Tableware International June July 2020

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Conifere A pure white dinner service showcasing fine lines and perfect form. Conifere is a particularly fine white porcelain design, a study in simplicity and textural beauty. The versatility of Conifere is inspirational – place it on a vivid, colour-saturated full-floral background and each piece pops.

Aozora Aozora is Japanese for blue sky and these beautiful colours, teamed with the artistic concept of dot graphics, creates an eye-catching new dining experience. This is a modern, casual dinner set that layers particularly well with other Noritake all-white collections, such as Marc Newson or Conifere.

The tableware renaissance With eating at home now a necessity rather than a choice, Australia is experiencing an exciting tableware renaissance – Steven Yeend, sales director with Noritake Australia, tells us more and reveals the company’s plans for 2020 On the Australian tableware market… “Prior to Covid-19, the tableware market in Australia was broadly defined by the ever-increasing popularity of contemporary styled casual products that reflect both the lifestyle and the diverse cuisine of Australia. Ironically, Covid-19 (and its associated changes in lifestyle) seems to have triggered a renaissance in branded tableware. Many retailers have reported a sharp increase in sales of quality homewares in general, but specifically premium tableware. Initially, online retailers were the big beneficiaries, but, as we slowly emerge from lockdown, brick and mortar stores are also reporting increased interest in quality tableware. Presentation has become a key component in at-home dining with consumers demanding a

On the typical Australian tableware consumer… “Noritake has traditionally appealed to two distinct sectors in Australia – formal dining and everyday family. In the ‘60s, almost every couple marrying in Australia was given a Noritake dinner service as a wedding present! Since then, Noritake has been conscious of retaining its existing followers while appealing to younger, more contemporary audiences. To this end, Noritake has collaborated with such design luminaries as Marc Newson and David Caon

Many retailers have reported a sharp increase in sales of quality homewares in general, but specifically premium tableware


pattern to fit the mood. The idea is to use a base of white dinnerware and then layer this with pieces in colour and/or pattern. Australians have a growing appreciation for craftsmanship and design where long-lasting, durable pieces are the preferred option. Colours currently trending are blues, known as a calming colour, plus earthy hues – all layered with white.”

higher level of form and functionality in tableware – which we can see reflected in the rapid growth, since Covid-19, in Noritake Australia’s dinner set sales. We are hoping this trend is here to stay!”

Steven Yeend – creating very contemporary collections whose fine lines and seemingly delicate proportions belie their durability.” On what is trending… “The Covid-19 lockdown accelerated an evolving trend in Australia towards a ‘mix’ approach to tableware – that is, ‘mix’ as opposed to ‘mix and match’ – whereby the dining table creates a sense of occasion, even for the everyday family meal. The look is to personalise the table setting by mixing colour, shape, texture and

On standing out in the market… “Noritake is often referred to as the ‘International Mark of Quality’ and has a history of more than 60 years in Australia. The brand has built an enviable reputation for its manufacturing technique – with both fine bone china and white porcelain – and the functionality of its pieces. When you buy Noritake you know you are buying something special, restaurant-quality tableware that looks beautiful on the table and will continue to perform for years. On retailing online… The past five years has seen Noritake