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rise up.

There are those who shrink from life’s challenges.

rise up. And those who

In the following pages, we want to show you how real people rise to the challenge at Lenoir-Rhyne University. All the stories are real. No photos have been doctored. No facts have been embellished. We want you to see the real Lenoir-Rhyne – and decide for yourself if you’re ready to rise up.

Once you start rising up, you might literally

take off.. For Sarah Gladden, the destination was San Francisco. Sarah, along with six classmates and two professors, headed to the West Coast at the start of spring term. Their destination? The national Joint Mathematics Conference in San Francisco, where they took in presentations from some of the leading minds in math. “It was fantastic. We heard speakers present research and papers and give talks on new methods of teaching math. It was great. And, we had time for sightseeing, too! That was the best – it was my first time going out west.” A conference session has even provided her with inspiration for the focus of her senior research project – the math behind music. That’s a topic that suits Sarah well. She knows notes as well as numbers, as a violinist and a singer with L-R’s renowned A Cappella and Chapel Choirs.

Sarah knows a little something about L-R alumni – she’s the fifth generation of her family to attend L-R. “I love that so much of my family went here; Homecoming is a big family reunion!” Her on-campus family includes her sorority sisters (she’s an officer) and her fellow choir members. Sarah is also an orientation leader, an Admissions tour guide, and a math tutor. Next year, she’ll be adding student teaching to the mix. Luckily, her talent at balancing complicated math equations makes it easier for her to manage balancing her courses and all her activities. “You don’t always realize how much work goes into things and how much other people are depending on you. But it’s so worth it.”

“Going on tour with the choir is amazing. We have so much fun and reach so many different people. Plus, at every concert, no matter where – even in Minnesota – we meet L-R alums. It’s such a good experience.”

Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon… You might be speaking Greek in no time. L-R is home to four national fraternities and four national sororities. Greek life is about more

Sarah Gladden, Junior Math education major Vale, North Carolina

than just fun times. The real deal? Lots of opportunities for leadership, community service, and philanthropy.

Both Martin Luther and Martin Luther King, Jr. earned doctorates in theology, and both excelled as communicators before they became passionate reformers.

Martin Luther would have

loved L-R. So would Martin Luther King, Jr., Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and W.E.B. DuBois.

Martin Luther knew a thing or two about rising

We don’t expect every student to be a revolutionary.

up: He single-handedly took on corruption in the

We do expect you to constantly strive to do better.

Roman Catholic church, sparking a revolution that

And be better.

swept across Europe and literally changed the course of Western civilization. And all it took was

As a Lutheran university, Lenoir-Rhyne welcomes

one very public declaration of a deeply held belief.

all kinds of students, from every conceivable background. In fact, most of our students aren’t

“You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.” ~ Martin Luther

actually Lutheran; we’re home to Methodists, Mennonites, Baptists, and Episcopalians. And while they may differ in some respects, what our

When Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of

students have in common is a genuine appreciation

the Wittenberg Cathedral, he was literally risking

for L-R’s Lutheran values: service, integrity,

life and limb. Still, though, he refused to recant –

humility, and intellectual curiosity.

even under the threat of torture and execution. For Luther, it was a simple question of individual freedom: He believed that salvation was the Godgiven right of every faithful person, not something the Church could buy and sell. It was a belief he was willing to die for. (Fortunately for Luther, he didn’t have to – but it did change his life, and the world, forever.)

The other common denominator? L-R students know how to rise to a challenge. They know that every hurdle they encounter encourages them to think more broadly, critically, and creatively. And every fear they conquer puts them one step closer to being the kind of world-changer that Luther was. Would Luther have liked it at L-R? We think so.

Real learning goes beyond theory. Get ready to

rise up and engage. Talk to our Communication majors, and you probably

Professors who are more than mentors –

won’t hear much about what happened in class.

they’re student advocates.

