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2021 Designer of the Year


a designer whose work is considered excellent


Lifetime Achievement Award

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someone who has made an outstanding


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et's not beat around the bush. I'm glad to see the back of 2020. The year was an almighty challenge for one and all, and if we never have to see it again it will be too soon. With news that a vaccine is now being rolled out, hopes are surely high that normality as we once knew it, will soon return. Not before April though, when the International Consumer Goods Show takes place in Frankfurt. A hybrid, one-off affair for 2021 combining Ambiente, Christmasworld and Paperworld. Organisers Messe Frankfurt hosted an online event recently for international journalists, and the message sent to international business markets was clear – companies do need trade shows and things will get back to normal. Nicolette Naumann, vice president, Ambiente said: “Corona has changed our world… and the trade show industry has been hit at the heart” but she reassured “there is a real need for trade shows… the bare bones of business are workable but we miss the real connection with people and products…we believe our business will bounce back.” Already 2,000 exhibitors from 63 countries have signed up to the International Consumer Goods Show, but responding to a question from Tableware International, Nicolette confirmed what we already knew, the hugely popular HoReCa hall of 2020 would not be what it was. "Some clients from HoReCa have decided to join but we won't have a dedicated hall." Nicolette pointed out that HoReCa is "one of the most international parts of Ambiente" and as the hospitality industry has suffered more than most at the hands of Covid, the International Consumer Goods Show just won't have the same levels of representation as other years. However, and this message was resoundingly clear, Ambiente as we know it will be back for 2022. And that, is music to our ears. Meanwhile, our final Tableware International baring a 2020 date, brings you plenty of encouraging news. Namely, barware! We knew people enjoyed a tipple but who knew to such an extent. Practically every supplier we spoke with reported a spike in the sales of home-bar worthy pieces. In fact, Sam Hood, creative director and head of buying at Amara really

surprised us when she reported some incredible figures. "We’ve seen a significant increase in our barware sales during lockdown, compared to that of last year. Incredibly, barware in general has seen a sales increase of 3,436 per cent, which includes everything from coasters to cork screws, and all of our luxury bar accessories. During a time when pubs and bars are closed for business, we weren’t surprised to see that sales of beer and cider glasses increased by 447 per cent. "We understand that during lockdown, customers are still keen to enjoy the experience of a luxury cocktail hour, and this has been reflected in the rise in sales of cocktail glasses, which were up 98 per cent, and our gorgeous range of drinks trolleys, which saw a sales increase of 20 per cent." Those are eyewatering numbers and we are thrilled to hear them. Turn to page 26 to read more about the barware category. Our cover stars LAV, meanwhile, talk us through their inspirations and products on page 44. We also catch up with Samantha Ashe of Hostaro Tableware who, fairly remarkably, set up a business in the midst of a global pandemic. In fact, Samantha was responding to a demand in the market – with more and more people looking to host at home in style. Turn to page 22 to read her story. The end of the year also means that entries will soon be closing for the Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2021. The awards will, of course, look different this year but they remain as important to the industry as ever and we urge you all to ensure your collections are entered into the race. Because, no matter how pleased we are to say goodbye to 2020, the industry remains a hotbed of creativity and inspired thinking – and that needs to be honoured! Visit www. to enter the 2021 event.

“Incredibly, barware in general has seen a sales increase of 3,436 per cent, which includes everything from coasters to cork screws, and all of our luxury bar accessories. Sam Hood, Amara ”

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December 2020




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News & Trends 10 News A round-up of international stories 12


Viewpoints We asked "how would you sum up 2020?"

14 N ew Products Fresh launches to delve into 20 T rend: Animal magnestism Exploring on-trend styles



In focus 16 C ollection Dissection: Bunzlau Castles Textiles 18 Interview: Nude Design-led and contemporary, we talk with Nude 32 I nterview: Stölzle Lausitz talk STARlight 34 26 C ategory: Barware All things barware explored

I nterview: Melitta Coffee is having a moment

44 In focus: LAV LAV talks us through its products

31 P roduct Focus Rosenthal x ‘zoeppritz since 1828’


36 Category: Decorative Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 50 Category: Handcrafted Pieces crafted by hand

32 Regulars 24 Column: Retail Barware to love 40 Column: HoReCA Valda Goodfellow looks past Covid 46 Show preview: Atlanta Market 48 Show preview: Las Vegas Market

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general News

6,500 the number of products submitted to the Red Dot Awards 2020

Red Dot award for Villeroy & Boch Villeroy & Boch’s MetroChic picked up a coveted Red Dot Design Award recently. Specifically, the glasses from the MetroChic assortment won praise in the “Best of the Best” category. Developed for 20202, the glasses accentuate the collection’s elegance and are handmade with crystal glass. Villeroy & Boch say that while the glasses are “formally understated”, their opulent bowls give them a “striking and stylish look”. “Straight lines and precise radii come together to create a wellbalanced and very graceful expression. The resulting elegance and slenderness make the collection stand out,” said judges in the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2020/2021. Experts in the jury awarded just 76 products with the highest distinction – the “Red Dot: Best of the Best”.

Steelite marks 10-years of the Craft collection After 10 successful years of its Craft collection, Steelite has introduced a deliciously decadent new glaze – perfect for showcasing desserts – Craft Raspberry. Speaking about the collection Steelite’s Andrew Klimecki, vp design, said: “With Craft, Steelite demonstrated to the industry that a range doesn’t have to be white to show that the food is serious. Craft showed that plating food on the right colours and textures can enhance what the chef is trying to achieve.” He adds the slightly acidic pink colour of Craft Raspberry enhances the dark richness of chocolate, elevating the dessert experience. “We have been experimenting with pink for quite a while but hadn’t felt that the glazes we developed had quite the affinity for food that we know chefs enjoy with all the other colours in the Craft range. That is until now,” he explained. “The pink we chose is very close to a natural raspberry juice hue and therefore has a great affinity with other natural ingredients. The new pink adds more warmth and playfulness to the Craft range and is an exciting way to celebrate Craft’s tenth anniversary by pointing to the future.” The Craft Raspberry range includes plates, bowls and beverage items. 10 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

Rayware launches new trade website Rayware’s trade website has been given a refresh. The company has launched a new and improved online portal for clients after working with e-commerce specialists at Williams Commerce. “Combining our previous informational website alongside our old B2B site, we now have a space where visitors and consumers can view product or brand information and company news whilst our approved customers can log in to the site through their password protected accounts for access to exclusive offers and to securely and seamlessly place orders,” the company said. Some of the benefits include news on up-to-date product availability and flexible payment and shipping options.

Mepra partners with Pininfarina Mepra is launching a new serveware collection – Stile by Pininfarina. Available from 1 January 2021, the refined collection pairs Mepra’s experience and know-how with Pininfarina’s design expertise and love of aesthetics. The company says the collection embodies the timeless values of “beauty, purity, innovation. With its contemporary, essential look, Stile brings elegance in our homes without forgoing functionality.” Think clean lines and geometric shapes met with functionality. In fact, all of the items in the collection are designed to be multi-functional, perfect for the kitchen and living room. The collection includes steel bowls in various shapes, both rounded and square, rectangular and oval trays, along with barware items such as ice buckets and wine cooler stands, along with a shaker, jigger and more.

Trend alert! Pocket knives – perhaps once the stablemate of the man at work, now‌ a must-have at a Michelin-star restaurant. Lewis Wark, who work with acclaimed French knife brand Forge de Laguiole, say they have noticed a trend towards boujee restaurants requesting pocket knives in place of a regular, common or garden table knife. “We are seeing a trend towards using pocket knives on the table to add to the theatre of dining,â€? says Tom Douglas of Lewis Wark. “When the table is set guests have the pleasure of opening their knife when the meal starts. Historically, a Forge de Laguiole pocket knife was an all-purpose tool, used by farmers whilst working, and then to eat with when they returned home. When the head of the house opened his pocket knife, the rest of the family knew that they could start!â€? Forge de Laguiole has collaborated with self-taught Parisian painter Seize Happywallmaker on a four-strong collection of colourful pocket knives. “Another of my favourite pocket knives to use on the table is designed for Forge de Laguiole by French designer Ora Ito. When closed it is a sleek prism of steel and black mineral acrylic, which you would have no idea was your knife, pocket or table, until opened,â€? Tom adds.

“As we pause to reset, plan and adapt to a new environment we are thankful to have the opportunity to present our new autumn/winter collection, with a focus on form, texture and decoration. Thoughtful, considered and long-lasting are terms we associate with our products, craft and design ethos, as we consider the future, they are also a useful guide for working and living sustainably.� Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, creative director at LSA International speaking about the company’s autumn/ winter 2020 range. Pictured is the Chevron collection.

EMBRACE THE POSSIBILITIES iĂŒ L>VÂŽ ĂŒÂœ LĂ•ĂƒÂˆÂ˜iĂƒĂƒ >ĂŒ >Ăƒ 6i}>Ăƒ >ÀŽiĂŒ° 7i “>ÂŽi ĂƒÂœĂ•Ă€Vˆ˜} ĂƒÂˆÂ“ÂŤÂ?i LĂž }ÂˆĂ›ÂˆÂ˜} ĂžÂœĂ• >VViĂƒĂƒ ĂŒÂœ Â“ÂœĂ€i ĂŒÂ…>˜ {]ĂŽää }ˆvĂŒ E …œ“i Ă€iĂƒÂœĂ•Ă€ViĂƒ ÂœÂ˜ĂƒÂˆĂŒi >˜` œ˜Â?ˆ˜i°

,QKP WU ,CPWCT[ s >Ăƒ6i}>Ăƒ >ÀŽiĂŒ°Vœ“ N JÂ?>ĂƒĂ›i}>ĂƒÂ“>ÀŽiĂŒ


Viewpionts “The industry has shown remarkable resilience, adaptability and bounceback-ability. Companies all round the world worked incredibly hard to keep systems and products moving, against the odds. On the HoReCa side of things, tableware suppliers have had to adjust to a whole new set of challenges and new ways of working – hence our launch of the Utopia Protect and Serve range, including products like PPE. In fact, the hospitality industry as a whole suffered massively and showed remarkable character and flexibility, highlighted in moves such as pubs and restaurants

Kathryn Oldershaw, marketing director, Utopia “The hospitality industry as a whole suffered massively and showed remarkable character and flexibility” developing take away menus alongside their standard offering. Going forward, the tableware industry will keep looking to entertain and excite with new concepts and ideas to meet our customers’ needs. In HoReCa, we have to be able to respond and innovate quickly as our customers’ needs may change radically due to the continuing pandemic.”

