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The Official Newsletter of the Lake George Association

Lake-Friendly Living: Even Without the April Showers - We Still Got the May Flowers!


hat an odd spring we had. In fact we didn’t really seem to have much of a spring at all - but rather winter wouldn’t go away - and then all of a sudden summer seemed to have arrived! The good news is that the new native gardens installed at the LGA last spring are still looking great even with the odd weather. That is just one of the many benefits to using natives - they are hardy and adaptable and can handle the variability of the seasons in the North Country.

for anyone to stop by and see just what a rain garden looks like, without having to drive all the way down to the LGA office if you live on the north end of the lake. An educational sign will also be posted at the garden to explain what a rain garden is, and there is a page on the LGA website where you can go to learn more about the native plants used in the garden. We are excited to watch the garden as it grows this summer! If you are up at the north end of the lake, be sure to stop by to check it out. LGA staff and volunteers from Keller Williams Realty of Saratoga Springs had a great time enjoying the unusually warm spring weather on May 7th as they planted the new garden. Keller Williams volunteered with us as part of their annual RED Day. RED Day, which stands for Renew, Energize & Donate, is an initiative celebrating Keller Williams’ year round commitment to improve the communities they serve. We were lucky to have them volunteer with us this year to work on a project to help protect Lake George.

The gardens out front of our building Along the side of the building where have natives for full sun including barren there is more shade we have foamflower, strawberry, moss phlox, wild columbine, woodland phlox, labrador violets, wild jacobs ladder, and red twig dogwoods. geranium, and bugbane.

This summer we will be adding educational signage to the gardens, as well as info about the native plants used in them to the LGA website. Be sure to stop by the office to see some natives up close and in person or go on our website to learn more about them. We have a rain garden as well as other demonstration garden plantings - all with New York native plants. In early May we were busy installing another native plant rain garden - but this time at the other end of the lake! A new demonstration rain garden was installed at the Ticonderoga Public Beach on Black Point Road in Ticonderoga. The garden is available Lake George Association •

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Native Gardens contd.

Beach Road Project Update:

How was the rain garden installed? Since much of Ticonderoga has very heavy clay soil - and this site is no different - the clay soil had to first be removed and replaced with more appropriate soil so that the rain collected in the garden could infiltrate into the ground. Adirondack Landscaping and Irrigation installed the garden. After digging out the clay soil, stone was added to the bottom of the garden for increased water storage capacity, then covered with geotextile fabric, and then a sandy loam topsoil was added to replace the removed clay soil. New York native plants from Fiddlehead Creek Native Plant Nursery were planted in the garden by LGA staff and Keller William Realty volunteers and then the garden was mulched. We also worked with the Town of Ticonderoga to install the educational garden on Town property. Funding for the garden was provided by the Essex County Soil & Water Conservation District with funds provided under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund and the Lake George Association with funds from the Helen V. Froehlich Foundation. Newly created outdoor interpretive panels explain the native plant demonstration Lake-Friendly Landscaping gardens and rain gardens at A Healthy Lake Demonstration Project various locations around the Lake. Signs have been made for the gardens at the LGA office, the rain garden at the Ticonderoga Public Beach, the native plant demonstration garden installed at Lake George Town Hall last year and a native plant rain garden planted last fall at Silver Bay YMCA. The signs will be posted this summer - so be sure to stop by one of these locations to check out the gardens and learn more about the native plants in them.


he County DPW Beach Road reconstruction project is a multi-million dollar project that has been ongoing for well over a year now and we are glad to share that the first phase of the reconstruction of Beach Road at the south end of the Lake is complete. The first phase of the project includes the installation of porous asphalt on Beach Road between Fort George Road and Canada Street. Rather than using the porous asphalt for just a parking lot area, this porous asphalt is for use on a heavily trafficked roadway. In fact, it is the first in New York State to do so!

How was the porous asphalt installed?

The porous asphalt is more of a system than just a layer of asphalt. The system begins with a reservoir course consisting of washed stone that has lots of voids space and for this project is about 2 feet thick. Note the depth of the stone in the photo below - this will act as the storage area for any precipitation event and will allow the water to slowly infiltrate into the ground.

image courtesy Carl Heilman II

The LGA’s office has been landscaped with native plants. On our property, the plants provide a buffer for our building from the road. On a lakeshore property, these plants can provide an important buffer between your house and the Lake. Traditional lawns on a lakeshore can negatively impact water quality by creating erosion and runoff. A naturally landscaped yard adds value to your property and can also help protect Lake George’s water quality and overall health.

What is a vegetative buffer?

