision, he said, he intends to launch the new programs this fall, relying on a $10-million pledge from philanthropists. I would be interesting to know if that grant is money from overseas and, in particular, from the kinds of Saudi Arabian sources that have backed other educational efforts in the West. I have not been able to find evidence of a press release, yet, about the details of that grant. Photo: From the“In Trust” weblog. Five Filters featured article: Headshot - Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack On the Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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Reading between the lines Mollie (GetReligion) Submitted at 7/6/2010 10:22:38 AM

A few weeks ago, there was a bit of a discussion on the internets about whether the mainstream media does a good job of covering honor killings in America. It began with Phyllis Chesler writing: The mainstream media rarely covers them. More often, local media does, but even local media does so walking on eggshells, careful to quote from at least one apologist and one know-nothing. Usually, the (hardcopy) mainstream media covers such events weeks later, only briefly, or as a way to “spin” any possible prejudice against the perpetrators involved. Sometimes they are mentioned, but only in passing. Rarely do follow-ups appear. Usually, a wire service piece is used, and no original reporting is done. Sometimes, the newspaper’s blog might refer to a piece which first appeared in another newspaper which, in turn, has mentioned the subject only in passing. National Review’s Mark Steyn

riffed on that here and here. The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf responded that the mainstream media was doing a great job of covering honor killings in America here and here. It’s not about an American honor killing but I thought of that debate when looking at the coverage of the alleged attempted murder of British actress Afshan Azad. She’s appeared in many of the Harry

Potter movies. Here’s how CNN put it: Abdul Azad, 54, and his son Ashraf, 28, are accused of attacking actress Afshan Azad earlier this month because of her relationship with a Hindu man, a spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said. The family is Muslim. I don’t know if this is typically how the Daily Mail handles such news, but you pretty much

CNN story. But nowhere do the words “Hindu” or “Muslim” appear in the Daily Mail. Neither do they in this E! story about the situation. The Herald Sun in Australia began its story this way: The strict Muslim father and brother of “Harry Potter” actress Afshan Azad have been charged with threatening to kill her because she has a boyfriend. None of these stories is long. That’s excusable for the initial story. But is this related to an honor killing? What are the theological defenses and refutations of honor killing? What role does religion play in this story? If you can’t get the media interested in covering have to read in between every these issues when the target is line of this story to glean famous, what hope do we have a n y t h i n g f r o m i t . A f t e r for good coverage when the explaining the charges of assault victims are from a small town in and attempted murder, we get the middle of the nowhere? this: Five Filters featured article: As part of their bail conditions, Headshot - Propaganda, State they have to abide by an 11pm Religion and the Attack On the to 6am curfew and must not Gaza Peace Flotilla. Available travel to London or contact an tools: PDF Newspaper, Full unnamed man. Text RSS, Term Extraction. Presumably the “unnamed man” is the Hindu from the


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5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Identity Zachary Sniderman (Mashable!)

face the challenges, track your reputation, and corral your profiles on the social web. Now, Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:02:22 AM here are five ways to manage, This series is supported by consolidate, and clean up your Gillette. Learn more about online identity. 1. Keep it Gillette and its products at Consistent One of the best things you can There’s an implicit pressure on do is to make sure your profiles social media enthusiasts to be are consistent. This includes connected in more than one your bio page, your profile pic, way. It’s not enough to have a a n d y o u r t o n e o f v o i c e . Facebook page, you need a “Consistency is important,” said Twitter account as well. What D a n S c h a w b e l , m a n a g i n g do you mean you’re not on partner of Millennial Branding, LinkedIn? Well, at least you “If you’re “Matt” on one site, have a blog on Wordpress or you better be “Matt” on every Tumblr, right? other site.” That similarity can There is no requirement to help viewers keep track of your spread your digital self thin, but across different platforms. Start many of us are still juggling by scooping up vanity URLs on more than one online profile s i t e s l i k e F a c e b o o k (I’m currently balancing at least ( and five). Each of these profiles Twitter (, offers us a chance to connect and buying your domain name w i t h n e w c o m m u n i t i e s i n ( Similar different ways, but each network fonts and font sizes can also needs to be managed and help create a congruous online updated. With so many online identity. profiles, questions are bound to But what about your updates — arise. Is your bio page the same h o w d o y o u k e e p t h o s e across all platforms? Should it consistent? “Using the same be? tone of voice will help keep the There are few hard and fast cohesion,” said Amber Naslund, rules when navigating social Director of Community at media; a lot comes down to Radian6. “It doesn’t have to be preference. For those starting verbatim but there needs to be a out or just looking to make certain level of consistency,” sense of their profiles, we’ve Naslund said. “You’re assuming culled advice from five social that [one particular social site] media experts in a range of might be the only place they get backgrounds. Mashable’s given that [information].” you ways to create your brand, Keep in mind that consistency