Instead, they’re likely to rave about the fact that they were on the air as early as first semester freshman year. A nursing student might tell you about her trip to Mexico to work in a rural Mayan clinic. And our International Business majors? They recently spent time in China, participating in global management discussions and learning firsthand about international decision-making. At L-R, the classroom is simply a starting point. As a student here, you’ll learn how to take what you know and effectively apply it in the world. This is experiential learning at its best.

Sure, they may be wildly successful in their own right (authors, experts, and leading researchers), but L-R professors are even more concerned with your success. They’re here because they love to teach, and they’re committed to opening doors for their students. Every effort is made to connect you with meaningful opportunities, whether that means participating in a conference, applying for an internship, or studying overseas. With an average class size of 17 – the norm at L-R – you will genuinely get to know your professors, and they’ll get to know you. You might find yourself invited

And it all starts with Rise to the Challenge, L-R’s

to dinner to meet your professor’s family. Or even

Core Curriculum, and your first-year Gateway

asked to play a round of golf!

seminar. You’ll bond with fellow first-year students, plus faculty and staff, over discussions and projects on topics like “Slumdogs and Millionaires”; “Science, Quackery, & Truth”; and “Spirituality & Leadership.” Your core courses will help you sharpen your communication skills, get the skinny on health

Our faculty members also frequently invite students to work with them on research. More important, they’ll help you develop, produce, and present your own work (to local, state-wide, and even national audiences).

and nutrition, and explore subjects in fine arts,

L-R professors help you rise up – and make the most

humanities, science and math, technology, and

of every minute of your education.

human society and behavior. You’ll discuss, debate, intern, research, experiment, perform, and may even present your work at a conference. This is real! At L-R, we’re not big on classes taught by teaching assistants. Here, 100 percent of classes are taught by “real” professors, most of whom (79 percent) hold terminal degrees in their fields.


is all about moving forward. Ty Dannenbring knows a little something about that. “I always wanted to play Division I golf and then be a professional golfer. I tried out for the team at a DI school and didn’t make it. I thought my dream was shattered. I questioned whether golf was part of my future. I really had to evaluate my life and decide

Not that it was always so easy. “There were so many times when I could’ve thrown in the towel. But I didn’t give up on golf when I got cut. I kept moving forward. I’ve stayed true to the calling in my heart and pressed on, with sports, with school, everything.” His faith has made that possible.

what I wanted to do. I prayed about my next step.

“Spiritually, I’ve grown ten-fold during my time here.

I visited L-R, and I knew: it was exactly what I

I’ve learned what it meant to be selfless and be a

needed. I was drawn to the community. This was

real leader. There’s an amazing spiritual feeling

a place where I could make a difference.”

on campus.”

And he has. Ask students who among them best

Ty graduates this spring, but as he says, “My work

exemplifies Lenoir-Rhyne and the answer is likely:

here’s not done! I’m staying to earn my MBA. And

“Ty Dannenbring.” He’s a business major who not

I’ll be running track.” Whether the business world

only plays varsity golf, but also runs for L-R’s track

beckons, or coaching takes first place in his plans,

and cross country teams. He’s president of the

Ty is sure to keep moving forward, and rising up.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes and active with Campus Crusade for Christ, H.A.N.D.S. (Hearing and Deaf Signers), and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. (Is it any wonder Ty was voted Homecoming King?)

Want to focus on your faith? Head to Koinonia House.

Ty Dannenbring, Senior

It’s headquarters for L-R’s campus ministry, and the

Business management major

meeting place for student groups.

Yankton, South Dakota Anna Grove, senior, Biology major

rise up

If there’s one thing you’ll learn here, it’s how to

and shine. Literally talk “shop” with the likes of Julia Alvarez and Alice Walker.

Visiting Writers Series Think you can hold your own at a dinner party with Anna Quindlen or James Bradley? Make small talk with Nikki Giovanni or Joyce Carol Oates? At L-R, you’ll get to find out. For nearly two decades, L-R has been inviting literary luminaries to share their work in a relaxed, friendly, congenial atmosphere. For students, it’s a chance to directly interact with some of the world’s greatest writers. For the campus and the community, it’s a thrilling opportunity to hear great works read aloud. Past writers have included John Updike, Frank McCourt, Tim O’Brien, Sharon Olds, Alice Walker, Seamus Heaney, and Billy Collins (among others).

