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EDITOR’S LETTER History As a young girl, I was intrigued by the whole business of trade from following my mum to the markets. I loved how customers communicated and connected to shop owners as a way of confiding. I knew that the only way that will make me happy is to have my own business. Who would have known that through the challenging times and the desire for inspiration during my early years as a new mum in 2006, the idea of creating an outlet for the modern woman was born. Janelle McCulloch’s book, La Vie Parisienne helped me escape from anything back then which I am so thankful for up to this day. Paris had saved me and She has stayed by me since then. Mission As a proud gen-y, I believe in changing the world for the better. Living in a world that is ever evolving, modern and connected by social media, Le Style magazine has a richful of tantalizing photography and perforated in the printed copies, perfect for that vision board or office decor! This coffee-table book-mag is divided into mini chapters about the topics that we all love. Le Style magazine is about finding your true style. It is meaningful, luxurious and modern. Dedication I’d like to dedicate this first edition that will be printed to my beautiful family, friends who motivate me, and the talented Janelle McCulloch. Lots of Love,

Sha Anderson “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” — Coco Chanel


joie de vivre Divine patisseries, drinks, sights and all that awakens the senses

Angelina Paris Pierre Herme Laduree & Nina Ricci Chambord Recipe Feature Interview: Odette Paris Food & dining feature: Clint Restaurant & Epicerie



Angelina Paris Much more than a simple patisserie or tearoom, Angelina is a luxury brand with a prestigious image that symbolises the “French Way of Life”. The Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer established Angelina named after his daughter-in-law, in 1903. For over a century, the Angelina tearoom has established itself as a high point of Parisian gourmet pleasures, Angelina became a must-not-miss venue for the Parisian aristocracy. There, Proust, Coco Chanel and the greatest French fashion designers were to be found… The decor designed by the famous Belle Epoque architect, Edouard-Jean Niermans, combines elegance, charm and refinement. Angelina is a genuine romantic poem, a quiet and voluptuous venue, between serenity and gourmet pleasure. www.angelina-paris.fr



PIERRE HERMÉ, A MYSTERY by Charles Znaty He is often asked where and how he gets his ideas for taste, texture and flavour combinations, these tasty creations that make up his brand and are recognizable among a thousand. He willingly answers... inspiration comes from his weakness for sweets, pleasure, sensations, encounters, fragrances and textures. Pierre Hermé is curious about everything and everything inspires him. It seems so easy! He travels while we are carried away by his creations. Many things have been written about Pierre Hermé: that he is “the Picasso of pastry-making; a Virtuoso of sweets; an Architect of emotions; the Dior of desserts”... but comparisons sidestep the issue. Various explanations have been sought, such as the lineage of pastry chefs he comes from, his training with the master Gaston Lenôtre, or his Alsatian heritage. Pierre Hermé admits that he owes his “passion for the profession” and his excessive taste for “work well done” to all of the above. To these criteria, he immediately adds “his eye for detail” and his “mental imagery”. These images let us catch a glimpse of his inner imaginary landscape, a sort of Zen garden where each stone contains an emotion, which Pierre Hermé, tirelessly and with patience, arranges with his delicate touch and that special tenderness of his which at times is visible in his eyes. A “mental landscape” where he finds his inspiration, cultivates, composes, imagines, looks, weighs and invents what our pleasures of tomorrow will be. Yet, after my fifteen years and more spent working by his side, navigating the mysteries of his creative repertoire, it seems as if the heart of the matter is still to be unveiled. Let us look at his past. Speaking of know-how, it is a heritage handed down by our predecessors, which we have a duty to transmit to each generation. At Pierre Hermé, the pastry chefs come from all over the world yet all of them speak the same language. As for technique, it lies in an ironclad discipline that has to be perfectly mastered to contain it within ancillary limits only to be released when the moment to create arrives. No creation of his yields to the temptation of a technical feat

and if his peers admire Pierre Hermé, it is also because he implements techniques with such mastery – or even invents them, if necessary – and subjugates them to the pleasure of eating and sharing, rather than contenting himself with the appreciative remarks that an elite on the look-out for technical feats and dazzling gestures would easily have granted him. Regarding ingredients, they are “fauxamis” whose facets he manages to tame before giving them a place in the recipe. Obviously, not all pistachio nuts or chocolates are alike ... and vanilla or rose can exhale very different aromas. As for sugar, it is sometimes a “backdrop”, sometimes “a seasoning, a condiment” which contributes to the balance of the composition without ever seeking the leading role. Because Pierre Hermé considers the end of the meal as “a grand finale”, he has brushed aside pastries in which sugar, a sycophantic cover, flattened the flavours and masked the lack of nobility of the composition. As for childhood tastes, Pierre Hermé’s contribution has proven to be iconoclastic. Not being satisfied with depriving his pastries of all of the mannerisms, embellishments, useless decors that prevail in the field, he also relegated to the rank of gadgets the references to the world of childhood. By showing in his creations that sweets are not the prerogative of youth, Pierre Hermé opened wide the doors of the Gastronomy circles to admit pastry chefs once and for all. Although connoisseurs might like to think so, Pierre Hermé does not rely on Proustian madeleine effects or “kiddie cartoon” mixtures, the reason being that nostalgia will always taste the same.


In 1986, when he began to seek inspiration from the cycle of the seasons to invent new sweet pleasures, Pierre Hermé chose the path of Nature. The freshness of the seasonal fruits, the climate, the fluctuations of his cravings commanded new recipes, new creations. This was not the simplest avenue of exploration. About a thousand recipes and several pâtisserie windows still testify to that era. It is said that no man is a prophet in his own land. Is this the reason why we had to go all the way to Japan to open the first “Pierre Hermé Paris Pâtisserie” boutique in 1998? By inventing the “Pâtisserie Haute Couture” concept and by making this “Collection” idea popular, we only tried to show a well-informed and novelty-eager Japanese public that we were different. And it was a big success.

Pierre Herme www.pierreherme.com



“Chef Pierre Hermé combines flavors with an Artistic Flair” Jeffrey Scott Marcus – The Wall Street Journal “Pierre Hermé, pâtissier d’avant-garde et magicien des saveurs” Irène Vacher – Paris Match “Parisian prince of pastries Pierre Hermé” Madeleine Marr – Miami Herald “Cette vedette de la Pâtisserie a propulsé sa discipline dans le XXIe siècle” François Simon – Figaro Magazine “A Kitchen Emperor Who Marshals Napoleons” Amanda Hesser – The New York Times “Pierre Hermé, maître en haute pâtisserie” Stéphane Davet – Le Monde “Pierre Hermé is the Picasso of pastry” Jeffrey Steingarten – Vogue Magazine USA



Les Jardins collection PIERRE HERME



Les Jardins collection PIERRE HERME www.pierreherme.com

Macaron Jardin Sucre Macaron Jardin Du Maquis Macaron Jardin Andalou Ambia

Macaron Jardin Pamplemousse Macaron Jardin Potager Macaron Jardin Japonais Macaron Jardin Merveilleux Macaron Jardin D’Ambre Macaron Jardin Dans Les Bois Macaron Jardin Dans Les Nuages Macaron Jardin Fruite



A fragrance; A macaron-like macaron-like fragrance; or macaron. or aa perfume-like perfume-like macaron. This the magical magicalencounter encounterbetween between Thislimited limitededition editioncollection collection was born from the Ladurée Ricci. Ladurée and Nina Ricci.

