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LEMNISCAAT PICTURE BOOKS Lemniscaat was founded in 1963 as an independent publishing house specializing in quality picture books and juvenile novels. This catalogue offers a survey of our illustrators and their work. For reading copies and other rights inquiries, please contact our foreign rights department. Lemniscaat Publishers P.O. Box 4066 3006 AB Rotterdam The Netherlands Tel: +31-10-206 29 24 Fax: +31-10-414 15 60

Kisses In this cozy bedtime story, a father helps his daughter prepare for bedtime. Lisa asks for a kiss, but her father has many different kinds of kisses to offer. A broad range of kisses (including the grandma kiss) is shown as Lisa becomes drowsy and eventually slips into sleep. While Kisses is the perfect remedy for children who resist going to sleep, it is also a loving portrait of the father-daughter bond. “Daddy and Lisa’s tender game may well tempt parents and children to try it too.” – Publishers Weekly

Children’s songs For pre-school and kindergarten

Marijke ten Cate

© Mariëlle van Gelderen

marijke ten cate (1974)

graduated from the School of Arts in Kampen and works full-time as an illustrator of picture books. Her characters are charming, her style inviting. The colors in her illustrations are lively and bright, just like Marijke!

WHO HAS THE BIGGEST BOTTOM? This silly circus celebrates that everyone has something special! A backyard cross between a circus and a county fair. Who has the most pointy nose? The longest ears? The dirtiest hands? The biggest bottom? The readers are the winners as each animal is recognized individually and then all together in one splendid celebratory spread. Rights sold to China, Denmark, U.S.A.

Where is my Sock? Every person, child or adult, will recognize the mystery of the lost sock. Marijke ten Cate, mother of many, turns this universal theme into a lively hide-and-seek book. Detailed illustrations reveal different storylines and clothes cleverly concealed in the midst of the jumble. The simple text is perfect for either one-on-one sharing or for preschool story times with such inevitable questions as “Where is my yellow sock?,” “Where are my striped pants?,” and “Where is my red sweater?” The more you look, the more you will discover in this book destined for an infinite number of repeat readings. Rights sold to China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, U.S.A.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Marijke ten Cate


the Yellow Balloon This wordless picture book with truly international appeal presents a new way of seeing. Each spread contains a wealth of detail while exploring universal themes. Acclaimed illustrator Charlotte Dematons takes us on a captivating and colorful journey around the world. Four key characters are found in each tableaux: a fakir, a crook, a little blue car and a yellow balloon. The exquisite detail makes every illustration a feast for the eye, creating landscapes that ensnare the audience. No text is required and the book can be enjoyed on many levels whether you make up your own story, follow one or more of the main characters, or simply lose yourself in the magical world of The Yellow Balloon. Winner of the prestigious Children’s Jury Award Biennial of Illustrators Bratislava (BIB) 2005

Rights sold to Faroe Islands, Germany, Japan,

Korea, South Africa, Spain (Catalan), Switzerland,

Taiwan, U.S.A.

Charlotte Dematons

© Mariëlle van Gelderen

charlotte dematons (1957) studied

holland An unprecedented elaborated I Spy book full of breathtaking details

at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Arts in Amsterdam, majoring in illustration and design. Uniquely talented in picture book art, Dematons has illustrated many books, conveying the sense of an old master with new sensibilities.

Holland — a land full of surprises, strange traditions, free-spirited people and a rich history. Charlotte Dematons paints with a keen eye for the detail for everything that makes The Netherlands so Dutch. The idiosyncrasies that make Holland so unique are revealed: from pensionada in unisex rain jackets on their bikes to a grandmother with her walker, skating on the ice, between the scenes of Avercamp, Bruegel and Bosch — and of course the multicultural Dutch society revealed and celebrated with wit and warmth. Winner of the Silver Slate Paintbrush 2013

Holland is accompanied by a companion paperback,


explaining all details of every amazing picture, making this book both an I Spy book and an armchair travel guide for anyone already fond of this small country of tulips, windmills and so much more. Rights sold to Germany, Taiwan, U.S.A.


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Charlotte Dematons

Raf Losing a beloved toy is every child’s nightmare and simply buying replacement is not an option. Raf, Benjamin’s favorite giraffe, is lost. Or is he? A few days later, Benjamin receives postcards from Raf from far away. During his travels, Raf becomes suntanned and filthy, he shrinks from a shower given by helpful elephants, and he is no longer quite the same. Anke de Vries explores the timeless themes of friendship and adapting to new situations with grace and humor. Charlotte Dematons shows a new side to her talent as she alternates between Ben’s home and the wilds of Africa, between tender portraits and wide landscapes. Rights sold to China, Italy, Korea, U.S.A.

Come Along An adventurous boy invites the reader to come along as he explores his world. Expressive illustrations and breathless dialog convey the sense of excitement as he successfully maneuvers his way through his “simple” backyard, crosses the dark woods with a giant, and navigates a wild sea full of sharks and a deserted beach with dangerous pirates nearby. Children and parents alike will revel in this perilous journey. Rights sold to China, Japan, Taiwan, U.S.A.


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Charlotte Dematons

Tobber Tobber discovers it is difficult to put your fears into words. He is just one of many bears in the toy store but he never speaks up. None of the other bears know why, but each has a theory for Tobber’s silence. Tobber provides a warm and safe environment to encourage children to acknowledge and confront their fears. Charlotte Dematons’s illustrations make the balls of fluff come alive, a visual testament to the power of friendship. Rights sold to China, Ukraine, U.S.A.

LOOKING FOR CINDERELLA Dematons tickles her readers’ imaginations by plunking a modern girl into a fairy tale world. Hilda looks out of her bedroom window to see signs of life at the deserted old windmill outside of town. When she goes there to investigate, she steps into a world where she is repeatedly mistaken for Cinderella. Characters from various stories mingle: the seven dwarfs help reroof the gingerbread house of the witch in Hansel and Gretel, for example. Finally Hilda finds the real Cinderella, hands her the glass slipper she has been mistakenly given, and Cinderella’s coach takes her home. Rights sold to China

The feast for the king Tarantula has created a delightful and delicious celebration cake for the birthday of King Lion. On top is a showpiece – an extra tender piece of meat. The moment Tarantula turns his back to the cake, however, that tasty top disappears... Rights sold to France, U.S.A.

Linde Faas

cola fountains and spattering paint bombs Bring Science home with this colorful collection of science experiments that use everyday household objects. Jesse Goossens has collected 48 spectacular, exciting, and sensational experiments with clear instructions and helpful information. Illustrator Linde Faas has exploded her palette to introduce even more giggles. The result is a festive book for budding inventors and other sorcerers’ apprentices. Rights sold to U.S.A.

Linde Faas (1985) graduated with honors from the Academy of Breda. She works as an animator of cartoon films and as an artist. Internationally she is building fame as an illustrator. For Lemniscaat she illustrated Pieter Koolwijk’s book on Flea and Spikey and Ben’s Boat, and with Marlies Verhelst she made the picture book The Feast for the King.

