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Learn English with Letterland

About Fix-it Phonics Fix-it Phonics will help your child to make the link between a letter’s sound and shape – a method of learning to read called phonics.

Learning about digraphs & trigraphs It is recommended that children complete Level 1 and Level 2 before starting Level 3, however included in Level 3 is a quick review of the previous levels. Part 1 - summarises the a-z Letterland characters, sounds and shapes. Part 2 - summarises the digraphs and trigraphs taught in Level 2. *


( 2 or 3 letters representing a new sound e.g sh in shop). *

It is very important that letter sounds are taught correctly as just by starting to say a character’s name, you will be saying the sound they make in words. You then have the tools to blend the letter sounds into simple words: ‘mmm…’ ‘a…’ ‘nnn…’ - man. Simple but incredibly powerful stories unlock thousands of new words. Children will learn how letters combine to make more new sounds. Level 3 will unlock the following sounds/spelling patterns: oo oy oi au aw ou ow ph wh air ear suffixes

Letterland goes further... There are 3 Fix-it Phonics levels. All levels include:  Letter recognition skills  Listening and speaking skills  Basic English vocabulary  Oral blending and segmenting  High frequency words. Level 1 - focuses on Aa-Zz shapes and sounds. Level 2 - revises a-z and introduces important digraphs and trigraphs Level 3 - introduces more important digraphs and trigraphs, building the foundations for full literacy in English.

Letterland is fun! We feel the most important thing about learning English, and learning how to read and write, is to have fun. That’s why Fix-it Phonics is full of songs, games, actions, chants and colourful characters. We want you, and the children you teach, to enjoy it! The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. © Letterland International 2009 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 ISBN: 978-1-86209-679-0 Product Code: TC62

Published by Letterland International Ltd, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 9AD, UK. LETTERLAND® is a registered trademark of Lyn Wendon.

Written & designed by Lisa Holt Originator of Letterland: Lyn Wendon

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without either the prior permission of the Publisher or a licence permitting restricted copying in the United Kingdom issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd, 90 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4LP. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not by way of trade or otherwise be lent, hired out or otherwise circulated without the Publisher's prior consent.

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Contents Level 3 digraphs & trigraphs wh 1-7 ph 8-13 wh, ph review 14-19 air 20-25 ear 26-31 air, ear review 32-37 Suffixes -s -ed, -ing -er, -est -ful -ly -less -ness Review

38-55 38 39 40-41 42-45 46-47 48-49 50-51 52-55

Level 3 review


Topic Review Shapes and colours Numbers and counting Days of the week Animals at the zoo Food and drink Telling the time Weather and seasons About the family

74-89 74-75 76-77 78-79 80-81 82-83 84-85 86-87 88-89

Listening test


Letterland characters


FiP3_SB2_bind_LH 15/12/2009 22:22 Page 2

Walter Wa

ack 2



Let’s see what happens when Walter Walrus sits next to Harry Hat Man in a word.

CD 3

lrus’s water tricks! Watch out when Walter Walrus is about!

Walter Walrus hates it when Harry Hat Man stands ahead of him. He’s so tall and he wears a hat! So what does Walter do? He splashes Harry’s hat off! Harry is too surprised to speak, so you will just hear Walter saying “w!” In a few words, Harry gets annoyed at Walter. He grabs a bucket of water and throws it over Walter, saying, “Who do you think you are?” Then you will just hear Harry’s ‘h...’ sound.


2 letters: 2 sounds

When you see these two letters together, you will usually hear Walter saying, “w!” In just a few words, like who, you will only hear Harry.

FiP3_SB2_bind_LH 11/06/2012 16:53 Page 3

ack 3



Listen to the song. If you can, join in when you listen for the second time.