“2020 will be a year none of us will forget in a hurry” We asked key industry figures “How would you sum up 2020 for the global tableware industry?”. This is what they had to say... Hayley Baddiley, global marketing director, Denby “2020 will be a year none of us will forget in a hurry – for all of us life has changed in some way as a result of the pandemic. For those tableware manufacturers who have a business model focused on one or even two sales channels it has been especially difficult. Thankfully Denby are not solely reliant on one market as we have both retail and catering customers. And more importantly we have an international market which has meant that we have continued to supply overseas markets that have found themselves at different stages of the pandemic. What has also been evident is that more retailers have taken the opportunity to start selling their stock online and Denby has been able to assist with great content and digital assets. For manufacturers who haven’t held back on launching new products in 2020 it has been essential to have a good communications plan to let customers know and remind them you are steadfast in these difficult times. A good online and social media presence is also key to providing customers and consumers with reassurance in your brand - Denby’s investment in all of these areas has proven itself invaluable in insulating the brand somewhat to the challenges that 2020 has presented and indeed creating new opportunities from the increased interest in home and in sustainably made brands.” 12 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

Anand Baldawa, CEO, Seeba Group and thinKitchen “Year 2020 will be known as one of turmoil, but hopefully also one of change. The Covid-19 outbreak triggered an unprecedented crisis, something which has not been seen by any of us today. Shifting economic, consumer, and societal trends presented numerous challenges but also opportunities. Prepandemic, the Indian consumer was already evolving at great speed, but the pandemic may now move consumers to assess their spends. Perhaps the most important and defining change in the future of the tableware sector will be a heightened environmental and social consciousness. Consumers are increasingly looking for brands with ethos and personality that match their own. It’s only brands (and companies) that have a long-term focus and a customer-centric approach that will be able to navigate such choppy waters.”

Jürgen Beining, international sales director tableware, Villeroy & Boch “2020 has been a challenging year for us. as for the whole global tableware industry. There were a lot of ups and downs: after a promising beginning in the first two months, especially in Europe, the coronavirus pandemic influenced the whole industry heavily. But, we also experienced a strong development in finding new strategies and ideas so that business could continue.

“The first halfyear of 2020 was the most difficult time for the whole tableware industry we ever experienced” Especially the online business has performed well and the whole digital development accelerated rapidly and supported the industry in this way. Nevertheless, we have to say overall the first half-year of 2020 was the most difficult time for the whole tableware industry we ever experienced, despite the success of the e-commerce business. Once the lockdowns ended, we observed a very encouraging development on the whole in the third quarter. Now we are looking with concern, as the whole tableware industry does, on the renewed shop closures in various European countries. We will expect a significant reduction in revenue at our retail stores there, but we are optimistic that we can cover it to some extent by our well performing e-commerce business and by our revenues in other countries. All in all, 2020 must be viewed as a very challenging year for the whole industry. On the other hand, these challenges forced the industry to develop and to progress business, especially in digital ways and faster than planned.”



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100% Recycled Glass. 100% Common Sense. 100% PaĹ&#x;abah çe.

PaĹ&#x;a b ah çe Aw are Co l l e c ti o n

We are pro u d to int ro du ce Awa re Co lle c t io n It ’s our fi rst glassware ran ge , insp ire d by t h e co lo r o f t h e Bo sp h p r u s Turq uo i s e, ma d e f ro m %100 rec yc led g la ss. We do o u r b e st to p rov ide a b e tte r p la n et fo r f uture gen erat io ns. N ow it ’s yo u r t u r n to b e Awa re ‌

A loyal member of the ĹžiĹ&#x;ecam Sustainability Initiative

Pasabache.indd 1

30/11/2020 09:21

New Products

Fresh fragrance Denby has introduced a new home fragrance collection, partnering with Stoneglow to bring five of the company’s most iconic patterns into the world of luxury candles and oil diffusers. The ceramic collection includes gift boxed oil diffusers and candles in Denby ceramic patterns: Modus, Statements, Quartz Rose, Halo and Blue Haze, with candle tins also available in these patterns. For retailers, Denby is producing an in-store plinth to showcase the collection supported with in store POS and premium lifestyle imagery.


Infusing taste

the newness Bringing you fresh releases from the world’s best tableware brands

Dunoon’s Shetland Infuser Sets now boast new decors with Satori and Harmony. Satori, with a design by Dave Broadhurst features decorative birds and colourful flowers. Harmony has been designed by Richard Partis and features beautifully illustrated musical instruments and notes, this set is sure to be a hit with any music lover! Both comprise of a mug, infuser and lid.

Meet The Wunderkammer

All in good taste! Designed to be accessible, but also to appeal to those who want exclusivity, Sambonet is introducing Taste Tailor Made – a cutlery service aimed at young people. Taste – a bestseller in the Sambonet entry level range – is now available in a 24-piece table set for six people, in the PVD Black and PVD Gold versions and in the exclusive Vintage PVD Copper and Antique PVD Champagne finishes. In keeping with the Sambonet Tailor Made project, each set can be embellished engraving symbols or initials on the front, or a date to remember on the back. 14 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

Royal Delft has introduced The Wunderkammer, a new collection inspired by the cabinets of curiosities and delftware of the 17th century – think an eclectic array of motifs with frogs, beetles, turtles and other creatures featuring on pieces. The contemporary series is made with an artisan transfer technique and consists of a wide range of both decorative and functional products that fit in contemporary interiors. The application of a gold accent gives the collection extra appeal.

New stoneware collection Sabichi has introduced a stoneware collection to its repertoire. With three colourways – royal blue, matt grey and sage green – the collection has been inspired by modern homes and contemporary living. Boasting dinner plates, side plates and bowls, Sabichi say the stoneware assortment is the ideal accompaniment for hosting a dinner party or works just as well for more casual family-style meals.

The beauty of red Deep, rich, ruby red takes centre stage with Wedgwood’s Renaissance Red collection. Due for imminent release, Renaissance Red is eternally stylish embodying both a modern but timeless aesthetic – typical of a Wedgwood collection. Wedgwood tells us Renaissance Red’s décor “combines elegant interior design motifs with the pure oval forms of the celebrated Wedgwood cameo, together with Florentine accents. Re-imagined here as modern update in classic red.” The collection, of course, is made with high quality fine bone china, hand-finished with 22 carat-gold and designed in England.

Ode to the ocean Inspired by the waters near Hokuriku/ Kanazawa, Nikko’s birthplace, the UMI Sea collection is an ode to the ocean. A new collection from Nikko, the handpainted assortment transports users to the company’s homeland of Japan. So intricate is the décor you’d be forgiven for hearing the lapping of the waves at the dinner table – a true celebration of the sea in calming colourways.

Bringing the vacation to you

Open the box! Robbe & Berking has taken cutlery presentation to a new level with The Box. A unique centrepiece, The Box in fact holds six silver or silver-plated menu spoons, menu forks, menu knives and coffee spoons from the Robbe & Berking bestsellers Martelé, Riva and Belvedere. All three patterns are available with either a ‘shiny’ stainless steel blade (which will be delivered in the grey fabric box), or the new Frozen Black, with its DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) blades (delivered in the anthracite fabric box).

The Laurie Gates Tierra Collection from Gibson Overseas features hand painted designs inspired by Spanish and Mexican Talavera pottery. The collection offers two dinnerware designs made from high quality stoneware: Tierra Mosaic (pictured) and Tierra Tile. Mosaic features prominent orange and yellow hues, while the Tile design spotlights blue and white designs. Along with dinnerware sets, the collection also offers serveware pieces, cake stands, and bakers. Dinnerware sets include four dinner plates, four salad plates, and four bowls.

In ship shape Broste Copenhagen has introduced new porcelain plates in four different sizes. The Shape collection includes two plates/serving dishes and two bowls coming in three colours – soft grey, puce brown and camel. A handmade finish gives them a rustic and tactile look. Ideal for serving food or displaying fruit.


Product Spotlight

Key points:

• Made in Europe • Superior quality • Multiple designs

Collection Dissection

Bunzlau Castle Textiles

Introducing the... Jacquard Collection


Did you know? Sales of Bunzlau Castle textiles had spectacular growth of 80 per cent last year


irst launched to stellar success in 2019, Bunzlau Castle’s Jacquard Collection initially boasted two designs – Indigo Lace and Dragonfly Garden. Thanks to its success, the brand has expanded the collection with four new motifs Dark Blue, Stripe, Checkered and the most recent addition, White Stars, which launched in October. “The kitchen has increasingly become the centre of the house once again,” Bunzlau Castle tell us, discussing the inspiration behind the collection. “This inspired our designer to create a collection that fits in perfectly with different interior styles. A collection that expands from the kitchen to the dining room. From modern chic to rural. A colour palette of playful patterns and designs gives the Bunzlau Castle textile collection its own unique look for both the dining room and the kitchen.” The common thread linking Bunzlau

Castle's collections is the colour blue, a shade which has become their DNA. “We have always chosen this timeless colour as our primary colour. A classical colour that can be given from generation to generation and will always fit with interior styles all year round. A colour that never goes out of style. Our variety of stylish patterns enhance our product and offer a wide selection to fit every style you. Butterflies, flowers, checks, stripes – we have them all. From fun and casual to minimal and classical.” Available in all territories, the Jacquard Collection has enjoyed a positive reaction at retail – so successful it has been expanded within a year of launch! – selling quickly and being remanufactured and restocked several times.


Reconnecting the industry around


Differentiate your offering and gain a competitive advantage by sourcing products, trends and ideas not yet available in your market!

Find: Thousands of new & innovative home, housewares and Internet of Things products Learn: About color and consumer trends, retail best practices, design and smart home Discover: Inspiring new retail concepts, merchandising and branding Visit: World-class retailers such as Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma and The Container Store

the new name for the

New dates for the 2021 Show! 7-10 August Chicago, USA



Savage collection

We worked with creatives that span illustrators, tattoo and graffiti artists. They brought a whole new point of view to the design process which we found really exciting

Ahoy collection

Elevating design Be it as part of a collaboration with international creatives or coming from in-house, design is an integral part of Nude’s DNA, built into the fabric of the brand’s being. Tableware International spoke with Emre Bozbeyli, head of design for the brand, about creating products that matter...

Ecrin by Sebastian Herkner Rock and Pop Artist (right)


How important is design concept to Nude? Design is an integral part of the Nude ethos, seen in our extensive in-house design team who put huge emphasis on the creative process. Collaborations with international talent are also key, championing both emerging and established practitioners by giving them a new platform and material in which to explore their designs.

Emre Bozbeyli

Is it imperative for you and your team to elevate Nude products beyond what is already on the market? We always strive to create pieces that are elevated and aspirational, through a ‘simple is beautiful’ lens that we feel sets our products apart.

We must talk about the level of intricacies that go into designing your collections – give us an idea of how Nude’s design team would approach a range? Take Stem Zero as an example. Our Stem Zero range featuring Ion Shielding Technology was many years in the making. Having meticulously developed the shapes of each stemware, a rigorous material research process followed, experimenting with strengthening techniques and even suppressing microfissures that cause glass to crack.

“We’re always on the lookout for new ways to broaden the design inspiration behind our products”

Nude has pushed boundaries with many of its collaborations, I’m thinking specifically of the Rock & Pop collection – a truly design-led assortment, is that a continued focus for Nude?

industry. His wealth of knowledge combined with the skills of our in-house design team resulted in a collection that has resonated well with the hospitality world.