ON MY STREET For every child born to one of her friends, Annette Fienieg used to make a colorfully decorated tee shirt featuring a character you would fall in love with. Now it is time to introduce those creations — Mrs. McQueen Fifi LaPointe, Johnny Deck, Lightfingers Louie and more — to a wider audience. On My Street is an indestructible big format board book that will survive countless trips down the street and back again. Rights sold to U.S.A.

in our family A happy, musical family is introduced. Together they form a family orchestra, but one person is missing: Old Gramps, who has turned a hundred years today and for whom the family made a birthday song. Where she is, becomes clear only on the last page…

THE CIRCUS IS ABOUT TO BEGIN! Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages! We proudly present: The Circus of Meinderts and Fienieg! In The Circus Is About to Begin! the ringmaster announces his wide selection of animals. From the Living Penguin Cannonball to the knife throwing fox, the animals and their acts are the shining centerpiece of the circus. A variety show that will cheer you up.

Annette Fienieg

The Snowgirl The Winter Queen longs for a daughter. The Spirit of Snow promises to fulfill her wish, on one account: one day he will come and take the girl with him. A beautiful girl is born. But indeed, the day comes that the Spirit of Snow takes her away from her mother. In her despair the Winter Queen causes the longest and bitterest winter on earth. Will the girl be able to escape from the Spirit of Snow and return to her mother? A winter fairytale that will melt all hearts.

the Man in the Clouds A hermit high on a mountain turns the view from his window into a beautiful painting that gives comfort and peace to all who see it. When an art expert views the landscape, his proclamation that it is a valuable masterpiece changes the artist’s feelings about his work.

annette fienieg (1959) is an illustrator and graphic artist. She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Utrecht and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. She was then appointed “Artist in Residence” at the Highland Printmakers in Inverness, Scotland. Annette has illustrated more than eighty children’s books for Dutch and German publishers. She especially loves to create wide landscapes, portraits, townscapes and still lifes.

Winner of the Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award for Society and Culture Rights sold to U.S.A.

THE LIGHTHOUSE This poetic story is about generations that come and go, about the sea, and about hope and tenderness. Annette Fienieg’s timeless illustrations draw upon a romantic nostalgia that embraces the reader and gives this dreamy tale its own special luster. Rights sold to Belgium, U.S.A.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Annette Fienieg


A Fun Party Consider the usual scenes from a birthday party — hugs from the dreaded aunt, horrible, sticky kisses, obnoxious cousins. So why even celebrate? Why not have some real fun for a change? With the appealing Birthday Bear and his best friend marking the day their own way, Gerritsen’s illustrations perfectly convey the comforts and fun of true friendship. Rights sold to France

Paula Gerritsen

paula gerritsen (1956) took a roundWHITE A girl meets a snowman. It’s the beginning of a wonderful friendship that everyone knows will not be able to last. Yet you keep hoping, because the two are clearly made for each other. The friendship is intense, maybe even more so because of the inevitable finiteness. And the end comes. But the love remains.

about way to children’s book illustration. She began her professional life in psychology and was fascinated by the way children perceive the world around them. She is now making picture books for children full-time, combining her two passions: children and illustrating.

Nuts Mouse leaves her hilltop home to gather nuts from a tree far, far away across the fields, through the meadows, and around farms. Heedless of warnings, she finally reaches the nut tree only to fall asleep and awake to find the nuts gone. Disappointed, Mouse makes her way home again to discover her friend Gull waiting for her with a pleasant surprise. “‘Sometimes things just come your way,’ thinks lucky Mouse — just like this small, charming book.” – Booklist


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Paula Gerritsen

Irene Goede

IRENE GOEDE (1966) studied drawing

RACCOON AND OTTER Raccoon and Otter witness a miracle in this heartwarming picture book about friendship and caring. When they save a caterpillar from drowning, Otter feels he should take care of the poor thing while Raccoon resents all the fuss. Otter has no time to play! Yet, both are wonderstruck when the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. The warm earthy illustrations reveal the expressiveness of the animals’ faces, especially the mixture of happiness and sadness when the butterfly is released.

and textile arts and then majored in Illustrative Design at the Arts Academy in Kampen. Both an illustrator and a book designer, she especially is devoted to books about nature, painting animals from life in warm, friendly hues.

CREEPY CRAWLIES Lika, the cat, travels in and about the house discovering all kinds of creeping, crawling, flying, floating, jumping, and swimming animals. Each page presents facts about the behavior and physical characteristics of each animal, brought vividly to life by Irene Goede’s illustrations. “The format is unusual, but is well done, satisfying, and will appeal to a variety of readers. The creatures appear in the full-page illustrations and then separately with their encyclopedic entries.” – The Horn Book Guide to Children’s Literature


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Irene Goede

SPARROWS “A year in the life of the European House Sparrow is conveyed through friendly text and beguiling pictures. The writing is both playful and informative, delighting in the birds’ antics and posing questions to readers. Realistic illustrations intersperse views from the birds’ perspective with field guide-like pages that illustrate anatomy and behavior and introduce other animals in the sparrow habitat.” – The Horn Book Guide to Children’s Literature Rights sold to U.S.A.

THE LITTLE INDIAN Based on a story by Margaret Wise Brown, a young boy learns that each day is special. Caspar and the little Indian become inseparable friends.

Piet Grobler

Ballad of Death A king decides to imprison “Death” so that every person’s wish for immortality will come true. But he soon runs into a very real problem — with no one dying, the world is soon overflowing. The interminable celebrating itself can even become boring after a time. Koos Meinderts and Harrie Jekkers have written a thought-provoking story that works on many levels around the theme that what you want is not necessarily good for you. Piet Grobler creates the fantasy landscape and creatures with elegance and wit. Winner of the Golden Slate Pencil and Silver Slate Paintbrush 2009

Rights sold to Argentina, Germany, Italy

piet grobler (1959) was born in South

Africa. He studied theology, journalism, and graphic design and currently lives in the United Kingdom. Piet especially enjoys drawing angels and saints in African settings, surrounded by birds and animals. His refined style is immediately recognizable at the many expositions where his work is showcased. He has illustrated more than fifty children’s books.


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Piet Grobler

LITTLE BIRD’S ABC Each letter imitates a sound rather than an object in this innovative ABC book. “H is for hatchoo!” is just one example as the birds flit their way through the alphabet. The strong, simple ink-andwatercolor illustrations delight children and parents alike. Rights sold to South Africa, U.S.A.

Hey Frog! An African folktale inspired this tropical story about a greedy frog who drinks all the water, leaving the other animals with drought. Each animal invents a trick to recover the water but only eel succeeds when he tickles the frog until the frog bursts out laughing, spitting the water out again. Piet’s South African background is especially evident in his savanna, populated with sparkling, vivid animals. The funny story also conveys a message of actions, consequences, and forgiveness. “The fanciful illustrations, with their delicate images of flora and fauna, will entice young and old.” – The Horn Book Guide to Children’s Literature

DR. ME DI CINE In this fairytale from the far east, Prince Ma La Dy falls ill but refuses to leave the castle for fresh air. The famous Dr. Me Di Cine tells the prince about life in the open. The patient is consumed with curiosity and is finally persuaded to venture out where he is immediately healed. Kids will enjoy the funny names (Me De Cine and Ma La Dy) and the lavish illustrations that burst with color and life. A perfect book for sick days. Rights sold to U.S.A.

