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Volunteers Serving World Scouting World Committees and Related Bodies World Scout Conference: the “general assembly” of Scouting, is the governing organ of the World Organization and is composed of all national members. It meets every three years. Members of the World Organization are national Scout organizations which have been recognized by the World Scout Conference. Only one organization is recognized in each country. In some countries there are national federations which include more than one Scout association. World Scout Committee: the executive body of the World Organization of the Scout Movement responsible for the implementation of the resolutions of the World Scout Conference and for acting on its behalf between its meetings. The committee is composed of 14 members. Twelve, each from different countries, are elected for a six-year terms. The members do not represent their country but the interests of the Movement as a whole. The secretary general and the treasurer of the World Organization of the Scout Movement are ex-officio members of the committee. The chairmen of the regional Scout committees participate in the World Scout Committee meetings in a consultative capacity.

World Scout Bureau: the secretariat of the World Organization and the executive arm of the World Scout Committee. It responds to requests from the World Conference and individual member organizations. The bureau operates under the overall responsibility of the secretary general who is the chief administrative officer of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. The World Scout Bureau is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and has offices in six regions. Constitutions Committee: advises the World Committee on all matters of constitutional policy. It also assists national associations in ensuring the proper expression and implementation of Scouting, and carries out research related to the fundamentals of Scouting and other matters of policy. World Honours and Awards Committee: meets once a year to consider nominations for the award of the Bronze Wolf, the only award made by the World Scout Committee for services of the most exceptional character to World Scouting. It makes its recommendations to the World Committee, whose members decide by secret ballot who will receive the award. Budget Committee: reviews the budget presented by the World Scout Bureau and makes its recommendations to the World Scout Committee, which must approve each year’s budget.


Audit Committee. Composed mainly of nonWorld Scout Committee members, its task is to comment on the efficacy and to safeguard the credibility and objectivity of the external financial reporting and to ensure that, in the presentation of the financial statements, the World Scout Committee and the World Scout Foundation have exercised the necessary care, diligence and skill prescribed by law, the WOSM Constitution and the World Scout Foundation statutes. The work of the Audit Committee is greatly assisted by the new appointment of an internal auditor who works independently in a voluntary capacity.

World Scout Bureau, Inc. is incorporated in Switzerland as the Association Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme. It is directed by a council of up to 11 members. The chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and legal adviser of the World Scout Committee are ex officio members. This key legal body of the World Organization meets, in accordance with Swiss law, at least once a year. The annual business meeting handles current affairs such as budgets, leases, contracts, etc. This association delegates some of its powers to the secretary general, who is its secretary.

Scout Resources International (SCORE) is the World Scout shop. It sells a growing variety of products bearing the World Scout Emblem, most World Scouting publications, as well as outdoor equipment. The main SCORE services include promoting the use of the World Scout Emblem, assisting national Scout organizations to obtain favourable prices through bulk purchases with other countries and to provide products, especially uniforms, and technical assistance to small national Scout shops.

The Fondation en Faveur du Personnel du Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme is another legal body which is responsible for the employees’ pension plan. It is controlled by a committee of four members, two representing the employer and two representing employees. The World Scout Foundation helps the growth and development of Scouting worldwide by providing financial support to the World Organization of the Scout Movement.


Volunteers Serving World Scouting Continued

MEMBERSHIP OF WORLD COMMITTEES (as at 1 June 2005) World Scout Committee Chairman Dr. (Mrs) Marie-Louise Correa (Senegal) Vice-Chairmen Mr. Habibul Alam (Bangladesh) Mr. Ferran Guimaraes (Spain) Members Mr. Philippe Da Costa (France) Mr. Steve Fossett (USA) Mr. John A. Gemmill (Canada) Mr. Walter Hofstetter (Switzerland) Mr. Herman C. S. Hui (Hong Kong) Mrs. Ana Elisa Piubello (Argentina) Mr. ‘Toby’ Takemichi Suzuki (Japan) Mr. Mohamed Triki (Tunisia) Mr. Gualtiero Zanolini (Italy) Secretary General, WOSM Dr. Eduardo Missoni World Treasurer Mr. Arnaud Girardin (Switzerland) Youth Advisers to the World Scout Committee World Scout Youth Forum Planning Committee Chairman Mr. Abdessalem Mghirbi (Tunisia) Members Ms. Tinatin Koiava (Georgia) Mr. Jose Mazuze (Mozambique) Mr. Thomas Metelmann (Denmark) Ms. Paula Orsini (Argentina) Ms. Hui-Chun Shu (Scouts of China)

Audit Committee Chairman for World Scout Committee Mr. Neil Westaway Chairman for World Scout Foundation Mr. F.O. Ogunlana Members Mr. Tore G. Bergengren Mrs. Margot C. Bogert Mr. Horace M. K. Ho Mr. Herman C. S. Hui Secretary General, WOSM Dr. Eduardo Missoni Internal Auditor John Naysmith Staff Executive Mr. Luc Panissod Scout Resources International (SCORE) Chairman of the Board Mr. Neil Westaway (Australia) Vice-Chairman of the Board Mr. Park Kun-Bae (Rep. of Korea) Mr. Marcel Andrey (Switzerland) Mr. John A. Gemmill (Canada) Mr. Herman C. S. Hui (Hong Kong) Mr. Georg Kortmann (Germany) Mrs Germaine Vanbever (France) Secretary General Dr. Eduardo Missoni Managing Director Mr. Bernard Le Roux World Scout Bureau Liaison Mr. Luc Panissod World Scout Jamboree-on-the-Air

Regional Representatives Ms. Epodoi Florence Oduut (Uganda) Mr. Abdullah Al Nuzha (Saudi Arabia) Mr. Edward Cook (New Zealand) Ms. Nozima Nurmukhamedova (Tajikistan) Mr. Craig Turpie (United Kingdom) Ms. Lorena Gudiño (Mexico)

World Radio Scouting & JOTA Advisor Mr. Richard Middelkoop (Netherlands) Advisor on Radio-Scouting Mr. Yves Margot, (Switzerland) Staff Executive Mr. Mark A. Clayton