doesn’t mean repetition. Customize your profiles and updates to align with the values and uses of each social platform, but maintain a common theme throughout. 2. Find Your Brand Put some forethought into what your want your digital reputation to be and build towards that. Joshua Benton, Director of Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab, highlights the importance of viewership. “You don’t want to have carbon copies because you’re talking to different audiences. Your paragraph bio on LinkedIn isn’t going to make sense on your Twitter page and neither of those is going to make sense on your Facebook page.” Benton recommends making a basic bio that can be tailored for each network. “Think about how the image you want to present sits in with the audience.” Different networks are better for different things — it helps to cater your posts based on the audience. “Part of that is baked into the form,” Benton said. “It’s sort of hard to have a wild and crazy LinkedIn profile, whereas you can on something

like MySpace.” Whether you want to be known by your real name (recommended) or a cute buzzword, it’s important to come up with something memorable and representative of you. This advice applies to people and brands. “When you type Digsby, we are the first result,” said Steve Shapiro, CEO of Digsby. “It is important to pick a unique product name but also one that people can spell when they hear it, or they’ll never find you on Google.” Once you’ve decided your online name and brand, try to stick with it. It’s hard to build a reputation if you keep changing. “The problem with changing your specialty every six months is that people can see what you did six month’s prior,” explained Barry Hurd, CEO and founder of 123SocialMedia. That kind of indecision can make it difficult for your audience to get a grasp on your identity. 3. Own Your Name One of the best ways to track your progress is a simple Google search. “I’m conscious that I’m writing about the things I’d liked to be found for,” Naslund said. “If I’m going to post a tweet about a drunken bender with my sister from last night, it might pop up on Google.” Make sure you’re updating your social networks on news and events that you want to be known for. Part of

managing your online identity is understanding your professional profiles (like LinkedIn) can very well get mixed up with personal profiles (like Facebook). “You can’t keep the peas from touching the mashed potatoes,” Naslund added. “The Internet doesn’t distinguish between profiles. That’s a human distinction, not a technical one. It all gets lumped into the same basket.” An easy, free way to manage your name’s SEO is by getting onto popular social media sites. “Twitter accounts often pop up on the first page even if you’ve only posted three tweets,” Benton explained. “Chances are you’d rather have that and a link to your bio page than something you don’t have control over. Get on networks with good page rankings.” Another tip for optimizing SEO is by proactively setting up inbound links between your profiles. Include links to your social profiles, such as Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora, on your blog. On your Twitter profile, include a link to your blog. And on Foursquare, make sure you include your Twitter profile link. If you already use multiple networks, this practice is an easy way to increase the amount of inbound links for each site. It’s a circle of links that will WAYS page 75

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5 Handy iPhone Apps for Home Improvement Amy-Mae Elliott (Mashable!) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:05:25 AM