Chuck Groenink

Dear Daisy Dunnington Poor Daisy Dunnington, having to live with her unfriendly, demanding mother. But then one day an unexpected letter drops on the doormat, and it’s got her name on it. What can it be? Who can be the sender? Perhaps it’s from a sheik, begging her to come and live in his harem, or is it from a film producer, inviting her to play the lead role in his next film? As Daisy dreams away on all the possible lives she could have, she makes up her mind. Without even opening the letter, she leaves, heading for a more colourful future.

Chuck Groenink (1982) graduated in

2004 from The School of Arts in Kampen. He published his first comic in 2007, competing in the Belgium comic contest Het Salon. At the age of 25 he won the Fiep Westendorp Stimulating Award for young promising illustrators.

In beautiful illustrations, Chuck Groenink portrays the different settings, including the different letters she could have received. Dear Daisy Dunnington is a book full of imagination and hope. Very rarely has a picture book drawn the reader into a “What if...?” so strongly. Rights sold to U.S.A.

BOELIE’S CHRISTMAS DEVICE Boelie the piglet has been living in a cabin in the woods for years now. Every year he prepares Santa a warm welcome: he makes a drawing, he bakes Christmas cookies, he sings Christmas songs... but every year Santa’s sleigh flies over his cabin without stopping. In a last desperate attempt to have a proper Christmas, Boelie builds a structure that Santa will not be able to ignore. And it works... It will be a Christmas to remember. Rights sold to Denmark, France, Germany

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Chuck Groenink


Annemarie van Haeringen

Come and dance, wicked witch

© Lona Aalders

Annemarie van Haeringen (1959)

studied illustration at the renowned Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She illustrates the work of many writers and even creates her own picture books. She has won the Golden Slate Paintbrush three times.

Will the Wicked Witch come to the party and dance? Partying is not really her thing – she is supposed to be angry, fearsome and horrible. Yet a party where all the animals in the forest come, but the Wicked Witch does not appear, wouldn’t feel right. When she does come to the party, her agenda of spreading fear changes by degrees to having a good time with her neighbors. In the end, everyone learns that a little persistent kindness can go a long way. Rights sold to U.S.A.


Little kong Esmeralda was an Exceptionally Naughty girl. “Close your mouth when you chew, Esmeralda!” “Esmeralda, stop running! Act like a lady.” “Esmeralda! What have you done to the garden?” One day, Esmeralda’s parents have had enough. They push her bed into the sea, in the hope that, if she spends some time on her own, she will learn some manners. The bed washes up on an island, where Little Kong, a large blue monkey, tries to get the better of Esmeralda. But he is soon totally disillusioned... Esmeralda is quickly able to turn the tables on him. And the one who is tamed is Little Kong. Esmeralda feels perfectly at home on the island. What will happen when her parents come to fetch her?

Freya Hartas (1992) graduated with honours in the illustration course at the University of Falmouth. In the same year, she won the Lemniscaat Illustration Competition. While still a student, she won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for her illustration work. She lives in Somerset, England.

Rights sold to U.S.A.


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Freya Hartas

Alice Hoogstad

ALICE HOOGSTAD (1957) has been

my grandma is a stork Meet a colorful family of animals. Aunt, uncle, father, mother, brother and sister, and the main character, of course, have all sorts of happy attributes, hobbies, traits and outer features of their granddads and grandmas — and of each other. The animals are introduced in a masterly Hoogstad way: the large pictures, together with all sorts of detailed drawings, allow you learn everything about them. No matter how often you read the book, you will always discover something new. Have you discovered where each animal has got which characteristic from which member of the family? Can you find the family member on each page? And can you perhaps imagine how the book will continue? Rights sold to U.S.A.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Alice Hoogstad

illustrating children’s books for years. She really enjoys working on her own illustrated books. For Lemniscaat, she produced, with Elle van Lieshout and Erik van Os, How Much Does the Gray in an Elephant Weigh? and with Tjibbe Veldhamp on Sam and the Construction Site. For her own Monster Book, she received the Golden Slate Paintbrush in 2015.


monster book Alice Hoogstad created a world without words yet filled with stories. In a city that consists entirely of black and white, a girl adds color with her crayons by drawing monsters on the streets. The colorful monsters come alive and start disrupting the quiet little town. Winner of the Golden Slate Paintbrush 2015 Rights sold to China, Denmark, Italy, Korea, Switzerland,

Turkey, U.S.A.

Sam and the construction site Sam visits a building site and that is the start of a giddy adventure with a surprising twist. The chaos he causes by operating the steamroller, the concrete truck and the crane gets an unusual conclusion. So unusual that Sam actually earns a reward! Why? Read it for yourself! Alice Hoogstad places Bart in a building world where you don’t know where to look. And when you’ve finished the book, you turn back the pages to see whether it’s really true — whether Bart really has done a brave job. Rights sold to U.S.A.

HOW MUCH DOES THE GRAY IN AN ELEPHANT WEIGH? When you visit at the zoo, Do you wonder like I do... Why does a giraffe have spots of brown, And do zebra’s stripes go up, or down? The wonder and variety of various zoo animals is explored in this book as full of questions as Kipling’s Elephant’s Child. From an elephant to a peacock, a rhinoceros to a flamingo, an inquisitive child and his grandfather visit and ponder each animal. Rights sold to U.S.A.


Philip Hopman

© Amber Beckers

PHILIP HOPMAN (1961) graduated from the Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam. Since 1988, he has illustrated over 120 children’s books for Dutch and other publishers. His pictures are overflowing with witty detail and his deceptively dashing style demonstrates great professional skill.

Valentine and his Violin “... the tale of Valentine, a cherubic young lad. Violin in hand, Valentine plays highfalutin melodies like “Ode to Joy” and the “Marche Militaire.” Unfortunately, Valentine is a bad violinist — teethclenching, cats-hissing, plates-breaking, nails-on-a-chalkboard bad. So bad that the townspeople send him packing, much to his naïve surprise: “It went pretty well, didn’t it?” But it soon becomes clear that Valentine’s wretched playing constitutes a backward kind of strength. The sheer awfulness causes a stuck horse to pull itself out of a ditch, a dragon to flee battle with a knight and an attacking army to turn tail and run. And let’s not forget that most poignant of images, when Valentine serenades a constipated wolf with excerpts from “Water Music.”

The wolf finds relief — and it isn’t pretty. The story ends with yet another performance: Valentine playing to an assembly of grateful citizens, all of whom have cotton stuck in their ears so as not to hear a single horrible note. The art — yes, even the spread of the defecating wolf — is absolutely gorgeous. Hopman’s graceful watercolor illustrations have a sophisticated pastel palette and dynamic compositions. Each page is filled with detail: the diversity of animals running from the boy’s excruciating music, the lush landscapes with cleverly hidden extras (the Statue of Liberty, a Venetian gondola), the delicate scribbles of forest foliage. Hopman does wonders with the most sketchy of lines; two dots and a squiggle, and voilà: a face in exquisite auditory agony.” – The New York Times Book Review Rights sold to Italy, U.S.A.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Philip Hopman


The School Trip Davy is anxious about his first day at school. Convinced he will not be able to make friends, Davy creates his own school. Not only will he be free of bullying and boredom, but when he puts wheels on his school it can actually travel! When it crashes into the school, what seems to be a disaster turns into a triumph as his once and future classmates become his new friends. “The protagonist’s creativity and the narrative insouciance is reminiscent of Hoban or Dahl, while the illustrations resemble a painterly Blake.” – The Horn Book Guide to Children’s Literature Rights sold to China, Denmark, U.S.A.

tom the tamer This exuberant picture book from the team of Tjibbe Veldkamp and Philip Hopman focuses on a father who is afraid of animals and his son who has an ingenious scheme to cure him once and for all. Tom insinuates wild animals into their home — who wouldn’t want an armchair as soft as a polar bear? Or a tiger skin rug that looks so authentic? Hopman’s illustrations show a manic freedom that makes the scenes leap off the page. “Sublime.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review Rights sold to China, Denmark, France, U.S.A.