World Budget Committee

JOTI Advisor Mr. Holger “Holgi” Sickenberg, (Germany) Staff Executive Mr. Mark A. Clayton

Chairman Mr. Herman C. S. Hui Vice-Chairman Mr. Habibul Alam Ex-officio Mr. Arnaud Girardin (Treasurer) Mr. Jos Nanette, Africa Region Mr. Mohamed Afilal, Arab Region Mr. Eric Khoo, Asia-Pacific Region Mr. Irakli Todua, Eurasia Region Ms. Lidija Pozaic Frketic, European Region Mr. Jin Matsumoto, Interamerican Region Secretary General, WOSM Dr. Eduardo Missoni Staff Executive Mr. Luc Panissod Constitutions Committee Chairman Mr. John W. Beresford (UK) Members Mr. Tan Sri Kamarul Ariffin (Malaysia) Dr. Henning Mysager (Denmark) Mr. Francisco S. Roman (Philippines) Dr. Marie-Louise Correa (Senegal) Secretary General, WOSM Dr. Eduardo Missoni Staff Executive Mr. Jim Sharp World Honours and Awards Committee Chairman Mr. Jørgen G. Rasmussen (Denmark) Members Mr. John W. Beresford (UK) Dr. Abdullah O. Nasseef (Saudi Arabia) Mr. Francisco S. Roman (Philippines) Mr. Manzoor Ul Karim (Bangladesh) Secretary General, WOSM Dr. Eduardo Missoni Staff Executive Mr. Jim Sharp

World Scout Jamboree-on-Internet

2007 Subcommittee for the 100th Anniversary of Scouting World Scout Committee Dr. Marie-Louise Correa, Chairman Mr. Ferran Guimaraes, Vice-Chairman Mrs. Ana-Elisa Piubello Dr. Eduardo Missoni, Secretary General, WOSM World Scout Foundation Dr. Eberhard Von Koerber, Chairman Mr. John Geoghegan, Director The Scout Association of the United Kingdom Mr John Asplin Dr. Derek Pollard Mr Derek Twine World Scout Regional Chairmen Mr. Jos Nanette, Africa Region Mr. Mohamed Afilal, Arab Region Mr. Eric Khoo, Asia-Pacific Region Mr. Irakli Todua, Eurasia Region Ms. Lidija Pozaic Frketic, European Region Mr. Jin Matsumoto, Interamerican Region Staff Executives Mr. Jean Cassaigneau Ms. Nicola Gooderson World Scout Bureau Incorporated Chairman Dr. Marie-Louise Correa (Senegal) Vice-Chairman Mr. Habibul Alam (Bangladesh) Treasurer Mr. Arnaud Girardin (Switzerland) Legal Adviser Me François Rayroux (Switzerland) Secretary General of the Association WOSM Secretary General Dr. Eduardo Missoni Founding Members Mr. Laurent Dominicé (Switzerland) Dr. Laszlo Nagy (Switzerland) Dr. Gustavo J. Vollmer (USA) Members Mr. John W. Beresford (UK) Dr. Henning Mysager (Denmark) Mr. E.F. “Bud” Reid (USA) Mr. Francisco S. Roman (Philippines) Mr. Neil Westaway (Australia) Staff Executive Mr. Jim Sharp


WAGGGS/WOSM Consultative Committee WOSM members (7) Mr. Habibul Alam (Bangladesh) Dr. (Mrs) Marie-Louise Correa (Senegal) Mr. Ferran Guimaraes (Spain) Mr. Walter Hofstetter (Switzerland) Dr. Eduardo Missoni Mrs. Ana Elisa Piubello (Argentina) plus 7 WAGGGS members Staff Executive: Mr. Jim Sharp WOSM United Nations Representatives Mr. Anthony Byrnes-Alvarado (USA) Ms. Lucia Chebet (Kenya) Mr. Nicolas Coiffier (France) Ms. Daniella Doueiry (Lebanon) Mr. Ruben Garcia Santos (Switzerland) Ms. Kerry Ann Haggerty (USA) Mr. Axel Marion (Switzerland) Mr. Michael Meixner (Austria) Mr. David McAdam (Switzerland) Mrs. Shana Moland (McElroy) (USA) Mr. Gathogo Ngugi (Kenya) Mr. Mathieu Pouret (France) Mr. Giuseppe Porcaro (Italy) Mr. Paolo Rozera (Italy) Mr. Henrik Söderman (Finland) Mr. Jonathan Stimmer (USA) Ms. Amélie Teisserenc (France) Mr. Alexander Söllei (Austria) Mr. David Wanstall (Switzerland) Mr. Robert Wilmes (France)

MEMBERSHIP OF REGIONAL COMMITTEES (as at 1 June 2005) AFRICA REGION SCOUT COMMITTEE Chairman Mr. Jos Nanette (Mauritius) Vice-Chairman Mrs. Victoria Namusisi Nalongo (Uganda) Members Mr. Marcel Ledjou Blaguet (Cote d’Ivoire) Mr. Rui Luis Falcão Pinto de Andrade (Angola) Mr. Christopher L. Mbanga (Zimbabwe) Dr. Damien Nimpagariste (Burundi) Mr. Alieu Momarr Njai (The Gambia) Treasurer Mr. Jeremy M. Naivasha (Kenya) Secretary Mr. Kinuthia N. Murugu

Africa Region Sub-Committees:

Youth Programme & Community Development Mr. Peter N. Mwema (Kenya) Mr. Ismael Bawamia (Mauritius) Mr. Mostaff Matesanwa (Zimbabwe) Mr. Daniel Kagimbi (Burundi) Mr. Bekono Emmanue (Cameroun) Mr. Ake Theophile (Côte d’Ivoire) Ms. Marie Sabara (Senegal) Technical advisor Mr. Damien Nimpagariste (Burundi) Staff Executives Mr. Gathogo Ngugi Mr. Abdoulaye Sene