While there’s no iPhone app that can help you avoid hitting your thumb with a hammer, falling off a ladder or stepping in a tray of paint, certain apps can be a useful addition to your tool kit when attempting some DIY projects. Here are five great apps that will assist you in illumination, estimation, decoration, organization and for those green -thumbed folk among you, even propagation. So grab your safety goggles and strap on the tool belt — handyman help awaits. 1. Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap iPhone owners are privy to a large number of fantastic colorrelated apps, but this is our top choice for the DIYer as it offers some practical features. Say you’re out just living your life and suddenly you spot the exact shade (or shades) you’d love to decorate your kitchen with. Just snap a picture of the hue and this app will help you match it to the nearest Sherwin-Williams paint color. You can also take the selected color and create a custom palette either based on your own choices, or from auto-generated suggestions. If you want a second opinion on your selected palette, you can share it via email or Facebook, and then once you’ve made your final choice, the app offers map-based store

locations and directions so you can go and purchase the Vogue Green and Java Brown you have your heart set on. It goes without saying that the color representations (or matches) on the iPhone will depend on the quality of the light, and the paint may not be exactly the same as you’ve been seeing on your phone’s display. But it’s a free, high-tech alternative to endless sample strips, and a great way to record a favored shade on the go and match it to real-life products. Cost: Free 2. KAD Software’s Estimation Apps If you’re the type who can look at a wall, squint convincingly and suck in a breath before stating, with absolute confidence, “we’ll need 267 six by six tiles,” then skip these apps. But for anyone else who’s not a born guesstimator or mathlete, stay right here, as KAD Software’s apps might be of great help. The company offers a bunch of estimation apps for all aspects of home improvement. Whether you need to know how many rolls of wallpaper you need, or how many cans of paint, or how much lumber, acoustic ceiling, sheathing, asphalt, and so on, these $0.99 apps are great. There are free online tools that can help you with estimation needs, but if you’re in middle of Home Depot staring blankly at your room dimensions scribbled

project management app that can send you timely reminders to get to it, might be just what you need to turn your project from in-progress to ticked off the to-do list. Task This is a really good place to start because its design and categories works really well for on a scrap of paper, you might a DIY project. want a slightly more portable There’s more to this app than solution that’s going to give you we’re going to cover here an accurate estimate. (especially when you take into Cost:$0.99 per app 3. Real account the web sync options Tools with but as First, we are not suggesting that far as home improvement “Real Tools” can replace your planning goes, we’re interested 18-inch Waterloo steel split-lid i n t h e a p p ’ s “ p r o j e c t s , ” cantilever tool box with its shopping” and “reminders” precious cargo, but it could help functionality. you out in a fix. As you’d imagine, “shopping” With 18 “tools” in total, (16 of lets you create lists of items which work with later models of associated to your projects, or the iPod touch) the most useful standalone lists as well. Projects are a ruler, the spirit level, c a n b e c r e a t e d w i t h t i m e flashlight, various digital angle parameters, status indicators and gauges, a virtual tape measure priority settings, and reminders and a plumb bob. can be set via push notifications The claim from the developers (which will appear in the app’s is that if you wanted to buy all calendar) to alert you at key the tools included in this app in points throughout. the real world it would set you As a free app, it’s rather goodback $1,200.00. We’re not sure looking and as comprehensive about that, but what we can say as many paid options out there. is that the app looks, feels, and Cost: Free 5. Gardening Toolkit sounds good. Also, the tools we If you’re lucky enough to have did test as per the list above, a garden, then this app will help worked perfectly. you make the most of it by Cost:$1.99 4. Task This providing detailed info and Keeping a project on track can advice on planting and care for be half the battle for those of us over 800 varieties of herbs, that are less than motivated to flowers and vegetables. really do it ourselves. So a For novice gardeners, this

handy app will keep you from planting some kind of flimsy fern suited to more tropical climates if you happen to reside in Chicago, by taking your geographical area’s climate into account and letting you know what will grow best. Once you’ve narrowed down what you want to plant, you can read up on advice, set yourself a to-do list and then create your own garden profile by picking plants from the searchable database. It’s a great at-aglance look at what’s growing, basic care info, and your own notes. In addition, a colorful interface offers great photography, while the by-the-month advice section (e.g., August: It’s easy to get distracted by the long summer days, but the garden still needs attention…) will provide new gardeners with time-tailored suggestions on what needs doing in the manner of a kindly, green-thumbed aunt. Cost:$3.99 More iPhone resources from Mashable: - 10 Great iPhone Apps for Growing a Garden - Top 6 Free World Cup iPhone Apps - 5 Fantastic Free iPhone Ebook Reader Apps - 10 Essential Money-Saving iPhone Apps - 10 Best iPhone Apps for Dog Lovers HANDY page 75


