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MICHELE BASSI architecture portfolio


Enthusiastic architect graduated cum laude at the Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Nethelrands. Both the BSc and MSc dissertations reflect my personal idea of architecture: a discipline and practice that should be as close as possible to the necessities of people and be intertwined with the physical and cultural surrounding. The variety of academic experiences together with workshops, competitions and working experiences, gave me the possibility to improve my personal skills: on one hand, I love working in a team, share and collaborate with my groupmates, on the other hand, once required, I effectively take my own responsibilities to develop the assignments. I am a truly determined person, always eager to learn something new. I love challenging myself in every aspect of my professional life.



MB personal


22 | 04 | 1992

. MSc . 01 . 09 . 2015 - 28 . 06 . 2017 DELFT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY degree in . Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences . cum laude

Marmolada street 16, 26100 Cremona - Italy -

. BSc . 04 . 10 . 2011 - 24 . 02 . 2015

+393482495167 (mobile) +31650409531 (whats app)

POLITECNICO OF MILAN degree in . Science of environmental architecture . cum laude . diploma . 10 . 09 . 2006 - 01 . 07 . 2011

Italian - NATIVE English - GOOD, IELTS 6.5 Spanish - BASIC

GASPARE ASELLI HIGH SCHOOL diploma A-level . scientific specialization .



. internship . . METROGRAMMA | architecture office .

. competition . MILAN EXPO 2015 | call for Piazzetta Piacenza 24 . 11 . 2014 - 27 . 11 . 2014

05 . 10 . 2017 - 31 . 12 . 2017 architecture and luxury interior design office

Politecnico of Milan, Municipality of Piacenza 1st price, REALIZATION

. work collaboration . . MILAN EXPO 2015 | municipality of Piacenza .

. international workshop . OPEN CITY | O.C., international Summer School

01 . 12 . 2014 - 01 . 04 . 2015 finalization of the workshop (24-27 November) won

08 . 09 . 2014 - 26 . 09 . 2014

Politecnico of Milan 1st price

. internship . . ARCHIDUE | architecture office .

10 . 11 . 2013 - 12 . 11 . 2013 architecture and urban planning office

. international workshop . MEDITERRANEAN STYLE | international Workshop 23 . 06 . 2014 - 28 . 06 . 2014

. internship . . C.R.E. | costruzioni restauri edili .

Politecnico of Milan, ENSAM Marseille 1st price

01 . 07 . 2013 - 10 . 09 . 2013 construction company

softwares PLATFORMS Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft word, excel, power point Google Drive & Dropbox

GRAPHIC n DRAWINGS Autocad 2D Adobe illustrator, photoshop, in design Vectorworks

3D MODELLING Rhinoceros Google sketch up PRO Autodesk maya & mental ray



Milan, ITALY


Sao Paulo,


Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA





- THE INFORMALITY AS A CATALYST OF NEW URBAN DEVELOPMENTS, in between Top Down & Bottom Up approaches -

Michele Bassi

To which extent the scale of the informal settlements could effectively co-exist with the necessity of an affordable mass-housing provision through top down interventions?

prof. ir. Dick van Gameren dr. ir. Nelson Mota

msc III | IV, master graduation project

This attempt to conciliate and intertwine the two spheres, touches upon all the different scales of the project simultaneously: from the development of an urban strategy, until the definition of the construction details, going through the architectonic scales. The fundamental element, outcome of the research and “essence” of the design proposal, could be synthetised in a 5 x 5 x 3 module (dimensions that derive from previous studies of Ethiopian mass housing - urban interventions). The module can accommodate different functions and can be assembled in different ways, both horizontally and vertically. The composition on an urban scale influences both the inner spatial layouts as well as the design of the outer spaces. The extreme flexibility of the module allows the design of different environments according to the specific position where is placed and aggregate, in a sort of “chameleon” ever - changing design. On one side is able to reflect the existing cluster intimate spots in its tangled sequence of paths and spaces, on the other hand, is effectively able to respond in a different manner the border facing the main street, allowing spontaneous commercial street activities to take place.










visualization. inner street

visualization. main street

detail. SSB (stabilizes soil blocks) blocks plan

detail. vertical section

detail. HCB (hollow concrete blocks) plan

+6.00m plan

visualization. compound

visualization. in | between street

- EARTHAND: touching the roots of the history through the soil -

Greta Andreoli, Michele Bassi, Ilaria Bianchi, Lorenzo Cocchi, Simone Varani Mila Boeri, Daria Ghezzi, Marta Piana, Rosemary Ramelli, Filippo Ravera