CD 3

Listen to the song! I splash Harry Hat Man’s hat off when I can, which makes the poor Hat Man an unhappy man. I splash him in when and in which and in why; I splash him in what and in where. And while I like to tease him and call it a joke, the Hat Man cries “Stop! It’s not fair!” I splash Harry Hat Man’s hat off when I can, which makes the poor Hat Man an unhappy man. “Just who do you think that you are?” he shouts out. For who is the one little word, where he splashes me back, and the joke is on me. So it’s me who’s not going to be heard!

ack 14


Live spelling

Make these wh words together with the Advanced Picture Code Cards. Blend the sounds together.

Act it out! when, white, which, whale.


In small groups, or at the front of the class, make some of these words. It is much easier to remember stories if you’ve acted them out!


FiP3_SB2_bind_LH 15/12/2009 22:22 Page 4

ack 4



Listen to the story about Walter Walrus splashing Harry Hat Man with salty water.

CD 3

Walter Walrus and Harry Hat Man 4

2 letters: 1 sound

Listen again to the story. This time look for the things in the picture where you can hear Walter.

FiP3_SB2_bind_LH 15/12/2009 22:22 Page 5



ack 5


Find these items in the picture. Listen for Walter saying, “w!� and Harry staying quiet in these words.

CD 3





After you have found each item, add a sticker!

New words

When you have finished this page, do the vocabulary exercises in Workbook 2, pages 2-7.


FiP3_SB2_bind_LH 15/12/2009 22:22 Page 6


Let’s ask questions!

What is it? Who is it? What is he/she doing? Where is it? Where is the... ? Where do you live? Which (vegetables) do you like? Who likes...? When do you (eat lunch/go to bed)?


Pair work

Work in pairs. Point to a picture and ask a question about it. You can use the example questions above to help you.

FiP3_SB2_bind_LH 15/12/2009 22:22 Page 7

Let ’s read

r in the matching bo Read the se x. ntences. Then put a tick sticke

In which whirl pool can you see a white whale?

“Where are my wheels?” the farmer asked.

Pair work

Work in pairs. Read the sentences to each other and point to the matching pictures. Read them again as fast as you can!


FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:42 Page 38

Find the objects that include plural s. Tick a box as you find each one. How many more can you spot?

jars 38




FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:42 Page 39

Fill in either the singular or plural spelling of the word next to each picture.

1 card


FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:42 Page 46

Draw a line around the ly words in the grid below. They go across and down.

l o v e l y

h a q b o u

a s u n u q

p r i y d u

p w e d l i

i e t s y c

l u l f e k

y m y h z l

s l o w l y

Colour a star for each word you find.








Draw lines to join these ly words to their opposite meaning.

rai n

FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:42 Page 47

w write bo















How many more opposite words can you think of? 47

FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:43 Page 54

You can write even more words now! Use the words at the bottom to help.

careful shapeless 54








kicked fastest

FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:43 Page 55

Read and trace the words below. Then draw the picture to show the meaning.






three bags 55

FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:43 Page 56

Decide which Twin is talking in each word. Draw a line from that Twin to the correct picture. Then write oo on the lines to complete the words.









m le Re inder



The Boot Twin says, “ Oo ! I have your boot!” The Foot Twin says, “ Oo ! Just look at my foot!”

FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:43 Page 57

Write these oo words on the dotted lines.


FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:43 Page 64

Draw lines to join the Letterlanders to the correct pictures. Then write wh or ph on the lines to complete the words.


in eat istle ale

gra 64

FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:43 Page 65

Write these wh and ph words on the dotted lines.

e Breaker! R ul

Sometimes Harry gets annoyed at Walter and splashes him back with a bucket of water. Then Walter is too surprised to speak. This is why at times you will hear Harry’s ‘hhh’ sound instead. 65

FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:44 Page 82

Food and Drink Look carefully at the big picture. Colour a star when you find each of the small, round pictures in it.


FiP3_WB2_fip3 15/12/2009 21:44 Page 83

Look for these things in the big picture. When you find them write the word on the dotted line.


Fix-it Phonics Level 3 - Student Book 2  

The final level of the Fix-It Phonics system reviews and develops on what was learnt in the first two levels and introduces more advanced sp...

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