22 Orphans A wild orphanage with no rules changes suddenly when a new, stern director puts her foot down. The children hatch a Trojan-horse plot to regain some measure of freedom which normalizes the situation to everyone’s relief. Hopman’s agility as an illustrator are on full display in this engaging picture book. Rights sold to China, Taiwan

FRIENDS A monstrously beautiful book in the style of

SURPRISE The most wonderful book for any-

Happy. Happy was an international hit that showed off Mies van Hout’s uncanny ability to convey feelings with her vibrant illustrations. With Friends she goes one step further and shows emotional interactions. Just as she made the fish of Happy uniquely hers, here she uses monsters to show different situations — they cuddle, laugh, play, but they also fight, tease and more — making the images recognizable for little monsters of all ages.

one who’s expecting, or has given birth... From hoping and expecting to caring, from playing to finally letting go, Mies van Hout has created a picture book that will elicit smiles from every parent or parent-to-be. The book has everything: enchantment, beautiful wonder and a slight undertone of melancholy. Surprise is vulnerable and yet strong as life itself.

Rights sold to China, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Korea,

South Africa, Spain (Basque), Switzerland (German), U.S.A.

Rights sold to France, Italy, Korea, Switzerland,


Mies van Hout

© Ineke Oostveen

Happy The fish stand out in vibrant colors, showing a spectrum of emotions — from happy to sad, from angry to surprise — for the youngest book lovers to discover. Clear, strong lines and radiant colors that seem to smile at the reader characterize Mies van Hout’s drawings. In Happy, Mies shows all the emotions a young child encounters. Each double page spread is devoted to one fish, showing a particular emotion with its name in lettering that expresses the same feeling. Swim into Happy where the dazzling fish sparkle against the dark background and let the images spark laughter and empathy.

Mies van Hout (1962) majored in graphic design at the Arts Academy in Groningen. She has been working as an illustrator and graphic designer since 1989. Her many children’s book illustrations are distinguished by their combination of skill and wit.

“A delightful amuse-bouche of a book.” – Publishers Weekly, starred review “A tour de force of underwater awesomeness and emotion, showcasing what an artist can do with a few pastels, black paper and something fundamental to express . . . On the last page, a gloriously plump whalelike creature surges upward, ending the book with a surprising sense of closure: “delighted.” No reader could feel otherwise.” – The New York Times Book Review Rights sold to China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore (Chinese), South Africa, South-East Asia (Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Filipino, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese), Spain (Basque), Switzerland, U.S.A.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Mies van Hout


Children’s songs For pre-school and kindergarten

Rights sold to Germany, Lithuania, U.S.A.

OH, OH, OCTOPUS! Mies van Hout has long wished to do an underwater story and the result is this beautiful picture book that truly conveys the deep sea experience. A small octopus lives in a snug apartment until one day an intruder barricades the entrance. Octopus asks for advice on how to escape but the more suggestions he gets, the less he is able to figure out what to do. Eventually, Octopus learns to trust his own instincts and learns that things are not always what they seem. Mies van Hout’s expert eye and execution are stunningly revealed in a red lobster, pink jellyfish and a wide variety of fish contrasted against an aqua sea. Rights sold to China, Denmark, Italy, Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan


Lovey and Dovey This quietly humorous picture

Brave Ben Ben is scared of everything: the girl who

book celebrates a timeless message: Make the most of what you have, no matter what. Lovey and Dovey are in prison for stealing a pair of socks, yet, thanks to Dovey’s cleverness, their gray prison cell becomes cheerful and happy. When they are released, they are initially dismayed by the bleakness of the world outside but they find a surprising way back to contentment.

cuts in front of him at the bakery, people in the street who laugh at his favorite pair of flowered overalls, and especially the monster underneath his bed. In his search for help he sets out on a journey to the Magical Tree. With each step, the fearful boy becomes less scared. He boldly confronts a dragon, a giant spider and a spooky witch because the Tree has already told him these menaces are harmless.

“Full-bleed illustrations, comic and unabashedly heartwarming, brim with details that encourage a second reading . . . Quirky, playful and altogether inviting.” – Publishers Weekly

Rights sold to U.S.A.

Rights sold to Denmark, U.S.A.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Mies van Hout


Rights sold to France, Italy, Switzerland (German), U.S.A.

Pussycat pussycat The animals in Pussycat, Pussycat are pure works of art in color and form. In this sweet book for the littlest ones, the sturdy animals fly off the paper. Even the elephant is impressively cuddly. This is another picture book you can sing along to, printed on strong cardboard. With accompanying CD, of course!

playground Two friends take a fun, fantastical trip to the playground through Mies van Hout’s amazing art. Climb through the trees, find the way across the crocodile-infested river, and bushwhack through the blackberries, feel your way through the dark cave, escape from the monster, and slide into safety on your way to the jungle gym. Rights sold to Switzerland, U.S.A.

Mine One evening at bedtime, Charlotte finds a tiny ghost in her bed. She quickly discovers that the ghost does not know how to share. Despite his chorus of “Mine!� that rings through the house, he and the patient Charlotte become fast friends. They spend every moment of the next day with each other, making pancakes, playing games, and learning along the way that it is more fun to share. Mies van Hout’s gift for creating expressive creatures is clearly on display with both the acquisitive ghost and the unflappable child.

The Child Cruncher Being kidnapped is not as thrilling as one courageous girl had hoped. Her big, ugly villain turns out to be an ordinary child cruncher. What a disappointment! Instead of taking her on all sorts of adventures, he only wants to eat her up. Luckily, she knows just what to do. Rights sold to U.S.A.


Nothing happened It is evening. Saar and Niek are sitting at dusk, thinking about their boring day. Nothing actually happened. Well... Niek did stand on his hands, went for a swim and sat around for a bit — and Saar caught a glimpse of a butterfly and went down a slide. But this is where the magic of the fantasy world of children surfaces — illustrated in a dream-like way by Mark Janssen. For the handstand took place on the head of a tiger. Niek took a rest on the nose of an enormous dragon and swam with colourful fish. And Saar slid down an elephant’s trunk and saw the butterfly while she was standing among some really cuddly bears.

Mark Janssen (1974) studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht. He illustrates books for both children and adults and has worked on some 350 books. Nothing Happened is his first picture book.

kees van dijk In the playful style that makes their picture books so appealing, Erik van Os and Elle van Lieshout take a tour through the life of dinosaur family the Van Dijks. We hear about how Dad goes hunting and Mum does the housework, how son Karel plays with his friends, and about cozy family dinners. And, of course, before bedtime father Kees tells a story...

andersen The Ugly Duckling. The Princess and the Pea. The Emperor’s New Clothes. The Little Mermaid. The Steadfast Tin Soldier. The Sandman‌ The titles of these fairy tales are like music to our ears. They all originated from the quill pen of a great artist who lived in the nineteenth century: Hans Christian Andersen. Jan Jutte gives the tales a new guise and surpasses himself in his interpretation of the classic fairy tales. In solid and subtle colors, he transforms every story into an icon.