World Scout Foundation

Adult Resources

Foundation Board

Mrs. Mapasa Odette Malua (R. D. Congo) Mr. Viateur Rucyahana (Rwanda) Mr. Mathew Wanyela (Kenya) Mr. David Isooba (Uganda) Mr. Goodenough Dlamini (South Africa) Mr. Adopre doh Sefia (Togo) Mr. Valentin Agbayahoun (Benin) Mr. Jose Rambinantsoa (Madagascar) Staff Executive Lamine Diawara

Honorary President His Majesty The King of Sweden Chairman Dr. Eberhard von Koerber (Switzerland) Chairman Elect Mr. William F. “Rick” Cronk (USA) Past Chairman Mr. Kim Suk-Won (Rep. of Korea) Chairman, Investment Committee Mr. Howard E. Kilroy (Ireland) Treasurer Mr. Fredrik Gottlieb (Sweden) Secretary Mr. Herman C. S. Hui (Hong Kong) Ex officio Members Dr. Marie-Louise Correa, Chairman, World Scout Committee (Senegal) Mr. Habibul Alam, Vice-Chairman, World Scout Committee (Bangladesh) Dr. Eduardo Missoni, Secretary General, WOSM Life Members Mr. Bruce H. Garnsey, AO MBE JP (Australia) Dr. Farid Karam, MDFACS (USA) Dr. Laszlo Nagy (Switzerland) Dr. Gustavo J. Vollmer (Venezuela) Members Mr. Masaya Arao (Japan) Mrs. Margot C. Bogert (USA) Mr. David B. Huestis (Canada) Mr. Garnet de la Hunt (South Africa) Mr. Klaus J. Jacobs (Switzerland) Mr. Lars Kolind (Denmark) Mr. John A. Landau (Zimbabwe) Dr. Abdullah O. Nasseef (Saudi Arabia) Mr. F.O. Ogunlana (Nigeria) Mr. Sven Erik Ragnar (Sweden) Mr. Thamnoon Wanglee (Thailand) Mr. Neil Westaway (Australia) Mr. Ko Yoshida (Japan) Investment Committee Chairman Mr. Howard E. Kilroy (Ireland) Mr. Fredrik Gottlieb (Sweden) Staff Executives Mr. John Geoghegan Mr. Luc Panissod, Secretary

Communication Mr. Martin Maasai (Kenya) Mr. Ian Webb (South Africa) Mr. Celso Mavoloneke (Angola) Technical Advisors: Ms. Victoria Nalongo (Uganda) Mr. Jos Nanette (Mauritius) Staff Executive Lydiah Kiburo Honours and Awards Chairman Mr. J.S. Mathenge (Kenya) Members Dr. Gabriel Aletor (Nigeria) Mr. Abdoulaye Sar (Senegal) Mr. John Landau (Zimbabwe) Secretary Mr. Kinuthia N Murugu Africa Scout Foundation Chairman Mr. Abdourahmane Sow (Senegal) Vice-Chairman Nkwenkwe Nkomo (South Africa) Treasurer Mr. Jeremy Naivasha (Kenya) Members Dr. Margaret Kigozi (Uganda) Mr. Basil Soundy (Seychelles) Mr. J.S. Mathenge (Kenya) Associate Members Mr. John Neysmith (Canada) Mr. Jorgen Rasmussen (Denmark) Mr. Alexander Wong (Hong Kong) Mr. Luc Panissod (Switzerland)

Foundation Director Mr. John Geoghegan


Volunteers Serving World Scouting Continued


Adult Resources Development

Chairman Mr. Mohamed Afilal Al Alamy (Morocco) Vice-Chairman Mr. Nour El Din Ben Brahem (Algeria) Members Mr. Abdul Mohsen Mohamed Hassan (Sudan) Mr. Hassan Rashed Almanee (Bahrain) Mr. Hamad Abdullah Al Motwaa (United Arab Emirates) Mr. Ahmed Abdullatef Ahmed (Egypt) Mr. Hamoud Mohamed Abbad (Yemen) Arab Scout Regional Director Mr. Fawzi Mahmoud Farghali Treasurer Mr. Mohamed Abdul Zaher Hashem (Egypt) Consultant H.E. Abdullah Omar Naseef (Saudi Arabia) Member, World Scout Committee Mr. Mohamed Al Triki (Tunisia)

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Arab Region Sub-Committees: Finance

Chairman Mr. Sameeh Abdulfattah Eskandar (Jordan) Members Mr. Kamal Saeed Fakhr (Lebanon) Mr. Abdelmoneam Awad Allah (Egypt) Mr. Saeed Yahya Daw (Egypt) Mr. Edrees Al Andalosy (Morocco) Honours and Awards Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Mustafa Gomaa Salem (Libya) Mohamed Hamad Al Hemidi (Kuwait) Rasheed Rahoma (Tunisia) Youssef Dandan (Lebanon)

Public Relations & Media Chairman Mr. Amen Meqaty (Lebanon) Members Mr. Abdel Halem Awada (Morocco) Mr. Zahy Khedr (Jordan) Mr. Abdullah Khedr (Saudi Arabia) Mr. Salman Al Selety (Qatar) Mr. Al Sadiq Mansour (Tunisia) Mr. Salah Hassan Saleh (Bahrain) Mr. Ali Ali Al Garmouzy (Yemen) Cooperation with Relevant Organizations Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Ezz El Din Derbal (Tunisia) Abdel Hafez Abou Zoheir (Libya) Abdullah Ebeid (Yemen) Feesal Al Sabbahy (Morocco) Hassan Hamdan (Lebanon) Arar Abderahman (Algeria)

Community Development Chairman Mr. Wahed Al Obaidi (Tunisia) Members Mr. Abdul Galel Al Dahash (Libya) Mr. Nabel Baidoun (Lebanon) Mr. Youssef Sareer (Algeria) Mr. Abdullah Ben Hassan (Saudi Arabia) Mr. Wafaa Afelal (Morocco) Mr. Taher Nasher (Yemen) Sections Development Chairman Mr. Alhadi Ben Khoud (Tunisia) Members Mr. Abdel Raouf Abdel Aal (Libya) Mr. Youssef Mahmoud Khaddaj (Lebanon) Mr. Saleh Alawadi (Kuwait) Mr. Mohamed Abbass Saadan (Egypt) Mr. Abdel Kareem Mashay (Algeria) Mr. Foad Hamza (Jordan)