A vegetative buffer, or buffer zone, is a strip of natural vegetation along the shoreline of a lake or waterbody. Ideally, the vegetation should cover at least 50-75% of the property’s lake frontage in order to be effective. 100% is even better!

By restoring the shoreline with native plants, you restore the ecological functions of the lakeshore.

The benefits of buffers include: • Food and shelter for local wildlife • Stabilized soil and reduced erosion • Filtration of pollutants and sediments • Absorption of nutrients • Deterrence of nuisance species • Privacy from lake users • Save time and money in maintenance

These native plantings were installed in May 2012 with New York native plants including WIld Columbine, New England Aster, and many others.

The landscaping was New England Aster installed by Adirondack Wild Columbine Irrigation and Landscaping with locally grown New Scan here to learn York native plants from more about this project Fiddlehead Creek Native and the native plants Plant Nursery. used in this garden!

Use the natural landscape as your guide

A canopy of trees above, shrubs and flowers in the middle, and groundcover below provides multiple layers to intercept the rain.

If you don’t have room for trees on your property - use large shrubs, flowers, and groundcover to create your layers instead. Remember - you can protect the Lake’s water quality and still have an amazing view at the same time!

Not sure how to get started on your own lake-friendly landscape?

Look around at natural areas to see what plants are growing there for ideas. LGA staff can help! Just stop in or give the office a call at 518-668-3558.

Lake George Association •

On top of the reservoir course is the binder course. The binder course consists of coarse stone that is similar in size LGA • 518-668-3558 • June 2013 • page 2

Beach Road Porous Asphalt is Finally Here! to the reservoir course, but it is not loose stone. The binder course is an asphalt layer applied with a paving machine and is rolled just like the final top layer. The photo below shows the binder course on top of the reservoir course.

Binder Course

Reservoir Course The final layer is the driving surface. This layer has finer (but still coarse) stone and looks more like regular asphalt. In the photo below the top course has been placed on top of the binder course. You can clearly see the difference in sizes of the material that make up the different layers.

air void content. To ensure that the new asphalt meets all of the specs outlined, coring and testing have been done throughout the process. In meeting on site and in discussions with Deputy Superintendent, Kevin Hajos at the DPW and project Design Engineer, Thomas Baird from Barton & Loguidice, both have said that the porous asphalt system is looking good and they have not had any major issues getting it installed. All of Beach Road is now open to traffic. Go ahead and give it a test drive! They will be wrapping up the rest of the project after the Memorial Day Weekend. The final phase of the Beach Road project will be implemented by DEC. We anticipate DEC making a final announcement soon regarding their final plans for the remainder of Beach Road and their parking lot. Make sure to follow-us on Facebook to get the latest information regarding this and other projects around the lake.

Porous Asphalt for Driveways Update

Driving Surface

Binder Course This system’s layers have been tested on two separate test sites at the County DPW facility as well as numerous tests at the DOT testing lab. There have also been a lot of tweaks to the specifications of the asphalt, the temperature it needs to be rolled at, how many times it should be rolled, the weight of the roller, mixing time and general make-up of the asphalt. The goal of the final product is to have a density of approximately 135 pounds per cubic foot with air voids of 18 to 20%. The air voids are what allows the material to be porous and let liquids pass through. Regular asphalt has a density of 150 pounds per cubic foot with a .5 to 1% Lake George Association •


e have been working with Thomas Baird, the Project Engineer for the Beach Road Porous Asphalt project, and D.A. Collins and their subsidiary, Kubricky Construction, who is the contractor working the Beach Road project. Based on the technical feedback from the Beach Road specifications, a final mix has been identified for the driveway application. They are actually developing a porous driveway specification and will be offering it to consumers. We originally thought that we would have to time any driveway paving with the Beach Road project, but it turns out the driveway mix can be made in smaller batches. We would still have to group some jobs together if possible, but it wouldn’t require the whole asphalt plant to make the switch. As the Beach Road project winds down, we will meet again to finalize a base price per square foot and contact the interested folks that have reached out to the LGA. If you are interested in finding out more about having porous asphalt installed for your driveway and haven’t contacted us about it yet, give the office a call - it’s not too late! LGA • 518-668-3558 • June 2013 • page 3

Summer 2013 Events and Happenings


t sure is going to be a busy summer on the Lake this season! With lots of events going on all summer long, we hope you will be able to join us for some. We are working with many partners around the lake and have some new fun and exciting programs scheduled for this summer. Be sure to stop by the office or check online on our Facebook page and our website for the latest event updates later this summer as well.