La Tentation de Nina 8 macarons box : £16.40 La Tentation de Nina 8 macarons box : £16.40 La Tentation de Nina 14 macarons box : £22.20 La Tentation de Nina 14 macarons box : £22.20 La Tentation de Nina candle box : £47(220g) La Tentation de from NinaJanuary, candle27th box 2014 : £47(220g) Available Available from January, 27th 2014


n encounter between two artists seemed both inevitable, and yet surprising. It was rather an insane gamble to work on a fragrance as though it was a macaron, and a macaron like a perfume. It was a challenge that Olivier Cresp, the Master Perfumer, and Vincent Lemains, the New Creation Pastry Chef, have accepted with elegance. La Tentation de Nina is a fresh, floral, fruity Eau de Toilette. An intense pink macaron topped with a leaf of gold filled with a Raspberry jam, flavoured with Lemon and Rose. Perfume, Macarons, the mirror effect is striking. www.laduree.com www.ninaricci.com/latentationdenina



Cocktail Recipe www.chambordonline.com A 20cl bottle of Chambord makes a perfect ready-wrapped gift to share with your loved ones. This sophisticated infusion of the finest fresh raspberries and blackberries expertly blended with cognac and Madagascar vanilla is the perfect partner for Champagne, making Chambord the ideal indulgence to add sparkle to 14th February, whoever you spend it with. CHAMBORD ROYALE: THE PERFECT CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL Ingredients - 15ml Chambord, Champagne or Sparkling Wine Method - Pour Chambord into a flute glass and top with your favourite sparkling. Garnish with a raspberry, and enjoy. Chambord: delicious with Champagne.



Feature interview with ODETTE PARIS www.odette-paris.com

Feature interview with ODETTE PARIS www.odette-paris.com

1. We are thrilled about Odette Paris and would love our readers who travel to Paris often to visit you! Please tell us how it all started. Very Simple! 2 main reasons It’s a grandmother ‘ recette, ODETTE (my grandmother, still alive at 93yold) used to cook them for us when we were kids. I just “refreshed” the recette. Secondly, I never appreciated “Macarons”, I wanted to offer an “alternative” using the same type of packaging (through boxes), what else than an old school French speciality: Les Choux a la crème. 2. Is there a popular flavour amongst your customers? Not really. The 9 flavours are pretty “classicals” except maybe green tea Neverthless I have to say that Vanilla & Chocolates are the “most sold”. 3. What sets Odette apart from other pastry shops? How is Odette unique? We only sell “Choux a la crème”. Situated on the first floor, it is a minimalist and retro tearoom offering a stunning view of Notre-Dame de Paris that you can admire while enjoying cream puffs with a hot chocolate, variety of teas and coffees or, why not, even a glass of Champagne? Cream puffs are shown and sold in beautiful cases decorated with monograms. You can purchase them in sets of 6 or 12. They are a chic alternative to conventional gifts: less traditional than flowers, cheaper than a spa and a way to really impress your mother-in-law. 4. On behalf of our readers who travel often and are born to breathe and eat emaculate luxe bites of flavours such as yours, will you be opening a pastry shop anywhere else perhaps in Australia or Asia? As we say “Never say never …” but not scheduled for the time being. 5. What celebrities and A-listers have dined in Odette? A lot of artists live around ODETTE (in the area of St Germain). But we remain discreet about that ;-) I can say however, that the candidate of the next Mayor of Paris, Anne HIDALGO, is a BIG fan of ODETTE !

Thank you very much for letting us get to know you a little bit more. We wish you many more success and hope to visit in the near future!



Feature interview with ODETTE PARIS www.odette-paris.com

ODETTE PARIS www.odette-paris.com





ODETTE PARIS www.odette-paris.com

Feature: Food & dining CLINT RESTAURANT & EPICERIE PARIS Ouverture du CLINT 174 rue de la Roquette / Paris 11ème (bas Père Lachaise)

Le CLINT regroupe dans un même espace restaurant, shop/épicerie et salon de thé. Un vieux rêve réalisé par trois copains d’enfance : Gary (ancien directeur de restaurants du groupe Costes), Karim (barista fondu de café) et Xavier (avocat passionné de food). Aux manettes de la cuisine, Romain (venu Royal Monceau) transforme produits de saison bruts en plats simples et soignés (salades et soupes de saison, poulet des Landes, onglet aux échalotes, côte de bœuf, gratin de macaroni au cheddar, potatoes de patates douces, purée de butternut...). Les desserts et pâtisseries (tartelettes aux fruits de saison, cheesecake, carrotcake, scones, cookies...) sont réalisés par Maud, chef pâtissière formée chez Taillevent. L’espace shop propose une sélection “coup de cœur” mêlant produits d’épicerie fine (miels Hedène, huiles d’olives Kalios, chocolats Mast Brothers, cafés de la brûlerie Belleville, thés Brew Tea Co...), quelques pièces mode (sweaters cuisse de grenouille, bonnets et lunettes waiting for the sun...), collaborations exclusives (tee- shirt Newstalk x Clint, tabliers Paris Atelier IX pour Clint...) et autres accessoires (bougies parfumées « surf in paris », livres et magazines Kinfolk, bijoux brodés Macon & Lesquoy...). Le soir, ce même espace joue les prolongations avec un bar à cocktails habilement sorti du présentoir. Une décoration originale signée Eléonore de Roquefeuil (écurie Starck). contact@clint-restaurant.com / ouvert du mardi au vendredi de 8h30 à minuit / le samedi de 10h à minuit / le dimanche de 11h à 17h #clintparis / www.clint-restaurant.com



Le Web Axelle Tessandier

A content strategist, trend spotter, writer, curator, bold thinker and founder of Axl Agency. After different experiences in French media, TV, press and foremost cinema, she helped green organizations to communicate using the digital environment. In 2009, she participated in the innovation program Palomar5 in Berlin and San Francisco where she explored the values and expectations of digital natives in the workplace. She also wrote for different online publications such as ReadWriteWeb and The Next Web before becoming the Marketing Director of the US based startup Scoop. it. She is now working side by side with brands and projects she believes will inspire their customers and audience to take action on designing a better world. No naive statement according to her, she is just a true advocate for the power of the web. - The Huffington Post



Exclusive interview with Axelle Tessandier Owner of Axl Agency www.axlagency.com 1.At Le Style, we believe in the generation Y age and love the limitless possibilities in reaching out to inspirational individuals such as yourself via social media. Please tell us a bit about how your came about creating AXL Agency. Like many people from my generation, I know I have a voice and can explore the world from my computer. Having a sense of purpose and finding meaning in my work was not optional but essential. After different experiences in media and the start up scene in San Francisco, I decided to take a leap of faith and follow the little voice inside that had been saying for a long time “Just Do It”. I created Axl Agency as my structure with only one key goal: do what I love and find meaning in it. Writing, meeting and working with inspiring people and sharing my vision is what makes my heart sing. 2.Do you ever feel challenged being a young woman in your work? Honestly, I think just being a human being is challenging, at work and beyond. Life and work cannot be separated. I see what I do as an expression of who I am. Trusting yourself brings trust in others. This is key skill I work with everyday. Curiousity and empathy are the other key elements to thrive in your activity. 3.What social media networks should a luxury brand have and why? You should be where your audience is but also where you genuinely want to be. I believe you cannot lie to today’s internet users. If you are on social media just as a strategy, we feel it. Internet is an open space where we share our emotions constantly so we know who is sincere or not. Personally, I am a big fan of Twitter and Instagram. 4.Are there any particular tweeps you look forward to reading each day? I am a HUGE reader. I read everything. twitter is the first app I open in the morning. The New York Times and The New Yorker are two references for me. 5.What is your advice to Gen-Ys who’d like to chase after their dreams? Confront your fears and go where it is scary. When we are afraid of something, it’s geenrally a good sign that we have to do it. Vulnerability is not something we should be ashamed of but to celebrate. Those who are able to embrace it are the stronger ones. They know who they are and what they can accomplish with their uniqueness. Also do not be afraid of the ‘crisis’ or ‘recession’ that we are supposed to be in. We are not the lost generation. Any crisis is a transition, an opportunity. What comes next will be very exciting if our generation embraces their responsibility to change the world for the better and make a great impact.