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Indie Studio’s New Releases to Stream on Netflix Before Cable Christina Warren (Mashable!)

industry, here’s a basic primer of the current system. After a film is released in theaters, it is Netflix has just signed a deal then released on DVD/Blu-ray with Relativity Media to bring and depending on the studio and m a j o r t h e a t r i c a l r e l e a s e s the viewing window, to Pay-Per e x c l u s i v e l y t o N e t f l i x View, Redbox or Video-onsubscribers during the first-run Demand. After the new-release window usually relegated to window ends, bigger films go premium cable channels like into what is called the first-run HBO or Showtime. This is a big window, where they are then win for Netflix and its Watch available on a premium cable Instantly service, as it positions channel like HBO, Showtime, it as an even stronger competitor Starz, etc. After this window, to traditional and premium films are then dribbled down to cable. basic cable, network television R e l a t i v i t y M e d i a i s a n and so on. independent film studio that Although Netflix’s Watch often co-finances films with Instantly library is growing all Universal Pictures, Lionsgate of the time, one area where it and Columbia Pictures. Some of really falls short is in new its more recent productions or releases. This is not the case c o - p r o d u c t i o n s i n c l u d e with Netflix’s DVD and Blu-ray Zombieland, Brothers and rental-by-mail service, however. MacGruber. Netflix has a vast catalog of The first pictures that will be Watch Instantly films, but most covered under the deal include of them are older releases and The Fighter and Skyline. The the most up-to-date content is Fighter stars Christian Bale, usually by way of television, M a r k W a h l b e r g a n d A m y which is easier to license for A d a m s a n d i s s e t f o r a more recent viewing. December theatrical release. The big exception in this area Skyline is also expected to be has been with Starz. Netflix was released in theaters this year. able to procure a deal with Starz Both films should be available to get movies (or Starz original on Netflix in early 2011. The broadcasts) as soon as they Sordid Saga of Licensing come to Starz subscribers. Movies for Online Streaming While Starz doesn’t have the If you aren’t familiar with some first-run deals of the largest of the inner workings of the film premium cablers like HBO, it Submitted at 7/6/2010 11:07:43 AM

that Netflix’s subscriber base of more than 13 million members is worth catering to. It’s also a sign that, at least for some studios, eschewing the traditional system and going straight to a digital service operator — rather than a premium cabler — might be does have some exclusive deals worth experimenting with. with Disney/Pixar and with a lot As more consumer electronics devices either offering or of Sony films. B e c a u s e S t a r z r e t a i n e d coming with built-in support for ownership of how it licensed its Netflix, this avenue could content digitally (that is, over become even more attractive to the Internet), the company was studios as time moves forward. then able to license that content Yet it’s important to put things to Netflix, giving Netflix access in perspective. HBO has more to its first-run content. It was a than 40 million subscribers in brilliant run around the system. the U.S. alone, its international Unfortunately, it also made the offerings are much more robust than Netflix’s and it has longmajor studios pretty unhappy. The current Starz deal expires standing first-run deals with in 2012 and it won’t be the same many of the major studios. in the future. Instead, studios are Likewise, both Showtime and now building more digital Starz have more subscribers licensing agreements into their than Netflix. However, Netflix offers contracts with the premium cable outlets to avoid a Netflix- something that the other outlets Starz scenario from happening don’t: convenience. While premium content from networks again. The only recourse for Netflix is like HBO are available online to make deals directly with the via different cable operators, studios, which is exactly what is these systems vary from cable happening with Relativity company to cable company. Additionally, Netflix is now on Media. Death to Cable? Netflix signing a first-run the iPad and will soon be on the exclusivity agreement with a iPhone. Sign of the Future mid-sized studio like Relativity Even if the Netflix/Relativity Media is a big deal. It’s a sign Media deal ultimately has little