Mohamed Saeed Al Thoaban (Libya) Mostafa Abdel Rasoul (Lebanon) Abdel Salam Bou Ghaba (Morocco) Abdullah Al Qallaf (Kuwait) Al monseff Ben Araffa (Tunisia) Mohamed Al Nazeer (Saudi Arabia) Mohamed Bou Allaq (Algeria)

Strategy Chairman Mr. Mohamed Kheir Mamsar (Jordan) Members Mr. Mohamed Geraya (Tunisia) Mr. George Al Ghareb (Lebanon) Mr. Nabel Eid Al Zahar (Egypt) Mr. Gaafar Al Eryan (Kuwait) Mr. Al Badry Aamer Dozan (Libya) Mr. Hamam Zedan (Egypt) Mr. Abdullah Mahmoud (Qatar) Mr. Alaa Khesal (Morocco)

ASIA-PACIFIC REGION SCOUT COMMITTEE Chairman Mr. Eric Khoo Heng Peng (Malaysia) Vice-Chairmen Haji Zainal bin Penghulu Haji Ibrahim (Brunei) Mr. Ross Mckenzie (New Zealand) Members Mr. John G Ravenhall (Australia) Mr. Yung Chaur Shin (Scouts of China) Mr. John C Y Hui (Hong Kong) Mr. Mohammed Ali Khalid (India) Dr. Koji Oguri (Japan) Mr. Oh Sang-Gyoon (Korea) Mr. Tan Cheng Kiong (Singapore)

Asia-Pacific Region Sub-Committees: Programme

Chaiman Ms. Mari Nakano (Japan) Vice-Chairman Mr. Arif Rasheed (Maldives) Members Ms. Julie Creed (Australia) Dr. Da-Yung Wang (Scouts of China) Mr. Ronald Mak Sak Hong (Hong Kong) Mr. Bayu Tresna (Indonesia) Mr. T V Srinath (India) Mr. Alex Cho Sang Yong (Korea) Mr. Aftab Qureshi (Pakistan) Dr. Jeffrey Ho Kai Kwong (Singapore) Mr. Phaiyong Manirat (Thailand) Adult Resources Chairman Mr. Peter John Blatch (Australia) Vice-Chairman Dr. Wai-Ming Mak (Hong Kong) Members Hj Ismail Pd Hapidz (Brunei Darussalam) Mr. Adi Pamungkas (Indonesia) Mr. Kyohei Ogura (Japan) Mr. Se Young Moon (Korea) Mr. Ravindra P Pandey (Nepal) Ms. Lesley Anderson (New Zealand) Mr. Tan Kay Kerng (Singapore) Mr. Sabaratnam Thevarajan (Sri Lanka) Management Chairman Mr. Simon Hang Bock Rhee (Korea) Vice-Chairman Mr. Mohammad Zainul Abedin (Bangladesh) Members Ms. Emma Barker (Australia) Mr. Haji Badar Ali (Brunei) Dr. Kuan Chih-Ming (Scouts of China) Mr. Paul Kua (Hong Kong) Mr. H P Chhetri (India) Mr. Triadi Suparta (Indonesia) Mr. Geoffrey Young Luan Teo (Malaysia) Mr. Ratna Raj Niraula (Nepal) Mr. Hec Browett (New Zealand)


Financial Resources


Chairman Mr. Paulus Tjakrawan Taningdjaja (Indonesia) Vice-Chairman Mr. Sutham Phanthusak (Thailand) Members Mr. Ian Langford Brown (Australia) Mr. Zainuddin Jaafar (Brunei) Mr. Paul W C Ho (Hong Kong) Mr. Kazumasa Maehara (Japan) Mr. Sang Ho Shim (Korea) Mr. Radzwan Bin Husain (Malaysia) Brig. (Retd.) Maqsood Ul Hassan(Pakistan) Mr. Shanta Madurawe (Sri Lanka)

Chairman Mr. Irakli Todua (Georgia) Vice-Chairman Mrs. Nozima Nurmukhamedova (Rep. of Tajikistan) Members Mr. Bagrat Esayana (Armenia) Mr. Ibrahim Ismayilov (Rep. of Azerbaijan) Ms. Veronika Mikhalchenkova (Russian Federation) Mr. Vladimir Vlas (Rep. of Moldova)

Scouting Profile Chairman Dr. Mohammed Mukhyuddin Bin Sarwani (Malaysia) Vice-Chairman Mr. Richard Miller (Australia) Members Dr. Khaleda Begum (Bangladesh) Mr. Ie- Bin Lian (Scouts of China) Mr. Anthony Kit- Chu Chan (Hong Kong) Mr. Nazir Ahmad Khan (India) Mr. Brata Hardjosubroto (Indonesia) Mr. Yoshio Danjo (Japan) Mr. Koo Hong Kiong (Malaysia) Mr. Wayne Phillip (New Zealand) Mr. Alex Choo Haw Fatt (Singapore) Mr. Prakorb Mukura (Thailand) Task Force for 2006-2007 Chairman Mr. Ghazanfar Mashkoor (Pakistan) Region Chairman Mr. Eric Khoo Heng Peng (Malaysia) Region Vice Chairman (Management and Finance Group) Haji Zainal Abidin bin Penghulu Hj Ibrahim (Brunei Darussalam) Region Vice Chairman (Educational Method Group) Mr. Ross Mckenzie (New Zealand) Region Committee Members Mr. Cheng Kiong Tan (Singapore) Dr. Koji Oguri (Japan) Chairman, Programme Sub-Committee Ms. Mari Nakano (Japan) Chairman, Adult Resources Sub-Committee Mr. Peter John Blatch (Australia) Chairman, Management Sub-Committee Mr. Simon Hang Bock Rhee (Korea) Chairman, Financial Resources Sub-Committee Mr. Paulus Tjakrawan Taningdjaja (Indonesia) Chairman, Scouting Profile Sub-Committee Dr. Mohammed Mukhyuddin Bin Sarwani (Malaysia) Chairman, Young Adult Members’ Group Mr. Edward Cook (New Zealand) Member Mr. Saiful Khan (Bangladesh) Advisor Mr. Katsura Kuno (Japan) Asia-Pacific Scout Foundation President & Ex officio Member Mr. Anthony Thng (Singapore) Former President & Ex officio Member Mr. John C Y Hui (Hong Kong) Members Abu Bakar Haji Bakar Ahmad (Brunei Darussalam) Mr. Kuniichi Komachi (Japan) Tan Sri Kamarul Arifin (DBP) b. Mohamed Yassin (Malaysia) Ex officio Members Dr. William G Wells (Australia) Mr. Herman C S Hui (Hong Kong) Mr. Eric Khoo Heng Peng (Malaysia) Mr. Sutham Phanthusak (Thailand) Young Adult Members’ Group Chairman Mr. Edward Cook (New Zealand) Members Mr. Aaron Christopher Wardle (Australia) Mr. Eko Adrianto (Indonesia) Ms. Insun Ryu (Korea) Ms. Maiya Twayanabasu (Nepal) Ms. Netsai Khaimarn (Thailand)