Exclusive interview with Axelle Tessandier Owner of Axl Agency www.axlagency.com 6.Rapid fire here – Your favourite movie is: Hard question, I am a huge cinephile. Let’s say The Night of The Hunter because it’s my first movie memory.

Your favourite style icon is: Charlotte Gainsbourg

You’d love to travel to: Brazil!

Le Style magazine is: chic & meaningful.

Social media makes you: more emphatic.

Thank you Axelle! We are appreciative of your insights and learn a lot from you.



Axelle Tessandier:

I would like to share one of my favourite quote that I always keep in mind as a mantra: “To be nobody but yourself in a world, which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.� - E.E Cummings



Axelle Tessandier Owner of Axl Agency www.axlagency.com

Travel Travelling in ultimate luxury and style

BENETEAU luxury yachts Four Seasons George V Paris Hotel Singapore Airlines Le Meurice Paris




owners is exceptional.”


He also commented that, “The local yachting scene in Melbourne has a very strong Beneteau fleet these days”. A strong contingent of Firsts, (the racing model) compete competitively against each other each week in club and interclub races. The Firsts also had excellent success in the recent Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, taking out 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Division 3. 2nd place was taken by the Victorian yacht Senna, based at Geelong. David Beck said “It was a fantastic effort and result for the Beneteaus in one of the great Ocean Races of the world, we were particularly thrilled for our Victorian entrant in Senna.” The Geelong Festival of Sails also sees this

The world’s leading builder of production sailing yachts. Sundance Marine is proud to represent Beneteau as a direct importers and distributors of new Beneteau yachts into Victoria and Tasmania. Just like the international reputation that Beneteau has established, Sundance Marine’s reputation is built on outstanding customer satisfaction, no other company in Australia is better equipped to assist sailors with their new yacht purchase. With a strong history dating back to 1884 on the Atlantic Coast of France, the BENETEAU brand and it’s yachts have proven themselves to be leaders in all the waters of the world. As the worlds most respected name in bluewater sailing yachts, BENETEAU’S have logged more offshore miles than any other builder in the world. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable weekend / ocean cruiser for the family or the proven performance of the First series, Beneteau offers the perfect boat from its range of new yachts to fit your sailing needs. Beneteau allow the owners to take pride in the style, first-class finish and sailing experience only they can deliver in new yachts. Sundance Marine has offices located at the premier yachting facilities of Sandringham and Williamstown, Melbourne and Bellerive, Hobart. Through the partnership with Beneteau and it’s reputation Sundance Marine has also now received a reputation as one of Australia’s leading dealerships for support. Owners of Sundance Marine, David Beck and John Beck have continued to build the business and brand since their involvement commenced over15 years ago. Their experienced sales, marketing and chandlery & service team offers a wealth of boating experience and is eager to assist with advice and support. David Beck says “Offering the performance, style and quality of Beneteau to the Melbourne boating community has been a pleasure, their ability to ensure yachting is a pleasure aboard and not just a sport for

The Oceanis and Sense models from Beneteau offer sailors a more Cruiser/Race sytle of boat. These models have become very popular as they allow families to utilize the boat for cruising trips and to entertain with family and friends. The then also work well for club racing around Melbourne which is a popular pastime. The way the waterfronts in Melbourne have developed over the last few years has also helped increase this popularity. With marina berths available at the docklands, St Kilda and the large clubs at Sandringham, Brighton and Williamstown the yachting and boating scene is in a healthy state. Sundance Marine will have a comprehensive selection of Beneteau Yachts on display at the Melbourne Boat Show, starting 31st January 2014, on the water at the Docklands. You can see the Oceanis, Sense and First models at the show, including the Australian premier of the Oceanis 38. Just awarded the European Yacht of The Year in the Under 45 ft category, this will be the Australian premier of the Oceanis 38 and is being watched closely by the rest of Australia also. For more details the Beneteau range visit the Sundance Marine website www.sundancemarine.com.au or contact 1300 55 00 89.


BENETEAU www.sundancemarine.com.au

For more details the Beneteau range visit the Sundance Marine website www.sundancemarine.com.au or contact 1300 55 00 89.



MC5 AWARDED EUROPEAN POWERBOAT OF THE YEAR 2014 Considered to be the “Nautical Industry’s Oscar” the European Powerboat of the Year award rewards beauty, innovation, originality, quality manufacturing and performance. The verdict fell in Düsseldorf, during the official awards evening for the most innovative boats of the year. Before an audience of over 400 guests, the jury bringing together the editors of the main magazines of the European specialized press, elected the MC5 in the “Motorboats over 45 foot” category. Launched a year ago in Dusseldorf, the Monte Carlo 5 is the result of a complex development effort. Full of innovative ideas, it’s obvious that experience boat builders have been at work. The MC5 contended with the Princess V48 Open, Contest 52 MC, Austin Parker 42 Sedan and North-Line 37 Pilotstyle to win this tittle. The MC5 is a yacht with a unique concept, endowed with innovative solutions originating from Beneteau group’s industrial experience and the incomparable style of Monte Carlo Yachts. Within Australia Sundance Marine are the exclusive distributors for this stunning new range. Sundance Marine are excited to have the first MC5 arriving in Australia mid 2014 for display at the 2014 Sydney Boat Show. After viewing the MC5 at Cannes last September, David Beck from Sundance Marine commented, “The level of comfort and quality on board the MC5 was unprecedented for boats of this size. It certainly benefits from both the French and Italian influences to produce an exceptional looking and performing boat”. Look out for more details or contact Sundance Marine on 1300 55 00 89 or David Beck on 0408 121 516.





AN ILLUSTROUS HISTORY: THE ORIGINAL GEORGE V – A HOSPITALITY INNOVATOR IN 1928 Designed in the 1920’s by French architects Lefranc and Wybo under the direction of American owner Joel Hillman, also an architect, and opened in 1928, the original George V immediately set new precedents in the hospitality industry. This famous venue was described in early press coverage in that year as “conceived in the spirit of modern and elegant luxury, and endowed with the latest technological innovations.” At that time, these innovations included the installation in each guest room of a telephone with both outside and hotel service lines; suites with two bathrooms “allowing two people to take a bath at the same time and to be ready to go down to dinner together;” fitted closets; extra-wide corridors on guest floors to eliminate luggage grid-lock; fire alarms; and an elaborate dumbwaiter system to expedite delivery of hot food from the kitchen to guest rooms. The budget for design, construction and installations amounted to 60 million francs, representing in 1928 over U.S. $31 million. Opening rates started at 150 francs per night for a four-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms. New Style for Paris

of the Hotel’s design. Clean, crisp lines were atypical of the period. Quickly dubbed “modern French style” by the Paris-based Anglo-American press of the 1920’s, the Hotel’s architecture and décor drew admirers from the international design world. An Innovation in Layout Also unusual for 1928 was the innovative layout of the main floor. The kitchens were set on the same level as the main restaurant, rather than below ground in the customary Paris hotel style. Equipped with modern refrigeration and ventilation, and with electric ovens in the pastry kitchen, they were finished with surfaces and facilities created to expedite food service and clean-up. The restaurant opened onto a courtyard, and offered a separate dining room for children, where nannies could tend to their needs and leave parents in peace to enjoy the most important business of the day. These nannies, as well as valets and other attendants, were accommodated in a total of 70 “maids’ rooms,” representing a significant percentage of the Hotel’s original 300 guest rooms. Flexibility in design permitted configuration of suites with up to five rooms. The luxurious appointments of these, and of the salons and public areas, attracted international acclaim; indeed, Sotheby’s declared the George V to be “the Parisian hotel which contained the most works of art.”

