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hello sunshine! When the idea for the “Hello magazine” was first hatched three years ago, we knew it needed to be more than just a how-to guide for styling your home. We replaced the trappings of a traditional catalogue with real families having real moments in their actual homes. What I didn’t expect when we conceived this idea, was how much their spaces would feel like home to me. This issue of the magazine had us jet-setting from coast to coast in search of summertime inspiration. We flew to Edmonton to experience city life and baby snuggles, Ubered to the suburbs of Milton to enjoy some whisky chamomile sippers, and rented cars to drive hours from the airport to the rural countryside in Nova Scotia for some east coast hospitality (and my first-ever lobster dinner!) Meeting and spending time with each of the talented creators on our roster is such a rewarding experience. While I love seeing firsthand the prominent role Leon’s plays in their everyday lives, my favourite moments are the ones that happen between shots: reading to Thalita’s twin toddlers in a tiny tent; bouncing Kristina’s three-month old baby on my knee while perched on the edge of her new navy sofa; making myself at home in Amy’s living room while catching up on emails; fighting with the crew over who’d get to sit in Virginia’s new chair; and chasing chickens around Bethany’s patio before jumping on the trampoline with her three kids.


A really special moment for me in this issue was bringing the team to my hometown of Walkerton to reveal a space that I designed for my parents. My mom and dad give all of themselves to our family and don’t expect anything in return. After a few trying years for them, I was overjoyed to design a room that was both beautiful and tranquil, and the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Parents’ bedroom makeover, pg. 39

As I reflected on how meaningful these behind-the-scenes moments were to me, I knew we needed to find a way to share them with all of you. We’ve created a webisode series that premieres this month, highlighting the amazing, creative people who work on our team and giving you a first-hand look at the faces and places that are involved in getting your sofa into your living room. Most importantly, you’ll get a glimpse at all of those “real” moments that make a house a home. So let us help you set the stage; the rest is up to you.


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