Eurasia Scout Sub-Committees: Youth Program Network

Ms. Veronika Mikhalchenkova (Russian Federation) Mr. Vladimir Vovk, Consultant Institutional Development and Efficient Management Network Mr. Bagrat Yesayan (Armenia) Mr. Nikolay Akatov (Russian Federation) Development of Social Service through Broader Partnership Network Mr. Vladimir Vlas (Moldova) Mr. Oleg Reshetnikov (Russian Federation) Democratic Relations in the Scout Organization Network Mr. Ibrahim Ismayilov (Azerbaijan) Mr. Vladimir Talanov (Russian Federation) Scouting in New Countries Expansion Network Mr. Iurie Emilian (Moldova) Sociological Studies in Scouting Network Dr. Valeriy Golovenko, Consultant

EUROPEAN REGION SCOUT COMMITTEE Chairman Ms. Lidija Pozaic Frketic (Croatia) Vice-Chairman Mr. Marios Christou (Cyprus) Members Mr. Paolo Fiora (Italy) Mr. João Armando Gonçalves Pereira (Portugal) Mr. Johan Strid (Sweden) Mr. Craig Turpie (United Kingdom) Treasurer Mr. Claudio Burkhard (Switzerland)

European Scout Sub-Committees: Young People and Youth Programme Network Committee Member Mr. João Armando G. Pereira (Portugal) Core Group Members Ms. Lara Parenti (Italy) Ms. Mary Nugent (Ireland) Ms. Bianca Bobei (Romania) Ms. Carla Alexandre Simoes (Portugal) Network Members Mr. Grégory Sanchez (Belgium) Mr. Pavol Sveda (Slovakia) Mr. Petr Vanek (Czech Republic) Mr. Jean Amand Declerck (France) Mr. Hocine Sadouki (France) Mr. Fabio Fiamberti (Italy) Mr. Joao Nuno Cochofel Meireles e Silva (Portugal) Ms. Helena Augusta Leite (Portugal) Mr. Jon Ingvar Bragason (Iceland) Mr. Helgi Grimsson (Iceland) Mr. George Hourdakis (Greece) Mr. Antonios Papatheodoulou(Greece) Ms. Ana Margarida Nunes (Portugal) Mr. Pedro Duarte Silva (Portugal) Mr. Esa Kuusela (Finland) Mr. Eugene McHugh (Ireland) Mr. Dragan Ancevski (The former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia) Ms. Johanna Virkulla (Finland) Ms. Krasanka Majer (Croatia) Ms. Laura Maria Galimberti (Italy) Mr. Catalin Muntean (Romania) Ms. Stanislava Gajdosova (Slovakia) Mr. Pedro Brito (Portugal) Staff Member Mr. Radu Stinghe


Volunteers Serving World Scouting Continued

Scouting’s Profile Network


Committee Member Mr. Paolo Fiora (Italy) Core Group Members Mr. Stephan Tschudi (Switzerland) Mr. Pau Noguera Borel (Spain) Mr. Arunas Kemezys (Lithuania) Ms. Despina Papatheodoulou (Greece) Network Members Mr. David Bull (United Kingdom) Mr. Pavel Trantina (Czech Republic) Mr. Aljosa Ravnikar (Slovenia) Mr. Dieter De Court (Belgium) Mr. Paul Konsbruck (Luxembourg) Mr. Henrik Söderman (Finland) Ms. Katarzyna Goleman (Poland) Mr. José Gouveia (Portugal) Ms. Alexandra Alina Arcan (Romania) Mr. Cosmin Mihai Catana (Romania) Mr. Costas Tsolakidis (Greece) Staff Members Mr. Mike Walker Ms. Pascale Boulanger

Chairman Mr. Jin Matsumoto (USA) 1st Vice Chairman Mr. Oscar V. Palmquist A. (Brazil) 2nd Vice Chairman Mr. Fritz H. Campos V. (Colombia) Members Mr. Ronald E. Castro (El Salvador) Mr. Jorge I. Katín (Nicaragua) Mr. Omar Lugo A. (Mexico) Mr. John A. Neysmith (Canada) Mr. Germán Rocha M. (Bolivia) Mr. Luis M. Sabater N. (Dominican Rep.) Dr. Nigel L. Taylor (Barbados) Treasurer Mr. Canio P. Lioi I. (Chile) Executive Secretary Mr. Gerardo González E.