Located just off the Champs-Elysées, the original Hotel was designed around an interior courtyard fronting on Avenue George V, where the structure was kept to a single story; eight stories were created on the other three sides. Two more wings were added at a later date. The building’s foundations go deep into the site of former stone quarries, which also supplied raw material for construction of the Trocadéro. These quarries gave shape to the Hotel’s wine cellar, where one enormous stone slab formed the ceiling and stone walls provided solid anchors for the deeply riveted wine racks. The purity of the white stone art deco façade, with minimal architectural ornamentation, established the theme of simplicity and elegance prevalent throughout all elements



Privacy and Prestige in a City Oasis From the outset, the George V was an oasis of calm in the centre of Europe’s most sophisticated and busy metropolis. A garden on the roof of the reception hall and ballroom offered guests a quiet retreat, while various salons were dedicated to specific activities. Among them were a tea room with Chinese décor, a smoking room, a barber shop and a beauty parlour. Known as the “Prince of Wales Salon,” the grand ballroom quickly became a favourite venue for Parisian society parties, and similarly attracted leading couturiers as the ideal backdrop to showcase the season’s collections. Among them, Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne and Louis Féraud have launched their confections here over the years. Setting a Precedent for Quality and Luxury In naming the property, owner Hillman and his advisers eliminated the word “hotel” to achieve the image of a residence for visitors to the capital. The objective was to offer a private home with a prestigious address and magnificent rooftop views of the city, and to provide comfort and dignity to a discriminating clientele of international business and leisure travellers. Among the early owners was François Dupré, husband of the Singer sewing machine heiress. For 25 years, Dupré called the Hotel his home and built a fine collection of artwork, which, together with the sumptuous fabrics and furnishings, made the name “George V” synonymous with the ultimate in taste, luxury and elegance.

brought to Paris an influential passenger list of wealthy American tourists and businessmen, whose patronage and recommendations would immediately generate long-term bookings for the Hotel. As word of this exceptional property spread, the George V became the chosen venue for numerous milestone events over seven decades of the twentieth century. In 1929, the George V hosted the signing of the Young Plan, outlining war reparation agreements, and was officially made a branch of the League of Nations. Famous American banker J.P. Morgan was present at this meeting. The year 1930 marked important service innovations. Chase Bank opened a counter in the building, facilitating on-site transactions for guests. The same year, the George V introduced air taxi service to and from London, Berlin and Madrid on a three-seater Farman, with transatlantic connections in Cherbourg. Shorter flights to Deauville, Le Touquet and select golf courses were offered on a Nierport, also a three-seater aircraft. In August 1944, the Hotel became General Eisenhower’s headquarters during the Liberation of Paris; later, as president of the U.S., he returned to pay homage to the great Hotel that sheltered him through those perilous times. Other heads of state who have made the George V their Paris base for meetings include Presidents Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, François Mitterrand, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon.

André Terrail, owner of the famous Parisian restaurant La Tour d’Argent and several establishments in the U.S., was the Hotel’s first manager and is recognised for introducing traditional American dishes to the George V’s menu selections. Historic Milestones at the George V A famous Tea reception on May 25, 1928, marked the beginning of an illustrious history for the George V. On that occasion, some 100 financiers and members of Paris society gathered there to celebrate the launch of the Ile de France. The transatlantic ocean liner


The Penthouse View



A Renaissance in Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris On November 1, 1997, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts signed a long-term agreement with owner H.R.H. Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia to manage the Hotel, now named Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris -- the original name carefully preserved within the new one. In seeking to restore the building’s key architectural features, and to re-create the original style and grandeur of this great Hotel, Four Seasons selected architect Richard Martinet and interior designer Pierre Yves Rochon to work on the U.S. $125-million renovation project. While the original period charm was lovingly recaptured in the décor, a 21st-century infrastructure now supports modern technology and sophisticated facilities. A reconfiguration of guest rooms reduced the total to create unusually spacious accommodations, and new features include 13,000 square feet of luxurious meeting space, four dining venues, a 350-square-foot pool, modern Health Club, and full-service Spa. Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris opened its doors on December 18, 1999, and celebrated its new incarnation as a leading Paris property and one of the world’s most luxurious hotels with a formal gala opening on March 30, 2000.

RENAISSANCE OF A HISTORIC TREASURE Just as in 1928, when the original George V opened its doors, all of Paris was charged with excitement over the December 1999 opening of Four Seasons Hotel George V. Working in unison with French architect Richard Martinet and interior designer Pierre Yves Rochon, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts planned and implemented a two-year, US$125-million project to restore and renovate this landmark Hotel. The renovation project was precision-planned to preserve and re-create all the original Hotel’s finest features, and to restore its valued artefacts. With the care of experts, artists and craftsmen, these artworks have reclaimed their rightful place at Four Seasons Hotel George V in fa-

miliar surroundings more beautiful than ever before. For over two years now, this historic property has again become a favourite rendezvous for Parisians. Original Splendour of Art Deco Façade Recaptured The Hotel’s distinctive art deco façade had undergone many modifications since its design was conceived by architects Lefranc and Wybo in the 1920’s. The renovation allowed for details on items like windows and balconies to be restored to recapture the building’s original splendour. A purist and a historian, architect Martinet commented, “The renovation gave us an incredible opportunity to return the building’s original charm and to reinforce the Hotel’s place in the architectural heritage of Paris, and in the city’s great hotel legacy.” Harmony of Public Areas A prime objective of the renovation project was to restore harmony to the Hotel’s design, both inside and out. The main hallway had perhaps suffered the most from changes through the decades; its arches have now been restored to their original proportions, resulting in aesthetically improved lines and a grander perspective of the interior courtyard. In the public areas, a delicate palette of colours has been introduced, using soft shades of beige, off-white and pale grey to lighten the space and create a calming ambience. Richly textured fabrics and preserved wood panelling originally from Normandy underscore the grandeur of the meeting space, which, at 13,000 square feet, is the most extensive and luxurious of any five-star hotel in Paris. For small conferences and private dinners, the library, known as the Salon Anglais, offers an intimate setting.


La Galerie



In the public areas, as well as in the suites, familiar artworks have returned from a period of repair and restoration. Tapestries from Flanders, originating from the 17th century, adorn the walls, and a 500-square-foot Savonnerie carpet now graces the Galerie. The restaurant, Le Cinq, is larger and brighter with enhanced natural light, and is reminiscent of a dining room in a private château. Increased light is also a feature of the Bar, where the original bay window now opens onto Avenue George V; a greater feeling of space was achieved by raising the ceiling. More Spacious Accommodations

Four dining venues ensure a variety of fine cuisine and style. In-room dining options and the inimitable Four Seasons service experience add an extra dimension to the new lifestyle at the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Le Cinq** offers traditional French cuisine in a sophisticated ambience. La Galerie serves lighter fare and Afternoon Tea; open all day, this venue has seating for 40. The Bar, open for casual lunches and all-day snacks, seats 40. Weather permitting, the Marble Courtyard is open for a light meal or drink in the sun from May until September. For private events in an unusual setting, the wine cellar may be available by special arrangement.

In the renovation process, the original building’s total of 320 guest rooms was reduced to 245 for a redistribution of space. The guest rooms now measure from 400 to 600 square feet, and the suites from 750 to 4,000 square feet -- making them the largest rooms and suites in Paris. Here, also, a delicate palette of colour is designed to be soothing. Richer shades of yellow, blue and green were introduced in the suites to create a handsome backdrop for the many fine artworks displayed in these rooms. Classic French furnishings ensure a truly Parisian look, and the city’s rooftops are overlooked from 30 private balconies and terraces. Bathrooms have been totally reconstructed with elegant marble surfaces and offer separate bath and shower.

Oasis in the City

A 21st-Century Infrastructure

Four Seasons is renowned for consistently providing highly personalised, round-theclock service for the world’s most discriminating travellers. Business travellers find the support they need, including data port, business centre services and voice mail. For leisure travellers, the Hotel ensures the ultimate in relaxation and pampering in the best possible location for exploring this exciting city.