Jan Jutte

Jan jutte (1953) graduated in 1980 from

A HAT FOR THE MOON It is a cold winter night. In the sky shines a big moon. Crocodile, Monkey and Chicken look up at its bare face. The moon must be so cold! It could use something to warm up. With a hat, scarf and mittens for the moon, Crocodile, Monkey and Chicken go out into the snow. But the big moon isn’t as near as it seems.

the Academy of Visual Arts. Jutte started freelance illustrating in 1983. Since then he won the Golden Brush Award three times. Next to illustrating he also is a teacher in drawing.



l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Jan Jutte

Gerdien van der Linden


FAVORITE SWEATER Growing up can never come fast enough for the very young. A little piglet runs through the gamut of emotions — anger, desire, wonder, happiness, and pride — in this adorable picture book with a refreshing ending. The soft watercolors appeal especially to toddlers and preschoolers.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Gerdien van der Linden

majored in fashion at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht. She works for both magazines and television and, in addition to her illustrations for children’s books, she works as a designer and a stylist.

Tangram Cat A boy plays with tangram. He uses the pieces to lay a cat. A wonderful cat, you can leave that to Martijn van der Linden. But the cat is lonely... Suddenly I understood the cat. “You want someone to play with!” I said. The cat still didn’t say anything. But I knew I was right. Now tangram isn’t easy. The boy thinks he’s laying down a new cat, but it turns out to be a dog, which chases after the cat. A new try turns out to be a crocodile — not what you would call a nice friend! The cat has to put up with a lot before the boy gets a really good idea. He lays down himself! Now they can play together.

Martijn van der Linden

© Mariëlle van Gelderen

the other rabbit Everyone knows the popular children’s memo game in which the aim is to find as many matching images as possible among a series of upturned playing cards. In a world where everyone has a counterpart, Rabbit is searching for the Other Rabbit. He flies through the air, walks across the land and travels across the sea but still he cannot find him...

Martijn van der Linden (1979)

studied illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. He works for several publishers as designer and illustrator. For Lemniscaat, he and Maranke produced The Prince Child, I Feel a Foot! and of course The Other Rabbit.

Rights sold to France, Turkey, U.S.A.


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Martijn van der Linden

I Feel a Foot! On a dark and quiet night, a sudden noise disturbs five friends sleeping in a hammock. Tortoise, Bat, Octopus, Bird and Goat each set off one by one to explore the source of the sound. Each animal’s imagination runs wild with what wild creature it may be. Is it a giant turtle? Or a bird with a giant beak? Perhaps it is a Bat-Tur-Octo-Bird-Buck! Luckily for the small animals, it isn’t any of these creatures — it is just their old friend Elephant who was out wandering around. The animals invite him to join them in the hammock and soon the wild imaginings about the night noises begin all over again. Martijn van der Linden and Maranke Rinck have created an original picture book with clever, spare dialog and rich illustrations set in a deep, velvety black background. This nighttime adventure is also available in a tactile version especially made for blind and visually impaired children. Honored by IBBY (2008) Rights sold to Norway, U.S.A.

Tactile I Feel a Foot! Rights sold to Norway


HUSH LITTLE TURTLE Turtle has a problem: He can’t go to sleep! His friends try to help him out: Bat makes him a cup of hot milk. Bird sings a song. Bat gives him a pacifier and Deer thinks Turtle needs to be cradled. Nothing works. Turtle knows what would help him: to be driven around, but none of the animals have a car. Then Deer comes up with a cunning plan. A perfect bedtime story with illustrations reminiscent of I Feel a Foot!. “There’s folksy flair throughout as black backgrounds showcase animals comprised of intricately detailed patterns on shells and fur. Bat’s polka-dotted face, striped body and flowered wings are representative of the ebullient design. Stay awake for these fantastic friendships.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Rights sold to U.S.A.

The Prince Child When the prince child is born, all of the animals of the forest must decide what gifts they will bring him. The heron brings a song, the snow cat brings a crystal ball, and the gerbil brings flowers. How can they know what the prince wants most of all? The extraordinary, mysterious, animal portraits invite the reader to linger on every page. “Even children who have seen dozens of animal portraits will pause to look at these.” – Publishers Weekly 53

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Martijn van der Linden

Sanne te Loo

© Jons Jeronimus

Sanne te Loo (1972) studied at the

THE MERMAID’S SHOES Walking on the beach during the last day of her vacation, Ida finds something extraordinary: the shoes of a mermaid (which in fact are scuba flippers). When Ida puts the mermaid’s shoes on her feet, she knows that she has found her true destiny: she’s actually a mermaid. She makes herself a stunning mermaid tail and goes in search of a place where a mermaid can feel like a fish in water. It takes a while, but finally she finds an equally surprising as enchanting, perfect home for a mermaid.

Academy of Visual Art in Breda and now works as an illustrator for magazines and books. Through creative perspectives and a deep understanding of the emotional arc of the story, Sanne turns each of her books into a personal piece of art. Her fascinating journey as both artist and storyteller is evident in each successive book.

Rights sold to Germany, U.S.A.

I Have a Head to Stand on Every child understands that your head, ears, nose, hands and bottom can help you do the most wonderful and unexpected things. Sanne te Loo has made an interactive picture book that invites young children to use their noses to party, their arms to fly, and their hair to sweep. Minimal words combined with large, colorful illustrations make a playful and humorous way for children to become acquainted with the human body. 55

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Sanne te Loo

PING LI’S KITE Ping-Li is fascinated by the fantastical shapes that streak across the sky above a city park. He decides to make his own kite that will be better than all the rest. He goes to Mr. Fo to buy the supplies, who tells him that he must paint his kite, “or the emperor of the sky will be angry.” On the way home, however, the boy cannot resist flying his unpainted kite, and incurs the wrath of the emperor. Ping-Li’s only solution is to paint the most beautiful kite he can. “... Te Loo retells a classic Chinese tale about a boy who decides to build the ultimate kite. with spare text and evocative illustrations, this handsome volume will find an easy fit on the multicultural bookshelf.” – Kirkus Reviews

Little Fish In this story about a small girl in South America, Rosa has a problem that is familiar to children no matter where they live. She is bored because she has no one with whom to play. When a friendly fish jumps into her lap, she gives it so many delicacies that Little Fish soon becomes a very big fish indeed. Rosa realizes that for her friendly fish to survive, she must take it to the sea where it belongs. The warm and atmospheric illustrations bring the South American setting to life in this subtle and evocative story.

Just Fien Fien wants to stand out from the crowd. A royal visit to Fien’s school is the perfect occasion for the creative girl to make and wear a wonderfully kitschy hat. Sure enough, her haberdashery catches the eye of the Queen. Flushed with success, Fien decides that the hat will stay on her head. She soon discovers that wearing a monstrous hat makes playing and other everyday activities problematic. In the end, she decides that she can be happy being Just Fien! Sanne te Loo’s illustrations are a special delight in this charming picture book.