The Adults We Need Network

Coordinators Ms. Cynthia Márquez (El Salvador) Dr. Nigel Taylor (Barbados) Members Mr. Enio Cojho (Brazil) Mr. Oscar Mendoza (Bolivia) Mr. Carlos Cox (Chile) Ms. Alba Inés Zapata (Colombia) Mr. Oscar Calderón (Costa Rica) Dr. Humberto Artiles (Dominican Rep.) Mr. Julio Llinás (Dominican Rep.) Mr. Javier Vargas (Ecuador) Mr. Jorge Balladares (Ecuador) Mr. Agustín Pineda (El Salvador) Mr. Alejandro Bueso (El Salvador) Mr. Eduardo Morales (Guatemala) Mr. Gerardo Cervantes (Honduras) Mr. Aarón Linares (Mexico) Mr. Guillermo Ramos (Nicaragua) Mr. Justino Pinzón (Panama) Mrs. Elena Ojeda (Paraguay) Mr. Engelberto Unzain (Paraguay) Mr. Menotti Yáñez (Peru) Mr. Edmundo Saco (Peru)

Committee Member Mr. Craig Turpie (United Kingdom) Core Group Members Mr. Pieter Willems (Belgium) Ms. Grazina Kacergyte (Lithuania) Mr. Jussi Lares (Finland) Ms. Maria Helena Guerra (Portugal) Network Members Mr. François Dronsart (France) Mr. Luca Zamberletti (Italy) Mr. Rafal Klepacz (Poland) Mr. Balazs Solymosi (Rep. of Hungary) Staff Member Mr. Mark Knippenberg st An Organization for the 21 Century Network Committee Member Mr. Johan Strid (Sweden) Core Group Members Mr. Dimitri Van Uytfange (Belgium) Mr. Björn Seelbach (Germany) Mr. Daniele Rinaldi (Italy) Mr. Maeliosa DeBuitlear (Ireland) Network Members Mr. Torstein Vik (Norway) Mr. Michal Borun (Poland) Mr. Joao Teixeira (Portugal) Ms. Diana Teodorescu (Romania) Mr. Efstathiou (Nassos) Athanassios (Greece) Mr. Mads Hjortkjaer (Denmark) Staff Member Mr. Mark Knippenberg Finance Support Group Vice Chairman European Committee Mr. Marios Christou (Cyprus) Treasurer European Committee Mr. Claudio Burkhard (Switzerland) Chairman, European Scout Foundation Mr. Jørgen Rasmussen (Switzerland) Members Mr. Kalle Virtanen (Finland) Mr. Thorsteinn Sigurdsson (Iceland) Ms. Thérèse Bermingham (Ireland) Staff Members Mr. Blaise Bachmann Mr. David McKee European Scout Foundation Chairman Mr. Jørgen Rasmussen (Switzerland) Vice Chairman and Treasurer Mr. René Karla (Austria) Ex officio Vice Chairman European Committee Mr. Marios Christou (Cyprus) Treasurer European Committee Mr. Claudio Burkhard (Switzerland) Regional Director Mr. David McKee Members Mr. Olafur Asgeirsson (Iceland) Mr. Frédéric Baudin (Switzerland) Ms. Jacqueline Collier (Switzerland) Mr. David Jenny (Switzerland) Mr. Johannes Jonas (France) Mr. Juris Ulmanis (Latvia) Honorary Members Mr. Andreas Henrichi Staff Member Mr.Blaise Bachmann

Interamerican Region Sub-Committees: Human Resources Network

Institutional Development Network Coordinator Mr. Omar Lugo (Mexico) Members Mr. Ralph Croes (Aruba) Ms. Lilian Hernández (Aruba) Mr. John Phillpot (Bahamas) Mr. W. Basil Forbes (Barbados) Dr. Nigel L. Taylor (Barbados) Mr. Hilberto Riverol (Belize) Mr. Germán Rocha (Bolivia) Mr. Rubem Tadeu Perlingeiro (Brazil) Mr. John Neysmith (ISC Member) (Canada) Mrs. María Cristina Peñaloza (Colombia) Mr. Francisco Andrade (Colombia) Mr. Pablo Solano (Costa Rica) Mr. J. Fidencio Hernández (Dominican Rep.) Mr. Rafael Pérez (El Salvador) Mr. Juan Cocar (El Salvador) Mr. Ronald Castro (El Salvador) Mr. José Luis Cárdenas (Mexico) Mr. J. Antonio Hernández (Mexico) Mr. Daniel Corsen (Netherlands Antilles) Mr. Javier Baez (Nicaragua) Mr. Raimundo Ruiz Díaz (Paraguay) Mr. Michael Bradshaw (Trinidad & Tobago) Mr. Orlando German (Venezuela)


Network for the Production of Educational Material Coordinator Ms. Loreto González (Chile) Members Mr. Antonio A. Farías M. (Argentina) Mr. Franklin Ridderstaat (Aruba) Ms. Yoli Céspedes (Bolivia) Mr. Fernando Montserrat (Brazil) Mr. Franco Piza (Colombia) Ms. Deysi Sossa V. (Costa Rica) Ms. Larissa M. Paniagua (Dominican Republic) Ms. Paola Susana Cárdenas C. (Ecuador) Ms. Cynthia Márquez C. (El Salvador) Mr. Eduardo Morales (Guatemala) Ms. Scarleth Núñez O. (Honduras) Mr. Arturo León y Vélez A. (Mexico) Mrs. Idylliene Corsen-Simon (Netherlands Antilles) Ms. Morena Guadalupe Espinoza (Nicaragua) Mr. Anel Andrión (Panama) Mrs. Elena Ojeda de Ruiz Díaz (Paraguay) Mr. Carlos Enrique Morales Peña (Peru) Ms. Laura Baldasari (Uruguay) Youth Network

Interamerican Scout Foundation President Mr. Geoff Wheatley (Canada) Vice-President Mr. C. Bari Saunders (USA) Treasurer Dr .William Finerty (USA) Secretary Mr. Marshall Hollis (USA) Members Mrs. Anne Lucienne de Barrientos (Venezuela) Mr Carlton “Chip” Clardy, Jr. (USA) Mr J. Antonio Hernández (Mexico) Mrs. Ana Elisa Piubello (Argentina) Dr. Harold Friend (USA) Mr John Phillpot (Bahamas) Mr. Bruce Trefz (USA) Mr. Patrick Lyon (Chile) Mr. Ernesto Quiñónez (El Salvador) Mr John Pyfer (USA) Mr. V. Owen Springer (Barbados) Ex Officio Members Mr. Jin Matsumoto (USA) Mr. Oscar Palmquist (Brazil) Mr. Gerardo González (Chile)

