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Leonard Lugo

Westfield, NJ, United States

I am Leonard Lugo: a seasoned law enforcement leader with over 20 years of dedicated service. From patrol officer to Platoon Supervisor at the Westfield Police Department, Leo's journey exemplifies exceptional leadership and versatile expertise. In roles like Detective Sergeant and Counterterrorism Coordinator, Leo showcased his keen investigative acumen. Beyond the badge, his contributions to SWAT, Crisis Negotiations, and Emergency Response Units demonstrate tenacity and expertise in high-pressure situations. As an instructor at the Union County Police Academy, Leo shapes future law enforcement professionals through mentorship. Certified in FBI Basic SWAT and Homeland Security Command, his diverse skill set ensures community safety. Leo's commitment extends to community engagement, fostering trust through town hall meetings and educational programs. Join Leonard "Leo" Lugo on his mission to create safer communities and uphold the principles of justice.