Stern Nijland

Koos Meinderts & Stern Nijland

King Pig

rl) t a cu thou (wi

A st

or y w

ith a t a il


Stern Nijland (1976) trained as an illustrator at the Minerva Art Academy before attending teacher training college. Since graduating she has created picture books and illustrated them for various publishers. Today, she is also a teacher. Stern received the Silver Slate Pencil for her picture book Mrs Dientje and the Liver Sausage Mystery. King Pig is her first picture book for Lemniscaat.

king pig There was once a king who loved pork. The King liked all parts of the pig equally, from the pink ears to the tip of the curly tail and everything in between. The Queen is not happy with the King’s fondness for pork. She warns him: “One less chop would certainly do no harm,” insisted the Queen. “If you’re not careful, you’ll start to look like a pig.” “Wouldn’t that be nice,” the king replied. “My tail would finally hang on the right side, and it would have a lovely curl in it too.”

Willemien Min

Grey Mouse In this twist on an old tale, a lonely grey mouse craves color and excitement in her life. To attract a friend, she assumes various guises: green to charm a frog, zippy stripes to appeal to a zebra, polka dots to lure a ladybug. When all the creatures laugh at her, she feels bluer than blue — until she hears the squeaky little voice of an eager new playmate — another grey mouse. Willemien Min’s distinctive bold illustrations are sure to appeal to children and parents alike.

Willemien Min (1956) studied art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Arts in Amsterdam. She works as a teacher at the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht and has illustrated many children’s books.


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Willemien Min

Mindfulness and other modern discomforts The philosophies of Os and Jo are both compelling and humorous. Everyone will recognize themselves in the love-hate relationship the duo share with the telephone and computer, their remarkable excuses for not doing something they don’t feel like doing, their almost mundane, cosy existence.

I sent myself this reminder, but I ’ m not sure what it means anymore.

I am actually a little bit in love with you The main character is feeling overwhelmed... He is nervous, late, but also proud — he is about to appear in a theater performance. He turns out to have a soft spot for the prima donna of the company, and when you see her sketched in Sylvia’s soft lines, you can understand why. But will it turn out well between them both?

Sylvia van Ommen

© Mariëlle van Gelderen

The Surprise In this humorous wordless picture book, Sheep carefully charts the growth of his wool coat. When it’s long enough, he jumps on his scooter, buys some red coloring, dyes his wool and shaves it off. Sheep takes the wool to Poodle who spins it into yarn. Back at home, Sheep knits a beautiful red sweater to create a special gift. Sylvia van Ommen pulls the reader along, enticing the reader with subtle clues to the surprise ending. Rights sold to China, France, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, U.S.A.

Sylvia van Ommen (1978) ma-

jored in illustration at the Academy of Arts in Kampen. Her work is distinguished by her ability to make everyday things take on new meaning. Her versatility make her a rising star in picture book illustration.

Sweets In this special book about friendship and the hereafter, two friends ask themselves if there is a heaven, and, if so, will there be sweets and coffee? Will they recognize each other? With thought-provoking questions, Van Ommen opens the door to a discussion of the afterlife, offering adults an opportunity to fill in their own stories in the process. Simple black and white illustrations subtly emphasize the big questions being asked. 61

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Sylvia van Ommen

Benny Benny Dog is sad because he cannot find his bone and does not feel well. Where have all the smells gone? The doctor advises him to take a steam bath and enjoy a nice long sleep under a warm blanket. Two days later, Benny wakes up to the wonderful aroma of frying bacon and the discovery that his sense of smell has returned. This provides a lighthearted and creative way to talk about illness and its effects with children.

Sieb Posthuma

Sieb Posthuma (1960-2014) studied art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Arts in Amsterdam. In addition to writing and illustrating picture books, Sieb also illustrated for magazines.


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Sieb Posthuma

OPPOSITES “Disparate beasts frolic

in a variety of landscapes, all to demonstrate myriad combinations of opposite pairs. A dozen two-page spreads illustrate simple antonyms: big and small, hide and seek, naughty and nice, and more. The pictures are full of mischief. In treating wet and dry, for example, the left-hand, “Wet” page features various animals coping with a rainstorm. One raccoon finds shelter under a giraffe, while another frolics on the riverbank. A small frog high-steps with a big umbrella, and a squirrel and mole huddle under large green leaves. On the “Dry,” right-hand page, a panda suns on a beach towel, a family of ducks swim in a pond with a frog

lazing on the mother’s back, a rhino dozes under a tree, etc. “Up” and “Down” includes a seesaw, a tall tree and tall, broad rocks with a tightrope stretching from one to another. Oh, yes, and an elephant’s trunk poking up like a periscope from a hole. Compositionally, these spreads are not for beginners; although the gutter clearly defines the division between opposites, the illustrations typically depict one landscape, and the many animals scattered across them require fairly sophisticated eyes. Good fun for older preschoolers and early-elementary children eager to flex their conceptual muscles.” – Kirkus Reviews

Rights sold to Argentina, China,

Denmark, Germany, Italy, U.S.A

Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

Janis Ian Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

The Tiny Mouse

© Mariëlle van Gelderen

Ingrid (1953) & Dieter (1947) Schubert were born in Germany. THE TINY MOUSE A songwriter since she wrote “Society’s Child” at the age of fourteen and a multiple Grammy winner for “At Seventeen,” Janis Ian’s charming and witty song has now become a picture book illustrated by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert. The Tiny Mouse follows the adventures of a bored mouse who decides to go to sea and narrowly escapes a grisly death. In his moment of truth, he understands that it’s better to be a whole mouse at home than someone’s dinner at sea. Ingrid and Dieter Schubert give the tiny mouse his dapper and affable appearance and bring his perilous adventures to life with plenty of sly humor.

After their studies at the Academy of Design in Münster and the Academy of Art in Düsseldorf respectively, they went on to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Among the most celebrated illustrators in the Netherlands, the Schuberts have also been published in 20 languages and their work has been exhibited all over the world. This husband-and-wife illustration powerhouse is beloved by parents and children alike for their strong sense of humor and lively illustrations.

Rights sold to U.S.A.


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

The Umbrella A little dog finds an umbrella in the

The Umbrella Doodle Book

garden on a windy day. The moment the dog picks up the umbrella, it catches the wind and pulls the dog skywards. This is the start of a fantastic journey around the world. The wind carries the umbrella and the dog all over the world, from the desert to the sea, from the jungle to the North Pole. A picture book without words telling a thousand stories.

Color your own adventure! The Schubert couple also made The Umbrella Doodle Book, a book full of inviting sketches, yet to be finished and colored. What can be nicer for a child than to create his very own picture book?

Rights sold to Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy,

Korea, New Zealand, Turkey, U.S.A.

Rights sold to U.S.A.

Ophelia Ophelia, an elegant and caring hippo, hears her boyfriend cry out. She anxiously hurries to the rescue, telling friends along the way of the ills that have befallen him — he has a cramp, his throat hurts, he has broken his leg! The alarm quickly spreads until all are convinced (mistakenly) of his demise. The bright, vibrant illustrations clearly communicate Ophelia’s mounting concern, the growing panic of the jungle creatures, and the complete happiness of the reunited lovers at the end.