While the original George V was certainly a hospitality innovator in the 1920’s with in-room features like fitted closets and telephones with direct outside lines, Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris offers a 21st-century infrastructure. Guest rooms are equipped with three dual-line speakerphones, voice mail and high-speed Internet access. Features in meeting rooms include advanced audio-visual equipment with overhead projectors, LCD colour display panels, slide projectors, multi-image dissolve units, mixers, amplifiers, audiocassette players, CD players, peripherals and custom lighting. A full-service business centre supports business and corporate travellers with secretarial and translation services, copiers, computers, printers, high-speed Internet access, business periodicals and cellular telephones.

Leisure time is well-spent rejuvenating mind and body in the Four Seasons Hotel George V Spa, a major feature in the planning of the renovation project. Facilities include a swimming pool, cardiovascular equipment and fitness instruction, as well as separate men’s and women’s saunas, whirlpool, locker rooms, relaxation room and juice bar. The 9 single and two double private treatment rooms add another dimension for beauty and wellness, and the 350-square-foot indoor swimming pool offers guests an additional option for exercise or relaxation. Four Seasons Service Experience

Visit www.fourseasons.com/paris.


Le Cinq




ised batik design screen in the welcome foyer that customers can recognise from afar.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has unveiled its new-concept SilverKris Lounge in Sydney, as part of a multi- million dollar investment programme to upgrade all of the Airline’s airport lounges around the world.

Inside, the lounge features tastefully selected art pieces, sourced locally and from Singapore. Customers can make use of personal spaces tailored for different needs, ranging from a living room, kitchen and dining room to intimate coves for rest and relaxation.

Designed by renowned architectural and interior design firm ONG&ONG, the new-concept SilverKris Lounge is thoughtfully designed and modelled after elements of a home, following extensive research that included focus groups with customers.

Specially designed productivity pods will enable customers to work in privacy and comfort before their flight, while signature SIA armchairs will be a new feature at all refurbished SilverKris Lounges.

The new design concept will be progressively introduced to all of SIA’s SilverKris Lounges in 15 cities1 over the next five years at an estimated cost of around $100 million. Following renovation of the Sydney lounge, which has just been completed, planning work is underway to upgrade lounges at London, Hong Kong and Singapore (Terminal 3) in 2014. Lounge customers can look forward to distinct personal spaces that provide a sense of ‘being home’, as well as more personalised services from lounge staff and a delectable selection of food and beverages to complement SIA’s in-flight offerings.

A familiar ‘taste of Singapore’ concept will also be progressively introduced at all SilverKris Lounges, with iconic dishes from Singapore such as laksa and mee siam offered alongside delectable food choices from around the world and a wide range of premium wines and spirits. To complete the ‘home’ experience, Passenger Relations Officers, trained to deliver the personal SIA touch, will be on hand to host each customer and assist with their travel needs. Facebook: www.facebook.com/SingaporeAir Twitter: @SingaporeAir

“Our customers frequently tell us that they have a feeling of ‘home’ as soon as they board our aircraft, and our aim is to extend this experience to the ground. Through our new ‘home away from home’ concept, the intention is for our customers to experience the feeling of being taken care of at every step of their journey,” said Mr Tan Pee Teck, Singapore Airlines’ Senior Vice President Product & Services. “Each space is thoughtfully designed to create the ambiance of ‘home’ that is familiar and comforting, adding to the warm, authentic and personalised service that Singapore Airlines is well known for.”

A HOME AWAY FROM HOME First introduced in Sydney, the new ‘home’ concept SilverKris Lounge showcases SIA’s unique heritage distinguished by a custom-


Private areas

Productivity pods

First class

Press Release January 2014

Little kings celebrate Carnival at Le Meurice Let's go to China! Perfectly located in the heart of the City of Light, facing the Jardin des Tuileries, Le Meurice - the jewel in the crown of Dorchester Collection invites you to take part in its traditional Children's Carnival celebrations! On Sunday, March 9, 2014, this leading Parisian luxury hotel opens its majestic doors and invites you to come and share an animated and vibrant event with your family. Each Children's Carnival has its own highly colourful theme… th As 2014 commemorates the 50 anniversary of the establishment of SinoFrench diplomatic relations, this event marks the friendship between the people of France and China, and promises to astound you with its warm, richly colourful ambiance. The program comprises: noisy farandoles, tricolour costumes, Chinese folklore and beaming smiles all around! The young prodigies from the prestigious Stanlowa school of dance will perform a dazzling, enchanting show specially created for the occasion. These initiations into the magic and art of movement, as well as balloon, make-up and funny tatoo workshops, will amuse even the most audacious children. The children's parade in front of the parents will be a flamboyant affair and, of course… a must. These magical amusements will culminate with a heap of sweet treats available at the abundant buffet deliciously concocted by Pastry Chef Cédric Grolet. At Le Meurice, everything comes together to amaze anyone with a child's soul, regardless of their age. And if the idea of coming in disguise appeals to you, you can let your desires run free! In short - a perfect afternoon of fun and revelry, so don your masks get ready, set and book! Children's Carnival at Le Meurice - Sunday, March 9, 4-6pm Carnival Package: starting at €820 for a superior room, without breakfast, tickets for the carnival included.

Press Contacts : Anne Vogt-Bordure, communications director Marie-Aude Laurent, press relations manager Tel. : +33 (0)1 44 58 10 75 communication.lmp@dorchestercollection.com

Hotel Le Meurice : 228, Rue de Rivoli - 75001 Paris Tel. : + 33 (0)1 44 58 10 10 dorchestercollection.com

Stanlowa School of Dance 129 Boulevard Haussmann 75008 Paris Tel. : +33 (0)1 45 62 88 99

The Dorchester, London | Hotel Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills | Le Meurice, Paris | Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris | Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan | Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles | Coworth Park, Ascot 45 Park Lane, London | Le Richemond, Geneva | Hotel Eden, Rome dorchestercollection.com

Find us on Facebook: Le Meurice - Follow us on Twitter: @LeMeurice

L’heure du Thé A modern afternoon tea that celebrates allure of French style, patisseries, and entertainment

L’heure du Thé event by Le Style Melbourne New York City Singapore



THE EVENT proudly produced by Le Style L’heure du Thé Melbourne event was filled with Parisian chic-dressed ladies and gents, Australia’s fashion and French talents, delicious Monet’s Garden afternoon tea delights, a classic Citroen 2cv with a beautiful installation by Fleur. Special guests, fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess, Moulin Rouge & Lido Showgirl Shay Stafford and Master Patissier Pierrick Boyer contributed to the fundraiser tea lounge for the National Breast Cancer Foundation with raffles, meet & greet fans with autographs, prize giveaways and spent the afternoon in a modern luxury setting. Guest Ambassador speaker, Sarah gave a divine speech on her story. Celebrated at the ‘Paris end’ of Melbourne, Sofitel luxury hotel with the sounds of modern French songs, neoclassical ballet and piano performances. Guests include the queen of Melbourne’s online media - editor of VoxFrock Janice Breen Burns, Melbourne’s most-loved fashion designer Dean Hewitt from Madam Virtue & Co and Mr Hewitt, the fabulous and beautiful Freya Myles, Melbourne’s social scene sharply-dressed Shiva Singam including our friends from Le Petit Journal. A gorgeous goody bag was brought along home by everyone with an adorable bottle of Chambord liquor, a postcard from renown fashion illustrator, Kerrie Hess and many other excellent luxury vouchers by our supporting partners. Excellent photography by Andre Elhay and videography by c2video. For more info, visit: www.lestyle.org or contact 61-0430 375 564 To book your tickets to attend in Melbourne, New York City and Singapore: Email to info@lestyle.org



A modern French setting

Shay Stafford, Kerrie Hess, Colette Werden, Pierrick Boyer 69


Food & entertainment

From top: Shiva Singam, Freya Myles & Dean Hewitt; The Jane Moore Ballet; pianists and guests at L’heure du The event.