Earn top marks, in front of the class.

North Carolina Teaching Fellows

understanding of the American economic system. Each year a select group of sophomores

Teaching where teachers are needed is the ultimate

is chosen to be Broyhill Fellows. As a Fellow,

way to give back, which is why L-R is proud to be

you’ll be paired with a local business mentor,

one of only six private colleges and universities

and will participate in a variety of leadership

in the state partnered with the prestigious North

retreats, workshops, and forums (on campus

Carolina Teaching Fellows program. This highly

and off). You’ll also design and carry out your

Don’t just hug a tree. Plant one.

selective program awards scholarship funds to

own individualized leadership experience.

The Reese Institute for the Conservation of Natural Resources

North Carolina residents in exchange for a four-year

As part of L-R’s Reese Institute, you’ll get hands-on experience with local conservation efforts, while studying the larger land and water preservation issues of the nation and beyond. Based on the interdisciplinary model

teaching commitment in the state. Teaching Fellows

Join the fight against childhood obesity.

are involved in a four-year, intensive collaborative

The Solmaz Institute for Obesity

research project with one of our faculty members

will connect various programs already established

abroad (to study the educational systems in

on campus, including counseling, physical

countries such as China, Finland, and Poland).

education, nursing, and athletic training to help prevent and treat childhood obesity. Its clinic will

of the liberal arts, this program draws from the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, earth

Starting in the fall of 2010, the Solmaz Institute

and have the opportunity for fully funded study

Don’t settle for business as usual.

serve children and their families throughout the

science, economics, political science, business,

The Broyhill Leadership Institute

education, and ethics. All these topics are

Building better business leaders – that’s the

pay. You may find yourself volunteering in the clinic,

combined into one comprehensive course of

purpose of the Broyhill Institute. Created by a grant

taking on joint research projects, or simply gaining

study, teaching you how to develop – and actually

from the Broyhill Foundation in Lenoir, NC, the

a better understanding of your own health.

implement – long-term, viable, meaningful

Leadership Institute focuses on values-centered

environmental solutions.

business practices and works to foster a better

Hickory community, regardless of their ability to

rising up is about leaving your comfort zone in the dust. Emily Semmel was happy and comfy as she

classes I was going to register for, I found myself

entered her senior year at L-R. “I planned on

constantly thinking about that email. Before I knew

having a typical senior year: taking a few classes,

it, I’d applied and been accepted to the program.

working at the Registrar’s office, enjoying Hickory,”

I wanted to intern with an organization unique to

she remembers.

Washington, and after a phone interview with the

Instead, Emily’s spending her final semester of college attending congressional hearings,

Emily works with the communications and

researching legislation, and contributing to blogs

outreach team at Campus Progress, writing blogs

and websites as an intern for Campus Progress,

and web content, learning about legislation, and

the youth division of the Center for American

seeing government in action. She’s been to Senate

Progress, a think-tank in Washington, DC.

hearings and protest demonstrations. “I got to

“I’ve always been a planner, planning things out way ahead. To come to a city where I knew no

Emily Semmel, Senior Psychology major Graham, North Carolina

Center for American Progress, I was on my way.”

see Nancy Pelosi and President Obama sign the healthcare reconciliation bill – that was exciting!”

one, and do something in an area in which I had

It’s not all politics in DC, though. Emily’s also seen

no experience – to have the courage to apply

every monument and memorial, lots of museums,

and to go! – was really taking a risk.”

and even a taping of Top Chef.

It’s all thanks to an email Emily received about

“Coming to DC was the best experience I’ve

the Lutheran College Washington Semester

had, but only because L-R prepared me for it

Program. “I’d moved it out of my inbox, figuring

academically and socially. I wouldn’t be here

it was geared toward political science majors.

without L-R.”

But when I began contemplating what spring

The “real world” starts long before you graduate. L-R students are involved in research opportunities and internships to gain real career experience well before graduation.