Coordinators Ms. Ana Lorena Gudiño Valdez (Mexico) Mr. Fernando Brodeschi (Brasil) Members Mr. José E. Pérez (Belize) Mr. Luiz Gustavo Cardia Mazetti (Brazil) Mr. Tyler Arrell (Canada) Mr. Armando Aguilar Gómez (Costa Rica) Ms. María de los Ángeles Morales (Ecuador) Ms. Isabela Vides (El Salvador) Ms. Claudia Mancia (El Salvador) Mr. Donis Figueroa (Guatemala) Mr. David Durimele (France) Mr. Daniel Corsen (Jr.) (Netherlands Antilles) Ms. Iliene Corsen (Netherlands Antilles) Mr. Reynard Francisca (Netherlands Antilles) Ms. Louinne Heldewier-Vignon (Netherlands Antilles) Ms. Jessica Ignacio (Netherlands Antilles) Ms. Suyenne Ludowica (Netherlands Antilles) Ms. Jessica María Mejía Navarro (Nicaragua) Ms. Sandra Arnesto (Nicaragua) Venture & Rover Sections Task Force Coordinator Mr. Gerardo González (Chile) Members Mr. Rodrigo González Cao (Argentina) Mr. Antonio A. Farías M. (Argentina) Mr. Jorge Fuentes (Bolivia) Mr. Roberto Escobar (Bolivia) Mr. Marcos Carvalho (Brazil) Mrs. M. Terezinha Koneski Weiss (Brazil) Mr. Luiz César de Simas Horn (Brazil) Mrs. Carmen Barreira (Brazil) Mr. Renato Bustamante (Chile) Mr. Vladimir Rojas (Chile) Mr. Harold May V. (Colombia) Mr. Franco Piza (Colombia) Ms. Alba Inés Zapata (Colombia) Mr. Mauricio Castro (Costa Rica) Mr. Oscar Calderón (Costa Rica) Ms. Tatiana Quiroz (Ecuador) Mr. Manuel Romero (El Salvador) Ms. Madelyn Paiz (Guatemala) Mr. Mario Francisco Lagos (Honduras) Mr. Arturo León y Vélez A. (Mexico) Mr. Aarón Linares Pérez (Mexico) Mr. Efraín Acosta Lugo (Mexico) Mr. Leonel Marín Benítez (Nicaragua) Mr. Vladimir Rodríguez (Panama) Mrs. Elena Ojeda de Ruiz Díaz (Paraguay) Ms. Cecilia Seminario (Peru) Mr. Pablo Ovalles (Dominican Republic) Ms. Larissa M. Paniagua (Dominican Republic) Mr. Álvaro Soares (Uruguay) Ms. M. Leticia Severi (Uruguay) Mr. Ricardo Blanco (Venezuela)


World Scout Bureau STAFF

General Management

as at 1 June 2005

Mr. Luc Panissod Deputy Secretary General Executive Director, General Managment

Geneva, Switzerland

Mr. Mark Clayton Director, Corporate Publishing Mr. Victor Ortega Project Manager, Graphic Design & Audio-visuals

Secretary General

Ms. Marta Pieri Consultant, Resources Mobilisation

Dr. Eduardo Missoni Secretary General WOSM

Mr. Jean-Bernard Rebord Director, Administration, Finance & Personnel

Ms. Elena Levy Assistant to Secretary General

Mr. Ray Saunders Director, Information Technology

Office of the Secretary General

Mr. Mario Bertoldi Office Clerk

Mr. Richard Amalvy Director, Media & Communications

Ms. Carita Callcott Receptionist

Mr. Jim Sharp Director, WOSM Institutional Support & Coordinator

Ms. Josianne Casas Accountant

Ms. Anne Whiteford Director, Strategic Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

Ms. Christiane Felli Assistant, General Management

Ms. Rania Taher Project Officer, Strategy Ms. Silvie El-Taïb Assistant, WOSM Institutional and Strategic Support

Ms. Gabriella Galati Documentalist Ms. Georgina Isler Assistant Accountant Ms. Chantal Payot Assistant, Corporate Publishing

Education, Research & Development Mr. Dominique Bénard Deputy Secretary General Executive Director, Education, Research & Development Mr. Effendy Rajab Director, Adult Resources Mr. Andrés Morales Project Officer, Adolescents & Young Adults Ms. Chalongkwan Tavarayuth Project Officer, “Ticket to Life” Ms. Blanche-Marie Servas Assistant, Education, Research & Development


Partnerships, Events & Global Initiatives


Mr. Jean Cassaigneau Deputy Secretary General Executive Director, Partnerships, Events & Global Initiatives

Manila, Philippines

Ms. Nicola Gooderson Project Manager, 2007 Centenary Mr. Olof Håkansson Project Officer, World Events Mr. Hany Abdul Monem Project Officer, Partnerships

Mr. Abdullah Rasheed, Regional Director Mr. Hiong Boon Thian, Director, Adult Resources & Research Mr. S. Prassanna Shrivastava, Director, Administration & Resources Development Mr. Ysidro P. Castillo IV, Director, Youth Programme & Information Technology Ms. Lucia L. Taray, Director, Publications & Relationships