From top right:


Shay Stafford & niece,; fans of Kerrie Hess - Lisa & Lisa with Kerrie Hess; Citroen 2CV styling by Fleur and Citroen Car Club; Demetra Diorietes.


Amour Born and raised in Paris, I am deeply attached to my city; we almost have half a century of love story together, where I have been truly completely faithful! The most beautiful city in the world is my city! - Christian Louboutin

One & Only Paris Cartier Kerrie Hess Illustrations Juliane Berry Love Locks in Paris



One & Only Paris www.oneandonlyparisphotography.com Two Paris Photographers - Anthony (American) and Audrey (French) are married and live in the heart of Paris. Anthony began his love of photography in college. Since then he’s lived and practiced photography in New York, Madrid, Beijing, and currently Paris. Audrey’s love of photography began with her undergrad internship at a movie and television production company in Madrid in 2003 (where she and Anthony met). Those two loves are rivaled only by her love of chocolate and heels.



One & Only Paris www.oneandonlyparisphotography.com

AMULETTE DE CARTIER Amulette de Cartier is a strictly personal charm. A magical talisman. A dream catcher for one’s innermost wishes. This charmed piece of jewellery takes the most seductive forms. A bejewelled capsule of mother-of-pearl, onyx or diamond paving, it enchants from the first click of its clasp, and continues to mesmerise with its openwork back and a host of hidden talents. Visible At first glance it is a target, a disc of onyx, white mother-of-pearl or diamond paving with a gem at its centre. Invisible Look closer and it becomes much more, a cluster of surprises, among them the arc of solid gold that literally opens like a padlock, leaving room for a wish and the option of attaching the piece to one’s person. A pendant, a magnetic sphere with pebble-like curves, crafted from mother-of-pearl, onyx or diamonds, with either a diamond or an onyx at its centre. This bejewelled pendant kisses the skin in a variety of precious forms. A treasured gift to give to oneself or others.

A sautoir necklace, each of its precious beads a wish. Miniature bracelets to stack and collect, adorable talismans of onyx, mother-of-pearl or diamonds that encircle the wrist in one’s innermost dreams. www.cartier.com



Born in Brisbane, fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess studied Graphic Design at Griffith University before moving to London to work as a designer for The Independent Newspaper weekend magazines. During this time, Kerrie began a path into fashion illustration, with her first commissions from VOGUE Australia and Topshop’s Arcadia Group. The move to full time illustration followed with Kerrie illustrating window’s in the US for Neiman Marcus Department Store; commissions for Christian Louboutin and Net-a-porter, as well as authoring and illustrating her first style book ‘Shoestring Chic’. (Published in 2010, Skirt Books, USA.) Kerrie has also illustrated a capsule collection of textiles for Kate Spade New York, for fashion house Chanel, and for Le Meurice Hotel Paris, as well as silk scarf designs for L’avion, tote bags for MYER, cushions for The Brown Trading Co, and launched a signature ‘Kerrie Hess Art and Afternoon Tea’ for The Langham Hotel Melbourne. Kerrie has recently illustrated the recent 15th Anniversary cover of Harper’s Bazaar for Collette Dinnigan, large scale thirteen metre billboards shown in Paris for Parisian department store ‘Printemps’ and the global online ‘Paper Dolls’ project for Louis Vuitton. She was shortlisted for a design award at the Cannes Design Festival in 2010 and won an Illustrators Australia Awards 2013. Since London, Kerrie has lived in Hong Kong, Melbourne and Paris, settling back recently in Brisbane with her five year old son Marcel. This year marks Kerrie’s 15th year as a full time illustrator. www.kerriehess.com.au

For All Media Enquiries: Roxy Jacenko Sweaty Betty PR T 02 8399 3599 E roxy@sweatybettypr.com



Kerrie Hess at Le Meurice Paris Photography by Carin Olsson

An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris. - Friedrich Nietzsche



Juliane Berry photography www.julianeberry.com Juliane Berry is an international fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in Paris, France. Trained classically in the art of film photography, she began her professional career in 1995 in Los Angeles. Juliane has established clientele throughout California and Europe. She also specializes in hand painting black & white gelatin silver photographs - a dying art practiced since 1860. She has exhibited her photographs in Los Angeles. She shoots both film and digital.



Juliane Berry photography


LOVE LOCKS No better place for lovers than Paris in the spring Whether you are Parisian or just visiting Paris, couples in love are found strolling along the Pont des Arts. Spanning the Seine River from the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) to the Louvre museum, this landmark bridge is better known for its countless “cadenas d’amour”, love padlocks, than its architectural beauty as a nine-arch pedestrian bridge landscaped with a suspended garden above the river. For the past fifteen years, lovers, both young and old, have vowed their undying love by engraving a message on a padlock, locking the padlock onto the bridge and then tossing the keys into the river. The “love lock” phenomena is so popular in Paris that the Passerelle Leopold-Sedar-Senghor and the Pont de l’Archeveche bridges continuously display these love tokens. Not everyone loves the love locks. In Paris, the Mayor of the city’s 6th arrondissement, JeanPierre, mentioned to the press, “Since this walkway overlooks the Seine, and there are a lot of tourist boats that pass under it, any

relatively heavy object falling from a certain height could cause a passenger an injury, or even a fatal blow”. Presently, the local authorities inspect the bridge periodically, and remove any warped or frayed grill sections (about 1 x 2 m) laden with padlocks before any grill sections pull away from the bridge and fall into the river, possibly striking ferry passengers. Many Persians do not share the “amour” of the padlocks, completely removed in 2010 by authorities, only to return to the “City of Love”. Paris is not the only city locked in love. This tradition is evident in hundreds of cities worldwide, such as several cities along the Great Wall of China, on the Ponte Milvio in Rome, Italy; along the Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow, Russia and of course throughout the city of Lovelock, Nevada, USA. Wherever lovers gather, lock locks are usually nearby. If you find yourself in Paris and “in love” … love so strong that it hurts, then purchase a padlock, have it engraved with a passionate message, lock it to the bridge and throw away the key. But, don’t forget to throw away both keys! By Terry Check

Love locks in Paris

LOCATION: Pont des Arts PHOTOGRAPHY: Terry Check



Urban luxury “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.” — Coco Chanel

Chanel | The love of city Special Interview: Cristina Cordula Louis Vuitton Sally Spratt THE LUST LIST Catherine-B



THE BACKPACK For the CHANEL 2014 Spring-Summer Ready-to-Wear collection, Karl Lagerfeld transformed clothes and accessories into backboards for creativity. He seized upon the backpack and through a humorous jostling of codes turned it into an arty and luxury accessory. With creativity, audacity, high quality, attention paid to every detail and expertise, the CHANEL backpack reflects the House values and expectations. Available in two sizes (as well as a third tote-shaped version) and three colours, the CHANEL backpack is available in the CHANEL boutiques, and also for a limited time at colette, from February 24th to March 8th 2014. 93


Playing with conventions Karl Lagerfeld has personalised the backpack and given it an authentic and worn appearance: graffiti, tags, splashes of paint and colours, added details like scoubidous, snap hooks and luggage tags... “There’s a certain lightness and a certain kind of humour in all this,” he declared. But the creation of the bag goes way beyond simple customisation. Made in a thick linen canvas, the backpack is produced in adherence with House traditions and requires several hours to complete. Every motif was specially conceived and reproduced thanks to a specific printing procedure which allows for a wide variety of shades and several colour effects. The iconic codes such as the quilting of the backpack, the metal initials, the double C pendant and the painted logo are reminders of where it’s come from. The luggage tag has an aged finish; the hand-woven handle and zipper tag are crafted from beautiful leather. Finally a hand-woven scoubidou is attached to a metal snap hook, just like the good luck charms of teenagers, adding further originality to the bag. So many details imbue it with a fresh, laid-back and yet chic appearance. And which celebrate with humour and verve a creative, optimistic and joyous youthfulness, in the spirit of the CHANEL 2014 Spring-Summer Ready-to-Wear collection. A veritable reflection of Karl Lagerfeld’s endlessly renewed creativity, the CHANEL 2014 Spring-Summer backpack symbolises the instantly recognisable quintessence of CHANEL: the union of luxury and fashion. CHANEL 31, rue Cambon 75001 Paris colette 213, rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris



The love of city A love of city living in luxe and modernity; true style lives wherever she goes. Produced in Melbourne, le style unfolds.