Floating Classroom Public Programs

Wed July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, & Aug 7, 14, 21, 28 Departures at 10 am & 1 pm


limb aboard the Floating Classroom for an aquatic adventure to learn all about Lake George. Programs are offered twice daily on Wednesdays in July and August, are approx. 2 hours in length, and leave from the Amherst St. dock in Lake George Village. $15 adults and $9 for children. Advance reservations required. Call the office at 518-668-3558 or you can make reservations online through our website. Special Dates and Locations: Or join us Friday July 19th at 1 pm for a program departing from Rogers Memorial Park Dock in Bolton Landing or Tuesday Aug. 6 at 1 pm at Mossy Point in Ticonderoga.

2013 Summer Education and Outreach Events Calendar Thurs June 20 10 am- 2 pm APIPP Aquatic Invasive Plant ID and Survey Techniques Trainings Location: Darrin Fresh Water Institute, Bolton Landing A four-hour training session that teaches volunteers a search and report method to document aquatic invasive plants in Adirondack waters. To RSVP please contact Billy Martin, APIPP Education Intern: 518-576-2082, x 120. Or email: Attend this training to be trained for the LGA Invaders Watch citizen science program. Hydrilla

Mon - Fri July 8 - 12 11 am - 3 pm Adirondack Park Invasive Species Awareness Week Location: Lake George Visitors Center Educational displays with information about both aquatic and terrestrial invasive species. Staff from the LGA and other partner organizations will be on hand to answer questions and provide information - so be sure to stop by. For additional activities occurring during the week across the Park visit Sat July 20 8 - 9 am WCS’s Annual Loon Census - Volunteer Monitoring Event Location: Shoreline all around Lake George (and other Adirondack lakes) The LGA partners with the Wildlife Conservation Society and coordinates volunteers on Lake George for this WCS program. Multiple volunteers are needed to cover 176 miles of shoreline simultaneously during the hour of the census. To register for a section of Lake George to monitor, please give us a call. We will provide information on how to participate and a data sheet. Sat July 20 10 am - 4 pm Adirondack Museum Aqua Fest Location: Rt. 28N & 30, Blue Mountain Lake, NY Aqua Fest will celebrate work and play on our rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds and explores some of the threats facing the region’s waterways in the 21st century. LGA will be presenting a talk on watersheds as well as hands-on activities.

photo courtesy Fran Sloatman

Thurs July 25 & 1 - 2:30 pm Stream Monitoring Family Program Fri Aug 9 10-11:30 am Location: Lake George Recreation Center Catch macroinvertebrates in the stream and learn what these insects can tell us about stream health. Free. Advance Reservations Required. Tues Aug 13 7 pm The Secret Life of a Lake - Book Reading Location: LGA office (2392 State Route 9N, Lake George) Author and Union College Professor Peter Tobiessen will discuss his book, The Secret Life of a Lake: The Ecology of Northern Lakes and their Stewardship. Hear about a lake’s “secret life” and gain a deeper understanding of these complex and dynamic ecosystems. Light refreshments available. Signed copies of the book will be available to purchase. Lake George Association •

LGA • 518-668-3558 • June 2013 • page 4

Annual Meeting LGA’s 128th Annual Membership Meeting Friday August 16, 2013 The Lake George Club


Registration begins 9:30 am. Meeting starts at 10 am

e sure to mark your calendar for the LGA’s Annual Membership Meeting on Friday August 16, 2013 at the Lake George Club. The annual meeting is a great opportunity to hear the latest updates from LGA staff about ongoing lake-saving projects and programs and to get your questions answered about lake-related issues such as invasive species, stormwater runoff, and more. It is also a great chance to catch up with old friends over a lovely lunch overlooking the Lake after the meeting! To register, mail back your registration form that you will be receiving in the mail in a few weeks, or give the office a call.

LGA Partners with The Hyde Collection for My Summer Place Exhibit


his summer the LGA is excited to be partnering with The Hyde Collection on programming in collaboration with their summer exhibit Modern Nature: Georgia O’Keefe and Lake George. The exhibition, which opens on June 15, is the first to explore the formative influence of Lake George on the art and life of Georgia O’Keefe. The exhibition will present a selection of fifty-eight paintings from both public and private collection from June 15-September 15 at The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls. The LGA and The Hyde Collection staff have worked to create a unique Floating Classroom experience for this summer, combining the art and science of the Lake. We hope you will be able to join us at some of these fun and exciting upcoming programs! Thurs June 27, July 18, Aug 8, & Aug 29 10 am -12 pm “My Summer Place” Floating Classroom Location: Amherst St dock, Lake George Come aboard the Floating Classroom with the Lake George Association, a Hyde educator and teaching artist to learn about Lake George and the area where Georgia O’Keeffe created her works. This hands-on program will include drawing lessons, one near the location of the Stieglitz property, as well as an up-close look at the water of Lake George. Part of The Hyde’s “My Summer Place” programming. Limited to 25 participants. Children under 12 must have adult companion. Cost: $10 per participant 12 years of age and younger, $20 for ages 13 and up (art materials supplied for all). Contact June Leary at 518-792-1761, ext. 327 or jleary@ for reservations.