L-R currently fields twenty intercollegiate teams: men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, and track & field; and women’s basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track & field, and volleyball. And to cheer the Bears on to victory, men’s and women’s cheerleading!

Students live in one of

The classroom isn’t the only place you’ll

push yourself.

Our student-athletes will tell you they work harder

Women’s Basketball: 2008-2009 SAC champions.

than anyone – on the field and off. And they might

2009 Food Lion SAC champions. 2009 and 2010

be right: At L-R, the emphasis for our student-

NCAA DII regional qualifiers. And Coach Todd Starkey

athletes is on “student.” (And we’ve had a few NCAA

was named NCAA DII National Coach of the Year in

All-Americans in the past two years.)

2009, and SAC Coach of the Year in 2009 and 2010.

Over the past few years, the Bears have really

If you’re more of a tuba player than a triathlete,

raised the bar. We’ve added five new sports and

that’s cool, too.

increased the number of student-athletes over a three-year period. L-R has also expanded its facilities – including a women-only weight room – and led the South Atlantic Conference in attendance for football for seven years straight.

You’ll have no trouble finding just the right co-curricular activity. L-R has more than 50 studentrun clubs and organizations, everything from Model U.N. to Pep Band to the Outdoor Adventure Club. Being Lutheran affiliated, we also have a range of

Other Bears highlights:

Christian clubs on campus, as well as weekly chapel

Men’s Basketball: SAC regular season champions in

services, retreats, and small group fellowships.

2008 and 2009. NCAA Division II regional qualifiers

As for downtime (rare, but it happens), you’ll love

in 2009.

campus life at L-R. There’s always something going

Softball: SAC regular season and tournament

on, whether it’s a Frisbee game, concert, cookout,

champions in 2010. NCAA DII regional qualifiers in 2009 and 2010. Coach Shena Hollar is the 2010 SAC Coach of the Year.

’80s movie extravaganza, or performance of the infamous “L-R Idol.” Do we have a rising pop star in our midst? Possibly!

six residence halls, all comfortably furnished, and all with internet access. It really is a lot like home (with the possible exception of the cooking).

Lenoir-Rhyne was recently named

There’s no better place to develop a sense of

to the prestigious President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for exemplary service efforts and service to disadvantaged youth.

At L-R, we’re preparing students to be leaders, and Hickory, North Carolina (pop. 40,000)

Ready to rise up, give back, and get noticed for it? It’s all par for the

just might be the perfect place to do it. Hickory residents are regularly on our campus –

course at L-R.

for programs like the Visiting Writers Series and Friends of Music – and L-R students are

Major metro areas are within easy reach. And the Great Outdoors is, well,

all over Hickory: interning, finding mentors in the business community, and taking part in

right outside your door.

service projects.

If you’re a nature lover, you couldn’t be in a better spot. Hickory is nestled in

In addition to volunteering with local organizations, our students also develop and

the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, close to the Appalachian Trail (and

implement their own projects as part of their curriculum. One example? Recently a group

lakes Hickory and Norman), and ideally situated for hiking, biking, kayaking,

of L-R education majors teamed up with a local elementary school to develop a website

sailing, you name it. For more urban entertainment, it’s an easy drive to

to communicate with a Hickory resident who was serving in Iraq. This teaching technology

Asheville, Charlotte, or Greensboro. Even Atlanta is only about four hours away.

project, Project Create a Smile, received a lot of attention – and now those students have been invited to present their work at the National Educational Computing Conference in Atlanta.

Money magazine has called Hickory “One of the Best Places to Live” in the United States. Hickory has also been honored as an All-America City three times.

rise up and challenge expectations.