PHOTOGRAPHY: AndrĂŠ Elhay STYLING: Reuben Cheok MODEL: Zura Eridu HMUA: Chantal Humberstone WARDROBE: CHANEL LOCATIONS: Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie CHANEL Melbourne SPECIAL THANKS: Great Danes Society of Victoria





For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel like home. - Simon Van Booy

Interview feature: CRISTINA CORDULA To be beautiful, you need to be natural by Myriam Boucoulin

The last episode of her show “Les Reines du Shopping” had been a success with 780 000 viewers in France. At over forty, the former Chanel model, Cristina Cordula is the new face of fashion in French TV. But who is she? She is famous for her accent and expressions, a subtle mix of French, English and Portuguese. No doubt the Brazilian Cristina Cordula is now a fashion icon with her style and elegance of her own. She is now the key figure of the private French channel M6 and she has two beauty shows. When she is asked about this new recognition, her answer is simple: “I am just myself. I have always been in the fashion world. I started my career as a model in Brazil before my international career. Then I decided to be an image consultant and it was a first in France.” In her show, Cristina helps women to show their femininity. Some of them hardly know about fashion. They come from all regions of France to get her feedback about their style. In other words, the former model lends her skills and knowledge to bring out the beauty in every woman. She has already published four books, all aimed at styles and makeovers. The last one, published last year focuses on style for curvaceous women. But Cristina is more than a former model. She has her own consulting agency, her TV shows and she is the happy mother of 19 year old Enzo. A pretty full life she lives in Paris, her favorite city: “I love Paris. I have decided to live in this city and I am now a real Parisian. There was a time when I had to make a choice and decide where I wanted to live. I did not want to go back to Brazil because my career model was going well so I chose Paris. It is the most beautiful city in the world. My heart is shared between France and Brazil but I feel I am really French. I have been far from Brazil for a long. I am Franco Brazilian.” If New York is the latest best place to live for some people, as a good fashionista, Cristina only swears by Paris: “New York is a city to visit but I prefer Paris. It is the capital city of luxury and glamour. I like this ambiance; you will never find anywhere else with bars and cafés like here. The way people dress up is completely different from other cities. This is what I like in Paris. I could have live in New York but it looks like Brazil too much since it is South America. It is all the same and people wear the same things.” To close the interview, Cristina shared some anecdotes of her former model life with us. She mentoined of Karl Lagarfeld: “My best memory as a model was with Karl. It was amazing. I have wonderful memories of Chanel. It was wonderful.”



To be beautiful, you need to be natural - Cristina Cordula




FOULARDS D’ARTISTES III NEW CREATIVE COLLABORATIONS FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2014 This summer, Louis Vuitton continues its world tour of the vibrant street art scene by inviting three new artists from three different continents to collaborate on its collections of textile. The artists of this third season are André Saraiva, famed for his jaunty ‘Mr. A’ character who inhabits the walls of Paris, American Kenny Scharf, and INTI from Chile. Both INTI and Kenny Scharf selected as their canvas Louis Vuitton’s emblematic giant silk square. True to his name, derived from the Inca sun god, INTI is inspired by ancestral Andean culture, which he transcribes in brightly colored, monumental works. He revisits the giant square with a sun motif referencing the image of ‘Wiracocha’, god of TIWANAKU culture, one of the most important Inca deities. Infused with warm shades of gold and orange, the design is bordered in red with a pattern of ancient symbols surrounding the Louis Vuitton signature. Californian Kenny Scharf, a remarkable figure in the worlds of painting, sculpture and performance, describes himself as a pop-surrealist artist whose guiding principle is to reach out beyond the elitist boundaries of fine art and to connect to popular culture. He has covered Louis Vuitton’s giant silk crepe square with a colorful collage of astronomic motifs and symbols of pop culture on a blurred psychedelic background. For André Saraiva, his studio drop cloth was the inspiration for the background of his interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s Monogram shawl. Once he had translated his paint spatters to the luxurious silk and wool wrap, it became a natural habitat for ‘Mr. A’, the artist’s signature blue figure with asymmetrical eyes. Alongside these three artistic collaborations, Louis Vuitton introduces further new designs for Spring/Summer 2014. Two are variations on the iconic leopard print created for Louis Vuitton by the artist Stephen Sprouse: the Leopard Spray giant silk crepe square combines leopard spots with a spray-paint motif in vibrant fuchsia or pimento, while the Leopard Pop stole, available in coral or pimento, presents a delicate arty gradation of shades. The Monogram Rayures shawl juxtaposes faded denim-style stripes with lines of brighter coral or pimento, while the Papillon silk square is woven with a subtle tone-on-tone Monogram pattern. Its generous size and array of colors, including beige, black, fuchsia, orange and violet, make it a stylish and versatile choice all year round. 106 LE STYLE

If I can’t have them, I’ll draw them For every fashionista who coveted something frivolous, fanciful, or super-luxe, comes The Lust List, the stylish blog from illustrator Sally Spratt. Sally’s custom watercolour images of lust-worthy products, from Céline totes to bejewelled Isabel Marant sandals, are stunning, sartorial and shared all over social media. Sally’s journey from graphic designer to blogger happened serendipitously between jobs in October 2013, when she uploaded a quick sketch of a potential purchase to the delight of her friends – they begged for more and the rest is history. The Lust List’s images have been shared on taste-making sites such as This is Collective, Citizens of the World and Mr Essentialist, and her work showcased in Vogue. The Lust List brings the aspiring It Girl’s imagination to life, giving thousands of readers a sweet taste of style-spiration. Sally has the unique ability to capture the essence of a brand with her whimsical watercolours and sketches and interpret them in a way that is authentically lust-worthy. A collaboration with The Lust List brings an artistic innovation of its own; each image is both free to the masses and priceless. When the style-savvy see her work, they feel a longing in their hearts – having your brand on The Lust List means love at first sight. www.sallysprattstudio.com




FOR ALL COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES CONTACT: Roxy Jacenko THE MINISTRY OF TALENT E. roxy@theministryoftalent.com T. (02) 8399 3599


Nestled in a narrow street in the chic Saint-Sulpice neighborhood in Saint-Germain des Près, the boutique, Les Trois Marches de Catherine B is filled to the brims with vintage treasures, exclusively from Chanel and Hermès. This shop is entirely dedicated to these two prestigious brands and Catherine, the owner, presents an impressive collection of ready-to-wear and accessories as well as some exceptionally rare pieces and true collector items, such as the extremely limited edition Chanel bike or the Hermès golf bag from the turn of the 20th century. But first and foremost, this shop is a living homage to specific collections from the 90’s at Chanel which Catherine is particularly fond of as well as the Hermès collections elaborated with leather qualities that no longer exist today. Catherine searches the globe for items to be sold in the boutique. Clients come to the shop to both purchase and sell their own Chanel and Hermès treasures and Catherine may buy from them on the spot, contrary to a consignment shop. Catherine in true fashion antiquarian style collects for her own pleasure very hard to find pieces from both houses. There is no better example to illustrate this point than the first Birkin ever made for Jane, the Holy Grail for anyone passionate about fashion, acquired by Catherine in 2000. Proven expert, people flock to the shop to have their collectables authenticated by Catherine. Since the shop’s opening in 1994, no counterfeit item has crossed the threshold of the boutique. Visit www.catherine-b.com