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to broaden the design inspiration behind our products. For the Rock & Pop Artist collection, we worked with creatives that span illustrators, tattoo and graffiti artists. They brought a whole new point of view to the design process which we found really exciting.

We believe restaurant quality products should be available to all; designs found at Mirazur for example are the same pieces available online to consumers. Of course, hospitality puts an emphasis on details like being machine washable, but these are aspects our retail customers expect too.

Nude works with so many talented global creatives, how do these artists come under Nude’s radar?

What else can we expect from Nude coming into the new year?

We look for like-minded, passionate creatives in a wide range of sectors. Take our new Savage range - we approached Remy Savage because of his renowned expertise in the drinks

Are there differences when designing for hospitality versus retail?

We’ve got lots of new launches in the pipeline. I’m most excited for Ghost Zero, a finer, lighter version of our Stem Zero collection and Ahoy, a series of stackable, nonstick glasses designed with the hospitality market in mind. Watch this space!


Nude’s Stem Zero collection was in development for years before hitting retail as the company experimented with strengthening techniques and even suppressing micro-fissures that cause glass to crack.

Stem Zero

Did you know? Pigmento by Studio Formafantasma

Nude seeks out “like-minded, passionate creatives in a wide range of sectors” – from the drinks industry to tattoo artists – to collaborate on design-led projects with. TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL 19

The beauty of birds... Trend Animals

Nature in its purest form is showcased in Ginori 1735 newest pieces in the Perroquets Collection. Vases, available in two sizes of 15cm and 20cm, feature six different, but equally as beautiful, subjects: Le Lori Ecaillé, Varieté du Perroquet Maipouri, La Perruche Souffré, Le Perroquet Cendré, L'Ara Noir à Trompe and L'Ara Gris à Trompe. With the Perroquets collection, Ginori 1735 decodes a vital energy that is expressed in the extraordinary colours of the plumage of the parrots, inspired by the botanical folios of the manuscripts in the historic archive of the Ginori Workshop. Each parrot is the result of a refined inking process on a silk frame, which, through an extraordinary game of overlapping, enriches itself with tones and colours of rare beauty.


magnetism Never not in vogue, collections featuring the wild, untamed beauty of our animal friends are a constant source of fascination – be it bird or beast, pieces showcasing animal motifs are a glorious way of bringing tablescapes to life…

Uniquely urban

From Melody Rose comes the Urban Nature Collection – with a particular focus on the stunning beauty of the Howling Wolf motif. Inspired by designer Melanie Roseveare’s Canadian childhood, From Blue Pheasant comes the Bandar Bar Collection featuring Dalmatian spots on luxe hair-on-hide. The entire collection features a tray, ice bucket, the Howling Wolf bone china plates cocktail shaker, box set of six square coasters and napkin holders – a perfect are a contemporary celebration of the natural world. Howling at the ode to the ‘more is more’ philosophy. moon, the image conjures up the magical woods and wild forests. The collection also includes dragonflies, butterflies and birds with nests.

Darling Dalmatian

Fantastic future

To the meadow Lenox’s Butterfly Meadow Bunny collection offers an adorable option for those looking for a cute tablescape. Think scallop-rimmed accent plates, an egg tray, bunny-shaped salt and pepper shakers, cookie jar and a butter dish, each crafted in porcelain and featuring bunnies with Lenox’s signature, vibrant floral pattern. 20 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

Each year Fürstenberg adds to its Touché Zodiaque collection. Inspired by the Chinese zodiac, the special edition pieces are adorned with motifs such as a dragon (2012), snake (2013), horse (2014), sheep (2015), monkey (2016), rooster (2017), dog (2018), pig (2019) and rat (2020). And for 2021, they add a buffalo – representing reliability, strength and sincerity. The Touché Zodiaque cups pared back, yet appealing, aesthetic makes them a desirable choice for all.



Mixology meets


In collaboration with world-renowned mixologist Remy Savage

simple is beautiful

Retail Hostaro Tableware

“I wanted to style different tablescapes for customers, like an interior designer for a dining table, but also provide a solution by styling a table each season and selling that entire look online at”

Hostess with the mostest

Setting up a dual business as both a tableware stylist and online tableware retail brand in the midst of a global pandemic is an idea which might leave many quaking in their boots. Samantha Ashe is different. Using her skills as a tableware stylist, she saw an opportunity to merge the growing trend for high-end ‘at home’ dining with tabletop styling and Hostaro Tableware was born… On establishing Hostaro Tableware… “I started my research at the beginning when Covid-19 caused our first lockdown here in Ireland. After researching and sourcing suppliers I founded Hostaro Tableware. It took a few months to get off the ground from building my own website, creating the brand and sourcing the product. I officially launched hostarotableware. com on 29 September 2020.”

On the driving force behind establishing the business… “My background is in marketing and events, I have organised events for 20 years and it was something I was really passionate about. I have always loved hosting dinner parties and I’ve always enjoyed styling tablescapes for events in my own home. In most recent years I worked on styling lifestyle photos or video shoots and I loved it. It was my 40th birthday in January and I wanted to host a dinner party in my home with some close friends. I had a look in mind but couldn’t find everything I wanted which made me start


to think about setting up my own tableware business. I wanted to style different tablescapes for customers, like an interior designer for a dining table, but also provide a solution by styling a table each season and selling that entire look online at I hadn’t seen this type of service before and felt with the recent pandemic people would be entertaining more at home. We are living in a very picture-perfect world. Everything we do we showcase through social media. This is where Hostaro Tableware (the table stylist) comes in. Customers may want to recreate a look I’ve styled on or I can create a bespoke tablescape and curate the pieces from my different suppliers to create a bespoke look to complement their interiors and personality.”

On merging her work as a stylist with the online shop… “I’ve built up a good relationship with a range of wonderful suppliers. I’m planning to speak with more so I can build more opportunities and options for my customers. I am constantly

Hostaro’s TOP styling TIPS... •

Decide on the type of event you’ll be holding and plan ahead. Is it formal, informal, garden style, party, festive etc?

Pick your colour – for our winter tablescape which we are selling online, we opted for greys, gold and white. This will give you direction on styling your table. We also like to mix dinnerware and table linen up, bringing different colours that contrast well.

Build your tablescape with textures and layers – this is a game changer. Bring in new textures like table linen. You can layer your table linen with large tablecloths and a smaller tablecloth or runner to give that dramatic effect. Use candlesticks, tea lights at different heights and strategically place them across your table.

Floral display – bringing flowers to the table is your finishing touch. Arrange a floral arrangement to put in the centre of your table to enhance your colour theme or if you’re tight on space you can opt for smaller vases and place them across the table.

On the brands Hostaro Tableware supplies… Alexandre Turpault


I’ve built a great relationship with Alexandre Turpault. Their French linen is beautiful. I tell my customers that by purchasing their table linen they are an investment piece and they get better with age. Their pure linen is weaved, dyed, and embroidered in France, with a stain release treatment for most of their products. Hostaro has picked a simple hemstitched linen table runner in two different sizes and napkins to match in a dark grey. I have also recently taken on their throws which are made out of 100 per cent baby Alpaca wool.

At Nkuku (Nuh-ku-ku), they create beautifully handmade home and lifestyle products. They work with artisans throughout the world, combining timeless design with natural materials. Hostaro has chosen stunning marble and mango wood serving / chopping boards. The weight in these really tells the authenticity of the products. Hostaro will sell three different types of these boards.

Caulfield Country Boards A fantastic Irish brand, Caulfield Country Boards pride themselves on being a small, unique, family run, Irish business. Their contemporary tableware and kitchen accessories are practical, charming and innovatively designed. All their creations are designed and made in Co. Meath, from beautiful, sustainably sourced hardwoods. Hostaro has selected the Stag Paddle board and the Walnut cheese paddles which are sold in three different sizes. looking for Hostaro’s next tablescape and bespoke table settings. This will also keep me up to date and on top of trends. I feel that both sides of the business complement each other and bring new ideas to my customer’s table. I’ve digested their product ranges and know what I can offer to my customers. With the recent pandemic I hope to carry out virtual visits to understand what the client’s needs are and create that perfect table setting for them. There is a lot of work behind it and I’m happy to move where the demand goes to.”

On trade shows… “I’m disappointed that I can’t get to trade shows in the coming months. I’ve carried out a lot of research. Researching suppliers in the US through exhibitor lists and I’ve researched through different brands looking at Ambiente and Maison & Object’s communications and exhibitors.”

On Covid-19’s impact on business… “In Ireland we were in level 5 lockdown up until 1 December. I officially launched at the beginning of October and I felt that things were running well as a start-up but since the announcement of level 5 lockdown sales had slowed down. In the last week or so it has picked up again thankfully and I’m hopeful that my customers will be feeling hopeful for a wonderful Christmas.”

LSA International LSA International, a well-known brand here in Ireland and the UK offers contemporary glassware. I love their glassware and I’ve selected their gin glassware range which is proving to be very popular with my customers.

Artis – selling Luigi Bormioli I have formed a great relationship with Artis who supply Luigi Bormioli glassware from Italy. Hostaro Tableware has chosen the The Meravigliosi (The Marvellous) range. Each glass is produced with the finest walls and stems that are just 5mm thick. They are also Titanium coated for additional strength. The crystal is sparkling and clear so you can appreciate and enjoy the real colour of your wine. This range has become really popular with Hostaro Tableware. We are proud of this range, the design is impressive and the price point is attractive too for my customers.

Porcel Their dinnerware and serveware are made from fine porcelain in Portugal, they are known for their whiteness in colour. I wanted a dinnerware brand that could offer what my customers wanted. Porcel’s porcelain is exquisite, they are lovely to work with. Their collections really are showstoppers and I believe I will be able to continue to work with Porcel because of their extensive beautiful ranges and colours. I have chosen their Ballet Ob range and in my next tablescape photoshoot I will be introducing their Infinity range which I’m very excited about.

räder From Denmark, räder is one of the market leaders in the living accessories and gift items segment. With their products they arouse your longing for a piece of poetry in everyday life and the desire to give a special gift. I think räder’s designers are incredibly talented. Their pieces are poetic and beautiful. I recently took on this brand for our Christmas collection. They are really nice to work with.

WMF I was introduced to WMF by Artis. And instantly fell for their gold cutlery. I had a design in mind and I wanted to offer my customers gold cutlery that would last. The pieces featured are 18/10 cutlery pieces which they then coat with PVD. WMF will give Hostaro’s customers 12 months guarantee on their products. They come in a Hostaro Tableware gift box, 16-piece and 28-piece sets are available.


Retail Column



Let’s drink to that! Cocktail hour is a must these days and customers are absolutely embracing beautiful barware, says retailer and columnist Michele Trzuskowski


T is for Table is a luxury independent boutique, with a focus on tabletop, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, that offers an experiential and inspirational space dedicated to helping customers tell stories, create traditions and celebrate life. The boutique offers everything from fine pottery, china, glass, serveware and table accessories, to home décor, jewellery and body products, and delivers a custom service with its custom engraving, home visits and gift registries.