Thurs June 27 7 pm Modern Nature: Georgia O’Keeffe and Lake George Location: LGA office, 2392 State Route 9N, Lake George Erin Coe, curator of the exhibition, Modern Nature: Georgia O’Keeffe and Lake George, and co-author of the publication of the same title, will discuss this first-of-its-kind exhibition. Organized by The Hyde Collection in association with the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Modern Nature explores the formative influence of Lake George in the art and life of Georgia O’Keeffe. Although O’Keeffe is typically associated with the desert landscape of New Mexico, her professional development as an artist was formed during the many years she summered at Alfred Stieglitz’s family estate on Lake George.Cost: Free

Sun July 14 12- 4 pm Hyde Family Fun Day at Wiawaka Holiday House Location: Wiawaka Holiday House A fun-filled afternoon for the whole family with activities and tours provided by The Hyde, Lake George Association, and Wiawaka. Light refreshments available. Picnicking welcome. Activities to include art projects, nature walks, scavenger hunts and more. Part of The Hyde’s “My Summer Place” programming. Cost: Free

Sun Aug 18 12 - 4 pm My Summer Place Family Day Location: The Hyde Collection, 161 Warren St, Glens Falls Art fun for all ages inspired by Modern Nature: Georgia O’Keeffe and Lake George. Presentations by the Lake George Association, art activities, games and more. Cost: Free Lake George Association •

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AIS Updates: Asian Clam, Lake Stewards, and much more!


here is a lot of activity around the Lake right now with regards to aquatic invasive species! Here are a few updates:

Asian Clam: Divers started removing mats this spring

on April 29th. There were over 1,000 mats to remove from 7 locations around the lake that were installed last fall and weighted down with rebar and sandbags. After the mats are removed, survey crews are checking for the success of the treatment by sieving the sediment in the treated areas to see if there are any live clams remaining. Results are expected to be available mid to late June and will inform future treatment and management efforts - so stay tuned!

Lake Stewards: Thanks to

increased funding being provided by the State, lake stewards started duty this year on Saturday May 4th - earlier than ever before with limited hours and locations in an effort to expand the program for this year. 3 stewards started at Mossy Point, Million Dollar Beach, and Norowal Marina and worked Thurs-Sun throughout early May. Additional stewards were trained in late May as usual, and started working Memorial Day Weekend at Rogers Rock, Dunham’s Bay Marina, and the Hague Town Launch. The stewards will be coordinating their efforts this summer with increased presence at the launches by LGPC Marine Patrol Officers and well as boat decontamination stations staffed by the LGPC.

International AIS Conference: In April,

AIS Outreach & Coordination: On Saturday May

11, 4 NYSDEC Environmental Conservation Officers, 7 LGPC Marine Patrol Officers, and 1 Warren County Deputy received AIS training at the LGA as part of enhanced outreach efforts for this summer. LGA staff reviewed the basics of AIS, species found in Lake George and species to be on the lookout for, as well as Lake Steward Program data and what we know about how AIS are moving around on boats. Current regulations that can be enforced in relation to AIS were also discussed by LGPC Director of Law Enforcement Lt. Ben Bramlage. We are very pleased to be working with our state and county agencies on this important issue and look forward to continued coordination among partners in the future.

Lake George Association •

Education Coordinator Kristen Rohne attended the 18th International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada along with colleagues from the LGPC, LCBP, and APIPP. The conference is a forum at which the most current international research is shared and participants are given opportunities to engage in exchanges which shape public policy and best management practices around the world. It was a great four days packed full of presentations about early detection and monitoring, outreach and policy, shipping pathways, invasive fish and Asian carp, zebra and quagga mussels, live bait pathways, and Asian clams. We will be using much of the information that Kristen gathered at the conference for our AIS work on Lake George this summer and in the future. Presentations from the conference are available online at

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Membership: Welcome New Members

Education: In Class Programs

We are pleased to welcome so many new and returning members! Business Memberships Better Bones & Joints, INC Dunham’s Bay Resort and Restaurant Love is on Lake