Du bonheur The spirit of tea is one of peace, comfort and refinement. - Arthur Gray

Cristina Re Shanon Quinn TWG Tea



NEW CRISTINA RE ‘BUTTERFLY GARDEN’ & ‘PEACOCK GARDEN’ TABLE WARE COLLECTIONS WINTER 2014 Australian designer and entrepreneur Cristina Re celebrates 15 years as a leader in designer giftware. Over the last couple of years, Cristina has been driven by the desire to translate her fashionable patterns on to lifestyle products. Amongst being a product, interior and stationery designer as well as a stylist, published author and TV personality, Cristina has always centered her creative vision around all things in decoration and celebration where she has gained a reputation as an expert in High Tea. Challenging herself to transform the ordinary into extraordinary, most recently Cristina’s ambition has led her to expand her creative vision beyond a High Tea offering into Signature and Designer Table Ware pieces. The Butterfly Garden and Peacock Garden Designer Collections are the latest additions to the Cristina Re range of designer home ware products. Made from the finest quality porcelain with 24 carat gold plating, these two vintage inspired ranges, in elegant pastel pink and powder blue colour palettes, evoke old world charm and style. From Tea Cup sets packaged in vintage style keepsake boxes, to Side Plates, Dining Plates, Soup Bowls and Condiment Dishes, this new collection is designed to complement the classic Signature High Tea range. The Cristina Re High Tea collection, encompassing beautiful pieces such as Tea Pots, Cake Stands and ornate gold plated Cutlery, was originally created in celebration of the ever popular trend of High Tea, celebrating life, love and friendship in style. Each piece of this new Designer Collection features Cristina’s exquisite and iconic hand painted Signature motifs, including the Butterfly and Peacock, combined with art deco style 24 carat gold embellishments. With the high quality and beautiful Australian design of these products and packaging, every piece is set a perfectly affordable price. Cristina’s unified creative vision is now represented across a diverse product range from stationery and home decor, to bath & body and food collections. Each product carries Cristina’s signature feminine style and elegant packaging, and tells a unique story, providing the ultimate sensory experience for lovers of elegance, fashion and style.



Shanon Quinn photography Food & Editorial photography artist, whose love of image making began from a fine arts base & has evolved from a background in various creative endeavours, stemming largely from writing & design. www.shanonquinnphotography.com



TWG TEA, THE FINEST LUXURY TEA TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, was established in Singapore and celebrates the year 1837 when the island became a trading post for teas, spices and fine epicurean products. TWG Tea, which stands for The Wellness Group, is an institution incorporating an international distribution network to professionals, unique and original retail boutiques and exquisite tea rooms. Committed to offering teas directly from source gardens, TWG Tea’s collection is the largest in the world, with fine harvests from every tea producing country and exclusive hand crafted tea blends. Internationally recognised as a true innovator with the creation of new varieties of tea every season in collaboration with the world’s most renowned estates, TWG Tea also offers exquisite signature modern tea accessories and delicate tea-infused sweets and savouries. After launching its first Singapore tea salon & boutique at Republic Plaza in 2008, TWG Tea has opened in iconic destinations such as ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Singapore. Expanding its presence internationally, TWG Tea has heralded the opening of exquisite Tea Salons & Boutiques in Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Manila and Jakarta. In addition, TWG Tea’s exclusive collection of the finest teas of the world is available from TWG Tea Boutiques in Harrods Knights-


bridge, London and Dean & DeLuca Madison Ave, New York. The premier tea supplier to the finest hotels, restaurants and international airlines, TWG Tea is retailed around the world in gourmet épiceries, including El Corte Ingles in Portugal, Feinkost Kaefer in Germany, David Jones in Australia and GUM in Moscow, Russia, and salons de thé including The Urban Tea Merchant, Canada and served in all Nippon Airways Business Class, First Class and Suites and on-board Singapore Airlines. TWG Teas are available in Singapore, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Fiji, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Netherlands, New Calendonia, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turks & Caicos, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Vietnam. European online orders can be made at www.Harrods.com; online orders within the USA can be made at www.DeanDeluca.com; Canadian orders may be made online at www.UrbanTea.com; worldwide online orders can be made directly from the TWG Tea m-Boutique at www.TWGTea.com/ mobileapp which can be downloaded from Goole Play and the App Store. www.TWGTea.com




The Modernist Breaking into Paris Fashion Week, these designers have stayed true to their style and showcase modern, futuristic yet wearable clothes.

Ground Zero IRFE Paris Gosia Baczynska



GROUND-ZERO F/W 14-15 GROUND-ZERO, known for their bold and unique graphic prints that intersect with clean, irregular-cut silhouettes presents their new collection with artwork prints based on a revival and distortion by social media of their childhood cartoons and the digital age. Distorted check patterns are translated onto matte neoprene for a contemporary take on fabrication, as well as their graphic prints are transformed as it surfaced on wool texture, resulting metaphorically as the colour fades, the memory is restored with something new. Reflective and light fabrics such as satin and silk are enhanced as panels for the bold and heavier materials; wool, neoprene and leather. Contrasting colours are sweet in ivory, citrus and cucumber, in playful silhouettes where side seams and hems are shaped forward. Footwear collaboration with Youngwon Kim, shoe designer created four unique pairs, heels and boots that portrays the edge and sculpture of beauty. For FW14 collection, GROUND-ZERO reveals the fragmentation of their memories, playfully combined to create a new collage of imagery which are collected from the past, applied with modern techniques that captures the moment, and followed by the finished ensembles which represents the future. WEBSITE: www.zerolaboratory.com PHOTOGRAPHER: Winata Harlim Djauhar

Backstage Go behind the scenes with us backstage prior to Maison IRFE show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015 on February 27, 2014 in Paris, France. Photography: Jacopo Raule & Julien Hekimian

Designer Olga Sorokina poses with special guest and model Harry Brant

Designer Olga Sorokina poses with son, Vadim Strukov

Models backstage

Runway at Maison IRFE show Photo: Jacopo Raule



Maison IRFE presented its fall-winter 14/15 collection on the second fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on February 27 at 12:30 pm at Place Vendome, 7. Under the artistic direction of Olga Sorokina since 2008 the brand has given modern spirit to its own collections that “play� with sizes, materials and colors. This collection consists of must-haves for a woman and makes up her wardrobe in accordance with her wishes, travels and her lifestyle. The woman looks elegant, exquisite but at the same time urban -modern. Olga Sorokina has preserved the spirit of the past with Russian and French influences permeating the house forever, offering modern international style. The collection is modern and combines oversize pieces as well as pieces with laser cuts. The brand also offers male pieces / outfits underlining almost androgynous look of a woman today but with the touch of elegance. This collection celebrates the 90th unniversary since the establishment of the Fashion House in Paris in 1924 at Dufour Street. Visit www.irfe.com



GOSIA BACZYNSKA FW14-15 FASHION SHOW AT LES BEAUX ARTS The biggest Polish fashion designer The “fashion tsarina”, as called by some of her friends in fashion magazines, belongs to the generation that arrived at this key moment of the history of Poland in the beginning of the 90’s. Twenty years later, it’s Gosia Baczynska who creates history. Beautiful, emotional, deep: the History of fashion. Photography: Olivier Claisse. www.gosiabaczynska.com




Special thanks to all who made this edition of Le Style magazine possible. Accreditations as shown on each chapter. Magazine cover: PHOTOGRAPHY: AndrĂŠ Elhay STYLING: Reuben Cheok MODEL: Zura Eridu HMUA: Chantal Humberstone WARDROBE: CHANEL LOCATIONS: Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie CHANEL Melbourne SPECIAL THANKS: Great Danes Society of Victoria The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. - Audrey Hepburn


Love edition 09 www.lestyle.org



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