About T is for Table

e all know James Bond likes his cocktails shaken and not stirred and we’ve probably all seen Tom Cruise shake it up in the movie Cocktail. But, as we envision that cocktail sliding down the bar to an expecting patron, it is the glass and not the drink itself that he encounters first. How it looks, its weight, and its shape is how it showcases the drink itself. Just like the olive may accent the martini, the glass or barware can be that same extension of the drink. And if you are like many of my customers who seem to be enjoying their nightly, or daily, cocktail hour – especially amid Covid-19 – then your barware should be just as

important as the drink itself. With Covid-19 we’ve seen an increase in the barware and cocktail trend within the tableware industry. Many of the trends in 2020 stemming from restaurants, who choose fashionable glassware for the drinks they serve, or the specialty drink they concoct. In any case we are seeing more and more cocktail driven accessories, as well as glassware introductions, to take a second look at this category, especially if you haven’t done so lately. Stunning wine glasses continue to be introduced in this category, but what I’m seeing customers drawn to are the stemless wine glasses, especially as our day to day living becomes more casual.

Just like the olive may accent the martini, the glass or barware can be that same extension of the drink

In this category, we love Juliska’s Carine red and white handblown stemless glasses. With what seems to be the perfect weight, they fit nicely in your hands and many customers enjoy the fact that they could use it as a rock glass if they wanted. For that practical poolside or outdoor stemless wine, we like Q-Squared’s Aurora Crystal Clear Tritan Acrylic Wine Glass. You never have to worry about dropping this glass if you have had one to many. On the more elegant side is Vietri’s Regalia stemless wine glass – hand painted in four glorious and trendy colors. With the wine lover’s category aside, we can focus on where the movement is really going, to the cocktail and rock glass. For cocktails, a big trend we are

Match QSquared






According to Neilsen data consumers

are drinking more. Compared to last year at this time, sales are up 27.6 per cent for wine, 26.4 per cent for spirits, and 14 per cent for beer

seeing is the comeback of the coupe champagne glass. It’s not being used for champagne however, but rather cocktails, from martinis (yes, they are not always being served in the traditional “V” shaped glass) to Manhattans. LSA International’s Aurelia Champagne Saucers lead the pack here with their classic saucer combined with a sleek tall stem. We also like Vietri’s rainbow colorful coupe champagne glasses. And although we like them both for the above-mentioned cocktails, we also like these glasses for serving dramatic appetizers such as shrimp cocktail or ceviche. Now, if you like to sip your spirits (neat or on the rocks), cocktails or any Juliska

other drink that is not served hot, a great rock glass is a must. The 14 oz. double old-fashioned glasses are our pick here versus the standard 8 oz to 10 oz rock glass as they can hold the larger square and round blocks of ice that have become so popular. These glasses help you enjoy your favorite whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or other fine spirits. Where specialty beers and ales had been the largest trend with different ale and malt glasses on the rise, we’re seeing it replaced with the more refined whiskey and scotch drinkers requiring a great rock glass. Our pick here is Match’s classic rock glasses; their 14 oz double old-fashioned glass, and their 10 oz rocks glass both made of lead-free European crystal and Italian pewter. Their glass feels great in the hand, has a great weight and enhances whatever’s inside. For a more modern take on the rock glass we like Orrefors Erik Double Old Fashioned with its sleek lines and mottled base. As a retailer, when I am bringing in a line of barware or glassware, I

look for lines that offer a complete suite of stemware and barware. This offers me the opportunity of stocking a customer’s bar with not only the wine glasses they may have purchased for their table setting but also with rock glasses, highballs, martinis, champagne glasses and even brandy or liqueur cordials. The companies I’ve mentioned above for the most part do that. Since the Corona quarantine, not only has Google reported that searches have increased for cocktail recipes but also according to Neilsen data consumers are drinking more. Compared to last year at this time, sales are up 27.6 per cent for wine, 26.4 per cent for spirits, and 14 per cent for beer. With those kinds of increases, I say we all take advantage of the trend and take a hard look at ways to expand are barware and stemware categories. TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL 25

Nude Feature Barware

The beauty of

the bar... Barware has seen an invigoration of sorts, no longer a statement piece for high-end cocktail bars and restaurants, more than ever, it is becoming a must-have accessory in the home


e can’t shy away from the fact that 2020 has left an undeniable dent in the global hospitality industry. Multiple lockdowns across Europe, and wider afield, as nations battle Covid-19 has been truly unprecedented. And yet, this is a global, multifaceted industry which adapts with as much flexibility as it can muster. And while Covid-19 may have stopped the party in some territories, others have remained open for business – meaning a continued demand for barware. Moreover, on the retail side of things, as home environments continue to take on increasing significance, there has been a notable increase in demand for products which help “recreate” the magic of a night out in a boujee venue – and there are suppliers who have been able to capitalise on this. “Yes, we have seen an increase in demand for barware,” confirms David Mackrell, president tabletop and food service at Lifetime Brands. In fact, within the Lifetime Brands family, three division presidents all agreed they have seen an increase in demand for


barware in the home. “Demand for barware has certainly increased this year. People are spending more time at home and have more time to experiment with at home mixology,” agrees BJ Stein, Rabbit division president. This is a sentiment echoed by Lifetime Brands Chris Wile, president metals division, who points towards seeing “a surge in barware since June of this year. It is happening under numerous brands including Mikasa and Houdini”. The world has changed significantly, says Heather Navon at Lenox Corporation, and demand for barware – in particular for Tuscany, Lenox’s largest collection – has increased. “There is a growing interest in barware,” Heather continues, noting the popularity of double old fashioned, hi balls and martini glasses. “Consumers are crafting their own cocktails at home and want the perfect glass. Bar accessories like decanters, ice buckets and bar tools are also becoming more important since the popularity of home bars and trendy bar carts.”

Alessi LSA International

Professional bar utensils, tools previously used almost exclusively by barmen and chefs, are now having a moment in the home, points out Barbara Cincotto, HoReCa Sales – Arcturus Group. But in addition to that growth, Barbara notes a trend towards aesthetics too – namely, colours and finishes. She elaborates: “The bar tools must be suited to the style and colours of the location. Today aesthetic details are very important, as are technical

features and performances of the equipment. Compared to the past, this sector has been renewed thanks to the art of mixology. Bartenders look at this phenomenon with great interest: in addition to the traditional tools of the trade, they select and look for inspiring accessories which are able to liven up any presentation.” With barware’s popularity undoubtedly boosted, we take a look at just some of the collections making an impact this year, and into next.

Retail comment “We’ve seen a significant increase in our barware sales during lockdown, compared to that of last year. Incredibly, barware in general has seen a sales increase of 3,436 per cent, which includes everything from coasters to cork screws, and all of our luxury bar accessories. During a time when pubs and bars are closed for business, we weren’t surprised to see sales of beer and cider glasses increased by 447 per cent. We understand that during lockdown, customers are still keen to enjoy the experience of a luxury cocktail hour, and this has been reflected in the rise in sales of cocktail glasses, which were up 98 per cent, and our gorgeous range of drinks trolleys,

Robbe & Berking Robbe & Berking’s Dante Bar Collection is a masterclass in finely handcrafted bar pieces. The collection is released three years after the Martelé Bar Collection, which proved a global hit and serves to expand Robbe & Berking’s expertise in category. Think purist lines, elegant simplicity and delicate proportions. But not just that, Dante boasts other notable features too – the high thermal conductivity of silver, for example, allows every vessel to assume the temperature of the beverage. As a special feature, the silver-plated drinking vessels are also available with a gold-plated interior and offer a wide range of possible combinations in line with the popular mix & match trend.

which saw a sales increase of 20 per cent.”

Sam Hood, creative director and head of buying, Amara

LSA International From LSA International’s AW ’20 collection comes Verso – a beautifully tactile range. Verso’s hand-engraved, opposing split circular cuts create an elegant, modern aesthetic that invites the hands to explore the smooth ridges.

Beatriz Ball Beatriz Ball’s new craft cocktail-worthy double old fashioned (DOF) and highball glasses feature a stunning textured crocodile pattern in smoked glass topped with metallic gold halo rims. The cool and sophisticated DOF and highball glasses look absolutely amazing on top of Beatriz Ball’s classic Croc tray, and create a spectacular bar set up together with other popular items from the Pieles Croc collection, with several new barware pieces newly introduced.

Nude The Caldera collection is the latest addition to Nude’s ever-expanding whisky offering, featuring two tumblers and a complementing high ball. A V-shaped motif with distinct vertical cuts adorns the base, offering a contemporary take on a traditional cutglass tumbler. Crafted from lead-free crystal and presented in a set of four, each vessel brings a sophisticated edge to any table setting or bar cart.

Couzon Bohème from Couzon is a contemporary bar range with generous shapes. The Bohème range has a bright mirror finish and has been created with double stainless-steel walls in order to preserve the temperature of bottles. This range includes a champagne bucket, wine cooler and ice bucket.


Feature Barware

Alessi The Mixology range of bar accessories from Alessi is a stellar collection of exquisite pieces designed for maximum enjoyment. The Mixology collection includes cocktail sets North Tide, Our Roots, The Player, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and finally the 5050, a shaker. Each kit is identified with the name of a cocktail expressly dedicated to it by Oscar Quagliarini, an internationally renowned mixologist. Alessi has also modified the Boston 5050 shaker, the container will no longer be made of glass but of steel. In addition, some of the most significant objects in the bar collection are now also available in a luxury version with copper PVD coating.

Denby “While the majority of Denby barware is sold in the UK, in October Denby launched a range of elegant, sleek and contemporary ridged glassware (two wine glasses, two tumblers and champagne flute) for our South Korean customers which is premium high quality glass at an affordable and attractive price point. In August, the Denby Colours Glassware collection was launched with attractive blue, pink, green and yellow bowls and stems in wine glasses, tumblers and champagne flutes and like all Denby glassware it complements Denby ceramics but sits equally as a standalone collection. Both new collections are suitable to use in the dishwasher.”

Denby’s design director Richard Eaton on recent glassware collections


With its vast frozen landscapes, majestic creatures, and ancient indigenous cultures, the Arctic is one of the most mysterious and wondrous regions on the planet. In honour of this truly remarkable place, Artel – created its Arctic collection. The collection includes six Arctic-themed motifs: Polar Bear, Penguin, Walrus, Snow Owl, Fox, and Eskimo Ice Fisher. The subject of each motif is hand-engraved in breathtakingly lifelike detail and depicted atop a stylized, cubistic ice formation. The collection is offered as a complete set of six glasses (one with each motif ) in a wide range of vibrant colours; individual glasses or sets of a single motif are also available.