“Ingrid and Dieter Schubert’s Ophelia is the very image of chubby cheerfulness. This resonance of images often occurs in Ophelia . . . The Schuberts once again demonstrate the very best of their abilities.” – NLPVF Children’s Books from Holland, Spring 2009 Rights sold to Germany, Ukraine, U.S.A.

Elephant Soup When a mouse is feeling blue, there is only one thing that can help perk him up — a big bowl of elephant soup. He doesn’t need much to make the soup — vegetables, salt and pepper, plus an enormous pot that is big enough to fit an elephant. The mouse can’t make the soup by himself. After all, he needs to capture an elephant! With the help of his friends, he manages to get an elephant in the pot. However, putting the lid on the pot becomes a big problem and everyone adjusts to a new recipe for fun. This offering from the always imaginative and clever Schuberts promises a heaping helping of laughter. “A mouse shares his reliable cure for the blues: “Elephant soup!” The fastidious illustrations accompanying the recipe’s steps (“Scrub gently”) show a team of mice capturing a bemused-looking elephant who ultimately escapes the pot but nevertheless finds a way to cheer them up. Readers will delight in recognizing the tension between the narration’s evenness and the illustrations’ absurdity.” – The Horn Book Guide to Children’s Literature Rights sold to China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Korea, U.S.A.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Ingrid & Dieter Schubert


The cheer-up bird A vibrant, colorful bird wakes

There is a crocodile under my bed! The girl

up in his nest, surrounded by his chicks. As he flies through the air, he brings joy and energy to all animals in the wood but with every encounter he loses a little of his color. At the end of the day he is gray and tired, until he returns to his nest where the presence of his children revitalizes him with color and life.

who discovers a crocodile under her bed thinks: “This is going to be fun!� She decides to tame the beast with her hoop and that’s the beginning of a special friendship.

Rights sold to Germany, Italy, U.S.A.

Rights sold to China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Korea, Turkey,



Classics by the Schuberts The Schuberts have created many wonderful picture books that have become beloved classics across the world.


The Old Pirate

Little Big Feet

In this wordless picture book, a small boy loses his toy Monkey. A variety of animals drag the poor thing around until he is found by a doll doctor. In the end, Monkey and his owner are happily reunited. The intricate illustrations reveal new details with each successive reading, making it ideal for repeat sharing.

An old pirate named William just wants to be left alone when he receives a surprise visit. The boy returns again and again, eager to hear about William’s adventures. However, it turns out that William, that seafaring rogue, is actually afraid of the water.

When a little witch’s practice spells go awry, her feet get bigger with each new attempt. What can she do when she has enormous feet? She finds a friend with a similar problem so they can help each other! This touching book about friendship and acceptance will be sure to find fans no matter their shoe size.

Winner of the Golden Slate

Rights sold to Slovenia, Ukraine

Paintbrush 1987

Rights sold to China, Germany

Rights sold to Spain, U.S.A.

My Hero Mouse goes to the ends of the earth to prove he loves Mousegirl and he ends up becoming her hero when an unexpected danger suddenly appears. “Readers of this refreshingly ambiguous ending may doubt his courage, but Mousegirl does not. Humorous illustrations skillfully depict the mouse couple’s wildest imaginings.” – The Horn Book Guide to Children’s Literature Rights sold to Ukraine, U.S.A.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Ingrid & Dieter Schubert


Amazing Animals by the Schuberts The Schuberts are peer-

less when it comes to painting whimsical animals, combining a natu-

ralistic approach and an uncanny ability to convey emotions.

Just Like People

Amazing Animals

Animals are just like people. Elephants take their babies to daycare and little monkeys are grounded when they are naughty. Animals hug, feed, teach, and love their children so animals are just like people. Yet perhaps it’s the other way around...

“A lively look at how different animals live, reproduce, and deal with danger. Catchy rhymes and gentle illustrations introduce a wide range of creatures. A page devoted to the importance of water shows that ‘some animals are swimmers’ (fish, tadpoles, newt), ‘others like to dive’ (duck, beetles), ‘and some perch over water’ (bird, mouse, bee), ‘or sit carefully where it’s dry’ (cat) . . . The appealing, soft-focus pen-and-ink and watercolor artwork is accurately rendered. A fascinating peek at the diversity of nature.” – School Library Journal

Rights sold to China, U.S.A.

Rights sold to China, Japan, Taiwan, U.S.A.

From Head to Tail Hans Post, a biologist, provides a wealthy of fascinating facts about the animal world. Did you know that a giraffe has as many cervical vertebra as a mouse? That birds can become drunk? That cheetahs can easily keep up with a car on the highway?

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Ingrid & Dieter Schubert


Bear and Hedgehog by the Schuberts Warm, lovely stories with a wink and a smile.

Bear’s Eggs On his walk to the lake one morning, Bear finds three eggs. When he decides to hatch them himself, he discovers that fatherhood is more complicated than he thought.

There is a Hole in my Bucket Bear is worried! The flowers in front of his den are wilting because of the heat. He needs to water them quickly, but how can he do it with a holey bucket?

Rights sold to China, U.S.A.

Beaver’s Lodge When Beaver is hurt in an accident, he is unable to finish his house. His friends rally around him and finish his lodge for him because that is what friends are for. Rights sold to China, Denmark, U.S.A.

There’s Always Room for One More Beaver is lonely and bored on his raft so invites his friends to climb aboard. There’s always room for one more — until there isn’t and Butterfly’s landing sinks the raft. “An appealing, decidedly inquisitive cast of woodland animals peeks out from the Schuberts’ double page illustrations, and the bumbling Bear and Hedgehog appear particularly endearing . . . cheery images and tone.” – Publishers Weekly Rights sold to China, Germany, Taiwan

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Ingrid & Dieter Schubert



Hammer Soup Kate prides her-

Angel George has just put on his

Abracadabra Macrobius the

pajamas when he hears a strange noise outside. Peering through his window into the dark night, he spies something plummeting through the tree branches. It is an angel! She broke her wing and lost her message when she fell. George helps her to be best of his ability, and receives a very special gift in return.

Magician’s mixed-up magic is making mayhem in the forest. Imagine a bear with a pig’s snout or a toad with butterfly wings. When the magician waves his wand, shouting “Abacadabra!,” strange things happen.

self on her tidy house but is not a friendly neighbor. When Bruce builds his home next door, his constant hammering infuriates her. When winter arrives, Kate is warm and well-fed in her home while hungry Bruce shivers in his shack. Only when Bruce makes his unusual “Hammer Soup” does an unexpected friendship blossom.

Rights sold to China, Denmark, U.S.A.

Rights sold to China, U.S.A.

Rights sold to China, Germany, Korea

Crocodile’s Birthday In this wordless picture book, Crocodile finds nicely wrapped presents in the forest and learns that his friends have thrown him a big surprise party.

The monster problem A friendly, furry monster whisks Peggy up into the sky forest, where the council of monsters is waiting. They have a problem which only a small girl as brave a Peggy can solve.

Rights sold to China

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Ingrid & Dieter Schubert


Peter-Paul Rauwerda

Peter-Paul Rauwerda (1970)

has made drawings all his life. He started as a child making comics for the school magazine. Later, he made posters and drawings for magazines. In 2000 he illustrated his first children’s book. The Day the Sun Did not Rise and Shine is his first picture book with Lemniscaat.

the day the sun did not rise and shine One night, flying while half asleep, Owl takes the wrong turn on the way to his home. Without noticing, he flies into an attic. There, he awaits the dawn of the day, but the sun does not rise. Owl begins to worry. How can the world cope without the sun? Rights sold to U.S.A.