Stuart Jones has a great appreciation for the

August heat to the chilly November nights,

Lenoir-Rhyne community. Why? “Here, I’m not

I work hard to contribute to the team. Learning

known as ‘the deaf boy.’ Here, I’m Stuart.”

from my mistakes and improving every time I get

While L-R’s Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing services factored into Stuart’s decision to come here, it

When Stuart’s not on the field, there’s a good

and football.

chance he’s on the courts playing intramural

people, they wave back, and you might not even know each other’s name. It’s a wonderful feeling! I used to be timid. Now, I’ve made so many different

activities on campus, even though my team didn’t make it too far in the playoffs! They’re a great way to make new friends and show off your skills.” Stuart’s looking forward to a successful football

strangers here at L-R, and I’m only a first-year!”

season (or four!), not to mention an intramural

opportunity to play football in college – not many deaf people get to play college ball. I’m thankful to have the chance. I was redshirted this year, but it’s not something that’s held me down – it’s motivated me to get better for next season. Through the

Irmo, South Carolina

basketball. “Intramurals are one of my favorite

friends all over campus. I feel like there aren’t any

As for football? “I didn’t expect to have the

Physics major

every day.”

ultimately came down to two things: friendliness

“This is such a friendly environment! You wave to

Stuart Jones, Freshman

on the football field are what I look forward to

basketball championship. He also has his eye on another big win: a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. “By the time I graduate, with everything I’ll have experienced academically, athletically, and even socially at L-R, I’ll have no problem rising up to anything that comes my way.”

Graduation is closer than you think. You don’t have to be a senior to make the most of the Career and Personal Development Center! Get a jump start on your future plans with counseling, career workshops, mock interviews, grad school prep, networking, and more.

You won’t believe where you’ll

go from here. After four years at L-R, you’ll know who you are, and all you’re capable of. It’s a powerful feeling. And it’s enabled our graduates to go on to successful careers in every field, from international business to academia to the arts. As an L-R graduate, you’ll be more than ready to meet any challenge. You’ll have a mission in life – and all the makings of a real leader.

curriculum Undergraduate Degrees Accounting



American Studies

Human and Community Service

Pre-medical Science

Arts Management

Information Technology



International Business          

Public Relations

Birth–Kindergarten Education

International Economics

Religious Studies

Broadcast & Electronic Media

International Relations

Sacred Music

Business Administration (LLL students only)

Liberal Studies

Secondary Education




Child and Family Intervention



Community Health


Sports Management

Comprehensive Science for Teachers

Medical Technology (3/1)

Studio Art

Computer Science

Middle School Education


Conservation of Natural Resources        

Multimedia Journalism

Converging & Interactive Media


Master’s Degrees Athletic Training (MS)


Music Education

Business Administration (MBA)

Elementary Education

Music Performance

Counseling (MA)





Language Development and Learning (MA)



Liberal Studies (MA)


Political Science

Occupational Therapy (MS)

Graphic Arts

Pre-engineering (3/2)

Public Health (MPH)

Health and Exercise Science

Pre-environmental Management/

Health and Physical Education

Forestry (3/2)

The next step?

It’s up to you. The best way to get to know the real L-R is to pay us a visit. You can call the Office of Admissions anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays at 828 328 7300 or 800 277 5721. You can also email To apply online, or visit us on the web, go to If you’re worried about money, don’t be – 98 percent of our students receive some sort of financial aid. Depending on your family’s financial situation and your own academic record, you could be eligible to receive any number of loans, grants, scholarships, and work/study benefits. To find out what you’re eligible for: ~ Submit the L-R application for admission.

The lowdown on Lenoir-Rhyne

~ Have high school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores forwarded to L-R. (The SAT code is 5365; the ACT code is 3118.) ~ Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Submit it to L-R as soon

Location: L-R’s lush 100-acre campus is located in

Athletics: Our teams compete in the Division II of the

Hickory, North Carolina, in the foothills of the Blue

NCAA and the South Atlantic Conference (SAC). Varsity

Ridge Mountains. We’re an hour from the mountains

teams include men’s baseball and football; men’s and

as possible after January 1, and no later than March 15. L-R’s Federal School Code

and about four hours from the beach.

women’s basketball, cheerleading, cross country, golf,

is 002941.