Broste Copenhagen

With plastic straws very much frowned upon, Broste has made a glass straw which is not just elegant and comfortable to drink from, but which can be used time and time again. There are two colours available – brown and smoke – perfectly complementing Broste’s hammered glasses in amber and brown.

Sieger by Fürstenberg

Paderno Paderno has introduced a collection of 150 bar items, all designed to combine professional efficiency and convenience with design and style. From the Moscow mule mug to the martini glasses and champagne flutes, from the spectacular pumpkin and pineapple-shaped goblets to a line of original, exciting straws and stirrers Paderno offers a wide range of hygienic, reusable and eco-friendly stainless steel – the perfect alternative to plastic and an extra dash of colour for glass items. The brand’s extensive range focuses on adding value to all types of cocktails, through perfectly coordinated accessories in elegant gold, copper and black hues. Each piece represents an ideal to every professional barista who, between functionality and aesthetics, wants to make each creation unique.

Cocktail o’clock! When renowned bartender Marie Rausch was recently named LINIE Aquavit bartender of the month – she presented her drink “Welten und Bummler” in the beautifully unique Drips and Drops tumblers from Sieger by Fürstenberg. For those who fancy a delicious tipple – we’ve got the recipe!

Utopia Adding a dash of something to a cocktail is a very personal thing. The bartender needs not only to know what they are doing, but also needs to have a good piece of equipment with which to execute the dash – ideally with an expansive gesture. Enter Utopia’s 33cl Monroe dash bottle, a stylish addition to any bar. The Monroe dash bottle features a crackle effect in the glass body for added interest, to catch the light when pouring and enhance the drama of the serve. Dishwasher safe and designed for stability, the Monroe bottle is easy to handle. A natural cork stopper with a tapered pouring spout ensures a perfect fit with no drips. It can be accessorised with a variety of coloured pourers to fit in with the general ambience of any bar setting. It stands 150mm high without the stopper.

Ingredients 3 cl LINIE Aquavit, infused with olive herbs 2 cl quince-bergamot honey liqueur 3 drops of brine (10 percent salt content) Optional: 0.5 cl sugar syrup Sparkling apple wine Garnish: olive herbs, edible herbs/ flowers according to the season

Preparation “Apart from glass-based drinkware, we have seen some unexpected demand for cocktail shakers, drink-mixer sets and Moscow mule mugs. I guess customers have realised that it’s not just the drink that matters, but also the entire experience that is important to enjoy their drink.”

Shake all ingredients on a lot of ice and strain twice in a tumbler. Pour in sparkling apple wine, stir gently and garnish with olive herbs and edible herbs or seasonal flowers.

Anand Baldawa, CEO, Seeba Group and thinKitchen on what is trending in barware TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL 29

Feature Barware

“Generally there is no doubt that Covid-19 has heavily affected the HoReCa business all over the world. In the retail business, obviously, the online sales picked up when many retailers facied challenges with their in-store business. It will still be quite a long way to go until business comes back, especially in the HoReCa segment. However, being part of this industry for so many years I truly believe in the creativity and passion of all the people involved and that there will be new ideas and concepts developed together adapted to the new “normal” in the post-Covid.”

Stölzle Lausitz’s export manager Jan Zschiesche on coming back from Covid

Robbe & Berking’s marketing director, Jan Karim Bezziche on popular shapes

Elia International Elia’s barware range has grown spectacularly in popularity and it’s no wonder why. Beautifully crafted from 18/10 stainless steel and with mirror polished or satin finishes, the range includes ice pails and wine or champagne coolers of various sizes. Th single bottle wine cooler (pictured) has been polished to a shining mirror finish and has an elegant and timeless design. With double-wall insulation ensuring both excellent thermal retention and a condensation free experience on the outside surface, this cooler will accommodate wine and champagne bottles.

“The demand for vessels for gin and tonic, whiskey and long drink/highball is particularly high.”


The ultimate for any gin lover, whether for display or used for serving in pubs, bars and restaurants or giving as a gift. These gin boards and coasters made from natural hevea wood are the perfect accompaniment, you simply just need to add the gin and tonic! 30 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

Product Focus

Art attack

Famed fashion photographer Joachim Baldauf has collaborated with Rosenthal and ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ to bring their new collection #331_RAINBOW to life...

Renowned for bringing aesthetics and wit to his photographs, Jochim Baldauf has captured the essence of the collection through his creative eye. The assortment has been inspired by the preservation of our environment with Plant-for-the-planet, an organisation committed reforestation worldwide partnering on the project. By selling the #331 collection, 4,500 trees are planted and the education of children and young people as international climate ambassadors is supported. Designed by Jan Alt, art director of ‘zoeppritz since 1828’, the devil is in the detail with this collection – note the restrained tone-in-tone pattern of historical logos telling the long history and the development of both brands. As a colour contrast to this and as a sign of modernity and openness, a rainbow unfolds on porcelain and textile objects in the first collection.


Interview Stolzle

“The boundary between machinemade and mouthblown has never been narrower”

Man or machine? When Stölzle Lausitz set out to create a machine-made collection on par with its mouthblown counterparts, the result was the STARlight Collection. Export manager Jan Zschiesche tells Tableware International about the drive to craft glasses with style and substance rivalling the very best… “Stölzle Lausitz wanted to take a further step into a new dimension of producing pulled stems. The aim was machine-made glass that comes very close to mouthblown glass,” says Jan Zschiesche, the company’s export manager, talking about the STARlight collection – a series notable for its remarkable thinness, despite being machine-made. “The stem has a diameter that is about ten percent smaller than that

Benefits for machine-made glass (according to Stölzle Lausitz)… ● Durability ● Reasonably priced ● Dishwasher safe for both professional and home dining ● Functionality and consistent quality ● Perfect for daily usage 32 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

of conventional machine-made glasses,” Jan reveals. “And the goblet also has a noticeably thinner wall thickness compared to other glasses from machine production. In this way the STARlight series combines lightness with extraordinary elegance. They are perfect for highend gastronomy, 5-star hotels and, of course, luxury wines.” Released in April 2020, the collection includes a burgundy glass, Bordeaux glass, red wine glass, white wine glass and a champagne flute with Stölzle pointing towards the collection’s high degree of functionality – think high breakage resistance and of course, dishwasher friendly. Asked how it has been received by customers, Jan says: “The series was very well received by our customers. It is not only the design of the glasses that impress, but also the convincing price-performance ratio. High class gastronomy, in particular, is looking for glasses that last a long time, are functional and a perfect drinking experience for their guests.”

Designed for both hospitality and retail, Stölzle point out that the collection’s balanced shape makes drinking luxury wine a pleasure. “A seamless and deep-drawn transition between stem and goblet, as well as perfectly proportioned matching profiles give the goblets of lead-free crystal glass a high degree of functionality with a harmonious appearance and exclusivity,” Jan reveals. Interestingly, the goblets in the collection have been crafted using the pulling process – the stem is pulled out of the glass gob at the end of the goblet. “Similar to the handmade technique of mouth

STARlight’s USPs ● Very light and fine like mouthblown glasses ● Graceful, slim stem ● Gentle, thin-walled bowl ● High performance blown production,” Jan adds. “This enables a long and seamless transition between the bowl and the stem which is not common with other machine-made processes. Stölzle Lausitz is one of the few glass manufacturers worldwide who are able to implement the drawing process with permanently high quality. The boundary between machine-made and mouthblown has never been narrower.”

Interview Melitta

Colour splash

Nigel Morrison

The perfect cup What gets us through multiple lockdowns and the monotony of working from home? Coffee, it seems! We caught up with Nigel Morrison – consumer and trade marketing manager at Melitta UK – who reported a huge spike in demand for coffee products… How has Covid-19 and the resulting lockdowns impacted trade for Melitta? As the nation was instructed to work from home (where possible) at the end of March and cafes and coffee shops temporarily closed, people wanted to continue their daily coffee enjoyment. Suddenly our e-shop saw a huge spike in sales as the demand for filter coffee machines and coffee makers grew. Some of our bestselling products during the period of lockdown included the new AromaFresh Grind & Brew Therm filter coffee machine with its unbreakable insulated jug and also the Look V Timer filter coffee maker. In addition, our sales indicated that people upgraded to more

premium bean to cup coffee machines such as the Avanza and the Purista – allowing them to create top-tier barista style drinks from the comfort of their own kitchen. What’s also appealing about both these machines is they are perfect for super-slim kitchens where space is limited. The Avanza is just 200mm wide – one of the world’s smallest fully automatic coffee machines.

How has Melitta capitalised on the upswing in business? The upswing in business has given us the opportunity to introduce the increased audience to a variety of new products that have been launched across our bean to cup range, filter coffee machines range

and our manual coffee preparation range as we continue to develop award winning new products. It’s also allowed us to bring the Melitta brand to more people and develop our position in the market, so that we’re more visible.

Did you find trade came mainly through retail partners or directly through Melitta? Sales have been generated via our trusted and valued retail partners and also our e-shop ( Our carefully orchestrated PR, social media and digital campaign which championed the ‘coffee enjoyment at home’ message gave people the information, confidence and know-how to make that purchase.

On the typical Melitta consumer… “Whilst it’s difficult to describe the ‘typical consumer’, some of our targeting has been focused around stylish and ambitious professional males in their mid-30s/40s who are keen coffee drinkers and are tech/gadget savvy. However, we also attract a very varied shopper/ customer base – including many females who all share an equal liking for great tasting coffee”. 34 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

Melitta’s porcelain Pour Over Sets are another way to bring coffee and colour into your life. Available in pastel blue, grey, pink and yellow, the Classic Edition Pour Over Set includes a stylish 600ml porcelain jug, a porcelain filter (which is the centrepiece of the Pour Over range) plus five Melitta filter papers to ensure the perfect pour. This new range complements Melitta’s current intense red and white Heritage range. We also work with a number of influencers who each gave their own personal and impartial review of different Melitta products which resonated with our customers.

How do you stay on top of coffee trends and in particular, accessories? Accessories have always been an important part of our range, especially for the more ‘seasoned’ at home barista. For example, our Porcelain Coffee Filter and Jug set brings a splash of colour to the Pour Over coffee category. As the trend for hand filtered coffee continues, Pour Over is an excellent way to make delicious tasting coffee. Not only does it give you far more control in terms of the temperature and flow of water, but actually promotes the circulation and expansion of coffee grounds that result in a fuller bodied and more flavoursome brew. Our Calibra coffee grinder, which holds up to 375g of beans and features a built-in scale, has also been well received – and generated some great press reviews.

Stem Zero

18'( 67(0 =(52 3,1. [ PPB LQGG

Frederick Fischer, managing director, Lalique UK

Category Decorative

How do you encourage the sale of decorative pieces when there is a trend for minimalism? Lalique is timeless and has very simple pieces as well as the highly decorative. Our latest range for Autumn Winter, Botanica II is highly decorative in rich earthy tones. There is a place for both and minimalist spaces need one centrepiece, otherwise they can be cold and soulless – the trend now is very much to embrace warmth and colour. We mix the two genres side by side and it works well – our bestselling 100 points range is both minimal, textile and decorative – this approach is particularly evident at Villa Rene Lalique where the modern architect, Mario Botta has designed the restaurant space and decorative Lalique pieces shine out. Does price point impact the sale of decorative items? Lalique’s customers are highly discerning and know the brand history and heritage, to this end I would say limited edition, and pieces with a ‘special’ design element, do particularly well. Lalique art pieces are also hugely in demand given their rarity.