Individual/Family Memberships Ms. Mary Abbott George Anker Arthur Babiak Jeff Barnes Gerald Beck Matthew & Lisa Bette David Bulger Jane Burleigh Bob & Betsey Carney Elizabeth Caviness Bob Cella Richard A. Cerosky Eleanor P. Clark Michael J. Coleman Bonnie V. Davis Richard Dickinson Lynn Dudek Mr. Michael Egerman Mark Faeth Jodi Finnegan Donald Fuchs Peter & K.C. Gottschalk Patrick & Judith Griffin Steve & Sara Haraden Nancy Hebert Kathleen Hild Mr. P. Daniel Hurley Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Koehler Jr. Ginger Kuenzel Myrna M. Leon Carl F. Liss Fred Luberto Carol Mann Alexander Manuele

Sally W. Marshall Mr. & Mrs. David K. Martin Richard A. Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Normand L. Nadeau Noakes Family Harry & Kathy Odabashian Mr. Glenn Oken Charles Pack Scott & Leah Parillo Theresa Pell Joseph & Gail Pelli Gilbert Priess Whit & Julia Ramonat Linda & Robin Rapaport Mrs. Margaret Reid Susan & Mark Rekucki Mr. John A. Ripp Colleen Ryan & Eric Hoppel Lee & Joanne Serino Peter Sheridan Pat Smith Peggy & Scott Smith Peter Stoecker Edward & Linda Stringer Julie Tracy & Henry Noble Richard J. Villamil Donna L. Wadsworth Donald & Joyce Ward Christopher Warner Christopher White George R. Wilson Harold Wirths Elaine R Wood-Chisholm

LGA’s Summer Gala

Friday July 12 The Inn at Erlowest A benefit for the protection of Lake George

Fishin’ for Additions


s part of our In-school Programs we started up this early spring, Educator Jill Trunko visited Putnam Elementary school to teach about what fish need for a healthy habitat and how different species can adapt over time. All of the students had a chance to craft their own fish with unique adaptations. The LGA has an In-School Programming Guide and offers environmental education programs that explore Lake George all year round. Give the office a call or go on our website to learn more about the programs we offer. LGA BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Victor Hershaft (Bolton Landing) Executive Vice President William Dutcher (Pilot Knob) Vice Presidents Michael Dier (Diamond Point) Matt Finley (Diamond Point) Cheryl Lamb (Bolton Landing) Treasurer Robert de Buys (Hague) Secretary Cathy LaBombard (Huletts Landing) Directors Salim Amersi (Lake George) James N. Casaccio (Diamond Point) Daniel Davies (Dunham’s Bay) Michael Grasso (Lake George) H. Thomas Jarrett, PE (Kattskill Bay) Karen Larkin (Cleverdale) Frank Lasch (Kattskill Bay) John Schaninger (Huletts Landing) Emeritus Board Dr. Barbara Chick (Queensbury) Alison Craig (Hague) Buzz Lamb (Bolton Landing) John Lynch (Lake George) George Singer (Ticonderoga) Advisory Board George Beaudoin (Hague) Keith Ferguson (Bolton Landing) Robert Flacke (Lake George) Ray Freud (Putnam) William P. Gates (Bolton Landing) Andrea Maranville (Bolton Landing) Peter Menzies (Bolton Landing) Douglas Smith (Hague) The LGA is proud to produce STAFF this publication using Forest Executive Director Project/GIS Manager Stewardship Council C. Walter Lender Randy G. Rath certified printing & paper. Director of Membership Education Coordinator Development Kristen Rohne Nancy Cobb-Zoll Educator Outreach Coordinator Jill Trunko Emily M. DeBolt Office Manager Development Assistant Mona Seeger Alicia Nichols Legal Counsel Matthew F. Fuller, Esq.

The Lake George Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Lake George Association •

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Lake George Association P.O. Box 408 Lake George, NY 12845

Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 511 Glens Falls, NY

Planting Trees to Protect Lake George LGA Educator Jill Trunko joined a group of local Cub Scouts and Dan Davies at the Davies Family property Joshua Rock (on the southeast side of the Lake) to plant over 150 white pine and hemlock trees to replace trees lost during recent storms Irene and Sandy. With Jill’s help, the scouts learned all about the importance of trees in protecting the Lake and targeted their planting efforts in areas that had a higher chance of future erosion.

It’ll leave a lasting impact on you. Don’t leave a lasting impact on it.

Join us

scan here to learn more

and stop the spread of Invasive Species! Photo courtesy Carl Heilman II



LGA’s MISSION Working together to protect, conserve, and improve the beauty and quality of the Lake George Basin.

Lake George Association June 2013 Newsletter  

The Lake George Association publishes a quarterly newsletter with updates about our work protecting Lake George.

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