Jung-Hee Spetter

JUST A MINUTE In this true-to-life picture book, a little piggy invents all kinds of mischief to get her mother’s attention.

Jung-Hee Spetter (1969)

was born in South Korea and came to the Netherlands as a nine-year old. She studied at the Academy of Art in Kampen.

“Weightless, slightly askew quality of the illustrations make this tale a disarming mess of fun.” – Publishers Weekly

LILY AND TROOPER ALL YEAR ROUND All four seasons for preschoolers and early readers featuring the adventures of a little girl and her puppy. “The artwork is transporting . . . It is not simply a visually compelling, exuberant world, but one that readers will revere for its glorious unctuousness.” – Kirkus Reviews “The vibrant artwork reveals objects and figures outlined in black in front of swirling, flowing backgrounds of thickly applied paint.” – School Library Journal Rights sold to U.S.A.


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Jung-Hee Spetter

Marije Tolman & Ronald Tolman

The island The Island is the most beautiful picture

book since The Tree House. Marije and Ronald conquered the world with their fairy tale like pictures of The Tree House. The golden father — daughter team that won the world’s most important awards for The Tree House, again creates a world without words of its own, with a

polar bear’s dreamy road trip along awe inspiring islands and colourful animals. Rights sold to Argentina, China, Denmark, Germany, Italy,

Japan, U.S.A.

Marije Tolman (1976) majored in

graphic and typographic design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. She studied illustration and design at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. Now she lives and works fulltime in The Hague as a children’s book illustrator. The daughter of an acclaimed artist, Marije has an eye for color, beauty, and subtlety, knowing how to paint delicate detail without losing overall perspective.

Ronald Tolman (1948) is a sculp-

tor, painter and a graphic artist. Ronald Tolman plays with ancient topics and current developments. His sculptures and the visualizations on his paintings, etchings, drawings and ceramics move between wistful perceptions and sparkling impulsiveness.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Marije Tolman & Ronald Tolman


• Nominated for the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2011

• Bologna Ragazzi Award 2010

• Nominated for the USBBY United States

• Nominated for the Golden Owl 2010

• Troisdorfer Bilderbuchpreis 2011

International Outstanding Book List 2011

• Golden Slate Paintbrush 2010

THE TREE HOUSE Of this book, the Bologna Ragazzi Award Jury wrote: “The Tree House is a wise, clear, even poetic, example of how an established topos of the collective imagination may be revisited with a fresh eye to reveal a continued relevance to modern times. Marije Tolman and Ronald Tolman return to the “house in the trees”. Their house, however, is rich with subtle cultural references ranging from symbolist painting to the most refined 20th century graphic art. The book’s message is not declaimed, but is conveyed quietly. It pleads for an enlightened ecological stance in which an intense awareness that we are part of nature does not forego our need for elegance and intellectual enquiry.” Rights sold to Argentina, Brazil, China,

Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea,

Qatar, U.S.A.

Art edition The Tree House This popular picture book is now available as an album of beautiful posters which can be removed and framed.

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Marije Tolman & Ronald Tolman


Marije Tolman

JUMPING PENGUINS and LAUGHING HYENA’S Little known yet fascinating facts about animals brought to life by the artist behind The Tree House and The Island.

If a camel gets angry, he will throw up green gastric juice over you. A sloth moves so slowly that green algae grows in his fur. Even a blind chameleon takes the color of its surroundings.

Bologna Ragazzi Award winner Marije Tolman illustrates in her distinctive style curious, funny, bizarre, unbelievable, disgusting and weird facts about fifty different animals. The animal facts are straightforward nonfiction, Marije Tolman’s illustrations are pure fantasy, creating a combination that is sure to engage readers. After reading and watching Jumping Penguins and Laughing Hyena’s a visit to the zoo will never be the same. Rights sold to Denmark, France, Germany, Korea, Turkey, U.S.A.

Red Chalk Sara is forever trading her toys, never satisfied with what she has. Somehow, her friends seem to have much more fun with her old toys than she ever did. She eventually learns that imagination is more important than the perfect toy and sharing with friends is the best way to have fun.

“The familiar premise is handsomely extended in the ink-lined, colorwashed drawings, which show, in scenes of Sara’s friends using their creative powers to make Sara’s outlandish claims come true, a world of imagination that’s inseparable from reality...” – Booklist

Miss C. Mouse finds a perfect home We all long for a place to call our own where we can be comfortable and happy. Miss C. Mouse relishes the job of making her house a home, buying furnishings and knick-knacks to fill every available space. The outrageously kitschy details are combined with witty, rhyming text that make it a keepsake for children and adults alike. Also in the Miss C. Mouse series: Miss C. Mouse Goes to Marbella del Mar, Miss C. Mouse Goes to the Hospital, Miss C. Mouse Is Having Babies Rights sold to South Africa

Cute Most of us know the temptation to pretend to be something we are not. This cute rabbit really wants a completely different role but learns in the end that it is important to be true to oneself. Short, crisp text is brought to life with painterly illustrations in this book that is not only cute but also clever. Rights sold to China, South Africa

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Marije Tolman

Leendert Jan Vis

For you! This small, charming picture book stars two giraffes, one of them recounting to the other how it was before love struck. Witty bon mots — “I want to run barefoot in the sand with you” and “How about we go right to happily ever after?” — are punctuated with the author’s trademark fanciful images. An ideal gift book for lovers and lovers-on-the-verge.

© Mariëlle van Gelderen

Leendert Jan Vis (1955) is cele-

brated for his humorous animal characters which he designs for postcards, notepads, and mugs who occasionally make appearances in playful picture books.


l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Leendert Jan Vis

Dorine de Vos

Dorine de Vos (1948) is a successMiss V. Stitchtite and the seven scoundrels An entertaining and comical story by Mathilde Stein that gallops along as rhythmically as the horses of her scoundrels, seven badly behaved robbers, who are off to rob a stagecoach. But they have not bargained for their next victim, Miss V. Stitchtite, expert in good manners, intolerant of rudeness. Determined to teach the scoundrels their manners, she succeeds in turning them into tidy, well behaved young men. The story has a surprising ending.

ful interior designer (of, for example, Villa Augustus in Dordrecht and Hotel New York in Rotterdam) has turned her formidable talents to illustrating a picture book and has produced wonderfully quirky drawings to complement Mathilde Stein’s texts.

PERNILLA Poor Pernilla! There she sits, high in her tower, guarded by a dragon and with boring embroidery as her sole distraction. “Be patient and wait until you’re saved, so you can get married.” Thus commanded her father the king. That’s the way a decent princess should live. There are a lot of knights who would like to save Pernilla, but she has other plans... A fairy tale turned upside down. .

l e m n i s c a a t p i c t u r e b o o k s Dorine de Vos


Lemniscaat Catalogue Picture Books 2016  

Lemniscaat, founded in 1963, is a small, independent publishing house, specializing in quality picture books and juvenile novels. The richn...

Lemniscaat Catalogue Picture Books 2016  

Lemniscaat, founded in 1963, is a small, independent publishing house, specializing in quality picture books and juvenile novels. The richn...