Lalique From Lalique comes the remarkable Fleurs De Cerisier collection. Inspired by the beauty of Japanese cherry trees, the pieces are illuminated with gold and highlighted with enamel and applied by hand. In a numbered edition in clear, or limited edition of 88 pieces (a lucky number in Asia) for the amber and fuchsia versions, this vase captures the ornamental power of this iconic flower.

Deliciously decorative Dressing a room with decorative accent pieces is an artform. We explore just some of those created for maximum impact, as well as speaking with suppliers who are bringing design-led products to retailers

Porland The Christina collection from Porland radiates a retro elegance, combining a modern yet traditional style. Designed for both hospitality and home, the collection boasts a notable thin structure.

Artel’s Karen Feldman on designing for clients who buy what they love… “Just as I have always trusted my instinct and designed what I like versus following trends – I find that our customers are very similar. They buy what they like, they do not seem overly concerned with price point or trends… our clients really tend to buy what they fall in love with. Price is not the main deciding factor; it is really very secondary.”

Iittala Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Ruutu was introduced in 2015 and has become a modern classic. Now the Ruutu collection is complemented with ceramic vases which have the same simple, perfectly symmetrical shape. The vases come in three sizes with the symmetrical design bringing tranquillity to the home and can be grouped in a collection with other Ruutu vases, but also look impressive alone. The vases come in black, beige, dark blue and brown colours and the lively glaze reflects light in an interesting way.

Wedgwood Inspired by the calming influences of nature and the ever-growing trend of creating a relaxing atmosphere in the home, Wedgwood’s White Folia features organic linear designs (inspired by the abundance of natural patterns seen in the Wedgwood archives) fused with the silky white translucency of fine bone china. There are four new pieces in the White Folia collection, the large and small lithophanes, plus the single wick and three wick filled candles harness the soothing qualities of candlelight and subtle natural fragrances to add a touch of zen to the modern living room. Each piece in the White Folia collection features individual patterns and motifs that contrast bold graphic leaf forms with delicate, understated ones, to be mixed and matched with other decorative items throughout the home.

Poole Pottery Poole Pottery’s soothing Ocean collection evokes shimmering ocean water in a contemporary, abstract pattern with a smooth, rich, gradient colour scheme. The collection of six vases and decorative pieces was designed by glaze specialist, Sarah Redfern. Poole Pottery has celebrated ceramic form, design and decoration since it was founded in 1873 and has a reputation for vibrant statement decorative collections. Created and made by Poole Pottery’s team of skilled artisans in the UK each piece is hand crafted and decorated with each piece signed by the artist.


Delicate and decorative Japanese art is presented in style with Nikko’s zodiac mouse. Made of fine bone china, five types of the 2020 zodiac mouse are delicately hand-painted, with a blessing motif on three of the pieces. Shippo Tsunagi – a decorative relief loved by the Heian Aristocracy – is an auspicious pattern of peace, prosperity of descendants, and harmony.

Caterina Bernabino, head of international sales retail division, Sambonet on what material works best for crafting decorative pieces…

“Designers and brand’s skills lies in interpreting and understanding the potential and limits of each material. Sambonet has reached extremely high technical and creative levels in steel processing thanks to know-how, technique and continuous research and development. With the experience gained in over 150 years of history, Sambonet brings Inspired by a design philosophy from 1950’s unique Made in Italy objects to the Italian architecture, Penelope is a series which table, characterised by exclusive design, commands attention. The collection of bowls, stands and decorative objects combine innovative colours and fascinating craftsmanship and innovation typical of combinations with noble resins, as in the Sambonet. Note the fine detailing of jewel-like case of the award-winning Madame and coloured spheres bringing added nuance to the Penelope collections.” stainless steel.


Category Decorative

Elizabeth Quiligotti, senior business development manager, Glancy Fawcett talks about what appeals to their client base…

“Within decorative pieces, there is a vast range of different styles of products, with lots of diversity. Clients are frequently on the lookout for something "different", and whether it be the design or the material used, it is entirely dependent on the client's taste. We are always working alongside our partner brands and artisans to find new looks to suit each of our clients' briefs. Some clients are moving away from a traditional classic crystal-cut vase as a finishing piece. We've found some prefer a contemporary and unusual form of crystal, such as Anna Torfs' collection (pictured above).”

Beatriz Ball, founder, Beatriz Ball Does creating decorative pieces encourage more artistic prowess in the industry? The design of decorative pieces is something of a balancing act; a nod toward what’s trending (or set to trend), and an original statement that is true to the brand and the designer’s personal aesthetics and style. Most items one sees that are offered to retailers are shelf goods, that is, items bought by wholesalers to sell to retailers that are designs created by source manufacturers. The consequence of that is that many companies end up selling items that are the same or very similar to each other. Pieces that have original designs stand out and make product assortments exciting, special and unique. Purely decorative pieces give the designer full rein in the creation of unique statements, and this unfettered creativity is what inspires and encourages more artistic prowess in the industry.

Morgan Thompson, VP of sales and marketing, US, Daum/Haviland Does creating decorative pieces encourage more artistic prowess in the industry? Yes, Daum works with artists from all over the world as well as our inhouse design team to create the most artistic crystal sculptures in the market. Few brands have worked with as many artists: within more than 130 years, more than 350 exceptional signatures have constituted a heritage beyond compare, a unique collection. Does price-point impact the sale of decorative pieces? Yes, our price points vary on size and materials used. Our pieces with gold leaf, platinum and precious gems are higher ticket items that customers fall in love with.

Does price-point impact the sale of decorative pieces? Although price point is always extremely important, consumers are willing to pay more for items that have great design and that are special and different from what there is in the marketplace. There is a lot of cheap stuff out there, but the discerning customer is always seeking something unique that better reflects her taste, style and personality. 38 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

Daum The JonOne Collection by Daum is a riot of colour, think intense, bold colours that play with the reliefs and the reflections of light, sparking a surprising dialogue between the world of street art and the universe of the Maison Daum. New York and Paris based street artist JonOne is known for his unique style having created abstract work influenced by movement, colour and the energy of cities. Since 1990, JonOne has exposed his works in a wide range of solo and group exhibitions around the world. His work explodes with energy and colours; the artist himself sees his art as “abstract expressionist graffiti”.



TIME TO CELEBRATE Merry moments An absolute must /LAV-US


Aesthetic Form Inspire Your Creativity SHOW YOUR UNIQUE STYLE 41 Madison Avenue, Floor 7 New York, NY 10010

Column HoReCa

Costa Nova


Looking towards the future...


As the UK, and many other European nations, emerge from a second lockdown in time for Christmas, Valda Goodfellow looks past Covid-19

Founded by Paul and Valda Goodfellow, G & G Goodfellows is a highly creative design & Distribution Company with an amazing showroom in Little Portland Street. Offering a truly hands-on service, Goodfellows passion is to bring new and exciting, bespoke food presentation concepts to the UK’s culinary scene. As well as offering a wide variety of the world’s best branded tableware, kitchen equipment, clothing and machines, Goodfellows also collaborates closely with UK craft producers for totally unique products. It works with all sizes of restaurant and catering projects, happy to supply anything from an individual plate to a full restaurant concept.


Where the hospitality landscape is concerned, it will have changed more than we care to imagine and it will cause immense pain to those who are its casualties. Those operators that remain or emerge from the wreckage will have learnt what is required by their customers. They will have come to terms with new sales channels, whether from online ordering, delivery platforms, dark kitchens or meal kits. They will have kept jobs in place and offered the prospect of a future to the next generation. All we have to do is think about what that future means to each of us involved. G&G is recognised for its ability and skill for innovating in an uncertain market. So, this is a time when we have to put that skill to the test. We are constantly evaluating what our clients and customers are telling us. In turn,

About G & G

am usually the first one to anticipate all the challenges we might face as a business and as an industry but I actually find myself so sick of being scared, frustrated and pessimistic, that I have decided we need to look to the future. As the saying goes, ‘this too shall pass’. In the UK, lockdown two isn’t like lockdown one. Firstly, we are not as scared – we know what to expect. Secondly, it is disastrous for the hospitality industry but it isn’t a shock and we just have to deal with it. And lastly, we have to use this time to plan for the future. I for one, think those who can survive must be resilient enough for anything and they must ensure they are ready and able to take advantage of the opportunities that will undoubtedly present themselves. In fact, at G&G Goodfellows we have already started. We have continued with our marketing efforts to keep us at the forefront of our customers’ minds. We are now looking ahead, past Covid, to what the future will look like.

we support them with ideas and suggestions which might offer solutions for new challenges.

Future-proofed products Our manufacturing partners offer us real inspiration. They, like us, never give up or give in. They just try harder to see a way forward. Take Grestel as an example. They continued to produce despite everything and have continued to evolve their Eco-Gres range, made from a new material created with recycled clay and glazes from their own production. While lockdown one saw the demand for single-use takeaway packaging surge; Grestel put even more effort into the development of Eco-Gres and launched the new Lago range under its Costa Nova brand to provide for sustainabilityconscious operators.

Our manufacturing partners offer us real inspiration. They, like us, never give up or give in...

Hering Berlin


Another aspect of our changing market is how the line between retail and hospitality will continue to diminish and may disappear totally

Perfect for a new brighter future, it deftly anticipates the need for clients to return to their pre-Covid commitment to reduce our impact on the environment. From a client perspective we are already working on 2021 projects citing exactly this sentiment. So, unlike during lockdown one, the environmental issue has not been sacrificed on the altar of short-term expediency. The use of recycled materials and the efforts to which producers minimise their adverse impact on the planet, will play a major part in how brands are perceived post-Covid.

Cross-over market Another aspect of our changing market is how the line between retail and hospitality will continue to diminish and may disappear totally. Now, manufacturers need to be mindful of the fact that they can, and should appeal, to both target audiences. We are one of the few who really understand how to market in this way. A great example of a manufacturer who

really understands this is Bonna. It is one of the most durable and appealing brands, that effortlessly satisfies the rigorous needs of hospitality while their artistic glazes immediately attract consumers. These are all Bonna products (Luca, Nova & Calif ) and you would be hard-pressed to know whether you are looking at hospitality or retail products. G&G supports our chef clients who want to sell on a retail basis to their diners/consumers; and so we facilitate this via our Goodfellows at Home website, which combines the professional endorsement of chefs with access to products for retail. Bonna is highly affordable and so appeals greatly to both audiences. This new cross-over market will continue to grow. If any producer/ manufacturer wants help in understanding this emerging trend, I will be happy to discuss with you.

