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“Big data will spell the death of customer segmentation and force the marketer to understand each customer as an individual within 18 months or risk being left in the dust.� Ginni Rometty CEO IBM, February 2013


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“Better marketing analytics can improve ROI by USD200 billion.” - McKinsey on Marketing and Sales, 2013


So here we are today, on the proverbial tech highway leading to greener pastures, not knowing where the next fork or crossroad will be. Whether big data will prove to be a hyperbole in the next few years remains to be seen, but marketers regardless of verticals or markets are all on the same big data highway and gaining momentum. A+M Big Data serves as the road map for these brave travellers, offering marketers direct and alternative routes from start to finish and points of interest. This will be a conference where marketers are allowed to experience the full complement of today’s big data – how, who, why, what and where. With the latter giving them the opportunity to listen to non-marketing usage of big data and how it has been successfully deployed.

AUDIENCE Job titles n Chief marketing officer n Marketing director/ manager n Chief executive officer/president n Creative director n Chief technology officer n Brand director/manager n Managing director n Business analytics director/manager n Senior vice-president n PR director/manager n Vice-president n Corporate communication director/manager

And people involved with n Digital media n Mobile media n Social media n Search n Integrated marketing Industries n Agency n Advertising n PR n Publishing n Print and broadcast media n Stock exchange n Banking and finance n Agricultural and biotechnology

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n Telecommunications n Healthcare n Oil and gas n Pharmaceutical n Petrochemical and chemical n Steel n Power and utilities n Minerals and mining n Airlines and airports n Hospitality and tourism n FMCG n Entertainment n Retail n Technology n Shopping malls n Electronics n Real estate and property development

n Distributorship n Construction n Government agencies

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Day One | Wednesday 26 February 2014 0830




Session One

Big data and its hype: A holy grail or wholly frail?


It was around 2011 that Big Data and its associated technology/opportunities started getting traction. Largely bandied at enterprise technology conferences as the next big thing in the late noughties, we have yet to agree on its definition as 2014 looms large. We now have camps espousing big data, those calling it an expensive fad and or even disruptive. Will we look back in five years and lament missed opportunities or cross our fingers into knots that we had more information before jumping on the next-big-thing bandwagon?

Session Two

Big data and business transformation: Foundations


Technology moves so rapidly today that we salivate at every new one that beckons. And big data is as loud a knock on the proverbial door that marketers have had in years. Before allowing big data to transform the business, the business itself must be transformed in order to effectively optimise the promises that big data holds: Who owns it? Who gets in on the act? Is the current enterprise architecture ready to support it and offer marketers the right information? How do I convince management?



Session Three 1100

Big data and marketing: It’s arrived. What now? said it best: Feeling the pressure to become more data-driven, marketers agree that big data analytics will be an integral part of their organisations going forward. But a lack of data analytics skills and antiquated business processes are hampering their efforts.

Session Four 1145



Big data and traditional + social data: Don’t get excited too fast

What happens when a highly structured data system such as the CRM system meets social data which is highly unstructured? One is highly evolved while the other is quickly gaining attention and traction. Whilst they may intersect, can they be integrated into one ecosystem? Or could social data alone provide the insights we need?

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Session Five

Big data and the consumer:


Big data indubitably provides marketers with the ability to understand their customers better. However, either by design or accident, when it works too well, it is too easy for us to cross the fine line between being efficient and intrusive. Harnessing information from analytics alone does not a great marketer make. We need to humanise our approach and personalise the customer experience instead.

Session Six

Big data and CRM: Completing the puzzle


First wave – cloud. Second wave – social media. Third wave – mobile. As the fourth wave to radically transform the CRM landscape, big data is the nexus which connects the first three, allowing marketers to really create beachheads in predictive marketing. The biggest challenge though is getting all four business owners to work cohesively and strategically lest we risk confusing the customers with tactical (in)decisions.



Session Seven

Big data and advertising+creativity: Colouring outside the line


A by-product of any new technology that starts to become pervasive is the argument that it stymies creativity. The question should not whether there is any truth to that argument. As marketers, we should look at big data as a major bridge for us to create newer and stronger connection with our audience. We should instead ask “How”. “How” to use a new brush to add new details to the canvas and push the boundaries of creativity.

Session Eight

Big data and privacy: Very NSA, not (so) secret anymore



As more and more data is gathered and stored, it grows to become the elephant in the room, knocking down the walls of privacy. Even though Malaysians today are ignorant about their rights to control their personal data that can be used, where do marketers draw the line before alienating the consumer? Should this be regulated by the government or self-regulated via expansion of corporate governance practices to cover big data?


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Day Two | Thursday 27 February 2014 0830




Session One :: Volume 0900

Managing data growth: A matter of controlling the explosion

- Alleviating data pressure - Organising data storage and distribution to end-users - Managing unstructured and semi-structured data integration processes

Session Two :: Volume 0945 1030

Filtering big data noise and separating the signal

- Identifying the 0.01% from the data cacophony - Determining customer touch-points and unifying internal representation of customers - Isolating the most valuable customers to improve data veracity


Session Three :: Veracity 1100

Marketing campaign optimisation

- Augmenting non-digital marketing campaigns - Personalising digital marketing messages - Maximising usage of digital channels and improving decision making

Session Four :: Veracity 1145 1230


Social network analysis

- Zeroing in on the abnormality in the data and its impact your brand - Using the right information at the right time to bridge and/or bond with your audience - Targeting the consumer who is the influencer within your social media community


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Session Five :: Velocity 1400

Performing real-time analytics

- Looking at the essential tools and elements to effect real-time analytics - Reviewing the five phases of real-time - Liberating big data to support real-time decision making

Session Six :: Velocity 1445 1530

Tightening the feedback loop: Building your social media listening post - Architecting the listening post: Streaming data capture and analysis platform - Automating real-time online tracking and monitoring of your brand - Packaging the information into easily-understood visual representations


Session Seven :: Variety 1600

Dark data: In every sense the real Big Data opportunity cost

- Defining and locating dark data - Improving consumer intelligence by using underused or neglected data - Using dark data to avoid false positives and foster better customer relationship

Session Eight :: Variety 1645 1730

Making sense of unstructured data

- Harvesting and activating machine and human unstructured data - Replacing the old marketing mindset: Consumer level data - Connecting disparate data sources


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