Ms. Chalongkwan Tavarayuth Project Officer, External Relations

Ms. Myrna M. Calderon, Office Manager

Mr. David Wanstall Project Officer, External Relations

Miss Leonisa M. Capinlac, Accountant

Miss Line Thaudahl Jacobson* Consultant, WOSM Partnership with UNICEF

Mr. Noel Sabandal, Liaison Officer

Mr. Zurab Khamashuridze** Consultant, WOSM Partnership with GTZ-Germany Ms. Jacqueline Paschoud Assistant, Partnerships, Events & Global Initiatives * **

based at UNICEF in Geneva based in Eschborn, Germany

Project Officers During this triennium the central office of the World Scout Bureau has welcomed a number of young people as project officers or interns for short term assignments (maximum 18 months). They are: Ms. Helen Burgess (Australia) Mr. Ruben Garcia S. (Spain) Ms. Nicola Gooderson (UK) Mr. Franklin Hsu (Taiwan) Mr. Olof Hakansson (Sweden) Ms. Line Thaudahl Jacobson (Denmark) Mr. Zurab Khamashuridze (Georgia) Mr. Hany Abdul Monen (Egypt) Mrs. Shana McElroy Moland (USA) Mr. Andres Morales (Costa Rica) Mr. Pascal Ndene (Senegal) Mr. Arturo Romboli (Argentina) Ms. Francesca Scanio (USA) Ms. Hui-Chun Shu (Scouts of China) Mr. Henrik Söderman (Finland) Ms. Rania Taher (Egypt) Ms. Chalongkwan Tavarayuth (Thailand) Mr. David Wanstall (Switzerland)

AFRICA REGIONAL OFFICE 1. Main Office: Nairobi, Kenya Mr. Kinuthia N. Murugu, Regional Director Mr. Abdoulaye M. Sene, Director, Youth Programme & Training Mr. J.D. Gathogo Ngugi, Director, Community Development and Special Projects Mr. Oliver Waindi, Assistant Director, Youth Programme and Training Ms. Lydiah W Kiburu, Assistant Director, Communications Ms. Susan Kibe, Assistant Director, Finance and Administration Ms. Evelyn Omukubi, Secretary to the Director Ms. Grace Gaya, Secretary, Educational Methods Ms. Lucia Chebet, Partnerships and Liaison Mr. Claude Sokpor, Assistant Accountant 2. Operations Centre: Dakar, Senegal

Miss Lilian R. De Luna, Executive Secretary Miss Therese E. Quine, Publications Assistant Ms. Arjay C. Francisco

EURASIA REGIONAL OFFICE 1. Main Office: Yalta, Ukraine Dr. Alexander S. Bondar, Regional Director Mrs. Ludmila Vasischeva, Financial Assistant Mr. Guennady Chukavin, Support Services Assistant Mr. Irakli Varshalomidze, Communications & Information Technology Assistant 2. Moscow, Russian Federation Mrs. Nadiejda Skorokhodova, Administration Secretary

EUROPEAN REGIONAL OFFICE 1. Geneva, Switzerland Mr. David McKee, Regional Director Mr. Blaise Bachmann, Director, Finance & Administration Mr. Radu Stinghe, Director, Youth Programme Mr. Mark Knippenberg, Director, Adult Resources Mrs. Miriam Herzberg, Director, Kandersteg International Scout Centre Mrs. Nathalie Labar 2. Brussels, Belgium Mr. Mike Walker, Director, Communications & External Relations Ms. Pascale Boulanger, Deputy Director, External Relations Mrs. Françoise Tiquet, Secretary Mr. Alexander Söllei, Research Officer 3. Belgrade, Yugoslavia Mr. Milutin Milosevic, Field Executive, South East Europe

INTERAMERICAN REGIONAL OFFICE Santiago de Chile Mr. Gerardo González E., Regional Director Mr. Alberto Omar Del Brutto, Deputy Regional Director Ms. Loreto González, Director, Youth Programme Mr. Gabriel Oldenburg, Director, Human Resources Mr. Fernando Marchant A., Director, Administration Mr. Héctor Carrer, Assistant Director, Youth Programme

Mr. Lamine Diawara, Director

Mr. Ronald Schloss, Assistant Director, Institutional Development

3. Operations Centre: Cape Town, South Africa

Ms. Maritza Pelz, Designer

Mr. Winston Adams, Director

Mr. Andres Omar Del Brutto, Assistant, Web Pages


Mr. Ricardo Araya, Accountant

Cairo, Egypt Mr. Fawzi Farghali, Regional Director Mr. Refaat M. El-Sebaey, Director, Media & Educational Laboratory Mrs. Laïla Abd El Salam Aly, Director, Public Relations Mr. Fathy Farghali, Director, Community Development & Special Projects


World Scout Bureau Staff - Key Changes As at 1 June 2005

2002 August Ms. Jacqueline Collier, Deputy Director, Youth Programme, resigned after teen years. 2003 January Documentalist Mrs. Malalaï Seraj left the Bureau August Mr. Jean-Luc Bertrand, Assistant Director, World Events Unit (Youth Programme and Human Resources), left after 11 years. Mr. Lutz Kuehnen, Assistant Director, World Events Unit (Risk Management and Engineering), left after three years.

2004 April On 31 March Dr. Jacques Moreillon retired after 15 years as Secretary General of WOSM. On 1 April, Dr. Eduardo Missoni became Secretary General. June Ms. Jocelyne Gendrin-Guinebault resigned as Director of the European Regional Office after four years, handing over the position to Mr. David McKee, who had been International Manager of The Scout Association in the United Kingdom. August Mr. Richard Amalvy moved from the European Scout Regional office in Brussels to the central office in Geneva to support work in the area of news media and communication. October Mr. Alan Bird, who worked for about a year as project fund-raiser, left the Bureau. December Mr. Malek Gabr, Deputy Secretary General for Educational Methods, retired after 36 years. Mr. Dominique Bénard became Deputy Secretary General, taking over many of Malek’s responsibilities. 2005 February Ms. Mireille Duchoud, Director of the Administration, Finance & Personnel Unit resigned after five years. She was replaced in March by Mr. Jean-Bernard Rebord who had been working for the Geneva school system administration, and previously the Red Cross.


Voluntarios que sirven al Movimiento Scout Mundial  

Listado de voluntarios que prestan servicio a la Oficina Scout Mundial.

Voluntarios que sirven al Movimiento Scout Mundial  

Listado de voluntarios que prestan servicio a la Oficina Scout Mundial.