Integrity of design If there is one thing that will

never be subject to sheer fashion, is the integrity of design. If there is anything that is truly lust-worthy in tableware; it is a purity of design that transcends the trend of the day. I have two heroes/heroines who will always stand the test of time. The first is Stefanie Hering, who is always at the cutting edge of style; and at the same time is forever timeless. Stefanie elevates the design of ceramics to an artform and yet creates functional pieces that truly justify the investment. Take this image of a plate from her Hering Berlin, Silent Brass range, plated beautifully by the amazing chef, Daniel Watkins; and you will see what I mean. My second hero is Delphine Stroesser and her Montgolfier brand. Delphine epitomises what entrepreneurial talent is all about. She manages an international brand without compromising its artisanal ethos. It is a favourite with chefs and consumers alike, regardless that is a bit more expensive. As William Morris said; “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”,

Montgolfier manages to fulfil on both accounts. Take this Sunflower design, again plated by chef Daniel Watkins for our new Portfolio 5 brochure. It balances beauty with a truly functional form. You can now even see the plate with and without food via our use of cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology, in Portfolio 5. These are all examples of how are looking ahead. They take the benefits of what we have learnt and combine them with an appreciation of how we can apply that knowledge to future needs. We can only do this because we have the help of our whole community; behind us, with us and in front of us. If there is an overriding message for a brighter future it is this; collaborate with your staff, clients, customers, producers and your wider community. Work together to combine creative energy that, although hard to reach in these challenging times; is there if you look for it. You are not alone. There are others who believe we truly can look forward into a brighter future. TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL 41

Product Focus HoReCa

Meet heavenly Halo Developed for Chinese restaurants in five-star hotels, Nikko’s Halo is a collection which shouts style and substance – think cutting edge, modern and sharp. The line embossing that starts from the centre creates a three-dimensional effect with a convex and concave curve combination capturing an illuminating glow, hence the collection’s name Halo.

Focus on…


With restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes open for business, we take a look at products designed for the hospitality market

Fancy for fondants Available in three different colourways – soft pink, metallic gold and silver – Utopia’s square fondant plates provide the perfect setting for the finest desserts. The 20cm plates are designed to suit a variety of desserts with the colourways enhancing everything from white chocolate raspberry cheesecake to a delicately constructed mille feuille. Manufactured from vitrified porcelain they are hard wearing and practical while looking classically stunning. 42 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

Shine bright like a diamond Sambonet’s Diamond collection is a remarkably innovative enhancement for table settings, pairing ingenuity with style. Diamond is a treatment which aims to halt the formation of scratches, giving products a vibrant, shiny and fresh aesthetic. Importantly, the Diamond collection hosts a variety of finishes, with the company keeping in mind the need for options when it comes to place settings. Moreover, new lines of Sphera and Avenue backplates are also available – also boasting the new finishes, in keeping with the cutlery lines.

Quiet sophistication Serax’s Inku collection by 3-Michelin star chef Sergio Herman is a thing of great beauty. Used by the chef himself in his Le Pristine brasserie in Antwerp, the collection – which was new for autumn 2020 – has been inspired by the Japanese sense of sophistication married with the Wabi-Sabi concept of imperfect perfection of beauty. Note the references to shell shapes, blossoms and the abstract structure of nature. The collection is supported with an assortment of fine glassware. All Serax products for the UK /Ireland can be found exclusively at Studio William Hotel & Restaurant supplies.

Profile LAV

Inspired living

LAV, the world’s fifth largest glass manufacturer – which recently opened a showroom at 41 Madison to cater for its growing client base – showcases its exceptional depth of range, talking us through the inspiration behind its many collections from on-trend minimalism to eco-friendliness...

Forest Greens The recycling kick driven by eco-friendly consumers is now gaining momentum. Biodegradable, renewable materials are now under the spotlight and this is reflected in the use of natural decorations. Parents are striving to set an example for the resourceful, creative and eco-friendly generation. Ecology comes to life in eco and human-friendly designs. These designs revolve around human beings who enjoy a spiritual connection to nature. Decorations that use healthy materials are inspired by the forest, where nature bundles you with vines and leaves fingerprints in leaf veins. Manifesting the full beauty of nature, the forest offers a more natural experience in its materials and in life. The sun reflects on dining tables as glaring golden beams flicker on elaborate designs. The quest for spirituality in nature blends in the forest, creating a warm decoration to inspire LAV.

Culture mix

Rainbow reflection This new design approach welcomes all perspectives and lifestyles, and dons clear lines and colourful textiles to create cheerful and vivid decorations. In other words, the energy of passionate youth breathes in the colours of the rainbow. As a symbol, the rainbow is a spectrum that represents minorities, sub-cultures, migrants, and the vibrant messages of a new generation. The unique combination of transparent and opaque colours with uplifting messages render this world irresistible. Like the youth, a unique, authentic, and free sense of decoration highlights the peaceful, compromising, and unprecedented attitudes. This design approach steers clear of all forms and meets timeless designs and joyful colours to reflect on the functional LAV series.

The richness in various cultures in touch through the globalized world and social media have deeply influenced each year’s designs. Moral and social awareness, one of the righteous trends of the new generation, bears a positive perspective and a new power that blends cultures in a brightly coloured batch. And so, the ethnic symbols of various regions are united in modern geometric lines to create patchworklike designs. Our design team has captured a variety of colours and styles across the Bohemian, Gypsy,

Matte minimalism Sustainability has recently been overtaken by natural materials and is led by natural crafts. However, this trend is not born out of desperation; the new generation’s attitude and respect towards handmade products and arts & crafts movement set the course of technology toward a more humane direction. As the number of small establishments grows, crafts thrive with their sense of creativity. Creativity humbles us and leads to refined products. The contemporary touch and minimalism come together with simplicity, pastel colours, and earthy patterns. This fusion, this synergy, leads to the birth of simple, sharp, and humble ceramic and matte figures. It leads to the creation of easy to use LAV products with clear-cut, easily distinguishable designs

A focus on


LAV’s designs “A modern, everyday piece which can also effortlessly be part of an art installation”

Lifespans of movements and trends were not always as limited as they are today. The prime of the Art Deco period lasted nearly two decades, and its after-effects still influence modern life. Looking at Brit, one can hear the energetic swings of the 1930s - there’s no doubt Gatsby would have loved this glass! But Brit also has something timeless. It could seamlessly fit in the hand of Don Draper, as much as in a modern Tokyo skyscraper bar. Luxury and style manifest in this glass – it is a well-aged timeless design accompanied with a powerful yet balanced contemporary note.

“Some silhouettes are timeless”

Misket Some silhouettes are timeless, so engraved in our mind’s eye that when you see them entangled words and memories start pouring back. These forms are so obvious that one can easily think it would be impossible to go wrong with it. Work on timeless concepts has to be executed flawlessly, and modern twists must blenc meticulously. Misket’s form is so familiar that even a minuscule fault may ruin the whole. Reshaping a classic and concealing the fingerprints is a formidable task. In the end, you should still be able to serve a martini to Mr. Bond or impress guests with creative desserts.

Fonte This is not about ruling or imitating nature – it is about being a part of it. Fonte is what glass basically is, simultaneously natural yet human-made product. It is transparent and honest, sturdy and alluring – just as a carafe should be. Fonte is an object of design that propagates a statuesque vibe. But these resonations don’t resemble an urban space ornament or a museum treasure, Fonte feels like it is part of Land Art. A modern everyday piece which can also effortlessly be part of an art installation in the Great Basin Desert.



Sustainability is an anomaly as a word – it is an overused term that needs to be used even more. But to maximise its impact, we should also widen the vocabulary surrounding it, for example, versatility. Being versatile, being able to serve multiple purposes and emphasise a sustainable approach. Gaia is indeed an elegant and contemporary wine glass, but the balance in its form and its elaborate structure results in a highly adaptable glass. Adding assorted sizes to Gaia’s design arsenal means you’ll always have the right tool at hand if someone prefers water, juice, or a more potent drink.

The right glass affects the way we experience the smell and taste of wine. It should feel comfortable in hand to be easily swirled, sniffed, and sipped. Having multiple wine glasses for various wines has its advantages but it is not a must, there are high-quality universal wine glasses like Lal. With a fine-rim, modern bell-shaped bowl and a thin stem, you can feel and see the wine. In terms of quality and aesthetics, it belongs to the league of excellent tables.


Show Preview Atlanta

To Atlanta! Atlanta’s Winter Market is the first IMC run trade show to take place in 2021, housing the US’s largest gift product mix, complemented by a huge selection of home décor – think seasonal, outdoor, gourmet, tabletop and more…

Bloomingville B2 10-1081A

Costa Nova B2 12-1208B Costa Nova will present its new organic-shaped stoneware collection at Atlanta. A complete collection in two contrasting glazes – a lustrous white and a matte black. Think sophisticated, modern, handcrafted appeal.

Bloomingville will exhibit at Atlanta with an array of products perfect for tabletops – think stainless steel cutlery, serving dishes, placemats, boards, and much more. Visit their booth to find out more.

Did you know? Atlanta Market is open from 12 to 19 January, 2021.

Creative Co-Op B2 10-1080

Creative Co-op will present a myriad of products at Atlanta with everything from serving platters to stylish gifts on offer.


B2 9-9C115


B2 12-1208B

See Casafina’s new organic-shaped collection, Eivissa at Atlanta. The natural curves of the stoneware collection are enhanced by its artfully reactive glazes that create perfectly imperfect patterns of beige-sand and sea-blue on the interior. No two pieces will ever look the same, giving to the table an eclectic look, without losing its casual feel. 48 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

See the Lagom collection at Scheurich’s booth in Atlanta. Lagom is a playful match of original charm and realistic finish - the high-quality design in yellow, grey and blue merges into a variety of interior styles and visually suits many different green plants. Getting inspired by nature is popular and creates the right atmosphere for recharging and relaxing. This fascinating design features a distinctive and glossy finish. Additionally, every pot is unique - no oval is the same as another, making Lagom radiate with distinctiveness instead of perfection.

Seeba.indd 1

30/11/2020 09:30

Show Preview Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas bound

Vietri C 507

Vietri is bringing a selection of enviable collections to Las Vegas – amongst them the Pietra Serena dinnerware collection. This all white, stoneware dinnerware collection has been inspired by the cobblestone streets of Tuscany. Meanwhile, notice the Ares flatware range made of 18/10 stainless steel, and available in both gold and silver finishes with white, gray, or black handles. Also look out for Natalia drinkware – elegant drinkware reminiscent of fine crystal, Natalia is available in wine, water, champagne, double old fashioned, high ball, and liquor glass. Also see viva by Vietri Earth – additions to this mid-century modern meets classic collection include assorted eating pieces and serving accessories.