impact on what films are available to Watch Instantly on Netflix, this is a sign that the industry is finally willing to look past the traditional cable company/premium channel paradigm and embrace digital distribution and subscription services. If nothing else, this is a sign that the cable industry needs to step it up and start embracing digital distribution and online streaming. Customers may still cancel cable, opting instead of things like Hulu Plus and Netflix Watch Instantly, but an easy way to avoid some of that churn would be to make it easy to access content from the couch, the computer and on the go. The studios are willing to bypass the system and take things directly to digital delivery. Will the rest of the industry follow suit? What do you think about the Netflix deal and what it means for the future of digital distribution for first-run feature films? More About: business, digital distribution, Film, film industry, hbo, iptv, Movies, netflix, relativity media For more Business coverage: • Follow Mashable Business on INDIE page 77

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help optimize your Google search rankings. The ultimate goal is to optimize your SEO so that someone should be able to search for your name and get a good idea within the first 10 results of who you are or who you’d like to be. 4. Get a Little Help The good news is that you don’t have to monitor all these sites by yourself. There are a bunch of web tools that can help you track or update your entire online presence. Try using a multi-platform dashboards like, Tweetdeck, or Hootsuite to update your social media identity all from a central hub. As a secondary step, if you’re interested in seeing which sites are benefiting you the most from a PR point of view, set up Google Alerts on each of your profiles. Alerts will help you keep a pulse on buzz around your name. To see which sites are most referenced, try adding small marks to your profile pics for manual tracking. Hurd suggested adding a small Facebook logo to your Facebook profile pic, for example, so you can see when your Facebook profile (along with a pic) is linked to. 5. Human Afterall

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Out of all these tips, perhaps the most important lesson is to just be yourself. It may sound simple, but ultimately people are connecting with you because of who you are. “How people perceive you is through those interactions with your audience, not just a neat and tidy persona,” Naslund said. “People want to see the person behind the persona.” Schawbel recommended being selective with your networks and genuinely connecting: “If your Twitter handle or Facebook page is your name, it has to come from you.” That same sense of honesty can also be a great way to find customers. “These platforms are a huge opportunity to interact with users one-on-one,” Shapiro said. Connecting in an honest way can bring in new supporters for your product or brand. Final Words of Advice We asked our experts for a golden rule to managing your online identity. While there may not be one ruling maxim, here are some choice words of wisdom for cleaning up your social identity. • “Commitment is really the key word,” Schawbel said. “Everyone keeps talking about passion, but commitment takes

[it] into account. If you’re committed to this, you’ll succeed. Or, at least you’ll get something out of it.” • “Be consistent with the tone and approach for all those social networks,” Naslund said. “Through all those profiles, it will feel like you. And that’s what people use social media for, to connect with a real person. Develop an identity you’re not only proud of, but can stand behind.” • “I think you have to go into these sort of things acknowledging that compartmentalization is impossible. [It's] the same way in real life. We act one way around our parents, and one way around our boss, and one way around our friends, even if we’re still the same person,” Benton said. “Think about the image you want to present… and don’t be afraid to be human.” What is your top tip for keeping your social identity clean and consistent? Series supported by Gillette This series is supported by Gillette. Learn more about Gillette and its products at More Social Media Resources

From Mashable: - Why Social Experience is the Future of Online Content - 5 Ways to Build a Loyal Audience on YouTube - How Real Estate Pros are Using Social Media for Real Results - How Social Media is Helping Veterans Connect - HOW TO: Help New Users Stay Engaged on Twitter [img credit: webtreats, granth] Image courtesy of iStockphoto, thesuperph More About: amber naslund, barry hurd, better profile series, blog, brand, Dan Schawbel, facebook, identity, joshua benton, presence, profile, steve shapiro, twitter For more Social Media coverage: • Follow Mashable Social Media on Twitter • Become a Fan on Facebook • Subscribe to the Social Media channel • Download our free apps for iPhone and iPad