Character: L-R was established in 1891. We’re a

We’ll let you know as soon as possible if you’re accepted – and how much aid you’re likely to receive! To qualify for admission to L-R, you need to graduate from high school with four units in

private, coeducational university affiliated with the

lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, and track and field; and women’s softball and volleyball.

North Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran

Cost: With a little help, an L-R education can be very

Church in America and open to students from all

affordable: 98% of our students receive some kind of

religious backgrounds.

aid, whether it’s a grant, scholarship, loan, or work/ study program.

English, three in math (Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry), one in science, one in American

Students: We enroll approximately 1,650 students,

history, and two in foreign language. You’ll need to have had an average of four college prep

83% of whom are from the state of North Carolina;

Curriculum: Our liberal arts Core Curriculum

16% of whom are minority students; and 89% of whom

features majors in the liberal arts, sciences, and

attended public high school. Our student population

pre-professional programs.

courses each year, and if you’re a nursing major, you’ll need one year of Chemistry. To apply for admission, just send us a high school transcript

is approximately 34% male and 66% female.

(completed and mailed by your guidance counselor), SAT or

Faculty: Learn from Fulbright winners, award-winning

on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges

ACT scores, and an official L-R application (with your $35

researchers, and leaders in their fields – all of whom

and Schools to award bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

nonrefundable processing fee). After you’ve officially graduated

are passionate about teaching. Our student-faculty ratio

We’re also accredited by the American Association of

is 12:1 (but one-on-one mentoring relationships are

Colleges for Teacher Education, Accreditation Council

more the norm).

for Occupational Therapy Education, the National

Clubs & Organizations: L-R students are nothing if not

Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, the

involved. We have more than 50 clubs and organizations,

National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission,

including fraternities and sororities, professional and

and the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health

honorary societies, music and performance groups,

Education Programs.

from high school, forward a final transcript to the L-R Office of Admissions.

Visit us on a Southern Fried Friday. It’s more than a great campus tour. It’s your chance to really get comfy, really get to know us.

athletic and religious clubs.

Accreditation: L-R is accredited by the Commission

Julia Byrd, Junior Piano performance major Icard, North Carolina

Julia Byrd knows the keys to rising up –

all 88 of them. Her love of, and talent for, the piano led her to

other students and plays for a variety of campus

Lenoir-Rhyne. She was already studying with

events. Plus, she teaches piano to children and

L-R music professor Dr. John Cheek as a high

adults in the community.

school student.

Julia spent a week at the prestigious Orford Academy

The best part of the music program in Julia’s eyes?

in Quebec as a recipient of an LRU Friends of Music

“Performing opportunities! You don’t have so many

Summer Study Award. She also studied for nine

at other, bigger schools. At L-R, it’s easy to find great

weeks at Valor Summer Conservatory, a Christian

opportunities to perform.”

music conservatory in Wisconsin. “The music I play

Julia performed as the featured soloist with the L-R Concert Band last fall – “It was such a maturing

is an act of worship – I understand that I perform for the glory of God.”

experience for me! I’d never worked so closely with

This Honors student does take the occasional break

a conductor before. Dr. Kiser [Concert Band director

from piano. Her favorite course? “Astronomy! It blew

and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences] is one

my mind! Everyone should have to take it. I’m so

of my heroes. This was a large-scale collaboration!”

grateful to study things not related to my major. I’ve

Major requirements call for students to give one performance during their first two years in the music

grown intellectually a great deal and been exposed to so many different fields and ideas.”

program, then junior and senior recitals. Julia has already given three full recitals, in addition to her Concert Band performance. She also accompanies

Raise the bar even higher: L-R’s Honors Program offers invited students an even more intense academic experience. As an Honors student, you’ll take honors courses, dedicate time to community service, delve into the Great Books, step up your leadership skills, and put some serious thought into your honors thesis.

Box 7227 | Hickory, NC 28603-9949 | 800 277 5721 or 828 328 7300 |

Lenoir-Rhyne University Viewbook  

A brief overview of Lenoir-Rhyne University for prospective students.

Lenoir-Rhyne University Viewbook  

A brief overview of Lenoir-Rhyne University for prospective students.