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THE BIOselect PRODUCTS—A 2,000-YEAR-OLD BEAUTY RECIPE The BIOselect skin care line is an innovative and unique concept inspired by the ancient beauty secrets of Olive Oil and Dictamelia. The BIOselect products are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the island of Crete in Greece and with the patented ingredient of Dictamelia. Olive Oil contains some of the most efficient anti-oxidants that nature has to offer, which have anti-aging, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and skin-toning properties. At the same time, Dictamelia (an extract of the plant Dictamo-an herb that only grows on the mountains of the island of Crete- infused with Olive Oil) is an ancient beauty secret of the Greeks. It is known for its healing and soothing properties; Hippocrates (the ‘father’ of medicine) recognized that Dictamelia could be used to heal small wounds or cuts.

ICEA ORGANIC CERTIFICATION Apart from the traditional and unique ingredients used in the BIOselect products, we ensure their safety through the ICEA certification. Our skin care line is one of the few lines in the world that is actually certified-organic by a world renowned organization, ICEA. This certification ensures that our products are: Harsh-preservatives FREE (NO parabens, NO thiazolinones, NO imadazolidinyl urea, NO formaldehyde) Harsh-chemicals FREE (NO PEG, PPG or PG, NO silicones) Harsh-surfactants FREE (NO SLS etc) Also, ICEA ensures that everything –from our manufacturing process to our final products—is friendly to the environment. Our packaging is recyclable and the ingredients in our products are not toxic to humans or the environment.

AN INTERNATIONAL BRAND The BIOselect products are made in Greece and they are sold all over the world in major chains and small stores. Currently the BIOselect products are sold in nearly 2,000 stores in Europe and Russia and in 2008 it was introduced in the US and Japan. Currently, BIOselect is sold in stores from NY to GA including Earth Fare and Greenlife Grocery in the southeast. Our brand is recognized throughout the world and it has a stellar reputation of high quality.

Intro to BIOselect Products  

An introduction to BIOselect products