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, Spiderstock More About: app store, apple, diy, home improvement, iphone, iphone apps, List, Lists For more Apple coverage: • Follow Mashable Apple on Twitter • Become a Fan on Facebook • Subscribe to the Apple channel • Download our free apps for iPhone and iPad


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Twitter Ad Network Tweetup Acquires Popurls and Twidroid Stan Schroeder (Mashable!) Submitted at 7/6/2010 8:27:40 AM

Twitter ad platform and search engine TweetUp has acquired popular Android Twitter client Twidroid, as well as RSS news aggregator Popurls, the company announced today. Popurls is somewhat of an oldschool service, displaying a number of hand-picked technology related RSS feeds from sites like Digg and Reddit, as well as a number of popular blogs. Although it’s less customizable than a full-fledged RSS reader such as Google Reader, its simple yet effective approach turned it into a popular tech-related destination. Combined with the acquisition of Twidroid(which will now be called Twidroyd to avoid lawsuits from Lucas Films, who owns the trademark for the term “droid”), TweetUp hopes to “refine its platform for finding the world’s best tweeters.” “Twidroyd is widely considered the best Twitter client for Android phones and it leads in market share, so its growing base of users will be a valuable

source of well-informed feedback on TweetUp search on mobile devices. In addition, the popurls website, which attracts users looking for a convenient guide to the most popular sites, news, videos and blogs on the Internet, will be a natural spot to display TweetUp search results and gain user feedback,” said Bill Gross, CEO of TweetUp. Both Twidroyd and Popurls were founded by Austrian entrepreneur Thomas Marban. “With their resources and experience along with the bundling deals we have developed with a number of the leading device manufacturers, we believe Twidroyd can widen its lead as the top Android client for Twitter users and aggressively grow our distribution while taking

advantage of TweetUp’s business model for uncovering the best tweeters on topics of interest to our users,” said Marban. The most interesting part of the announcement is definitely the bit that claims Twidroyd “will come standard on millions of upcoming Android phones from five of the leading handset manufacturers.” If TweetUp indeed managed to land a deal to have Twidroyd preloaded on Android phones, it would be a huge boost for them, but what of Twitter’s official Android app, then? We’ll be on the lookout for more substantial news on the subject. More About: popurls, Tweetup, twidroid, twidroyd, twitter For more Business coverage: • Follow Mashable Business on Twitter • Become a Fan on Facebook • Subscribe to the Business channel • Download our free apps for iPhone and iPad

Chatroulette Piano Guy Merton Returns: Now with More Omegle [VIDEO] Brenna Ehrlich (Mashable!) Submitted at 7/6/2010 9:35:25 AM

There’s been a lot of discussion of late about whether Chatroulette is on its way out — our own Ben Parr wondered whether the random video chat service would retain its popularity if it were censored (apparently traffic has been on the decline lately). Well, perhaps there’s hope for the service yet — it appears that Merton, the Chatroulette Piano Guy, is back. That’s right, the hooded mystery — who we interviewed way back when — has posted a new vid to his YouTube channel, which we totally missed all weekend due to the fact that we were outside (for shame!). Still, despite the fact that homeboy released his vid on the Friday before a holiday weekend, it has already racked up more than 350,000 views — not bad for someone whose last YouTube offering came out three months ago. Curiously, though, Merton made use of Omegle this time around as well. For those of you

who don’t know, Omegle is Chatroulette’s older — less popular — sibling. It used to be a text-only chat service, but recently added video into the mix, no doubt in an effort to compete with its flashy (haha, get it?) younger bro. What does this mean for “The Chatroulette Piano Guy”? Is he forsaking his roots, or merely branching out? Check out Merton’s vid — he’s getting pretty creative, I totally dig the tune about IHOP — and let us know what you think: Is Chatroulette’s future looking up? Will you switch to Omegle? Does Merton have any hair under that hood? Let it all out. [via AllThingsD] More About: chatroulette, humor, merton, music, pop culture, viral video, youtube For more Web Video coverage: • Follow Mashable Web Video on Twitter • Become a Fan on Facebook • Subscribe to the Web Video channel • Download our free apps for iPhone and iPad

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