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Individual Activity Resources A-Z Copymasters These worksheets help children develop pencil control and vocabulary. Photocopy the worksheets that feature lower and uppercase letters and long vowels. Also includes two pages of instructions and teaching ideas.

Early Years Handwriting Copymasters Photocopy the handwriting worksheets to motivate young children to form alphabet letter shapes correctly. Start with the pattern practice pages, then progress to full letters using the featured Letterland handwriting verses.

Blends & Digraphs Copymasters Photocopy the worksheets to help children explore key spelling patterns taught in each lesson. Includes exercises on consonant blends, long vowel sounds and split digraphs.

Word Bank Copymasters Photocopy these worksheets to consolidate the teaching of digraphs, consonant blends and trigraphs. Each page features phonemes, word examples and writing space, which is useful for vocabulary building.

Word Books (pack of 10) This A5 word book helps children to create their own dictionary. Each page features high-frequency words and ruled lines to guide children’s handwriting strokes while they add to their vocabulary. One pack for ten children.

Phonics Workbooks (1-6) This set of six full-colour workbooks help children move from letter sounds to blending them together to make words. The workbooks cover all the sounds and spelling patterns in the Teacher’s Guide. Each workbook contains structured, decodable activities and guidance on blending and segmenting sounds, making them a valuable addition to the range for individual or group work. The workbooks correlate to the Teacher’s Guide as follows: Workbooks 1 & 2 - Section 2 Workbook 3 - Section 3 Workbook 4 - Section 4 Workbooks 5 and 6 - Section 5.


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Phonics Teacher's Guide  
Phonics Teacher's Guide  

This new edition of the Letterland Teacher’s Guide encompasses the fun of learning with Letterland friends, whilst ensuring that the core cr...