Although the trade show business has looked different since the onslaught of Covid-19, efforts are being made to keep the industry ticking over. One of the organisations continuing to host in-person shows stateside is IMC – in 2021 alone they plan to run more than 20 trade events! One of these is the 2021 Winter Las Vegas Market. We take a sneak peak at just some of the exhibitors who will be showcasing their tableware products…

Carol & Frank C 701

Carol & Frank have an array of on-trend pieces for the home which will be showcased at Vegas. Note their trinket tray and dot mug in three gorgeous colourways – indigo, surf and azalea. The ceramic trinket tray is ideal for holding all your essentials and can be paired with the matching ikat-inspired mug for a great giftset.

Abbiamo Tutto C 109

Visit Abbiamo Tutto at Las Vegas to see the eye-catching Lobster Pattern Rectangle Plate. Perfect for sushi, sandwiches, canapes, there are endless possibilities for this stylish piece of serveware. The shape will also be available in the blue crab, lobster, school of fish and octopus collections. 48 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

Did you know?

Casa Fina and Costa Nova will also be exhibiting at Las Vegas, find them at booth C 123 – turn to Atlanta’s preview to learn more about their products…

Tablecraft C 1155

Tablecraft combines the beauty of hand-thrown ceramics with the durability and ease of melamine in their exclusively designed Pulito Collection. Featuring the effortless, clean look of porcelain that will be a welcome addition to any table, indoors or out! The collection includes bowls, plates, platters and more.


Las Vegas Winter Market runs from Sunday 24 to Wednesday 27 January 2021.

Magenta C 143

C&F Home C 701

From C&F Home, sister brand to Carol & Frank, comes an assortment of seasonal serveware and gift items. We’re particularly fond of this trinket tray which states “In my defence I was left unsupervised” but you’ll also find numerous coaster sets, placemats, mugs, platters and more.

Visit the Magenta booth at Las Vegas to see the Canyon by Amy Hamley collection – an earthy celebration of feasting. Made from a reddish-brown earthenware, Canyon very much lives up to its moniker, evoking a real sense of wild beauty. Expect to find pieces finished in a thin, white glaze such as the bowls and plates, or expect to find spice jars, candleholders, vases, pitchers and more.

Rene Cazares A 210

Visit the Rene Cazares booth to check out the Barro Negro (black clay) pottery from Cuervo Tableware. The pottery style comes from Oaxaca, Mexico and is distinguished by its colour, sheen and unique designs. The collection’s shade naturally comes from the properties of the clay. The earth used to extract the clay is cleaned to remove impurities, which can take a month of soaking and settling out the clay from the rest of the soil. After this process, each piece takes about twenty days to complete.

Pom Pom at Home C 506

Pom Pom at Home will showcase three new napkin collections at Las Vegas including the Napa, Mendocino and Sonoma Napkins. Coming in three colours – stone, light grey, navy – the napkins are 100 per cent linen.

Category Handcrafted


Renowned for their relentless dedication to crafting extraordinary pieces, Herend’s entire brand DNA is built around touch of hand. Their creatives are experts at turning porcelain into works of fine art. Take the remarkable giant falcon vase crafted earlier this year. Standing more than two meters high, the vase is the largest from the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. In the central panel of the vase there are two legendary falcon species: the saker falcon and the peregrine falcon – both are depicted with meticulous and perfectly realistic painting on this Herend bravura vase. Another piece of note is the iguana ornamental bowl – limited to just five pieces. See how the master painter demonstrates with extreme confidence the misty and humid atmosphere of the rain forest, something not even the sharpest lens can easily reproduce.

Touch of hand Beauty and originality are part and parcel of the industry, and handcrafted pieces add to the mix. We look at a selection with handmade elements…

Blue Pheasant Handcrafted is what Blue Pheasant is all about – in fact, their entire range is handmade by artisans using natural materials. One of their newest assortments is Dexter which perfectly embodies the spirit of a handcrafted collection. Fashioned from mineral-rich clay, then handdipped in earth-tone glaze – the collection features a lava clay finish that is rich in texture and organic shapes where no two pieces are alike.

Artel Mouthblown and handengraved by Czech artisans using centuries-old production methods, Artel glass is noted for its exclusivity. Specialising in handcrafted Bohemian crystal glassware, you’ll discover everything from bold geometric patterns to flora to animals – note the tumblers from the graphic collection or these large pitchers in a jungle deco.

Forge de Laguiole

The Laguiole knife manufactory has crafted its products according to a tradition dating back to 1828 – these people know knives. Pairing tradition with innovation, the company supplies both retail and hospitality with its pieces which are noted for the superb craftsmanship. From the Tradition range, Forge de Laguiole’s new table knives are made with beige opalescence acrylic handle with a high polish finish – the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship, quality and refinement. The Original Forge de Laguiole knife is characterised by its fluid and silky cut, which underlines the pleasure of a carefully prepared meal and a table set with love and care.






Column BHETA

Hold your nerve! It’s all about being prepared, says Will Jones, chief operating officer at BHETA...


s I write we are living through England’s second lockdown with different countries dealing with different levels of restrictions. Equally, if not more confusing, we are also dealing with the implications of the government’s interpretation of essential versus non-essential retail, a particular challenge for the independent sector. Whatever the specifics of the measures being taken in the hope of containing Covid, it is vital the kitchenware and tableware sectors hold their nerve and continue to act on the clear learnings that came out of the first lockdown. Especially as the latest economic statistics continue to indicate that there are many positives to pursue. In September, retail sales volumes increased by 1.5 per cent when compared with August. This is the fifth consecutive month of growth, resulting in an increase of 5.5 per cent when compared with February’s pre-pandemic level. Highlights include the retail trade, which grew by 17.9 per cent thanks to strong growth in non-food stores and a record proportion of online sales at 27.5per cent, compared with 20.1 per cent reported in February (ONS 9 October). When we compare these figures to BHETA’s own membership survey, which I quoted in my last article, it is clear that the tableware, cookware and bakeware suppliers who held their nerve in the first stages of the Covid crisis and took

action to ensure they could still sell to the end consumer through their own or retailers’ online channels are the ones who did best. Moreover, in many cases, ‘best’ means very well indeed. Eighty-five per cent of BHETA’s housewares members said they are confident 2020 will be ‘OK’ economically speaking, with 73 per cent expecting to either hit or be ahead of targets. The majority say they have seen a change in consumer behaviour, including an increased interest in home cooking and baking, which has impacted positively on sales. So, this time around, it is all about preparedness. How best to maintain consumer behaviours that favour the sector and how best to ensure that everyone in tableware and kitchenware is selling the most appropriate items in the most appropriate ways to the most appropriate audiences. Medium to long term this must impact on product development and makes understanding post- lockdown trends critical. In the short term, a whopping 90 per cent of BHETA housewares members are reviewing their digital strategies, be that investigating ecommerce or actively driving sales to retail ecommerce sites; or structuring for click and collect. In some cases, all those things. Unsurprisingly therefore, BHETA is currently very much engaged helping members with digital upskilling and a series of popular digital webinars ranging from strategy, to content, social media and e-marketing are taking place.

Did you know?

About BHETA The British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) is the voice of authority on everything home improvement and home enhancement, including DIY, housewares, garden, small domestic appliances and home decor. It represents £5 billion at retail and 9,000 employees and brings together manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and opinion formers to drive growth at home and abroad. For more information about retailer and supplier co-operation, contact BHETA on 0121 237 1130, or email, or visit the website at

It is clear that the tableware, cookware and bakeware suppliers who held their nerve in the first stages of the Covid crisis … are the ones who did best

But we are also using our webinar programme to look at other routes to market, helping to ensure that tabletop and kitchenware members are exploring all avenues including UK retail, export and expansion into other categories. BHETA’s most recent UK retail webinar featured Anna Berry of JLP who outlined a whole series of new opportunities for UK suppliers. Commitment to revamping shops, developing a more inspirational online offer, and creating a differentiated consumer shopping offer, still associated with premium, but including a curated approach to value and added value was clear to see. Delegates were left in no doubt that new product propositions were not only welcome; but pitched as soon as ready. Export also holds potential, despite the doubts and confusions of BREXIT. BHETA’s export webinar with trade advisors from the Czech Republic highlighted the

90 per cent of BHETA housewares members are reviewing their digital strategies, be that investigating ecommerce or actively driving sales to retail ecommerce sites; or structuring for click and collect 52 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL

fact that it is the fastest growing economy in Eastern Europe; with household goods the strongest sector even after the impact of Covid. It was heartening to see that while exporters are clearly going to have to deal with change in the wake of BREXIT, the Czech Republic is clearly open for business with UK suppliers and does not view the UK’s departure from the EU as any impediment. Not to mention the fact that British goods are extremely well received in the Czech market where they are perceived as high quality, appealing to Czech willingness to pay more for added value. BHETA also hosted a webinar with the Foodservice Equipment Association (FEA), formerly CESA, to explore the potential of catering supply as an expansion target for kitchenware and tableware suppliers. It was fascinating to discover that despite significant downturns in income for operators during lockdown, underlying trends in favour of eating out and take-out food remain strong and therefore sector investment remains high.


Trend Design edge

Rosenthal The Phi collection from Rosenthal is an example of first-class design. First introduced in 2019 and designed by Cairn Young, the collection – which was expanded this year to include lighting – is a momentous ode to sculpture. Initially a collection of five vases with different, complex surfaces – Freeze, Spindrift, City, Manhattan and Snow. The collection’s geometric patterns are almost otherworldly – triangles become frosty blossoms, crystals become snowflakes and cubic shapes form a skyline. The collection was expanded this year to become the Phi Lights collection, a natural extension for the range. It consists of pending lamps, high-quality, wireless table lamps with LED lighting and scented lights filled with fine wax, which conjure up unique lighting experiences in every ambiance.


Sambonet The multi-award winning Gio Ponti Centrepiece from Sambonet is a timeless yet contemporary object whose beauty lies not just in its form, but in its practicality. Available in three formats with multiple colour options – from champagne and rum finishes to black and stainless streel, it can be everything from a serving dish to a trinket holder.

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Collections which embody the spirit of design – no matter how big or small – are what makes this industry tick. Here we highlight a few collections with that something special about them…

Villeroy & Boch Iconic. That is really the only word to describe Villeroy & Boch’s La Boule. An original Helen von Boch design from 1971, Villeroy & Boch have updated La Boule’s modular offering with exciting, on-trend colourways – think matt black, glossy white, contrasting black and white along with La Boule Memphis – the latest highlight which aficionados will have instantly recognised as a tribute to Memphis Group, the famous Milan design collective. Both a design object and stackable table service in one, La Boule consists of a compact table service for two people, with two premium porcelain bowls, flat bowls, universal plates and a serving platter.

Denby Combining three different finishes, each piece in the Statements from Denby collection has been individually hand-decorated. The unique finishes are achieved by building layers of glaze. There is a striking ombre effect which evolves from cream/grey to a deep, impactful blue and rich green. The next takes the same colourway in reverse and the third dramatic design features rich blues and greens with a pattern of overlapping fern leaves, all of which blend together or standalone perfectly as display pieces.