Prof. Sandro Rolla

Past, present and future are the three essential elements for Architecture and are essentials to explain and understand the ideas of this project, winner of “Piazzetta Piacenza” workshop and built during the international exposition EXPO Milan 2015. The commission’s request was to summerize, through this square the characteristics of being a citizen of Piacenza but also being the city itslef.

competition won, realization

The past, synonimous of tradition, the present synonimous of modernity and The future represented by everything that this square will bring to the city of Piacenza after EXPO Milan 2015. The city of PIacenza, such as many other cities in the north of Italy, finds its traditions linked indissolubly with the soil: food (agricolture), construction materials (bricks), soil that permitted the development of the city since the roman “Centuriatio”. It’s therefore the soil the element containing all the meanings of being a citizen of Piacenza and from these the idea of the shape: an huge clod, suspended from the ground floor. Externally the clod appears like an huge earth probing, showing all physical layers (rock, clay, gravel...), meanwhile interiorly it presents a huge void modeled accoarding to an octagon figure. Opposite to the grave and heavy exteral feeling, interiorly the techonology dominates, thanks to canvas facades on which are proyected films, advertisements, images of Piacenza.

- St. Antonino - bell tower plan

square perimeter

octagon construction figure

geometric principles





pavillion at EXPO Milan 2015

construction phase, @lorenzo cocchi

+9.00 m plan

main street facade


- YIN YANG living with water in Minervahaven harbour, Amsterdam -

The development of the project takes into account 3 main aspects: shape, programme and inner - outer public space.

Michele Bassi ir. Olv Klijn Rens Wijnakker

msc I, dutch housing design studio

The elaboration of the shape starts considering the volumes proposed by the masterplan, located in a low density area where mainly commercial and tertiary activities are present. The final shape appears more contextualized in its mass and in its environemntal aspect: from two ‘U’ shaped volumes the final result is a continuous increasing - in - height - ‘S’ shape. Different dwelling units for size and layout are proposed in order to accommodate different target of people: families and workers on one side of the ‘S’ shaped building and student accomodations on its other side. The central middle space is addressed to offices, community spaces and other services, working as a connector body. The third element is the one that glues together the former two, the design of the open space: here the main aim was to try to conciliate the two main environmental spheres present in the plot: the green on one side and the water on the other. A linear external green path and spotted green squares in the inner left half part are counterposed to the re - definition of the waterfront in order to make the water flows into the right half of the public space, with artificial islands as pedestrian paths towards the main street.


family apartments | 80 - 180 smq


flexible working spaces |135 - 400 smq


student accomodations | 52 - 150 smq

12 00
















12 00

00 00

12 00



12 00

00 00

12 00


ground floor plan

visualization. public space

section, construction detail | garden roof and window frame

section, construction detail | walkable garden roof and door frame

plan, construction detail | pre - fabricated load bearing wall and window frame

section, construction detail | walkable garden roof and railing detail

- IMAGING THE PERMANENCY, BUILDING THE CHANGE towards a new reality in the city of Sao Paulo -

Michele Bassi, Lorenzo Cocchi Prof. Juan Carlos Dall’Asta

bachelor graduation project

The area of intervention is located in a particular area that runs along Glicerio Street close to the city center of Sao Paulo (Brazil). The project developed during the BSc dissertation analyzes two aspects of the architectural discipline that even if they could seem antithetical, they are complementary: permanence and change. Permanence (Built) and change (Void) are defined by the same tools. (Point, Line, Plane, Volume). Both the projects take in consideration the relation that exists between architecture, community and time. Due to the particular conditions of the area, placed between two opposite morphological and typological conditions, the masterplan has as main aim to give back continuity to this discontinued and interrupted tissue. Then it has been focused on a smaller scale, studying how handmanufactured-architecture, unpredictability of the time and community needs could live together in the same architecture design. The result on the built space point of view is the development of a social housing, in which the flexibility of the cell and the polyfunctionality of the organism stay at the base and are necessary elements. On the contrary, on the open space one, the change takes shape in an open space in perpetual variation by means of the community that lives there and here the sequence of sceneries is the only tool able to describe the development.

formal architecture process. ARCHITECT

informal architecture process. COMMUNITY

hybrid architecture process. ARCHITECT + COMMUNITY

social housing offices urban garden

open space

open space

community centre expositive space

- glicerio viaduct administrative offices


children playground

s.o.h.o. s.o.h.o. open space




social housing s.o.h.o.



part of the masterplan developed

primary elements


Michele Bassi architecture portfolio  
Michele Bassi architecture portfolio  

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